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#imo johnny

POLL in devil went down to georgia who won

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TRULY!!!! He thinks he’s so sly with all his flirtatious unholiness and unwavering love and devotion, and the suggestion that he and V both thinkin the same goddamn horny thing but oh no you’re def not my type even though i can’t stop telling you how much i’d die for you, but that walk and look over the shoulder said So Much. Foolish slutty man.

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  1. riz ahmed in sound of metal (found him distractingly hot, took me out of the movie tbh)
  2. christopher abbott(’s pubes) in possessor
  3. henry golding (topping) in monsoon
  4. lee kang-sheng… always <3
  5. and with his second appearance on my ~2020 lists~… johnny ma making dumplings (it was cute!)
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