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catchymemes · 6 months ago
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cherry-x-blossom · 6 months ago
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The most prevailing conversation that needs to be put forth in the public discourse right now is the blatant hypocrisy and contradictions of public officials and their narratives. Obviously something is amiss.
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itsflowers · 9 months ago
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This is the immunity chunk. He’ll protect you from any “reblog or else” posts. Don’t worry! You don’t have to reblog him. Just by seeing him on your dash, this Chunk is your sworn protector. Have a lovely day!
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dljcc1991 · 18 days ago
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carryonsimoncarryonbaz · a month ago
I have so many questions after reading AWTWB!!!! Do you think Simon will keep his wings forever?? I wish he has explicitly said this, although I do think he implied it by repeating that he may need them to get to Baz in emergencies. Do you think he'll ever get his magic back?? Why do spells not affect him anymore?? I felt like this was kind of unresolved. I also was wondering if you had fanfic reccs!! I want Baz to finally realize that it does make sense for him to drink Si's blood !!!!
thanks for the ask @youbetschyourass!! For all of them!
So as far as the wings: I think Simon hasn't really decided yet. He's not going to be able to have them magicked away temporarily, now that he's immune to magic. And even though he's managed to fold them up far better than he used to, they are still unwieldy, uncomfortable when so tightly folded, and somewhat noticeable in public. He did say he may need them to get to Baz, as you point out, and they were certainly useful at Watford, with the Smith confrontation. And Lady Ruth appreciates them. He knows Baz loves his wings and tail and Simon has realized the wings and tail are very much a part of him–part of his body, his nervous system, his consciousness, his way to hold Baz, another set of limbs. So perhaps as he realizes the people around him love him, with the wings or without, and as he exerts more control over them himself, and considers that perhaps he does have a place in the magickal world even without his magic, he may come to a decision to keep them.
Or not.
Truly it's up to him. I would be sad to see them go for a whole host of reasons (and this spectacular post by @adamarks is a big reason why I am strongly team wings stay)--the idea of them being a metaphor for his love, the inherent symbolism of them, as a metaphor for disability, the way they function as a magickal extension of him and more–but it's really about Simon's autonomy and what he feels is best for him.
I don't know about the magickal immunity. I've thought about it a lot and there are so many theories out there! I do think that Smith tapped into something with his first spell on Simon--either some small vestige of Simon's magic that remained or the magic left (or inherent) in the wings themselves. Or some form of dragon magic that exists untapped in Simon. His wings have been impervious to spells before--when he first flew away from Pitch Manor to Penny's and none of their spells worked:
"I kept casting, "Nonsense" until Mum told me to shut up."
"Mum was casting spells, too. "As you were!" and "Back to the start!"
"But none of Mum's spells touched Simon. She tried casting spells in Hindi, too." Carry On, Ch 73.
So perhaps that was what Smith "let out" with his spell, that resistance to magic the wings have manifested in the past.
And Simon has had a reluctance to have spells cast on him in the previous books--a distaste for having cleaning spells cast on him in CO, a growing reluctance and annoyance at Baz and Penny casting on him in WS, so perhaps Smith's spell also somehow brought that reluctance into reality and made him immune. There are so many ways to think about this and so many theories. I'm happy for others to chime in with their thoughts.
I think the drinking Simon's blood is very much a Baz issue. He knows Simon is amenable (more than amenable) and that it is possible to drink from humans without Turning or draining them. It is very likely that Nico is doing that here and there with Fiona, based on some textual clues. Not enough to sustain his immortality, but occasionally. And that may be where Baz eventually finds himself, as he learns more about his vampirism, his wants, his needs, what can work with Simon.
Or not.
Again it's about autonomy and what is right for him.
Fan fic recs would take an entire other post but you certainly can't go wrong by starting with @basic-banshee Rebel Rebel and any of their other fics and then go from there.
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themotherofrevelation · 2 months ago
The body temple’s innate wisdom is queen. Formerly plague-infected/plague-recovered individuals will most likely produce protective antibodies for a lifetime.
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vetisntdead · 3 months ago
Take a wild guess what some of the antimicrobial peptides in crocodiles have been named.
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evieterk · 3 months ago
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i want this tattooed on my forehead
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bulutlaranlar · 3 months ago
Keşke seni alıp herkesten uzakta, kimsenin üzemeyeceği bi yere götürsem.
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