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wormit · 5 months ago
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i think this has probably been done before
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trashratsaws · 18 days ago
Re: Boatem
I think that Boatem - to the Hermits who don’t actually live there - is this sort of cryptic, liminal place where strange things happen and where even stranger people live. Of course, the Boatem residents find nothing wrong with their lifestyles or the way that they live, but to everyone else... 
Well, their town is situated around a mysterious hole that leads into shapeless, timeless nothingness, where if you fall in, you and everything you own are lost forever, and the man who can break the bedrock at the very bottom lives in a factory there, far removed from the discordant nature of the rest of the area. 
There are mountains that haven’t quite formed the same as those beside them, as if they have all just simply... appeared there from nowhere to fit the needs of the strange people living in/on them. And it might just be the Hermits’ imaginations, but some could swear they see the cliffsides move from more than just the wind blowing across the moss. 
There lives a strange and unknowable conductor who peddles in nearly everything under the sun, who was born with wings where the others need to find theirs in order to fly, and who devotes himself into carving out a beautiful town into a cave where nobody seems to live except for the dangerous and exotic creatures he collects. 
There lives a man (?) who is constantly changing form - shapes that in themselves don’t even need the context of deriving from whatever he eats in order to be disturbing to others (except, of course the Boatem residents, who find nothing wrong with their foliaged friend) - and who claims to devote himself to peace and yet consistently commits horrifying acts of violence. 
There live the hat trader whose wares travel in wagons that appear across the land with no one and nothing to pull them, and the mysterious woman who resides in an upturned boat that no one ever saw become upturned and, claims to be a child of the moon and whose gaze always seems faraway. 
The other Hermits don’t ever stay long, for there are rumors from those who have visited before that the longer you stay in Boatem, the more its very presence starts to gaze back at you. The walls, the ground, the void at the bottom of the Boatem hole... they beckon you closer and closer with their undecipherable whispers, begging you to reach in, to jump. 
The Boatem residents don’t seem to notice that either. 
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cj-the-random-artist · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So this is kind of spoilers, kind of predictions based on spoilers, and a compilation of doodles, I’m tagging it as spoilers just in case because I don’t know how long the spoiler tag should generally be used for but anyways moving on-
I may or may not have jumped on this sketch idea a bit too quickly, hence why I say prediction.  As this week progressed, and I was reading all the theories and things about the Southern Ahalliance falling apart after one of them becomes a red name (which, understandable given Martyn’s contingency plan and Jimmy and Mumbo both being prone to dying twice in an episode).  Eventually, I got this idea for this really really nice (albeit not completely canon) composition for a piece and I was like, “ok I have to draw this now before I forget about it”.  So maybe I’m jumping on this a bit too fast but, when your brain gives you a brilliant composition for a drawing you gotta go with it that’s just how it works lol.
I’d also like to mention the doodles- this last week I got some calligraphy pens with brush tips and I wanted to test them out and GOODNESS they’re amazing!  Absolutely love them!  The line weight variation is so wonderful to me, I’ve never really gotten such a variation in line weight before and I really really like how it looks.
That said, I hope y’all like this, it was really fun to draw.
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the-compost-pile · 2 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Day One Crew ily ❤️
(Drawn around ep 8 of season 1 of 3rd Life)
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ethosblock · 4 months ago
technoblade: dies with over 200 levels
impulse: hold my wine-
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galaxygermdraws · a month ago
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I started this before yesterday and I know every single one of my followers is in pain after LL so here you go. Some serotonin for you in the form of an Impulse jukebox night doodle to literally my favorite childhood song ever. This is to hold you guys over until I inevitably draw suffering because it is coming
(Reblogs with tags/comments are appreciated and encouraged. I will put version without the title under a cut in case u have Smile Song trauma because of a certain bloody animation from like 8 years ago)
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duck-that-does-stuff · 2 months ago
When you see the boatem people dying in chat, they're probably just finishing their meeting. Don't worry about them. It's fine.
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bdoubleowo · 25 days ago
i had this thought back when the episode came out and i can't remember why i gave up but this post reminded me and kel encouraged me to finally make it so.
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etunpeudevitriol · 3 months ago
"He loves that name"
Throwback to season 7 Christmas with Santa Tango and ImpySV
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trashratsaws · a month ago
The plan was to do the entire aha sequence but this took me two days and I have school work to do so here you go TvT
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cj-the-random-artist · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
SO!  Remember that giant drawing I did when 3rd Life started like 5 months ago?  Where I drew every.  Single.  One.  Of the 3rd Lifers and it took like a week.
I may have done that again.
I had to ok? Lol
So this took like FOREVER (a little over a week, I’m guessing a bit longer than the last one).  I started it actually before the episodes released, I did the initial rough-composition-thumbnail-thingy the Monday before, and then I spent the entire last week just doing this.  There was a lot of sketching, and re-sketching, and just... literally every part of the process took a very long time.  That said, for all the work that went into this, I’m extremely happy with the final product.  I really enjoyed doing the lighting, I feel like the ambiance here is what I was going for, I’m happy with the like 4 light sources and the shading.  I think it just generally looks better than the first one I did.  Feels like an improvement.
That said, I am fully aware this is not up to date with (ahem) 2nd session happenings, I used the first episode as a reference and because the change was so drastic between session 1 and session 2 I just... kept it all first session related because my brain could not handle another 3 rounds of sketching and canvas flipping (lol).  So I stuck with the number of lives everyone had initially, there’s a nod to Bdubs being the first week Boogeyman, the A-ha joke, all that stuff.
That said, again I’m extremely happy with this, and I hope y’all like it!  Above everything this was super fun to work on.  <3
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a-loki21 · 4 months ago
impulse having tango in his chat giving him ravager tips for hermit raiders is the equivalent of technoblade having dream in the dms during mcc
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lastlifeincorrectquotes · 3 months ago
Scar: reporting live from the stabbing, sir how does it feel to be stabbed
impulse: not good
scar: well there you have it folks, now back to jellie for the weather
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harpi196 · 4 months ago
Headcannon: items from third life appear to the third lifers post third life.
joel has no idea where the dogs keep coming from, weather he’s in his Mezalia or just some creative world they just keep coming. he doesn’t mind too much though the dogs are nice.
impulse doesn’t need a clock. He can check the time with his com just fine. But for some reason people keep leaving them at his base. He’s checked with all the hermits but no one leaves them there. he burns the clocks as soon as he gets them, but they keep appearing.
Bdubs also gets mysterious clocks, he usually just carries them around so he knows exactly when to sleep. When keralis and pearl steal the first clock they are confused to see the word “Nokia“ enscribed on the back.
grian found an enchanted diamond sword day on. He was really exited until he saw what etched into the leather of the handle “the avenger“ mumbo is still confused as to why grian threw a diamond sword into the ocean.
might do more later idk
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mizmatched · a month ago
Does anyone else find it extremely ironic that Solidarity Gaming was the first Southlander to betray the others?
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