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#in my bed
loganthrives · 7 minutes ago
I wanted to thank you for your addition to the fanfiction post!!! I was soooo confused when I first saw it cause it made no sense to me. Like if people can legally take commissions for fanart, why can't writers do the same with fanfiction? Both count as transformative, right? Thanks for explaining the actual legality of it!
The actual legality behind it is so fricken’ muddy already that it drives me up the wall, but the main thing I don’t like is the idea that artists can take commissions for drawing fandom characters but writers can’t take commissions to write them. Like that’s pretty messed up, right? I commission sooo many artists in this fandom and promote others who are hurting for cash, but if I’m hard up I can’t ask for writing commissions since that’s what I’m good at?
Art is just as transformative as writing is so I can commission Levi in a maid outfit all I want, but I can’t write him in one? That’s seriously fucked.
Especially when I’ve literally done that before, and done the whole patreon thing, etc. etc. and so on.
The major sticking point is whether you try and publish or directly profit from the work itself - then in that case the copyright holder can try and say that you owe them money for using their characters in something you profited on. Using trademarked characters (because at that point it’s trademarks, not copyrights) is the part that's not kosher. And even then that’s only if the copyright holder wants to come after you. But we all know what happened to Anne Rice’s fandom when she did exactly that. People weren’t even doing or taking commissions then - they just wanted some gay vampire-on-vampire action.
Basically, it’s only illegal if they sue you for it and win. If they don’t, then it’s permissible, and it’s usually in their best interests for it to be permissible, in order to avoid any reputation backlash. So don't go write a slash fic starring Mickey Mouse (because Disney LOVES to sue), but writing one with Lucifer is okay until Solmare tells you not to, with lawyers. Copyright has to be defended in order to maintain it's copyright.
And if this is legal to publish and profit from as a transformative work, then my little commissioned drabbles can’t be too bad either, right?
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a-dumb-bitch-apparently · 41 minutes ago
now was probably the worst time to become incapacitated sjdkdjdbf
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miraculouscontent · 46 minutes ago
While cleaning my inbox, accidentally deleted an ask wishing me a “Happy UN Chinese Language Day” (I think that’s what it was) and asking how I was, so now I just feel like I was aggressively like how dare you ask me how I was, begone.
To answer them anyway, thanks! And I’m fine... I think? I’ve been told I look a little pale lately and I haven’t been sleeping well but... probably nothing honestly. U_U
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dilitiria · 53 minutes ago
okokok tiny uh . . . thing ? ? regarding this blog && my activity on tumblr as a whole ! ! my mental state is a whole bucket load better && slowly this place is becoming less scary to me again , which i’m very thankful for. so ! ! i have decided to come off my tiny hiatus && stop being solely queue based , but . . . my activity may still be spotty. my health is not good , it’s actually very bad && fluctuating a lot so . . . writing when i am dizzy / lightheaded proves to be very difficult. i think it’s mostly due to stress && underlying anxiety regarding something serious i need to sort out in my life , or such is what i hope.
hopefully when i sort this issue out my health picks up to a stable place where i can manage it && not hide under my blankets to try stop my head from spinning (´-﹏-`;) but ! ! yes i will be more active again && return to my babbling about isolde ! !
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ghostytrolls · an hour ago
The universe has a very funny way of taking care of me. Im in a very creative mood, but there's a weather front coming in so im achey and hurting. I lost my artist glove so I couldn't draw anyways....bed time it is.....
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froglegsz · 2 hours ago
watari would play his music super loud with no remorse. late at night as the others are trying to sleep they just hear through the walls DONT WANNA BE AN AMERICAN IDIOT-
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delusionsxfgrandeur · 3 hours ago
y’all ever get all comfy in bed and go to take a drink and it spills all on you and ur sheets????? anyway Why Am I Cursed
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humanbodyterror · 3 hours ago
usually there’s a little bit of time where i’m okay and have spoons and go into this mpdb mode, and then my mental health/physical health issues get bad and it gets really scary for everyone around me, in a way they’re not equipped to handle, so they kind of. go away.
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nelfs · 4 hours ago
the most shameful thing you can take away from my last post is that i don't have tiger's fury keybound
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jiminswn · 4 hours ago
taehyung singing "sleep" is like "time lapse of a young lounge singer going about their day – languishing in their seedy workplace establishment, going home in the rainy early morning lit by neon on wet pavement, putting their favorite jazz record in the turntable while they do their morning grind/errands (showering off the club, watering their little windowsill plants, feeding the dog, hanging up clothes for their next shift, etc), then wandering barefoot into their little diy-boudoir bedroom with scarf-draped lamps and 7000 floor pillows to curl up in bed with their lover until it's time to do it all again" vibes like taebear honey we been knew the T in taehyung stands for TENDER but thanks for reminding us
this as kim taehyung’s spotify bio please and thank you.
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