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Tøp chart reading coming soon

I will be reading both Tyler Joseph and Josh duns chart tomorrow. I think it isn’t that common on other astroblogs though I’ve seen a few, it never goes into full detail. I’ll dive deep and read through the signs and aspects. I’m so excited for this!!

I have to sleep but for now I’ll leave y'all with this.

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But like…

can october come faster???? not only is it a great month (and not cause it’s my birth month and has halloween) but because VOLTRON SEASON FOUR WILL BE OUT!!! IM PUMPED!

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Come to work this morning & have been told by a respected staff member that everyone is talking about me because I posted a status on facebook FRIDAY night that I was at the pub, & had Saturday & Sunday off sick. LITTLE DO THESE CUNTS KNOW I ACTUALLY HAVE NO SICK LEAVE & I DONT DRINK. OH & ALSO I WAS RIDDLED WITH MOTHER FUCKING MENSTRUAL PAINS FROM 3AM. Shit talking mother fuckers want to say that I was ‘out all weekend on the piss’. You cunts just love to talk fucking shit all day long. I swear when you cunts open your mouth that’s all I can smell- shit.
I swear I wouldn’t piss on you cunts to puts you’s out. LOL!
but oh shit this has seriously effected me & ooooooh don’t I feel like I’m going to crumble into a ball & kms.xox
Its quite sad that people still don’t understand mental illness & these bitches are nearly 50. Like, what the fuck do you say to your children?! They are going to be some seriously fucking tormented kids because they obviously don’t have the support they need & you cunts are constantly putting down a 21 year old woman. Haha. I just can’t wait to fuck this life off!

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