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silent-insanities · a day ago
You hurt me, and I’m the one who apologized.
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becherdireinen · 4 months ago
I’m such a slut for casual intimacy. Like yesss rest your chin on my shoulder while we're in line at the grocery store, I live for that shit.
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day-dream1231 · a month ago
You know what hurts? You knew I was at my lowest and you left. Without saying anything. I got no goodbye, no sorry. You just left.
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samxcamargo · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Book: Night Drives available on amazon
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littlelights3 · a month ago
I can forget myself but I can't forget that day
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o-xytocin · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
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fa2m · a year ago
with all stubbornness, I will not let you go. If life ever decides that you're not the one for me I'll go against every rule of the universe just to be yours. A life without you seems impossible. You've made everything possible the day you entered my life. I've never felt that the stars are far to reach when I'm with you. I've never felt like I could not do something. You, darling, made me realize I could own the entire world if I wanted to. I refuse to let anything break us. I refuse to let anyone tell me that this is not what's love supposed to be.
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cjmatthews · 11 months ago
And he just walked into my life as if he had his place reserved. He kissed me for the first time and i whispered ‘fuck’ under my breath. Because at that moment I knew, he was the one. Every other kiss with others, the crying and arguments, didn’t come close to the fireworks that explode every time I see his smile. It’s true what they say, you’ll know when you’ve found your person. You’ll know.
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noencoreperformance · 10 months ago
My favourite version of you is the morning. I could wake up to this everyday for the rest of my life.
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littlesugarwords · a year ago
sorry I haven’t been active!! I’ve been
✨💓 falling in love 💓✨
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dontbehappier · 11 months ago
I don’t even have to see you to get butterflies
All it takes is a call of your name
And there I go again
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silent-insanities · 2 months ago
I fear that I love too deeply for those who don’t love at all.
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becherdireinen · a year ago
One perk of dating me is that I’ll be your biggest supporter and number one fan. I will hype up everything you do because I love you and wanna see you succeed.
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aqib-nazir · a month ago
There are still people who have deep conversations with plants, flowers, rivers and animals around them. They speak simple words of gratitude, never stop praying for others, cultivating family and gardens, leaving footsteps where new things grow. They breathe the way of grace.
-Reminders, aidememoires (_aqibnazir).
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samxcamargo · 4 months ago
They say things can always be better, but with you everything is already enough. I just want to continue growing in love.
-Samantha Camargo
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littlelights3 · 3 months ago
The most painful thing was to see what you've become
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o-xytocin · a year ago
Sure maybe one day you‘ll run into each other again and be reminded of your past, but until then make sure you‘ve worked on yourself so much that you‘ll be a different version when you meet.
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moonkissedthoughts · 2 years ago
I just want someone to call me cute pet names and tell me they love me
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bhloomest · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
try to appreciate the simple things. - xoxo
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noencoreperformance · 10 months ago
My darling, I’d marry you with a paper ring.
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