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#in all honesty it’s him being so comfortable in his body which makes me feel more conform in MY body
dilf-uc · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PAIRING | atsumu miya x chubby!fem!reader
GENRE | fluff, smut (18+)
WARNINGS | nsfw. minors dni. timeskip manga spoilers. so much fluff sobs. chubby fem!reader x pro-athlete atsumu! <3 mentions of body insecurities & self-doubts. cursing. tit sucking. public + unprotected sex. fingering. oral (atsumu just cums in your mouth not oral sex). light jealousy. mention of public groping by tsumu. body worship. exhibitionism. heavy praise. calling reader "good girl" and "princess" and "baby" a lot <3 very cheesy too ngl. etc. not proofread. DO NOT IGNORE WARNINGS.
SUMMARY | in which perverted boyfriend and pro-volleyball athlete atsumu miya can’t help but be handsy with his chubby girlfriend like a ball because she’s the one thing he can’t make up for by a loss.
AUTHOR’S NOTE | BRUH FINALLY MY FIRST CHUBBY WORK I HAVE SO MANY TO WRITE SOBS. recent iffy insecurities made me write this for my own comfort but also i hope you chubby baes embrace your curves like handsy tsumu does <3 & 'm squirting rn over the tsumu manga panel fuck
Tumblr media
pro-volleyball player and athlete ATSUMU MIYA who’s such a perverted and handsy boyfriend when he’s with his chubby girlfriend.
he can’t help it! he just needs to feel you so close to him and intimately whenever you two are together because he just wants all of you to himself. he needs to have his hands on you at all times and perhaps it’s embarrassing because you’re always flustered when he does it, but he simply has no chill and shame when it comes to it— it’s like a habit by now. it’s not possessiveness, it’s just atsumu being a good boyfriend.
and he’d be doing it, genuinely, intimately, at any time. times where it just makes no sense to.
for instance, it could be him taking you out shopping and simply spoiling you; buying you all the pretty clothes your stupidly loyal heart desires. the kind that if he wasn’t a filthy rich athlete, it’d make his pockets hurt.
but in all honesty, he wants you to make his pockets hurt. he wants you to be able to ask him straightforwardly for all the things you want. it seriously turns him on when you decide to make the move every once in a while. and he understands it’s because you’re just so shy and pure and you always hate asking him for things because you’re just so confused as to why he would want to spoil you. however, you shouldn’t even bother asking because you’ll only provoke the little perverted monster in him. and atsumu can go overboard sometimes.
or it could be when you both are watching tv together, you’d both be laying down and you’d be pulled against his chest and his chin rests atop your head, arms wrapped around your plush tummy and waist and if the movie would be funny; he’d chuckle and you could feel it vibrate through your back from his chest. and it’d make you all warm.
he wouldn’t ever get cold either, because he claims you’re his “cozy teddy bear” to cuddle up with during your watching. he honestly is just fucking addicted to having you all around him, to be completely surrounded by everything about you. he’d inhale your scent every now as he nuzzles his face into your neck or your hair.
of course, he’d doze off while watching the movie and you’d have to smack him gently to get him to pay attention. again, he can’t help dozing off when he’s just admiring your pretty face that scrunches up like a bunny as you react to certain events and express your feelings about a certain moment. he’d just smile at you adoringly because he’d be too distracted admiring you, watching you more than the movie. and he really has no self-control because when you’re babbling about some irrelevant thing in the film he’d grab your chin and just kiss you slowly before pulling away and telling you to continue what you were saying.
you’re always confused when he shows gestures like this randomly; you wouldn’t know why he kisses you while you were talking about something random, why he likes to keep touching you while you’re together, why he’s just always intimate with you like this.
it’d make your skin flush and tingle at the contact and you just would be a flustered mess, not even being able to finish your idea! so you’d just turn your pretty head back to the tv. and atsumu would just chuckle to himself at just how cute you are and how he just simply can’t resist doing cheesy gestures like this out of nowhere.
of course, a single kiss is never enough for atsumu. you see, once he starts, he doesn’t stop. he wants more of your flustered cute voice babbling and questioning him like this; always.
and it would happen halfway through the movie when you’re deeply focused in the plot; not giving atsumu any attention as his hands stroke and squish at the plush skin of your arms and waist; fidgeting.
and he’d pout; bored out of his mind at your movie choice and just wanting you. he’d take his eyes away from the tv for a split moment and look at the plush skin he’s squishing in his hand (you’re totally unfazed by his fidgeting because he always does this) and smile to himself to see you still focused on the movie, but your cheeks feel a little warmer against his neck.
and then he’d do the one thing you just can’t stop him from doing; being a total pervert.
he was already handsy but he totally forgot you were wearing your tight velvet pink shorts that hug all your curves and plush ass. and it just so happens that it was a few inches away from being pressed against his crotch. and he’d smirk as if he’s plotting something evil when really he just needs you more.
he’d push his head down into the curve of your exposed shoulder that your sweater rode up to and he’d press longing and needy kisses into it and you can feel your skin hit up at his touch.
you’d sigh, he clearly doesn’t plan on watching this movie.
“tsumu…” you’d trail off, pouting in the direction of the tv.
“mmm, yes baby?” he’d pull away from your neck to say that and go back to pressing the kisses into your soft skin.
“do you not wanna watch?” you’d ask softly, lightly trying to turn your head to look at him; it’s not like it matters though because his face is completely hiding in your neck.
“mmh— not really, baby, wanna watch ya instead,” he’d smirk against your skin, inhaling your scent more.
you gasp softly when you feel his hand snake to grope the plush skin of your ass, kneading it as your cheeks heat up more at that than the contact. how can he say such blunt things? it’s so embarrassing.
“tsumu, stop it… i wanna watch,” you whine when he begins nipping at the skin, hand going to remove his groping you and he simply grabs your hand and puts it to your side before going back to what he was doing; kissing your skin and being a pervert.
“then watch, baby,” atsumu trails the kisses up to your neck, removing his hand from you momentarily to lightly grip and squish your chubby cheeks and turn your attention back to the tv. “i’ll be gettin’ ma own entertainment here.”
his hands moved up to brush against your clothed breasts, pawing at the bouncy flesh and licking his lips at how it feels every time his finger brushes against your hardened nipples through the cloth.
“h-hey! tsumu you said to watch—!” you’re cut off by a squirm when he squeezes you once.
“told ya i don’t wanna,” he grumbles against your neck, squeezing your breast and making you squirm against him. “jus’ wanna touch ya, ‘s that okay?”
“i—mmh!” you squirm beneath his hands that pull you against him as his hands paw at your chest. “but you said you wanted to have a movie night, tsumu…”
“does it matter who said what?” atsumu’s breath sending tingles down your arm, chuckling against the skin before sliding his hand down your stomach. “just keep watchin’ the movie, princess, don’t mind me.”
how can you not mind him? his hands are practically groping all the extra plush in your skin and your most sensitive spots. like the dip in your waist, the curve of your ass, and—!
you let out a squeak when his hand slid down completely to the front of your shorts. stopping short at the little plush of your sensitive and tasty lips shaped like a wine glass— hugged between your thighs that he desperately needs a taste of; a feel of. and a feel of he gets. his fingers rub the plush skin under the material gently pulling away from your neck to see how flustered you’d already gotten. and he loves it like this; doing things like this to completely surprise his baby.
“tsumu, i can’t watch when you’re—mmph!” he grips plush cheeks in his unoccupied hand and presses your mouth against his, lightly licking at your bottom lip and pulling away.
“pay attention to the movie, baby, or i won’t let’cha cum.”
you didn’t ask of him to do this or make you cum but your body immediately reacts to his words and you nod against his collarbone.
“‘ma good girl,” he kisses your warm cheeks, hand sliding beneath your shorts and dangerously hovering over your panties. “since ya clearly wanna pay more attention to this movie than yer own boyfriend like he ain’t even here, huh?”
“n-no, i do! it’s okay… we can watch it later if you want, tsumu,” you offer, wanting nothing tiny to give in to what he wants.
“it’s okay, baby,” he kisses your forehead as he tugs your shorts down your legs, making you squirm beneath his touch. “ya really like this movie, don’t wanna take away your watchin’ experience. so watch while i make ya feel good too, hm?”
you don’t know why he wants to take the time to make you cum, you’re a sensitive and whining mess whenever he plays with you like this at random times and you barely do much to satisfy his own.
especially with his hard bulge now prominently felt against your ass, it’s a lot.
he wastes no time in hooking his finger beneath your panty and pulling it to the side; hand cupping your pussy and kissing your neck. you let out a breath as he spreads your lips with his two fingers, one going into to coat it with your arousal from his groping. he’d smirk; knowing full well how his actions influence you. you act like you don’t like it like it’s wrong, and yet here you are; already wet for him. thank god he pulled your panties to the side and short down your legs; that would have been messy.
“gonna make ya feel so good while yer watchin’. okay, baby?” he’d kiss your cheek and distract you further from his command.
but there was this one random time he got handsy and for a good cause that you’ll never forget. it was a moment that sent pure loving and thrilling vibrations to thump in your heart and throb in your cunt. it was a moment that switched around any of the negativity you chose to feel about yourself.
Tumblr media
you remember when atsumu brought you to one of his practice games (not official matches) and introduced you to his pro-volleyball teammates.
you were so anxious to meet his team; being in public with atsumu used to feel slightly overwhelming and draining because of the attention he receives. and yet every time a fan approached him to ask for his autograph or a picture and they look at you, he simply squeezes your hand in reassurance, takes the photo, and walks away from the fan without a word; hand still holding yours to whichever path he chose to walk down to.
and he’d be extra caring on those days where he gets the feeling that the attention on him and you might make you feel uneasy. he knows. and perhaps his proper form of assurance and show of dependence is physical touch.
it’s why he’s a setter in volleyball; the ace relies on him and the setter must be physically aware of their plays, otherwise, he’ll lose.
and atsumu doesn’t ever want to lose you or see you lose yourself.
back at the start of your relationship, atsumu couldn’t get you to look at yourself from his vision. and it’s okay, he knew it would take time. because you were worth so much to him that his patience could never run thin.
he’d never tell you because he’s a stubborn bastard but you’re his source of comfort (in more ways than one) after a long day of hard work. he finds himself grounded with you and calm. the MSBY black jackal who’s a complete monster on the court; finds himself a melting puddle of softness in your embrace.
atsumu loves nothing more than coming back from practice and practically throwing himself at you, plopping on top of you as you lay on the couch with his heavy body. he would most definitely grumpily ask you to play with his hair as his face is mushed in between your breasts like a pillow. sometimes he’d even fall asleep like this; by everything surrounding him in his safe space that is you.
so, of course, he doesn’t ever want to make you feel uneasy. and he does it as best as he can with his physical intimacy.
yes, he takes it overboard with the physical part sometimes— but that’s just who atsumu is as a boyfriend. he’s handsy, he’s clingy, and he shows love in his own ways.
he remembers asking you to come to the practice match back when you weren’t living together yet. and this was fairly a big step for you to take as his girlfriend because you’ve not met anyone close to atsumu besides his parents and his twin brother.
and you wanted to make it a special greeting that will leave a good impression on the team for you. your nerves and self-doubts about the team giving you looks for not being the fit standard they’d expect their pro-athletic teammate to be are still there but you want to push them away and not ruin the game for atsumu.
you wanted to show your support for the team and did what almost every fan would; buy their merch! and you weren’t gonna lie, the team jerseys looked good and while you searched for atsumu’s number, you saw the others’ jerseys and you briefly recall atsumu ranting about some of them.
sakusa, hinata... bokuto— bingo! miya.
his jersey was just so hot on him; and now with you wearing it feels different, it makes you feel warm as if though you’re dating the guy who actually wears it— which you are and at that point, it just didn’t feel real.
plus; he’s come home multiple times wearing it and you’ve even helped him wash it. and a part of you wished you could have asked him to wear the original but you were always too scared it wouldn’t fit. or that it would fit but it wouldn’t look good on you. that’s why you wanted to look and be at your best and order a proper size, even if atsumu says something.
when you came into the gym, nervously tugging at atsumu’s jersey that fit you, you saw that they were already warming up and you wanted to wait to wait until after for atsumu to introduce you but the moment he dropped the ball he was going to set to the ginger before running over to you
“ya finally came, we were just about’a start!” he smiles into your neck as his hold on you is tight, before pulling away and forgetting the rest of his teammates were there too.
he kisses you on the cheek and pulls away to turn back to his team and grabs your hand, intertwining it with his and has a wobbly smile on his face to introduce you as they wait curiously.
“oh yeah, this is my Y/N, guys!” atsumu introduces you, and they all nod in acknowledgment. “i tell them about ya all the time.”
“and by all the time he literally means all the time,” a player with dark curls approaches you but maintains his distance. “doesn’t shut the fuck up.”
your lips part before atsumu lets out a whine.
“i do not, omi-omi!” your boyfriend denies like a child and you resist the urge to giggle.
“sakusa,” the boy with dark curls corrects atsumu and you simply nod, remembering is jersey. “lovely to meet you.”
“he totally does!” a short ginger approaches you eagerly, extending his hand out. “anyway, i’m hinata shoyo! i’m the ace of the team. so excited to meet atsumu-san’s girlfriend!”
“no, you’re not!” a much beefier and taller player stands next to hinata, flicking his forehead. “oh, forgive me and my manners, haha! i’m bokuto, the real ace of the MSBY Jackals.”
“neither of ya are the ace!” atsumu rolls his eyes, turning back to see you smiling. you weren’t worried after all but your smile falls short when atsumu suddenly grabs your shoulders and tries to push . “anyway, sweetheart, why don’t y’a go sit up in the bleachers. we’re about’a start.”
“oh okay. do your best, tsumu!” you smile, eyes crinkling with a thumbs up, and atsumu lightly squeals.
“gah! stop bein’ so cute, Y/N! ma heart can’t handle ya before a game!” atsumu envelopes you in a hug, arms wrapping around your back and squishing you against him; face mushy with yours and his teammates fight the urge to gag (at how clingy and childish he is, you’re very cute).
“you’re so weird, tsumu,” your cheeks are squished against his as he hugs you tightly before pulling away and you want to walk up the stairs of the bleachers before he stops you by grabbing your wrist and raising a brow. “what?”
“aren’t ya forgettin’ somethin’?” he says and your neutral expression makes him groan. “where’s ma good luck kiss, babe?”
“you know you don’t need it,” you chuckle shyly, turning away from him and he squeezes your wrist.
“i’m waitin’~!” he whistles playfully and you roll your eyes before pecking him on the cheek and he rolls his eyes.
“did you not like it?” you raise a brow.
“i don’t want it on the cheek! i want it on the lips, pretty girl,” he pouts.
“no! your teammates are watching!” you whisper-yell and he rolls his eyes once more before grabbing your face in his hand and pressing his lips against yours, smiling against them when he feels you kiss back like you weren’t just complaining a second ago.
he pulls away before he gets dizzy and smirks lightly.
“are they still watchin’?”
“i- yeah,” you sigh, looking ahead of his shoulders. and he chuckles.
“OI! MIYA! GET YOUR ASS BACK ON THE COURT!” their captain, you recognize as meian because of his jersey, yells out and atsumu has no choice but to steal a quick peck and letting go of you; running back to the court.
“watch me, Y/N!” he points an excited thumbs up from afar and gets to his position on the court and his teammates are rolling their eyes.
you smile to yourself as if you wouldn’t. you came all the way here for him. you’d go to bigger lengths, even if it takes time. for him.
and as the match went on and you got to see him up closer than just on the tv, you couldn’t help but clench your thighs as you anticipated all of his moves on the court. he’s so focused and determined on the court; much like everything he does in life. and it’s so euphoric to know you’re dating him; someone like him who’s just so overwhelmingly talented and adored.
and that’s why you couldn’t help but yell out his name to cheer for him anytime he made a good move on the court; so excitedly and loudly. the teammates would turn to look at you every now and then as you cheered but…
but perhaps it was too much for your own boyfriend because he didn’t bother to look at you once during the game—? he’d turn to look in your direction if he was aiming the ball to his teammate but he wouldn’t look at you or acknowledge the fact that you’re cheering for him.
it was odd because he was so excited earlier; and now he looked completely too focused in the game as if he’s turned on this switch where his eyes are only dilated towards the ball and his teammates. it was a hot sight to see him so focused that he doesn’t bear attention to anything else.
so maybe that’s why— but it wouldn’t make sense because he acknowledged the other fans in the crowd that cheered for him, with a smile or a wave. and you don’t see why he didn’t even look at your direction.
regardless, you chose to ignore the insecurity rising up and to focus on the match. it was a practice one but they play as if it’s the real one. that their performance counts no matter what. and you didn’t try to think much of it.
but once the match was over, however, and his team won: you stood up to clap and cheer and he didn’t even look at you at then. instead, bowing to the other crowds.
when he reached your side of the bleachers, he bowed with the rest before he looked at you briefly and going to the other bleacher side.
your lips part.
there were those girls in the corner who screamed once the team came over to bow and thank them for coming; one leaned over for a selfie with them and atsumu obliged.
that’s when you didn’t fully grasp it. he paid those girls more attention than you but you chose to shrug it off with light disappointment, maybe he has to for the loyal fans who probably come to every game, unlike you.
instead, you settle to wait for him at the bottom of the bleachers to finish talking and come over to you. you wouldn’t want to burden him or anything.
“hey, baby!” he walked over and pecked your cheek before pulling away. “so? what’dya think of the game! it wasn’t official ya know, but it counts as one since we’re playin’ them next week for real—”
you chose to plaster a fake smile.
“you were amazing, tsumu! heh, it’s a lot different from watching it on the tv!” you giggle (awkwardly but he doesn’t notice) with cheery hands and atsumu simply chuckles at your support.
“‘m glad you enjoyed it, baby,” he pecks you on the cheek once more before pulling away. “i’m gonna go and change with the rest, but i’ll be back to hear more of what ya thought, okay?”
atsumu has put forth so much trust in you that not telling him how you felt about earlier would be like lying to both of you.
“w-wait, tsumu,” you couldn’t stop yourself from calling out to him; taking a deep breath as tug at his jacket when he turns around and hums a ‘yeah?’.
“were you… were you ashamed of me?” your lips wobble, arms crossing over your chest and atsumu’s eyes widen at the sudden question but that does not stop him from immediately closing the distance between you.
“what? ashamed of ya? oh, baby,” atsumu let out a breath and enveloped you in a hug, chuckling in your hair. “of course not. that’s—”
“then why wouldn’t you look at me?” you interrupted, wanting to ask, but he cuts you off, pulling away to hold your cheeks, squishing them between his calloused hands. “those girls—!”
“that’s the last thing, i promise ya,” he smiles softly, but looking to the side awkwardly while chewing on his bottom lip. “it’s— it’s embarrassin’.”
“it’s ‘cause... i was tryin’ not to get hard durin’ the match, sweetheart,” he smiled, looking down before rolling his eyes at his prominent bulge now and you follow his vision before lightly gasping. “shit. well... not that it matters anyway.”
“‘cause yer helpin’ me fix it.”
and without much said he grabs your hand and drags you away from the bleachers; going over to the vacant locker room that nobody uses because the main one has the showers. this one is just for storage, nobody would come in here.
nobody would come in a place where atsumu is practically about to show you why you made the right choice coming to his match like this and giving him one hell of an eye-candy-looking view to profess your love and support for him. he absolutely fucking loves it when you’re spontaneous like this; thinking of buying his jersey instead of not asking him. you should have.
he closes the locker room door sloppily behind him before he grabs your waist and lifts you up by your ass with no struggle— as if he could give less of a fuck if you asked if you’re heavy to carry.
“how could i not get hard lookin’ at ya watchin’ me so devotedly, hm?’ he chuckles breathlessly, trailing kisses up your neck, eyeing you hungrily. “why’re ya the sweetest, angel? did ya buy that jersey just fer me? to support yer setter, you must be a loyal fan, huh? what made ya come to support me at a match, hm?”
you squirm when he slides his hand under your jersey, cupping your breasts and plush skin practically bursting out of it. you’re so fucking hot like this and he’s so glad the match is over.
“mhm. wanted to support you, ‘tsumu. you’re the best—hngh!” you try to answer him but he’s rubbing up against you so much and so fast it’s stimulating your senses.
“hah— is that so?” he pulls your breast out of your jersey, both hands cupping them but having his mouth latched onto one of your sensitive buds and sucking, groaning into your skin, and making you mewl in his arms. “why’d ya have to be so hot, hm?”
“ah— w-wait—slow down!” you throw your head back and run your fingers through his hair.
“ya have no right coming to ma practice match lookin’ like this,” atsumu groans, pulling away from your breast for a moment before going right back in. “wearin’ ma fuckin’ jersey— ma fuckin’ number. what were ya doin’ cheering them on for, huh?”
“but they’re your team, tsumu,” you’re confused but honestly the feeling of his tongue against swollen buds could make you care less. but it doesn’t seem like he’s taking your word for it.
“did my pretty baby want me to fuck her in front of the entire team? ‘s that it?” atsumu chuckles, making you let out a whimper when his fingers toy with the sensitive bud.
“hnn—t-tsumu, wait! what if they come in?” you lightly panic and he shushes you with his palm quickly but softly.
you try to push him off but it’s no use, he’s far gone into you. a lot like that dark look he had on the court. and perhaps the wet patch beginning to form in your panties, slicking between your thighs in the friction that comes from his muscular leg pressed in between them; shows that you’re possibly far gone in it too already.
“because i would have,” he chuckled, pulling away from your tits to pay more attention to your warm thighs wrapped around him, hand sliding out of your shirt and into your shorts. “i would have so badly wanted to show them just how good this pretty girl takes their setter’s cock, would you have wanted that, princess? would you have wanted me to show you off?”
“hah—! yeah, tsumu!” you whimper in his ear as his fingers scissor within your gummy walls. “hngh—! wanted you to show me off!”
“did ya now? well… i don’t wanna,” he pulls away from your neck, but his fingers continue circling your clit and for a second there you wanted to question him until he said— “‘cause i wanna keep my fan all to ma’self. showin’ ya off would only make the team act up, sweetheart. don’t tell me ya didn’t see the way they were lookin’ at ya in the crowd, hm?”
“t-they weren’t!” you assure him and he chuckles with a smirk that makes you melt.
“good girl, only keepin’ her eyes on her setter, hm?” atsumu grips your chubby cheeks, inserting his slick fingers of your arousal for your tongue to wrap around them, to taste how he makes you feel. “yer my loyal fan, ain’t that right, baby?”
“mhm—! your fan only, tsumu,” you mumble against his fingers as you lick off your own cum.
“that’s right, baby, all mine,” he says, gripping your love handles harshly and positioning the angry red tip of his hard cock; teasing your swollen puffy lips. “does my fan want her setter’s cock? hm?”
“yes, please s-stop teasing!” you whine, fingers digging into his shoulder blades; not strong enough to ever leave a bruise though.
“well fuck—take look at your pretty wet pussy, baby,” atsumu lets out a grunt as he sheathes himself fully inside of your velvety walls, clamping around him almost immediately and he resists the urge to cum on the spot, he grips your chin to look directly at how your cunt is practically suffocating his cock intoxicatingly. “‘s so pretty and tight around me—fuck. wanna hear ya beg for me to fuck ya.”
“i want number 13 inside me so bad,” your lips wobble, moaning in atsumu’s ear, pussy clenching around him to adjust. “want his big cock to fuck me so good!”
“ah, anythin’ for my pretty fan,” atsumu captures your lips in his to muffle your loud moans because once he pulls out momentarily and feels your whining against his mouth— he thrusts back in, groaning against your tongue at how tight you pull him in once he picks up the pace and bottoms in and out.
holy fucking shit, it’s like your cunt keeps getting more addicting especially in a thrilling moment like this where this is all he wants; to be inside his pretty big girl that will milk him for all he’s worth. to take all hard work on the court’s worth and make him feel this good.
perhaps it was after-game vibrations that make him feel like cumming sooner than he thought, but it’s also you. you drive him insane enough to do it in public whereas he could have waited. fucking you like this so good to him where his teammates could walk in.
“yer rewardin’ me for a win just by bein’ here, supportin’ yer handsome setter, takin’ his cock like this,” atsumu smirks, feeding into his own ego and pleasure. “such a good girl.”
you felt like crying from how emotionally overwhelming this was for you; his dick hitting all the right spots in your fragile cunt and you’re taking it because how else will you show you’re so thankful for such a good boyfriend like him; to devote your body in such an intimate way that it erases any insecurities you brought forth earlier?
“‘m close, tsumu—hah!” you gasp as he ruts into you at a deeper angle when he lifts your leg over your shoulder; licking his lips at the sight of your thigh pressing the pudgy skin of your tummy further as his cock suddenly feels far too gone within you; so deep and tight. he’s going to lose it.
“yer close, huh? yer setter’s cock feels that good inside ya, baby?” he groans into your neck, even more, sweat prickling at his forehead and swirling with yours at how intimate and close he feels to you right now. “cum for me then, pretty girl. thas’ all i want.”
you didn’t need him to tell you twice, you wrap your arms around him and sink your teeth into his shoulder as your hold on him is more secure to rut into you deeper; faster. and you’re crying out and he has to press his lips against yours once more to muffle your lewd moans.
“hnn— i l-love you, tsumu.” you can’t help but profess. heart thumping against your ribcage as you come down from your high.
and atsumu suddenly feels closer to you than he ever had before; especially having you say something so intimate yet lewd, erotic at the same time is the right thing to tip him to the edge.
“fuck— i love ya too, baby,” he pressed his lips against yours once more; tasting your words as your tears staining your cheeks manage to salt his tongue when he pulls away from your lips to breathe. “hah— ‘m gonna cum too, sweet girl. but not inside ya yet.”
you lightly gasp as atsumu helps you down on your legs.
“on yer knees for me, sweet girl,” atsumu commands, and you oblige immediately as your knees hit the tiled floor of the locker room; tongue out of your mouth for you to take what he’s about to give you, salivating lightly as you look up to see his attractive scrunched facial expressions when he’s pumping out his orgasms. “there ya go— that’s it... take my cum, pretty.”
his cum splurts out aggressively from his angry tip and landing in a puddle of his own on your tongue; giving you so much of him and it feels good to—!
“swallow.” he breathes out, hand gripping your chin as you close your lips, throat bobbing up and down as you do as he asks; tongue out once more and empty.
“good girl.”
Tumblr media
and it took you until that moment to understand why he makes those perverted gestures. he doesn’t mean it that way (most of the time); it’s just the way he shows love.
so right now, as atsumu feels up and down on your body, lips intoxicating on your neck and the sensation of cumming from his sweet fingers rippling through your body like that time; you don’t need to watch anymore to profess your love. just being there for him is enough and you’re grateful he loves you so without needing it.
and as you turn to look back at the tv that displayed a dark screen asking if you’re still there watching, you can’t help but giggle and cuddle into atsumu; face hiding in his collarbone as you sigh happily and he raises a brow.
“what’s wrong? don’t wanna watch anymore?” he asks, stroking your hair and feeling you press a kiss against his collarbone.
“no,” you say, looking up into his eyes. “i love watching you more, too.”
Tumblr media
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yungbludz · 7 months ago
Can you do a imagine where the reader wears one of Pete's baggy tshirts while riding him
Author: I didn’t expect so many rqs ngl, I thought you all hated this guy but in glad you don’t lmao
Warnings: smut, 18+, NSFW content, explicit language.
Tumblr media
You laid on your bed bored, playing with the bracelet around your wrist as you looked up at the ceiling thinking about your weekly schedule. You rolled your eyes as you remembered the dinner with your boss and coworkers on Wednesday. Wednesday was the worst day of the week, in the middle. Not enough close to Saturday yet too close to Monday. You heated it. Your eyes scanned the room as you snapped back to reality and sat up. It was Sunday and around two in the afternoon. A question mark appeared on your mind as you wondered the tall, weed addicted, funny guy you shared the apartment with had gotten to. You remembered him waking up this morning and making you breakfast then you stayed in bed for as long as possible, falling asleep only to be woken up by the constructors next door who were building a kitchen in the house next to yours. He then got out of bed to smoke and you grabbed yourself something to eat for lunch seeing him talking on the phone and that was the last time you had seen him. You knew he was probably somewhere around but you had been too lazy to move from the comfort of your cozy bed. You finally managed to step outside the warm blankets and stand on your feet. The long sleeved grey and purple shirt fell to your mid thigh as you started walking. No sounds heard throughout the whole place until you arrived in the living room. There he was. Sitting on the couch scrolling through his phone, a cigarette behind his ear, a small smile on his lips as he chuckled every now and then. You knew he was probably on his way out to smoke since he was holding his pink lighter in his hands, playing with it but probably got stuck on his phone. You leant against the doorway as you stared at him in hope he’d notice. You rolled your eyes again when he didn’t acknowledge your presence.
“Ugh men... You sleep with them once and they stop acknowledging your existence.” You suppressed a laugh as you slowly approached him. The natural brunette looked up at you from his phone, confusion spread over his face until he realized you were joking. He locked his phone and put it down on the table and watched you walking closer cautiously. His eyes lingering on your naked thighs and his shirt. He remembered you stealing it from his drawer think he wouldn’t notice. He didn’t mind honestly, he wasn’t particularly attached to his clothes but even if he were he’d still share them with you. You stopped a feet away from him, arms crossed over your chest and a fake pout on your face. He tilted his head back curios to know what was wrong.
“You left me alone two hours ago. Thought you’d come back...” you pouted and he smiled up at you, amused by your fake annoyance and upset. He pressed his lips together before trying to stand up only to be pushed back down and you were lucky he had lost his balance because there was no way you’d actually be able to push his 6 feet 4 self down. A smirk displayed across his face as you straddled his lap, he was liking it so far. “I’m sorry, Colson called me to talk about something important and I lost track of time.” He explained, his hands resting on your upper thighs as he gently caressed the exposed flesh. You could feel the hair on your skin standing up as he softly stroked your legs. Your arms wrapped loosely around his shoulders.
“Mmh... Is this what you tell your other girls to leave them after fucking them?” You tried to hide the smirk which threatened to appear on your face. He licked his lips before pushing a strand of your hair back as he stared at your face, his eyes alternating from your eyes to your lips.
“Mmh no, I kinda have a girlfriend so I usually invite them over when she’s not here. But don’t tell her I told you.” He smirked as his hands made their on your hips under the long shirt. They were a bit cold which caused your body to shiver as you pushed yourself closer and leaned in. You playfully rolled your eyes at him as he looked up at you.
“Very funny. I suppose that’s how you get with girls, uh? By being funny and extremely tall?” You brushed your hand through his short hair and stared into his eyes, before getting distracted by his tongue swiping across his lips spread in a small smirk. Since you had first begun dating or even before when you met each other through one of your mutual friends, there was this incredible and unspeakable sexual tension between you two. All it took was a glance, a smile, a lip bite, a sigh. You were insanely attracted to each other no matter what.
“No, I just let them sit on my face. Should try some time, they love it.” He winked at you before you slapped his shoulder in disbelief. Your face turned in a bright shade of red as you took in his words. What you loved yet hated sometimes the most about him was his honesty and straightforwardness. He knew what he wanted and he always told you. He wasn’t scared or embarrassed or anxious. Or maybe he was. Either way he was so direct it was impossible to hide from his look when he stared at you after whispering the dirtiest things in your ear while eating dinner with fucking Kid Cudi and Timothee Chalamet. You were so embarrassed they thought you were choking on your food at some point.
“Oh so you even go down on other girls? Oh that’s nice to know your girlfriend isn’t getting any special treatment.” You giggled and pulled the roots of his hair as you moved around his lap to prevent your legs from going numb. His fingers brushing against your warm and naked skin. He titled his head back, taking a few seconds to think about his next answer.
“I think she did appreciate sixtyning in her childhood room while her parents sang happy birthday to her little brother down the hall, didn’t she?” Your mouth was wide open. No matter how long you had been knowing him. No matter how direct or straightforward or honest or blunt you knew he was. No matter how hard you hid your embarrassment, he always managed to leave you speechless. The memories of a few months prior surfaced. Whenever you thought you weren’t lucky you reminded yourself of the time you didn’t get caught by your parents in their own house with your boyfriend. You genuinely didn’t know how they didn’t find out since you definitely weren’t able to be quiet. Well he could, you couldn’t. But in your defense it was very hard to keep it quiet and nice when he had his face hidden in your wet folds and ate you out as if he had been starving for the past day or even week.
“Mmh... Yea, I think she told me she appreciated it a lot...” before he could add anything else you fully leaned in and connected your lips. You felt his hands giving your hips a good squeeze, which made you grind against him and get closer. Your hands were lost in his short hair as you pull it every now and then gaining soft grunts as his tongue swiped across your bottom lip, not before sucking on it for a good second. You felt your head spinning as butterflies spread across your stomach. Your chest was pressed against his as you began to roll your hips against his. The kiss got deeper and his fingers grazed over your naked back.
“You’re always so needy...” he chuckled as you pulled away for a second, your hips never stopping as you completely let go of yourself. Your cheeks were still red and you had trapped your bottom lip between your teeth, your hands resting on his shoulders. He smirked at you, staring at you and your half naked body. He wondered how he got so lucky to meet you. It felt as if your souls had been created for each other. You had your contrasting opinions and beliefs. However nobody got him like you did and nobody loved you like he did. He licked his lips wet as he enjoyed your little show. You both were very much aware of the fact that you turned into clay in his hands every time he touched you. He liked to give you the control, he didn’t mind at all but most times he found you writhing and begging under him.
“So sorry you have a girlfriend who wants you to take her on every surface of this apartment and also your dressing room...” you pretended to be annoyed but he knew you weren’t at all. He knew it was just a matter of time before you began to beg but he wanted you to say it out loud. He wanted those three magic words to come out of your mouth and he knew you were going to crack soon. You leaned in to peck his lips and one of his hands snuck up to your neck, wrapping it around the soft skin to gently yet firmly pull you away. You looked down at him, your eyes hiding a hint of challenge, you loved teasing him way too much. But he always had his way with you.
“Since you feel like being such a brat why don’t you show me how good you can ride me, uh? Or you can’t even get yourself off on my dick?” He smirked as you sucked in a breath. You clenched around nothing when those words came out of his plump and swollen lips. The thought of you riding him made your guts twist and head go crazy. You nodded and he pulled you closer by your neck to kiss you once again. Things escalated quickly, your hand slowly falling from his shoulder to his chest and then stomach. He smiled through the kiss as you took control over the situation. He found seeing you in control very amusing. Your fingers gently grazed over the waistband of his shorts as you teased him for a hot second before slipping inside, your lips still exchanging wet and hot kisses when you found his semi-hard cock and he hissed once your cold fingers came in contact with it.
“Oh shit...” he grunted out once you gently wrapped your hand around him and began to slowly stroke it. The aching between your legs only getting worse once you interrupted the kiss to take a good look at him and see his teeth sucking on his bottom lip and his eyes staring deeply and lustfully into yours. You felt so weak whenever he looked at you, especially when he looked at you like that. You gulped as you sped up your movements, he smirked and laid back. One of his hand laying mindlessly on your hipbone while the other arm laid on the couch. Your eyes fell to where your hand had slipped in before going back to him, silently asking for his consent to pull his shorts down. He nodded waiting for your next move. You sat a bit back on his legs to pull his bottoms down.
“And you think I can ride that without any slight discomfort?” You joked as his cock slipped out of his shorts. He cocked an eyebrow as his fingers grabbed your chin to pull you closer. “When did I ever go easy on you?” He mumbled out before pecking your lips and laying back again. You took in a dee breath before spitting on your hand to lube him up and he hissed again once he felt your hand slowly stroking him. Obviously you had had sex before but every time it was a bit hard— in every way— at first. He was a good size which sometimes could cause some problems but once you got used to him and learnt a couple of tricks from stopping the pain everything felt amazing. You suddenly slowed down your movements and he silently whined, his head falling back as you giggled. You bit your bottom lip as his other hand fell between your legs, resting on top of your panties. Your hips rutting forward hoping he’d get the hint. He smirked before moving it downwards, his thumb being the only finger he applied on you. He pressed it against your clit, which he found fast enough having known your body for more than six months, while he felt how soaking wet you were through the thin material of your underwear.
“Mmh... Someone’s a lil excited for me, uh?” You swore you’d take off that smug smirk off his face one day. You let go of a sigh when he moved your panties to the side. His index teasing your dripping entrance as you bucked your hips up. He knew he drove you insane. He knew you needed him. He knew you.
“Beg for it now.” He went serious for a second as your hand kept stroking it at the same pace but he wasn’t going to break, at least not before you. You rolled your eyes before rutting your hips forward with no success. He chuckled lowly as he enjoyed how whiny and subby you had suddenly become.
“Cat got your tongue? I said beg for it.” He repeated himself again as you thought about a way to get what you wanted without begging. Pleasure clouded your judgment when he almost slipped his middle finger inside of you. There wasn’t much to reason with when he was teasing you like that. He had you wrapped around his finger.
“Please... Fuck, please.” You squirmed when he painfully slowly attempted to slide his long digital inside of you. He shook his head in disbelief before pulling it out. You whined out loud and stopped your hand.
“C’mere.” He simply stated guiding your hips towards him and you nodded. You sat up, lining him up with your entrance. His eyes staring at you as you breathed loudly. His usual shit eating grin on his lips as you sank down trying not to get hurt. He managed to gain a high moan from you, feeling it completely filling you up. So nicely it felt as if he was made for you.
“C’mon, be a good girl and ride me.” He simply said before placing his hands behind his head and leaving it all up to you. You nodded, your hands back on his shoulders as you began to slowly move. His shirt hid your whole torso but he could spot your hardened nipples through the thin material. As time went by you gained more confidence and pleasure came along so you started to rock your hips against his. His right hand grabbed the cigarette behind his ear and the lighter he had previously dropped by his side. The thick cloud of smoke was soon released by his lips and deprived you of the beautiful view in front of you.
“See? I knew you could take me. You always take me so well...” he smiled at you as the cigarette hung low on his lips. You bit your bottom lip as his hands briefly your hips. The sensation of having him so deep inside of you, touching your weak spots made you squirm and clench which caused a strangled moan to come out of his mouth. He took another drag of the cigarette, enjoying the scene.
“Fuck fuck...” “Yea just like that...” a couple of minutes went by and you found yourself bouncing on his cock, both of you chasing your releases. You uncontrollably moaned and whined while he observed you, he loved seeing you in so much ecstasy and pleasure. Your hair sticked to your neck as a soft lay of sweat appeared on you. Your legs slowly proceeded to grow more and more tired but there was no way you were going to stop.
“Not yet... Can’t even last five minutes...” He joked when he felt you harshly clenching around his length. He felt his cock twitch inside of you once you squeezed your walls around him but stopped himself from ruining all the fun so quickly. The cigarette almost finished in his fingers. He put it back in his mouth and pushed a strand of your hair behind your ear and winked at you before exhaling the smoke and throwing it in the ashtray next to you on the couch. He stopped your movements which made you frown before he began to fuck up into you, his hips snapping against yours as your mouth dropped wide open.
“Jesus Christ...” your head fell on his shoulder as you simply sat there unable to even form a coherent thought or even follow the course of your own thoughts. You moaned once you fell him reach a specific spot inside of you. He smirked to himself before pulling you in for another kiss which soon got sloppy and needy. The skin slapping and whiny moans were the only things audible within the room. “Shit... S-slow down.” You scratched the skin of his shoulders and back as you tried to hold onto something, your forehead pressed against the crook of his neck.
“No, you’re going to take it my way today and any other day of the week.” He mumbled against the skin of your temple as his hips didn’t falter one second and kept up with the pace. You groaned as he edged a bit longer. One of your hands held onto the leather couch since you felt all your insides being rearranged by his deep and constant and harsh thrusts. You bit the skin of his shoulder to muffle your moans for a second and try and gain the control over your body back.
“Fuck... Please let me-“ you were cut off by another moan. He grunted when he felt you clenching again, he was aware neither of you was going to last any longer at this point. “You wanna cum?” He asked you, you weren’t sure if he was kidding you or playing with you or he was genuinely asking you a question. Not being able to form a coherent sentence you simply vigorously nodded. He smirked and kissed your temple before whispering.
“Then go ahead. Cum all over my cock, pretty.”
A soft moan escaped your lips as you reached your climax around him. He watched you spasm on top of him, your legs shaking and your eyes rolling to the back of your head. His shirt hugging your body loosely stopped him from having the breathtaking chance of seeing you naked but you wearing his clothes managed to turn him on. You were still trying to catch your breath when the overstimulation hit you and you tried to take control back since you could see he was growing tired of keeping you down. Your hips met his thrusts. Your eyes found his quickly and you purposefully scratched his chest with your nails just to see him roll his eyes as he felt closer and closer.
“I told you to cum inside me, didn’t I?” You smirked tiredly as he grunted before he hips froze and you felt his hot release hitting your walls as you both finally got your releases. He chuckled lowly at your words.
“Such a fucking tease, aren’t you?” He whispered out of breath, his head fallen backwards as you peppered his neck with soft kisses and smirked as well. You stayed quiet and still for awhile, slowly catching your breath. His hands caressing your back and your lips pressing small kisses on his chest and shoulders.
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volleychumps · a year ago
Thank you for 2.6k you guys!!!! Here are some possessive volleynerds for you lovelies<33 
And thank you sm for the request love I love the diversity in teams- writing in scenarios aha 
Warnings: cursing, this is a douchey ex so he does say some pretty shitty things lol
Continuation of This One 
S/O With a Douchebag Ex (Akaashi, Kuroo, Iwaizumi, and Atsumu) 
“Hey! You did so well out there!” 
Akaashi offers a glimpse of a smile at your excited figure in the stands as he jogs up the steps to where you are, feeling the tiredness seem to drift away as he takes the seat next to you. You grin when one of his arms loops around your waist to tug you into his side, not minding the slightly sweaty setter as he sighs into your shoulder in content. 
“I’m so glad you made it. Now please tell them I’m asleep.” 
You sweatdrop when seemingly on cue, Bokuto and Konoha run up the same steps of the bleachers, pointing at Akaashi’s “sleeping” figure in accusation. 
“I knew it! I knew he would run off to Y/N the minute we finished-” 
“Sh.” You put a finger to your lips as Bokuto pauses, feeling a laugh bubble up in your throat when Akaashi’s lips curl into a smile aginst your shoulder. “He’s tired.” 
“Oh boo hoo look at you two all cute and shit.” Konoha snips, settling on the other side of you as you roll your eyes. “Bite me.” 
“Don’t be bitter you’re single.” You laugh as the rest of Fukurodani settle in the bleachers around you, humming a little as Akaashi holds you a little tighter in thanks as he uses you to recharge. 
“Well isn’t this a fucking sight.” 
You tense up immediately at the voice that belongs to the newcomer, your frozen state not going unnoticed by the blue-eyed boy who still had his eyes closed, a frown now growing on his lips. 
“Still whoring around, Y/N? All these boys waiting their turn?” 
Bokuto and Komi had both begun to stand up, and you cast a sharp glance at both of them that had them both sitting back down with a shared glare in their pupils. You breathe in a shaky sigh before offering a wobbly smile to your ex, not noticing that blue-green eyes had snapped open and Akaashi had lazily looked up at your ex with a lit flame behind his eyes before you could stop him. 
“Say it again.” His voice is soft as you sigh. No stopping him now. 
Your ex tried to hide his nervousness at Akaashi’s lazy stare that held a deadly feel with a feigned chuckle. “What?” 
“I said,” Akaashi stands, towering to his full height that seemed a little more intimidating than usual as he towers over your ex, grabbing his shirt and pulling him closer with a head tilt. The mix of tiredness and annoyance was evident on Akaashi’s face as he feels irritation bubble in his stomach at someone openly insulting his girlfriend. 
“Say it again. You think I care if we’re in public?” 
You gape at his thug-like actions along with the team, and your ex shoves your boyfriend off with a growl before casting you one more glare. 
“This isn’t over.” 
“I’d say it is.” Akaashi steps in front of your line of vision, jutting his chin to the side in a motion for him to get the hell out of here. “Now kindly leave before I kindly resort to getting physical.” 
You feel your heartbeat pick up when your ex spins on his heel cowardly, Akaashi collapsing back in his seat to lay his head back on your shoulder. 
“Violence is tiring.” 
“Y-Y/N, I’m scared-” 
“Who the hell have you been hanging out with ‘Kaashi?!” 
You nudge him slightly, smiling gratefully as Akaashi props one eye open, only replying to you and ignoring his teammates inquiries- 
“Thank you.” 
“I have him recorded on my phone, so no need to worry anymore. I could ruin him in a second.” 
You cast a glance to Konoha, realizing just how frightening Akaashi could be when pissed off for the right reasons. 
“..I think I’m scared too.” 
“Oh shush.” Akaashi kisses your shoulder, arms resting around your waist as his voice mumbles in your ear, all teasing fading from your voice as a safety net extends across your heart. 
“No scum gets to talk about you like that, angel.” 
“I have half the mind to just abandon you.” 
“Noooo!” You whine, willing your legs to keep walking as Kuroo looks behind him amusedly, hand clasped in yours as the raven-haired captain attempts to tug you along. “Who’s idea was it to walk this big ass park again?” 
“Nuh-uh.” You deny with a pout, prompting Kuroo to snort before tugging you to one of the nearby benches, sitting you down sweetly as you pout up at him. 
“I swear it’s like I’m your babysitter more than your boyfriend, kitten.” 
“That’s called-” You use both hands to make a rainbow shape with a seemingly innocent grin as Kuroo hits you with a deadpan stare. “Pedophilia~” 
“Aaaaand that’s it, I’m abandoning you-” 
“Wait, I was joking!” You grab his hand when he spins on his heel, thinking he was simply being overdramatic before Kuroo winks once, kissing your knuckle. 
“As if I would actually do that. Do you want milktea or iced tea?” 
Your pout grows as you retract your hand. “Milktea.” 
“Stop pouting, you’re prettier when you smile.” 
“And for that reason, I will continue to pout because you told me to stop- ow!” 
You glare at your boyfriend’s teasing smirk as he walks off, rubbing the spot on your forehead where he flicked before basking in the feeling of relaxing your legs, deciding to enjoy the rest time while you can. 
As your hands massage at your calves, a voice makes your heart drop into your stomach. 
The feeling of wanting to disappear spreads over your chest as you slowly meet the eyes of someone you had never wanted to see again, a scoff falling out of his lips at the sight of you. 
“Did your newest toy leave you already?” He questions sickeningly sweet as your gaze drops back down to your shoes, bottom lip trembling at just the sound of his voice. 
“Did he use you for your body like all the rest did?” 
“N-No, not that that’s any of your business anyways.” You mumble, still not meeting his eyes as you wish Kuroo would come back faster, your ex taking another step forward with a smirk holding no good intentions. 
“Well, why don’t we go back to the good old days, hm?” He reaches for your wrist, and just as you flinch-
“Oops. My hand slipped.” 
Your eyes widen as Kuroo’s iced americano had created a puddle on the floor in which your ex stood, a pissed-off expression in the feral boy’s eyes as he smiles with no kindness behind it, fake-apology slipping off his tongue. 
“Sorry about that! Man, I’m suddenly wishing I got it hot.” Kuroo throws the lid over his shoulder, not reacting when your ex turns on him, his grin simply widening when your ex realizes just how broad and tall your new boyfriend was. 
“Are we good?” Kuroo continues, taking his other hand out of his pocket with seemingly innocent intentions as his gaze darkens, smile borderline sinister. 
“Or do you have business with my girlfriend?” Kuroo makes a point to step in front of you, crossing his arms with a strained grin. “Because in all honesty, you’re getting a little too close for comfort, hm? Or do I need to show you the meaning of too close for comfort?” 
The tone of Kuroo’s voice sends a shiver down your spine as you see just how hard Kuroo is clenching his fists, restraining himself but still casting you reassuring glances to calm you down. 
“Tsk.” Your ex casts you one more promising death glare before spinning on his heel. “I don’t have time to play with trash anyways.” 
Kuroo watches as he walks off, smile gone and replaced with a frown as his eyes seem to gleam with a dark look to them, softening a little when you reach out to tug on his sleeve. 
“Kitten, did he do anything to you, because I can go after him. I’ve never once feared prison-” 
“Tetsurou.” You whisper, lifting your head to meet his worried gaze through watery eyes as you wish you could respond to his joke the way he would want you to. “Can you maybe just...hold me?” 
“I’ll do you one better. You can ride on my back while we go back to the coffee shop to go buy my coffee that I uh, dropped. Deal?” 
“Deal.” you interlock pinkies with him as he hoists you on his back, Kuroo pretending not to notice your weakness as you bury your head in his neck and cry as he walks along. He turns his head a little, smiling softly when your tears wet his shoulder. 
“Oi, just so you know- I would never abandon you. So don’t worry your pretty little head over nothing, kitten.”
“Hajime, please don’t get the candy- just get popcorn and the drinks.” 
“What?” Iwa blinks as if you had just offended him, handing you the two tickets as he arches a confused brow. “But you always get candy.” 
“I’m dieting!” You proclaim proudly, and Iwaizumi stares at you for a solid six seconds before turning around. 
“Anyways, do you want chocolate or the gummies?” 
“Did you not hear-” 
“Oh I heard. But there’s no need to diet when you’re already...” 
“Already?” You grin cheekily as you see the tips of his ears turn red. 
“You’re getting chocolate.” 
“Hajime-” You sigh as he rushes away from you towards the counter, leaving you to examine the ticket stubs with a bouncing in your chest. Iwaizumi wasn’t the most open about his feelings towards you, but it was clear that he definitely cared- and that’s all that really mattered. 
You really thought nothing would ruin this night.
“Look what we have here! How’ve you been, Y/N?” 
You still when an arm gets thrown over your shoulder, feeling your breathing hitch at the sight of someone you hadn’t seen in months. Automatically, you go to step away only for a hug to be forced on you, and you feel your eyes brim with unshed tears as your world seems to stop for a second. 
“You missed me, didn’t you? Why’d you leave me, Y/N? Fate must be telling us-” 
You squeak when your the back of your shirt is pulled strongly, relaxing at the feel of Iwaizumi’s chest on your back as you could hear his breaths attempting to be steady. A laugh almost bubbles out of your throat when you see his other arm was cradling a bucket of popcorn with various other snacks inside of it. 
“Y/N.” Iwaizumi looks down at you seriously, voice blunt. “Want me to hurt him?” 
You blanch at the straight-laced tone of your boyfriend, but you find yourself wanting to smile- 
“Ah. So you’re why she left. That little slut left me because you came into the picture, huh?” 
Iwaizumi suddenly gets an unreadable look in his eye as his bangs seem to cover the dark irises, humorless chuckle slipping his lips as you put a hand on his arm, panicked. His breaths were no longer controlled. 
“Hold this.” You blink when he hands you the bucket of popcorn, eyes bewildered before Iwaizumi rolls his sleeves up, taking his time as your ex laughs mockingly at the sight. 
“What, are you really gonna hurt me in a-” 
You flinch when Iwaizumi shamelessly kicks him to the floor as if he were nothing, fire blazing in his dark eyes as you grip the bucket a little tighter, watching as Iwa bends down to his level, ignoring the crowd beginning to form. 
“So not only are you openly going to touch my girlfriend when I’m not near her when she obviously doesn’t like it- you’re gonna call her names too when I’m standing right here?” Iwaizumi tilts his head the slightest bit to the side, just enough to send shivers down his spine. 
“Still want to see if I’m really going to do it?” Iwaizumi asks in a bored manner, beginning to reel his fist back as your ex squeaks out a no, scrambling away with his hands before angrily glancing at you in his escape. 
Iwa gets back up, dusting his hands off as if nothing had happened before walking back up to you and popping a piece of popcorn into his mouth. 
“What theatre are we in?” 
“Hajime, you just-” 
“I wasn’t actually going to punch him.” 
“That’s not the point.” 
“Hey.” Iwaizumi uses his finger to wipe at the stray tears in the corner of your eyes. “He made you cry, didn’t he?” 
Your eyes widen as your heart bounces around in your chest, Iwaizumi tugging you along as he mumbles something about the movie starting soon. 
“As if I’d let some nobody talk about you like that when you’re...” 
“When I’m...?” The smile comes back as Iwaizumi finds himself wanting to see it even more before groaning, refusing to look back at you. 
“Perfect. There, I said it. Now can we just watch this damn Godzilla movie before your chocolate melts into the popcorn?” 
“You’re here!” 
“And you’re sweaty!” You giggle, hugging Atsumu back with both arms outside the volleyball practice gym of Inarizaki as he lifts you off the ground, prompting you to squeal a little. “Don’t tell me you’re going home like this...?” 
“He’s not.” 
You laugh as Kita hits Atsumu upside the head, causing your boyfriend to whine as the captain casts you a sorry stare. 
“Why he wouldn’t shower before coming to greet you in a filthy state is beyond me.” 
“He is standing right here- don’t be mad because you don’t have a cute girl waiting for you.” That last part comes out as a mumble as an irk mark openly emerges on Kita’s head as Atsumu subtly steps behind your giggling form. 
“What was that?”
“Nothing.” Atsumu mumbles, pouting as he looks down at you before hugging you from behind tightly. “I’ll shower. Five minutes- no, three minutes tops-” 
“Disgusting. Again Y/N, I’m sorry.” Kita bows at you apologetically before dragging an over-dramatic Atsumu back into the gym as he winks at you in a be back before you know it gesture. You lean back against the wall, shaking your head at your playful boyfriend as you deem it fine to wait a little longer as you swipe through your phone.
“Waiting for someone?”
Your thumb freezes upon your screen as the voice fills your ears, and you boredly meet the eyes of your ex-boyfriend before scoffing and turning your attention back to your phone. 
“Why are you even here? Since when do you play volleyball?” You mock, fighting to keep the strain out of your voice as your ex leans a bit too close on the wall-space next to you. 
“You’ve been avoiding me.” 
“Oh? Have I?” You feign shock, still not looking up at your screen as the device gets ripped from your grip, your ex holding it out of reach as your eyes widen. 
“After everything we’ve been through you have the audacity to give your time to someone else?” You flinch at the words directed to you, the manipulative words spinning in your mind as his grip tightens around your wrist, now pinning you to the wall. 
“Answer me.” 
You clench your eyes shut, willing it all to go away as you hear him chuckle. 
“Yeah. She is.” Your eyes snap open as relief floods your system, a few droplets falling from Atsumu’s hair as he grabs the collar of your ex, flinging him back carelessly as he falls on his ass. Your boyfriend doesn’t even glance back at him, cupping your face carefully with a reassuring smile on his face. 
“Sorry. I said three minutes but actually took five.” He kisses the tip of your nose before frowning, finally glancing behind him. “And wow, this is some luck.”
“Kidding, kidding.” Atsumu grins. “After I finish this up, care to go get a parfait?” 
“Finish-?” You find yourself under Atsumu’s jacket, obscuring your vision effectively as Atsumu bends down to the level of your ex, smile easygoing but eyes gleaming with a tinge of anger. 
“I’ll take that.” Atsumu plucks your phone out of his tightened grip, smile slowly falling from his lips as he glances back to make sure you weren’t watching before tugging your ex his shirt so his mouth is near his ear. 
“I’m playing nice because of the cute girl standing over there, but if you show your ugly-ass face anywhere around her when you think I’m not there?” Atsumu grins in satisfaction at the fear that flashes across his face, letting go of his shirt as his back hits the floor.
“Playtime’s over.” 
The setter doesn’t need to glance back to know that he was already gone, humming sweetly as he takes his jacket off your head, stroking your hair soothingly when you hug him tightly. 
“God, you’re going to make me never want to leave you alone again. That was three minutes.” 
“...five minutes. ” You say, and Atsumu rolls his eyes playfully before smiling into your hair, thankful you couldn’t see the relieved expression on his own face that you were okay before hugging you a little tighter, mumbling into your hair. 
“No one gets to touch you like that, sweetheart. Not even me.” 
General works: @kasandrafaye @savemesteeb @dreebbles @takemetovalhalla @yams046
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tteokdoroki · 7 months ago
Taro tea title game request.
So, I know I've sent you two things recently and one for your 3k event already (congrats on that btw!) So feel free to ignore/skip this or the other but, I have a scenario, not really sure if you'd wanna write the beginning, ending or anything but feel free to be creative and go where your inspiration takes you.
So, I have to believe being Kiri's girlfriend means he brags/shows off anything he like/love/remotely enjoys about you with anyone and everyone who will listen to him. Not in a 'look at what I have you fucking losers' kind of way but rather in a 'i fucking love my girlfriend and love sharing how amazing she is' kind of way.
I feel like kiri being kiri also has no trouble sharing even things about your sex lives (unless you say you're not ok with that). Which leads me to the kinda kinky but also super hot (at least to me) mess.
So one day he's having a guys night or something so Sero, Bakugou and Denki are over. They get on the topic of sex and stuff and somehow squirting comes up and Kiri is just like "yea, y/n does that. It's super hot." Que the group, except bakugou, who already know about this and has probably seen it cause he and Kiri are just that close being like wow that's hot and amazing.
Now at this moment you happen to stroll through the room cause you're hiding out in the bedroom so they can have guy time but you needed a snack or something. And a lightbulb goes off in Kiri's head. He loves showing you off.
One thing leads to another, and there you are on his lap, with him giving a demonstration of you *talents* with three sets of eyes taking in every detail to permanently etch it into their memories.
(this is all under the presumption that you are a consenting participant and all on lookers are either single or have an understanding with their S/O)
Hope you don't mind me sending this and once again no biggie if it's not something you wanna write! Love you and your content and don't wanna demand anything! 🦊
Tumblr media
taro title: wide open + beginning.
tteokdoroki teaparty event masterpost!!!
♡ pairing: eijirou kirishima x fem!reader.
♡ genre: mdni, 18+, smut.
♡ summary: eijirou gives his friends a demonstration on how to make their girl squirt and you are the test subject.
♡ warning(s): heavy smut, squirting, exhibitionism, male masturbation, fingering ( female receiving ), pussy slaps :]
♡ author’s note(s): reee don’t worry about the number of requests darling !! i want to do as many as i can to give back to everyone 🥺 GOT A BIT CARRIED AWAY BUT anyways i hope you enjoy this one !!
Tumblr media
in all honesty, you weren’t to sure how you ended up in this situation. one moment, you were headed downstairs to grab a quick drink during your study break; the next you were plastered against your boyfriend’s firm chest— his large hand between your thighs as he spreads you out for all his friends to see.
one a month, eijirou invited his old college buddies over for guys night— a lot of them lead busy lives now and your boyfriend never asked for much, it was the least you could do to open up your home to his friends. for the most part, they were all nice guys, bakugou you had known the longest and he was much like a brother to you whilst you’d met kaminari and sero at your boyfriend’s college reunion. you never really sat in on the guys nights, keeping to yourself in your shared bedroom. occasionally when you popped out you’d be able to hear their topics of conversation.
tonight, just so happened to be about squirting.“oh yeah, my pretty girl squirts for me all the time.” eijirou hums proudly, taking a sip from his beer with a smirk as two of three out his friends hoot wildly. bakugou might have seen one or two things in the past, but the others believed you were completely innocent in bed due to your naturally quiet aura and personality. “it’s pretty cute, actually.”
and thats how you end up in your current predicament. your body flares with heat as three sets of eyes watch your movements eagerly— from the drastic rise and fall of your chest to the rapid, slick movement between your shaky legs. “c’mon now angel, feel your thighs tryna close around my hand— keep em wide open for me... so we can put on a show for them baby...” you look up to kirishima with tear stricken eyes, his hand never stopping as his thumb swipes vigorously against your clit. pressing two fingers against your entrance, you whine and search for the comfort in his ruby eyes.
you know that kirishima would never do anything to put you at risk, your comfort was always his top priory in the a scene like this and his only rules were that you listened and behaved well for him. with laboured breathing, your hole spasms around the digits that stretch you wide open and spread your arousal across your puffy folds. “yes, daddy,” comes your vulnerable smile as you relax your thighs that straddle your boyfriend’s. pride flashes across his face and he relents in curling his fingers to press down on your spongy g-spot. a reward for his good girl.
“she calls you daddy?” sero asks, succeeding in capturing your attention. your gaze trails down the man, his lean figure practically hanging off of his seat to catch sight of your cunt. eijirou had made sure to show you off nicely, shredding your cotton shorts and forcing your panties to the side in order to put your glistening hole on display. he’d rip your panties off later if he needed more room. either of your legs are hooked around his own, so if he spread his legs with you in his lap— he could help your flower blossom.
eijirou nods to his friend, free hand sliding up your flimsy camisole to expose your breasts before he pinches at the pebbled nipple. “the key to getting her to squirt isn’t just the way you touch her, but the way you talk and handle her as well. she trusts that i’ll take care of her as her daddy, right baby?” the way the red head and is friends discuss you as if you’re not even there makes your heat spasm— the sight alone earning groans from all three men, noises that you admit you want to hear more of.
“mmhm,” is all you manage to whimper out.
kaminari speaks next, amber eyes locking with yours. “fuck that’s cute, your lil cunt gonna squirt from the way daddy talks to you?” the blonde chuckles, forcing you to watch as his own hand slides beneath his pants to relieve the hard on thats formed from watching you. it doesn’t take you long to realise that all three men have been fisting their cocks to you. you almost nod your head in agreement.
a growl of possession rumbles in kirishima’s chest, the vibrations going straight to your pussy and adding pressure to the unwinding knot of your orgasm. he delivers a harsh spank to your folds, euphoria clogging your brain and clouding your vision as you cry out for him. “look at me,” kirishima snarls into your ear, laughing lowly as you gyrate your hips into the heal of his palm to earn friction against your clit. you glance up; a dark look you’ve seen oh so many times before. “why don’t you squirt for them baby? and after that, daddy’s gonna make them practice what they’ve learned on you, how does that sound?”
your body shakes and you can see the peak of your release on the horizon. you’d be a fool to say no to that.
Tumblr media
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stuckonspidey · 5 months ago
challenge accepted 🕷 p.p
PROMPT; anonymous said: urgh, i wish peter could tie my hands on my back and fuck me while playing video games
PAIRING; Peter Parker x Reader // aged up
WORDS; 2366
WARNING; smut!!! (minors dni) swearing, bondage, dirty talk, degradation, proceed with caution <3
Tumblr media
After a long and tiring day, you were finally done with your work week. You texted your boyfriend on your way home telling him how tired you were--and without even asking for it--Peter knew what you needed. He made food and left it on the stove for you, keeping it warm.
You smiled instantly when you saw your favourite dish waiting for you there and devoured your food.
You didn’t even realise Peter didn’t come down to greet you.
Not that he had to, you knew he was probably working on something important, and in all honesty--it was comforting having a few moments for yourself after a hectic day, a hectic week.
After finishing the dishes and your drink, you made your way over to your shared room.
It was a small apartment, modest, the only thing you could afford in New York City. But it was home, and you loved it. More than anything, you loved that you got to share it with Peter.
“Hey, baby,” you said softly as you walked in.
Peter was sprawled across the bed in your favourite pair of chequered sweats he wore on lazy days. His chest covered by a tight gray shirt and his hair a complete mess. You weren’t sure why, but he looked so inviting like that.
Peter merely hummed your way before going back to the task at hand, to what distracted him enough to not even come out and greet you. His damn video games.
Peter didn’t usually ignore you for the sake of a game, not until he found a new one he really liked. Then he wouldn’t leave the bed for a few days, not unless he completed the game. Peter was determined like that.
And two days ago, he found a game he never played before.
Of course, he stopped for long enough to make sure you had dinner ready which you appreciated, and made a point of telling him so.
“Thanks for dinner,” you said as you made your way onto the bed.
“Yeah, no problem,” he let out, his face illuminated by the screen.
You knew there wasn’t anything you could do at this point to get his attention.
His hands were joined together by the controller, his fingers clicking away on the keys--his thumb working around the joystick.
You couldn’t help where your mind went once you saw his calloused fingers moving around oh so effortlessly.
To put it crassly, you were horny.
You always felt that way after a long week, more than ever when Peter was just sat there looking like that.
His fingers long and inviting, his hair messy and perfect to pull on, and his bottom lip sticking out in concentration. To add insult to injury, he even kept biting on it--making his lips puffed out and just asking to be sucked on.
Of course, you didn’t want to bother him or ruin his winning streak. But you just really wanted his attention.
His hands on yours, his lips on yours, his eyes on you.
“Peter,” you said quietly, almost shy. Not that the two of you were even shy anymore, after being together for so long and living in the same house. But sometimes, when you really wanted him you felt like a teenager again asking for something new--asking to be touched for the first time.
With Peter it always felt like the first time, like maybe every time was new and exciting in just the same way. You loved that. You knew Peter never got bored of you and your body--never got too complacent. And you couldn’t imagine a world in which you weren’t thrilled to have Peter’s attention in that way.
Now it was all you were craving.
“What is it, babe?” He asked, eyes still glued onto the monitor.
“Can you stop playing for a second?”
“Why?” He wasn’t even looking your way.
You moved closer to him, put your hand on his thigh and said, “so you can touch me instead.”
Peter chuckled, his eyes crinkling at the side as he smiled.
“Is that right?”
His eyes moved towards you for only a moment, but that was enough. You knew you had his attention now--even as his hands kept tightly gripping the controller.
You nodded.
“Yeah, baby, been thinking about you a lot at work.” Your voice low now, enticing.
“What were you thinking about?”
You moved up slightly, enough so you could plant a kiss on his cheek and whisper down his ear. “About you fucking me into the bed.”
Peter paused the game.
“Are you serious?”
You giggled, biting your lip as you nodded. For good measure, you added, “please.”
“I’m playing my game though.”
You saw a sparkle in his eyes, one full of mischief, and his messy brow raised slightly. You both knew what the other was implying--and if anything it just made you want it even more.
“Then why don’t you play with your game and my pussy at the same time?” You raised your brow, as innocently as you possibly could, then trailed your hand higher up his thigh.
The small blush creeping up his neck, the hitch in his throat, the strain in his pants. You just knew you were going to get exactly what you wanted and then some.
“Shit, Y/N,” he sighed.
You moved your hand up, over his crotch and under his shirt. His abs contracted slightly under your touch--then more when you ran your nails over his skin. He was starting to squirm already.
“Go on, baby,” you soothed once you saw his eyes flutter shut, “play your game.”
Peter coughed as if to regain his focus, and then he resumed his quest or mission or whatever it was he was doing.
“It’s kinda hard when you do that nail thing,” he mumbled, already getting attacked by a few aliens, or zombies. You weren’t really sure what the game was all about. You only cared about how pretty he looked when he played it.
You kissed his neck slowly--not saying anything in response. He shivered underneath you. A smile spreading across your lips as you let your teeth graze his sensitive skin.
Peter did all he could to concentrate on the controller, he even started telling himself out loud what he needed to do. That’s when you knew you had him in the palm of your hand and in all honesty, having that kind of effect on Peter made you practically power drunk.
“Almost looks like you're losing, baby boy,” you teased as you slipped your hand into his sweats.
“I’m not losing,” he groaned. “You’re distracting me.”
“Maybe you’re just not that good at this game,” you chuckled, wrapping your fingers around his member and squeezing.
“Fuck,” he groaned, “shut up.”
“Why?” You dared, “are you gonna blame my voice for distracting you, too?”
“Y/N,” he warned. One more push and you’d get what you wanted.
You brought your attention to the screen, where Peter was struggling to fight a few scary looking creatures. One final blow to the head and the screen went black.
You let out a chuckle as you moved your hand faster, biting his ear as you said, “I think you died, Petey.”
“Fuck, that’s it,” he said.
In one quick motion, before you were even sure what was happening, Peter had grabbed your wrists and pulled them behind your back.
Then you heard a familiar thwip noise and your hands were covered in webs.
Peter caught your chin in his hand and looked you straight in the eyes.
His pupils were huge--just staring at you in that faux anger you loved so much.
“Now your hands can’t distract me anymore.”
“I don’t know what you’re proving though, obviously you can play the game with no distractions.”
“Bet I can make you cum while I’m playing it,” he retaliated.
You did everything you could to bite back your smile.
“I doubt that.”
Then you were on your knees with your face turned towards the TV.
“Keep your attention on the game, baby,” he ordered.
Peter moved your pants down, not all the way, just enough to get access to what he really wanted. He brought a hand in between your thighs--sliding a finger across your folds.
“Already wet,” he mused.
You wanted to say something back, anything to gain back the power, but it was too late.
Your thoughts evaporated into thin air, leaving your lips in a gasp as Peter slid all the way inside you.
“Oh fuck,” he let out.
Peter gave you a second to adjust, kissing your shoulder sweetly as he asked, “you’re okay?”
“Yeah,” you smiled into the mattress. “I’m okay, my love.”
That’s all Peter needed to hear.
He grabbed the controller off the side of the bed, resumed his game and started moving his hips.
“Oh god,” you let out, once you truly understood what was happening.
You were on your knees, your hands tied behind your back as your boyfriend fucked into you. All the while doing his best to escape a crowd of foes, He was pulling out all the stops to please you. Rolling his hips, getting as deep as he could. The bed frame slamming into the wall with each thrust, your body jostling forward from the force.
“Don’t make me web your mouth shut,” he warned.
“Are my moans distracting?” You pushed.
You probably shouldn’t have.
Once he heard you, Peter used the controller to push your head down into the bed, never once distracting himself from shooting and running and whatever those buttons at the back were for.
It just made you moan louder.
“Peter, fuck,” you let out, your voice muffled by the mattress.
Your felt your walls stretching oh so sweetly as your boyfriend kept going, kept fucking into you.
“Be quiet, you brat,” he groaned.
You knew he was just saying it to edge you on, you knew how much Peter loved hearing you moan out his name. You also knew that he didn’t really want you to be quiet--so you just did it again.
This time you felt his cock twitch inside you. He was getting closer.
“Baby, please,” you moaned, “please cum inside me.”
“No,” he groaned, his hips moving slower now, “I didn’t finish the level yet.”
“Peter,” you let out, “you can do it, please.”
You weren’t even sure what you were begging for now--just that you needed it, that you needed him.
The pleasure started consuming you, filling you up. You could feel it in your toes and your back and your stomach and you could feel every part of Peter inside you and you just needed the release, the relief.
“Baby,” he let out, his voice strained and careful. “Baby, I’m gonna cum.”
“Fuck, Pete, I need you to--”
But Peter knew your body, and he knew what you needed, and so he threw the controller away and pulled you upwards by your tied arms leaning your back on his still clothed chest. Peter kissed down your neck, unwavering pace as he moved into you--his dick hitting your most sensitive spot over and over again.
You weren’t even sure what you were saying and what kind of noises you were making--you just knew the pleasure was so all-consuming you could feel it running down your thighs.
As Peter’s movements started to flatten slightly, he brought his hand in front of you and rubbed your clit in quick short motions--the action enough to throw you over the edge.
Your body shaking, your chest heaving, your toes curling, your eyes rolling.
You were seeing stars.
After a few moments of simply gulping in air, you finally opened your eyes.
“Did you win?” You asked.
Peter simply laughed and kissed your shoulders.
Then he ripped apart the web tying your hands together and squeezed up and down your arms to help the dull ache now subsiding at your shoulders.
“How do you feel?”
“Amazing,” you chuckled.
Slowly, and with a small warning, Peter slid out of you--earning gasps from both of you at the now lack of contact.
You were already so used to being so full of him, you almost missed him. But Peter was right there, holding your hips close to him and kissing your forehead.
“Thank you baby,” you said as Peter helped you move back onto the bed. He placed you there softly and went to grab a glass of water for you.
You gulped it down in two seconds and thanked him.
Wordlessly, Peter brought his hands around you and let you lay down on his chest. Then the pair of you started talking; about your days and about next week and about anything.
It was two hours later when you turned around and saw what happened to the wall.
A large dent had formed inside it, and sat on the carpet below it was Peter’s black controller. Or what used to be his controller.
Some of the keys were now sprawled across the carpet and the handle was smashed to bits. It almost looked like a truck ran over it.
“Pete?” You asked, causing your boyfriend to hum your way. “What the fuck did you do?”
“What do you--” Peter leaned up on his elbows, following your line of sight. As he saw his now destroyed controller, his eyes gaped. “Oh. Oops?”
“How did that happen? When?” You nearly yelled.
“I don’t know,” Peter yelled back, shrugging. “You were getting close so I just chucked it to the side but I didn’t even do it that hard.”
You burst out laughing.
“What?” Peter laughed, unable to stop his smile from spreading into a perfect mirror of yours.
“Nothing, I’m just dating a superhero.”
At that Peter blushed, letting you take in his features. The way his eyes sparkled at your words, the way his crooked nose crinkled in towards his eyebrows as he laughed.
You couldn’t help but say, “I love you, Petey.”
“I love you, too, Y/N,” he said back, kissing you sweetly before the pair of you fell asleep in each other’s arms.
At least now Peter won’t be that busy with his video games anymore.
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v-hope · 4 months ago
No fun, 2:03AM — Belong
There were two very specific reasons you had told Taehyung you wanted to go back home that night for:
For him to kiss you.
To sleep.
And right then, as you had made it back to his place and you were currently standing next to the bed while he searched in his closet for both of your pyjamas, you crossed your arms in a small tantrum, for apparently he had only minded your second request, which was not precisely the one you had prioritized the most.
“What’s wrong?” he wondered with furrowed eyebrows when he turned around and saw your childlike expression.
Biting the inside of your cheek as he walked over to you, you avoided his eyes.
“Yah, Y/N” he called you out, placing the clothes by the edge of the mattress and cupping your face in his hands so you would have no choice but to look at him. “Why are you pouting?”
You shrugged. “I said I wanted you to kiss me and so far you’re not doing it”.
He let out a breathy laugh. “When did you even tell me that?”
“When we were texting” you reminded him.
His eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “But we were together all night, why would w—”
That’s when it hit him. The text messages from nearly an hour ago, when you had asked him to take Namjoon to Jimin’s kitchen and you lost each other right after. The alcohol still running through his system truly wasn’t helping his memory.
At such realisation and how cute you looked over not getting what you wanted, he couldn’t help but chuckle, softly caressing the corners of your lips with his thumbs for a moment before he pressed his mouth to yours, in a kiss that turned your previous pout into a small smile — a breathy laugh escaping your lips, being muffled by his own when the two of you deepened the kiss.
He had intended to only press his mouth to yours for a few seconds, just enough to stop you from whining and then going to sleep. However, he knew that had not been your plan all along when your arms wrapped around his neck to stop him from pulling away, and, in all honesty, he found himself not wanting to let go of your touch at all. Quite the opposite, in fact.
With his tongue softly massaging yours, his hands were the ones to act on his wishes; letting go of your face and trailing their way down your back, settling on your waist and pulling your body even closer to his.
It was only when his back was lying against the bed and you were straddling him, heavily breathing against each other’s mouth as they kept pressing together, and you rolled your hips over his —getting to hear a muffled moan of his that you most certainly wanted to listen to again—, that he stopped what the two of you were doing.
“You’re drunk” he mumbled, pulling you slightly away by your shoulders.
“So are you” you replied breathily, leaning in to steal another kiss from his pink lips.
Although you were right, for there was a reason he had not been driving that day and the two of you had taken a taxi back home instead, he found himself shaking his head no. “Doesn’t make it any better”.
You sighed, refusing to move from your comfortable spot on top of him, yet listening to him nevertheless and resting your body on his — nuzzling the crook of his neck as you inhaled deeply.
“You’re no fun” you complained, feeling his chest tremble against yours as he lightly laughed. “It’s not like you’ve never touched me before”.
“Not like this, though” he pointed out, wrapping his arms tightly around you and pressing a small kiss to your forehead. “Not drunk”.
“There’s always a first” you smirked, planting small, wet kisses on his neck that had him breathing heavily again.
“Yah,” he called you out one more time, once he had managed to earn enough self control not to give in to how good your mouth felt against his skin.
Turning you over in a swift movement, he was now on top of you — one of his hands on your hip to keep you from moving, and the other one removing a strand of hair that had just fallen over your eyes.
“Should’ve warned me you’re a horny drunk, princess”.
Although his words had brought some heat to your face, you seductively bit your bottom lip. “Only with you”.
Taehyung smiled. “That’s good. Would’ve been jealous to let you go back to Hoseok hyung’s the upcoming times otherwise”.
“Oh, I can come over here all the upcoming times if you want me to”.
“And deal with you being like this?” he playfully complained.
“I mean, I can always go back to Hobi’s and—”
“Yah, whose girlfriend are you”.
You laughed lightly, yet wholeheartedly, at his threatening words — far from being used to that one ‘g’ word that had just slipped from his lips, giving a label to your relationship.
“You didn’t even let me finish” you called him out.
“Don’t need to” he stated. “I’m the one who has to take care of your drunken ass anyway”.
“Weren’t you just complaining about it, though?” you reminded him.
“If you had just answered my question, you would get it”.
Your eyebrows knitted together in confusion. Although you were sober enough to speak proper words, you were drunk enough for your memory to start failing you at an embarrassing pace.
“Whose girlfriend are you, doll?” Taehyung asked again at your visibly puzzled face.
You rolled your eyes, receiving a small pinch on your side from him as he saw you playing it hard. “Yours”.
He smiled, the way your genuine eyes had locked with his as that one word abandoned your mouth, made him unable to stop himself from leaning down and pressing his lips to yours once more.
“There you have it,” he pointed out, having to stop for a moment when you cupped his face and pecked his lips once more before he could retake the conversation. “You might be a pain in the ass, but—”
“I’m your pain in the ass?” you finished for him with a playful smile adorning your mouth.
He nodded his head, leaning in to steal another kiss from you.
“Who would’ve said you would end up falling for my charms” you smirked.
Before you could bat your eyelashes to add to your teasing, Taehyung had already reached for your pyjamas next to him and let it fall flat on your face.
Removing the clothes from off your face, you pouted, watching him sit up next to you before you shook your head no.
“M—too tired” you whined, making him roll his eyes at the way he was by now way too familiar with that tone of yours.
“If you don’t change, you’ll be uncomfortable the whole night, princess”.
A cheeky smile curved up your lips. “Will you do it for me then?”
“Are you trying to seduce me?” he raised one of his eyebrows.
“Is it working?”
Taehyung snorted. “Not even a bit”.
“Then prove it” you dared him.
He bit his bottom lip, a part of him wanting to give it a second thought, when the weakest side of him had already decided for him.
“You brat”.
Giggling, as you knew you had got your way when he took the pyjama from your hands, you lifted your arms over your head for him to take your shirt off. And you didn’t know if it was the effect the alcohol had on you, or if it was the fact that it was Taehyung the one intently scanning your body right then, that didn’t make you feel uncomfortable at all. Maybe a little nervous, for you had found out a while back that you would always get nervous when he looked at you with such desire. Other than that, if anything, you enjoyed having him look at you that way.
Clearing his throat, as if only then realising many seconds had gone by in complete silence while he had been too busy getting lost in your almost completely naked skin, Taehyung accommodated the pyjama shirt in his hands before he could lean in to put it on you.
“Who in their right mind would sleep with their bra on?” you stopped him before he could cover you up.
He froze for a moment, sending you a glare the next one as you innocently stared back at him. “You’re torturing me”.
“Am I?” you kept your innocent act up, having him shake his head in defeat as he tried to collect himself. “I’m waiting”.
Taehyung breathed heavily, regretting the moment he had told you to act like an absolute brat to get what you wanted. He hadn’t meant for you to be a brat to him; only to your parents, and maybe other people if you wanted. Yet here you were, using his very own words against him. And the worst part was, that he could actually see himself falling for it this time.
“Sit up and turn around” he ordered as soon as that last thought of his came up.
You whined. “The whole point of this is that I’m too tired to move”.
“Do you want me to change you or not?”
With time, the two of you had learned your relationship seemed like a constant battle for control. And although to some people it could sound annoying, tiring even, the two of you enjoyed this dynamic of yours quite a lot. It was fun to you both as long as there wasn’t a need to be serious.
So, now giving him the control you had managed to enjoy for a bit, you sat up on the mattress and turned your back to him.
Goosebumps formed on your skin the second he moved your hair over your shoulder, for it to fall over your chest instead — his warm, slightly trembling fingers, tracing the lock of your bra for a moment, before he finally undid it. Letting it slide down your bare arms, he wasted no time in throwing the shirt over your body with the last bit of self control he had that night.
“You’re no fun” you complained as soon as your body was covered again.
It was fair to say, your plan had failed.
Taehyung let out a throaty laugh, tightly wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling your back to his chest. Resting his chin on your shoulder, he planted a small kiss on it before he looked up to you. “I promise I can be a lot more fun when we’re completely sober”.
“I wanted you now, though” you crossed your arms over your chest.
“Too bad” he pressed another kiss to your shoulder, then to your neck, and finally planting a loud one to your cheek, earning a giggle from you before letting go.
“I hate you” you mumbled — the smile plastered on your lips telling him otherwise.
“Do you now?” he wondered.
Slowly tracing his lips with your thumb, you shook your head no, letting out a hum when his mouth was once again on yours.
“Now that you’re up and no longer sleepy, apparently,” he began once he pulled away. “You change your pants. Not taking any risks with you brat”.
You scoffed, shoving him away as you grabbed your pyjama pants. “No fun”.
Laughing at your whiny ways, he briefly kissed your forehead in what seemed like a teasing act of his — not giving you another second to either protest nor convince him otherwise, before he grabbed his own pyjamas and walked over to the other end of the room to change.
And although you had kept claiming over and over how little to no fun he was, God, were you happy when later that night you were under the covers with him, having his limbs wrapped around your body like a koala. Just the way you had become so familiar with by then.
Tumblr media
a/n: so… this was kinda out of the blue lol, wasn’t it? i just haven’t written the next part of the story yet and had this lil scenario in my head for these two after the party, so i thought why not make it canon and share it with you guys! i hope you enjoy this impromptu bonus part!
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An Owls Cry
Requested by; @aestetikwoi (it's not highlighting your name) :(
Pairing; Hard Dom! Bokuto x chubby f!reader
Warning; Dom, virgin Bokuto, sub, virgin reader, body praise, love marks, rough sex, overstimulation, aftercare, teenage love, overstimulation makes reader cry
Summary; Bokuto is so oblivious sometimes, and you knew this when you started dating. You know you're plus sized, but why do people have to rub it in your face, when you're insecure about it.
When you invite him over to your house for a sleepover, because your parents are gone, he realizes how you're acting and then his emo mode is activated. You barely give him attention, and he takes note that you're upset.
Tumblr media
There he is! Your boyfriend, Kotarou Bokuto, practicing with his teammates. You came in to give him his breakfast, you always make for him. Every morning, you make him breakfast that consist of meat buns, pork chops, chicken and some sides.
You know he loves meat, and you told him you didn't mind cooking for him. You two are still in school, but you act like you're already married which you both love. You wrap his lunch box with owl wrappings, and a yellow bow.
He absolutely loves it, when you do that and seeing him smile, brightens your entire day. As you were walking up, with a great big smile, you stopped once you saw some girls giving him food.
You know how he is with food, and you knew he'd accept it. Though, he looked like he was enjoying it way to much for comfort. Akaashi saw you, and gestured for you to come to them. You shrugged and awkwardly smiled before shaking your head.
He knew what the problem was, obviously. Your boyfriend is too oblivious, not even sensing that those girls are flirting with him. Akaashi glanced over to Bokuto, and then began jogging your way.
Akaashi is your bestfriend, and has been since your first year. He's the one who helped Bokuto to confess to you. Bokuto asked you halfway through your first year, so you've been together for a while.
"Goodmorning, Y/N." Akaashi smiled at you, and embraced you in a hug he always welcomes you with. "You alright?" He could see the hurt and sadness in your face.
You shrugged. "Yeah-" You looked over his shoulder to see your air headed boyfriend, still enjoying himself with other girls food. Then, you sighed and looked back at Akaashi. "-I'm fine."
This may have happened before, but you haven't seen it. "He doesn't want them Y/N-" You looked him in the eyes, knowing that's what was crossing your mind. "-he's just too oblivious to understand what flirting is." He sighed.
You knew that was the case. Your boyfriend is too focused on volleyball, to even know what certain actions are. Even with the fawning all over him, he still doesn't understand.
Though, you still have your doubts. You know guys mainly prefer slimmer girls, and that's what they are. Slim, healthy, and pretty which always make you insecure.
Akaashi knows how you feel about skinny girls around your boyfriend. He also knows that girls will practically do anything to be with Bokuto, and himself. But, he also knows that Bokuto is strung out on you.
All Bokuto ever talks about, whenever him and Akaashi are messaging, is you. You're the main topic to his life's story, and Akaashi knows it. Bokuto just doesn't know that he makes you feel this way.
He doesn't even neccesarily know about your insecurities. You've told him before, but he just forgets the next day when he practices in volleyball. You never really minded his obliviousness, you actually found it cute, but not in situations like this.
"Y/N-" Akaashi called, your eyes snapping up to his face.
"Yeah?" You asked, looking at him then slightly glancing at Bokuto. Everytime you see it, it nearly breaks you.
"You know, even though Bokuto's my bestfriend, I can say this." Your left eye hitched in a questioning manner. "I know, you're my bestfriend too but you're so beautiful, okay?"
Your heart fluttered, knowing that Akaashi was always straight forward. Though, you knew he's only your bestfriend and you're only his. That's all you two want, but sometimes Akaashi, wishes he confessed to you before Bokuto.
He was about to, but he knows Bokuto would forever be in Emo mode, if he had confessed back then. Akaashi can settle on being your bestfriend, and won't cross that line of trying to force his love on you. He appreciates your friendship, in all honesty.
He's happy you're with Bokuto, but he doesn't like it sometimes. Though, he doesn't complain. "I know, your insecurities Y/N, but you need to know that you're absolutely, beautiful."
Your lip began quivering. "No, I'm not..." You sighed, your heart nearly breaking just seeing your boyfriend still with those girls. He's still laughing with them, and hasn't even acknowledged that you were here, yet.
"Yes, you are Y/N-" Your gaze averted to Akaashi, once again. "-I'd prefer you, over any of those skinny girls." He then smirked playfully. "Your body, is like a pillow."
You chuckled and shook your head. "Well, Ko doesn't seem to like it." That phrase alone, almost made you cry. Your boyfriend loves hugging you, but sometimes you can't help but think it's for show.
Even if you been together for so long, you just can't help but let your insecurities take over. The thought of seeing him with someone else, really fucking disturbs your entire being. You've been broken too many times, therefore, this'll hurt if an on recurring theme happens again.
Your mind was stuck in a trance. An awake nightmare that only lasted thirty seconds. You didn't even notice Akaashi gently grasping your shoulder. He shook you, and then your eyes fluttered to his face. "Y/N?"
"Huh?" Confused, you were. You almost forgot what was happening, shaking your head to brush it off. "Actually, Kei..." You sighed, and smiled faintly. "I've gotta go to class y'know... before I'm late." You pointed back, as you began walking.
"You're not going to give Bokuto his breakfast?" He asked, looking at the box before back up at you. You looked down and nodded.
"Oh-" You walked closer to him, and held the box in his face. "-can you give it to him, for me? I don't wanna..." You sighed and looked over at Bokuto. "...go over there, with them."
He grabbed the box and looked at it, "Uh... sure, Y/N." He looked up at you, as you smiled slightly before turning. You were about to leave until you heard...
"HEY HEY HEY, Y/N!" Bokuto nearly shouted and ran to you with open arms. You didn't even turn to him, only letting him embrace you and hold you in the air.
You smiled a little at this, but you didn't let it be seen. Those girls, however, didn't like what they were seeing. Akaashi knows those girls a game and plan.
They only want to get with Bokuto, so they can have fame around the school. Being the ace's girlfriend, is something to kind of brag about. You however, didn't care for school fame and popularity.
Those girls did, though. Most of them try to use Bokuto to get close to Akaashi, and he knows it. He doesn't want them though, so he just focuses on his grades and volleyball.
"Hey, Ko..." You chuckled a little, when he turned you to face him. Now face to face, he's still holding you up in the air. His arms around your back, squeezing you slightly. His smile was like no other, always brightening your days.
Those yellow eyes were always piercing your heart, filling it to the max with more love you could ever have had for him. "Hey babe!" Bokuto kissed you, which you returned with passion.
You're still sad, but you don't want him to see you unhappy. You know he'll be in his sad mode, which you don't like seeing. Though, you think it's cute but when he sees you, it instantly goes away.
The kiss was quick, but it was elegant and sweet. You pulled away and he smiled, once more brightly. He let you down, now towering over you with his arms still around your waist.
He always does this. Clinging onto you, which you truly love. His touch is always so calming and relaxing, which calms your nerves. You nearly forgot about those girls, until you caught a glimpse of them.
You sighed and fixated your gaze back upon your boyfriend. You smiled to act as if you didn't see those girls, which you full well know you did. If he knew you were sad, he'd get sad and you don't want that for yourself nor the team or Akaashi.
"Hey Ko." You smiled, and so did he. "Here's your-" You looked around for Akaashi and took his breakfast box, out of Akaashi's hands. "-your breakfast."
His mouth was watering at the sight, then instantly, he embraced you in another hug. You were happy that he's happy. "Thank you so much Babe!" His hugs are always good. That's another thing you love so much about him. Although, you love everything about him.
He grabbed the breakfast you made, and opened it. His eyes nearly twinkled, your food always delicious. Everytime he sees your food, his heart expands with how much you make for him and all the effort you put into it.
"Oh boy, this looks delicious!" He didn't even say grace, only stuffing his face immediately. You chuckled and smiled, his face so cute whenever it's full of food. He was getting food everywhere, so you pulled out a napkin.
"Ko-" He stopped with a hum, food still stuffed in his mouth. Raising the napkin, you reached to his face and wiped the smeared slightly on his face. "you're getting food all over your face."
He tensed at your touch at first, but relaxed as your hand moved over his skin. You balled the napkin up in your hand, and began rubbing his cheek getting the rest of the food. He was froze, your soft touch softening his eyes.
He leaned into your hand, the girls behind you getting angered and agitated with this. You gulped and retracted your hand from him, almost shyly. "Well, I'll see you tonight, right?" He looked at you almost confused.
"What, you're leaving already?" His hair slightly began drooping. "But why?" He stopped eating, getting all sad which you didn't like. You frowned, and approached him.
His puppy dog face, whenever he's sad, hurts you. "I've gotta go to class, Ko. I'll see you tonight, okay?" He was still sulking though, his heart sinking in his chest.
"But Y/N..." He was genuinely sad, and it nearly broke your heart. You know you always stay an hour during his morning practice, but you just needed to go away for now. You knew those girls weren't leaving yet, but you didn't say anything about it.
You embraced him in a hug, holding him close to your plush body. You didn't want to let go though, only tightening it once he hugged you back. "I love you, so much okay Ko?" Your face rubbed in his chest, then looked up to his eyes. "I'll see you tonight, okay?"
Once you said those three words, he smiled and hugged you tighter. "I love you so much, Y/N!" His hold was tight, really tight that could almost pop you but you loved it. You can't get enough of his hugs.
Once he let you go, you kissed him once more before leaving. "I'll see you later, okay babe?" He smiled brightly and nodded, watching as you walked away.
Akaashi then walked up to Bokuto. "Bokuto, you need to stay away from those girls over there." He pointed. "It's obvious from Y/N leaving early, you did something."
Bokuto however, was highly confused. "Akaashi! What do you mean by, I did something?! She had class to go to!" He almost shouted at his bestfriend. He was completely unaware of what he did, but Akaashi needed him to know. If he doesn't, it'll possibly lead to you breaking up with Bokuto.
"Yeah, that may be part of it but-" He pointed to the girls, Bokuto was previously with. "-she didn't like those girls all over you, which you were too oblivious to notice." Akaashi crossed his arms.
Bokuto was dumbfounded. You were... jealous? "Wait..." He looked down and back up all dramatically. "'re telling me I made Y/N jealous?!" Akaashi simply nodded, arms still crossed. "If Y/N's jealous then that means..." His hair began drooping. "I made Y/N... sad."
Akaashi gasped, knowing what this is about to lead to. His Emo mode, which he doesn't necessarily want to deal with. He sighed, preparing himself to calm Bokuto down.
"I-" Bokuto started making Akaashi slightly anxious. "-don't deserve Y/N!" He waved his hand backwards, insinuating his seriousness. "I made her sad! For all I know, she's probably crying right now!"
He began rambling. Akaashi sighed as he touched Bokuto's shoulder, stopping him to look at him. "Bokuto, listen-" Akaashi sighed, as Bokuto was about to say something else. "-Y/N loves you, and wouldn't break up with you, okay?"
Bokuto was shocked. "She's in love with you and don't want to get rid of you, alright? She was just hurt by that situation. You know, being touched by those girls is something she didn't like." Akaashi explained.
"Really?" He asked, nearly on the verge of tears. He's so in love with you, but he just didn't understand what he was doing. He doesn't want to lose you because of his own mistake, he did not realize was occurring.
Akaashi nodded. "Yes, really Bokuto." Akaashi was nearly always serious, but Bokuto could hear it in his tone and see it in his expression. "She doesn't want anyone else but you, which is weird." He smirked a little, being sarcastic with his remark.
Bokuto cheered up and smiled, slightly. "So what do I do? I don't wanna lose my Y/N, Akaashi..." He sounded so broken, and torn away from you. He felt like any minute now, you'd text him to break up with him.
"You're going to her house, tonight right?"
"Yeah, for a sleepover."
Akaashi nodded. "Then maybe, you should just apologize to her. It's not much you should do, just tell her that you're only dedicated to her because that-" Again pointing back, not caring if they saw. "-didn't seem like you wanted her."
Bokuto gasped and stumbled back. "I surely don't want them!" He didn't even care, if they heard him. "They're not my type at all! I only want my baby, Y/N! She's so beautiful, and nobody can tell me different!" He was borderline screaming this time.
The girls looked hurt from this, but he doesn't care. It's not his problem, so why should he care. You're the only one he wants, so he's going to be blunt about it and say fuck them girls.
He walked away from Akaashi and over to the girls and snatched his jacket, from one of them. "Give me!" He shouted while taking it, he took his other things that were around them and went over to Akaashi again.
He placed his things on the floor by his bag. Akaashi must say, he's impressed with what his bestfriend did. Bokuto never is blunt with people like that, so for him to do that, it was quite impressing and satisfying to watch.
Akaashi looked back at the girls to see them scrambling out the gym. He was trying so hard not to laugh, biting his lip to conceal it. He turned back to Bokuto and smiled. He walked over to him and sat beside him, on the opposite bench.
"That was... impressive Bokuto." Bokuto was pouting with his arms crossed, but he was listening to Akaashi. Bokuto's proud of himself as well, so he can't help the smile that's slowly curling on his lips.
Akaashi meant what he said. He doesn't typically praise Bokuto, unless he's in that Emo mode of his. This time though, it was truly needed.
"You better tell Y/N you love her, right now, though." He said, knowing that you're probably still feeling down from this.
Bokuto jumped up. "Yeah!" He went to his bag and pulled out his phone. Once he turned the screen on, seeing you and him as his wallpaper, he sees that he already has a message from you already.
A message that says; I love you...
His heart was beating out his chest. She didn't break up with me! He was relieved, and really happy to see that you haven't broken up with him. He can't stop his huge smile, but he still feels a little bad.
He sent his message but didn't close out the text chat. He always wait for you to text back, whenever he's not busy. As soon as he saw the three bubbles, his smile widen even more just waiting for your reply.
'I love you more Ko. So so much and I miss you...'
He's now flustered, loving how you miss him. He misses you more, and honestly he can't wait till he can come over. He knows he has to apologize, and that's exactly what he plans on doing.
You yawned loudly, tired and waiting for your parents to leave. You're laying on your bed, waiting for your boyfriend to come over. Your parents know about him coming over, for you're the one who asked.
Of course they approved, but they are cautious just a little. Bokuto's been over to your house before and has met your parents, and they love him. From his personality, they know he isn't the type to try anything on their daughter.
Necessarily, they're not too worried about it. You wrapped your covers around your body tighter, snuggling up to keep warm in the fairly cool room. You always kept the A.C on, because it's comfortable when you're warm as well.
You're not really paying attention to the television, just letting it play as background noise. You kept getting cute texts from your boyfriend whos on his way right now. He won't stop texting you, which you kept giggling at. He's so adorable!
About twenty more minutes pass, and you get a text from Bokuto saying that he's here. You're so excited, but you remembered that your parents are here.
Your dad grasped your bedroom doorknob and turned it, only peaking his head through. You jumped slightly at the unexpected burst through the door. "Y/N!"
"Dad!" You shouted, as you sat up on your bed and throwing your covers off. "I wish you'd knock instead of almost knocking my door off the freaking wall."
He chuckled. "Well, your boyfriend is here." You nodded lazily, already knowing that your boyfriend is here. "If you want him to come in then-"
You pushed pass your dad. "I know Dad, I know he's here stop being lame." You scoffed, which he only laughed at. He followed behind you as you walked to the front door of your house.
You could hear his voice, as you approached. He was talking to your mother about something, but you didn't know what. Once he saw you, he smiled brightly and you could tell he wanted to hug you.
Your mom let him in, as her and your dad slipped out. They were hugging onto each other as Bokuto gave you a quick hug. You both had one arm around each other, while your parents did the same.
"Now, Kotaro, I want you to take care of our little girl, okay?" Your dad said, with a hint of worry in his voice. Bokuto nodded and said yessir. "Y/N, you take care of the house and remember-" He paused to see if you remembered what he always told you.
"I know Dad, I know-" Bokuto looked down at you with adoration. "-make sure to lock up the house, after you leave." He jumped like a little kid, which you found so lame.
"Have a good time honey-" Your mom winked to you. "-you too, Kotaro." She smiled, making him smile too.
They began walking to the car, but your dad kept turning to say something. "You know where everything is-"
"Okay hun." Your mom kept interfering, trying to get him to stop talking.
"The snacks-" He continued. Your mom kept trying to stop him. "-all the movies. Everything." You closed the door as he kept talking, which you know he's going to be pretty bummed out about once they get back.
"Goodbye-" You said, closing the door with one hand on your hip. When you turned around, you saw Bokuto staring at you. "-what?" You asked him.
"Nothing babe, your parents are so cool!"
You shook your head as you walked pass him, as he followed behind. "My Mom is but my Dad-" You rolled your eyes. "-he's so lame sometimes, I swear." You walked in your kitchen and leaned on the counter.
Bokuto came in with you and placed his bag, that he brung over. "I think he's cool all the time, babe."
You rolled your eyes. "You have no idea." You sighed. "So, did you get here safely, babe?" You asked him.
He nodded with a bright smile. "Yeah! I missed you so much!" He unzipped his bag and started pulling things out. "So I bought you some stuff!" Well, you're excited.
"Babe, I told you-"
"I know-" He cut you off quickly. "-but I wanted to apologize to you Y/N. I know how I made you feel today, and I'm so sorry." You titled your head, a little confused as to what he's referring to. He saw your look and said, "Those girls."
You nodded with closed eyes. "It's fine Ko, it hasn't even been on my mind honestly."
"I know!" He came over to you quickly, which shocked you. "And I know I don't deserve you!" Your eyes were wide, and you tried stopping him. "I love you so much! I didn't even realize they were flirting with me, I promise!"
You didn't know what to say. The way he's pouring so much emotion into this, has you on the verge of tears. "Kotaro..." You mumbled.
"But Y/N please!" He grabbed both of your hands, staring into your eyes. You almost broke once you saw his eyes watering up. "Please don't leave me, I'm sorry!"
He kept repeating that over and over as you instantly hugged him. He was nearly crying, but you rubbed his hair and his back to let him know that you already forgave him.
"It's okay Kotaro..." You whispered against his shoulder. He was sobbing, slightly then wrapped his arms around your body hugging you tightly. "...I don't and won't leave you, okay?" You confessed. "It was just a simple mistake, and I don't hate you for it at all. I love you so much... I love you..."
His grip on your body tightened, now pulling you up to wrap all the way around his body. His head was in your neck, and so was yours. You could feel water drops falling on your shoulder, but you didnt mind it.
Your eyes were watering too, and tears began to fall. You were shocked at how fast this escalated. Already, you knew Bokuto was in love with you and still is. There's no doubt about it, especially when he's crying over you.
Both of you embraced each other for a while, not wanting to let go for a second thinking each other would be gone if you did. Once you pulled away, you both looked at each other and laughed softly.
"Don't cry-" You said said. "-even though, it's cute." He smiled and kissed you once, then twice, then a third time which got heated. On the fourth kiss, he held it and suckled at your lips.
His lips were slightly rough, but you loved them. Your lips were soft with cherry blossom lip balm, that he can't seem to get enough of.
Wrapping his arms back around you, he picked you up and placed you on the counter. Without wasting any time, he opened your legs and settled between them.
His strong hand went to your head, as he began pulling you closer to his face until your lips came in contact. When kissing, Bokuto was always nearly eating your face off.
His lips would fully cover yours, occasionally sticking his tongue in your mouth and suck on yours. Sometimes, it'd do too far. Like now, he's rutting his hips into your thigh.
You push at his chest. "Ko-" But he kept dominating your mouth, and rutting his hips into your thigh. You're both virgins, so you know this can escalate. "Babe, stop." You sighed, breaking the kiss.
He looked so disappointed. "But, why? I wanna show you how sorry I am." He began pressing kisses to your neck. His hands now roaming your body, while his mouth was placing kisses all over you.
You tried stopping him, but when his clothed member brushed up agaisnt your crotch, you moaned. He felt that too and angled his hips to brush up against your clit.
His wondering hands slid down your back, to your bottom to pull you harder agaisnt his restrained cock. You could feel it bulging, the thickness of it slightly scarring you.
He pressed himself harder into your clit, so he can grind and create extra friction agaisnt your nub. He kept rutting his hips into yours, everytime you tried pushing him away. He was groaning against your skin, as you were moaning and keeping a firm grip on his shoulders.
As you were enjoying the feeling in your lower region, Bokuto ceased all movements including the ones on your neck and face. You whimpered in disappointment, until he picked you up and placed you in his arms as a seat.
Without a second, he latched his mouth back onto yours as he walked to your bedroom. He's been in there before too, so he knows it all too well. Wrapping one arm around you, he used his free hand to push your door open.
As soon as he put you down, his arms wrapped back around you and his knee went in between your crotch, bumping your heated nub. His knee began moving back in fourth, as his mouth was latched onto your neck.
It was going way too fast, but you didn't want him to stop honestly. Bokuto hit a sweet spot on your neck and began sucking, once he heard your sweet soft moan. You could feel his smile on your neck and your hands went to his shoulders.
Your moans couldn't be concealed. His tongue was ghosting over your sweet spot, tickling it and leaving a mark. Your nails dug into his shoulders, making him groan and thrust his knee harder into your crotch. Your body was betraying you, the wetness of your cunt slipping out.
"You taste good~" Bokuto groaned agaisnt your neck. "Can't nobody touch you, but me Y/N~" His voice was filled with lust, which wasn't really how Bokuto was. You were slightly pissed that he was placing hickeys on your neck, where everyone can see it.
Bokuto removed his hands from your body and lightly pushed you onto the bed. His hands went to your thighs, giving you a firm squeeze before he pushed your legs open. Bokuto was really fast, once his body layed flushed against yours, his fingers looped into the band of your panties.
You shuddered, but he kissed you so you wouldn't stop him. His index finger slid against your slit, lightly grazing your clit. You moaned into his mouth, which he allowed his tongue to slip in.
Bokuto stopped kissing you and sat up on his knees to look at your exposed bottom. Your hands went to your face, because you've never been so vulnerable before. One of his hands grabbed both of yours and kept a tight grip on them.
"No Baby Owl, I wanna see your face~" Your eyes were closed, but when he said that you opened your eyes to stare into his beautiful yellow ones. He smiled upon seeing your face. "I don't know what I'm doing Y/N, but..." His fingers slipped to your clit and began circling it.
You never felt this before, your body slightly shivering which he loved. He loved the way you were reacting to him, your body slightly trembling. Though, he removed his fingers to stand. His hands went to his zipped up jacket to remove it.
Your face heated up as you saw how well the tank top he was wearing was complimenting his toned muscles. His arms stuck out, which your face lit up to. He didn't waste any time to pull his tank top over his head too, the lines of his abs making your cunt spasm around nothing.
He sat himself on his knees, still settled in front of you. He grabbed your legs and layed them on both of his spread open thighs. Your cunt was bare to his eyes, which he could feel his cock twitching from. His fingers went back to lightly stroking your clit, the tingles running through your nerves.
"Y/N-" You looked up to him. "-I don't know how to prepare you, but I think this is it." He didn't let you respond as his fingers swirled around your virgin hole. Your body jolted forward, already sensitive from nothing.
He was so gentle, but his rough fingers were already nearing your climax. He watched as your cunt spasmed, his thumb massaging your pearl while the other was prepping you. You were moaning softly which made Bokuto look up.
He admired your cute expression, the way your eyes closed from the feeling of his strokes. You shuddered, now his fingers moving faster to work up an orgasm. You never felt anything like this, and your orgasm was coming fast.
This would be your first orgasm, from somebody else. That's probably why it's coming more intense, than an orgasm from yourself. But when you were right on the edge, he stopped making you whine.
"Why'd you stop, Ko?" You asked.
He smirked. "I don't know how to say this but-" He looked down then back to your face. "-I want you to cum around my cock, and not my fingers."
You're face heated up, and you became a little anxious because it's your first time.
"Only if you wanna continue." He stared into your eyes, and waited for you to give him permission. He wasn't gone force you, because that's not who Bokuto is. He wants your consent, and if he doesn't got it, he won't touch you.
You nodded. "Yeah I want to continue." You told him, which he smiled to.
"Can I take off your shirt?" He stared into your eyes when he asked. You never been naked in anybody's eyes, but your own in the mirror but you love Bokuto so much. You looked away for a second and then nodded. He smiled brightly. "You're so beautiful."
He praised you before he even took your shirt off. His hands slipped under your shirt, slowly lifting it up over your head. Once he took it off, his mouth literally watered from seeing your plush body.
Your eyes were wide at his reaction. He didn't seem disgusted with your body, his hands giving your plush light squeezes. He didn't care for unclipping your bra, your body already making him fall in love with you. He didn't need to see your breast, but he still gave them attention through the fabric.
He was groaning at the contact his hands were making as they caressed your soft flesh. You were in love, because he doesn't hate your body. He loves it, and you can truly see that.
Bokuto was quick to turn you on your stomach. You were a little confused, but when you felt his hands caressing the soft flesh of your back you whined in satisfaction. His hands jiggled your rolls, which made you bury your head in the pillow.
Bokuto was in love. Your body is so beautiful to him so he wanted to see more. His hands went to the clip of your bra and unclipped it. He took it and threw it to the side, and caressed the sides of your breasts as you lay on your stomach.
He groaned in satisfaction, the feeling of your plush making his mind hazy. His hand went to your plush ass and kneaded the flesh so gently. He then leaned down and placed a kiss to your right cheek, which made you jerk in surprise.
He sat up and massaged over the kiss he placed on your cheek. "Mine..." You here him mumble from behind you. Your heart was nearly exploding, his praises making you love him more.
His hands went under the front of your thighs as he pulled you by the hips to press you to him. He watched as your cunt was dripping slick down your thighs. His finger slid up your slit, quickly.
Your body trembled in his hands, but he loved that. He loves how well your body responds to him. He grabbed the front of his pants and began yanking them down. You could hear it as it slid down.
Your breathing now a little ragged, anxious because of this. You don't want him to stop though. You could now hear him working to release himself from his boxers. You tried turning but he placed his hand on the back of your head to keep your head forward.
"No, I want it to be a surprise babe." He said, and pushed your head down in the mattress.
"Be gentle babe..." You nearly begged, as his hands began caressing your ass to sooth your nerves.
"I promise." He said, as he gripped his cock and began jerking it to prepare himself too. You could hear him spit and the spit hit his cock as lube. He doesn't want to hurt you, so he's being extra careful. "I'll try to go in slow."
You gulped and nodded as you felt him maneuver behind you. Your body shuddered, once you felt it poking at your entrance. His hand on your head went to the tip of his cock to help him push in.
His other hand went to your left cheek and lifted up the flesh to watch as he enters you. You tensed once he began ripping through your walls. He didn't stop though as you winced and tried reaching back for him.
He grabbed your hand and held it tightly, as he continued to push in. "Ko-"
"I know it hurts babe..." He sighed as your walls began spasming around the tip his cock. "...I'm sorry." He snapped his hips and buried himself balls deep inside you, making you shriek and slam your head into the mattress.
He instantly felt regret. "Babe! I'm so sorry!" He layed his chest to your back, and stayed there while rubbing soothing circles on your hips.
"It's okay..." You managed to get out. He was kissing your neck lovingly, while repeating sorry. He really didn't like you being in pain, which almost made him cry.
You felt so full though. You don't know his size, but from the feel of it you could tell he's big. The thickness and length overfilling your insides. You could feel him pulsing inside you, and the veins on his cock beating agaisnt your walls.
Once the pain subsided, you moaned of relief. Looking back, you whispered to him to move. "You can move, babe." You told him.
He smiled and placed one more kiss to your neck. Bokuto pulled out, only to sit up and grip your hips to slow drive himself back in. You both moaned in sync, his length making you moan.
Bokuto's grip was tight, his teeth clenching and eyes clenching shut. Your eyes were shut but your mouth hung open. He was moving in a slow pace trying to make sure he doesn't hurt you.
Though, you could feel his tip reaching the deepest parts of you. Your hands gripped the bedsheets, and your hips began arching into his.
He looked down to where you're connected and saw that you're already creaming around him. He was moving faster into you, now making his balls tap lightly on your clit.
"You feel... so good- fuck!- Y/N~" Bokuto moaned out. The grip your walls were contracting on his cock, nearly choking him and trapping him in.
You gripped the bedsheets tightly, no words leaving your mouth as he began picking up his pace.
You were moaning and nearly ripping the sheets up. His hips began slamming into yours, the sound of your ass clapping against his lap was resonating through the room.
He couldn't help but stare at it. Your ass jiggling and rippling agaisnt his thighs at the impact. His mouth hung open, and he pushed your arching back down as he gripped your waist to go harder.
His short nails, for volleyball, dug into your waist to thrust harder. His grasp was tight, his hips now thrusting harder into you. "Stay down babe- I'll do it for you~" His voice cracked at the end, his tip now sweetly kissing your cervix.
You both are now sweating and panting. His hair wasn't sticking up anymore, now sticking to his sweaty face and yours were sticking to your face.
You could feel your previous denied orgasm approaching. You chocked on your spit, his cock abusing your cervix. His hips moving even faster now, the veins in his cock adding extra stimulation.
Bokuto began moaning out, and so were you. His cock felt so good, the thickness nearly making you stupid. Stupid for his cock.
Bokuto laid his chest on your back, now his left arm wrapping around your neck. His hand began sliding down your stomach and to your neglected bud. His fingers began rubbing furiously, making your back arch into his hips.
The new arch in your back is making his cock abuse your cervix even more. His fingers began flicking and rubbing harder, as he slowly began pounding into you hard.
"Kotaro!" You moan-shouted.
The stimulation was nearly too much to handle. You were on the verge of tears, his cock was ramming you so good. The stimulation he's giving your body, is way too much that you can hardly handle it.
You've never felt this much pleasure from anything before. His fingers were pinching your pearl while rubbing it vigorously. You began moving your hips back to meet his deep thrusts.
Bokuto removed his hand from your clit and joined his other wrapped arm around your neck. His face was in your neck too, and you could hear his ragged breathing and deep moans in your ear.
His hips were slamming into you know, your walls instantly clamped down hard on him.
"I'm coming Ko~!" He grunted in response, his hips now slowing down so you could feel all the veins bulging against your walls. You were shaking, your walls spasming randomly on his cock.
Bokuto's hips thrusted three more times, before his tip hit your g-spot and your band snapped your toes curling. Your face dug into the bed as Bokuto's hips still moved, your orgasm ripping through your abdomen.
Your eyes rolled back inside your closed eyelids. Bokuto continued riding your orgasm out, his hips stuttering as he moaned out and spurted inside you.
You couldn't even focus on that, his moving hips still making you quiver. He sat up and gripped your waist, his eyes closed as he continued to rut in and out of you.
He let your hips go to place his hands on the sides of your head to hold his body up. You were now trembling and so was he, your cream coating his cock the sight so erratic.
"Y/N~" He moaned deeply as he slowly moved himself in and out of you, and then stopped his hips. He leaned down and placed a kiss on your shoulder blade. "I love you~" He whimpered while slowly pulling his cock out, and making your body tremble.
You honestly couldn't move. He stood up and away from you, and walked into your bathroom to wet a rag. He came back and spread your legs to clean you up.
What you can't believe, is that you let him have sex with you in your parents house. Not only that, but he came in you too. You quivered at the contact the rag made with your leaking cunt.
"Kotaro..." You whimpered.
"I know babe. I'll get you something for that but you were squeezing me so tight!" You chuckled and pushed yourself to sit up. He went back into your bathroom and rinsed the rag off.
Once he came back, he instantly cuddled with your head in his chest.
"When are your parents coming back?" He asked.
You shrugged. "I don't-" And a knock on the door cut you off. Your eyes widen as you began pushing at Bokuto's chest. "-right now!" He panicked and stood up scrambling to get your clothes.
You two shared a laugh as you were trying to get dressed. Once you did, Bokuto sat on your bed and turned the TV on to act as if you haven't done anything. He sprayed your air freshener to get rid of the smell which worked.
You walked to your door and whispered, "Act like nothing happened." Bokuto chuckled with a big smile and nodded, as you then walked to the front door.
Yeah, it was your parents coming back to get something. They didn't find out what you two did, and it made you and Bokuto laugh everytime.
He loves you so much, that he risked getting in trouble for you. He didn't mean to though, his obliviousness always getting the best of him.
You, however, don't doubt your boyfriend no more.
Okay! So this one was too long, but I did it for my requester. I really appreciated this request because, I AM IN LOVE WITH BOKUTO! All the other Haikyuu!! characters are great, but I just love Bokuto so much and wish he was real. ANYWAY, thank you requester!
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shigarakislittlepet · 5 months ago
im so happy to find a blog with good nsfw content for literally all my faves lol we share the same braincell it seems! how about fluffy nsfw headcanons for Dabi, Shigi, Aizawa and Shinsou and well, Baku but I don't want to overwhelm you even if you don't have a character limit hhh, with a s/o that was completely inexperienced in sex before they got together? They grew more comfortable with the idea of sex over time as they used to be really shy about it but they're scared they'll mess up and disappoint their loves? If possible could you mention what kind of approach each boy would have for the first time with their virgin s/o? I'm just feeling some fluffy dick tonite ya know lol stay safe out there <3
Ohhhh my gosh, this whole thing gave me brain rot lmao, thank you for giving me this power <3<3<3
This also took me literal months to finish because life got crazy, so I’m sorry about that. Hope you enjoy it anyway!
TW: loss of virginity, gentelness, fluffy smut, unprotected sex bc I’m a whore (Y/N is on birth control), and as always all characters are adults especially Y/N
Tumblr media
> You are surprised by how patient he is with you. You were sure he’d have gotten tired of waiting, but he didn’t push. He didn’t make you feel badly about it, and the last thing he would ever want to do to sweet little innocent angel is coerce them into something they weren’t ready for. So, he waits.
> It happened so gradually. Over time, light kissing became making out. After a few months, you got more comfortable and it didn’t feel at all odd to fall into bed with him, cuddling and “swapping spit” as he called it, which always made you giggle like a schoolgirl at his crudeness. His hands would test the waters, but he was always feeling for nervous tremors and flinching, never wanting to go further than you were comfortable. At first, he only rested a hand on you lower back, drawing lazy circles into your waist, his other cradling your face gently, reassuringly. Eventually he could get his hand beneath your shirt, still just at your lower back, but he was content with his progress. Your skin was soft and you said he felt warm, and that was the first time he ever thought of his quirk as “sweet, comforting”, as you described the warmth from his hands.
> After a few months went by, he had progressed to the point of being able to freely roam your body with his hands, the warmth helping you stay calm and anchored to him.
> What continued to surprise you is how easy it felt, once you were ready. You didn’t even see it coming. He asked you, so gently, if he could take your shirt off. You told him he could as long as he promised to keep you warm. He went along slowly, constantly reassuring you, “God Angel, you’re so beautiful. I gotta see more of you, can I? Please?”, “You’re so soft, I need to feel more of your skin, angel, please?” You didn’t even hesitate, you didn’t need to. You felt safer with him than you ever had in your life.
> You realized, once you were both naked together, just how comfortable you were with him. And suddenly you felt like you needed to give him everything he ever wanted, and you knew he would do the same for you.
> It happens so slowly, or at least, it feels like it does. His hand slowly grazes down between your bodies until he reaches your core. You gasp, no one but you had ever touched you there, and it feels so foreign and wonderful. And warm. Once you begin bucking onto his fingers, an insatiable grin stretches across his face. He retracts his fingers, bringing them to his lips, and you watch as he sucks them clean. He calls you delicious and rolls on top of you, asks you if you’re ready for him. For the first time, you look down between your bodies and see just how huge and hard he is for you. When he sees your concern he kisses your forehead, then your lips. “I won’t hurt you Angel, I promise.” You nod and smile, and he starts easing into you, stopping every so often when he can tell the stretch is too much. He kisses your cheeks, your shoulders, your lips, whatever he can get his mouth on as he pants and mumbles little praises. “I love you”, “You’re doin’ so well”, “You’re takin’ me sooo well”, “God, you’re so beautiful, you know how beautiful you are Angel?”, “Ahh, you’re so fuckin’ tight and wet for me Angel, you want me that badly?”. The praises and teases help you considerably to keep you relaxed, and fuck, you DO want him. So fucking badly, you need him. When he’s finally seated inside you fully, he waits, clearly using every last bit of his restraint and self control to give you time to adjust. When you finally whine and buck your hips up on him, he loses it. “I hope you’re fuckin’ ready, Angel.”
>You find rather quickly that Dabi’s style is a beautiful mix of “fucking” and “making love”. He fucks you, hard and deep, so much so that it makes you see stars, but while he does it he’s caging you in-between his arms, holding you close while he pistons in and out of you. He looks you in the eyes, watching your reactions, quickly finding what angle makes you convulse and let out those beautiful moans and coos that he’s now desperate to hear.
>When he nears his end, he reaches down between you again to rub sweet circles against your clit, because no way is Dabi cumming first. It’s just not his style.
Tumblr media
> Shigaraki is definitely happy that you’re inexperienced, he’d kill anyone who had ever laid a hand on you before him. You belonged to him.
> It also means that you’re a virgin, which really gets him going because hes a pervert. ((He’s also secretly glad that he’s not the only virgin))
> He is touch starvvveeeeddddddd. We all know this. But at first, he’s so hesitant to touch you, for fear of destroying you.
> You are patient with each other, and together you find out what works and what doesn’t. He got some artist gloves so he could hold your fucking hand without hyperventilating about dusting you. He’s still afraid of you disappearing beneath his fingertips.
> You were never, not even for a second, worried that he would hurt you. You knew that he could, that he had the ability, but you knew that he wouldn’t.
> He wasn’t so sure, he was afraid of rolling over in the night and finding a pile of dust where you used to be. He wakes up from nightmares about it and has to wake you up to hold you while he shakes uncontrollably. He just has to know you’re alive.
> You both get more and more comfortable with physical proximity and contact together, because you both wanted it, you were both just so worried about fucking everything up.
> When the time came where both of you decided you were ready to have sex, you admitted to him that you were afraid of not measuring up to his expectations. All these “what if’s” kept popping up in your mind: “what if he doesn’t find my body attractive enough”, “what if I don’t know how to move right”, “what if I cant please him”, etc. etc. etc.
> He just looks at you kind of taken aback and confused. He was worried about you not being able to see him as sexually attractive because of how he looked, he was just as self-conscious as you. “Darling, you’re the most perfect person in existence, how can you not see that? Look at me! I’m... I... Look like this! How could I ever hope that someone as beautiful as you could ever see me that way?”
>You didn’t immediately know how to respond. You were... heartbroken that he saw himself that way. You couldn’t image him being self-conscious about anything because in your eyes, he was a god. He was perfect and angelic and you told him as much. You looked at him with such adorably big eyes and your voice was full of so much honesty and adoration, he had to have you immediately. He’d never felt desired, he had never felt lovable. He always thought it would be a miracle if anyone would ever be able to even stomach looking at him without cringing away in disgust. But you were so perfect and you loved him so immediately and so much that it knocked him out. He launches himself at you and just kisses you for a while.
> You both fumbled around a bit at first, trying to find what felt best. You both quickly came to the conclusion that you were going to have to practice together. A lot. As much as possible actually, because even in your inexperience, you both felt more amazing than you ever had in your lives. When you were connected like this, panting, kissing, licking, trying your damndest to become one being, it felt like bliss. You never wanted it to stop.
Tumblr media
> Aizawa has an innocence kink. There I fucking said it.
> When it comes to the person he’s with, he’s a shameless flirt, and while he would NEVER cross a line or pressure you, he definitely does his best to get you in the mood whenever he can, much to your naïve frustration.
> At first you genuinely don’t even realize he’s doing it on purpose. The heated looks he gave you that made your knees weak? You didn’t think he was doing that on purpose, it’s just because he’s... tired? And he always looks so gorgeous, so that’s why. He ALWAYS makes your knees weak. Yeah that’s all it is, obviously.
> And when he comes up behind you, hands on your hips gently, and lowly rumbling in your ear. Sometimes it’s just comments about whatever you’re doing, which was bad enough. But sometimes it was mumbled compliments. About your outfit, how good it made your ass look. About how soft your hair was, how good you smelled, the softness of your skin while he gently rubbed his stubble against your neck.
> He was so soft most of the time, cuddling you while watching movies, cooking together, dancing in the kitchen with you at 3 in the morning after he finished grading papers. The shift that happened when he would get flirtatious was dizzying.
> You were nervous though, Aizawa was a bit older than you, and obviously way more experienced that you. One night while you were curled up in bed together, you told him you were nervous about disappointing him when the time finally came. He sat up and turned a light on immediately and pulled you into his lap. He held you and stroked your hair and told you how much you meant to him, how you could never disappoint him, how much he wanted you, and how he was willing to wait however long you needed. He held you until he was sure you felt better about it, and then he held you until he was sure you were asleep. You were the most important person in the world to him, and he wasn’t gonna let you think anything was ever gonna change that.
> When you finally got tired of his teasing and felt like you were ready, you decided to get him back. Before he got home, you put on one of his long shirts as a dress and started getting dinner ready.
> When he walked through the door and saw that you were wearing nothing but one of his black button ups, he had to maintain every ounce of his self control to contain the rush of feral need that suddenly consumed him. Now it was HIS turn to assume you were being innocent. And man did you play it up. “What’s wrong Shota? Are you feeling okay?” And you bat your big beautiful eyes at him. He was going to have a stroke.
> It wasn’t until you bent over and he noticed you weren’t wearing anything under his shirt that he realized it was an invitation. He came up behind you, caging you in against the counter, and growled lowly in your ear, “Do you have any idea what you’re doing to me?” He gently pushed his growing erection against your ass, making you gasp. Score.
> “W-what do you mean?” you looked up at him as innocently as you could. He took your hand and pressed it to the front of his pants. He groaned low in his chest, thankful for any friction. “Don’t play dumb with me, kitten. You know exactly what you’re doing. I think you should take responsibility.” You grinned.
> “Yes Sir,” he jolts at that, and you sink your knees and get to work undoing the fastenings on his hero costume. When his cock springs free, you eagerly give it kitten licks until he’s had enough. He grips you by your hair and gently guides your mouth down onto his cock. He’s big, bigger than you can take, but that doesn’t stop Aizawa from purposefully making you gag on him every so often. He really does get off on how innocent you are, the tears that hang in your eyes from gagging on his cock. He’s gonna cum soon if he’s not careful.
> After he’s had his fun making you suck him off, he pulls you up and carries you off to bed. No way he’s taking your virginity on the floor, he’s too much of a gentleman. And dinner, what dinner? Thank god nothing happened to be on the stove or in the oven.
> He sets you down in bed and kisses you, takes his shirt off of you and finishes ridding himself of his hero costume. He takes pride in getting you ready for him, relishing in your sweet noises and how wet you are for him. A fact that he teases you about. “S-Shotaaa~” you moan and clench down on his fingers. He smirks, “What happened to ‘Sir’, hmm? I liked that, you know...” All you can do is whine up at him in response.
> When you feel like you’re close to cumming, you whine louder and clench down harder and before you can reach your peak, he stops. You whine in frustration before he leans down and rumbles, “Oh no, kitten, the only way you’re cumming is if you cum on my cock.” You gasp and nearly convulse at his filthy words, but you’ve never felt like you needed him more.
> He fucks you gently, at first anyway. For as long as he can. He rolls his hips into you and angles his thrusts expertly, aiming for that spot inside you that’ll make your head spin. And he hits it. Every time. And your head DOES spin. And soon you can feel the pressure build again and you start whining again, “Sh-Shouta, please! I’m s-oh! So close!” He smiles, and decides to take pity on you. He pistons harder, faster, brings a hand to your core to rub circles against your clit and when you cum, you scream his name and he can’t take it anymore. He slams into you, chasing his own high and simultaneously extends yours. You’re seeing stars by the time he cums deep into you. He rolls over, bringing you with him. You lie on top of him and he strokes your hair, and you just hold each other for a while.
Tumblr media
> I wanna say this now, Shinso is Aizawa Jr. I’m so sorry, but its true. They’re both tired, overworked, cat lovers that just wanna come home and cuddle and pass out.
> He knows he’s your first boyfriend. You met at UA and pretty much bonded immediately. Now that you’re both pro-heros working for the same agency? It was only a matter of time before he made a move. And thank whatever higher power exists that you have the same schedule. More time for cuddles.
> HOWEVER! Don’t let the fact that he’s a cuddle-bug fool you. He frequently has to remember that you’re a virgin and you’ve never been in a relationship before, so you have no idea how much he’s affected by you answering your door on a Saturday morning you both had off wearing one of his hoodies that absolutely swallows you. Looking up at him smiling and yawning sleepily, rubbing one of your eyes and groggily asking, “What are you doing here so early? I thought we weren’t going out till tonight?”. He has to breathe deeply to stop himself from jumping you.
> Because much like Aizawa, seeing you so sleepy and soft and small and knowing how innocent and naive you are to all of the things you do that make him need you... is going to make him lose his mind. Quickly.
> Instead of an innocence kink though, this motherfucker has a corruption and a mind break kink. He wants to make it impossible for you to feel pleasure without him, he wants to make you need him desperately, forever. And he wants to do it without the help of his quirk. But that would all come in time, at the moment he has to stop himself from cumming in his pants because you’re bending over on your way to your room so you can change, stooping to pet your cat and his hoodie rode up your ass and he can see your lacy black panties and you were GOING to drive him insane long before he ever got the chance to make you his, he was sure.
> He had brought you coffee and suggested you just stay in all day since you both had such a late night. Watching movies and stuff. You know, normal stuff. He told himself he wasn’t going to try and make a move. Right? Right.
> But when you emerged from your room 45 minutes later, showered and changed, your hair still damp and a droplet of water drifting down your neck and landing in the dip of your collar bones, all he could think of was licking it up. How good your hair must smell, how your skin was still probably warm form the water... He was staring, and you pretended not to notice.
> You were nervous about not measuring up to his expectations. You’d seen the women he usually went out with, and how comfortable they were with their bodies and their sexuality. How beautiful they were. As far as you were concerned, you were nothing like them.
> He could see the gears turning in your head and the downturn of your mouth, and he asked you what was wrong. He motioned for you to come sit with him, and it wasn’t five seconds before he pulled you into his lap. After some coaxing, you let him know what you were worried about. He assured you that the reason he was so happy with you is because you weren’t anything like the women he had dated before. Because, not only were you far more beautiful than they were, they had also been conceited and cold, only dating him because he was an up and coming pro-hero that could get them into events so they could dump him for the first bigger hero they’d meet. He liked that you were soft and warm and he could trust you, that you had always trusted him, even despite his quirk.
> You talked for awhile, and as the morning sun drifted higher into the sky, you decided it was time to door dash some food. While he ordered it, you excused yourself the restroom. You needed to think. The heaviness of the conversation still weighed on you, and you’d never felt closer to him than you did now. It was time, you were sure. You wanted to give him everything he’d been waiting so patiently for, he deserved it. And so did you damnit, no more of this scaredy-cat bullshit! You gave yourself your best war face in the mirror before you exited the bathroom and going back to the living room where Shinsou was reclined on your couch. Head tilted back, resting on the pillow behind him.
> He was so beautiful. Lavender hair a wild mess, eyes closed and lashes fluttering softly. You wanted to kiss his neck suddenly, and unlike when urges like this usually happened, you didn’t shove the thought away. You quickly straddled him and, before he had the chance to question you, you began kissing up and down his neck softly. “K-kitty...” he groaned beneath you, gripping your waist, his hips jerking up against yours.
> After a while of your explorative kissing, he growled impatiently and flipped you over easily, pressing you into the couch. He kissed you like he might die if he didn’t, deep and slow and desperate. When he finally broke for air and looked at you, he felt his heart and his dick jump. Your flushed face and your eyes that were looking up at him through your eyelashes heavily, your mouth hanging open gasping and your kiss bitten lips, your brows softly cinched at the effort it took for you to remember you needed to breathe.
> He asks you if you’re sure you were ready, and when you nod dazedly up at him he doesn’t need any more convincing.
> He takes his time, he’s slow and methodical. He wants your first time to be an enjoyable experience. Something you can look back on fondly and remember how much he loved you, how good it felt, how comfortable you were. He wanted it to be better than his first time, drunk after a hero convention, with some woman who didn’t remember his name in the morning and never called him back. He pushed the thought away. He focused on you, on how perfect you were.
> When he finally thrusts into you, you think you want to feel like this forever. You tell him so, and beams with pride, pushing your pleasure further. Kissing your neck and praising you. Telling you how perfect you are, telling you all the things you do that drive him crazy, telling you that he’s never going to let you go, that you’re his forever and he’s yours.
> You cum together, and you think that everything in the world must have always been this beautiful. You spend the rest of the day cuddling, eating, and making love.
Tumblr media
> No thoughts in this mans head. None. At least when it comes to romance. When you first start dating, you had to make the first move cause his oblivious ass just thought you were challenging him. You had to explain to him that what you were actually doing was called “flirting”.
> So when it comes to your first time, you know you’re gonna have to make the first move there too. He fears rejection, so he avoids the things he really wants the most. Which in this case is you whining on his dick.
> But he also knows you’re a virgin and he doesn’t wanna scare you, so he leaves it be. Trusting his fist to get the job done when he really needs to let off some steam. Either by punching shit or jerking off.
> One day, you do catch him jerking off, and you immediately start to (stupidly) think that you’re not enough for him, that he might leave you for someone who can give him what he needs. You don’t think he notices you having a mini panic attack in the hallway so you sneak back to the kitchen to catch your breath and think. Why HAD you waited this long? What were you waiting FOR? You guessed you had just been worried about not knowing what to do, about him getting impatient and annoyed with you for your lack of experience.
> Making your final decision, you square your shoulders and march yourself back to your shared room. You confidently open the door to find him ... waiting for you?
> “Tch, took you long enough. You done freakin’ out now?” He grumbles from his spot on the bed. You nod meekly and he opens his arms for you, an invitation you gratefully accept. He pets your head and continues grumbling, “ just as bad as shitty-hair, nobody ever knocks anymore. You shouldn’t be surprised when you just try to walk in like that...”
> He keeps petting your head until eventually you hit him with it. “‘Tsuki, I wanna... uhm...” you look up at him with pleading eyes hoping his quirk somehow suddenly allows him to read your mind.
> It doesn’t. “ You wanna what? C’mon, spit it out.” No thoughts, remember?
> You huff and blush and finally squeak out, “Wanna make you feel good, ‘Tsuki...”
> His brain stops working momentarily. When he catches back up, he smirks. “Seriously? It just took you gettin’ jealous over my left hand for you to be ready?”, he teased. You stick out your tongue and he grabs your jaw, looks you dead in the eyes when he says, “I have something much more important for that cute little mouth to do.”
> Your eyes go wide at his suggestion, even though it really doesn’t surprise you. When Katsuki wants something he wants to go all out, no half-assing it. You nod nervously and he laughs at your apprehension, allowing you to shift down his body until you were face to face with his fly. You undid the button and zipper with shaky hands, and gently guide his dick out of his jeans.
> Beautiful is the first word to come to your mind. Beautiful and massive, just like the rest of him. He was easily over six feet tall, and built too so it really shouldn’t have surprised you, but it did. For a moment all you can do is look up at him from your place below him, your big strong hero. You melt a little and you notice him smirking down at you again, “What ‘ya lookin’ at, princess?”. He gently strokes your cheek while you admire him, “You.” you reply dazedly. His smirk widens to a bear malicious grin, “Me? How come?”. A feeling you’re not totally familiar with, but you’re pretty sure is called submission, fills you suddenly and you feel warm and content. “You’re perfect,” you bat your eyelashes and bite your lip as you gently start to stroke your hand up and down his length.
>He controls his breathing, because he really can’t handle you looking so cute with his cock that close to your pretty little face. “‘Tch, and? What’s got you so worked up about it?” You giggle and nuzzle your face into the base of his cock and look up at him innocently. “I’m just glad I’m yours,” you smile and lick him from base to tip before gently taking him into your mouth. You’d read enough smut online to at least have some idea how to do this.
> He almost cums when you say that you’re glad to be his. His, he grins. He doesn’t get to think about that for too long though because your warm, wet tongue is sliding up his shaft and then your pretty little mouth engulfs him and he thinks he might hyperventilate if you keep looking up at him like that. He’d almost say it wasn’t fair, but then you start moving and he thinks that he could actually die happily from the warm bliss that fills him while he watches you try to take more and more of him down your throat.
> This is much more fun than you thought it would be, especially because Katsuki keeps letting out those little sighs and groans, you’re pretty sure he doesn’t even realize he’s doing it. You hollow out your cheeks and suck a bit harder before taking a deep breath and relaxing your throat as much as possible. You lower yourself down as far as you can, pushing past the ring of muscle in the back of your throat before moving down further. You feel him lay his hand gently, encouragingly, on the back of your head. You’re surprised when you find your nose nestled in the light blonde fuzz at the base of him and you stick your tongue out to lap at the underside.
> He jolts when you begin your descent. You’re not really gonna try to deep-throat him, are you? He watches you, mesmerized. No ones ever even tried, always saying he was way too big. It felt way too good. He laid a hand on the back of your head to ground himself, quickly realizing he had to control himself so that he didn’t clench his fist in your hair or shove you down all the way and hold you there. When you reached your goal, he sighed. Your throat felt perfect wrapped around him, just like he knew it would. When he felt your tongue sneak out of your mouth and lick, he thanked whatever creator there was that your tongue was long enough to reach his anchor. when you start to move your head up and down, he can only take it for so long before he’s thrusting up into your mouth. When you gag on him, that’s it, he has to pull you off him before he grips your head and suffocates you on his cock.
> He’s nearly at the point of begging, but thankfully, mercifully, you seem to get the idea. You wipe your mouth and lie back on the bed, giggling at his abruptness and he growls in response. He kisses you, and praises you, telling you how good you are, how much he needs to be inside you as he undresses you. You’re surprised at how automatically your legs open for him, and you tell him how much you need him inside of you as well. You feel so empty all of a sudden. Until one of his thick fingers finds your molten core and gathers some of your slick before sinking into you and you gasp.
> He continues to kiss and praise you as he works you with his fingers. You whine and moan and beg, it’s like music to his ears. When he thinks you’re ready, he lines himself up with your entrance, sliding up and down, grinding against your clit briefly before continuing. “I wanna hear you beg for it, princess.” and fuck, did you beg. A beautiful litany of filthy fucking words fell from your mouth, and he couldn’t take it anymore. He sinks into you fully in one thrust, gripping your open legs for stability.
> At first you can’t speak, you can’t make any noise at all. You feel so unbelievably full, and you look up at him and his eyes are clenched shut and his jaw is set. He’s holding himself back. He’s trying to be gentle with you because it’s your first time. He really is very sweet when he wants to be. You raise a shaky hand to his face and he leans into it. He met your eyes and you watch as his control falters when he sees you bent in half like this. You smile, “Katsuki, please”, is all you can say. It seems to open the flood gates. For all his self control, he pounds into you mercilessly and it fills you with the most intense feeling of ecstasy. “F-fuck ‘Tsuki, you feel s-so fucking good,” you moan and gasp brokenly.
> He cums hard. Grunting, growling, and near snarling the whole way through. You’re seeing stars, even though you haven’t cum. It had felt so fucking amazing, and you’re more than content with that. Katsuki is definitely not however, and is intent on eating you out until you beg for mercy. He always takes such good care of you.
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allegra-writes · a month ago
hi i was just wondering if you are taking requests for kaz. if yes can i'd like to request a kaz x fem!reader, where kaz gets jealous. you can do whatever you want with the story, it might end in confessions or confrontation anything you like, if you want, if not feel free to ignore. have a lovely day <3
Oh, boy. Oh, dear. You really shouldn't tell me that I can do whatever I want with the story cuz, chances are, I'm gonna make it smutty. Sorry if that wasn't what you wanted but I really can't help myself 😔
This story might contain elements from the books, but is still 28 year old show!Kaz.
Tumblr media
Kaz Brekker x Reader
Warnings: Enough UST to burn Ketterdam to the ground.
The lips moving insistently against yours were warm and soft, the hands exploring your body, skillful. Their owner, Misha, a handsome, polite ravkan guy that had dreamy eyes and smelled nice, clean, which was more than you could say of a lot of the men in the Barrel. There was absolutely no reason for the little voice in the back of your head screaming wrong, claiming for you to push him away, so you squashed it down, and continued to kiss back.
As Misha's hand moved from your hip to your thigh, another, louder part of your brain wondered if Kaz could see you in Misha's embrace, from the other side of the club. You wished with perverse intent that he did.
You were being petty and immature, you knew that, but the Wraith was back visiting. The Wraith with her lovely face and big doe eyes and inky black hair and gorgeous amber skin, goldened by the ocean sun… the Wraith that Kaz called Inej and had once been his favourite spy and slept in his room and moved like shadows, silent like a vampire and even more deadly, while you were just a common, useless sun summoner, like the thousands that had awaken a couple years ago, when Alina Starkov had sacrificed her powers and her life to get rid of the fold. And not even a good one, at that, you were honesty pretty bad at calling the light, but you were great at bending it, and that's what had gotten you a place in the Dregs, making yourself and the others invisible so you could get in and out unnoticed at every heist.
That was what made you such a valuable asset for the gang. Granted, not as much as the Wraith had been back in the day, but valuable nonetheless. That was why Kaz liked to keep you so close, why he was so protective of you, always checking on you first, making sure you had backup constantly and always demanded the healer tend to you before anyone else including himself. Making sure your room was dry and warm with as much sunlight as you needed, keeping you plied with Shu teas and zemeni chocolate as if you were still living at the little palace...
It hurt a little to realize that was all there was to it: Kaz keeping his star player safe and happy, instead of… well, what you actually wanted it to mean. But hope was a dangerous thing, it clouded judgements, the best illusions were the most convincing and none more convincing than those we tell ourselves, Kaz himself had taught you that. Better to get rid of it forever.
So you let yourself sink further into the heat of the kiss, relishing the comfort of human contact after being touch starved for so long. Admittedly, Misha might not have been your first option, but you couldn't be lonely any longer. Ketterdam was just too cold, too harsh, too cruel, you needed to take the warmth where you could.
… Except, Misha's warmth had just disappeared, teared off and away from you in an instant. You blinked, disoriented. And then you had to blink again, cause what you were seeing didn't make any sense.
When you opened your eyes again, Kaz was still standing in front of you, perfect features contorted in barely restrained fury, one hand leaning heavily on his cane, the other twisted in Misha's blond locks, keeping him up and away from you.
"Kaz… what the hell?"
"B-boss, I'm sorry, I didn't-"
"Shut up" He hissed to the terrified boy, eyes never leaving yours, "You, in my office, now"
You nodded, numbly, and he finally let go of the blond boy, who fell to the floor in a heap, not daring to stand up until you and Kaz had disappeared up the stairs.
The sound of the lock clicking shut behind you was deafening in the small soundproof room. You expected Kaz to step away from you once he closed the door, or at least to step aside, instead he stayed right were he was, crowding you against the wall, close enough for the pupils of his eyes to become unfocused when you tried to fix your gaze on them.
It was disconcerting, he wasn't one for physical closeness. But he seemed as surprised and helpless as you, rooted in place by a strange force, pulled toward each other like gravity, close enough to touch.
Light years away.
"Give me one good reason" He rasped, "for me not to cut every single one of Misha's fingers right now"
That sobered you up.
"What? Kaz, are you serious? You have absolutely no reason to hurt him!"
"Don't I?" His voice was soft, dangerous, "What exactly makes you think he can put his hands on you and get to keep them?"
You rolled your eyes at your boss' intensity.
"Listen, Kaz, I know you protect your investments, but I promise you, Mish was not going to hurt me"
"If I thought he was going to hurt you, he wouldn't be still breathing"
"Then what-"
"HE DOESN'T GET TO TOUCH YOU" He bellowed, making you flinch. Inhaling, he collected himself before adding, more calmly, "No one does"
Your heart skipped a beat, faltering only to start galloping with a vengance. Hope was a very dangerous thing indeed…
"No. Tell me, Kaz, why can't Misha touch me?"
He sighed, all the fury, all the fire gone, something very close to defeat in his eyes as he asked,
"Do you want him to?"
You had never seen Kaz like that, you doubted anyone ever had. He wasn't dirtyhands in that moment, he wasn't the feared demon of the barrel. He looked young, vulnerable.
And honesty was rare in Ketterdam, even rarer inside Kaz Brekker's office. You figured the least you could do was show him honesty in return.
"The one I want touching me isn't interested in that sort of thing" You tried for a nonchalant shrug but we're quite sure you fell short, the catch in your voice probably giving away how personal you took it, even tho you tried not to: You knew Kaz wasn't one for skin on skin contact in general, not just with you. You had seen it in the way he always hesitated for a fraction of a second before shaking hands to seal a deal, in the careful way he angled his body as to not bump into anyone in the crowded streets of the harbor, in the way he always held himself just a little further away from anyone than what was natural.
He squinted, giving you a look you knew and hated, it was the look he gave you whenever you couldn't guess where his plans were going, the one that suggested he thought you were being particularly daft.
"You think I don't want to touch you?"
There was no point in denying it, or pretend it wasn't him you were talking about, you knew he would see right through your bullshit. So you said nothing, bracing yourself for the brutal rejection no doubt was coming, for dirtyhands to murder the fragile dove of hope you were nurturing, cradling inside your chest, once and for all.
What he said instead caught you completely off guard.
"You said you want me to touch you, how would you have me touching you?" He explained. You searched for the catch, the joke, the trick. You found none inside his blown pupils. "Bare handed, skin on skin? Or maybe-"
"No" You cut him short. The image didn't feel right, there was something just too raw, too exposed, about Kaz' pale hands stripped off their defences. "I… I want you just the way you are, Kaz," You confessed, and you were the one stripped defenceless, "armour and all"
Your eyes zeroed on his throat as he swallowed hard, a new determination straightening his back.
"Stay very, very still…"
Every single one of your muscles froze, locking into place, lids falling shut as you waited for his next move with bated breath. You could feel him, hovering over you, his warmth bathing every inch of your body through the few inches separating you. You splayed your hands on the cold wall behind you, trying to ground yourself, to not to get swept into his current, cause you felt you could disappear completely, mind, body and soul consumed by him. You wondered, not for the first time, if there wasn't some truth in the rumours that there was something inhuman, something demonic in him.
His breath was hot against your face, and you could almost feel his lips where they lingered above yours, barely a hair away. Your own parted involuntarily and you heard his quivering exhale.
You breathed him in.
Feeling more than hearing the growl that reverberated deep in his chest, you sank further into the wall, not trusting your legs to hold you up. No, not when his breaths were moving lower, caressing your jaw, your neck, the hollow of your throat, sending shivers down your spine, making every little hair on your body stand on end.
"Don't move. Don't you dare to move."
You wouldn't, you couldn't.
You were rooted to the spot, like a willow as the hurricane crashed over it, as Kaz continued his exploration, nose buried into your hair as he greedily, hungrily Inhaled your scent.
There was a moment of panic as you felt him retreat, but it was short lived, as the cool night breeze suddenly hit your chest, indicating he had flicked undone the ribbon of your peasant blouse, baring you to his gluttonous stare. You hissed as he blew hot air on your nipples, first one, then the other, until they pebbled before his eyes, as you scratched the wall, leaving nail marks on his fine wallpaper.
The loss of his heat disoriented you, creaking of the floorboard letting you know he had taken a step back, the new distance a gelid ocean as cold and insurmountable as the Fjerdan sea. You took a moment to collect yourself, wondering if that was even possible when you had been undone brick by brick, in typical Brekker fashion, only to be built up and remade at his liking.
No one had ever owned you like Kaz Brekker had just done, without even touching you.
When you finally opened your eyes, he was already watching you, icy blues on fire as he took you in.
You looked thoroughly debauched, eyes alight with desire, cheeks flushed, half naked, fine layer of sweat covering the generous amount of skin on display.
But he looked just as wrecked as you, breathing just as hard, his usually impeccably styled hair falling over his eyes.
"As of this moment, you are completely off limits for every single dreg and crow out there" He declared, voice as demolished as you felt. You almost snorted, he might as well had declared you off limits for the whole of Ketterdam. "No one can touch you. Ever.
Not Jesper with his high fives, not Wylan with his hugs. No one. Or they will have me to answer to"
You nodded, because what was there to say? You were his, completely and irrevocably, and everybody knew Kaz Brekker didn't share.
"Come here" He said, eyes softening, deft fingers closing your top and tying the lace back together into a neat and delicate little bow far prettier than the ones you made.
Neither one of you said another word as you turned around and left, feeling Kaz' gaze still on you as a physical caress.
On jelly legs, you made your way back to the club, deciding to face the curious looks they would no doubt be sending your way head on. Better to get used to it, you thought. By dawn, you were sure the word would have spread beyond the club walls, to the Razor Gulls, and the Black Tips and what was left of the dime lions all the way through the fifth harbor.
By dawn, the entire city would have know your name: Y/N, the Untouchable.
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suhkusa · 7 months ago
broken clocks
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing. sakusa kiyoomi x f!reader
warnings. childhood!friends to lovers, angst to fluff, implicit mention(1) of underage sex, angst lol, mutual-ish pining, slight manga spoiler, heartbreak, arguments, cheating (not done by sakusa or reader), hurt/comfort
wc. 2.7k
a/n. i dont think the name of the fic has a deep meaning, i was honestly just writing a scene that had to do with time and then broken clocks by sza came on lol, hopefully u enjoy!! also i haven’t written in a while so sorry if this is kinda bad :Pepefatcry:
Tumblr media
You and Sakusa’s friendship was pretty straightforward. What more to it? You’ve known each other since you were kids, and became friends and soon best friends. Coincidentally you guys went to the same elementary, middle, and now high school. That was it, really.
You would hang out with him and his cousin, Komori, when you visited his house. You continued to follow Sakusa around through all the years, ignoring him when he told you to go away. His mean words scratched at your heart sometimes, but so what? As long as you were near him, it was enough. 
But eventually, enough is no longer enough.
And you begin to desire more. Especially as his once young body goes through the process of puberty. His voice growing attractively deeper, his height growing in size compared to yours. You watched your best friend as he improved in volleyball, the way he looked as he glided through the air sticking with you as you lay in bed.
When you got to your first year of high school, you were more than happy to find you and Sakusa were once again in the same class. You two bickered about homework together, and his teasing continued. 
He’d sometimes bump into you in the hallway, sending you a pitiful glare. The annoyance once evident on your face quickly fades into a smile when you let out a laugh as you watch him walking away. 
It was foolish of you to think being the same class as him would be all fun and games. It wasn’t. You watched every morning as a familiar, sometimes unfamiliar, face pranced into the classroom towards Sakusa. 
Your cheek rested on the palm of your hand as you observed the way they leaned onto his desk, confessing their love to him. Of course, he said no. He has priorities, they should know that. A smile always creeped onto your face when you watched them pout as they left the classroom.
Volleyball was his top priority. And then you (and I guess Komori), and then school. There was never room for relationships with Sakusa, and you were content with that. 
You were fine with this.
It was second year when Sakusa told you he lost his virginity. You, him and Komori were at your usual spot on the roof, secluded from the rest of the students.
Komori slapped him on the back with a smile on his face while Sakusa sent a glare right back at him. You struggled to swallow the food in your mouth. Your chest suddenly felt very empty, but when Sakusa’s eyes looked at you, all you could do was send a polite smile back before forcing yourself to down the lump in your throat and look back down at your food, appetite long gone.
“Ha! You of all people huh, Kiyoomi?” Komori laughed.
“How do you feel about this new information, Y/N?” he asked.
Every passing second took a hit at your heart, making it hard to speak. But you managed. “Mm, it’s… it’s cool I guess.”
Your head turned to the side as you looked out onto the landscape below, the laughter of Komori and collected responses of Sakusa continuing in the background.
It was 2 minutes later when Sakusa announced he had a girlfriend, his first at that. And from there, your heart crumbled in your chest. Your head stayed turned, not wanting either boy to see the tears that fell down your face. You sneakily tried to compose yourself; wiping the stupid tears from your cheeks, biting the inside of your mouth to suppress any noise.
Your heart belonged to Sakusa Kiyoomi for the past 14 years, yet it only took less than 10 minutes, and two sentences to break it.
She was pretty and nice, you’ll give her that. She made delicious food and she was smart, you’ll also give her that. She has Sakusa. 
What more were you willing to give?
She sat at the bleachers with you. Her smile was bright as Sakusa would send small waves her way, which she would return back shortly. She talked away, talking about how lovely he was, how she loves him so, so much. And all you could do was smile and hum in response. You already knew how lovely he was. You didn’t have to be told.
The girl began to hangout with you guys at lunch, taking the spotlight with her beautiful laugh and the food she shared, which coincidentally was not enough to share with you. You waved it off as you poked at your own food, sometimes stealing glances at Sakusa and the way the corner of his lips tweaked upwards as he ate her food.
“This is so good, Hina!” 
“Thank you, Komori!” she beamed.
“Y/N, you should try some, here take some of mi-”
“It’s okay.” you said. 
Sakusa glared at you with confusion before the conversation continued on without you.
“You like Kiyoomi, don’t you?” Komori asks from beside you as you wait at the gates of the school.
The slight tense of your shoulders and the way your eyes widen are an answer in themselves. Your heart beats in your ear as you stand face to face with Motoya, all words seem to be sucked out of your system.
“Oh! I won’t tell him, it’s just…” he stops for a second to ponder, “You need to be more honest, not to me or… him, but with yourself as well,” he finishes.
“But- he’s with Hina,”
Komori sighs, “All I gotta say is, we’re already gonna be third years next year. Before you know it, he’ll be swept up from under you.” He gives you one more look before turning and going on his way.
‘I know,’ you want to say.
You hope for a second that the flow of time will stop. But it continues on, whether it’s for the best or worst.
Hopelessly, you continue to do your best to stay by his side, even if there is a slight divergence between the two of you. 
You go over to his house when Komori is over, not having the strength in you to third wheel the lovers. You try your best to revert your gaze away from the two of them, fixating your focus onto Komori. 
Nationals eventually come into play. Sakusa asks you to give the jersey, the one he let you use when you went to his games, to Hina. And you do. Watching from your peripheral, you see as Hina cheers loudly for Kiyoomi with the rest of the student section. You give a piteous thumbs up to Komori. 
You find yourself frozen in the middle of the hallway.
Itachiyama was beaten in the quarterfinals. For reasons that were beyond their control. You came looking for Komori or maybe in Sakusa. And you did find Sakusa.
Your legs begin to feel like jelly from under you, heat crawls up the back of your neck at the view in front of you.
His hands, the ones who helped you up when you fell down as kids, rested under her jaw to tilt her head upwards. His eyes, the ones that used to look over your body for any injuries from the fall, looked with love into hers. And those lips, the ones that would kiss the hurt away, were now the ones causing it. 
They met with her lips. 
The world felt like it had frozen at this moment. Time moved slow. 
It felt like your stomach had dropped, lungs struggling to do their job, tears ducts burning and failing to stop the onrush of salty tears from flowing down your cheek. 
“Y/N?” a voice called. You looked back, your watery eyes meeting Komori’s shocked ones.
“Let’s get you out of here, c’mon.”
Sakusa looked back at you once more with confusion, before he went on without you.
Despite that, you stuck around. Komori nor yourself knew why. Nonetheless, you kept to yourself. Seeming more like a bystander or stranger to the friend group rather than an actual friend.
“It’s okay, Komori,” You tell him lie after lie.
Your third and final year arrives without warning. The 4 of you are in the same class this year. You wonder if that’s a good thing or bad thing. 
To your surprise, he walks in by himself, Hina nowhere to be found near him. You fix your posture when he looks at you. On impulse, you wave at him with a smile, only for him to return a harsh stare back, eyes averting away from you before he found his way to his seat.
You look down onto your lap, where your hands fidgeted with one another. You two had barely talked during the break. Was he mad because of that? 
It wasn’t your fault he has a girlfriend.
It’s finally lunch, and you can barely remember a thing from any of the classes. You stand from your seat, stretching your body. You grab your bag as you make your way out of the classroom.
You’re one step out of the room before a hand grabs at your arm painfully rough, pulling you into an empty classroom, ignoring all of your protests.
The door shuts and he lets go of you once you're in the room. The person turns back to look at you, his black eyes seeming impossibly darker.
“Sakusa?... W-What do you-”
“Did you know Hina broke up with me?” he questioned.
You tried to resist the urge to smile, your heart beginning to beat with hope. “Oh? That’s something... What happe-”
“You did something, didn’t you?” The urge to smile had come to a halt at his accusation. His hand fisted at his uniform, “Did you tell her something? Everything was going so well and then suddenly she wanted to break up with me,”
The hope in your heart had already morphed into confusion and frustration, and in all honesty, you had no clue what he was going on about. 
“If you didn’t like her you didn’t have to take it out on our relationship.” The look he gave you sent daggers straight into your heart. “Why do you have to ruin everything for me?” 
Sakusa began to walk dangerously closer to you, his arm trapping you between him and the classroom door. “What is wrong with you?” he asked.
The atmosphere of the room began to close in on you, the anger radiating off the boy causing your hands to shake and tears to well up in your eyes again. Using what strength you had, you pushed him away from you.
“I- I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I have done nothing but respect your relationship with Hina,” you say through as your body begins to tremble. “She asked if I could back off of you─ and do you know what that felt like? To be asked to stay away from your own best friend?”
You watched as he visibly gulped.
“But I did it anyway because I care, Kiyoomi. If she made you happy, then what was I supposed to do?!” you wiped your tears off with the back of your hand, utterly embarrassed. “So─ So… Don’t go blaming this on me, because I’m done.”
Your hand reached for the door only for it to be opened by someone on the other side. 
“Y/N?.. Kiyoomi?” Komori’s voice called.
“What are you two… hey─” you pushed past him as you felt another wave of tears begin to build up.
“What the hell happened, Kiyoomi?” he asked his cousin.
“I- She─” you had taken his words away with you when you left. What was he supposed to say? He had just accused you of something when he had no proof. 
“Oh, I heard you and Hina broke up from some classmates…”
Sakusa nodded with a hum.
“I didn’t think she would be the type to cheat, dude,” Komori said nonchalantly.
His eyes met back with Sakusa’s uncharacteristically wide ones, “What? Don’t tell me you…”
Now, Sakusa was the one who felt like time had stopped, the one who felt his heart dropping down to his stomach.
It had been a couple weeks since you talked with him. You ignored him when he called out to you in the halls, ignored his texts and calls, and even went as far as hiding during lunch so he couldn’t approach you.
You lie in bed with many questions. Would this really be the end of your guys’ friendship? You brought your hand to your face, cold fingers tapping at your puffy eyes. The weight of the whole situation came crashing down onto you as a wave of drowsiness. 
You felt your phone, once again, begin to vibrate from in your bag, but your tired body had refused to let you pick it up or decline it. And soon, you fell asleep.
A couple of knocks on your door caused you to wake. You blinked away the remnants from your sleep, “Yes?”
“Y/N? Kiyoomi is at the door, he said he would like to talk to you,” your mother’s voice was muffled by the door. 
You opened the door and walked out of your room, “You two didn’t get into a fight, right?” she asked.
Waving her off, you looked at the clock of your living room as you made your way to the door. What the hell was Sakusa doing at your house at 11PM?
Your hand grabbed onto the knob, twisting it before a visibly stressed Sakusa was revealed. He looked up at you.
“What do you want?” your voice sounded uninterested.
“Let’s go to the park, Y/N.” he said.
“Why? Why should I─”
“Please,” the moonlight reflected on his dark eyes. Without another word, you slipped on your shoes and walked with him to the nearby neighborhood park. The walk was dead silence, but characteristically so. You followed a couple steps behind him. 
Once you arrived, you both took a seat on the swings. Your eyes bored holes into the ground as you let your legs swing lightly and carelessly. 
This carried on for 5 minutes. Only the wind and the sound of the chains creaking were heard. The wind felt nice on your skin. You would say this was the coming of age moment in your life if it wasn’t for the awkwardness of the situation.
“I… I’m really sorry,” his deep voice floated through the night. “It was wrong of me to accuse you of something that.. that you would never do,”
Your eyes drifted to his own legs, your head staying straight ahead as you continued to listen. “I don’t know why I did that. You’re my best friend, and I don’t know why I didn’t trust you..I’m just- I’m sorry.”
And as much as you wanted to be stubborn, you could sense the vulnerability in his voice. 
“It’s okay, Omi,” you huffed out.
Silence once again took over.
“I hate you,” your voice broke him out of his thoughts, the words making his head snap towards you.
“What?” his hands tightened around the chains of the swing.
“I hate you, and I hate the way you make me feel,” you continued. 
“I don’t want to feel like this anymore, so I need you to be straightforward with me,”
Your head turned to look at him.
“I love you.” you stated, tears already falling freely down your face. His eyes widened at the sight, “Do you love me back?”
His eyes widened. And with no hesitation, “Yes.”
A breathy laugh escaped from between his lips, “Only God knows,” 
He stood up from the swing, as you began to sob. “You’re annoying, Y/N,” he continued as he leaned down your eye level.
“But, all that I know is that I love you. And I’m sorry it took too long for me to realize,” 
“Only a decade and a half,” you joked as his warm hands, the same hands that you held when you were a kid, rested on your jaw as he brought your lips to his own. Taking away all your worries and doubts without having to say a thing.
I’m here now, is what he seemed to say though.
And you were fine with this. 
Time will move relentlessly whether we want it to or not. It moves on its own, yet leaves no one behind. 
You decide that it’s for the best. 
Time brought you and Sakusa Kiyoomi together. Even if it took 15 years to do so.
Tumblr media
a/n. if i added the word baka into the confession scene would that make u cry
Tumblr media
© all writings belongs to suhkusa 2021. do not repost or change.
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futuremrsreid · 2 months ago
Feel Better
Tumblr media
summary: y/n is feeling like shit and spencer makes her feel better
Couple: Spencer Reid x Reader
Category: pure fluff, mutual pining, reader and spencer are not together but in love
CW: none
Word Count: 1,8k
Cases were always rough, it didn't matter what kind of unsub we were hunting at the time. Some cases were just rougher than the others. Like the one we just finished.
The killer himself wasn't as bad as others, it was things I saw every day. Prostitutes stabbed and left in the streets to bleed out. It was horrible, of course, but after years of working for the FBI you get better at blending it out. The really bad part about this case was the time it took us to catch him. 2 weeks, 7 victims in the time we were there. 23 victims in total.
By the time we were back on the jet, everyone just fell asleep like flies that dropped dead. So to say I was relieved when stepping into my apartment would be the understatement of the century. I felt restless, hungry, exhausted and everything in my body hurt like hell. All I wanted to do was make some quick food, get on the couch and pass out. Only that wasn't possible because there was a particular doctor stepping into my apartment right behind me.
It was Friday and that meant movie night with Spencer. It was a tradition we two had for over a year now and we only missed it on rare occasions like one of us getting shot. Although not even that stopped us sometimes. I remember the time I ended up in the hospital after a case and Spencer came visiting with one of my comfort movies in his hand. It was sweet really and I was so in love with him that I never missed an opportunity to spend time with him. So it was rare for me to have the urge to cancel, but tonight was one of those rare occasions. My neck hurt a lot which resulted into a really bad headache which led to me being in a really shitty mood. I didn't feel like having company at all, afraid I would get so annoyed that I snapped at him for nothing.
So that was the reason why I practiced my “sorry I'm too tired for movie night”-speech for 30 minutes, thinking about what I could say that would not sound rude or hurt his feelings, because I knew how sensitive Spencer could get, especially after a rough case like this one.
30 minutes of overthinking my words just for them to be washed away as soon as he came to my desk to ask if movie night was still on. In all honesty, I could never say no to Spencer, no matter what it was that he was asking of me. So I said yes. And right now I really regretted that decision.
But I pulled myself together, because this was Spencer, my best friend and the person I have been in love with for over a year. And I really didn't want to hurt him, so I tried to act as normal as possible.
“Do you want to eat something? It's not too late to order food and I'm starving”, I asked, a whine escaping me unintentionally. He noticed, of course he did, and him being the sweetheart that he is he tried to make me feel better.
“You know from all fast foods we like to eat pizza takes the least time to arrive because statistically making a pizza in a fast food chain only takes around 9 minutes and if we add the time it takes for the order to get through and the delivery time it will only take approximately 27 minutes for our food to get here, so why don't you take a shower and I’ll call the pizza place and pick out a movie?”
“Are you saying I smell?” I really didn't want to sound annoyed but I can't help it and unfortunately Spencer picks up on it.
“What - No! Of course not. I just know that showering always makes you feel better and since you're not feeling great I thought-”
“Spence, I was kidding.” Lie. “You're right, ordering pizza sounds great and I think I actually do smell so I will take a quick shower. No action movie pls”, I said and smiled up at him quickly before going into my bedroom. He's right, showers always make me feel better, which is the reason I joined him in a little less bad mood after my shower. 
“Feel better?”, he looked up at me with an expression that is so uniquely Spencer that it makes me smile while sitting down next to him on the couch.
“Yes, a lot, thank you.” I watched him as he reached for the remote to start the movie. “Which movie did you pick?”
“Easy A. You told me it's one of your comfort movies a while back and I saw it in your collection.” I sighed.
“I really don't deserve you. Sorry for being in such a bad mood.”
“I'd rather spend time with a moody you than not spend time with you at all”, he said while smiling at me and started the movie.
We were an hour into the movie when I started to shift around uncomfortably. I tried to be subtle because I didn’t want Spencer to notice but it was hard. My neck started to hurt a lot more now that the starving feeling was gone.
“Are you okay?”, he asked while pausing the movie to bring his full attention to me. Something he always does when he thinks I'm unwell. Eliminating every distraction so that he can fully concentrate on me and as sweet as this behaviour of him is, it always makes me very nervous. 
“I’m fine”, I tried to smile in a way that makes him believe me, but that never works. I'm a really good liar and pretender, but no matter how hard I try, he always manages to see through it.
“Does your neck hurt?”, he sat up straight, completely disregarding my lie to look for the truth on my face. I knew further pretending would be a waste of time and nerves which is why I just gave in.
“It does, yes, but it’s fine. I’ll just take some painkillers before I go to sleep.”
“You know, painkillers don’t make it better. They just stop the pain, but if your neck is tense and you just continue ignoring it, it will make it even worse. Do you also have a headache?” I just sighed, which already was answer enough for him. “Where does your head hurt exactly?”
“You know you're not a medical doctor right?”
“Just answer the question, y/n”
“Fine. Here and here”, I pointed at the back of my head and my forehead, rolling my eyes so hard my head hurt even more.
“Pressure or pounding pain?”
“Come here”, he said in a voice that was so soft I almost didn't hear him. He shifted on the couch and crossed his legs while looking at me waiting.
“What?”, I was genuinely confused because I didn't understand what he wanted. He opened his mouth to answer but closed it quickly and instead just grabbed my shoulders to position me the way he wanted. My back turned to him and so close that I was almost sitting on his feet. I was still confused though which was clear in my voice. “What are you doing?”
“I’m gonna try to get the knots out of your neck.” I turned my head to look at him.
“Spence it’s fine, you don’t have to-”
“Shush”, he interrupted me and put his hands on my head to turn it forward again. I wanted to protest more but all of my thoughts left my brain as soon as his fingers touched my neck. Spencer brushed my hair to the side to get better access which made me blush. At that moment I didn't trust myself enough to speak so I just let him do what he wanted. And to be honest, it’s what I wanted too.
His hands started to work over my shoulders first to relieve any tension there before moving to my neck. It hurt a lot when he started to put pressure on it and I winced.
“Sorry, I promise it will feel better once the knots loosen.” His voice was so soft that I almost forgot the pain. And he was right. The pain passed quickly and it started to feel really nice. I slowly relaxed and closed my eyes.
“See? Told you it would help.” I could hear his know-it-all-smile in his voice but I didn’t care. With his fingers working over my neck, his breath on my ear and the pain in my head slowly leaving I was pulled into some sort of haze. That is why I didn’t realize the small sounds of content I made or the way I leaned into him.
When all the tension in my neck and shoulders was gone he stopped and rested his hands on my upper arms.
“Feel better?”, he asked the same question as earlier, only this time I would not have to lie.
“Mhmm”, was the only response I was capable of at that moment and it made him chuckle.
Only then I realized how much I had actually relaxed into him. My back was against his chest and my head resting on his shoulder, my body shook with his. I panicked and wanted to pull away but before I was able to move he sighed and rested his chin on top of my head and his arms circled around me preventing me from moving away.
“You need to take better care of yourself, y/n. Next time something hurts, tell me.”
“Says the guy that would rather die than admit you're not feeling well.”
“I never said I'm a good role model. Because I'm really not.”
“No shit, sherlock.” I laughed and untangled my arms so I could lay my hands on his. The position was really awkward and kind of uncomfortable but I don't think either of us cared in that moment. 
“You know, if you start telling me when you don't feel good I might start doing the same.”
“I’ll try.”
“You promise?”
“Only if you promise.” That made me laugh again. We were both so messed up and not used to opening up about our feelings that neither of us wanted to start, even though we both craved it so much. But someone has to start.
“I promise.”
“I promise too, then.”
“Good.” We continued to sit in that position for a few more minutes until he moved his head to place a kiss on the crown of my head.
“Do you wanna continue the movie?”
“Yes, please.”
We didn't change a lot of our position, we just both turned so we could watch the TV. It didn't take me long to fall asleep then, my head resting on his shoulder and his arms around me. 
From that night on I never contemplated cancelling movie night again, because no matter how bad I was feeling, I knew Spencer would be able to make it better.
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trashytoastboi · 5 months ago
Hi sweetie
You are very wonderful writer in my eyes
I like to request MHA
For : midorya , todoroki , bakugo
Alpha x omega female reader
Grow up version
13. Knotting (NSFW)
Have a great time
Heyya!🍀 Thank you so much for saying so! Hope you enjoy~
(Female Pronouns)
1000 Follower Event!
NSFW Headcanons:v ABO AU! Alpha! Deku (Midoriya Izuku), Alpha! Todoroki , Alpha! Bakugo x F! Omega - #13 Knotting
Warning: NSFW, ABO Dynamics
Tumblr media
Deku (Midoriya Izuku)
🥦Deku isn't a stranger to letting his thoughts run a little wild when it came to his more baser instincts, especially when those lustful thoughts would overcome his mind and seeing his omega, thoughts of knotting her and marking her as his own usually were predominant in his thoughts and was very apparent during his rut when he was more inclined to honesty in regard to these wishes.
🥦Though in his right mind Deku prefers to be careful, err on the side of caution until {Name} being in heat tests even his self control. As it is she intoxicates him with her delectable scent and now hearing her beg so sweetly for him to give her something as naughty as that, trust he is going to flare up with a burning hot blush and an overwhelming urge to make that wish come true.
🥦The logical part of him says he should rather be careful when it comes to something like that, the instinctual side tells him to knot his omega to his heart content and hearing those sweet cries and begs proves to lean him towards his own instincts
🥦“A-Are you sure {Name}? That's a little r-risky while you’re in heat but I can't say no to you~”
🥦Literally the sweetest bean for aftercare, he is honestly too scared to move for a while since the first time it ever happened he got so nervous and moved which was a lot of pain for the both of them, so he generally settles in for a nice little cuddling session, lots of kisses and nuzzling and absolutely loves it when his omega plays with his hair.
🥦🍋Deku bit back a moan, thrusting deeper and watching {Name} throw her head back while desperately grabbing at the various items in her nest, he leaned down to place a gentle kiss on her lips, hands grabbing her hips and angling them more as he felt her tightening around him. His hand held hers lovingly as the feeling grew more intense, “Alpha please~” {Name} whined sweetly for him, pulling her closer as he moaned into her mouth feeling his own release as he pushed deeper into her.
Tumblr media
Todoroki Shoto
❄🔥Honestly very hesitant towards the idea of knotting, while it is a fantasy, he worries about actually doing it as Todoroki has heard that it can be painful to the omega and the idea of hurting {Name} just for some extra gratification and his inner alpha's ego boost didn't seem worth it. The invasive thoughts did come creeping especially in rut, it was the only thing he could think of. Taking his omega on every available surface and knotting them repeatedly.
❄🔥Has very good restraint over himself though, especially when {Name} is in heat and not thinking too clearly as to what she is asking for and he often denies her, making her protest and whine, not knowing just how much restraint he is having to practice. On the other hand, Todoroki can sometimes give into these urges and do anything his pretty omega asks for, since he is weak to her begging and pleading.
❄🔥Still approaches it with caution and as much delicacy as he could possibly producet in such a setting, what Todoroki values in this particular moment is her pleasure and doesn't want to hurt her and will make sure to be very attentive over her.
❄🔥“You want it my love? Yes? I'll give you everything {Name}~”
❄🔥Todoroki always gives a lot of praise after, kisses and gentle caresses he also pays attention to how she is feeling and makes sure they can at least be comfortable for a while afterwards. He also checks in with her a lot, needing a lot of reassurance to make sure he didn't hurt her. A lot of praise from his omega does help to settle his insecurity.
❄🔥🍋Todoroki held {Name} close, peppering her neck with little nips and kisses, groaning as he pushed into her, withdrawing his hips slowly and feeling her tighten every time he grazed a particular spot. “Does it feel good my love?” Todoroki mumbled, interrupted by her moans and seeing her nod, hands trying to pull him closer urging him to move faster. Todoroki buried his head in the crook of her neck, placing lazy kisses as he tried to restrain himself and feeling {Name} come undone beneath him “Please alpha, I want it” {Name} mumbled, Todoroki groaned as his body shuddered and stilled all the while releasing inside of her and making sure to give her exactly what she had asked for.
Tumblr media
Bakugo Katsuki
💥Possessive alpha, wants everyone to know just who {Name} belongs to, and it is not uncommon in leaving marks to show off, those are the more tamer of his habits. The possessiveness and instinct he has with his omega even extends to when they are together, his mind and actions always need her and those delicious thoughts where he thinks of knotting her, seeing that elated and equally exhausted expression on her face haunts his wet dreams.
💥Doesn't need much encouragement, chances are he was going to do it anyway. Early on in the relationship he was a bit reluctant until being given the go ahead by his partner and honestly it's a frequent thing now ever since then. So if {Name} should dare ask while in heat, chances are her request was already going to be fulfilled but hearing her beg does stroke Bakugo's ego quite a bit.
💥The second she starts begging for it Bakugo just grins, urging her to continue begging, he teases her a lot. Asking if she wants it, honestly Bakugo loves riling her up and seeing his omega beg for him. He was fully intending on giving it to {Name} anyway but a little more pleading was actually proving to get Bakugo a little more into it.
💥“You want it 'mega? Fucking beg for it then”
💥Sometimes Bakugo has the bad habit of getting a little too lost in the moment and doesn't have the forethought to choose a more comfortable position, when that happens there is a little readjustment needed for patience and comfort sake. He is very loving to his omega after and makes sure she is taken care of and feeling alright.
💥🍋“K-Katsuki too much!” {Name} moaned as his hips slammed against hers again, a low growl emitted from his throat as he pulled her up towards him, back resting against his chest and his teeth sank into her shoulder, leaving his mark on her skin. “Too much 'mega?” he purrs and slows his thrusts opting for grinding into her slowly, teasingly, and making her whine “You like that yeah?” he chuckles, his hand gripping her waist as he snaps his hips against hers “You want me to knot you?” he growled against her skin, seeing her nod frantically and unable to form any coherent sentence listening to her babbling her pleas and praises as he felt his orgasm coming closer, pinning her down to the bed as his last few harsh thrusts prompted his release, making her mewl in content at the feeling.
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spenciee-reid · 5 months ago
Late Arrival. Spencer Reid x Reader.
Tumblr media
(Not my gif)
Summary: Spencer is coming back home after an out of state case runs long. You fall asleep waiting for him, and when he finally does come home, he sees your outfit and there is no way he can’t wake you up for a proper homecoming.
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Fem!Reader
TW: Brief mentions of masturbation (male and female), sleepy sex?? (I don’t know how to refer to it), calling Spencer daddy (duh), fingering, reader trying to be dom and Spencer teasing, unprotected sex, creampie, a lot of praise kink.
Word Count: 3.2k
A.N: I saw @fics4arainyday​ put that she wanted someone to write this concept, so i did! I hope you like it! Also, I’m bad at ending fics so 😬... sorry! 
link for lingerie I refer to: x 
It had been 3 agonizingly slow weeks since your fiancé had been home.
Being engaged to an FBI profiler wasn’t always easy. The days, even weeks being apart, Spencer coming home at all hours of the night too exhausted to stay awake and spend time with you, missing birthdays, holidays, anniversaries being states away on those occasions.
But in all honesty, you still wouldn’t have it any other way.
Nobody else could make you laugh the way Spencer did. Nobody else could make you think the way Spencer did. Nobody could lovingly annoy the crap out of you the way Spencer did. And most importantly, nobody could fuck you the way Spencer did.
He has been gone for 3 weeks, but the week before he left, there wasn’t a lot of sexy time going on since you were busy with your own job. It was the occasional quickie before having to rush getting ready for work in the morning, a quick mutual masturbation session on a lazy weekend, but no real “wake the neighbors” fuck that you were so desperately craving. Keeping a healthy sex life was important to both of you.
So when you got the call from Spencer that the case was finally over and he would be coming home that same night, you knew it was go time.
You didn’t have much self control when it came to online shopping when Spencer was gone, what else were you supposed to do? The goldfish you two had as a pet wasn’t much company.
So you had treated yourself to a few new pairs of lingerie. Spencer was going to love all of them, but there was one in particular that you knew he was going to lose his mind over. It was baby blue see through with a floral pattern throughout the slip. It left very little to the imagination but that was your favorite part about it. Technically you were supposed to wear some sort of underwear but the slip looked better without it.
You took a hot deep shower and pampered yourself a few hours before you knew he was going to be home, that way you were nice and relaxed and ready for his arrival. You kept your hair simple since Spencer would be pulling at it all night. But you did put some makeup on just to enhance Spencer’s favorite part of your face, your eyes.
The mood of the room was set; the bed was perfectly made, the candle you had given Spencer for a “just because present” called “Bookstore” smelling like mahogany, leather, and coffee; lit on the bedside table. It was meant for him but you enjoyed it much more than him. All that was missing was Spencer.
You looked at the time on your phone, only 10 more minutes before Spencer was due home. You lay on your side of the bed, flipping through tv channels to find something to watch to occupy your time.
Spencer turns the key to turn the car off, he drops his hands from the steering wheel into his lap, letting out a deep sigh. He could have been home over 3 hours ago but the jet back home was having engine issues, so the team had to fly through a regular airport… which meant waiting for a flight.
The case wasn’t particularly a rough one emotionally, it was just long. Spencer missed you like crazy within the first few days of being away. Late night phone calls weren’t the same as physically being with you.
Spencer grabbed his satchel, leaving the rest of his baggage to lug up to the house until tomorrow when he had enough rest. As he’s walking up the driveway he can see the light on from the kitchen, signaling you were awake and waiting on him. He knew how much you hated waiting, so by now he knew you were seething with rage. There was about to be a lot of apologizing he was going to have to do. Spencer unlocks the front door, dropping his bag next to the front door and kicking his shoes off right next to it.
“Babe?” Spencer calls out, removing his jacket and hanging it up on the back of the couch. He listens for an answer, but all he hears is the slight murmur of the tv from your bedroom.
Spencer begins to unbutton his shirt as he walks down the hallway to the blue hue of the tv shadowing onto the floor. He steps into the room, spotting you curled up on top of the comforter fast asleep. Before he could appreciate how adorable you looked, softly snoring, he noticed the little outfit you were wearing. You laid there on your belly, one leg straight while the other bent up on the pillow next to you.
He scans your body through the see through fabric, spotting the lack of underwear on your lower half while your butt was fully exposed to him. You were practically a step away from being naked. He quietly walks over to the bed and touches the hem of the slip and carefully hikes it up your butt, not earning a reaction from you.
Spencer quickly sheds his shirt off and throwing it off to the corner of the room along with his dark slacks, kicking them off quickly. Spencer carefully climbs into the bed behind you, laying on his side and palming himself through his boxers to get himself hard, which really didn’t take much as his eyes rake over your body and his imagination runs wild about all the things he was about to do to you. He hisses as he strokes himself harshly, his cock growing harder every second.
Your body shifts next to him, a low grumble coming from your mouth as you shift in bed onto your side, your ass now completely facing him.
Spencer’s eyes widen seeing you move, he didn’t want to get caught stroking himself less than a few inches from where he wanted to be. He finally scoots closer to your body, resting his hands on your bare hip, your skin a little cold from the lack of bed sheet or clothing on you. He lines himself up with your entrance, slowly slipping in between your folds, not yet sliding in. He rubs the tip of his cock up and down you, finding you were already a bit wet.
Your whole body jumps a loud gasp filling the room which makes Spencer pull himself back. Your head turns quickly behind you to look at Spencer, a little glimmer of fear in your eyes. “What the fuck?” You whisper yell at him.
“I’m home. And I see you left a present for me.” He says, whispering in your ear. “Is this okay?” He asks, his hand moving down your thigh and lifting it slightly for easier access.
“I don’t know. I’m pretty annoyed you were so late. I’m kind of not in the mood anymore.” Your voice was laced with sarcasm as you cocked your eyebrow at Spencer.
He licks his lips, a smirk on his face appearing as he picks up on the little game you’re playing with him. “No? Well I think I have some apologizing to do.” Spencer says, moving the strap of your outfit out of his way, kissing up your shoulder and over to your neck.
Your eyes flutter closed at the feeling of his soft lips pecking at your skin, a low hum coming from deep within your chest.
“You know I missed my girl so much while I was gone.” He says, his hand traveling up the underside of your outfit all the way up your stomach and up to your breasts, kneading one in his large hands as he spoke in your ear. “I missed waking up to you.” Kiss. “Seeing your beautiful face.” Kiss. “Hearing those sexy moans about how good daddy makes you feel when I’m touching you.” Kiss. “And how wet you get without me even trying.” Kiss.
You were putty in his hands, the game of trying to be tough was no longer working, and Spencer was fully aware of it.
His hand leaves your breast and goes back down to between your legs, his fingers running over your inner thighs, intentionally skipping over your core.
You whine as his fingers tickle you, scooting your body back against him. “Spence.” You pathetically whine, taking his hand and leading it to your throbbing middle. You keep your hand on top of his as you feel him play with your slit, feeling all the wetness that was seeping out of you.
“You want me to touch you?” He asks, kissing the spot below your ear.
“Please, baby?” You beg, turning your torso enough to look at him, pouting your bottom lip out ever so slightly.
His fingers part your lips, finding your bud immediately and slowly drawing lazy circles around it. Your body reacts immediately, relaxing against his body as he massages you. Your hand moves back to tangle in his hair, pushing his head closer to yours, your lips meeting for the first time in 3 weeks. His fingers continue to work their magic, as you two heavily make out with one another; his tongue slipping into your mouth and yours into his.
Your body quivers as Spencer drops his fingers down to the pool of wetness between your legs, two of his fingers slipping inside.
You pull back from the kiss, gasping loudly. “Fuck.” Your eyes flicker to his face, your mouth agape.
“It amazes me how tight you are. I’ve been with you for almost 6 years and it’s always so amazing.”
You moan in response, not being able to form words at the moment.
The room is filled with the sounds of the wetness Spencer is drawing out of you and your breathy moans. Your high was coming quicker than anticipated, Spencer could feel it in your body and could see it in your face.
You cling onto his forearm, keeping him in place. Spencer liked to play games like denying you of your orgasms, but you weren’t going to let him this time. Your eyes rolled back in your head as you fought to keep them open but you were far too overstimulated at this point. The knot came undone as you clenched around his fingers, a string of curse words and desperate moans fall from your mouth as you ride your high out.
“That’s it. Good girl.” Spencer coos, still slowly drawing what you have left out as you try to regain your breath. He kisses your cheek and moves his fingers out of you carefully. “Do you want to taste?” He questions.
You roll over onto your back, nodding your head and grabbing his hand, bringing it up to your lips, and letting him slip his middle and ring finger in your mouth. You swirl your tongue around his fingers, sucking on them harshly.
Spencer looks at you in admiration as you look up at him with innocence in your eyes. “I love that I’m the only person that knows how much of a dirty girl you are.”
You open your mouth to let his fingers free, smiling at him. “And I like that I can be your dirty girl.” You say, wrapping your fingers in his curls and bringing his head down to kiss him. “Come here, I want to give you your welcome home celebration.” You say, moving him off of you.
“Normally I’m all for that, but I need to be in you. I’m not going to last long if you use your mouth.”
You sit up on the bed and get up onto your knees, pulling Spencer up to sit up too. You straddle his lap, cupping his face in your hands, rubbing both of your thumbs on his cheek, feeling a bit of stubble in his face. “You look tired, my love.”
Spencer smiles, wrapping his arms around your back, pulling you into his chest. “Not too tired to finish.”
You laugh, kissing him softly. “No? You can go all night? Multiple times?” You teasingly question.
“We can test that theory tomorrow. But right now, we have 3 weeks worth of tension we need to work out.”
“Can I ride you?” You ask.
“Be my guest. I like the view.” He smirks, laying back down against the mattress, his hands gripping both of your thighs.
You get into position, holding his cock steady while you lower yourself down slowly.
Spencer rolls his head back on the pillow, grunting loudly as he feels your tightness around himself. His hands move up your thighs and under your outfit to your hips, gripping them tightly.
You rest your hands on his chest to keep balance, slowly starting to rock your hips against him. Your eyes stay glued to him, watching how his lips were parted and light moans were falling from him. “Do you like that?”
Spencer nods his head, his eyes focusing on your chest bouncing up and down in rhythm of your movements on him. He was trying to focus on anything else in the world to prevent himself from cumming too early.
“Tsk, tsk… words baby.” You tease, scratching his chest with your nails. “You never don’t know what to say.”
“It’s cute when you try to be the one in control.”
“I know I’m cute. You tell me quite often.” You retort with a wide grin.
Your comment earns a laugh from him, playfully rolling his eyes at you. Spencer begins to buck his hips up quickly, taking you by surprise. His fingers move the straps down your shoulders, helping you move your arms out of the straps as you continue to move on top of him. He moves the top half of your outfit down under your chest, his hands like magnets and begins massaging your breasts.
“Fuck, daddy,” You whimper, holding his forearms as he fucks into you. “That’s so good, you’re so good.”
Spencer sits up, letting you take control again. His thumb finds your clit, starting to rub it slowly, his soft brown eyes watching you melt into his touch.
Your eyes roll into the back of your skull, small whimpers leaving your mouth. You lean your body forward and nuzzle your head into Spencer’s neck. You start to kiss his pale skin, raking your teeth against it.
“Mmm, fuck.” Spencer moans out, applying more pressure to your clit as he feels a small pinch on his neck. “You going to cum for me again, pretty girl?”
“Not yet.” You whine in his ear.
“I’m going to move you. I want to fuck you.” Spencer says, moving your body off of his, earning a whine from you as his cock leaves you. “Bend over for daddy.” He says, helping you lay flat on the mattress while your butt is in the air, facing him. “Mmm, you’re so pretty, my girl.” He says in a low voice, both of his hands kneading your ass.
You whine pathetically, pressing yourself against him. “Daddy, please.”
Spencer smiles, grabbing his cock and slowly sliding back inside you. “It’s cute when you try to take control, but even cuter when you’re a whiny mess.” His hand grips the back of your outfit to hold onto as he fucks you from behind. This was his absolute favorite way to have you because of how hard he could slam into you, but the reaction you gave was even better.
Your hand finds his wrist and holds onto it as he  thrusts into your dripping pussy. He could feel how you were coating his cock every time he drew himself back out of you. “I love your cock.” You mutter out.
“This is your cock, baby. You take it so fucking well.” He grunts out, now struggling to keep from exploding. Anytime you fully submitted to him, he was done for.
You had such a strong personality outside of the bedroom that most people wouldn’t believe you were submissive 9 times out of 10.
“Am I your good girl for taking you so well?” You question, looking behind you to look at Spencer with innocent eyes.
His heart and cock fluttered at both your question and your eyes, you always played the innocent card so well. He grabs all of your hair in his hand and gently pulls it back toward him, making you whimper again. “You’re always a good girl for me, my love.” He responds. “Such. A. Good. Girl.” He thrusts into you harshly with each word.
You start to rub your own clit, bringing your second orgasm to the surface for the second time tonight. “You’re going to make me-fuck-me cum. Don’t stop, please don’t stop, daddy.” You were gasping as you spoke, desperate for your release.
“Cum for me, let go my girl.” Spencer says, taking over for your fingers to help bring you to your height. He rubs you quickly, trying not to lose it before you.
Finally you feel your walls clench around his cock, both of you moaning loudly. You moan Spencer’s name along with multiple curse words as he continues to rutt into your sensitive hole.
Spencer pulls out quickly, rubbing himself as he feels his own climax coming to a head.
“No, come back. Put it back in me, please.” You whine, reaching behind you to find Spencer’s cock and lead it back into you.
“You want me to cum in you? You want it inside you?” Spencer groans, seconds away from losing it.
“Please. Cum in me, Spence.” You beg, meeting his thrusts.
Spencer thrusts one last time before he spills himself inside of you, his grip on your hips squeezing as you slowly stop throwing your hips back against him. “Fuck, you’re so good.” He whispers, his eyes shutting as he feels the tip of his cock tingle.
Both of you stay in place as you try to regain your composure. You can already feel your eyes flutter closed, heavy from being tired. Spencer finally pulls out of you, making you hiss and lay flat on the bed.
“Baby, come on, we gotta go clean you up.”
“No.” You whine, closing your eyes again.
“You need to use the bathroom and clean yourself up. We have this conversation every time you’re too tired to get up. Come here, I’ll help you.”
You poke your bottom lip out into a pout as you reluctantly get out of bed, holding Spencer’s hand as you walk into your bathroom together. He helps clean the mess inside you up with a wet towel before leaving you alone to use the toilet.
Once you’re all settled, you walk back into the bedroom, finding Spencer getting the bed ready for both of you to lay down. You wrap your arms around his waist and hug him from behind tightly. Spencer happily hums, reaching behind himself to touch your arm.
“I love you.” You say, giving him a squeeze.
“And I love you.” He says, pulling you around to give you a kiss on the lips. “Do you want to sleep?”
You nod your head, climbing into bed first and getting comfortable right away as you watch Spencer slide in next to you, laying on his side to face you.
You grin ear to ear, kissing his chin. “Hi baby.”
“Hi pretty girl. You good?” He questions, lightly touching your cheek. You lean into his touch and nod. “I’m perfect.”
Spencer brings you into his chest, his fingers rubbing small circles into your shoulder. “Yeah, you are perfect.”
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writeiolite · a year ago
Tumblr media
plot: ukai gets an assistant coach to help him with the workload, but you seem keen on taking a different kind of his load. it doesn’t help that you seem to know something about him, so naturally he wants to figure that out, even if it means diving deep into you....r mind! totally not your pants.
warnings: desk sex, coach kink, dom/sub themes, blowjob, face fucking, cum/spit play, cum eating, deceitful sex?, sexual tension, hint o’ size kink, smol age gap, dumbification? maybe?, girl idk
wc: 8,198
a/n: HELLO @spriteandnicotine​​ AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMMISSIONING ME!! i had lots of fun writing this (as u can fucking tell lmao the fucking .. wc....) so im rly thankful for this comm and for you!! thank u for being my friend and for keeping everyone in haikyuucreations server company ^^ i hope you enjoy reading this and thank you for being you!!
[ ! ]   if you want to use this fic in a reading video (like ASMR or smth), please dm me and get my permission first
. . . ♡ — crossposted to my AO3
Tumblr media
“Hey, Newbie.”
A couple of heads turn, none of which are yours.
“No, not you guys. Her.” Ukai points at you with his pen in hand, but you’re too damn focused on helping Hinata learn how to set that you don’t notice. Why the second-year even needs to know goes over the coach’s head, but you were insistent. “Bring her over here for me.”
The two first years nod and Ukai watches them approach you with a small scowl. As much as he likes having an assistant coach around to help him out, he can’t figure out what it is about you (besides the obvious) that he doesn’t like. There’s something off. You — unlike the new first years — don’t treat him with the same amount of caution. It’s like there’s an extra dose of Chemical X coursing through your veins and making you act out, all too familiar with him and all too knowing of things that you shouldn’t know about.
What exactly is she hiding?
“Need something, Coach?” You’re light on your feet when you approach him, a pep in your step that makes him scowl even more. “You okay?”
“Have some respect, will you? I’m older than you,” he sighs, lips twitching. He needs a cig. “Why are you wasting your time over there? You know we need some fliers out about the upcoming game.”
Your eyebrows lift. “I thought I mentioned earlier Yachi is handling that.” Without any invitation, you lean into his personal space, pretty fingers flipping a page on his clipboard, then another, and another before you stroke up the sheet slowly. “See,” you pause to tap the ink, “I even wrote it down right here for you. You’re not getting that old, are you?”
“No.” He sits up straight and raises his chin. “You just wrote it somewhere less obvious than normal.”
“Oh,” you snicker, “sorry, I’ll make sure to leave it in the normal place next time. Don’t wanna make your hard job any harder.”
A shudder wracks his shoulders and back — did you have to remain so close to him while you said it? Why did you say it like that? It’s not the first time but he still can’t get used to it.
You stand up straight as if nothing happened, hands weaved together behind your back. “Am I good to go now? You know Hinata needs to learn the difficulties of setting so he can be a little more accommodating to Kageyama.”
“I think you need to learn to be a little bit more accommodating to your superiors,” he grumbles.
“What?” You lean in again and hell, he nearly falls off the bench when he leans back.
“Nothing. Just go do whatever it is you need to do, kid.”
With your lips pursed, you shrug your shoulders and scamper off, hopefully not realizing the cold sweat that’s building on his temple. For whatever reason, your perfume smells familiar in the best way, and the last thing he needs is for more than one thing to get hard.
Luckily for him, you don’t pester him any further that day. He ignored the seconds you stared too long and the way you lingered after practice to catch a spare moment with him. He’s glad Yachi ripped you away from the gym and and him before you could enact whatever funny ideas you had.
In short, Keishin does not trust his assistant coach.
Every single practice is another test of his patience. He still remembers when you first started working at Karasuno, wet behind the ears (though, he believes you still are) and using this job to sustain you through college. In all honesty, he doubted you — or anyone, for that matter — could handle a job and school, but you soon proved your determination within the first few weeks of working with him. Showing up on time, even early, and then accompanying the team to dinner and always providing useful strategies. You’d suggest game plans he didn’t think of like you know the ins and outs of the sport and the players.
To be fair, he vaguely remembers you saying you’re the second and third years’ senpai, but he doesn’t listen to anything that comes out of your mouth when it’s not practice time. All because after the first month at his side, things went south.
You must’ve bumped your head. It hadn’t been the first time Ukai walked you home from practice, but it surely was the last. What was once such a harmless notion quickly became something he feared, and that goes for more than walking you home. Call him an idiot but he thought it would be fine to come in for tea. A college girl living by herself in an apartment far from her campus, surely you must get lonely. He didn’t see the harm in it the first time it happened, but that’s only because the foul came after.
One invite for tea turned into two, and the two abruptly turned into Disaster. Maybe he bumped his head because he didn’t understand how the conversation suddenly surrounded his sex life.
“Do you like to be called daddy?” you spoke with a comfortable smirk, “Or since you’re a coach now, do you prefer to be called that?”
Iced tea sputtered between his lips. “Uh, doesn’t matter…” He blinked a few times and thought about it — he liked the dominance with the title, but he didn’t exactly like when his exes called him daddy. But the more the thought about it, he didn’t know why he even answered.
You hummed knowingly with a nod. “I know you pretty well. I’d say you’d like to be called coach because being called daddy by your exes didn’t always get you going, right?”
“You only know me within work,” he bit out, needing to reel the conversation back to holy grounds. It felt bad that you were right-
“Aw, don’t be like that, coach.”
-but it felt even worse that it sounded right coming out of your mouth.
“Can’t punish me for being observant,” you chimed. “Though, you’re the type, right?”
He stiffly shook his head, jaw rigid even when he said your name as a warning. “You have no idea what you’re talking about, so let’s stop here.”
“Oh, I do!” You smiled at him so… purely with eyes so prying. The juxtaposition made him nauseous. “But we can pick this up another day.”
There would not be another day — not if he could help it.
Any hopes he had about this being a one-time thing were diminished when he got to work and you still were playing some sort of mind (and body) game with him. Why does your perfume smell so nice? Why are you dressed up so nicely? Why do you act so nicely and so naughty — and not in the good way?
He didn’t think he’d be so unlucky to find out.
“Hey, Coach-”
A weird chill settles into his bones.
“-did you still want me to run Friday practice?”
Right. He forgot he told the managers that. “Yeah, that’d be great. I’ll still be around in the faculty office if you need me. Just gotta do some errands. And for the rest of you,” he makes burning eye contact with the team, hoping they all get the message, “don’t start thinking you can slack off. I should be back periodically.”
“Yes, sir!”
Good. He trusts them enough to listen, unlike some people. And as if you can fucking hear his thoughts, you flash him a wink, one that he shoots down with a glare before leaving. Technically, you should be following him, but he didn’t have the guts to tell you you’re just as responsible for these small errands and meetings as much as he is. He doesn’t mind shouldering the work if it means getting to escape from your double-edged presence.
You like him — that much is obvious. He’s never had the opportunity to date a coworker (who the hell would when you work in a store owned by your family?) but he’d say he’s not picky. It didn’t seem like a bad idea unless you break up… but he’s not about to risk any of that with you. Someone else (someone normal)? Maybe.
Gone are the good ole days where he showed you the ropes of coaching, now replaced with terror behind those gym doors. He sighs while filing away some papers Takeda left for him, the first stack of many to sort. Hell, shouldn’t this be his job?
“The nerve of these people,” he grumbles, shutting a filing cabinet and going about the next task. There are meetings to coordinate, camps to coordinate, and even bathroom breaks to coordinate — Hinata can’t ride in a bus for more than an hour. Ugh. His work is cut out for him for the next two hours but his head is already pounding.
It doesn’t go by as fast as he’d like even when he’s sauntering from the coach’s desk to the faculty doors and chatting away in the coaches’ conference call. While you may not be the best company, he’s finding himself itching to get back to practice. Not a moment more and he’s walking back to the gym. Just for a peek.
He can hear Tanaka yelling before he even pokes his head in, prompting him to mute his mic on the call. Just cracking the door open to make sure nothing is on fire and he already feels better. It’s just another practice as usu-
Dammit. He pretends he doesn’t hear — stupid choice, frankly — and moves his gaze aside. If he thought Yachi giving him away was bad, he obviously didn’t account for what would happen when he looks right at you. You’re staring back at him curiously and it looks like you might get up right when he hears his name being mentioned in the phone call.
He darts back down the walkway to the faculty office, unmuting himself and finishing his tasks for the day. By the time you go to follow him, he’s already gone and decided on coming back another time.
If only it were that easy every day.
The next practice is the same as the others — loud voices, cigarette breaks when you get too close, practicing receives, and on and on… The practice after that is the same, though, you started offering him his favorite brand of cigarettes — one that he hasn’t bought in a while but never forgets nonetheless.
He narrows his eyes at you.
“I know you don’t smoke.”
You nod and wiggle the box in front of him to encourage him to take one. “Your break is in a few minutes, right?”
Of course, you took note of when he started going on breaks. What kind of person would you be if you didn’t? One that isn’t weirdly crushing with him? If only.
“I’ll pass,” he grunts, facing forward again to watch the scrimmage match. Takeda glances at the two of you oddly but doesn’t say anything. Damn him, it’d be nice if he would play savior for a moment and give you something to do.
“C’mon, these are the ones you like, right?” You set the box in his lap, your hand lingering there for far too long. Sure, you’re not touching him, but you’re touching the box and it’s touching him. That’s just way too fucking close.
He tenses his jaw, biting back whatever end-of-the-line insults he may have. “Really.”
“Aw…” He can see you slump beside him and he’s caught between victory and guilt. Yes, guilt, because that time you sounded genuinely upset, and it goes down like bitter, faux-cherry-flavored medicine.
Taking a patient breath (saints should laud him), he pushes your hand off the box, slides a stick out, and slaps the little square back into your palm. He keeps his eyes locked on the net, convinced that if he doesn’t look at you then he won’t feel that bad.
“I knew I didn’t forget,” you mutter under your breath. It’s probably a sentence he wasn’t supposed to hear, but he did. He heard the sly smile with it too.
“Huh?” He doesn’t just look at you now, he glowers.
Maybe fear tactics will work on you.
“Hm? Oh!” You reach into your bag and pull out a lighter before leaning into him like always. “Want me to get it for-”
Nope, guess not.
“I’m taking a break,” he grumbles to Takeda, zipping across the wooden floor before things could get worse.
He should definitely say something to you. Something more direct than what he told you over tea, but what exactly would work with a lovesick girl? “You’re pretty but I’m not into you?” “I think you have a great personality but I’m not interested?”
When he sighs out the smoke, he’s disappointed that his troubles don’t go with it. Who the hell is he kidding? You’re more than pretty, your personality is more than great, the only thing “wrong” is that you’re coming off too strong before he can have a chance to get to know you how he wants. No, that sounds weird. He just wants to know what you’re hiding.
The familiar cigarette between his fingers brings back memories of an ex he had a few years ago — she always bought these for him and after they broke up he didn’t have the heart to switch to another brand for another few months. Still, he comes back to them, the comfort they bring always soothing him down when he’s stressed. It’s odd that you would mention “not forgetting” about them.
An inhale and then another sigh.
He’ll just confront you. Ask you what you know and why you’re so terribly familiar with him. And if you don’t tell him then would it be so bad to dangle a first date over your head? Probably. But it wouldn’t be the worst thing he’s done to a girl… He’d explore puppy love with you if he knew whatever secret it was you were hiding.
So it’s decided. He grinds the bud under his toe with resolve and all but marches back into the gym, planting himself beside you on the bench. While his plan is somewhat formed, he didn’t exactly know when he’d ask you about it. Maybe after pra- no, he doesn’t need another tea mishap.
“That’s it for today,” you call while standing up. Keishin’s eyebrows scrunch together as he looks between you and his watch. He didn’t think he took that long on his break. “Our practice match with Seijoh is next week so for the rest of this week we’ll just keep drilling this stuff in.” You look down your shoulder at him, waiting for any elaboration he can add.
“Right. So tomorrow…”
The rest isn’t important. Well, it is, but he could do that in his sleep. It’s all part of the routine he built up anyway, but asking you to share your secrets is taking a bit more precedence in his mind at the moment.
But he’s a grown man. He can get through another practice or two without pestering you (take notes, damn kid) and settle for the weekend. Each day passes and he nearly forgets to ask you on Friday, especially when he has yet another day filled with errands.
“Hey.” You look up from the clipboard in your lap. “I have stuff to do in the faculty office for us both to work on.”
In all honesty, he was expecting you to jump at the idea. He knows how you operate — you’d probably jump his bones if it weren’t for Takeda being around every practice. But much to his dismay (damn, is he really upset by it?) you don’t bite.
“The managers aren’t here today, Coach,” you pout. “One of us has to stay and help Takeda on Fridays.”
Blinking, he looks around the room to see that you’re right. He didn’t realize they were gone, so tunneled in on getting a chance to spill his questions to you that he didn’t bother seeing who was even present. Just his luck. “Right, don’t worry ‘bout it, I’ll handle it.”
“Oo, so manly,” you coo, licking your lips while still looking up at him from your seat. He barely sees Takeda pale in the corner of his eye, but he’s almost lost in the sight of you so low in front of him, at a very, very ironic height considering your consistently inappropriate attitude.
He almost has the mind to grab your head and-
“Shut up, will you?” He stalks off grumbling about your poor manners loud enough for you to hear. Just as he’s halfway out of the door — nearly getting plowed over by Kageyama and Hinata racing — he announces his departure to the team. “I’ll be back every now and then like usual.”
The new coaching system really is a pain in his neck. Weekly meetings and errands every Friday? It just seems like more busy work now that he’s actually getting paid to be a coach instead of volunteering after being haggled by his friend.
Whatever. The sooner he gets this all over with, the sooner he can get back to you and figure you the hell out. Flirting with him in public isn’t new, but it’d be great if you would tone it down some. He’ll have to bring that up to you later.
Except later never comes. The sun is barely on its last leg and he’s just the same by the time he finishes all that he needs to do. Again, why the hell isn’t this Takeda’s job?! He’s out of breath by the time he lugs himself back into the gym, finally here to stay rather than just peering in. Much to his surprise, it’s empty except for the aforementioned young man.
“Oh, Coach Ukai!” He jogs over, stepping around him and locking the door. “Practice ended early.”
“And whose call was that?” His eyebrow twitches in irritation.
Takeda gives him a pointed look that makes him gulp. That’s an answer in itself. The two of them saunter away from the school with the sunset basking over them. Besides the wind blowing, Keishin swears he hears the sound of the third years yelling off in the distance.
“By the way… What’s going on with you two?”
If only he had a cigarette to keep his mouth too busy to answer. “What are you talking about?”
“I-I don’t mean to intrude but I just didn’t realize you guys were dating.”
Nope, good thing he doesn’t have a cigarette — he would’ve choked. “We’re not dating…”
Takeda’s steps falter, staring at the younger man hard for him to continue his sentence. “…Yet?”
“Tch,” he dramatically shrugs his shoulders, the movement so large he does it with his arms too. “I don’t know. I need to talk to her about how she’s acting around me.”
“She definitely seems… fond of you.”
Fond is only the nice way to put it — they’ve both seen and heard your shameless acts. If only Takeda knew what you were actually capable of and how much it actually gets to the coach.
“Yeah, I know, but I’m sure it’s just a little crush. I was going to talk to her after practice today but she’s already gone.”
Takeda begins laughing as his steps pick up again. “She actually left early because I mentioned you might leave straight from the faculty office. She wanted to give you something, apparently.”
The lines in Keishin’s forehead appear from his confusion, walking alongside the other man. It’s definitely just a little girl crush. He’ll set you straight soon. “I’ll talk to her.”
“Completely unrelated… I can handle practice next Friday, by the way.”
He can’t tell if he’s grateful to be set up — would he say wing manned? — or dreading it, but his heart is racing all the same. The countdown to next Friday starts ticking with each of his steps home, each cigarette on Saturday, each customer on Sunday, and each bounce of the ball at practices on Monday through Thursday. The mental stopwatch was driving him mad.
The first thing he notices when he walks into the gym is that your skirt is way too fucking short. Be a doll and cut him some slack, won’t you? Somehow you know everything he likes and it’s killing him… But the next thing he notices when he walks into the gym is that Takeda is staring at him staring at you. The older man snickers before turning away, Keishin flushing up in pure embarrassment. He does not have a thing for you like that.
“Hey, guys.” Everyone looks over at Takeda, even you who was bending over to get something out of your bag. “Let’s get practice started so Coach Ukai can focus on his Friday errands.”
Loudly, everyone agrees, and just as Keishin is just about to approach you, Yachi gets to you first, diving deep into a conversation that he doesn’t care about. Dammit, he just wants to get this over with already — what’s it gonna take for a man to have a talk with his assistant coach around here about her crush on him?
He calls your name, hoping he can at least motion for you to follow him to the faculty office. Whatever Yachi is talking about must be monumentally important. It better earn her a Nobel Peace Prize because you actually hold your finger up to him and don’t bother looking. Just a minute. He grinds his teeth and walks off.
Whatever. He’ll play your game and get cornered by you and then he’ll ask. Hell, why does he even want to know that bad? It’s not like he actually wants to date you or something. The toe of his sneaker scuffs against the tile when he comes to a stop.
He doesn’t… Yeah, he doesn’t want to. He’s not into kids who are eager to tease and eager to please like you. Too much energy and not enough…
He purses his lips in thought while sorting through the newest stack of papers.
Not enough… what? C’mon, Keishin, there’s gotta be something little ole you is lacking.
His chest expands from the huge breath he takes in, all his troubles filling him up and taking root even when he exhales. You’re just too interesting for him to not think about — that’s all. And not in a good way, of course. He’s beginning to think about you way too much at this point; he can smell that damn perfume again like it’s ingrained into his memories.
Oh, and your voice too, huh?
He glares at the paper in front of him, his back still facing the door.
“And here I thought I was imagining things,” he grumbles, turning around and dropping the sheet on the desk. It’s only now that he realizes he was reading it upside-down anyway. “What is it?”
You cock your head. “I dunno, Takeda told me you needed me here. Did I interrupt your daydreams?” That coy smile is playing on your pink lips — he can fucking see it.
“No,” he grunts while crossing his arms, “I’m working — something you should be doing too.”
Now the smile breaks out across your face. “I’m a hard worker, Coach. Want me to prove it?” You saunter forward, the only distance between the two of you being half a foot and a row of old desks.
“Yeah,” he starts, “you can do these strategy papers while you tell me why you act so suspicious around me.” He needs to busy you with something so that he can have the upper hand here. The small stack of papers needing to be filled in is perfect. You, being you, run your finger down the first sheet while locking eyes with him through your lashes.
“What are you talking about? You don’t like when I give you special treatment?”
Is that what you call it when you have him fleeing Karasuno? “It’s not about me, it’s about you,” he pushes.
Your eyes light up. “I’ll tell you if you do me a small favor.”
He knew this was a bad idea.
“I wanted to prove that I would be better than your ex-girlfriends at everything when it comes to you, so will you tell me if I was even a little bit successful?”
Yep, a bad idea indeed. If this was anyone else asking this question then maybe he’d just be put off, but instead, he’s put off by his own arousal. Why the hell are you looking at him like some unaware little girl that needs guidance and validation? What went through your head to make you look up at him with so much vulnerability that he would feel guilty if he told you anything bad? You flipped that switch in him that wants to help his juniors — the part of him that makes him a good coach but a morally terrible senior. He feels bad enough as it is — he really thought he was just having a moment of weakness by being slightly attracted to you — but now he’s left wondering if there’s a double meaning being the look you’re giving him. Knowing you, there probably hopefully is.
The silence between the two of you feels like it’s on fire, but it’s not burning away into nothing any time soon. He had hoped that maybe if he stared at you hard enough then you’d laugh it all off, but instead your lip fucking quivers and you drop your gaze. God, what’s he done now?
The breath he was holding huffs out bitterly. He’s in trouble. “How am I supposed to say no to that?” The words are muttered out half-heartedly with his hand rubbing the back of his neck. Still, your face doesn’t light up like before.
“C’mon, don’t look like that. I don’t know why you like me, but if you’re that concerned over being better than my exes then you should’ve just gotten to know me like normal. Y’know, asking me on a date and stuff. You were bold enough to ask much worse things than that.”
He doesn’t see your lips twitch in amusement, only your eyebrows furrowing more as if you’re still troubled by your own shortcomings. “So I was wrong, huh?”
He shakes his head almost instantly. The last thing he needs is for you to break out the waterworks or something. Now is probably the best time for him to be honest with you and himself. “Only a little. But I’ll level with you: I think there’s a chance for us if we go about it the right way. No weird tactics or secrets or anything like that.”
Another sigh leaves him and finally, he can feel a little bit of the weight on his shoulders ease up. It’s like he can let his guard down just a little. “I didn’t realize you just wanted to prove yourself to me this whole time, sheesh. You shoulda just said that and I’d’ve dropped some hints or something to make it bearable for us both.”
Finally, you perk up for him again, that pretty look in your eyes like he handed you a million dollars or something better. “Does that mean I had a chance this whole time?”
“A chance?” He laughs. “Kid, you cornered me in your living room asking me about my coach kink. I don’t think that has anything to do with chances.”
You deflate again.
“W-wait, wait.” He waves his hands in front of him, really hoping he can take that back. Not just because he doesn’t want to see you upset — he’s never seen you upset — but because he doesn’t want you to know that yes, he does have a coach kink now thanks to you. “I didn’t… mean it like that…? Ugh, just-” he snaps his fingers once and points at the desk “-come here.”
With confusion written across your forehead you walk around and sit where he pointed, your motions natural, he notes.
“Good, just like that. See? You’re already doing better than any girl I’ve been with in the past.” He watches you smile and his guilt almost goes away. Some part of him knows he should feel bad for taking advantage of your insecurities like this, but another part of him knows you wanted him to praise you even if it’s fucked up. He’s not the best person out there, but he’s the person you want, right? And if you really know him as well as you pretend then you’d already know that he’s not the type to shy away from underhanded tactics. You aren’t either, he knows that much.
His hands steady themselves on your shoulders, warm eyes boring into yours before the heat of his palms journeys down past your waist thighs right to your knees, spreading your legs for him to stand between them.
“Is this okay?” he asks, trying to salvage some semblance of normalcy. This isn’t even his or Takeda’s desk, but he guesses it’s as good as any. “Honestly, you’re really good looking, so you don’t have to worry about any of that stuff.” He begins to familiarize himself with your legs. “And even though you were a bit too forward it still worked to some extent. This is a one-time thing, though.”
“Just for today?” It seems you’ve finally found your voice and it holds a bit more of that confidence he’s familiar with. Of course, you’d be greedy and expect more than just today.
“You’re lucky I’m doing anything at all,” he points out with narrowed eyes, hands squeezing your bare thighs for good measure. Your knees close around him slightly. “I thought you had something to prove here.”
You tilt your chin up. “I do, but I can’t do much when you’ve got me on the desk like this.”
“Yeah?” He breathes a laugh and catches that defiant little chin in his grip while leaning in. “Would you rather be on your knees?”
He’s expecting a no. He’s always suspected you had a bratty side, or maybe that’s just his dick talking, but you definitely like to give him a hard time. This is certainly fun — coaxing you into giving him what he wants — and it’s even more fun when you pleasantly betray his expectations.
“Yes, please.” There’s that cursed look again: gleaming irises through thick lashes atop cute little cherry cheeks he wants to eat right up — the complete package. He’s starting to wonder just how indecent he really is when he gives you the space you need to settle between his legs on the ground.
Very, is the answer. Decency is the last thing in the room when his hand pets over your head gently. Your own are smoothing over his thighs, up and up so you can pull down his track pants and reveal the aching tent hiding behind them. And if decency comes last then degeneracy comes first, because something compels him to yank you forward by your hair and rub your cheek and nose against his cock, a hiss of pleasure slipping past his clenched teeth. Pleasure and relief. He didn’t realize that the only thing better than a million dollars would be feeling his assistant coach breathe deeply over his hard-on, but he sure was needing it.
And then he realizes that you’re breathing him in like your life depends on it, hands balled up around the material above his knees. You really are a naughty little girl — you wanted this just as bad and that only rings one happy alarm for him.
He doesn’t have to worry about going too far or holding back. “You’re asking for it; breathing all over me like that,” he laughs out softly, taking gooood care to guide your face up and down the heat in his crotch. You hum in approval, eyes closed in bliss and lips parting to take another breath in. “Fuck, be good and suck me off. You look like you want to, is that right?”
“Yes, Coach,” you practically sing, and you paw at his thighs while licking your lips just for him, a sight he’s seen so many times and now he can finally see it underneath him for real.
He lets go of your hair so you can straighten up enough to get busy, your hands pulling his briefs off like it’s another part of your job. Hard worker indeed, with your legs folded under you and pretty fingers running up the length of each vein like he’s seen you do with countless papers beforehand. He’s only half hard when you start, but by the time you look up at him and glide the leaking tip across your lips he’s aching. Seeing you with lipgloss after this won’t ever be the same.
You take just the head into your mouth, keeping your eyes on him for reassurance while you suckle softly. His big hand on your head is a tacit sign for you to take more even if he isn’t pushing you forward. You want to — you want to taste more of the liquid pleasure smeared on your lips and want to hear what sounds he would make. His eyebrows are pulled together sternly, but it only encourages you to take him further, tongue flat and laving over the bottom of his shaft and catching on the glans when you pull up. He twitches at the feeling and the cool air of the room, his fingers digging into your scalp just slightly.
“Am I doing well, Coach?” You ask with a honeyed voice and caramel glazed eyes. You look like you’d taste sweeter than you sound.
“Keep going and then I’ll tell you.” He pushes you onto his length how he wants, not wasting another second. The feeling of your cheeks suctioned around him is too good to pass up — he’s been needing this more than he knew. “Yeah, just like that. C’mon, you’re already taking me so much deeper than anyone else. You can do more, right?”
Your eyes water when the tip of his cock barely brushes against your throat, retreating just as fast, but it’s a hint of what he wants. He growls your name out as a low warning when you don’t take him in any deeper on your own. “Do you want me to do it for you? I don’t mind showing you how to pleasure a man.”
He buries your nose in his crotch anyway — if it was a no then he doesn’t care right now, and the way your eyes fall shut with those desperate gags for air filling the space between you… You’re an angel that will definitely be his undoing. The sight is too good, prompting him to do it again and again until he’s fucking your seizing throat, feeling the tight suction it provides every time he slips a few inches past your comfort zone. It feels so fucking amazing.
“You’re so good at this, princess,” he praises, almost cooing the words over the obscene sounds falling from your lips. His thighs tense when he sees your lashes clumping together with unshed tears. “Fuck, if we keep going then I’ll cum down your throat. You know how long it’s been since I could cum just from a blow job? You’re setting the standard pretty damn high already.”
As if your little moans of pleasure weren’t enough of a sign, you start clenching your thighs together, rubbing them while he uses your mouth and throat as a cocksleeve. Of course, you’d get off on this. He knew he got fucking lucky with you. Who cares if you’re hiding some weird secret when you’re this desperate to have any hole stuffed; he’s happy to be the one doing the stuffing.
“You want me to cum in your mouth, is that it?” He hisses in appreciation when you suck harder, the sloppy action losing its grip with his relentless motions. You’re a champ for trying when he’s this brutal — his exes usually just let him do what he wants but it was rare he got to fuck their faces and rarer they did anything else besides sit there. Of all people, he didn’t think you’d be the one trying your damned hardest to make him blow his load before the actual sex. Maybe you deserve a treat.
He blinks away the sweat in his eye, taking you in for a spare moment: shiny lips wrapped tight around his cock and eyes brimmed with tears but locked on him nonetheless, burning with determination and begging with desperation. You crave him at the same time that you’re daring him to give in. You deserve a treat.
His balls slap against your chin just a few more times, letting him relish in your slurpy gagging once more before he pulls out to just the tip. In perfect, almost needy synchronization, you swirl your tongue around him, ending the motion right over the hole now spurting pulse after pulse of white, gooey goodness into your mouth. You coax him on with the devilish muscle, and he nearly has half the mind to fuck your face again for good measure, the fingers of both hands twitching in your hair at the thought. It’d be nice to fuck his cum down your throat. Maybe another time.
“Don’t swallow,” he breathes, pulling out and tilting your head back. “Open.” Sure, he just came all in your mouth — that much is obvious — but the sight of it all tends to the embers in his stomach, blowing the flames alive once more. He trails his hands down to cup your cheeks, reassuring thumbs swiping away at any stray tears with so much tenderness in comparison to his previous animalistic actions. And as if to drown them out completely, he spits right into your mouth, thumbs stroking over your heated cheeks all the while.
“Good girl.” He steps back and snaps his fingers again, and this time you don’t have to see him pointing to bend over the papers. “Don’t spill any or else you’ll be writing on messy papers,” he mentions casually, running those fingers down your panty-wedged slit. You’re wet alright, pushing back into him like you knew he wanted to tease the little camel toe and darkening spot. Yet another thing he’d have to ask you about, but he settles for pulling your panties down under your skirt. There’s a brief pause to admire the swell of your ass; he really lucked out. “But I know a hard worker like you wouldn’t do that.”
His voice is almost patronizing, almost as if he knows you the way you know him. He doesn’t miss the throb between your legs while he’s bent down behind you, but he’s not going to waste another second. Your cunt matches the rest of you — wet, messy, begging for attention, and probably just as deceitful with secrets deep inside.
Don’t mind if I do… He flips the back of your skirt up and gives your ass a squeeze, almost out of courtesy. As if there’s any shred of decency left in him when he came and spat in his lovesick assistant coach’s mouth and now has her bent over for him on some poor teacher’s desk. The least he can do is warn cute little you right before he shoves his hard, fat cock into you.
Just because he’s nice like that.
“Would it be cruel if I made you beg right now? That’s what the other girls did.” It was cruel for him to add on that last line and he knows it. “You can do that for me, right? You’re pretty helpful already, sucking me off like that.”
“Huh?” He leans over you as if you spoke just fine and he merely missed the words. “Speak-” he pushes the first three inches in without warning “-up.”
You squeeze your eyes shut, feet stretching to put you on your tiptoes for him.
“C’mon, you’re really gonna be a brat and not answer me now?” He draws his hips back. “Tell me you’re gonna be good and let your coach fuck you with his cum in your mouth.”
“I hohua ee-”
The head of his cock smashes against your cervix with the right amount of pressure to make you see stars and a pleasing splat is heard in the room.
“Tch, now look at what you did. Don’t play with your food.” His words are tight though a clenched jaw, hips slapping against your ass quicker than he was fucking your face earlier. The following thrusts aren’t as deep as the first, but he doesn’t need to push the two of you so far to feel good. Your cunt is just like the rest of you, it turns out, and he’s addicted all the same. It feels even better when he hears the drippy slurping sounds coming from your mouth, a desperate attempt to keep yourself from drooling cum and spit over the already ruined papers.
He grins. “You’re getting paid to be fucked by your coach and you let yourself make a mess. I didn’t even get paid my first year as coach, you know that?” His thrusts get a little bit harsher with his tone as if to let his frustrations out on you. Maybe this is just what he needed — this pussy definitely makes every moment of his job worth it.
He can hear your little muffled whines through the watery puddle in your mouth just as well as he can hear the wet clicking from your pussy being slammed by him. If you’re trying to be quiet, you’re not doing a very good job of it. Or maybe he’s fucking you that hard — showing you how he really likes to be pleased and how you can really do a good job for him. Proving your worth isn’t that hard, huh? Not when you’ll so easily bend over for him with little effort on his end. The sack thumping against your clit tightens at the same time that you pulse around him fervently. He deepens his thrusts to get right where it feels best.
For the first time that afternoon, he groans loud, earning another virginal squeeze. “You cumming already?”
Like a good little girl, you nod. You wouldn’t lie to your coach.
He grazes over another spot in you — you seem to have a lot — that makes your back arch and a sharp mmph! leave your sealed lips. The suction around him gets even tighter, your womb sucking on the tip of his cock just like you were earlier. “Oh, I definitely did something there, huh? You’re making me feel so damn good, princess.”
Another splat and he doesn’t bother to hold back the grin on his face, getting liberal with the noises he lets out. Each groan is steamy, and he can feel your reaction to them. If he wasn’t holding your hips still then there’s no doubt in his mind that you’d be fucking yourself back onto him — you just seem that eager. And luckily he’s no different. Every time he buries himself deep into you he can feel that same little kiss you give the sensitive head of his cock, reminding him of how your tongue played with him moments before. “This body of yours sure does know me well,” he moans, and he doesn’t have to add on that your slutty little cunt is just like your slutty little mouth: desperate for him to fill you up so he can claim you in the most deplorable way.
It’s like you know he wants to cum in you again and you’re sucking him in that much more, making it hard for him to pull out. His fingers hurt from how hard they’re holding the bones of your hips, but the wet heat feels so good and your little moans are pushing him far past sanity.
“You wanna be better than the others, right?” You whine a soaked yes that has more pre slipping from the slit snuggly pushed against your cervix with each aching thrust. “Then let me cum in you. You’ll do that, right?”
He thought he knew you well enough that you’d say yes again, but he underestimated you. Your body begs for it before your mouth can, pussy clamping around him to trap him inside and hips trying to twitch back to meet the piston he’s created. He shouldn’t have expected any less from his little assistant coach — he was the one who trained you after all.
It’s sinful, absolutely a bad idea in every sense of the words but it’s a good feeling when he shoots his vile seed into you, grunts and moans of your name falling from his lips as you cream around him. His pelvis doesn’t stop rocking against you, displacing the mess between your legs that didn’t get deposited into your needy womb, only to cake up on the front of his thighs. The sweat on his brow does nothing to cool him in the heat of the room, steaming breaths from each of you filling the air. He barely manages to pull his fingers out of the indents he left before you’re whining again.
“You okay?” He leans forward and kisses the top of your head, leaving another for good measure while he eases his way out of you. Another whine and he’s soothing a hand up your back. “What’s wrong?”
Then he hears that familiar splat, only this time it’s from between your legs and he can’t help but smirk. “Right, I almost forgot…” He pulls your head back by your hair, taking in your blown out, half-lidded eyes and gaping mouth, chin running with cum, spit, and anything else that would be deemed the complete opposite of holy water. He watches your little pink tongue twitch in it all, teasing him. He definitely wants to fuck his cum down your throat. “Let me see you swallow, princess.”
Boy, do you make a show of it. He swears you must have heard him say it before because you roll your tongue through it all just how he likes it before trailing the tip of the little muscle over your upper lip and gulping. He almost loses the grip in your hair — the only thing holding you both together — when you loll your tongue out, showing off your hard work. Fuck you. Damn him, he really wants to fuck you again.
He unweaves his fingers from your hair, stroking over the frizzed strands and keeping his weight off of you with the other hand on the desk. It’s too warm but he doesn’t want to part from you on some tacit instinctual level. You look up at him so pretty too, mascara along your eyes bleeding like watercolors into the dewy sweat and the rest of your all too erotic expression. You only pull your tongue back in to smile up at him, angelically, as ironic as that is.
“You did good — really good,” he murmurs, one last kiss on your hairline. It shouldn’t feel so natural, but his lips are drawn to you right now. Maybe it’s just the post-sex high. Doing things out of order is okay too… God, his head is spinning. “Best sex I’ve had in… maybe ever.”
“Thank you,” you breathe dreamily, resting your head on your arms now. “I can’t wait to tell my sister about this.”
“Hm?” His hand squeezes at the junction where your shoulder and neck meet, massaging any knots away and keeping as much soft contact as possible. This is fine, right? He still needs to ask you about the way you’re acting, but he can spare you some affections and a little lip service without crossing any lines (whatever lines are left). “You guys close or something? That’s cute.” He leaves another kiss on your head. He doesn’t know what your limits are, but hopefully, he can soothe you just enough.
“No, but I know she’d lose her shit when she finds out I fucked her ex-boyfriend better than she ever could.”
Smug. That devilish smug tone and smirk you usually have are back and he isn’t sure if he missed it or not. Now his head is spinning for different reasons — the cigarettes, the perfume, the skirt… They aren’t yours.
Fuck you.
Fuck him because he doesn’t feel as mad as he should — he’s relieved, all the mysteries falling into place. He didn’t even know she had a little sister (or any siblings for that matter), but… If you guys aren’t close then-
“That makes sense,” he sighs, defeated yet glad. He really did underestimate you but now it’s like he can almost breathe again. “Wait.” He stands up straight, eyes narrowed and heart racing. “Then you don’t actually have a crush on me?”
You face him and smile. “I didn’t say that, Coach.”
And you’d never lie to your coach.
Tumblr media
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katslutski · 7 months ago
Toys Aren’t People
“Guess I gotta explain this again to your empty fuckin’ head: You’re not even a girl. You know that, right?” Katsuki pushes his fingers farther until you gag, barely withdrawing them while he presses down on your tongue.  His hand hooks in the side of your mouth, pulling your head back and forth in a forced nod. “You’re a toy. ’S your purpose.”
cw: heavy degradation, dumbification, objectification, worship
“Fuckin’ useless.”
Katsuki rolls his eyes when he lightly slaps your cheek, trying to make you focus on anything other than his cock. Not like it’ll work. He doesn’t know when you stopped forming coherent sentences but he certainly won’t let you get back to that state any time soon. He prefers how you stutter out one-syllable words instead.
“You’re pathetic. You know that, right? You’re literally addicted to my cock — aren’t you ashamed?” If you could articulate anything at the moment, you wouldn’t characterize whatever is going on in your brain as thought. Thinking is for people and Katsuki made it very clear that you aren’t a person. Fucktoys don’t need to think. “Haven’t even put it in you and you’re flooding the sheets.” His scoff oozes disappointment. “Disgusting.”
You shouldn’t clench when he talks like this and you shouldn’t try to buck your hips out of his immovable hands. You certainly shouldn’t nod in agreement just because you’re desperate for any scrap of his validation. But an addict doesn’t care about should.
“‘M sorry, ‘m — fuck — disgusting,” you moan. His cock rests on top of your clit, as it has for what might be eternity, every once in a while fucking himself between the lips of your cunt. Katsuki nods at your honesty, waits for you to continue. “An- and pathetic. Just wanna… wanna feel you all the time and — mmf — always, always need you.”
You keen but his sturdy build forces your back onto the mattress again. Your glassy eyes manage to pinpoint the only thing that matters: the man who straddles your thighs with a relaxed hand around his cock. You can’t help but think he looks like a God.
“God? Is that what you just fuckin’ called me?” Did you say that out loud? “I always tell myself that you can’t stoop any lower and yet you still manage to surprise me, slut.”
Katsuki rewards your devotion with a harsh slap to your clit and the obscene splash of your wetness echoes through the room.
Katsuki gives you the treatment, the debasement, you crave. It’s a comfort to forfeit responsibility and accountability for the price of someone else’s total control. It’s why you nod and pant and drool when he says you’re so leaky that you don’t deserve to use furniture. Maybe you shouldn’t moan when he fucks you from behind, one foot pressed against your face, but Katsuki makes you feel so damn good that you can’t help yourself. Arousal leads to objectification which leads to utter ruin and the cycle repeats. It’s as necessary to you as oxygen.
As much as he hates to admit it, Katsuki is addicted to you too. When he was a hotheaded kid, he got his kicks from pushing around idiots like Deku. When he was at UA, it was competition that fed his spirit. Now, he’s seen as the best of the best and the only thing to properly feed his power complex nowadays is your complete and utter submission. There’s no one who eagerly debases themselves like you do — salivating at the thought of a brutal throat-fucking and clawing at his pant leg for the privilege of licking his soot-covered boots and crying when it’s been more than a day since he’s spit in your open mouth.
There’s no one else who can make him feel like this.
“Isn’t it so nice to be my fucktoy? You’re so much better like this, no thoughts or opinions. Just needy and wet and starving for my cock.” Most men would be too weak to hold out this long but Katsuki isn’t like most men. He can spend hours torturing you, days mocking and teasing and belittling you for as long as you’re conscious. Pressing the head of his cock against your clit while you drool all over yourself is almost as satisfying as wrecking you from the inside out.
He falls silent again, entranced by how your hole clenches around nothing, how it oozes slick with every twitch — a testament to your lack of self control. Katsuki wants to push your further, to hear you treat yourself like an object for his pleasure.
“Love… Love being your fuck — ah — your fucktoy.” Do you even realize how much drool is spilling out of your open mouth? Probably not. “Just wanna, wanna serve you, wanna be good.”
His genuine laugh is almost too much for you to take. Katsuki is known for his stoicism but when he towers over you you like this, he can’t help but crack up at your inane pleas.
“Oh, you wanna be good?” His face is amused, like you told him the funniest joke he’s ever heard. His hand leaves his cock to clutch his stomach as he snickers at your pitiful face. “That train’s long gone, sweetheart.” You open your mouth but he sticks three fingers down your throat. “Good girls don’t act like this, don’t you know that?”
Good girls don’t act like this. He’s told you that before. Good girls don’t present themselves with their asscheeks spread. Good girls don’t thank Katsuki when he cums on their face, certainly not when it’s been days since he granted permission for an orgasm. Good girls don’t call in sick just because their boyfriend told them to stay home and edge for eight hours straight.
Good girls don’t do those things. But it’s natural for you.
“Guess I gotta explain this again to your empty fuckin’ head: You’re not even a girl. You know that, right?” Katsuki pushes his fingers farther until you gag, barely withdrawing them while he presses down on your tongue.  His hand hooks in the side of your mouth, pulling your head back and forth in a forced nod. “You’re a toy. ’S your purpose.”
Katsuki yanks his fingers out of your mouth, a messy line of drool falling down your chin and onto your naked chest. He examines his glistening hand before he wipes your excess saliva on your face.
With your mouth finally free, you can’t help your babbling. “Mmh — your toy, yes! Than- thank you for using me!”
The first time was a fluke, an impulse in the heat of the moment. God, you love being used, don’t you? Just a wet little hole for me. He didn’t expect your reaction to be so strong, arching into his chest with slurred affirmations, willing to do anything for him to keep talking. When Katsuki realized how much you loved this treatment, some shameful demon inside of him finally stepped into the light.
“See? People aren’t grateful for this. People don’t like being abused like you do.” Katsuki’s voice is calm, even, but he’s starting to reach his breaking point. Your spit on his hand allows him to smoothly rub his shaft against you and your involuntary twitches make him throb. He’ll have to take mercy on you soon. But he has enough restraint for one more twist of the knife.
The hand on your hip will undoubtedly leave bruises, his muscles forced to flex harder as you unconsciously thrash beneath him. It’s only when Katsuki leans down in silence, nose almost touching your own, that you finally still. His eyes search your face, as if he’s looking for a sign of independence, of confidence, of anything besides blind submission. You don’t realize you’re holding your breath until you exhale at his voice.
“What was it you called me earlier?” His cock prods at your leaking hole, merely stretching it in a shallow thrust.
“Um… I- fuck, please.” It’s so hard to think. When you bury the side of your face into the pillow, Katsuki’s quick to let go of his cock and angle your chin forward only to meet blank eyes and an open mouth. With a mutter of fuckin’ brainless, his cock is back between your legs, eliciting a weak whimper from your lips.
“You called me God,” he snarls.
Katsuki lines himself up with your entrance, savoring your scream as he pushes his cock inside of you. He bottoms out before he stills his body, savoring your clenching cunt. You beg for movement, for anything, but he waits for you to calm down, to stop your kicking and grabbing. When your thrashing ceases, Katsuki winds his free hand in your hair and presses his lips against your ear.
“Tell me this, princess. If I’m God, what does that make you?”
He doesn’t wait for your reply.
Your tongue lolls out at his punishing pace, cries of yes and more filling the empty space in your brain. Katsuki groans when he opens his eyes to see your vulnerable body respond to every touch.
You’re stunning like this. The only thing that matters is Katsuki and pleasing Katsuki and making Katsuki cum. He loves you, how you straddle the line between snark and affection when you’re not drunk on his cock. But when he sees reverence in your face every time he violates your holes? It’s the most beautiful view in the world, a masterpiece for no one but him.
“That what you fuckin’ wanted? Needed me to fill up your little cunt?” His cock twitches at your tears of relief. “Are you crying? Just so grateful that I’m willing to use these disgusting holes when no one else will?” You tighten so hard at his words that it’s a struggle for him to pull back.
He’s right. You’re not a sane person right now. This is the behavior of a fanatical worshipper, of someone obsessed and devoted. But unlike the other dedicated revolutionaries of the world, you’re not passionate about petty causes or morals.
No, you belong to the Church of Katsuki Bakugou. You beg and pray and moan and scream in the divine hope that he will bless you with his touch.
If you had a shred of dignity left, maybe you could feel shame at that realization but Katsuki was careful in constructing you, molding you into what you were always meant to be. He would pull your hands away from your face, telling you to look me in the eyes, sweetheart — I’m not gonna let you hide what you are. He conditioned your senses, memorizing every part of your skin because this pussy isn’t yours anymore, your body knows who owns it. Neither of you can pinpoint exactly when but eventually, your pride dissolved, replaced with this natural state of shamelessness.
You blood sings when he calls you his toy, his fleshlight, his fuckdoll. Your mind is plagued with thoughts of him, nothing else. You rarely think straight nowadays because Katsuki shoves a hand under your skirt whenever your eyes look too focused for his liking. You can finally admit that you don’t need anything but him: There’s a sense of liberation in surrender.
“Please.” It’s the only word your gaping mouth can muster. Katsuki grants you a particularly hard thrust for managing the simple task.
“Please, what? Please fill up this cunt so I leak out of you for hours? Please slap your pretty little face so your vision gets all blurry? Please fuck you until you pass out? What the fuck do you want, slut?”
You response is indecipherable, gibberish to his ears. Fuckin’ braindead.
“How about what I want? What if I wanna leave you like this and just jack off? Won’t even let you taste my cum.” You whimper at the suggestion. “What if I wanna take your ass while I edge you for the rest of the night? You want that?”
It’s a trick but you’re too mindlessly obedient to fall for it.
“Any- Anything you want, just wanna - please! - wanna make you feel good,” you pant.
Such a good little bitch.
Katsuki pauses, strokes your cheek with his thumb. His voice is gentle, the only thing that could possibly ground you.
“Good toy.”
You don’t have permission but those two words send you over the edge. Your hips thump against his and he has to wrestle your legs to the bed as you ride out your high. He pistons his cock inside of you, amplifying your release with harsh murmurs about how this is what you’re good for. You can’t seem to come down.
He doesn’t know when you stop thrashing but all Katsuki can see is your fucked out face and heaving chest. He tries to hold out, but it’s the minuscule, almost inaudible thank you on your lips that causes him to lose control. He pulls your body against his, gripping fingertip-shaped bruises along your skin as he empties himself inside of you.
Maybe he should feel a little more ashamed of himself, of using you like he does. But it’s nearly impossible when he pulls back to look at you, to search your face for discomfort or anguish or anger. And every single time, he comes up empty.
All he can find in your eyes is the faith and reverence of his most devoted disciple.
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starconch · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
since he tends to be quite rough during sex, he makes sure to give you extra care afterwards. you won’t need to raise a finger – he’ll wipe you off, offer you water & painkillers, & give you anything else you ask for. & although he won’t apologize verbally if he accidentally injured you, you’ll be able to tell that he’s sorry from his actions.
body part.
he loves your eyes. so full of emotion – so full of lust for him & him alone. from the way your pupils dilate when he takes off his shirt to the way they roll into the back of your head when you orgasm – fuck, he loves them so, so much. on himself, his strength. although he dislikes how he struggles with controlling it sometimes, he’s still proud of it.
oddly sweet, & on the thinner side. however, there’s always a large amount of it – which is probably caused by his thousands of years of abstinence. anyway, it’s almost required to have a washcloth for immediate cleanup.
he’s almost always dominant, & will only be submissive after you’ve gained the entirety of his trust. before that point, though, he’ll act offended if you even suggest it.
absolutely none. you’ll be his first, & you’ll have to help him a bit at first. he’s never had the time to masturbate or have sex (he didn’t take interest in anyone anyway), since his job of protecting liyue & its people was prioritized over anything else.
favorite position.
in all honesty, he doesn’t have a favorite. as long as he can hear your whimpers & moans, he’s perfectly content. however, considering how much he loves your eyes & facial expressions, he may be a fan of missionary.
since he rarely jokes around anyway, why would he during sex? to him, sex itself is an act of true love – & i’m sure he’d take offense if you attempted to joke around with him during this time. why would he have sex if it’s not going to be a serious moment? why would he have sex if you treat it as a joke?
although he doesn’t shave, he trims it once it reaches a certain point – one inch, to be exact. half an inch is the most comfortable for him, but he tends to put off trimming until that point. if you ask him to trim further, however, he’ll happily comply.
constant mumblings about how much he loves you, typically followed by praises concerning how well you’re taking him; growling in your ear & degrading you, telling you how much of a slut you are… it depends on his mood, really. jack off.
jack off.
in all honesty, he rarely masturbates – the thought itself makes him uncomfortable, & he doesn’t have much time to do it anyway. the closest he’s gotten to masturbation was dry humping one of his bed’s pillows out of pure frustration.
begging, light bondage, edging… those are the things he can name off the top of his head, at least. he’d enjoy anything that you’re into, though – seeing you in pleasure is enough for him to get off. he does have some limits, but you’ll have to figure them out together.
although he prefers to have sex in private areas, he’s open to the idea of fucking you in the many ruins scattered within liyue. well, as long as its nighttime, that is. he frequently fantasizes about bending you over the wangshu inn’s balcony, forcing you to take him until you’re shaking, crying from a mixture of pleasure & pain, & begging him to let you have a break.
dirty talk & teasing touches have a surprising effect on him, however, if you were to simply inform him that you want him, that’ll be enough of a reason for him to fuck you. teasing touches must be done in moderation, & you’ll have to play your cards perfectly if you want a positive response from him. ideally, these touches should be done either in private or just out of others eyesight, & should be followed up with light dirty talk. whisper how much you need him & how you don’t know how long you’ll last without him – tell him you’ve been craving his touch for hours & whimper his name… he’ll make time to fuck you.
weapons of any sort will never be allowed during sex. he’s far too afraid of seriously hurting – or even accidentally killing – you, & he doesn’t understand the possible thrill you may feel from it. otherwise, almost anything is on the table.
surprisingly, he prefers giving over receiving. he wouldn’t know what he was doing at first, but he’s almost a natural at it. perhaps it’s the way he listens to the sounds you’re making & looking up at your facial expressions that inform him that he’s doing good, or it’s your quiet moans of praise that tell him all he needs to know. if you need to, you can gently guide him; pull his hair towards where you need him to be, tell him that he needs to swirl his tongue a bit more… xiao can’t help but feel a bit awkward & insecure when he’s receiving oral, however. he loves the way you make him feel & the way you look up at him with half-lidded eyes, but he can’t help but wonder if you’re truly enjoying it as much as he is. either way, he’s sure to inform you of just how good you’re doing – both through his words & his body language. struggling to keep his hips from bucking, throwing his head back ever so slightly, the slight shake of his legs… it’s a heavenly sight, that’s for sure.
teasingly slow & gentle, taking his time to savor your expressions & the sounds pouring out of your mouth; rapidly pounding into you & making you see stars, continuously bringing you to your orgasm with little care for your comfort. it depends on both of your moods, really. he won’t be rough with you if you don’t want him to be, & he expects you to have the same respect for his wishes.
very, very rarely, as he’d much rather wait until the two of you had time for a long session. however, if you insisted that you couldn’t wait, he may succumb to your desire.
while he dislikes sexual risks of any kind, he’d be willing to indulge you if you requested.
he can continuously fuck you for hours on end, with the only hindrance being your own energy & his adepti responsibilities. occasionally, he’ll give you a break for an hour or so, & then ask if you’re ready to go again – if this is met with a negative response, however, he’ll refrain from doing it again.
while he doesn’t own any, he’ll be pleasantly surprised if you have some. he’ll be nervous about you using them on him, but he’ll gladly use them on you. while he’ll never purchase any toys himself, he won’t complain if you buy any.
he’ll only tease if  you attempt to tease him first, but he’ll always beat you at your own game. he’s bold enough to tease you under tables & make out with you in places that are barely out of the eyesight of others – whispering about what he wants to do to you, gently biting your neck, & then pulling away to leave you shaking with want.
when he’s dominant, deep moans & growls are typical of him. while he’s typically quiet, there are times where the two of you are glad he put silencing talismans throughout the bedroom – otherwise, the entire inn could hear him. “you’re more needy than i thought you were… you’re perfect.” “you’re taking me so well. i’m almost done, don’t worry.” on the rare occasion that he’s submissive, surprisingly feminine whimpers & groans will fill the air. he’s quite insecure about this, & thus constantly attempts to muffle himself with a pillow. if there’s nothing nearby for him to muffle himself with, he’ll try to use his hands – if his hands are tied, though, you’re in for a treat. “sh–shit, right there! fuck–” “it’s too much, it hurts–! i need more, please–”
wild card.
when he orgasms, his tattoos glow ever so slightly. he isn’t sure why, though, & he’s oddly insecure about it. after you tell him how you feel about it – how hot it is to you – those insecurities will slowly fade.
just below average length, but he makes up for the slight loss with the fact that he knows exactly what you need him to do in order to make you cum – & he’s amazingly talented with his fingers.
he never felt much desire before, but this changed soon after the two of you got into a relationship. there’s periods of time where he doesn’t think about sex at all, but then there’s times where his sex drive skyrockets. despite this, he won’t bring the idea of sex up to you unless you ask first – he still feels a bit shy about his desires.
xiao rarely gets tired, & he’s usually the one to clean up any messes afterwards. since he knows you’re tired, though, he’ll lay down with you until you fall asleep. however, he still has to preform his duties as an adeptus, & you’ll wake up without him more often than not.
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ysmmsy · a month ago
Fantasy Football (Chris Evans x Reader)
This is an RPF but I think of it as taking place in an AU where the person's real families and relationships do not exist (except Scott in this case). If this makes you uncomfortable, my blog is not the place for you.
Warnings: RPF, implied smut
Tumblr media
You have moved to Massachusetts from Maryland for work and end up running into Scott at the grocery store. No, literally. You're clumsy as can be and run into him with your cart. You are already apologizing profusely when he turns around to identify his "attacker."
"Fuck. Scott, I'm so sorry."
The alarmed expression on Scott's face makes you want to turn and run for it.
"Damn it. That was creepy and I didn't mean for it to be. I'm a fan of yours. *Huffs* I'd like to say that I'm not usually this awkward but that's not true. I'm very sorry I crashed into you. Please forgive me."
You start to walk away as Scott asks, "Are you okay?"
"Are you okay?"
"Yeah, I'm fine."
You've just met the man but he is extremely perceptive and you have never been a convincing liar. The look on his face tells you that he sees right through you.
"Okay, no. I'm overwhelmed. I just moved here on my own and it's a lot. I don't know anyone, my apartment sucks, and my job isn't what I expected but I'm a big girl. I'll be okay."
"Come on," Scott says, "we're going to get you some dinner and a very large glass of wine. Everything will look better after that."
You try to argue but he's not having it. As you will come to find out, Scott usually is right, just like he was on the first day you met him. Of course, you know that it wasn't the meal that made things better, it was the fact that you had made a friend. You'd forever be indebted to Scott for pulling you into the group and making Boston feel like home to you.
Fast forward six months.
Football season is about to start, which naturally means that the group, of which you are the newest member, is gearing up for their annual fantasy draft.
"You know, Y/n, you'd look great in a Patriots jersey." Chris teases.
"Over my dead body will I ever wear anything with that logo on it and if you do put that shit on my dead body, I will come back and haunt the fuck out of you, sir," isyour immediate reply.
Being from Baltimore and a die-hard Ravens fan, you have to hate the Patriots. It's in your DNA. You know that Chris hates your team as much as you hate his and the two of you never tire of trash-talking each other.
"I bet I can get you to wear a Patriots jersey," Chris says. You're not sure if he's ragging on you or flirting with you.
"Okay, Evans. You and me. Whoever finishes the season with the worst record has to wear the winner's team's jersey in public for an entire day. Deal?"
"You two do know you aren't the only ones in the league, right?" Scott reminds you. In all honesty, the two of you had forgotten that anyone else was in the room.
"Yeah, but I don't want to kick anyone's ass as much as I want to kick his," you tell Scott.
"What was that," Chris asks, "You want to kiss my ass?"
"Yes, that's exactly what I said," you respond with a dramatic eye roll. In reality, you want to kiss every part of him but you can't imagine a scenario in which you would have the guts to tell him anything like that so it will have to remain a secret fantasy.
A few weeks later, the Ravens are set to play the Patriots. The trash talk leading up to the game has been intense. The group decides that you have to watch the game together under the guise of the amusement factor provided by your growing rivalry with Chris. In reality, they all have a side bet about how long it will take for you and Chris to get together.
The whole crew is seated comfortably in Chris' living room, drinks and snacks in hand. Everyone else is taking it easy on the drinks, not wanting to be hungover for work the next day but by some miracle, you and Chris have the next day off so you aren't limiting yourself. You figure that you'll take an Uber home after the game and sleep in the next morning.
"After the game," ha. Neither one of you even know how it ends. Everyone else leaves at halftime. Some of the group doesn't want to stay up too late on a work night and Scott rushes the rest out the door because he is well aware of the stolen looks between you and Chris and he wants to give you both a chance to speak up and admit your feelings for one another while your slight tipsiness is drowning your inhibitions.
After a few seconds of awkwardness following Scott's exit, the two of you look at each other shyly for a few seconds before your lips meet in a feverish kiss. Moving back enough to look up into Chris' soulful blue eyes, you admit your feelings to him. Feelings that he reciprocates. Feelings that the two of you act on several times before crashing into Chris' bed in a tangle of sweaty limbs.
The next morning you wake up alone in Chris' bed. For a split second, you worry that he regrets what happened last night but then you hear him downstairs and smell the food he's cooking. "He really is the perfect man, isn't he?"
That thought is short-lived. You look around the room for your clothes but they are not there. In their place is a Patriots jersey. Not wanting to walk into Chris' kitchen stark naked after only having spent one night together, you begrudgingly put the jersey on but the gears are already turning for you to figure out how you will get him back.
A few weeks later, you and Chris fall asleep on your couch while watching a movie. You wake to see that he is still asleep. This gives you the perfect opportunity to exact your revenge. You quietly get up and pull a vibrant purple Ravens throw from the chair across the room and gently cover Chris with it. His angelic face is the only part of him visible underneath the fuzzy blanket. You take a picture and send the best one to Scott. He finds it hilarious and forwards the picture to Chris himself, along with a threat to post it on Instagram.
Chris wakes when his phone dings to notify him of Scott's text. After blinking the sleep from his eyes, he looks down and throws the blanket on the floor while shaking his head and giving you a sly smirk. You know what that means. He's using his seduce you into a false sense of security so that he can tickle you mercilessly for your prank. You let him believe it's working until his lips are just about to reach yours. That's when you tickle him and make a run for it, laughing as he chases you through your house.
You wonder if being with Chris will always be this wonderful. If he has his way, you will spend the rest of your life finding out that it is.
Tumblr media
Happy football season, babes!
Tag list: @kthynes @harrysthiccthighss
GIFs by @softevanstan and @shang-chi
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chiide · 6 months ago
one bed? oh man, here we go again...
childe | kaeya 
Tumblr media
“i’m sure i could find other accommodations if this arrangement doesn’t suit our needs,” childe offered, glancing over his shoulder at the bored looking receptionist, “it’s not like it’s a matter of funds or anything.” 
you glanced between him and the howling storm a few paces out the door, the glass panes looking like they were working overtime to keep it at bay, “i don’t know, childe, it’s pretty nasty outside. perhaps we should just take it. our chances of finding lodging elsewhere seem pretty slim and i could always bunk on the sofa.” 
childe sighed, nodding along in agreement— no sane person would brave that weather for a minor mishap, “just hold on a second, i’ll go secure our room for the night and oh! and i’m taking the couch, no arguments.”
“hey, hold on—,” you started, your protests swiftly cut off as he marched off to the reception counter, “whatever,” you grumbled to yourself. 
the paper work didn’t take long, thankfully, the receptionist obviously about to finish their shift for the day and wanting the two of you out of their hair. childe returned shortly, jangling the keys to your room in the air like a tiny prize. 
despite the tight booking, it was a nice venue in all honesty! the carpet was spotless and the decoration was incredibly lavish, floor to ceiling everything practically shined. you doubted childe would’ve let you stay there if it was otherwise. 
“well, let’s hope the rooms are as nice on the inside as everything else here,” you said, rolling on the balls of your feet while childe struggled with the keys. 
“it certainly is,” he elbowed the door open, peaking into the room, “except, we have a minor problem—,” 
“what is it?” you questioned over your shoulder, heaving your heaviest bag into the room, kicking the door shut behind you. 
“the sofa we were arguing over is non-existent,” he chuckled, wondering just how you’d react in the face of your dilemma. 
“oh,” you said simply, refusing to meet his eye, “well, nothing we can do about it now.”
without another word the two of you got to work readying yourselves for bed. you took the bathroom first, washing off the grime and sweat of a day passed, relieved to feel clean. it had been a long, long journey and you were so happy to finally be able to wash up and rest.
as you got dressed for bed your mind couldn’t help but wander, wondering what childe wore to sleep. did he wear fancy silk pajamas? maybe he wore a shirt his mom got him that was a few sizes too big. or maybe, he wore nothing at all—
“what’s taking you so long?” childe called from the other side, knocking his knuckles against the door.
shocked out of your revere, you frowned at his impatience, “i’ve been in here for less than a couple minutes, could you wait a second? or would you like to join me while i put on my pj’s?” 
“is that an invitation?” he chimed, his smug laughter enough to make you want to throw the door open and punch him square in the mouth, pants down and all. 
“ha ha ha, hilarious. i’ll only take another minute,” you grumbled back, yanking off the last of your day clothes. 
after organizing all your things on one side of the sink, you grabbed your heap of clothes and pushed open the door, “your turn, your highness.” 
he looked up from his place on the armchair, a sleepy grin on his face, “thanks slowpoke.” 
you rolled your eyes at him, walking over to your side of the room, busying yourself with putting away your stuff, “just don’t take forever either.” you mumbled. 
while he dealt with whatever his nighttime routine entailed, you hunkered down into your side of the bed, flipping through your journal as you recounted some of the days noteworthy events. your eyes occasionally drifted to the other side of the bed, currently empty but boldly reminding you that it would soon be filled with someone you found incredibly attractive.
“comfy?” the bathroom door clicked open, dragging you attention away from the leather-bound book in your hands to the shirtless man in front of you. 
“yeah—,” your voice trailed off, eyes flying back to the pages that’s words no longer made sense, “the mattress is really...soft.”
“good to hear, i was hoping we wouldn’t need to pester that nuisance of a receptionist anymore,” he said, the shuffling of his things feeling like a plea in the back of your head to stare at him once more. 
“totally,” you replied simply, unable to fathom full thoughts, let alone words.
your mind clouded with pictures of whatever you’d managed to grasp in the seconds you’d spent staring at him. from his sculpted torso littered in battles  scars to his biceps built by the archons themselves, he was breathtaking. and it was dizzying you to think about. 
childe on the other hand was rather occupied by you as well. you looked at peace for the first time since you departed on your journey, armor abandoned in place for the least amount of clothing he’d ever seen you in. given, it’s not like you were naked, but your choice of outerwear left far too much to his imagination and it made his skin itch. 
“you staying up any longer, or are you ready to head to bed?” he asked, flipping up the blanket on his side of the bed. 
“i was just waiting for you,” you replied, shutting your book and setting it on your nightstand, “lucky thing you didn’t take too long.”
“unlike you,” he teased, propping himself up on his elbow to reach over and poke at your sides still peaking out from under the covers.  
“shut up,” you mumbled, squirming away from him, heat rushing to your cheeks as you tried to ignore your painfully close proximity to one another. 
“gladly,” he hummed, rolling onto his back, propping one of his hands underneath his head, the other resting against his chest, “goodnight, y/n.” 
“night, childe,” you replied, ripping your gaze away from his bicep flexed near his head, situating yourself so that you were facing away from him. 
silence befell the room, nothing but the moonlight cutting through the room illuminating the space, your candles having been blown out long ago. though in your mind it was hardly quiet at all as your heartbeat thundered in your ears, your ribcage feeling like it was about to burst open any moment. 
the urge to glance over your shoulder at childe was overwhelmingly strong, mind clouded with questions of whether he was asleep or if he was lying awake just the same as you, blinking away any of his surfacing emotions. 
being hyperaware of your movement wasn’t any help either. what if you accidentally brushed arms? what if you shifted and accidentally pulled the blanket off him, exposing him to the cold? what if you fell asleep and woke up with half your body flung over his? these questions made your face burn against the cold bite of the air. 
unbeknownst to you, childe was facing a similar dilemma. lucky for him he wasn’t on his side and he could actually keep an eye on you. not in a creepy way of course! he was just curious, is all. he wondered how you were perfectly still, used to occasionally sharing beds with his siblings growing up— who all packed a mighty kick, he might add. the thought made him stifle a chuckle. 
you pondered if perhaps a pillow wall might’ve been a good precaution, cursing yourself for not thinking of the idea beforehand— even if in practice it was a bit stupid. childe shifting besides you pulled you out of the rabbit hole you were about to think yourself into, instead replacing it with an itch to move. 
cursing the archons once more you tried your best to ignore the need to roll over, not knowing what exactly you’d end up facing if you did so. you couldn’t tell if you were irritated or embarrassed at just how meticulous it was to share a bed with someone you weren’t on casual terms with. you settled on annoying, deciding that none of this was worth it and you might as well fall asleep and deal with the repercussions in the morning. 
with a mouthed swear word you rolled over, bunching the blanket near your head in your hands, eyes shut awkwardly tight to try and keep them from opening lest you see something you were unprepared for. suppressing motor functions isn’t that easy, sadly, which is why your eyes didn’t stay closed for too long. 
with an internal groan your eyes slowly peeled open, leaving you face to face with childe’s peaceful expression. you cut your sharp inhale off right as sparked to life at the back of your throat, your eyes fluttering as you assessed your next steps. 
but timing wasn’t on your side that day it seemed, as childe’s eyes fluttered open before you could wrench yours shut, a sheepish smile taking it’s place on your lips, “hey,” you whispered weakly, trying to diffuse what you felt was a one sided tension. 
“hey,” he replied, his voice barely audible, grogginess painted all over his features, “can’t sleep?” 
you let out a soft chuckle, loosening your grip on the blanket to push it away from your face a bit, “nope, you too?” 
“unfortunately,” he followed suit with his own chuckle, reaching up press his palms into his eyes in an attempt to get you to focus a tad better. 
you let your eyes flit over his face, figuring that now was as good as time as ever to test your luck. he didn’t seem to mind, surprisingly not biting at you with a smug remark, doing a great job at keeping it to himself if he did have one. 
“‘s there a reason you’re still up?” he asked, bringing up the arm pressed under his torso to slide under his head. 
“i don’t know,” you muttered, wracking your brain for anything helpful, “actually i usually sleep hugging a pillow. guess i got too used to it, huh?
“really?” he giggled, turning to hide his face in his pillow, “that’s silly.” 
your furrowed your brows, taking offence to his reaction. it wasn’t your fault that that just happened to be more comfortable for you! you could only imagine how he’d react if you told him it was a stuffed animal instead of a pillow. 
“whatever, i’m going to sleep for real this time,” you rolled your eyes, going to turn back to the other side before his hand on your waist stopped you. 
“patience—,” he hushed, freeing his other hand to pull you over to him, your chests nearly pressed against one another had your hands not been between the two of you, “how about this?” 
“uhm— ,” your words got lost in your throat as you glanced up at him from where he’d tucked you into his chest, a tired yet cheeky glint in his eyes. 
“is this alright?” he asked, one of his arms snaking around your waist to press against the small of your back, the cold touch of his fingers seeping through the fabric of your pajamas. 
“yeah,” you managed to respond, “this is fine.” 
“great, now you can fall asleep,” he hummed, eyes sinking shut once more, silently ending your conversation and any protests you might’ve thought up had he kept them open any longer. 
you let out a puff of air, relaxing into his embrace, your own eyes sinking shut. this was certainly a million times better than how you’d originally been, but you’d keep that to yourself, not wanting to inflate his ego any more than it had already been. 
finally the two of you could get some rest and though this would certainly change your relationship you figured it was just another reprocussion you’d deal with in the morning. for now you were in his arms, happily dozing off to the sound of his heartbeat and soft breaths, finally able to get some long awaited sleep. 
thank you shitty receptionist!
Tumblr media
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mypoisonedvine · 10 months ago
𝖊𝖚𝖈𝖍𝖆𝖗𝖎𝖘𝖙 | priest!Steve Rogers x reader
summary: anybody can get a boy into bed, it’s not very hard if you have low standards (which you, historically, have), but it takes a special kind of woman to seduce a man of the cloth.  the question is, while you’re tempting him away from a life of holiness, can he convince you to change your ways as well?  
word count: 8.7k
warnings: smut!! (including rough sex, oral sex m & f receiving, fingering, and a bit of dubcon at some points), an overwhelming amount of religious references, sex in religious places, use of a confession booth as a glory hole (i’m so sorry), very slight breeding kink, a non-sexual slap, semi-public sex, implied age gap, dommy reader but steve has some dom moments too, and she calls him ‘Father’ because that’s his title so… just be prepared for that
Tumblr media
As you waited on your knees at the altar, elbows resting on the mahogany bar, fingers interlaced in prayer, Father Steven approached you with the chalice in hand.  You looked up at him as he pressed the gold to your lips, tilting the cup until bitter wine poured over your tongue.  With his half-lidded gaze meeting yours, you really hoped he was thinking about the same thing you were thinking about.  You hoped his cock was filling underneath his robes at the memory of you on your knees just like this, of him guiding you to taste just like this, except it wasn’t anything like this— that was sacrilege, this was holy.  
Why, then, did that feel more like worship than this did?
You felt a drop of the wine gather at your bottom lip, and you saw his hand twitch as if he was about to wipe it away with his thumb.  You wished he could, but knowing it would be conspicuous, you darted your tongue out to lick it up yourself.
He had to move on to the next person, offer them the blood of Christ, keep up appearances as Mass continued, but for the moment that your eyes met, it felt like he would stay forever and you were the only two people in the world.  You wished your gaze was enough to capture him and hold him in place so he’d never leave you again, but it wasn’t, and he stepped away as you stood up and made a path back to your seat.
Three months earlier…
"Would you read this verse for us?" the nun asked you with a smile.
"But I say unto you,” you read aloud, following the words on the page with the tip of your fingernail, “that whosoever looks on a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart.”
With a glance at Father Steven, you found it interesting that he was looking away from you.  You smiled to yourself; it was already beginning.
The church has been running a program like this for 'troubled girls' (as they called it) for quite a few years.  You were one of the newer additions, and you’d been doing a pretty good job of pretending to be reformed while managing to sneak out for the occasional blunt or a quickie with one of the local boys in the forest.  That said, whenever you did, you were always thinking about somebody else— somebody who stayed inside the walls of the church at night.
Of course, everyone was aware that Father Steven was incredibly attractive; only a blind person wouldn't notice, and even then they'd be just as susceptible to his sexy, deep voice reciting prayers in a way that felt damn-near pornographic.  Surely, taking communion from his hand made every girl here wish that it wasn't just Christ's body she could get a taste of.
But, those girls didn't have the determination that you did.  They fantasized, gossiped, but never acted on it.  You, meanwhile, were already in Phase II of your ultimate plan to seduce him.  
Phase I had gone pretty smoothly; you’d spent a little too much time in his office, under the false pretense of needing his counsel, only to chat him up and learn everything you needed to know.  Showing an interest in his work was the key thing, you’d found, as he loved to talk with you about future homily ideas or verses he’d been studying.  He was hesitant to discuss his childhood or any life he’d had before priesthood, and you wondered if he had a wild side then that he tried to forget.  Probably not, but it was nice to imagine anyways.
Phase II was going to kick it up a notch, for sure.  It started simple enough with those occasional glances at him from across hallways or during services.  You made sure to pay close attention in Mass every Sunday and Thursday as if his homilies were the most fascinating thing you’d ever heard.  Except today, when you let him notice you staring off into space, chewing your nails, playing with the hem of your skirt.  
Then you avoided him all day.  Normally you’d end up bumping into him in the halls of the church whether you were trying to or not, but today you spent as much time in your room as possible, hoping he was somewhere out there wondering where you’d run off to.  You even skipped lunch, telling one of your fellow inmates (oh, sorry, ‘sisters’) to tell the other you weren’t feeling well so no one would come looking for you.  Considering you even sat with him at lunch sometimes, you were banking on this really shaking him up.
At last, evening came and you knew Father Steven, being the studious man that he was, would still be in his office even though most every other member of the clergy would’ve retired to their quarters by now (or driven home since most of them didn’t actually live on campus).  Taking a path that had you least likely to be seen, you made your way there and knocked at his cracked-open his door.
He greeted you as he looked up from the papers on his desk, and you loved hearing the way he said your name.  He stood up to welcome you, an unnecessary formality, and you almost smiled at the way he rubbed his hand on your arm.  It was almost too easy with this guy, at times.  He was smart, but a little too trusting.
“Father,” you greeted in return with a smile, “I’m glad you’re still here.”
“How are you?  You seemed distracted in Mass this morning," he noted with a solemn frown.  "Is everything alright?"
You suppressed your smile at the knowledge that he'd been watching you just like you wanted him to.  "Um…" you trailed off.
"Come in and let's talk, alright?" he offered, ushering you into his office.
You nodded gently and followed him, taking a seat across from him on one of his comfy loveseats.  A fitting name for them considering one potential use you'd come up with for the furniture.
"What's troubling you, child?" he asked softly.  That pet name certainly sent a conflicted sort of shiver up your spine.
“I shouldn’t bother you with it,” you dismissed.
“I’d love to help if I can,” he pressed.
“I guess I just… I should thank you, first, for allowing me to stay here,” you began, motioning around as you referred to the sacred walls surrounding you.  “The church has been too kind to me.”
“Kind, yes, but not at all too kind,” he corrected.  “You’re a beloved daughter of Christ and we try to treat you as such.”
“I guess that’s sort of the problem,” you explained nervously, shifting on the couch and looking to the ground.  “Sometimes I feel… sometimes I question if that’s really true.”
“You’ve made excellent progress; you’re the best student in our program and you’ve taken to the strictures quickly,” he asserted in an attempt to comfort you.  “You recite your prayers, you memorize your verses; and I hear from Sister Mary Annunciata that you’ve taken to Latin quickly as well.”
The praise made you blush a bit, even now.  “I’m glad to hear she said that, but I’m afraid that there’s more to being a good Catholic than high marks in Latin class.”
“That’s true,” he relented.  “Study is a vital aspect of faith, but so is laity, and piety, among many others.  What aspect is it that you’re struggling with, then?”
"Um,” you stalled, “in a word?  Chastity.”
He nodded slowly.  “Ah.”
“It's not always easy," you explained.  "I miss a lot of the old habits I had before the church took me in.  I know it's wrong but I find myself... craving the very things that set me on such a bad path."
"I understand," he announced curtly.
"No, I don't think you do," you replied sheepishly.  "I've lived a much more… adventurous life than you, Father.  Maybe it's easier to resist what you haven't experienced."
"We all suffer from temptation."
"Even priests?" you asked with a raised eyebrow of curiosity.
He chuckled a little.  "Yes, even priests."
"How old were you when you went off to seminary?" you pressed, hoping your honesty would draw forth an openness from him.
"Eighteen.  I knew this was what I wanted all my life,” he answered confidently.
You breathed out with surprise.  "That must have been hard."
"What makes you say that?"
"I just mean, I know when I was that age…" you trailed off, slowly crossing your legs.  "I can't imagine staying chaste through that."
"I'm sure you can't," he swallowed.
"And now I feel almost the same way as I did then— it's like the more I try to resist my desire, the stronger it becomes.  Have you ever felt that way?"
His jaw tightened as he answered.  "I can't say that I have." 
"Really?  It must be so lonely," you sighed, "doing what you do.  I mean, at least I can hug or kiss or cuddle and keep my promise to God but you… you aren't just missing out on sex but intimacy.  Has anybody ever touched you kindly?  With affection?  Have you ever felt a warm body pressed against yours— or even seen a woman in her indecency, the way she was created?"
You leaned forward a bit, letting your fingers brush over his knee and feeling him jump slightly yet fail to push you away.
"I think you'd make a great husband, so kind and smart and handsome.  And I pictured you as the sort of guy who wanted a wife and a family.  It's honestly hard to imagine you being alone forever; no one to care for, and no one to take care of you."
"I'm fulfilled by my work— and I take pride in caring for wayward young women such as yourself."
"So you do care for me?"
"Of course."
"And who cares for you?  You deserve somebody to be tender with you, to serve you— to love you.  And not just emotionally, but physically."  Your touch trailed up his thigh, higher and higher as his breathing picked up and you felt him shudder.  "It isn't an abomination, Father, it isn't a disgrace.  It's God's most sacred, most holy creation.  You'd understand if you'd ever done it; even when it's wrong, it feels so right…"
"Don't," he whispered, your hand stopping just before it got somewhere interesting.
"Why not?” you asked coyly.  “Is it because you don't want me to?  Or because you know that you shouldn't want me to?"
"Just… don't," he swallowed instead of answering.
You lifted your hand and leaned back, giving him some reprieve; funny enough, he didn't look that relieved after all.
"You're a good man, Father, and I respect your integrity.  But just tell me this: did you ever think of me… that way?"
He looked away, nostrils flaring as you got up off the couch, approaching his chair only to kneel down before it.  
"Did you ever think of me," you continued, "in a way you shouldn't?  Did you ever think of me laying beneath you, open arms and open legs, spread wide for you to do with as you please, begging for you to take me?"
His fists clenched as he refused to look at you, until you rested your head on his knee with batted eyelashes and pouted lips.
"Please, Father," you whispered.
You were on the ground before you'd even realized what happened, your cheek stinging from where he'd slapped you.  You moaned instantly, laughing lowly as you sat up.
"Fuck, hit me again, it makes me so wet," you purred.
"Get out," he growled.  "Get out!"
You stood up on wobbly knees and walked back to the door, shooting him a smile as he watched you with a furious stare.
"I'll see you again, Father," you promised as you licked your lips, "and I'll get the answers to my questions."
Even for all your alleged confidence before, when you heard a knock at your door that night, you didn't really expect to see him standing there.
"Father," you greeted with a quiet gasp, but he was already on you, wrapping his arms around you, pulling you into a bruising kiss, pushing you against the wall; claiming you.
You felt so many years of repression breaking with every movement of his lips against yours, like he'd been waiting his whole life for this.  And of course, that was literally true in one sense, but it was more than that.  It felt like after all this time, it had to be you to break him… or maybe it was that he was broken all this time, and it had to be you that put him back together.
You knew he wanted more; he didn't come here to make out.  It was always going to be all or nothing with him.  Pulling back from the kiss to look him in the eyes, you whispered your instruction: "ask and you shall receive, Father."
He took a breath to steady himself before he replied, staring back at you with his blue eyes so much darker than before.  "Touch me, please."
You smiled as you reached down and rubbed your hand over the front of his trousers, finding his cock hard and waiting underneath.  He moaned at the same time you did, quiet but undeniable.  His head fell back as he started to buck up into your palm already; his eagerness just made it even hotter as you watched his face twist in shameful pleasure.  It was definitely big, that much was obvious, and you bit your lip as you felt the ridge just under the head of his cock against your thumb.
He made no motion to stop you as you began to work at his belt, trying not to move too fast but also desperate for more.  Reaching into his opened fly, you navigated his underwear and sighed contentedly as you wrapped your hand around his cock, feeling how thick and long it was.  It looked even bigger than it felt as you pulled it out; not only that but it looked truly delicious with precum gathering at the tip like that.
"I can't believe you were going to let a perfect cock like this go to waste," you smiled.
He was looking down at you now, staring at the way you dragged your hand slowly up and down his length, some gentle sort of shock painting his expression.  You weren’t gripping him too hard yet, realizing he was probably sensitive from not having experienced much stimulation before.  That suspicion was confirmed with the way he jerked into your touch as you swiped your thumb over his slit, using the moisture you found there to ease your movements.
"Did you ever do this to yourself?" you asked with a smirk.
"We're not permitted to," he answered quickly.
"That's not what I asked," you frowned.  "Have you ever stroked your cock, Father Steven?"
He swallowed, his adam's apple bobbing up and down that perfect neck of his, before finally nodding as you grinned widely.
"When?" you asked, expecting to hear a story about when he was a teenager, knowing it was wrong but unable to help himself.
"Last week," he answered instead.  You laughed a bit, but then got serious.
"Really?  What brought that on?"
"Of course it was you," he scoffed.  You didn't think that was obvious like he seemed to, but you did think it was the greatest thing you'd ever heard.  
"Did you make yourself come?" you asked, voice getting a little deeper.  You raised your brows in shock as he shook his head.  Maybe his innocence was so severe that he hadn't figured out how to do it right… that thought made you clench your thighs together for a moment. 
"I wanted to," he explained, "but I stopped."
"You have a lot more restraint than I do," you laughed, "but that's obvious, isn't it?  That's why I ended up here, and you ended up a priest.  Except, of course, that now you're here begging me to get you off."
His cheeks flushed, in fact his whole face did, but his cock flexed in your grip.
"Tell me how it feels," you requested darkly.  "Tell me how it feels to have your ward— your charity— touch your cock."
He shivered.  "It... depends."
"Depends on what?"
"Depends on where you're asking about.  In my soul, in my heart it feels… awful.  But on my… on my cock it feels… so good," he finally stammered out his answer.  "Y-your hands are so much softer than mine…"
"I know, and they're a lot more experienced.  I can make you feel so much better than this.  I can make you feel better than you've ever felt before."
He tensed up a bit, that anger from before just starting to creep back in.  "Sounds like the sort of promises the Devil would make."
"The difference between the Devil and me is that I keep my promises," you smirked, already slipping off your jacket to unbutton your blouse.  He swallowed nervously as he watched you, seeming like he had to fight the instinct to look away as you unclasped your bra and tossed it to the ground.  “Will you touch me now?"
His lip twitched as his eyes darted back and forth from your face to your breasts.  "I… don't know how."
You reached out to grab his hands, holding them gently and guiding them to your chest.  He gasped quietly as his palms made contact with your skin, and you reveled in the warm, calloused grasp of his hands.  “Just like that,” you sighed, “touch me more, please.”
His thumbs brushed over your nipples and you jumped a little bit, in the best possible way.  There was something so jarring about how his touch felt so mature, yet his movements were shrouded in the same innocence usually reserved for much younger men.  You couldn’t wait to destroy that innocence, and with the way he licked his lips and started to move his touch lower, it didn’t seem like it was going to take much more.  His fingers stopped at where your skirt rested on your hips, even when you hopped up on the table behind you, spreading your legs for him.
“It’s okay,” you soothed, “you can reach under it.  I want you to touch me there.”
He shivered a little but nodded, sliding his fingers underneath the hem of your skirt and gasping when he met the edge of your panties.
“Help me take them off,” you requested quietly, smiling when he reached up to the top and began to pull down, you lifting your hips to let them slide down your thighs and fall to the ground around your shiny black shoes.  He pushed your skirt up, with excruciatingly slowness just as much as sacred reverence, the fabric tickling your sensitive skin until finally he sighed at the sight of your glistening, swollen pussy waiting between your thighs.
“Oh,” he whispered.  Shivers shot up your spine just from him looking at you like that, and they only got more intense as his touch brushed over the front of your mound.  Sensing his hesitation you reached forward and gently grabbed his wrist.
He gasped as you guided his finger through your folds, and you didn't have to exaggerate your moans very much to put on a show for him.  "Your fingers feel good, too, Father.  I like that they're rough, and thick… yes, just like that," you encouraged, letting go of his wrist and allowing him to explore for himself.  He spread your lips, which made your face warm from feeling so exposed, exploring everywhere he could find and watching the way your body reacted.  You didn't expect him to push two fingers into you of his own accord, but that's what he did anyways, making you gasp and arch your back.
"Wow," he breathed.  "You're so sensitive…"
You clutched at the table beneath you tightly.  "It's just 'cause of you," you explained with a little smile, wrapping your legs around him to run your feet up the back of his thighs.  "It's 'cause you turn me on so much."
He smiled a little.  “I promise you that you cannot even imagine what you do to me.”
“I can see it,” you grinned, leaning forward to grab his cock again, precum starting to drip and run down his shaft now, “I can feel what I do to you.”
The thrusts of his fingers inside you almost matched up with the way you stroked him, but there was no way you’d let him get by with just a proxy like this, just loopholes and areas of plausible deniability.  You needed everything from him and  you fully intended on taking it— better yet, you intended on pushing him until he gave it all to you willingly.
“I know it’ll feel so good inside me,” you whispered.  “Can you feel how wet I am for you?”
He nodded breathlessly, those crystal blue eyes darker than usual.
“Can you feel how warm it is inside?” you pressed, letting your voice get a little huskier.  He hissed but nodded again, shuddering when your inner walls clenched around his fingers.  Sitting up, you kissed him again, coaxing his hesitant tongue forward and letting go of his cock.  His hips pushed forward to try to chase your touch, but you just smiled and started to slowly undress him.  His little white paper collar popped off like it was nothing, and you tossed it aside before moving on to the black buttons of his shirt.  Even with all your fantasizing, you could never have imagined how toned and muscular his body would be.  The fact that he’d been covering this body up with loose-fitting robes was a travesty, truly.  “Father,” you gasped approvingly, running your fingers over his strong chest, heaving in front of you with each of his shaky breaths.  The body really is a temple, you realized, and I’ve prepared an offering for the altar alright.
He slipped his hands under one of your legs, lifting it so he could gently remove your shoes, tossing them aside before rolling your white knee-high socks down your legs.  You were confident that nobody had ever undressed you with this much care before, this much delicacy and tenderness, and it made your heart twist inside your chest.  With gentle kisses up from your ankle, to your knee, to your thighs, he shocked you by diving in between your thighs hungrily.  You whined and grabbed his hair, pulling as his warm tongue navigated your folds until it found the spot that made you moan and quiver the most.  
You would've been disappointed when he stopped, except that he immediately tore your skirt straight down the middle and threw it away thoughtlessly, kissing up over your stomach and chest before finally meeting your lips again.
“If we do this,” he whispered into the kiss, “there’s nobody else.  Just us.”
“Of course,” you agreed quickly, “only you.”
“I need you to tell me that you love me,” he sighed, pulling back to look at your face closely, running his thumb over your cheek.  “I need to know that you really love me.”
“I love you, Father,” you answered, finding more honesty in your words than you expected.  “I love you, Steven,” you repeated, a little softer, staring up into his eyes and finding a storm of emotions brewing there.  “Truly.  Deeply.”
He shivered before he replied, like his words were at war with his tongue.  “I love you too,” he whispered.  “I’m in love with you.”
When he kissed you again, you wrapped your legs around his hips and your arms around his neck, letting him pick you up and carry you to your bed, laying you down and only leaving you for a moment to shed the last of his clothes.  With his body slotting between your legs and his arms resting beside your head and caging you in, you felt helpless to him in the most addictive way.  No conquest had ever taken you so long, but you knew it was going to be worth the wait.
He hesitated a bit as he pressed his cock against you, and you realized he would need a little more encouragement.  
"Please, Father,” you whispered, so quiet that it was just barely below your breath, “make me yours.  Put it in me.  I belong to you.  Make love to me, Father."
He pushed his hips forward, and the breath punched out of your lungs all at once.  
“Oh, god,” you moaned, your head falling back as his intrusion slid deeper into you, filling you so entirely that it made your head spin and your vision a little blurry.  Maybe it was just because you’d been waiting for him so long, or because you were sure you’d never been wetter, but he barely had to move to press against every delicate spot inside you.  
He let out a strained breath as he pulled back only to push in again, moving with much more patience than you expected from a man who had waited so long.  When he pressed his hips into yours, burying himself as deep in you as he could reach, you choked a bit and reached up to grab onto the back of his neck tightly; it was almost too deep, almost too intense, but you breathed slowly to cope with it.
Afraid he’d think he hurt you, you looked up at him to watch his brow furrow where sweat began to gather on it.  “Don’t stop, please,” you requested softly, “I want more.”
He pulled back and set a pace of slow but deep thrusts, his heavy breathing starting to shift into quiet moans.  “It’s tight,” he hissed, “you’re tight, and so warm…”
You smiled as you pulled him down to kiss you again, moaning as you felt more confidence in the way his tongue dominated yours easily.  You’d always known there was a hunger underneath the wholesome facade, and you were finally starting to sink your teeth into it.  “You feel so good inside me,” you moaned softly, “it feels so perfect.  It feels so… right, doesn’t it?”
“Yes,” he admitted through his teeth, fucking you a little harder.  “Feels like… like you were made for me.”
“I was,” you agreed, “I am.  All yours.  Only yours.”
A little growl echoed in his chest, the angle of his hips changing a bit and sending the head of his cock slamming straight into your g-spot.  You couldn’t help but cry out, your walls gripping onto him in response.  He seemed surprised and did it again, causing you to bite down on your lip to keep from moaning so loud that someone down the hall might hear.  He smiled and leaned down to place a kiss just beside your ear, whispering to you sweetly.  “Is that it?” he asked softly.  “Is that how I’m supposed to do it, to make you come undone for me?”
“Yes, right there,” you sobbed, “don’t stop, Father, I’m already so close…”
He groaned as he began to thrust deep into you, hitting your spot every time until you felt burning pleasure sear right through your body and make your toes curl.  “You know I won’t last long,” he grunted, “but I want you to finish first.”
“I will, if you don’t stop,” you promised weakly.
You could feel that he was holding himself back from coming, from the way his cock was flexing and swelling against your walls.  Already falling over the edge, your back arching dramatically as the coil in your gut snapped and bright white heat burned behind your eyes, you cried out his name one last time before the sound of his moans of release filled your ears.  You could feel his orgasm warm you from the inside out, pulsing within you as his thrusts faltered, until he quickly slipped his arms into you to pull you into him and fall back onto the bed.  
He caught his breath as you laid yourself on his chest, sighing deeply.  
Looking up at his face, you expected to find dawning terror or guilt there as he realized what he’d done, but he was just looking back at you.  His expression was softer than maybe you’d ever seen it, and honestly it was a little odd to see him without his uniform— not just naked, specifically, but without the black shirt and white collar or decorative robes.
You opened your mouth to speak but your words were lost as he brushed a stray lock of hair out of your face with his fingers, before trailing his touch down your cheek and over your jaw.
You must have fallen asleep soon after that, because you woke up the next morning to an empty bed; you could almost still feel his warmth beside you.  You could even smell him on your pillow and on your skin— incense, rosemary, and something sort of like spearmint but sweeter.  His clothes were gone from your floor, and instead of a torn skirt laying in the middle of the room, you found a new one folded on your dresser for you.
The big mahogany door had a golden plate on it, engraved with FR. STEVEN ROGERS just above a little sign that indicated he was inside and available.  You smiled, knocking quickly before opening it and peeking your head inside.
“Father?” you greeted. 
“What is it?” he asked innocently, looking up at you and setting his reading glasses aside as he stood up from his chair.
“Could you help me translate this verse?  I’m struggling with the Latin,” you explained sheepishly.
“Of course,” he agreed, beckoning you inside and not-so-subtly shutting the door behind you.  He stood behind you and caged your body in with his as he read over your shoulder.  “Read it for me?”
"Pulchra es amica mea,” you read aloud, “suavis et decora sicut Hierusalem, terribilis ut castrorum acies ordinata.  Averte oculos tuos a me quis avolare fecerunt."
He smiled a little.  “It’s easy, really.”  He cleared his throat a little before he began: "Thou art beautiful, my love,” he translated slowly, “comely and sweet as Jerusalem, terrible as an army poised to attack.  Avert thine eyes—” he paused for a moment, his voice a bit lower when he continued— “for they... overcome me."
You swallowed dryly, basking in the warmth of his body just behind yours.
“It’s from Song of Solomon,” he informed you.  “I feel like I’ve learned more about that book in the past month than from years of seminary and decades of personal study.”  
His soft chuckle was light at first, but fell into a dark silence.  You shivered as his touch trailed lightly along your arm, his lips leaving a faint kiss on the back of your head.  
“It’s so strange,” he whispered, “to feel desire without resistance.  My first instinct is still to fight  it, but we’re alone now.... and I don’t have to fight it anymore.”
He spun you around quickly, making you giggle a little as you set your Latin Bible aside and let him pull you into a kiss.  His lips slotted against yours so naturally now that you’d think he’d been kissing all his life, rather than only having had his first kiss a few weeks ago, with you in your room that fateful night.  Everything had changed since then; he was slowly but surely becoming a romantic, and it was undeniable that the ways of Hell had overtaken this man with the way he’d turned out to be a demon in the sack.  You, on the other hand, could barely recognize yourself with the way you thought of him constantly, fantasized about him— and not just him now, but a lifetime with him, as impossible as that was.  He wasn’t just a notch on your bedpost anymore; no, you’d thought you were hunting him for the love of the game, but you fell for the player in the end.  And who could blame you?  You’d never been treated so well by a lover— or by anyone, really.  After all, a life of being cared for probably wouldn’t have led you to needing to live at a church, right?  
And Steven was, as always, very willing to take care of you.  He just did so more thoroughly than he used to.
“I have to go,” he explained breathlessly as he sucked harshly on your neck.  “There’s a service in less than an hour…”
“Don’t go,” you whined, pulling him closer and holding him tight, whimpering as his hands grabbed your ass through your skirt.
“I have to,” he repeated, but noticeably didn’t stop.  “I’m supposed to do confessional.”
“Let someone else do it,” you suggested, “stay and make love to me.”
“I can’t,” he asserted, “I can’t.”  And, as much as it killed you a bit, you understood when he shoved you back and stepped away.  He looked almost as desperate as you felt; a small comfort, if nothing else.  “You’ll need to straighten yourself out and make an appearance as well,” he reminded you with a stern look as he quickly fixed his hair.
“Of course, Father,” you nodded, feeling a bit like you were being scolded and finding some twisted joy in it.
Leaving his office, you took some time to freshen up before evening Mass, although you didn’t plan on being in the pews very long— no, you were heading straight for confession.
“Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned,” you whispered solemnly as you entered the confession chamber, sitting on the wooden bench as the door sliding shut behind you plunged you into darkness.
Father Steven whispered your name in question and you laughed a little.
“Yes, it’s me,” you answered.  
“I’ve missed you terribly,” he informed you quickly.
“It’s hardly been an hour,” you reminded him, though your cheeks were warming at the thought of him so hung up on you.
You heard him shift on the other side of the wood, and you could just barely catch a glimpse of his profile through the latticed screen separating the two compartments.  “You consume my every thought,” he informed you.  “I can’t think straight, I can hardly sleep or eat anymore.”
It wasn’t so much that you chose to put your hand between your legs, but more like you just realized that it was there of its own accord, stroking over the outside of your panties and making you shiver.  Lewd as it was, your prayer rosary was still in your hand and it made the cross tickle the back of your legs as it swung about.
“I can tell what you’re doing,” he hissed.  “I can hear your breathing, I know you’re pleasuring yourself.”
You whimpered a bit, about to pull your hand away, but as if he read your mind, he interrupted quickly.
“Don’t stop,” he instructed you, still speaking softly and yet with a dominating, stern tone.  You moaned a little, rubbing yourself with more vigor and hearing the shift of fabric from beside you.
“Will you touch yourself too?” you asked nervously.
“I don’t think I can stop myself,” he explained, voice sounding strained but heavy with arousal.  You bit your lip as you imagined his thick hand on that perfect cock, stroking himself with you.  “You’re better at this than I am,” he admitted.
Glancing over to the screen again, you licked your lips and leaned in closer.  “Then let me do it for you,” you offered.  “Open the partition, let me touch you, Father.”
You heard him stand up, and you dropped to your knees before you could even think about it.  All he had to do was slide open the screen and there was a convenient little rectangular hole, big enough for his cock and balls to fit through— and frankly not much extra room, with how thick he was.  You quickly took it between your lips before you even touched it with your hand.  He didn't seem to mind your eagerness, moaning softly as you slid lower and lower, his swollen head bumping into the back of your throat and coating it with his precum.
You weren't used to having this much control— normally he would've grabbed your hair by now, or even your neck or jaw— but with the wall in the way he was forced to stay still and let you do whatever you wanted with him.  You liked the power you had over him in that moment.
You reached up and wrapped your hand around him to stroke the length you couldn't reach.  However, you'd forgotten to set your rosary down first, its beads draping between your fingers and down your palm.  At first you feared it would hurt him, but he moaned instead as the beads rolled along his shaft.
"Fuck, baby, that feels so good," he hissed.
A rhythm started to form as you took his cock deeper, ignoring the way your jaw became sore from being stretched open so wide, and you kept a light but steady grip on his cock with your palm and rosary.  His moans were just loud enough to hear through the wall, and so lovely that you found yourself rubbing your pussy against the floor of the booth, searching for friction and sadly not finding very much.  You weren’t good enough with your left hand to get yourself off anyways, so you figured it would go to better use cupping his balls as you continued to suck him.
"S-stop," he stammered, "I can't… I can't come in your mouth."
"Yes you can,” you corrected encouragingly as you pulled off of him (but continued stroking, if slowly).
"No, it's— it has to be inside."
Your eyes went wide as you realized he was referring to the Catholic aversion to birth control or otherwise pregnancy avoidance.  Pulling out, using condoms, letting you swallow it: it was all considered birth control and therefore a sin.
Of course, the irony of this was obvious, and you giggled a little.  "Father, we're sort of past that, don't you think?"
"Oral is permitted," he clarified, "just not to completion."
"Yes, but I feel like when the Vatican made such an allowance, they weren't including their priests in that, or encounters during confession."
You heard the waver in his voice, you knew he hated being reminded of the wrongness of this.  At least, he pretended to hate it— but his cock was harder than ever, too.  "Please," he begged softly, "just let me go and we'll finish this later."
You tutted disapprovingly, smiling to yourself.  Your hand was still wrapped tightly around his cock and he wasn't going anywhere until you were satisfied.  "Not so fast, baby, I'm not done yet."
"Please," he repeated, even weaker, but you ignored him as you teased his slit with the tip of your tongue.
"I wanna taste you," you explained, licking a thick stripe all the way up from his balls to his tip, laughing when you felt his cock flex against your grip.  "I wanna taste your come."
"Stop now, and I'll let you taste what spills out next time," he offered, a desperate compromise.
"You'll let me?" you repeated mockingly.  "Oh, Father, you're so cute thinking you get to decide these sorts of things for yourself.  I know what's good for you.  Just relax and let me make you feel good."
His moan was broken and high-pitched as you sunk his cock all the way into the back of your throat, gagging around him but staying steady until you absolutely needed to breathe again.  He groaned as you pulled back, giving yourself a break by lathing his balls with your tongue— while twisting your hand around the sensitive head of his cock, of course.  “Baby, please,” he whimpered needily.
“Come for me, Father, let me taste it,” you begged hoarsely one last time before wrapping your lips around his head and stroking the rest with both hands.  Just a few seconds of that pushed him over the edge, his hips bucking against the wooden divider between you and his cock flexing and pulsing in your grasp.  His taste flooded your mouth, thick and musky and absolutely perfect, until your eyes fluttered shut and you hummed with satisfaction and glee.  You kept sucking, gently, until you were sure every drop was on your tongue (and secretly loving the way his little sobs sounded so wrecked from the overstimulation).
You pulled off of him with a grin as you swallowed it all down, finally letting go of his cock which quickly retreated back to his side of the confession booth.  
“Thank you, Father,” you whispered before standing up and wiping your mouth, hearing the screen slide shut behind you as you stepped out of the booth.  Walking back to the service, you did your best to hide your smile and the need panging between your thighs.
You would’ve been tempted to skip the service and take care of yourself, but you got the idea that Father Steven was going to come back for you soon.
He said nothing, silently fuming, as he stormed into your room that night, slamming the door and shoving you onto the bed as he tore at your clothes.
"Father!" you cried in protest.
"Early Christians believed pain was the only way to atone for sins," he began to explain; his voice almost sounded the way it did when he gave a homily, except a lot deeper and rougher.  "As recent as a hundred years ago, priests were prescribing self-flagellation as a method of repentance."
Your panties were torn and tossed aside, and he held your legs down with his as he hastily pulled his cock from his trousers.
"I think what I'm going to do to you is pretty generous by comparison," he decided with a sigh before roughly shoving his cock into you.  You choked on your scream, biting down on your pillow to cope with the pain.  He was big enough that without any preparation it felt like he would split you in half.
“Fuck,” you winced, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, Father.”
“Too late for that,” he shook his head.
With your face shoved into your pillow, your sobs of ecstasy were muffled and the sound that filled your ears was his heavy breathing and grunting, and the slapping of skin on skin.  You could hear how wet you were for him, and it was almost enough to make you feel a little shame.  But that was gone when he roughly manhandled you to be on your elbows and knees, his body wrapping around yours as he fucked you just as hard but so much deeper, deep enough that you started to see stars.
His arm snaked around your neck to hold you up, almost tight enough to choke you, as he leaned down and growled right against your ear.  "Tell me your sins," he groaned.  "Tell me what you did to deserve this."
"I— I swallowed your seed," you remembered with a whimper, "and forced myself on you, when you asked me to stop."
"Anything else?"
"Impure thoughts," you continued, "lust, premarital sex— and one time in high school I did anal."
"Fuck," he grunted, the first time you'd ever heard him swear, "you're worse off than I thought."
His thrusts were so fast and brutal that you thought your insides might go numb— and the knowledge that he could probably last a long while after already coming earlier today made your head spin.  You were so done for; it was so worth it.
Already well on your way to your first orgasm, you heard him hiss as your walls clenched around him.  "I forgot how good it feels," he whispered, "to make you come.  Will you come for me?"
"Yes, Father," you sobbed.
It was too far along to stop now as his body rocked yours back and forth, pleasure making your gut sink and your eyes roll back into your head.  Tears rolled down your cheeks as he pushed you to your limits and well past them, your toes curling and fingers clawing at the sheets when he continued his assault on your swollen, sensitive walls.  "Good girl, just like that," he praised, "now do it again.*
He sat back up and let your face fall to the bed limply, holding your hips tightly and pulling them back to spear you onto him with each thrust.  You weren't sure you could come again because you still hadn't exactly stopped coming the first time.  But, if anything could do it, it would certainly be the thought of bruises in the shape of his fingerprints being left on your skin from this.  
"I'll need to come inside you twice to make up for that little stunt you pulled in confession," he informed you coldly.  "I'm gonna fill you to the brim, until every drop of my come is in you."
“Don’t threaten me with a good time,” you hoarsely laughed between the moans being forced out of your body.
"That's what you want?" he questioned, and if you didn't know any better you'd think he was taunting you; you nodded in reply.  He responded, of all things, by spanking you hard enough to make you yelp and clench down around him.  "You're shameless, huh?"
"Seems like it," you answered breathlessly.
He laughed and lifted you up until your back was flush with his chest.  At this angle, he was forced to slow down his thrusts, and yet you felt like you were being stretched even wider somehow.  "You won't make a very good Catholic, then," he mumbled against your ear.
"I already knew that," you agreed, although the last of your sentence morphed into a whine as he reached around your body to begin rubbing your clit.
"Is that it?" he asked innocently, in spite of everything.  "Is this where you touch yourself?"
"Yes," you hissed.
"No, this can't be right, you're not screaming yet," he noted, reaching a little further down and finding an even more sensitive place— so sensitive that your whole body jolted and you bit down on your lip.  "That's it," he grinned, adding more pressure and rubbing in quick circles as your thighs began to quiver.  
"Too much," you gasped, reaching down to try to push his hand away, "I can't take it—"
"You can take it," he disagreed, "just a little more, I'm almost there… and then we're halfway done."
You cried and bucked against him, overwhelmed and unable to discern any individual sensations anymore: pain, pleasure, fear, desire, it was all one big ball of fire in your chest about to explode.  "Please come," you begged through the overwhelming, heavy weight of your body falling apart beneath him.
"I will, I'm gonna," he promised, his thrusts picking up a bit and finally starting to stutter.  He breathed through his bared teeth as he came, and you could feel the base of his cock stretching your entrance wide with every pump of his come filling you.
Just before you fell, he caught you and flipped you onto your back, taking a quick breath as he used the head of his cock to gather the come that had started to drip out of you.  He hissed as he pushed back in, fucking his come back into you— slower and with more intimate passion than you expected.  Lowering himself over you, he held you close and set a steady pace, both of you moaning gently when he seated himself all the way inside.  
You felt pins and needles on all your extremities as you tried to cope with another orgasm creeping its way up your spine.  Your back arching only made it easier for him to suck a hardened nipple between his lips, the shocks of pleasure shooting straight down to your core each time his tongue tickled the bud.
The passage of time was one of many senses lost to you after that; you couldn't think about anything except him, you couldn't be anything except his, you couldn't process anything except his body against yours.  
The only thing that pulled you back into reality was his words in your ear, your name on his lips, as he promised to fill you up again.  You weren't sure there was any room left, but you nodded sleepily as he pumped faster and more erratically.
You were too numb now to feel the pulsing of his cock, but you definitely noticed the warmth starting in your channel but somehow spreading to cover all of you.
He sighed as he pulled out with one last kiss, collapsing beside you, his heavy breathing the only thing you could hear as he cooled off.  "What are we gonna do when I get pregnant?" you asked suddenly, but he didn't seem fazed by the question.
"Children are always a gift," he answered between pants; it sounded like the sort of thing he said a lot, but it also sounded like he meant it.
"But they're going to question how it happened while I was living under the care of the church.  It doesn't look good for me.  It doesn't look good for you, either."
He took a slow breath before he responded.  “I know.  We should have a plan for that, and yet… I find myself too distracted for anything logical.  I’m entirely preoccupied with you.  I had given up on finding love and having a family so long ago… and now, the idea of you pregnant, round and heavy with my child, our child…” he trailed off as he pulled you closer, spooning you and breathing against your neck until you shuddered.  “What have you done to me?” he asked with a soft little laugh.
"Just found what was already lurking just below the surface," you shrugged.
“I can’t help but feel guilty, still,” he admitted.  “I feel like I dishonored you by taking you in such a way before marriage.  You deserve love like this from a husband.”
Just hearing him say ‘husband’ made you smile so wide.  You two were always introducing each other to things you never knew you needed.
“I want you to be my husband, Steven,” you sighed, turning back to face him but finding the look in his eyes overwhelming and glancing down to his chest instead.  “And I know you love your work—”
“But I love you more,” he interrupted, guiding your face up to look at him with a finger under your chin.  “I’d leave it all for you, you know that, right?”
You nodded gently.  
“I want you to be my wife,” he whispered.  
"What's stopping us?" you asked, hesitant to push it that far but unable to stop yourself.
His eyes darted from your eyes to your lips and back a few times, while you took a moment to admire the way his hair had become all fucked up with little strands falling down over his sweat-slicked forehead.  "We'll have to go to another city if we have any hope of finding a priest who would marry us," he finally announced, breaking the silence.  "One who doesn't know that I used to be one, too."
You beamed, hardly believing what you were hearing.  "So you'll do it, then?  We're really… are we really going to do this?"
"I hope so," he laughed softly.  "You'd really promise to devote yourself to me, entirely?  For life?"
"Of course," you assured, resting your hand on his cheek, "I've never loved anyone else, Father."
"You won't be able to call me that anymore," he noted.
You ran your tongue over your teeth, grin shifting into a smirk.  "How about Daddy instead?"
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