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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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Anyone looking for attempt number 5?  No?  Well, allow me to inflict it upon you anyway.


#042 - “Golbat’s Shittiest Sephiroth Cosplay”

#355 - “ A Pile of Soft-Serve with a Duskull Mask”

#826 - “Orbeetle, but Actually Just Not”

#828 - “That’s Just Sly Cooper (Thievul Edition)”

#841 - “The Original Flapple is Great, but I Would Die for this Anxious Fellow”

#859 - “Impidimp, Only Worse”

[Image ID: A very rough black and white digital sketch of six Pokemon.

In the top left is Impidimp, drawn with most of the right features, but not lined up very well.

To the right of that is Duskull, who looks relatively accurate, except that his ectoplasmic body looks a bit more like soft-serve ice cream than like smoke.

In the top right corner is Orbeetle, but the body shape is so poorly rendered that it reads more as a small humanoid figure with an extremely high collar than anything else.

In the bottom right is Flapple.  It’s missing some details, and its face carries an expression of deep uncertainty.

To the left of that is Golbat, who only has the hint of one wing.  It is entirely missing its right wing and foot, but the rest of it is mostly present, if a bit lumpy.

In the bottom left is Thievul.  It is missing its eyes and most of its legs, but it has its ears, mask, and tail, which make it more reminiscent of Sly Cooper than of a Pokemon.  End ID]

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Daily Pokémon that was randomly selected: Impidimp!

Did you know that Impidimp feeds of the negative energy we put off? Well known as the Wily Pokémon, Impidimp will sneak into people’s homes to steal things and annoy the inhabitants. Once they’re thoroughly annoyed, it will then suck in the negative energy with its nose!


Originally posted by corsolanite

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(Also for people who wonder trade hacked shiny Pokémon….stop it it’s no fun at all when someone get a hacked shiny or not Pokémon)

I named him panic because I noticed the normal impidimp colour is pink and the shiny is teal

Then I realized pain and panic from Hercules are those colours pain being pink and panic being teal

So I named my first impidimp pain and the shiny panic ^^~

It took me 557 eggs with and without the shiny charm

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im thinking a pokémon based on a bipedal goat, kind of like a satyr?

Shenanipan: The Mischief Pokémon. a pokémon that loves tricking others, it constantly plays annoying but ultimately harmless pranks on others. the more pranks it plays the bigger its horns grow. a sore loser, it throws horrible tantrums when outsmarted by someone

Signature move: Trickster Horn: deals double damage if the target is confused.

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