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detectivekingsmen · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Arthur Ruhtra Kingsmen
Nickname: the Coffee man
Age: 22 years old ( imortal )
Height: 5,9 (1.80)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: pansexual
He was known as Arthur Kingsmen before. But in the act of saving his friends from the cave, he unfortunately dies there.
Reverb on the way of taking Arthur's body, accidently fuse with his soul creating Ruhtra.
Ruhtra wake up in the North Stars Alley , where the weirdness and weirdos lives together in the line as a civilation. The time pass, and he gets a job as detective in the place, by the side of Prince, his partner.
Ruhtra stills has flashbacks of his other life in his dreams, what sometimes he will remember awake. He doesn't see himself like Arthur, so he avoids being called by this name.
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mask3dkid · 11 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Name: Alex Sabino Age: 17 y
Birthday: October 10th
Gender: Lost it :]
Height: 5,5" (1.68)
Sexuality: Demisexual
Specie: Not Human
Job: Paranormal investigator and conector
Hobbies: Painting, drawing, skateboarding and watch people.
With only 15 years old, Alex got their friends and city on chaos because of a contact with the unknown paranormal world, all just by the follow of their friends that was a gang that liked to break creepy rumors about the city.
They saw themself facing the own leaders of the other line, that was kinda upset about not being able to fix Alex's life. Because of the contact with the chaos maker, Alex was corrupted by the darkness, something that could consume them bit by bit if avoiding the other line's life.
Alex had to choose.
Live both lines like two lifes, having to lie to friends and family about their missing sometimes, or live both lines as one, being able to conect and destroy conections between lines but with the thing of being haunted by spirits and curses.
They choose the second choice, but with a thing. Their friends and family should be spared by the other line's dangers. So in action of protecting the people that they loved, by the other side's help, Alex fake their own death. Like this they could draw all the danger from the city when they leaves the place.
They watch their funeral and after, leaves their old city with the only thing that would remind them of home, the mask.
After all these events, Alex follow their life avoiding making conections with other people and started to be called by Doll, the character that they named for the mask, their comfort zone and memory of home.
Abyys event
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community-confess · a year ago
Important information for the blog moving forward
I'm adding limits on what is and isn't allowed to be sent to the ask box-
• information involving minors
• if you're a map or map ally kick rocks and stay tf away
• highly triggering information
• confessions from allo cishets
I will be adding onto this list in the near future. But another thing I would like to address is the confessions themselves-
This is a confession blog, it's designed for LGBT people to express their thoughts and opinions anonymously if they wish. I will post those confession, once again this does not mean that I agree with anything the confession says. If you do not like what a confession says my suggestion to you is to take it up with the anon or simply block the blog. Response times may very, it may take a few days for me to publish the confession, I usually check my inbox every few days.
- Spade
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arcelian · 6 months ago
We are 3 weeks into the antivaxx trucker protests in Ottawa and I really want one specific long-term outcome from all of it, and that is for antivaxxers to gain a reputation as people who will shit on your lawn. There were multiple reports way back in the first weekend of human beings leaving turds on the porches of houses that hung pro-vaccine signs or pride flags from their balconies, and while that is absolutely disgusting I so badly want to be able to use that as a comeback if someone tries to be antivaxx at me. If someone says they won't be vaccinated because it causes autism or whatever I want to be able to look them in the eye and say "do you also poop on your neighbours' lawns like a dog?" and for everyone to understand what I am referring to. When suburban white moms refuse to believe in science we should be able to turn to the absolute humiliation of being a Lawn Pooper to get them to shut up. Do you want your kids to be known as the weirdos who take dumps on porches? no? then vaccinate them.
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peace-and-plants · 2 months ago
Platonic love is important too, be nice to each other, compliment people, tell people that you love them. Kindness shouldn’t be mistaken for flirting and people deserve to be appreciated.
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blushydior · 16 days ago
     welcome in a new month ♡
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
set goals for self development
plan brunch & dinner dates with friends
read 5-10 books
indulge yourself more in your hobbies. do what you love unapologetically.
have more rest days without guilt
reflect on last month. what can you do differently that’ll help your overall state of being? physically, mentally & spiritually
stay off social media
do the butterfly hug method for bilateral stimulation. tell yourself all the things you wish you were/are told. ♡
make slight adjustments to your morning and night routine. keep it interesting.
schedule routine appointments (health, pamper)
get on top of deadlines.
say affirmations every morning & night
be more kind to yourself
stay firm on your boundaries, make adjustments as needed.
stand up and show up for yourself.
walk with your head held up high and shoulders back. don’t cower.
prepare for any upcoming events
learn a new skill
try a new recipe
journal often
explore new places. meet new people and make friends.
keep your thoughts in check. what you focus on grows.
daily walks
meditate, stretch.
declutter your environment (digital, physical space, social circle)
be safe.
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anoonimthepoorchad · 4 months ago
This is the post I want you all to spread as much as you can. Do anything but I want it to be seen as much as possible. I don't care for any of my other posts as much as for this one. IF I DIE I WANT THIS POST TO BE SEEN. I WANT THE WORLD TO HEAR.
This is the memory of a 16 year old girl Katya from Mariupol. I translated it to English and I cried while translating. Please read this. Don't scroll. Don't be ignorant and indifferent.
Do you know the feeling of pain? Once I fell in love with a boy but he didn't love me back, and I thought that it was painful. Turned out that the real pain is to see your mother dying with your own eyes. And to see your brother coming to her again and again, asking her: "Mommy, please, don't sleep, you'll freeze". And we'll never visit her grave. She got left in the cold and dark basement.
We peed, slept and ate our last portions of food in the same basement.
Once uncle Kolya caught a pigeon, I think on the fifth or sixth day, and we fried it and we ate it. And then we all puked.
Mom held on until the end, she died three days before we evacuated.
I told my brother that she's sleeping deeply and that we shouldn't wake her up. But, I think, he understood everything. He understood back then when our lady neighbor died and we couldn't put her outside and she started smelling. And then it became quiet for awhile, uncle Kolya put her outside and got blown up by a hidden grenade (my note, this word "rastyajka" means a grenade with a string attached to it, not a stray bomb. It was put to kill civilians coming out from the basements). Mom cried a lot. After Dad's death, uncle Kolya was the closest person to us.
The dead bodies stink so much.
They were everywhere. I closed my brother's eyes with Mom's scarf so he didn't have to see it. When we were running I almost threw up several times.
I don't believe in your god anymore.
If he existed, we wouldn't have had to suffer so much. My Mother never, you hear me, NEVER did anything bad. She never even left uncle Kolya in another room until she got married. She went to church and confessed often, and so did I. Uncle Kolya gave up smoking so Mom wouldn't worry about him sinning. And your god took her away. The pastor told me something about her helping god there, but it would be so much better for her to help god here, by bringing us up.
I hate russia.
My own uncle is there. Do you know what he said to me today on the phone? "Katya? Which Katya? Girl, I don't know you. What war, which Katya?". And then he wrote me from a different number: "Katya, don't write me. It's dangerous for me and my family. And your mom won't come back".
I hate them! It was his own sister?! How possibly can a person do this???
You know what? I think I'm going to come back to Mariupol. And I'm gonna live on the same place as before. And everyday come into the basement of the new building to put flowers.
It's also scary when the kids cry when it's forbidden. It's forbidden because we needed to not be heard.
These monsters found people in the basements and killed them. Those, who survived, told us that the russian soldiers could rape kids, the elderly and even dead bodies.
If there is a god, why does he let it happen?
I don't want to live anymore. We may be separated now, I suppose. I may not ever see my brother again. And why? Why did this putin "save" us? We lived so well, we even bought a car. Uncle Kolya promised to teach me how to drive. And they even burned the car. And our flat is no more. I want to die and I can't.
Please, hug your kids! Otherwise when you die, they might not remember your smell. If I handle it all and have kids, — I'm going to hug them 24/7.
Yours truly
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idiotaffectionate · 8 months ago
i hope jenna marbles is still doing silly stuff and making things for her own amusement
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xbubblegumbunnyx · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
this!!! 🌸
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littleoneaesjorna · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Credit: Instagram
Tumblr media
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detectivekingsmen · 11 months ago
(Reference image coming soon)
Agent Prince ~
nickname: killjoy and marionette
age: 25 years of curse
Height: 5,5 (1.70)
Gender: Non-Binary
Sexuality: Acesexual
Prince is normally a curse.
They lived in the spirit line for big part of their curse life, until they meet a doll maker.
An articulated body of plastic was made to them, what made them finally left the spirit line. They finally could explore the humans line like they always wished.
But, because of their doll aparence, people was always getting afraid of them, making Prince live isolated in the woods.
They was walking by their own, without a place to go until they gets to the North Stars Alley, where becomes a detective by Ruhtra's side.
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mask3dkid · 7 months ago
1. Minor Mun
I’m 17 y old. Birth June 2th. Being direct and honest in case you guys wanna celebrate my 18s with me XD.
2. SFW Blog
How I’m a minor, NSFW are not accepted in here. In case of breaking this rule with comments or asks, 2 times, I will have to block you. On cases of triggers like blood, I will post with a #tw as warning.
3. Muses
Part of the muses are original characters of mine. I have plans on projecting comics or books for them in the future
4. Posts
The time of posting depends on my internet, free time and mood. Has a battery symbol on the blog’s page that will show how are my mood.
This is a RP and ASK blog, so sometimes will have comics, rp icons and drawing of scenes. All the icons and drawings are made by bincaconfusa ( me ).
In case of I didn’t answer or reblog a thread for more than 2 days, give me a signal! Sometimes I can forgot. But not everytime, 3 signals is enough for me to continue.
I will not accept reblog of my rp and meme posts from anyone, just if you was mentioned on it or wanna do a continuation of a thread or open starter.
Spam will only be tolarated with mutuals and rp partners. Because will not only disturb the mun, but will also be a problem to the mun to continue a thread. In case of breaking this rule, the person will be blocked for some days. If repeats, will be a permanent block.
5. Mods
Godmode will not be accepted here. M!A is accepted but in a way that doesn’t hurt anyone. But of course, sometimes It’s need a drama.
6. Playlist
I don’t know if is just me. I love listening to musics while reading or writing, so in case you want a mood to follow while reading in this blog, in the blog’s page has the link for the playlist on spotify. Hope ya guys enjoy :3
7. Events and Communication
I’m not good on doing events and starting a conversation on dm. In case of ideas for future events, call me on dm or discord where I’m more free to talk. In case of the discord, I will pass the nick only on dm.
Depending on my mood, I can anytime just give up on a thread. I really love interacting, but if I see that I’m not into it, I will end in a minute.
8. About the Mun
- ADHD (behind help)
- 5 years on MSA fandom
- brazillian, artist, pansexual ( On a relationship)
9. Interactions
As the RP goes with other blogs, the status of the muses that I interact with will be on RELATIONSHIPS on the blog’s page.I will always send asks with my main account @/binaconfusa ( Feed difficult to see posts ). But of course will have the name of the blog next to the question for know that I’m in character.
10. Now that you Read all the rules
If You read all of this post, send “Nice Mask” to give me security.
If you send without reading the rules, I have nothing to do, I just hope that you change beyond your lie.
Tell me in case something “wasn’t so clear” in this post, I will fix it with no problem! :3
That’s all! Have a nice day!! ^w^)/
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let’s play link roulette (one’s cute, one’s cursed, one’s my ko-fi)
link 1  link 2  link 3
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radioactive-earthshine · a month ago
I need it shown in current comic canon that Tim is heavily into photography. As an archivist and a hobbyist he has literally hundreds of photos of his teammates and they are all stored digitally or carefully printed and tucked into albums.
Photography is one of the ways Tim shows his own affection to those he cares about. Bernard quickly amasses a sizable collection in Tim's archives.
The photos of Slo-Bo hit him hard.
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rottingcompost · 2 months ago
So I found out that T-E made a new blocklist where shey proceeded to accuse everyone on the list of being racist AND transmisogynist, without any sort of proof, and a lot of the list seems to be copy-and-pasted from the old list.
I suggest anyone on the list to turn off anon if they havent yet, and to stay safe.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This list is just like the last time, just that shey didnt tag everyone on the list, and also calls anyone who even talks about transandrophobia in any way, or talk about trans men's issues, a racist and transmisogynist.
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ctrl64 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
hey girlboss queen girl slay
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writethatdown · 2 months ago
♡ my heart goes out to everyone who is always in a fight or flight mode, who is restless and constantly programmed to wait for something bad to happen, those who are stuck in a depriving/abusive/uncomfortable environment. gosh i pray with my entire heart and soul for your safety. i pray that u get all the love and softness and care u deserve. i pray that your heart becomes calm, i hope u get affection, i hope u get peace. ilysm ♡
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