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brokenyouth · 2 months ago
mutuals how old were you when the first episode of supernatural came out (september 13, 2005)
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brownvampire · 2 days ago
wait if you're a person of color and you've ever dated a white (derogatory), what's a funny/absurd moment in ur relationship that made u realize "yea this isn't gonna work"
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youngreckless · a month ago
hot shower or cold shower // texting or calling // earphones or headphones // paperback or hardcover // matte or gel // 12 hour clock or 24 hour clock // blue or green // sunsets or sunrises // tulips or orchids // candle light or moon light // sci-fi or horror // pen or pencil // pandas or koalas // gold or silver // sneakers or boots // denim jacket or leather jacket // pink or purple // wind chimes or dreamcatchers // chocolate or sour candy // deodrant or perfume // drive-in movie theatre or the cinema // pastel colours or neutral/earth tones // butterflies or honeybees // lemonade or iced tea // past or future // constellations or aurora borealis
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fabeldyr · 10 days ago
this or that; horror edition:
book or movie? monster or human villains? slasher or religious themes? graphic violence or not? classic or modern? stand-alone or franchise? dracula or frankenstein? modern day or period piece? found footage or traditional? slow burn or straight to it? one killer or team effort? happy ending or no man standing? based on a true story or fully fiction? ghosts or demons? killer dies or goes to jail?
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hotgirlsrk · 12 months ago
reblog and put your star sign and whether or not you like horror movies in the tags
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tour-moved · 4 months ago
hiiiii maybe rb and tell me the emoji thats just.... yours. like its ur signature and if ur friends ever saw, they’d be like oh theres xyz
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oh-theatre · a year ago
she is not a fictional character
she is a person
she is a mother
a sister
a human being
Please continue the search for Naya Rivera, please let her be ok, whatever you can do to support or help the cause, please do. 
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userboxer · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
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hotgirlsrk · a year ago
poc can y’all pls rb this and tell me in the tags the dumbest thing a white person has ever said to u or anyone u know
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kohitsuji-circus · 3 years ago
Name your favourite type of flower, your favourite time of the day and your birthday in the tags
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cardiigan · 11 months ago
reblog and put in the tags your zodiac sign + the number of drafts, queued posts, and unanswered asks you currently have (it’s for science)
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demigender-positivity · 3 years ago
Every day, you are living proof of your gender. Every day, you are making your gender happen. Every day your gender is real, it is valid, it is you. Every day you are wonderdul and worthy.
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jonismitchell · a year ago
reblog and rank movies, tv shows, music, and books in the tags
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