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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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011/100 days of productivity

digesting some jelly while studying the digestive system. watched some physiology lectures today, and did some detective work on where my friends calculations went wrong for the group project.
man, group work online is so much extra work..

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18 march 2020, (7/100)

pretty productive day today. i got up early to go grocery shopping, wasn’t much on the shelves but i got enough to get by. will just have to go to the butchers separately tomorrow to get meat.

in the afternoon my friend and i drove out to go pick up a second-hand drum kit i found online. i wasn’t planning on getting a kit this soon but i was just having a look and this one seemed good quality and really good price and i’m very happy with it :) (for those interested it’s a yamaha DTX 400K)

hope everyone is staying safe and sane at this time <3

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17 march 2020, (6/100)

all my classes today and for the rest of the week have been cancelled while my uni works out transferring to online classes. we’re moving online because of covid-19 and new social distancing rules. i’m pretty bummed out about it tbh, i only got to enjoy one day on campus.

since my classes were cancelled, i did some house jobs, laundry and such. practiced a bit of piano as well. spent the afternoon watching netflix with my cat, it was a pretty chill day without any class work.

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16 march 2020, (5/100)

had a wonderful day back on campus today. had 3 lectures in the morning, one of which we only did introductory stuff though. then in the afternoon i had a workshop. i’m really happy with my assigned group this semester and i understood all the work which felt good.

in the evening i had my first drum lesson! it was lots of fun, the teacher had me doing some more complex beats because i already have a music background. i think i picked it up pretty quick and i can’t wait for my next lesson.

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15 march 2020, (4/100)

no photo today bc i got busy and forgot :/ spent the best part of the day at work, it didn’t end up too chaotic though (sometimes sundays can get crazy!) which was good. when i got back i spent the evening putting actual effort into understanding my pre-lab quiz and got 100% this time (yay) and also 6/7 on another preparation quiz.

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14 march 2020, (3/100)

didn’t really do much uni work today, and you know what, that’s okay. i got up early and went out this morning even though i didn’t really feel like it. when i got back i did a some pre-reading, so that i’m ready for classes back on campus, and sorted out tomorrow’s to-do list for the final things to be done for the week.

this evening i’ve been at my best friends house for wine and a movie night. sometimes it’s okay to take time for yourself, even if there is still other stuff you ‘could be doing’. we all need a break <3

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studyblr intro and goals 🍁  

hello everyone, my name’s connor and i’m a second year in pharmaceutical science. i started this studyblr up a short while ago but have only used it for reblogging up until this point. i’d like to start posting some of my own content, hopefully to motivate me as i start this year of uni.

about me:

  • connor
  • i’m 19 y/o
  • i live in australia (hence why the uni year is just starting for me)
  • infp


  • i love learning instruments; i used to play violin, i’m self-teaching piano and i just booked my first drum lesson (very excited!!)
  • i also love crafting; scrap booking is fun though i don’t do it often, and each year i make xmas cards for my family
  • fave subject: physiology; while my course is heavily chemistry based, i love learning about how the human body works, so fascinating !
  • study music: if i’m in the mood for music, lofi hip hop beats all the way

why a studyblr?

  • i’m hoping this will help keep me motivated throughout the year by adding an element of accountability; i’d like to do a ‘100 days of productivity’ challenge
  • to keep things realistic for myself i won’t be going out of my way to make super neat, aesthetically pleasing notes; as long as they’re notes, then that’s what counts <3
  • i’ll also continue to reblog various academia themed things on here, so i can continue to live my aesthetic life vicariously through this blog hehe

some studyblr/academia blogs that i enjoy:

@markiveelle @x-carpe-o-noctem-x @darkacademiamlm @diletttantism @merakietudier @darklivingroom @boy-who-studies @scienceismynepenthe

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5 March 2020, 7:25pm

Ramblings of the day.

I’m working on some research for work and I have a slew of work emails to deal with.

After one week of travel, I went back to the gym this morning. Damn, it kicked my ass. As much as I appreciate not waking up at the crack of dawn while I was traveling getting back into my gym routine was a pain.

I’ve also been incredibly lazy this week. I’m just not in the mood to really go to campus. I really should do that tomorrow for paperwork reasons but, ehhh, I’m not in the mood to go.

I’m also procrastinating right now. Not good.

Some good news? I have a brand new door lock that makes a nice snap when I lock it. It really helps my minor OCD anxitey. I know to most people this is pretty basic but to me and my anxiety it is HUGE.

Anyway, enough rambling and procrastinating.

Back to work……


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