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ohlaudna · a month ago
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It's a very broad word, isn't it?
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blighted-elf · a month ago
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“How long have you guys been traveling together?” “Just over two years now.”
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paragonraptors · a month ago
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just keeping myself occupied while watching this last episode
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funscarylaudna · 2 months ago
The thought of Laudna and Imogen having entire conversations using their telepathic abilities and neither of them says a thing for a long while until Laudna just cackles out loud and scares whoever is in the vicinity... I love them...
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incorrectcriticalrole · 6 days ago
Imogen: We all have our demons.
Imogen *grabbing Laudna*: This one’s mine.
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bloodyshadow1 · 2 months ago
It feels like laudna has a crush on imogen that's poorly disguised and shes doesnt want imogen to know. She pours on the compliments, does her best to support her but can be overzealous with it.
But imogen assumes theyve been dating for a while. Shes moved passed the my girlfriend is amazing and can do no wrong phase of the and is now in the goddammit shes cute but if I have to sit through another pate de rolo show I'm gonna lose it phase
And neither of them realize the other isnt in the same place as them.
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magscherer · 7 days ago
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we’re slowly losing the opportunity to call them necroprancer... just saying
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johnbleepingzoidberg · a month ago
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your honor i love them
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esthesiaart · a month ago
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I simply love them 💕
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annemarieyeretzian · a month ago
imogen describing laudna “a wonderful friend, her name is laudna. she is–” and ashton adding “a walking cadaver.” and fresh cut grass saying “dead.” and imogen insisting “she can be intimidating in her presence!” and fearne adding “dark hair, beautiful–” and imogen saying “gorgeous.” and ashton adding “rotting.” and fearne adding “has a rat.”
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platonicr · 2 months ago
My fuck*n threesome
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ohlaudna · 2 months ago
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I’ll go stand by Laudna. I just give her a big hug.
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arclundarchivist · 7 days ago
I find myself wondering about something.
When Pretty let the girls down there were some mixed reactions.
Imogen seemed fairly relieved, while touched by his actions I don’t think there was anything even sparking there ~~And she immediately turned to complimenting the hell out of Laudna moments after he left~~ Girl, you ain’t slick, just kiss the dead woman in the rain already My Gods!
Laudna seemed a little hurt, her first true date and she’s turned down. Immediately goes to finding fault with herself, but overall seems to largely get over it with support from Imogen and ribbing from Dorian.
Fearne though, and she’s hard to read, what’s just a story, what’s true, but she seemed to genuinely be upset with the outcome. She’s very open with her flirtation as we’ve seen with both Bertrand and Chetney, actively talks about sleeping in the same bed as Orym and Dorian, remarks on how beautiful she finds Laudna and Ashton but…she sounds so honestly lonely in that moment. That’s excluding EXU, her flirting with Poska and fascination with Opal. The tender moments of closeness with Orym that seemed to imply they’d known each other the longest. Her continued deep attachment to Orym now.
Talking about how she’s used to falling for people who never love her back, never catch that spark. Is she referring to people in recent memory, older relationships than that, is she pining for one of her friends now? A lot of questions, that I don’t have answers for.
She’s Fey, they’re mercurial, but more than that they are Emotion given form and purpose and intention, more than any other being. So I do wonder, where her path will go down the line…cause I hope someone, if of course she’s not just lying XD, will come about and be the person that returns that spark for her.
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novelconcepts · a month ago
Laudna: I’ve never been in love before
Laudna: I mean I’ve spent the last two years hunkering with Imogen
Laudna: protecting her. fearing for her safety. trusting her deeply. bringing each other peace. sharing a bedroom. lo…vi…ng…
Laudna: ….
Laudna: ….
Laudna: ….wait.
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funscarylaudna · 2 months ago
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One thing that I noticed during Laudna and Imogen's talk right after Imogen wakes up from her nightmare is that, aside from her obvious concern over Imogen, Laudna really knows how to help her. She asks what is wrong, holds her hand, grounds her, looks at her right in the eyes and breathes in and out (hard!) even before she says anything about the nightmare itself. And Imogen mimicks the breathing in and out immediately after that. After that, Laudna makes sure that Imogen knows that her emotions are valid, that her reaction to the nightmare isn't an overreaction and that there is an element of truth to her fear. And only after all that she asks her if they should go find the others. Laudna doesn't panic, she doesn't shout or fuss over Imogen (at least not after her initial reaction, which is understandable). She's calm and she's helpful but she doesn't baby Imogen. And as someone who has had panic attacks in the past (and who's been dealing with a lot of anxiety this year to the point of not being able to breathe sometimes), I'm really glad to see this scene the way they portrayed it.
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incorrectcriticalrole · 2 months ago
Imogen: I have an excellent gaydar, I can determine if a person is gay or not with just a glance.
Ashton: Laudna has been in love with you for years.
Imogen: She what?
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flowercoasts · a month ago
“southerngothic” this “imodna” that
cmon guys clearly their ship name is just y’allternative
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hueuwu · a month ago
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all friendship is romantic
black sails, XVIII / critical role, c3 ep6 / from glitch by heather anastasiu / high all the time by the neighbourhood / critical role, c2 ep97
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dudebrjeaus · a month ago
don't mind me just here thinking about how Imogen has probably intruded upon Laudna's thoughts before, how she's probably apologized for it and warned Laudna that it's not on purpose but that it happens sometimes, and how Laudna must have reacted to that. "Imogen, darling, I don't mind it. You don't have to apologize, not to me. I have nothing to hide from you". How it's probably a welcome change, for Laudna, to actually be known for who she really is, and for Imogen, to be near someone and not feel like a burden
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msandaze · a month ago
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ug can’t stop won’t stop drawing wlws
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