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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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-Midnight wish-


Here’s another picture of Choco… Do you find this picture sad, happy, calm and peaceful or even depressing? Let me guys know in the comments! I’m curious! (You ain’t obligated though :3)

Choco and the picture are mine so don’t steal you can use it as a home and/or lock screen if you want and ask me before you want to post anywhere! Thank you!

Enjoy! Love y'all! ♡♡♡

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When u realize that throughout the show the idea that Catra is not worth saving has been inadvertently reinforced in her mind:

Season 1: Adora comes back to save her new friends (while leaving Catra behind in the first place) even though she’s a TRAITOR in the Horde’s eyes

Season 2/3: SW leaves the Horde and betrays Catra, leaves her to die, only to discover SW went to Adora and came BACK to the Horde where she was a PRISONER on basically death row for ADORA

Season 4: Catra being left to die in the cave while it’s collapsing, only for DT to come in and save her but later on reminding Catra that they live to serve “for a price.” Implying not only are they strictly transactional, but the only reason DT even bothered was because they need Catra for what she can do for them

Brb crying

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A poem of hatred by me (⚠️TW?⚠️I think idk I’ve never had to use a warning before)

A lot of people are hot,

But sadly I am not.

My body shape is not ideal,

I can’t run up a hill.

Motivation, I have none,

So I’ll eat another honeybun.

I love ice cream,

Being skinny I can only dream.

I don’t love myself,

I can’t reach my top shelf.

I want to fall off a plane,

Or be hit by a train.

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That cake was delicious ♡ (I just had cake for dinner)

This quarantine is bringing back my depression but I don’t want to give up so….

I should rewatch Spies in Disguise, Onward, Spiderman, Infinity War, Endgame, and The Impossible

Yes Yes!

I just love him ♡

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A letter you’ll never read…

Dear Caleb,

You’ll never get the chance to read this, but thank you. Thankyou for showing me a glimpse of real love. Thank You showing me what it feels like to adore someone so much it quite literally swallows you whole, wanting someone and wanting to give every inch of you to them, until you are absolutely nothing.

You weren’t the first boy to touch me, but you were the first boy to touch me with love, the first boy to touch me with kind hands and a soft touch. Thankyou for helping me understand that not everyone has harsh and hard intentions with me.

But now that you are gone, I am forever longing to be lost in your green eyes, green doesn’t give them justice, they’re forest green, grass green, emerald, or whatever one-word descriptors you want to use but they’re more than that, they’re fresh green on a newly sprouted tree in spring, whilst also being the dark swirled mixture of the murky sea in wintertime. I long for them, I ache for them, to look at me, one last time, look at me like they’re never going to look away, but they did and they have.

You were the warm soothe of a honey drop lolly falling down my hoarse and strained throat. You were the smile on my face when I realise i still have half an hour more until i have to get up for work. The goose bumps taking control of my skin when I jump out of bed at 1 am to get a drink. I find parts of you in everything I do. The songs i hear on the radio, the soft smell of melted butter. The green tinge of my school books reminding me of those goddamn eyes. Parts of you follow me everywhere forcing you to become my every thought.

Crying about you feels wrong, how can someone who brought me so much joy and happiness be the root to my every tear, my every raspy cry for air, my every late night thought. You were my happiness and I refuse to have you become you as my sadness.

I think falling for you was the easy part; your charms, your goofy jokes, your cheesy words, your long cuddles and your beauty. How could I not fall for that? It’s me admitting that I have fallen in love with a boy I never got to date, a boy I never got to show to my family. Realising i loved you as soon as i couldn’t love you. That was the hard part.

I loved you Caleb, I love you. Fuck. And i really mean it. I love you, and now I dont have the chance to show you my love, because you don’t want it. And i understand that now, you are one of the most amazing people i have had the chance to meet and have in my life, our time was short, but you have taught me so many things. Please don’t forget me. Goodbye.

Ginger xx

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That moment when you respect everyone’s opinion and feelings towards you, but at the same time you’re a fucking petty brat who cries whenever you don’t get attention.

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