#in one ear out the other
blondebrainpower · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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incorrectservamp · 5 months ago
Hyde: ...and you’re ignoring everything I’m saying, aren’t you?
Licht: Ignoring you, check.
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sashacore · 4 months ago
absolutely admire the self didacticism of the people who can hack it but fuck me I'm not opting for online courses ever again
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figofswords · 12 months ago
sick of seeing something something gamestop something stock market something reddit something something capitalism. you think I know how money works? I’m on tumblr for cool art not economics stop making me look at numbers
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theirrefutablepancake · 10 months ago
My mom is like: Explain this this new social concept to me, I don’t get it.
Me: explains
~1 hour later~
My mom: Aha! So it’s basically *talks about incorrect and outdated concept she believed in before explanation*
Me: Did- did you not hear me....
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narcolepticnurse · 5 months ago
So I accidentally set up two of my friends with my brother. . .
Cause I spaced and forgot I’d already set him up with the first friend.
Only one of the two knows what I’ve done, and she doesn’t care.
But the other one has no idea he’s texting more than one girl.
And he’s so oblivious, I’m not sure he realizes that both girls want to date him.
They both text me about him.
What have I done?
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tokencishetchip · 8 months ago
So you ever have shit that you just watch / read to gain free serotonin but don’t remember shit about it?
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karnaxa · 11 months ago
I actually remember nothing about early seasons supernatural
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diamondwerewolf · a year ago
I don't think I'm entirety hyperactive, but I think I have some inclination toward add or adhd because man...I do some things that just aren't normal. I forget important things all the time. It takes me months to do things that take my mom or sister one afternoon. I forget what I'm doing in the middle of doing it. If I'm drawing I don't hear anyone. I can start drawing at 8am and look up a second later and it's like 8pm and I haven't ate or drank anything.
I can't even fake interest in certain things to do good at it. I've seen people hate math as much as I do and muster the ability to do well anyway through the boredom. But now I'm realizing I might have been bad at a lot of math based classes because I literally could not focus on what any of my teachers were saying even when I really wanted to
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stylesrecord · 2 years ago
i love tumblr i just talk and i never know if anyone is reading what i say about harry, it feels very equivalent to me talking to a brick wall
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mystreetnameisteaspoon · 3 years ago
this is the only time I've ever heard different volumes per earbuds and enjoyed it
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roetrolls · 10 days ago
no, vey, he's gonna ask you a favor and its so important you dont agree. he's doing something dangerous for him, AND dangerous for you
Tumblr media
"Oh dear... If he's asking something that dangerous, it must be very important to him."
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humanmosquito · a month ago
worst part of making urself read 3x more books than you usually do in a month is that u can't read by refreshing tumblr
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sariea · 3 months ago
any who just finished watching this lecture video and what the actual heck...
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blind-banshee · 7 months ago
I love wikipedia I'll read page after page, murderers, mushrooms, banana disease, you name it
and I'll forget it all
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castlevaniariaofsorrow · a year ago
like ready to off myself at this point
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ninjasmudge · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
domestic aus
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phy-be · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Jesper, as I pictured him when I first read six of crows
Kaz | Inej | Wylan | Nina | Matthias  | Kuwei  
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vargaslovinghours · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Avoid it all, that’ll solve it
#💟 #Doodles #Art #Edgar #Scriabin #I can't stop thinking about Scriabin taking over other senses in Edgar's body lol #Just the idea of him taking over a part of Edgar's body that a sense is centralized in ah ♪ #The only other sense would be linked to the eyes and that's a Whole Thing so I opted for something silly this time lol #I guess he could take over his ears? That sounds funny no pun intended haha #Parasite tinnitus lol #Partial possession sparks ideas so bad ✨ #All the rest are paper testing stuff! Verdict is in: This paper sucks #You can see it in Edgar's eyebrow in his headshot - that white line is the paper indenting horribly lol #The Scriabins turned out pretty nice tho - even if it feels terrible to work with it does still hold pigment pretty well haha #Even pulled out the markers again! Forgot to put down a guard so they bled to the next page unfortunately :P #Yet more testing for next time around when I get my good paper! Hm I wonder who I'll draw my markers next haha #That's a lot of yarn and I am pleased by it lol #Edgar's book one was based on a bigger idea of him picking up a book with a protagonist that shares his first name #And becoming Very Uncomfortable with some of the stuff book-Edgar had said to him which may or may not be based on a true story #And some Scriabin angst mixed in there too ♪ I might come back to it if I can figure out how to draw it hah #I think dizzy Edgar was a comfort doodle but I can't remember anymore lol he is very cute
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itslavenduh · 17 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
He's the best trainer in the anime.
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