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From the old ‘90s comic. Eddie (Evil-Eye) grows up and hooks up with White Lightning. The idea just tickles my funny bone. They’re both kinda bad, but not really bad.  Max 6 years between, maybe less, so once grown that’s a non-issue.  He may actually have a more successful criminal history than her.

Also, one or the other is a lineman. Just sayin’, it could suit either of them.

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So, we all know for his first Halloween, Bart dressed as Impulse, because he didn’t understand the holiday.  Of course, a bunch of other kids at his school who did understand the holiday also dressed as Impulse (he’s very popular there) and other heroes, so it was no problem


So, what kind of costume do you think he has for his second Halloween?

BTW, I counted five Impulses, not including Bart - did I miss any?

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If DC puts Cassie’s character (and possibly Kon and Bart’s too) in limbo because of Young Justice (2019)’s cancellation, I think I’ll cry. (BC we all know that Tim won’t be in character limbo bc of *~Bat stuff~*)

I mean my bets are that they’re planning on relaunching Teen Titans again (since that also got cancelled). And, they’ll just include the Core 4 in that, but honestly who knows???? Like, I think I read somewhere that they were gonna re-launch anything in 2021, but I could be wrong?? But, I just don’t wanna see the buildup with her character go to waste bc we got a lot last issue!! Like, honestly I could see this spinning off into her own series, but I doubt DC would do that bc the original Cassie Wondergirl series didn’t do very well,,,,

But, out of the pre-established characters, she’s the one I’m the most worried about bc at least Kon has the current Action Comics storyline, which I feel like is setting up for him to be featured in that book more?? And, Bart was just a big player in the last Flash storyline I believe?? (I could be wrong I don’t really read Flash, but I remember seeing stuff about it?) And, Tim has Batman AND Detective Comics to appear in, and he definitely will be in at least one after restoring his role as Robin. But, Cassie idk??? Unless, they find a way to include her in the Wonder Woman comics then she’s probs gonna be in main continuity limbo for awhile. I mean ik she’s in DCeased, but that’s an AU :((

But, like I said: who knows what they’ll do??

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Just somethings I enjoyed from Impulse #22


Okay, three things here. One, Bart liked Steven Universe before it was cool.

Two, Max has a coffe mug that says Max and I don’t know why I love that.

Three, Max has his email under the name “Zen Speedster”


Bart’s bedhead. That is all.


Literally any instance of Jesse being a lot taller than Bart.


This. Just…this scene was ridiculous.


Again, just this.

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Bart: Who’s caramalizing onions? Don’t you guys know about apples?

Tim: Wait Bart

Tim: Do you think that caramalizing onions is putting caramel on onions?


Bart: Uh

Bart: No?

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It Makes Sense Okay

What if the reason Marinette is so clumsy is that she is a speedster like the Flash and constantly trips because she is trying to go at normal speeds

And Being Ladybug helps her regulate her speed. But outside the Suit she can only do so if she concentrates really hard.

And when she starts spiralling/panicking over things, she sometimes forgets and is just talking/moving around at hyper speeds

And only her parents and Gina know. Her friends just kinda brush it off as a Marinette thing cause shes always been like this.

Now imagine if she panicks and accidently runs to London and into one of the Flashes, like Impulse.

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checkout pt one here!

req: yes! by quite a few anons :)))

dick grayson:

- i know for a fact dick has his phone full of goofy selfies of his poking your face or sticking his tongue out at you while you’re asleep

- his all time favorite photo is this one where the two of you had to wake up early and you fell asleep at breakfast, it’s a candid photo of dick with his cereal bowl dying of laughter as your face is smack in yours, needless to say it was a memorably rough morning :)

- he especially likes to let you fall asleep on him, he has no trouble with becoming a makeshift y/n bed, seeing as he’s large enough for you to lie on top of him with no trouble at all lolz

- he cocoons his arms around you while you wrap yours behind his neck and he likes to lean down and kiss you, loving the way you lean into his touch even in your sleep

- occasionally you’ll be joined by one of his younger siblings, it makes your heart burst open to see dick’s beaming smile while he gets to hold all the people he loves most close to him for a few hours of bliss :)

conner kent:

- you had NO IDEA how comfortable conner would be but holy damn there is no better way to sleep than being carried bridal style in super strong arms hehe

- the feeling of being cradled and protected is enough to make you pass out literally anywhere

- conner thinks it’s the funniest thing too, he’s used to you climbing into his embrace and shushing him as he teases you about how light you are, loving the way you clutch the light fabric of his shirt while you sleep 

- he has no trouble carrying you with him, he’s been known to fly through drive thru’s WITH you half asleep in his arms, it was truly a feat to see him balancing 40 chicken nuggets, two sodas, and one y/n all by himself as he happily soars home 

- when he can’t stay, he likes to leave you wrapped in one of his tshirts, they’re always warm and comforting, reminding you that he’s with you whenever you need him, your closet is literally half filled with super-tshirts and you totally refuse to give them back, conner will complain and tease you but there’s a reason he never actually steals them back : )

duke thomas:

- for duke he thinks the fact you can fall asleep anywhere is adorable, and he’s content just to be in your presence

- the two of you can often be found with you curled in his lap or resting against his chest passed out while he reads a book, does school work, or watches tv

- whatever he’s doing he makes sure to take special care to rub his thumb in rhythmic circles on the back of your hand or your cheek

- he loves holding your hand, and usually he’ll give you a comforting squeeze as you begin to drift to sleep

- the constant small dose of affection is always what pulls you into sleep and it’s his warm lips that wake you up out of it

bart allen:

- barts reaction to you falling asleep depends on his mood drastically

- on one side, he’ll think it’s funny and will end up stacking as many items on your sleeping form as he can until you wake up with a crash and are rescued by his speedster abilities before anything can smack into your face

- sometimes he forgets you fall asleep and will continue talking to you animatedly for an embarrassingly long time until he realizes you haven’t responded for like 5 minutes straight

- but on that rare occasion life is getting to him, or he’s feeling especially soft, you can catch him just sitting next to you and staring, more like engraving, every curve of your face, every freckle, every smile line he likes to think he guided into existence- he’ll sit in complete focus, dedicated to never forget a single thing about the love of his life

- his eyes go all soft, sometimes a little misty, and he just sits next to you, occasionally tucking a rogue piece of hair that fell when you shifted position or adjusting the blanket you threw over yourself, just purely in awe of how beautiful you are

- when you wake up he’s back to normal, bouncy and bubbling up with laughter, but it’s those special moments of peace that the most meaningful to him

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Missi Pyle


  • November 16, 1972
  • American actress and singer


  • Karen [Dirty John: 2020]
  • Cleo [Impulse: 2018-2019]
  • Celery [Another Period: 2015-2018]
  • Alicia [The Soul Man: 2016]
  • Delores Pasternak [Two and a Half Men: 2004-2015]
  • Ily [Snow Days: 1999]


  • Blonde
  • Blue eyes
  • 1.82m


  • Playable: young adult, adult
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