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blighted-elf · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
“How long have you guys been traveling together?” “Just over two years now.”
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marymauk · 2 days ago
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Little Mister would get "My gender is 🔥fire🔥"
Image ID: Critical Role campaign 3 official character art and textposts by @my-gender-is.
Ashton: My gender is none pizza male beef
Fearne: My gender is two little thiefy raccoon hands
FCG: My gender is a guy in the sense of like. A bug you found. Just a lil guy. Not in the sense of identifying at all with masculinity.
Orym: My gender is smaller then the moon. Why is the moon so Big
Laudna: My gender is "leftover Halloween decor" 👻
Dorian: My gender is vibing to the hold music at my dentist's clinic
Imogen: My gender is not a girl but somehow still a horse girl
Bertrand: My gender is live fast die young bad girls do it well
Pâté de Rolo: My gender is a wet rat in a funky hat
End ID.
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lyadrielle · a day ago
Tumblr media
Those migraines must be such a pain for Imogen!
Also, Laudna owning a home renovation business, in the end, would be so wholesome!
Coming soon: Imogen doing some electric magic!
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mockingmolly · 2 days ago
I adore the “I deeply love imogen” clarification and the whole conversation leading up to it so much y’all. Love is so damn complicated and the more people try to neatly divide platonic and romantic love into two different categories (especially when the definition is judged between arguably neutral acts of affection and dedication,) the blurrier those lines get. Neither is worth more than the other, but our very allonormative society tries to push that it is. The fact that Laudna took an answer initially about romance and immediately clarified “I don’t think I’ve ever been in love, but I do deeply love imogen” as if they were equal things in her mind was so refreshing to see in my opinion.
And as an aspec, the answer also felt so much like a question of “wait, what is romance anyway? Could I love imogen romantically? What’s the difference, if my dedication-to and adoration of her is the same regardless? Does it matter?” Like, maybe I’m just projecting, but I know I’ve faced those questions so many damn times growing up, and rarely do I have a clear-cut answer. The narrative society pushes is usually that unless a love is definitively romantic (or familial, to a lesser extent) then it doesn’t get a seat at the table. Two people can’t truly be dedicated to each other unless it’s a romance; there’s no possible way that physical or vocal affection can mean anything but romantic attraction if you’re not related to the other person, nor can it be anywhere near as meaningful. And if a love blurs between the lines of romantic and platonic? Well, you better pick a side and stick with it, because “both” doesn’t exist.
The whole conversation about romance and what laudna contributed to it was meaningful to me because it wholly acknowledged that the line is blurry. Maybe there is romance between them and maybe there isn’t. It seems to be a question that is at least being considered. But regardless, Laudna says “I’ve never been in love” and corrects herself, because maybe it isn’t strictly romance  but she does love imogen, and their love for each other is no less profound for not fitting a neat cookie-cutter category. They question romance, and the conclusion that they reach is “I don’t know, but it’s okay because they’re equal regardless.”
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suraelis · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
From Critical Role episode 6
Casual drinking shenanigans  
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elliesgaymachete · 2 days ago
Imogen “if you’re not sure you probably haven’t been in love before” Temult has definitely been in love with Laudna for at least a year whereas Laudna “I’ve never been in love before but I deeply love Imogen......”-long pause- literally just realized she’s in love with Imogen and we witnessed it in real time
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midground · 2 days ago
I still can’t believe “Everyone’s thoughts are painful except for Laudna, who sounds like music” is CANON and not the plot of a fic (that I would absolutely read).
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incorrectcriticalrole · 2 days ago
Fresh Cut Grass: Ashton told me to ‘Go fuckin' get it, man’ so I’m going to go get it, man.
Imogen: Get what?
FCG: Unclear. I’ll get everything just to be safe.
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raspberrykit · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
happy Imogen da—i mean, critical role day.
i just love her so much.
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l-herz · 2 days ago
I think both people who ship Laudna/Imogen and those who dont should be happy with the "Im deeply in love with Imogen" scene because im not sure if I want them romantically involved (its too early for me to ship tbh) but their relationship is so amazing and sweet regardless of if it is platonic or romantic. They are each other’s person. Also if you see shippers happy you dont have to butt in with "she meant it platonically" its ok for shippers to have fun with it.
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sparring-spirals · 2 days ago
Imogen's whining tone when she says "Ashton, you're redacting all of it!". This deeply polite, deeply anxious, reserved woman is an absolute menace when she wants to know things, and I love her for it.
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xanthera · a day ago
Can’t stop thinking about Imogen saying that people can be mean even when they seem really nice. Maybe when she first developed her powers, no one outwardly said anything to Imogen or her father about it, but their real thoughts came through loud and clear for her.
A baker cheerfully says, “Hello, Miss Temult, the usual for you today?” But really he’s thinking, "Damn freak."
And Imogen can hear him.
At the market, the woman selling fresh fruit smiles and says, "Say hello to your father for me, dearie!" But really she's thinking, "Oh gods, she touched me with those cursed hands."
And Imogen can hear her.
The farmer on the neighboring property makes small talk with her father as they walk the property line. "The crops are coming in nicely this year." But really they’re thinking, "It's a miracle your devil child hasn't brought a plague on our harvest."
And Imogen can hear them.
She can hear them all.
"She'll bring ruin to this town."
"I wish they'd leave."
"I wish she'd die."
No wonder Imogen pretends not to care that her father distanced himself from her. At the time, it probably felt like the lesser of two evils. After all, loneliness would be preferable to a constant, deafening barrage of secret cruelty.
Besides, being apart from him reduced her chance of hearing those kinds of thoughts coming unbidden from her own family.
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acebender · a day ago
FCG: You have hopes, you have fears
Laudna: Mm-hmm.
FCG [turning to look at Imogen]: You have loves. Sounds like you’re alive to me!
Tumblr media
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