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#in detail

“no i will not elaborate” is such a fun line, but unfortunately i have adhd and am incapable of shutting up. yes i will elaborate

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Can’t wait for Dream to suddenly be unable to call Sapnap cute, or say he’s in love with him, or suddenly be unable to give a straight answer on whether or not he’s straight, or, more realistically, be unable to call Sapnap dude or bro without stuttering and hesitating 😫

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everything after aa4 is mine to mold into whatever i wish

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this is fucking bleak…

at least 15% of the people who fled in droves from Northern Italy to the South last week had a fever even as they boarded those cursed trains; the numbers of infected parents are now skyrocketing. everywhere, people are not respecting curfews, assembling freely on the street; still not taking this seriously….

but when the North is finally past its peak, the South will be in the we’re-still-getting-there phase, and it scares me a lot because then it’ll be the North closing our borders to prevent a new wave of infections, and it’ll be disastrous

it’ll put a further strain on Italy as a people, as a united nation

because this is the wet dream Lega wankers have been jerking off to since their inception. closed borders to immigrants and Southerners? with the very “"valid”“ excuse that we need to ~~protect ourselves against new waves of the virus? sure, coming very soon to a prejudiced, racist, alt-right theater near you.

(Salvini suddenly popping up everywhere, after days of radio silence…flapping his alt-right mouth again with his useless opinion. he knows very well as soon as dear ol’ recession hits, he’s bound to get more and more votes.)

this is a very depressing future and I can’t see it not happening……

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side boob this side boob that…… its time to talk about side tummy

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"I swear to all the gods, if Reed leaves the coffee pot empty one more time we are going to have a murder scene in the bullpen and you are going to have to cuff me." Vanessa grumbled shoving fresh grounds back into the machine.


“Can’t we just hide the body and file a missing person’s report?” It somehow sounds like less work.

< no prompt. accepting. @amyriadofmuses >

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Name (& pronunciation): Evangelina Elyse Campbell
Date of Birth: 24th July 1987
Place of Birth: London, England
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Language: English

Physical Description

Face Claim: Lily James
Height: 5’ 7"
Hair: Medium brown with blonde highlights
Eyes: Light brown
Physique: Lean hourglass
Appearance: Evangelina Campbell is nothing but beauty and grace, found 5 foot and 6 tall at the soles of her feet with voluptuous physique, the woman’s appearance can most certainly been considered a sight for sore eye. Possessing rather shapely and pleasantly striking features, Evangelina’s physiognomy only assists the woman presenting herself as the highly sophisticated and driven woman that she is. Evangelina is nowhere near oblivious to her beauty and grace; however despite her confidence to her own exterior, the attorney of law has never intentionally fallen into using her looks and physical attributes in advancing in her career despite gaining plenty of attention over her much pleasant outline. 

Possessing already fairly sophisticated and pleasantly striking features, Evangelina prefers to keep her make-up minimalist as the attorney mainly uses her products to bring forth her best features in all of the right ways. While the woman prefers to keep certain aspects simple, the most notable alternating addition to the attorney’s physiognomy could quite possibly be the reading glasses she is forced to use when reading a newspaper with small print or reviewing contracts demanding detailed attention, those that are of style and as sophisticated and put together as the woman herself is.  

Evangelina has sustained quite a few different hairstyles throughout her lifespan, including a variation of different hairs colours and haircuts. At times the tasteful attorney likes to change her style following the trends of current time; however, when she finds something truly of her liking, she sticks to a specific style for a longer period of time fairly steadily. Her current hue of hair is closer to her light brown with a touch of blonde highlights to it to accentuate her layered style and cut; something simple yet elegant enough to be as presentable as possible to appear professional and appealing to court.

Now In her work environment Evangelina dresses to impress, though her style could be overall described fairly classy. Generally the attorney is hardly seen in jeans and boots considering her professional environment, though every now again she may pull on a pair of nice and comfortable jeans but only if she can match them with a pair of heels. While generally a classy dresses, Evangelina’s style is rather versatile, coming from tendency to pay close attention to details in addition to minding any requirements an occasion may require from her. She can be seen in the fairly impressive attires when presenting in social events for work, when outside of work and such events she prefers to find herself in something much more simple even if impressive. 


Education/Special Training: Stanford Law School.
Place/Type of Residence: London England.
Occupation: Attorney. 
Place of Work: Government attorney.
Work-related Skills: Oral and written communication skills, analytical and logical thinking and reasoning, knowledge of substantive law and legal procedures, organisational skills.
Personality/Attitude: Practical. Assertive. Patient. Confident. Eloquent. Scrupulous. Conscientious. Sophisticated. Stubborn. Blunt. Deceitful. Calculating. Sarcastic. Hedonistic.

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eliott demaury

in detail, “le premier” (pt. 3)

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eliott demaury

in detail, “le premier” (pt. 2)

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eliott demaury

in detail, “le premier” (pt. 1)

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still not over the bbmas dress.

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What is a kin/kinship??

Like, I’m seriously asking - I was reading a blog that had a ton of kins???… And I don’t quite understand the logistics/meaning behind it???

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John Lennon, 1965: ‘I worry about how people are going to remember me’


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