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the-adventures-of-dave2 months ago
Have you tried Faecal Microbiome tablets for you kitty IBS problems?
They鈥檙e working pretty damn well at the shelter I鈥檓 at. 馃槉
I have not! I think IBD and IBS in cats are a bit different. Usually IBD symptoms are treated with steroids and diet management. I appreciate the thought though!
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cursed-40k-thoughts5 months ago
Do Astartes have nipples?
If so you can see where I鈥檓 going with this, right?
Also if yes: do those wolf fellows have six nips?
Yes they have nipples. No the Fenrisians do not have six. If you pull on an Astartes nipple, however, you will find that it鈥檚 actually detachable, and linked to an extendable wire coil that leads to an internal, two-way vox system. If standard communications are down, one squad member may volunteer his services as a backup vox device, with call participants taking a nipple each, much in the same way Terran children manufacture phones out of paper cups and string.
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cursed-40k-thoughts6 months ago
Hey, was the Primaris project just like immediately and completely successful?
Or would there be some 鈥渋mbetween鈥 marines? Like the treatment worked well on only this guys鈥 arms, or just his hands, or just that dudes head...?
Also, I鈥檓 pretty sure you can follow my train of thought here.
The solo appearance of Primaris fingies and Primaris toesies served no real purpose save for vexing Cawl immeasurably during the early stages of his project. That said, he absolutely cleaned out the prize pool during the annual inter-Mechanicum football tournaments with his incredibly effective, but lumpy, fantasy team.
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cursed-40k-thoughts7 months ago
Okay, so is the brain-eating thing still canon? Like an Astartes stealing thoughts by munching some medulla?
It hasn鈥檛 explicitly been retconned out, so probably.
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cursed-40k-thoughts8 months ago
So can we talk about the mucous sleeping bag ability space marines have, or is that no longer canon?
It鈥檚 500% canon and nothing will ever change that. What鈥檚 more, they initiate The Mucus Bag鈩⒙ by pressing a finger down over one nostril and slowly blowing out an enormous bubble of transhuman snot that slowly envelops them like Nurgle-blessed bubblegum.
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cursed-40k-thoughts8 months ago
I have an idea: Noise Marines but they鈥檙e the Wiggles. Thoughts?
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Plus this:
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Equals this:
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sagaprefecturejet4 months ago
Who are your favorite blogs?
I love so many! But the first to come to mind are聽@todayintokyo, @imnodoctor, and @tundrafoot. Their posts make me laugh and think :)
Sorry if this answer is super late! I don鈥檛 often check my messages it seems.
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cursed-40k-thoughtsa year ago
It鈥檚 not mentioned anywhere, but the Golden Throne has got to have some kind of toilet elements in it, doesn鈥檛 it?
An excellent question. The fact of the matter is that the golden throne does not in fact have any kind of innate waste disposal system. Instead, when the Emperor鈥檚聽鈥渢ime of cleansing鈥 rolls around for the week, a Custodian is selected for the great honour of squatting under the throne鈥檚 rear access hatch and catching the Emperor鈥檚 leavings in his helmet.
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draconyma year ago
Is the Space Kumite like the thing from Van-Damme鈥檚 Blood Sport?
Exactly. Except that in addition to being about a clandestine martial arts tournament, it鈥檚 also a live rock opera set in space. It鈥檚 a mixture of traditional musicals, improv theater, and professional wrestling. Here鈥檚 some kind of video about it.
You can come see it in November!
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jazetha year ago
Favourite food?
i would say mac and cheese but im trying to be dairy free now :/ but probably shrimp scampi??? maybe idk
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Hey, I saw that enrichment post (which was great) and I鈥檓 curious about the one that looks like coloured ping-pong balls in a tub of water... is it messy? Does it work?
That one was kind of a failed experiment, Ditto wasn鈥檛 okay with water enough to play with it like I was hoping, lol. It was an easy enough thing to set up just to see, so I didn鈥檛 mind either way, and she was curious about it for several minutes. So I suppose it still fulfills enrichment by being something new, even if she didn鈥檛 like it for long, heh. But yeah, if you have a cat who likes water, it could definitely get messy if they splash a lot!! For cats who actually like water enough to be in it, another option is putting a couple inches of water in a bathtub and putting some ping pong balls in to float around for them to chase.
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protoindoeuropeana year ago
Hey! Did Proto-Indo-European originate in what is now Pakistan (Indus Valley)? Or does 鈥淚ndo-European refer to another region?
The most widely accepted homeland (or urheimat) of Proto-Indo-European speakers is today considered to be the Pontic-Caspian steppe north of the Black and Caspian Seas. The Kurgan hypothesis pioneered by Marija Gimbutas identifies the PIE speakers with the archaelogical cultures that built burial mounds (= kurgans) in that region (from 5th to 3rd millenium BCE) and though it is always good to be careful whenever people try to equate culture with language with genes, the linguistic indicators* do seem to fit with those cultures and recent genetic research.
Other hypotheses would place the homeland in Anatolia, the Balkans, Armenia, Central Europe, near the Baltic Sea and there鈥檚 stuff like the Paleolithic Continuity Theory, but they are all minority views. The聽鈥淥ut of India鈥 scenario is perhaps the least seriously considered, also because it鈥檚 mostly used in nationalist arguments.
*The reconstructed vocabulary for flora and fauna as well as words like the one for 鈥渟now鈥, for example, suggests an environment that was home to animals and plants that lived in forests in regions with continental climate.
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stupot3 years ago
聽 yo my head hurts so bad :鈥(
If amputation isn鈥檛 your cup of tea, try some of the following: Gently cup your palms over your ears, making a vacuum, then gently release. If this helps, maybe take an antihistamine. Rub in small firm circles with your fingertips along your jawbone under your ear. If this helps you might have clenching/stress issues and should try mindfulness meditation and breathing. Using the same massage technique rub the small muscles at the top of your spine and base of your skull.
wow! this is really helpful advice thank you so much. i will refrain from chopping my own head off now
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blackalecat5 years ago
-_-; Not for the use of grown women because it causes ovarian cancer buuut it's ok for baby girls. #imnodoctor #headass
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