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For @sterekdrabbles - October 15/2018: trust, sweet, wake
Beta-reading by @novemberhush 
Crossover with The Magnus Archives (Podcast)

Imposter, chapter 14

“Oh, finally, you’re awake,” Derek told him as he blinked his eyes before adding, “Promise me that you won’t do anything to Jackson.”

“Wh… what are you talking about?” Stiles wiped the sleep from his eyes as he looked over at his boyfriend.

“Time for school, your father’s already been in, but you were deep asleep.” Derek replied.

“I’ll do my best not to kill Jackson, even though I want to prove my words,” Stiles told him.

“I trust you, Stiles, and I know that you have a sweet tooth, so I added something sweet to your backpack,” Derek smiled.

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Assassin’s creed cut scean😍……….❤
#ubisoft #pc #game #killer #imposter #story #fly #doom #rock #land #rockstar #bully #gta #survivor #survival #world #war #games #prototype #game #youtuber #google #instagood #manga #live #retro #playstation #xboxone #ubisoft #gamer
@lushsux @itsmarziapie (at Kharar, Punjab, India)

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Damn another toxic person was in my among us game. So glad I was streaming it. Dude super bitter he lost pretty much every game. Guy threatened me, said he’d dance on my mother’s grave, and threw out a shit ton of racial slurs….over a game. Check me out on ….I’m a noob but it’s fun!

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Why do some people in among us keep sooo many tasks? I don’t mind being a crewmate, and I dont like leaving the game when I don’t get imposter.

But then I look at that looooooonngg list of tasks to complete and it just shuts me down. There’s so much to do, people get killed and not many will actually do them, so why bother.

You might say to make the game longer. You can do that few tasks too.

That long list is irritating.

PS. This is just my opinion.

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For @sterekdrabbles - September 7/2018: mark, sniff, forget
Beta-reading by @novemberhush 
Crossover with The Magnus Archives (Podcast)

Imposter, chapter 13

“Just forget it, I guess I’ll deal with Not!Jackson on my own, and I will, mark my words,” Stiles told him.

“Can you at least let me cuddle with you? I miss it,” Derek asked.

“I’ve missed it too. I was so busy with research and everything that I do for the pack” Stiles replied as he walked over to his bed and lay down.

Derek cuddled him and sniffed. “Didn’t you eat anything today?”

“I ate something, why?”

“You still need to eat more, eating snacks is not healthy.”

“Just say that you want to feed me, sourwolf.”

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