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#important post
imaverycatgirl · a year ago
Everyone, this is probably the most important post I'll ever make
This is a one note a day for my partner
They mean so so much to me and I don't know what I'd do if I lost them
Please boost this
@thehugwizard @one-note-one-day @one-note-for-one-day @that-house @drlinnerd @themeaninglessjumble @anyone, please
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commiecricket · 6 months ago
reminder to NOT talk about Passerine to the CC’s. the author does not want it to be donated to the CC’s or sent to them in any way. just because sad-ist is making an animatic about it doesn’t mean the CC’s are automatically going to read it, or want to know about it.
please be respectful. /srs
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castle-dimitrescu · 5 months ago
If you were involved with bullying Bekka Prewitt (Bela's va) in any way, get the fuck off my blog 🖕
Bekka has done nothing but support the lgbt community and for you to accuse her of homophobia to the point where she CRIED ON STREAM is just as fucking bad as actual homophobia.
I don't care if you made a tweet implying she was homophobic, if you participated AT ALL in her bullying, FUCK THE FUCK OFF🖕🖕🖕I will NOT have bullies on my fucking blog
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grinchcas · 2 months ago
dean’s tummy
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lifeofcynch · 3 months ago
people on this site be like ‘my dad was/is shitty to me so i’m just gonna project that onto everyone else by claiming all dads are shitty just like mine!’ like… go to therapy. seriously. now.
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candysims4 · 6 months ago
About EA's new hair colors update.
As everyone knows The Sims 4 has been updated and now have more 6 colors for hairs, making all the hairs made before the new patch "outdated". All my hairs still working perfectly, only doesn't have the new colors, which is a very good news.
I also know that probably most part of you guys wants me to update all my hairs, and I'll do it; but it's a lot of hairs, by now there's more 100 hairs posted already (at least 600 textures for do and import 😱) and some of them have the broken link issue (only on Tumblr) ... So, it's a lot of updates I need to do + I don't want to stop posting new content.
For solve this problem my idea is by now I will only update the newest hairs (at least the ones published on May, it will depend of how complex will be to update each hair) and them in my free time update one by one following the popularity or the release date (from the newest to the oldest). In the case of the hairs that are in the broken links issue's list I'm still studying my options of how to update them; option 1, fix they all together and them the links or option 2, fix the links first and them update one by one and reblog the master post for notify which ones have been updated. I didn't decide yet which option will work better for everyone, maybe I'll do a poll about it. 🤔
Sorry for not giving a more consistent resolution for this issue, and just don't wanted to let you guys without any position about the hair's updates but also, I still having decided all yet.
I hope it's ok for everyone and I promise that I'll try my best for update the hairs and the broken links as soon as possible. 🤞
When I have any new info about the update, I'll edit this post and send notifications. Same goes to the newest hairs, when I update them, I'll reblog each one’s posts on Tumblr and send notifications for patrons. 😁
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pjo-hoo-toa-freakazoid · 29 days ago
Important Announcement Luvs 💜📣
Credence is now my dead name :) (tho I won’t be changing my main’s URL which has this name)
From now on I’d like to be called Lysander :D
If you want to know the meaning: It’s a name of Greek origin that means “liberator” or “one who is freed”
Possible nicknames can be Xander or Zan so I would really appreciate if you could use this name for me :)💜
Also from now on my preferred pronouns are He/they although I’ll still be using she/her :D
Thank you all💜💜💜🌸🌸🌸
Some tags: @aquaeclipse @captainwaffles @seven-halfbloods @moonlitinfinite @thegodswereneveronourside @zazzander @mango-dolphin @nemideia @sierice @sophiliated @nepholove @till-our-stars-collided @cookie-constellation @they-ca-llme-princess @godlytriotopsy-turvydom @crispnebula @yourlocalgryffindorsolangelostan @crzyprsn42 @notdxbya @whatrambles @damhalfblood @more-like-reyna @embrassez-moi-sil-vous-plait @bluecookiesarebetter @thebookishwallflower @iwastoldthishadtogo @gingerbreadgodofhyperdeath
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hacked-by-jake · a month ago
⚠️"Dear Duskwood Detectives, dear Community Admins, Today, we want to talk to you about something that has been on our minds for a while now. The use and distribution of modified Duskwood APKS (also known as "mods" or "hacks"). Until now, we have abstained from taking steps to slow down or halt their distribution. Unfortunately, the situation has now taken on an order of magnitude which forces us to act. The distribution and use of mods or copyrighted software is against the terms of use of social media pages, and a crime in nearly all countries of the world. We therefore ask you, from now on, to actively prevent the spread of mods and hacks in your communities and delete any existing links and posts concerning them. Duskwood is available in the Google Play Store for free. We understand that not everyone can afford in-app purchases, and we know that there are many Duskwood fans who would love to support us, but simply cannot afford it at the current time. That is why we recently added the possibility to earn Duskwood-Coins in-game. That way, bonus features such as themes can be unlocked without spending any money. We are currently looking for alternatives for the multimedia package. With the help of Google Opinion Rewards, it is already possible to legally unlock the multimedia package in many countries, free of charge. We thank you for your help and are looking forward to seeing you all again in episode 9! Best wishes, Vanessa, Jan & Kevin" -Everbyte ⚠️
Well, that’s the message Everbyte sent to big fan sites on Instagram yesterday. @char-lotta has already posted a part of it here on Tumblr, but I want to share it again because of its importance.
To be honest, I am quite speechless and also sad. Speechless that such APK’s are used to do quite a few things in a game like Duskwood. In a way, I can understand why people do this for the reasons Everbyte themself mentioned. However, I must say to read that there is, and what extent this has now assumed, so that Everbyte must ask to spread and prevent this, makes me absolutely sad.
I don’t want to judge anyone. And I’m also extremely happy that I haven’t seen anyone yet, here on Tumblr, who uses that.
But if I ever see something like this, I will collect everything I can find about you on your social media and, if necessary, forward it to Everbyte. Because as you can read, the use of such mods etc is illegal in most countries.
Okay, now I just want to appeal to all your consciences:
Imagine you come from a small place in Germany. You have two friends, and together you have the big dream, "We want to develop games"
So, the big dream is realized in which you develop several games and publish them freely accessible to others.
Then you are very lucky that the games get a lot of attention, and your game now has over 10 million downloads. Endless great fansites etc standing behind you.
Sounds really good, doesn’t it?
So, but such a production does not pay off on its own. Meanwhile, even actors are hired, for different characters, and these probably have to be paid. Like everything around it.
And you publish everything alone. Not by a large corporation such as EA or other companies that have attributed themselves to computers and video games.
I can understand if you unfortunately do not have the opportunity to buy the Premium version, and I am also sorry for you. If I could, I would pay for everyone, and I really understand that you also want to use all functions etc.
But you all want to keep playing the game, don’t you? You want the game to keep running and working, don’t you? You want fun and distraction.
Therefore I ask you, don’t use APK’s, no cheats and no mods. Don’t take Everbyte or anyone else’s chance to continue this game.
Don’t use such shit, don’t divide it, and stop spreading it. In case of need, turn to bigger Fanpages that have more reach to show, "Guys, that’s not cool"
Everbye puts so much effort into the game, so much love. They adjust the game and do everything to make us happy.
Imagine we no longer have Richy because the costs cannot be covered. My heart would break.
If you use such mods etc., delete the files from your phones. Imagine if the entire production of Duskwood has to be stopped because it is no longer affordable.
Please think about it and act actively against such things.
I think I said the most important things.
Now again: #StanEverbeite. We love you and are infinitely grateful to you.🌹🎭❤️
Short disclaimer at the end: I have no idea how Everbyte pays the production etc. Of course also through us, but how the actors etc. are paid, I do not know. I just want you to imagine what might happen if it is so.
Thank you for your attention. Reblogs are appreciated!❤️
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genshin-headcanons · 3 months ago
As 2.1 is released, once again the spoiler rule is in effect.
There will be no posts about 2.1’s storyline until the raiden shogun’s banner ends
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woundthatswallows · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
marilyn monroe + courtney love (x) / this cat (x)
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scary-lasagna · 2 months ago
Hello!! I loved the request about the slender brothers and what the look for a s/o, so, I wanted to ask the same for Ticci Toby, Masky and Hoddie! Thank u so much and have a wonderful day!
Something else to consider about the alters
Tim needs someone he can count on, more importantly, an understanding person. This man goes through hell and back every day, and he's lucky he has enough motivation to stand on both of his feet each morning. Tim will need someone to confide in, to provide him the love and support he hasn't been shown throughout his life.
But honestly, he just needs someone that will snuggle up to him under a flannel blanket accompanied by the crackling fireplace and a good book. He wants someone who will give him a sense of peace and home.
On the other hand, Masky is a terrible factor to squeeze into this equation. He's difficult to deal with. Tim will need someone who either doesn't mind Masky, or can simply wrangle the bull by the horns and temporarily tame him.
Masky wants someone who is just as hardass as him. He can't tolerate people who refuse to stand up for themselves or agrees with everything he says.
Tim isn't picky, he's fine with any body type as long as he can hug you comfortably. But he would prefer someone who's a little bit on the thicker side, maybe with a tiny bit of muscle, too.
Lot's of room to squish, hug, and cuddle up to on cold nights. But if you're on the thinner side, Tim will happily be your pillow.
Masky wants a body type that could crush him in like three seconds if he asked for the sweet release of death. He likes someone with muscle, and someone he can play fight with and won't break them immediately. But he also likes having a s/o that's shorter than him so go figure. (Totally not for picking them up and throwing around to piss them off).
Brian is an easy-going guy, and he'd like someone with an equally chill personality, but hopefully a little bit on the chaotic side. He doesn't want someone boring to spend his time with. Brian loves spending quality time with his s/o, usually doing something fun or interesting. And if you have an adventurous spirit, that's a HUGE bonus!
Brian loves exploring, hiking, fishing, he's a really outdoorsy person. If you're willing to tag along he'll fall head over heels immediately (even if you're scared of bugs).
Hoodie couldn't care less about his s/o's personality as long as they aren't annoying or aggravating. Hoodie is a bastard man, and he needs someone who's willing to tolerate his antics. He'll pester you constantly and scare you without reason.
Hoodie wants someone who's courageous enough to not be scared of him, or his line of work. His main goal is to protect his host, Brian, and if you don't fit into Brians's categories Hoodie will try and find a way to get rid of you. If his s/o can persevere, Hoodie will start to peak curiosity about you.
Brian would rather have a s/o who is a s/o on the fit side, and can keep up with him easily during his endeavors. He doesn't want to stop every five minutes when on a two-four-hour hike. Brian also prefers someone that's smaller than him, just so he can engulf them in his big hug and cuddles.
Hoodie wants a smaller s/o. Specifically for the reason that he can easily pick them up and carry them around if he deems them worthy of being in the other room away from him. But Hoodie wouldn't mind a tall s/o, it just means he has to think harder about where to throw you when he slings you over his shoulder.
Hoodie also wants someone that he can wrestle and play fight with. And he's not too careful, so if you can take a few hits from bumping your head that would be fantastic.
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propalitet · 3 months ago
Njoki (gnocchi for the anglos) are little pillows of happiness
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fakesurprise · 2 months ago
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lifeofcynch · 2 months ago
here are some thoughts i have; i want future generations of LGBT people to be able to be themselves without it being seen as or treated as anything but normal and mundane. not sure if it can be like that anytime soon though. not only because of severe LGBTphobia in certain parts of the world, but also because where it is accepted, it’s treated as this…. spectacular unique thing.. idk how to describe it. i guess ‘fun cool trendy political special club’? anyways i want SGA and dysphoric people to just get to live their lives in peace in the future. that part of someone shouldn’t be demonized or idolized. in an ideal world it shouldn’t be something to pay attention to at all because it’s just a small fact of life. idec if i don’t get to see that during my lifetime. i just want this for later generations.
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candysims4 · 4 months ago
Well, some days ago I have posted (And also pinned on my Tumblr) a post talking about I had a panic attack (that wasn't the only one). 
Now that I am stable, medicated, and feeling a bit stronger mentally; I’m here to explain everything and also want to talk with you guys about something that was happening here in Tumblr that also is making it hard to do cc and also interact with you guys.
For not let a long post in everyone's dashboard I'll put below the cut, because today I have a lot to say and I can't make it shorter. 
ADVICE: May this text be a bit confusing; I’m taking a medication called “Clonazepam” (IDK if the name is equal in English), and because I'm at the beginning of the treatment my mind still adapting. 
If I have difficulties to explain I’ll ask someone how talks English and Portuguese to talk with me and them “translate” what I meant to say. 
I think who takes this kind of medication understands what I mean, looks like my brain is in low battery hahaha
First of all, I’m feeling very sorry for all the lack of cc, free release, etc. 
I’m working on finish a hair already and hopefully today I’ll be able to free release everything that hasn't been released already or at least start to.
Tumblr media
I love to do custom content and also to have this Simblr.
Here is a safe place for me. Principally because here I can be myself, well, it was my safe place until 2 and half years ago.
Every time I post a new item, I feel so afraid of someone comes and starts to send me anon messages talking about how my cc is trash or myself or even my family; that started to make it hard to enjoy my cc or feel comfortable to say what I want to say. 
In these past years, one or more people were sending soo many hate messages that hurt me a lot. There was a month that daily I received hate feedback forms + anon asks, in a point I removed the anon option of Tumblr and I'm almost removing the feedback form in the site. 
I tried to ignore it, but my depression won’t let me simply ignore it. Principally because I don’t do this cc only for me, I do it for all of you, and your opinion matters a lot for me. 
I pass from a person who loves to share my life to a person afraid of saying something and being misunderstood. 
Why I’m talking about it? Because I want to ask you hater, who do it, for stop. The psychologist said to me simple block any anon option for avoid it make me feel even worse, but I wanted to first talk with you guys. 
Tumblr media
I also need to tell something important to me that I tried to talk about for months and always feel afraid of the reaction of everyone here. 
I finally found out last year my gender; for years (for being exact; 21 years) I thought I was cis-gender with some "masculine traits"; but no, I do feel like a man sometimes and sometimes don't, and sometimes both. 
In part, I know that I have just denied to me the possibility of not feeling a woman (that's how I was born) because of my family being VERY homophobic... They made me believe I need to look like a woman (with dresses, high heels, makeup, long hair, and all the feminine stereotypes they agree in their minds) and principally heterosexual... 
And this is only one of the reasons I don’t speak with a single one of them anymore. Because for me, if someone really loves me, they have to accept me for who I am. 
So, I’ll take this opportunity, for the first-time public say I’M GENDER FLUID and PANSEXUAL. 
I already have added my pronouns in Tumblr's bio but I don't know if someone noticed it. 
Talking about my pronoun; today I’m feeling both male and female, but don't worry I don’t feel offended if you guys call me: he/him, she/her, or they/them. I totally understand that's hard to see online how I'm feeling at the moment. 
Now that I understand better myself, I don't feel incomplete or confuse anymore. 
I still taking the courage for saying it publicly in my real life, principally because of how the city I live in is very homophobic, at a point people have to hide as cis-gender and not showing affection to their partners in public to find a job and etc.
Tumblr media
My real life at the moment is a huge mountain of mess high now, I was having problems with a neighbor for months and months (from the beginning of the insupportable noise until the day I got out there were 9 months) until it reaches a point where the hate was mutual. 
I tried to be patient a lot, I’m the most patient person in this world haha (I’m feeling like it, really).
But before listening to a lot of things that offended me and my family, too much noise (something like 120dB from 7am to 8/9 pm), etc. 
I and my family got sick, incredible or not stress can kill; I started to feel extreme pain in all my muscles, headaches, nausea, chills, and fever... But on 3rd July (the day I have a very bad discussion with her and her family, resulting in her deciding that she needs to do even more noise) appear even more symptoms purple bruises all over the body (which appear on their own), fever, and sometimes anxiety and panic attacks.
Me and Bruno (father of my son) weren’t even eating or sleeping well... We lose a lot of weight and, I look like a zombie until now. 
My son is fine; we always tried to convince him to eat well, and now that he is sleeping better, he is fine, just a bit agitated with the new place.
Tumblr media
Now, why the anxiety and panic attack?! 
Well, we felt afraid, scared, threatened; there was only a thin wood door between them and us, and they started to act aggressive and watch out our movements and listen to every single thing we talk at home, if I cried, they scream to me shut up (or worse) so started to felt worse as the days go by because of similarities with some traumas I have from my past (that also hurts a lot to talk about). 
And because the neighbor in question simply wanted us to go out of the apartment immediately (she is a tenant but acts like she owns the building) or she won’t stop the noise, we got to the police, and they only said to me for wait they inquire her. 
But as Brasil is, I doubt the process will go ahead. And if goes, will take months and months. 
Not only the noise gets us sick but her offenses made me feel horrible; her words were: “you are animals, you should live in the forest, although not even in the forest because you are worse than animals”. 
She screamed it for everyone to hear, and the rest of the neighbor simple fake they aren't listening nothing. 
And she wasn’t the only one in that neighborhood who treat us this bad... Because of the stress, I am losing my hair... There are already visible bald spots... The children and adults were making jokes, laughing, etc. 
At a point, I started to hide my shaved head, after this bullying I was feeling ok with it. But hearing so many offenses started to make me feel ugly, horrible and every time I look myself in the mirror I cry.
And it is only the point of the iceberg, in 4 years living in this same place we never have been at least respected or even greeted, just because we look “too gay”, “too weird” and even because we do not always dress up “as should be”. Or how I prefer to say, not being like them. 
All this whole phycological torture ended up in me having to go to a hospital emergency on Friday and Saturday (9th and 10th) because of anxiety crises and panic attacks; I have the longest anxiety crises I ever had in my whole life, hours and hours in total panic and fear. 
I am starting part of the medication already, the doctor recommended a sedative for avoiding my body gets more stressed (the Clonazepam I mention before), but my body still suffering the “older” stress + the stress of moving house, and still needing to go to another specialist to see what medication more I need to take or not. 
Now that my family is safe, eating well, resting, I am a lot better; today I am in bed again, with pain, nausea, and muscle spasms. But nothing compared to the last few days.
I still having anxiety crises (I am not even being able to figure out what is triggering it) and my depression is making me feel terrible, but I’m trying to deal with it slowly; taking my time for rest and get better.
Right now, we are in another house, slowly moving. My life still a mess, but nothing like a week ago.
My internet was installed only today, so, I'm still looking for what I need to do for free release everything I need to free release. But I'll try to at least release some tomorrow when I woke up, I have done so much things today and my son finally slept. 
I'm very sorry for it, you guys know I always follow the 3 weeks early access, following EA's guidelines, but this time unfortunately some of the items were more time in early access. 
I'm working on posting as soon as possible, I have already a hair nearly done and my intention is to give it as a gift for all of you, with a special meaning for me, and I hope everyone likes it. 
About the hair color swatches, I don't know when I will be able to come back, so I ask for you guys is patience. 
Any news or update I'll reblog this post, and also it will be pinned for advice everyone. 
Thank you all for the kind and supportive messages, all your support and love. Means a lot for me, really!
I promise I'll try my best to rush a bit and delivery some early access soon as possible.
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the-goddessof-cats · 5 months ago
⚠️Please,reblog this is your are like me,it's important !...⚠️
Hi my inky kittens,hope you all are doing well.I'm doing well,but at the moment I'm writing,two accounts followed me.I didn't take much time for bloco them.You will ask me "Why ?".Let me explain...😔
When I saw there's profil picture,I was not very sure.I was thinking that I should go to see if what kind of stuffs they post is what I was afraid to see.And my fairs was right...
They post/reblog sexual things,like a naked girl,and stuff like that.I'm really tired that people who post and/or things like that follow me.Honestly,there's 2 reasons that they shouldn't do that...:
1.Tumblr doesn't want accounts to post sexuals and pornographic stuffs.They can be banned from the social media.
2.On Tumblr,like on every others social medias,there's MINORS.
Apparently,they don't know that they shouldn't post stuffs with s*x and everything like that on Tumblr(or even others medias like Instagram,Youtube etc...)
And they maybe aren't AWARE that THERE IS MINORS IN THERE.I already know that some minors are under 13 years,and normally shouldn't be there,and that there's aslo 13 years people(or more than 13 years old).But whatever the age of a minor person,he/she shouldn't see "disgustings" stuffs on Internet like in real life.
Then,it can looks crazy,but maybe that minors that see sexual countains can get traumatized and have problems in there life.
I know that Internet is not the more safe place,it isn't heaven,but we should do our best for not causing problems and dramas and stuff for minors and everyone.
And aslo,there's adults/+18 who people don't like this kind of stuffs.
Please,anyone who read this,be careful on Internet.Don't post porn things on social media like Tumblr or whatever,it's not made for that(post them on medias made for,and that evidemment I wouldn't watch).
And for who didn't know,I'm actually a minor girl.I disagree porn stuffs.And it makes me feel disgusted when I see sexual stuff like on these accounts.For ending,I could even make another post,a part 2 for this importanr post.I could even leave Tumblr for a little while,and only talk in pm with my friends.Sorry if my English isn't always well,I speak French(and a bit Arabic) in real life.And please,please,please,GO REBLOG REBLOG REBLOG THIS POST !
Please make Tumblr a (more) safe place for minors...
Thanks for reading...
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romo-aro-culture-is · 4 months ago
hey do you have any information about like qprs at all? i think i want to suggest it to someone but i dont think i know enough about them or like how they differentiate from just dating? tia
Heya, Anon!
Firstly, I would highly recommend doing your own research before coming to any blog for definitions, especially if they're widely used terms. Of course, I am always open to questions and stuff, but it takes more energy for me to go find the research for you! /nm
A queerplatonic relationship is a relationship that isn't inherently romantic or platonic. The emphasis is on inherently because this relationship can present and/or be romantic, platonic, or anything around or in between. It bends the rules of society that dedicated relationships have to be romantic ["platonic v romantic"].
QPRs are characterized by being defined by the people involved, not by society. Often, they do have the emotional dedication of a romantic relationship, causing people in them to seperate them from romantic or platonic attraction / relationships entirely [queerplatonic attraction]. However, they can look like anything from close friends to two married people.
It is mostly used by arospec people because of their lack of romantic attraction, but anyone of any orientation can have a queerplatonic relationship! Whatever you and your eventual qpp [queerplatonic partner] do is up to you two; you two decide how close you two want to be.
For further research, I'd go through the #queerplatonic tag! I also compiled a few links that I think would help you:
Why the term Queerplatonic is used, and why people mistake it as "just friends" - @aromantic-spinda
Infographic - @shades-of-grayro
Blogs: @simplyqueerplatonic @qpadvice [for archive] @queerplatonicisatime [someone in a queerplatonic relationship] @queerplatonicpositivity @queerplatonicyearning @tertiary-attraction-culture-is [not quite qpr, but it may help] @aro-culture-is [also not qpr, but there are submissions that speak about it and the aro spectrum]
I hope this helps!
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gravityfallsrockz · 14 days ago
It's a national holiday
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
On this day exactly 6 years ago, the second to last episode of Gravity Falls aired. Happy 6th anniversary to Weirdmageddon 2 Escape from Reality!!
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genshin-headcanons · 2 months ago
Update on Mod Jean's absence
TDLR: Mod Jean has basically abandoned the blog due to irl responsibilities. She'll keep an eye on things, but can't do much beyond that.
Hi! It's been a while.
As you probably guessed, I (Mod Jean) have been super absent and not really interacting with the blog.
I started the blog in mid-october a couple of weeks when the Genshin fandom was still in it's infancy and the game had just launched. Now, we're up and ready for the 1st year anniversary!
It's been a trip - Genshin and this blog as a whole managed to connect me to a lot of cool people, where I met Mod Kaeya and Mod Bennett. (thank you two for picking up the slack ;u; , and Mod Bennett, please take care of yourself). Despite the issues at large within the fandom, I had a great time interacting with you all.
However, with the passage of time my responsibilities and general life began to get into the way - in particular, I got into college and moved into the dorms. That's a big life change, and there's a lot of work involved with general college life as well, like attending clubs and doing homework.
I simply don't have the time to attend to the blog, so after months of absence this is my official Hiatus announcement. Once I either a) somehow work time to attend to the blog, or b) figure out a schedule that allows me moderate the blog, I might come back. However, due to my current circumstances, I just can't.
Thank you all for following this blog! Treat both Mod Kaeya and Mod Bennett kindly and I hope to see you again!
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