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Ellen pushing Sterling and April together, requested by anon
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INDEX: purple font signifies importance, whether that be a specific date, quote, etc - I will later release a full index of all important dates and information combing each year of the Jelena timeline, but in the meantime, purple font signifies key information in their story to later come back to.
January 1st:
Selena celebrated NYE by Justin's side at his private party at the Glass House in NYC following his performance on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve:
"He...danced with Selena, showing off, picking her up and swinging her around like it was Dancing With the Stars," a source tells E!
*E! article here (x)
January 2nd:
Selena tweets (a now deleted) photo she posted to her instagram of Justin with a big smile captioned:
“This smile is because of Carly Rae Jepsen.. We have not stopped listening to your song girl!” in response to CRJ’s single “Call Me Maybe”
*tweet here (x)
January 3rd:
Selena was spotted getting gas and McDonalds on way to Justin’s house
*photos here (x)
January 4th:
Justin, Selena, Taylor Swift, JoJo and Francia attend The Laugh Factory in Los Angeles
*photos / article here (x) (x)
Tumblr media
January 6th:
Justin and Selena are photographed in Los Cabos, Mexico
*photos here (x)
January 7th:
Photos of Justin and Selena in Los Cabos, Mexico
*photos here (x)
January 9th:
Justin adds photo of him and Selena in Los Cabos, Mexico to instagram captioned:
“2 much fun”
January 10th:
Selena and Justin are photographed arriving at a restaurant together in Hollywood, California
*full article / photos here (x)
January 13th:
Selena and Justin are spotted by fans while walking with Baylor in Balboa Park, California
*full article / photos here (x)
January 14th:
Selena and Justin are spotted and photographed grocery shopping together with some family members in Encino, CA
*photos here (x)
January 15th:
Selena and Justin are photographed arriving at a friends house for Football Sunday
*full article / photos here (x)
January 16th:
Justin and Selena drive to Disney Land and were spotted walking on streets of Anaheim
*photos here (x)
January 17th:
Justin and Selena attend Disneyland together and are spotted kissing - they also run into Selena’s on-screen mom, actress Maria Canals Barrera, who tweeted a photo of herself with Selena and Justin writing “You never know who you’ll bump into at Disney Land.”
*full article / photos here (x) (x) (x)
January 22nd:
Selena continues her We Own The Night World Tour for the final South American leg of the tour this evening in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
The tour runs through January 22nd-February 11th
Fans spot both Selena and Justin in San Juan and take fan photos with the couple - Alfredo later confirms Justin was indeed in Puerto Rico but that they were flying back to LA the following day
Alfredo Flores:
"Went to dinner tonight in Puerto Rico. Justin ended up eating fish… I wanted him to try something Puerto Rican but he really wanted fish.. LOL what a waste of trying. Selena had a great show though and it was awesome seeing all the fans at the arena. I met so many of you and it was so much fun. Last day tomorrow and then we have to fly back to LA. Enjoying my last moments tomorrow. Te Amo."
*photos here (x) / Wikipedia tour dates (x)
February 2nd:
Selena covers the March issue of Cosmo and mentions Justin a few times in her interview
Talking about Justin:
“I’m just like every 19-year-old girl. If you’re in love, you’re in love to the fullest, and you just want to go to the movies, hang out, and be as normal as possible. I’m fortunate that I’ve found someone who has that philosophy … [Love] is the most powerful thing. When it comes to my family, friends, a relationship … it centers me. You only live once, and I want to be proud of everything that I do and just have fun. I want to be able to say that I had a really fulfilled, fun life.”
Talking about Nick, an ex:
“I was in a relationship previously where I had to hide everything and it wasn’t my choice. I had to go through different exits and take separate cars and do the craziest things, and it just really wasn’t worth it. It was like a year of my life completely wasted.”
February 11th:
Selena officially finishes her We Own The Night World Tour as she performs her final show of her South American leg in Montevideo, Uruguay
She also announced via her official Facebook that her and her band Selena Gomez & The Scene would be taking a prolonged hiatus as she will focusing primarily on acting this year:
This tour has been amazing, Thank you all for all the love and support you have shown me on this tour. Today is the last show but.... I will be back. Love you all.
Just to clear up my last instagram post, my band and I are going our separate ways for a while. This year is all about films and acting and I want my band to play music wherever with whoever. We will be back but, it will be a good while. I love them and I love you guys
*Facebook status here (x)
February 12th:
Justin is photographed picking up Selena from LaGuardia Airport in New York, who just finished her South American tour the night prior
They're later photographed together shopping in H&M and again that evening getting dinner at Thai Bistro in Manhattan posing for fan photos
*photos here (x) / here (x) / and here (x)
February 13th:
Justin and Selena are seen arriving at their New York City hotel on the eve of Valentines Day.
Justin gifted Selena a diamond ring for Valentines Day with the letter "J" on it - she uploaded a photo of her hand and the ring to Instagram with the caption:
"I'm finally home :)"
*E! article / photo of ring here (x)
Tumblr media
February 14th:
Justin and Selena spend part of their Valentines Day at Disneyland with his whole family and were photographed carrying around his younger siblings.
*full article / photos here (x)
February 15th:
Justin and Selena are spotted at iHop and Chuck E Cheese in Encino, California
*photos here (x) / and here (x)
February 17th:
Justin and Selena were spotted/filmed while out shopping at The Beverly Centre
Justin and Selena later took to the Malibu oceanfront with his younger siblings and were photographed
*beach photos here (x) beverly centre here footage here (x)
February 18th:
Justin and Selena were photographed out as they took his younger siblings, Jaxon and Jazmyn, for a trip to Japanese spot Benihana in Los Angeles.
Stuart Montalvo, general manager of the restaurant, tells HollywoodLife.com:
“Justin and Selena were here this past Saturday with a group of people. They are really nice and polite. They come here quite often and usually order the same thing: Rocky’s Choice, which is Hibachi steak and chicken breast. Justin’s younger brother and sister were also with them. It was a family affair. Everyone was in a great mood and laughing and having fun. Justin and Selena were very affectionate. They were holding hands when they walked in and when they left. They looked like they are very fond of each other.”
Justin and Selena recruit their friend Ashley Tisdale and crew (including Ashley's boyfriend Martin Johnson from Boys Like Girls, Sammy Droke, Mateo Arias, Logan Henderson, Kendall Schmidt and Carlos Pena) to film themselves lip-synching and dancing to Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe in a home-made video
*photos earlier that day here (x)
February 19th:
Taylor Swift films "dance challenge" with Zac Efron on behalf of Ellen's dare at the premiere of The Lorax, and includes footage from the same day of the premiere dancing up on Justin in the studio and Selena at the event
*full article here (x) (x) *full video here (x)
February 22nd:
Justin and Selena went to UNDER THE GUN tattoo parlor in Hollywood to get Selena her first tattoo. Jordan Sandoval tweeted a picture of Selena and Louie, the tattoo artist who tattooed her.
(he is quoted saying its a heart, but its actually a music symbol and has been long speculated to actually be a disguised "J")
“She got a little heart tattoo at Under The Gun, in Hollywood by Louie Gomez @selenagomez.”
Carly Rae Jepsen and Justin hang out in the studio, upload a photo together and announce they've recorded a song via Twitter
Carly's Tweet:
I finally got to say thank you in person. Ps @/kukharrell @/justinbieber and I may have worked on a little song tonight.
Justin's Tweet:
my first impression of @/carlyraejepsen - kind, talented, and the real deal. this is going to be fun. welcome to the team.
*tattoo parlour photos here (x)
February 23rd:
Justin and Selena are photographed as they stop at The Commons at Calabasas in Calabasas, California - they later stopped for coffee at Starbucks and frozen yogurt at Menchie’s with their entourage, and Justin debuts his dyed brunette hair.
*full article / photos here (x)
February 25th:
Justin and Selena are photographed having lunch together at Sushi Den then again as they head into the Sherman Oaks Galleria to catch an afternoon movie together in Sherman Oaks, Calif.
Justin adds a photo of him and Selena to his Instagram
Later that evening while grabbing dinner they met Richard Reid in an elevator and stopped to pose for a photo with him that Richard ended up posting to his Twitter - after being flooded with questions from Justin fans, he began answering a few, revealing publicly via Twitter that there was boob grabbing (?)
*photos from earlier in the day here (x) Richard Reid photo here (x) Richard Reid tweet here (x)
February 26th:
Justin and Selena are photographed by fans renting movies at a Hollywood Blockbuster
Selena speaks to Access Hollywood about her new diamond studded ring in the shape of a "J" from Justin and whether or not its an engagement ring. When asked to show off the jewelry, she suddenly came down with a sudden case of stage fright:
“No, no — that’s like almost a friendship ring, it’s just for fun.”
“No! You’ll see it in pictures!”
“I get nervous.” she added with a laugh.
*blockbuster photos here (x) / AccessHollywood article here (x)
February 27th:
Selena officially begins filming Spring Breakers in St. Petersburg Florida alongside Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson
February 29th:
Justin films his appearance for The Ellen DeGeneres Show (that airs the following day) to reveal that the first single from his upcoming album, Believe, was called Boyfriend and would be released March 26th - while filming, he's surprised and gifted an electric car from his manager Scooter Braun for his birthday
*full article here (x)
March 1st:
Selena adds photo to instgram for Justin’s birthday captioned:
Happy birthday to my best friend in the whole world!!! Have a great birthday baby!
Tumblr media
March 2nd:
Selena is photographed leaving a medical clinic after getting bloodwork while still in St. Petersburg Florida
She's later seen arriving into LAX, having flown in for Justin's birthday party
Justin’s birthday party is this evening and Carly Rae Jepsen performs - Selena, their mutual agent Nick Styne, Jaden Smith, Ashley Tisdale, Ryan Good, Tori Kelly, Alfredo, Ashley Cook and Samantha Droke are also in attendance
*Medical Clinic article here (x) / DailyMail article here (x) / JustJared photos (x)
Tumblr media
March 5th:
Its been reported that Justin is buying a $10.8million property in the Hollywood Hills to set up for himself and Selena
*DailyMail article here (x)
March 11th:
Justin flies down to Florida and takes Selena, Ashley Benson and her boyfriend Ryan Good, Justin's mom and his grandparents for a fishing trip excursion.
They are later spotted by fans at Gratzzi Italian Grille and Cracker Barrel before ending up back at their hotel.
Justin tweeted:
"great day fishing. time with grandpa doing the simple things in life. great day."
"Show the ones you love you love them. Take the time to make sure they know,"
*DailyMail article here (x) more photos here (x)
March 12th:
Justin visits Selena on the set of Spring Breakers
Later that evening, they meet up for dinner and drinks at a sports bar with Ashley Benson and Ryan Good in St. Petersburg Florida and have their first public fight - shortly after arriving Justin stormed out of the bar, followed by Selena chasing after him to their car.
“Justin’s security team drove the battling couple down the street to an alley where they had a ‘private conversation.’ After settling their dispute, they went back to the bar and continued boozing it up. By the time they left it was clear that the underage couple appeared to have had too much alcohol to drink.”
They were later photographed leaving the restaurant seeming to have made amends, but were reported to have been intoxicated.
*full article detailing fight here (x) *justin visiting set photos here (x)
March 13th:
Justin is photographed arriving back into LAX from Florida
March 15th:
Selena, Justin and her family are photographed leaving Cedars Sinai Medical Office Towers in Los Angeles California - Selena had a bandage around her arm where it looked like she had blood taken.
Upon getting in the car, Justin laid down in the seat so he wouldn't be seen by the camera.
*full article here (x)
March 16th:
Justin is photographed at Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre waiting outside in his vehicle and allegedly is there with Selena - she was also there the day before getting blood work
*full article / photos here (x)
March 26th:
Justin does a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest on KIIS-FM explained how he tries to stay busy while Selena is away filming her movie:
“I work all day, it keeps me occupied.”
March 30th:
Justin sits down with Complex and talks about Selena and growing up in the game:
Complex: Obviously, you and Selena are fodder for the gossip blogs everyday. How hard is it to keep your relationship private?
JB: It’s so hard, because everyone’s got a camera-phone, and now everyone wants to get their picture on the blogs. So they’ll send anything that they have to the blogs. So you don’t really get any privacy. If I want to go out to eat, if I’m in L.A., I just have to expect that there’s going to be someone there. That’s the only thing that I don’t like.
Complex: Is it tough for you guys? A lot of people like, hate it. Do you guys hate it, or is it like, “This comes with the territory, we’ve got to deal with it, it sucks?”
JB: I’m kind of both. I don’t like it, but I understand it. I’ll be covering my face or something, and the comment that pisses me off so much is, “Oh, get over it, Justin. You’re famous. People are going to take your picture. Just suck it up. You’re rich. You’re making a lot of money. Suck it up. This is one of the things that you have to do.” I’m like, “Yo I just got off an eight-hour flight. I’m tired. My eyes have bags under them. I’m not trying to take pictures.” I’m not going to come to your house, wake you up out of a deep sleep and start snapping your picture, no matter how you look right now. It doesn’t matter. When I get off a flight, I’m not trying to sit there and let them take pictures of me. I’m tired. I’m scratching my eyes. I just don’t like taking pictures in general.
Complex: There’s been high profile couples in history: Justin and Britney, Jay and Beyoncé. Jay and Beyoncé kind of kept it private. Everyone knew they were together, but they kept it quiet. Even with the kid, they kept it so under wraps. Do you learn anything from those relationships? And do you guys talk about that?
JB: Yeah. I mean, for me, it’s like, there’s no way to hide it completely, because then it would be unfair for us. Then, we’re not even able to have a relationship. It’s like, “You take this car, and I’ll take this car, and then we’ll meet up at the spot. Then, you go in this door, I’ll go in this door. We’ll end up crossing ways. You get back in this car. We’ll cross over, do a James Bond. You go through the kitchen. I’ll go through the back area. Then we’ll meet in the dressing room and see each other.” At that point, it’s like, it’s not even a relationship. You’re just hiding from everyone. That’s unfair and unhealthy, man.
*full Complex article here (x)
March 31st:
Justin and Selena both attend The Kids Choice Awards though walk the red carpet separately - Justin gets slimed during the ceremony and they both win awards
(note to self: Selena seems a bit high during interviews backstage)
April 4th:
Selena and Justin are photographed having a Subway picnic overlooking the city at Griffith Park in Los Angeles.
*full article / photos here (x)
April 5th:
Justin and Selena held hands as they headed to Panera Bread for lunch in Glendale, California
*DailyMail article / photos here (x)
Tumblr media
April 6th:
Justin and Selena were photographed getting food at the Chick-fil-A drive-thru
*full article / photos here (x)
April 7th:
Justin and Selena were spotted by fans at a grocery store and posed for photos
*photos here (x)
April 9th:
Justin, Selena and Alfredo are spotted/photographed by fans while going to watch American Reunions in theatres
*photos here (x)
April 11th:
Seventeen Magazine releases their May issue with Justin on the cover and ask about Selena during his interview:
Seventeen: Everyone is so interested in your personal life, especially your relationship with Selena. A lot of your fans don’t approve…
Justin: Everyone has haters, so you always have to deal with the negativity and be positive about it. I don’t think it’s nice; I’d rather they be nice, but at the end of the day I don’t let it affect me.
Seventeen: You’ve planned some amazing dates for Selena - who taught you to be so romantic?
Justin: I’m just trying to make her happy, that’s all. I think it’s important to make all woman feel like they’re princesses because every girl is a princess, I’m serious.
Seventeen: Will.I.am said he thinks it’s important for people to experience heartbreak so they’ll have something to sing about. What do you think?
Justin: I haven’t gone through it so I don’t really know what it’s about. I don’t think anyone wants to have heartbreak. I haven’t been in that deep a place yet, but I’m still looking. I’m still learning every day.
Seventeen: Would you and Selena ever record music together?
Justin: Yeah. I love her music, so maybe we could collaborate.
*full article here (x)
April 12:
Justin, Selena and Alfredo are photographed snowboarding at Big Bear Ski Resort in Big Bear Lake, California
*photos here (x)
April 14th:
Justin and Selena go to Jupiter, Florida for the weekend to celebrate the wedding of one of Justin’s friends and check into The Inn at Admiral’s Cove
They later attend Allison Kaye's wedding
*full article here (x)
Tumblr media
April 17th:
Justin and Selena attend Lakers game together after both separately appearing on DWTS and American Idol, and publicly share an intimate kiss when put on the spot via the events Kiss Cam
Tumblr media
April 19th:
During an interview with The Insider to promote her new perfume line, Selena is put to the test to correctly guess Justin's perfume through a sniff-test:
"The Insider's Brooke Anderson lined up three unlabeled fragrances for Selena, which included Justin's Someday perfume, challenging her to pick out his scent from the trio.
"I'm such a bad girlfriend," Selena sheepishly muttered when she confused Someday for Paris.
Selena revealed that Justin is impressed with her concoction and went on to explain why his opinion carried so much weight when she was creating the scent for her perfume, not only as a fellow perfumer, but also as a guy, citing "romantic" reasons."
*full video here (x)
April 20th:
Selena debuts a new additional music video for Hit The Lights
Selena appears on On Air with Ryan Seacrest and opens up about her Kiss Cam at the Lakers game earlier this week, and Justin’s upcoming debut with Taylor Swift.
Asked about the Kiss Cam, Selena called it "the most humiliating thing that’s ever happened to me, probably."
“They were showing these little elderly couples, and it was so cute. Then all of a sudden we’re both looking up and we come on the screen and it’s like … it was so awkward. It was so weird. I mean you have to kiss, right?”
"They wrote a song together and it’s beautiful - it’s amazing - I don’t know if it will make the album, but if not I’m sure they’ll release it at some point, because it’s a really great record. It’s kind of like … it’s Taylor and Justin combined. So it’s a little bit of an upbeat song, but it’s very acoustic.”
*full video interview here (x) / *full RadarOnline article here (x)
April 21st:
Selena visits Justin on set for his music video “Boyfriend” and the two are photographed hugging/kissing/being affectionate
*full article / photos here (x)
Tumblr media
April 27th:
UsWeekly releases a special edition of their magazine featuring Justin and exclusive photos/interviews titled Inside My World: Justin Bieber. He's questioned about Selena during his interview and mentions recently gifting her a diamond bracelet:
UsWeekly: At least you get quality time with Selena. What do you love about her?
Justin: I dunno! She just carries herself in a very elegant way. And my family loves her, which is usually hard because my mom’s really picky. My mom wants, you know, a good Christian girl with good manners.
UsWeekly: Do you understand girls better now?
Justin: Well, every girl is different, so they are hard to figure out. Like, the way most men work is the same. But each woman works differently. It’s like I can’t figure them out! But I do know girls like you to tell them you love them and that they’re all beautiful all the time. So I do that a lot with any girl I’m with. I tell them that as much as possible.
UsWeekly: Most romantic gift you’ve ever given?
Justin: I’m not saying to who- but I gave a girl an expensive diamond bracelet recently. It was so pretty, I knew she’d love it!
UsWeekly: Would you and Selena ever do a duet?Yeah. I think she’s very talented.
Justin: That would be very cool. We have nothing planned- but I’m not opposed to it!
*full interview here (x)
May 16th:
Justin featured in GQ magazine/interview:
"I keep my guard up a lot," the singer says in the latest issue of GQ.
"Because you know, you can’t trust anyone in this business. That’s what’s sad. You can’t trust anybody. I learned the hard way.”
May 18th:
The Hollywood Gossip reports that Justin and Selena may have broken up after Justin cryptically tweets/deletes:
“thank u for the time i had with you but i have to move on now..”
*full article here (x)
May 20th:
Justin attends Billboard Music Awards solo in Las Vegas
May 20th:
Justin sits down with Sunday Times for an interview and reveals when news of his “love child” with Mariah Yeater broke, Selena called him right away. Justin also revealed that he wrote a song dedicated to Selena titled 'Be Alright.'
“She was like, ‘Do you see what they’re saying on the internet?’ I was like ‘Yeah.’ She was, like, ‘So…’ I was, like ‘No, it’s not true’. ‘Okay, thank you, bye!’ That was it, she trusts me."
“I’m going to call my girlfriend.” So he does, reaching Selena on the Florida set of her new film Spring Breakers.
“Whats up baby? I can’t stop thinking about you… I said I can’t stop thinking about you. That’s all. Yes, so, um, I gotta do this interview but I just wanted to call and hear your voice really quickly… Okay, I love you. Okay bye.”
Skype and FaceTime keep them connected, he says.
“Ten years ago, or even five years, long distance relationships were much harder. Now you see each other anytime you want!”
May 25th:
Justin and Selena reunite as he picks her up from the LAX airport
*full article (x) / photos (x)
May 26th:
Selena and Justin are photographed out for a lunch date at Benihana in Sherman Oaks. Afterwards the two snuck out the back door hand-in-hand. Selena then went her own way as she cruised to a nearby 76 gas station in Encino to fill her Ford Escape
*photos here (x)
May 27th:
Selena and Justin were strolling an outdoor mall in Calabasas when paparazzi began harassing them as they were trying to leave. According to witnesses (and photos taken) this photographer was so aggressive that he even blocked Justin's car, and was said to be rudely harassing Selena "about the herpes (coldsore) on her lip" while trying to capture a photo of her. After they began harassing Selena, Justin got out of his car and went to smack the camera from his hands and him and the photographer both fell off the curb.
The photographer was taken away by ambulance AND filed a police report that named Justin as the culprit. The Los Angles County Sheriff's office is investigating and say they will talk to Justin.
One of the girls who supposedly was there shared this:
"long story short; the paps were blocking his car and wouldnt move, he got mad after asking them to move, justin tried to knock their camera, the pap and justin both fell off the curb, he lost his shoe and hat while fighting him, selena and justin left and came back because selena lost her phone, and the paps would not get out of her face, and then they left and now the paps are trying to get money from the whole thing"
Another girl that was allegedly there as a witness had nearly the exact same story as above, except in addition she added the paparazzi were rudely asking Selena "about the herpes on her lip," and that's when and why Justin knocked his camera.
*full video to story above here (x)
Tumblr media
May 28th:
Selena attends producer Joel Silver‘s Memorial Day party in Malibu
Selena and Justin have dinner date
*full article / photos here (x)
May 30th:
Detectives want to interview Justin and Selena after a photographer claims he was attacked by Justin at a Calabasas shopping mall Sunday, but authorities continue to seek additional witnesses.
In a statement released Tuesday, the Sheriff's Department said the investigation was continuing and that detectives "are planning to interview Mr. Bieber." Law enforcement sources said Selena is among the witnesses detectives would like to talk to. Detectives are investigating claims by the photographer that Justin struck him after he snapped photographs of Selena at the Commons at Calabasas Shopping Center.
The photographer complained of pain and was taken by the Los Angeles County Fire Department to a hospital, where he was treated and released, officials said. The sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the investigation was ongoing, stressed that the probe was in its early stages.
*source here (x)
June 7th:
Selena’s photoshoot and interview for her Elle cover is released where she briefly mentions Justin renting out LA's Staples Center for a private screening of Titanic:
"If I'll share anything with you, it's that he really is a hopeless romantic. I had just mentioned it in the car - all I said is that I really want to see Titanic again, and then."
June 11th:
Justin joined Selena's mom and step-dad at the Right to Laugh event hosted by the Alliance for Children's Rights at the Avalon in Hollywood. Selena's mom Mandy, a huge supporter of the organization, purchased an entire table to support the cause, and invited Justin to accompany her family.
"Selena and Justin sat side-by-side," a source tells PEOPLE.
"They were laughing and smiling the whole evening. They were being very low-key and gracious as to not take away any attention from the cause."
June 15th:
Justin officially releases his third studio album Believe and many of the album's songs are inspired by Selena and their relationship, including Be Alright, a song about their long distance relationship, that Justin wrote by himself:
Across the ocean, across the sea
Startin' to forget the way you look at me now
Over the mountains, across the sky
Need to see your face and need to look in your eyes
Through the storm and, through the clouds
Bumps on the road and upside down now
I know it's hard baby, to sleep at night
Don't you worry
Selena is referenced by name in the song Beauty & A Beat during Nicki Minaj's rap:
“Justin Bieber / You know I'm gonna hit 'em with the ether / Buns out, wiener/ But I gotta keep an eye out for Selener”
*Be Alright audio here (x)
June 15th:
Selena arrives into Toronto Pearson International airport and Justin is photographed picking her up.
*photos here (x) / (x)
June 16th:
Selena and Justin are photographed boarding a helicopter to fly them into his hometown Stratford Ontario where Justin later sang Baby on steps of the Avon Theatre
*full articles (x)
June 17th:
Justin and Selena both attend Much Music Video Awards ceremony in Toronto, Canada where Justin was performing and Selena was presenting - they walked the red carpet separately and didn't pose for any photos together
*photos here (x)
June 25th:
Justin and Selena have dinner date at Geoffrey’s in Malibu and are later seen departing in Justin’s "party bus"
*photos here (x)
June 26th:
Justin and Selena attend Katy Perry’s “Part of Me” documentary premiere at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles - Justin skipped the red carpet
Later that evening Justin and Selena arrive at the Bootsy Bellows lounge with Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson in West Hollywood for the after party and headed to a private room in the back of the lounge:
“Justin and Selena shared a table with friends,” a spywitness tells JustJared.com of the after-party.
“They were very affectionate the whole night, holding hands and sharing kisses. Katy and Amber Heard, and Shannon Woodward spent a good portion of the night sitting and chatting with them. Everyone was laughing and having a great time, taking pictures with each other and snacking on mini-cupcakes.”
*full article / photos here (x)
Tumblr media
June 28th:
Justin cut short a pre-taped interview with U.S. radio show Mojo in the Morning after the host compared him to Justin Timberlake and quizzed him about a potential romance between his mother and One Direction's Harry Styles.
Thomas Carballo, the host of the show, was in the middle of a phone chat with Justin when he (rightfully so) took offence at his line of questioning - and hung up.
The 10-minute interview got off to a bad start when Carballo told Justin he thought he was Timberlake the first time he heard him.
Justin said, "That's funny because our voices sound nothing alike... Saying I sound like somebody else is definitely not a compliment."
Justin eased up when talking about his new song Maria, which was inspired by the woman who falsely claimed he was the father of her baby last year, but he lost his cool when Carballo got personal and asked if he was worried about Harry Styles falling for his mum.
The DJ said, "Do you worry about Harry around your mum, since he likes older women?"
Clearly upset, Justin then mumbled something about Carballo's mother and, as the radio presenter explained his mum was dead, Justin had already hung up the phone.
A record company representative then tried to convince the DJ that Justin's phone had cut off, explaining, "I can't get him. He's in a really s**tty area."
She later revealed Justin was "really upset" with the questions, adding, "He probably won't be calling back."
*source here (x)
June 30th:
Justin and Selena enjoy a walk around Lake Balboa in Van Nuys, California, stopped at an ice cream truck with Alfredo and stopped by Bronco Burrito for some lunch.
*full article / photos here (x)
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kristenswig · a year ago
Tumblr media
Best Picture
The Trial of the Chicago 7
Judas and the Black Messiah
Promising Young Woman
One Night in Miami
Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom
The Father If 10- Sound of Metal In Its Flop Era- News of the World How Far Are We Taking This Bit- The Mauritanian No- Da 5 Bloods Fell Off- Soul Get Out of My House- Borat
Best Director
Chloe Zhao - Nomadland
David Fincher - Mank
Lee Isaac Chung - Minari
Emerald Fennell - Promising Young Woman
Shaka King - Judas and the Black Messiah I Simply Do Not Accept It Into My Heart - Aaron Sorkin - The Trial of the Chicago 7 Let’s Ask Oscar Nominated Directors Ben Affleck, Denzel Washington, and Bradley Cooper How This Goes - Regina King - One Night in Miami I’m Not Seeing It But I Would Like To - Florian Zeller - The Father Still No - Spike Lee - Da 5 Bloods Whoever the Hell Directed This - “Paul Greengrass” - News of the World Wouldn’t Be That Surprising - Thomas Vinterberg - Another Round
Best Actress
Viola Davis - Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom
Frances McDormand - Nomadland
Carey Mulligan - Promising Young Woman 
Vanessa Kirby - Pieces of a Woman
Andra Day - The United States vs. Billie Holiday Fad - Rosamund Pike - I Care a Lot Stop Trying to Make This Happen - Sophia Loren - The Life Ahead I Do Have to Be Impressed With Netflix’s Blatant Astroturfing of This Campaign/Movie - Zendaya - Malcolm & Marie shestrying.jpg - Amy Adams - Hillbilly Elegy
Best Actor
Chadwick Boseman - Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom
Anthony Hopkins - The Father
Riz Ahmed - Sound of Metal
Steven Yeun - Minari
Gary Oldman - Mank Tempting- Tahar Rahim - The Mauritanian Most Acting- Delroy Lindo - Da 5 Bloods Sure!- Mads Mikkelsen - Another Round
Supporting Actress
Yuh-Jung Youn - Minari
Maria Bakalova - Borat
Olivia Colman - The Father
Amankda Seyfried - Mank
Dominique Fishback - Judas and the Black Messiah Do I Dare Predict This Snub - Glenn Close - Hillbilly Elegy Still Feels Like a Globes Thing - Jodie Foster - The Mauritanian Even I Didn’t Get Why This Was Supposed to Happen - Ellen Burstyn - Pieces of a Woman Shut It Down - Helena Zengel - News of the World
Supporting Actor
Daniel Kaluuya - Judas and the Black Messiah
Sacha Baron Cohen - Trial of the Chicago 7
Leslie Odom Jr. - One Night in Miami
Paul Raci - Sound of Metal
David Strathairn - Nomadland Nothing for This Movie - Chadwick Boseman - Da 5 Bloods Everything for This Movie? - Alan Kim - Minari Also a Fad - Jared Leto - The Little Things
Adapted Screenplay
The Father
One Night in Miami
Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom
B*rat Should’ve Just Sat There and Ate Your Tech Nominations - News of the World Ok - The Mauritanian When Did This Category Get So Many Contenders - The White Tiger BONNIE WAKE UP - I’m Thinking of Ending Things BONNIE STAY WITH ME I NEED YOU - First Cow
Original Screenplay
Trial of the Chicago 7
Promising Young Woman
Judas and the Black Messiah Probably Stupid Not to Predict This - Sound of Metal In Another Year - Soul They Probably Watched This - Palm Springs They Did Not Watch This - Never Rarely Sometimes Always
News of the World
The Trial of the Chicago 7 (???)
Judas and the Black Messiah Was Going to Predict This Until the ASC Happened - Minari Cherk? - Cherk The Worst Shot Movie of the Year - Da 5 Bloods His Movies Only End Up Here If It’s Also a Best Picture Nominee - Tenet Automatic B&W Possibilities - Malcolm & Marie, Dear Comrades, Gunda
Costume Design
Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom
Personal History of David Copperfield
Jingle Jangle CHAOS NOMINEE They Didn’t Care for Aladdin?- Mulan Another Tempting Pick- Ammonite Feel Like It Should’ve Had a Guild Nomination- News of the World Aggressive- Promising Young Woman Recent- The United States vs. Billie Holiday
Film Editing
The Trial of the Chicago 7
Promising Young Woman
Sound of Metal
The Father (the gif is at the ready) I Had Mank in Too Many Categories So I Dropped It From Here - Mank Is In The BP Top 5 - Minari Already Predicting That This Movie Will Stomp So - Judas and the Black Messiah The Paul Greengrass Version of This Movie Would’ve Scored - News of the World Again Only When He’s In Best Picture - Tenet
Makeup and Hair
Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom
Hillbilly Elegy
Birds of Prey
The Glorias
Jingle Jangle AGAIN Another Mank Prediction Drop - Mank Is It Flashy Enough?? - Emma Gaslighting is When I’m Told Another Pinocchio Movie Came Out - Pinocchio
Production Design
Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom
News of the World
The Midnight Sky
Tenet See Above Re: Aladdin - Mulan They Don’t Like Women’s Period Pieces Here - Emma Deserves Pt. 1 - The Father Enough - The Trial of the Chicago 7 Deserves Pt. 2 - Personal History of David Copperfield
The Midnight Sky
Tenet Literally No Clue - News of the World Watch Another Movie - The Trial of the Chicago 7 Kristenswig Official FYC - The Invisible Man
how did we literally get rid of sound editing before this category
the one song about speaking
the one song about seeing
the one song about fighting
the one song about hearing
I had the word “Eurovision” blacklisted on this website and also Twitter so I didn’t even know this movie existed until like 4 months after it came out Stacey - Abrams Minari?? The Only Song I’ve Actually Heard and then Voluntarily Listened to Again - Green
Sound et al.
Sound of Metal
News of the World
Tenet (although I’m sensing a potential breakup between this branch and Christopher Nolan coming) There Was The....Music - Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom There Was Also Music - Soul Bucket Shitting - Nomadland Space! - The Midnight Sky
Visual Effects
The Midnight Sky
Welcome to Chechnya
The ! One ! and ! Only ! Ivan ! Not Feeling Her - Mulan the what - Love and Monsters
Animated Feature
Over the Moon
Onward (the sample size for two Pixars potentially being nominated at the same time is like...one non-pandemic year)
Shaun the Sheep ??? - The Croods Most Influential - Trolls World Tour Literally Nothing Would Surprise Me - Bombay Rose We Already Have Netflix Covered Twice Here - The Willoughbys When tf Did This Come Out - No. 7 Cherry Lane 
Doc Feature
Time (or is this the frontrunner that gets snubbed every year)
Welcome to Chechnya
Boys State
All In This Makes Sense! - MLK/FBI This Makes Sense! - Crip Camp This Makes Sense! - The Truffle Hunters This Makes Sense! - Dick Johnson Is Dead
The Artist Formerly and More Accurately Known as Best Foreign Language Film
Another Round
Quo Vadis Aida
Two of Us
The Man Who Sold His Skin There Are Like 500 Ways You Could Spin The Last 3 Spots In This Category and I Wouldn’t Be Shocked So In Descending Order of Likelihood? - Dear Comrades, La Llorona, I’m No Longer Here, Night of Kings
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gostorain · a year ago
omg i was reading your tags on one of your tbh posts and i also headcanon ellen as just a tiny bit gay and that would be absolutely wonderful
i feel like ellen being so ensconced & genuinely loving her christian identity has kept her from even recognizing that she may be throwing off gay energy like a sapphic lighthouse
I'm so glad you agree though. in this house we love & support ellen johnson
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therandombanjo · 2 years ago
Songs From 2019 (one per artist)
Another mixed bag of stuff i either enjoyed a lot, thought was excellent or interesting (regardless of taste… sort of), emerging artists to maybe look out for, and generally music that for whatever reason connected with me in some way, including the odd earworm i just couldn’t shake. Some artists are left off just to vary a little more from some other popular lists. Hope you enjoy some of this too and find something new to be taken by. Please do buy their music if you can and hopefully from a local independent record store if possible to support their work. There’s a spotify playlist (below) for easier listening but I’ve also posted a few links to extra things on some of them if you want to check them out.  Spotify:
(As ever…. as i don’t tumblr or blog or anything (besides this list), this won’t be seen by many (if any?) people so if you like it or think it’s of any worth in any way, please do share this along)
In Alphabetical order:
A.A. Bondy - Killers 3 Abdallah Oumbadougou - Thingalene Alasdair Roberts - Common Clay Alex Rex - Latest Regret Andy Shauf - Try Again Angel Bat Dawid - We Are Starzz Angel Olsen - All Mirrors        bonus. her collab with Mark Ronson “True Blue” Anne Müller - Solo? Repeat! Antoinette Konan - Kokoloko Tani Arthur Russell - Words Of Love Asmâa Hamzaoui and Bnat Timbouktou - Sandia Baby Rose - All To Myself BCI - Grateful Bedouine - When You’re Gone Benny The Butcher - Crowns For Kings      ft. Black Thought Ben Walker - Afon Better Oblivion Community Center - Chesapeake Beverly Glenn-Copeland - A Little Talk     (from a reissue of her 2004 record Primal Prayer) Bibio - Curls The Big Moon - It’s Easy Then Big Thief - a. Not    b. Cattails    (from 2 excellent albums released in the same year: “U.F.O.F” and “Two Hands”) Bill Callahan - a. What Comes After Certainty    b. The Ballad Of The Hulk Bill Fay - Filled With Wonder Once Again Bill Orcutt - Odds Against Tomorrow billy woods - a. Spongebob w/ Kenny Segal     b. Western Education Is Forbidden    ft. Fielded        (From 2 excellent records this year: “Hiding Places” with Kenny Segal, and “Terror Management”) Black Country, New Road - Sunglasses Blu & Oh No - The Lost Angels Anthem    ft. Kezia Bon Iver - Hey, Ma Bonnie “Prince” Billy - Beast For Thee Bonny Light Horseman - Bonny Light Horseman      (”supergroup” of the great Anaïs Mitchell, Eric D Johnson & Josh Kaufman) Brent Cobb & Jade Bird - Feet Off The Ground Brighde Chaimbeul -  O Chiadain an Lo Brigyn - Oer Brittany Howard - Stay High    (the video for this, with Terry Crews, is a delight) Bruce Hornsby - Voyager One    ft. yMusic Burd Ellen - Sweet Lemany Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh and Thomas Bartlett - Kestrel Caribou - You and I Caroline Polachek - Door Cate Le Bon - Daylight Matters Caterina Barbieri - Arrows Of Time Clairo - Bags Cochemea - Mitote comfort - Not Passing The Cool Greenhouse - Cardboard Man    (a pretty hilarious song about David Cameron) CRAC - You Can’t Turn Your Back On Me    (Unreleased old track from ‘76) Cross Record - PYSOL My Castle CZ Wang and Neo Image - Just Off Wave Damon Locks / Black Monument Ensemble - a. Rebuild a Nation   b. Power Daniel Norgren - The Flow Danny Brown - Dirty Laundry Daphni - Sizzling    ft. Paradise Daughter Of Swords - Fellows      (Mountain Man member Alexandra Sauser-Monnig’s 1st solo record) Dave - Psycho David Kilgour - Smoke You Right Out Of Here David Thomas Broughton - Ambiguity     (from the 15th anniversary reissue of his remarkable debut album, The Complete Guide To Insufficiency) Denzel Curry - RICKY Destroyer - Crimson Tide Dry Cleaning - Dog Proposal Dubi Dolczek - Do The Gloop Durand Jones & The Indications - Long Way Home Ela Orleans - The Season      (From 2012 but on a career retrospective, Movies For Ears, put out this year) Elkhorn - Song Of The Son Emile Mosseri - a. The Last Black Man In San Francisco b. San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair)    ft. Mike Marshall         (both from the wonderful score for the wonderful film The Last Black Man In San Francisco, the latter a cover of an old song sung here by the guy who sang “I Got 5 On It”!!) Erland Cooper - Haar Ernest Hood - Saturday Morning Doze        (from a re-issue of his “self-released proto-ambient masterpiece” in ‘75) Fat White Family - Feet Faye Webster - Room Temperature Fennesz - In My Room Fernando Falcão -  As 7 Filhas Da Rainha Sumaia     (reissue from ‘87) FKA twigs - cellophane Florist - Shadow Bloom Flowdan - Welcome To London Fontaines D.C. - Roy’s Tune Four Tet / KH - Only Human French Vanilla - All The Time Gang Starr - Family and Loyalty   ft. J. Cole Georgia - About Work The Dancefloor Girl Band - Shoulderblades The Good Ones - Will You Be My Protector?   (of Rwanda) Grand Veymont - Les Rapides Bleus       (of France) Gyedu-Blay Ambolley - Sunkwa     (of Ghana) Hailaker - Not Much HAIM - Summer GIrl Hana Vu - Actress Hand Habits - placeholder Hannah Cohen - Get In Line The Harlem Gospel Travellers - If You Can’t Make It Through A Storm Hayden Thorpe - Diviner     (Former Wild Beasts frontman’s debut solo record) Helado Negro - Running The Highwomen - Redesigning Women Hiss Golden Messenger - I Need A Teacher Holly Herndon - Frontier Homeboy Sandman - Far Out Hoops - They Say Hotel Neon & Blurstem - Language Of Loss House and Land - Rainbow ‘Mid Life’s Willows Ibibio Sound Machine - Wanna Come Down IDER - Saddest Generation The Innocence Mission - On Your Side International Teachers Of Pop - I Stole Yer Plimsoles    ft. Jason Williamson (of Sleaford Mods) Jacken Elswyth - The Banks Of Green Williow Jaimie Branch - nuevo roquero estéreo Jake Xerxes Fussell - The River St. Johns Jamila Woods - ZORA Jayda G - Leave Room 2 Breathe Jenny Hval - Ashes To Ashes       Jenny Lewis - Red Bull and Hennessy Jesca Hoop - Outside of Eden     ft. Kate Stables (of This Is The Kit) and Jesca’s 12 year-old nephew Justis. This live performance is so sweet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUPmE_hU7Ss Jessica Pratt - As The World Turns Joanna Sternberg - This Is Not Who I Want To Be Joan Shelley - Cycle John Blek - North Star Lady Jordan Rakei - Say Something        bonus. under his DJ pseudonym: Dan Kye - Focus Jo Schornikow - Incomplete Joseph Shabason - West of Heaven Julianna Barwick - evening Junius Paul - Baker’s Dozen Kali Malone - Spectacle Of Ritual Kate Teague - Sweetheart Kate Tempest - a. Firesmoke    b. People’s Faces Kelly Moran - Halogen (Una Corda)       (from a record full of all the bare piano parts she played for her prior record before all the editing and processing) Kim Gordon - Air BnB Kindness - Hard To Believe     ft. Jazmine Sullivan KOKOKO! - Buka Dansa     (Congolese collective upcycling discarded materials to make their instruments) Konradsen - Baby Hallelujah     (of Norway) Lambchop - Everything For You Laura Cannell - a. Sing As The Crow Flies     b. Flaxen Fields Laura Stevenson - Lay Back, Arms Out Le Groupe Obscur -  Planète Ténèbres Leonard Cohen - Happens To The Heart Leo Svirsky - River Without Banks Little Simz - 101 FM Lizzo - Tempo   ft. Missy Elliot Loren Conors & Daniel Carter - Departing Lou Roy - Bite Low Chord - Walkk Lower Dens - Galapagos Mahalia - What You Did    ft. Ella Mai Majja - Black James Dean Maria Somerville - This Way Maria Usbeck - Amor Anciano Mary Halvorson & John Dieterich - Vega’s Array      (Mary the recipient of the MacArthur “Genius” Grant this year, because she is) Mary Lattimore & Mac McCaughan - IV Matana Roberts - As Far As The Eye Can See Meitei - Ike Melanie Charles - Trill Suite, No. 1 (Daydreaming/Skylark) The Menzingers - Anna Messiahs Of Glory - No Other Love      (from a collection of rare black gospel from the Midwest between ‘65-’78 put out on Tompkins Square) Mica Levi - a. Hosting     b. Lobo y Lady (from the excellent Colombian film Monos) Michael Abels - a. I Got 5 On It (Tethered Mix)    b. Pas De Deux (both from the terrific score to the excellent Jordan Peele film, Us) Michael Kiwanuka - Living In Denial Michael Nau - Poor Condition Mike Adams At His Honest Weight - Wonderful To Love Minor Pieces - Rothko      (duo of Ian William Craig & newcomer Missy Donaldson) Modern Nature - Footsteps Molly Sarlé - Twisted      (Mountain Man member’s 1st solo record) Moodymann - I’ll Provide Moon Duo - Stars Are The Light Moor Mother - After Images Moses Boyd - Stranger Than Fiction Moses Sumney - Polly Mount Eerie & Julie Doiron - Love Without Possession MSYLMA - Inqirad (Rihab-U Dhakir)     (Saudi Arabia) The Murder Capital - Don’t Cling To Life Nardeydey - Freefalling The National - Rylan   ft. Kate Stables (of This Is The Kit) The New Pornographers - Falling Down The Stairs Of Your Smile Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - a. Waiting For You   b. Bright Horses   c. Night Raid Nivhek - After Its Own Death: Side A    (Liz Harris of Grouper) Noname - Song 32 Octo Octa - Move Your Body ODD OKODDO - Auma      (Kenyan/German duo) Øyvind Torvund - Starry Night      (Norwegian composer) Pet Shop Boys - Burning The Heather Petter Eldh - Fanfarum for Komarum II Porridge Radio - Give/Take PREGOBLIN - Combustion Purple Mountains - a. Snow Is Falling In Manhattan    b. All My Happiness Is Gone   c. That’s Just The Way That I Feel Quelle Chris - Obamacare Quinie - Whas At The Windy Rapsody - Ibtihaj   ft. D’Angelo & GZA Reb Fountain - Faster Rian Treanor - ATAXIA_A1 Richard Dawson - Two Halves Robert Stillman - All Are Welcome Róisín Murphy - Incapable Rosalía - Milionària Rosenau & Sanborn - Saturday Rozi Plain - Symmetrical Ruth Garbus - Strash Sam Lee - The Moon Shines Bright   ft. Elizabeth Fraser (of Cocteau Twins) Sam Wilkes - Run Sandro Perri - Soft Landing SAULT - Smile and Go Seabuckthorn - To Which The Rest Were Dreamt serpentwithfeet - Receipts    ft. Ty Dolla $ign Sessa - Flor do Real         (of Brazil) Sheer Mag - Hardly To Blame Shit and Shine - No No No No Sinead O Brien - A Thing You Call Joy Siobhan Wilson - Plastic Grave Six Organs Of Admittance - Two Forms Moving Sleaford Mods - Kebab Spider Slow Meadow - Artificial Algorithm Snowy - EFFED    ft. Jason Williamson (of Sleaford Mods) SOAK - Knock Me Off My Feet Solange - Binz Sophie Crawford - A Miner’s Life Squid - Houseplants         bonus. Their cover of Robert Wyatt’s  “PIgs..... In There at End of the Road Festival) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DktZtQbo-YU Stella Donnelly - Old Man SUSS - Ursa Major Swamp Dogg - Sleeping Without You Is A Dragg   ft. Justin Vernon & Jenny Lewis Tami T - Birthday  Tenesha The Wordsmith - Why White Folks Can’t Call Me Nigga Theon Cross - Activate     ft. Moses Boyd & Nubya Garcia Thom Yorke - Dawn Chorus Tierra Whack - Wasteland Tim Hecker - That World Tiny Leaves - Respair Toya Delazy - Funani         (of South Africa) Twain - Death (Or S.F.?) Twin Peaks - Dance Through It Tyler Childers - All Your’n Vagabon - Water Me Down Vampire Weekend - This Life Vanishing Twin - Magicians Success Velvet Negroni - Confetti Vendredi Sur Mer - Chewing-Gum      (of France) Victoria Monét - Ass Like That Vieo Abiungo - Cobble Together Visible Cloaks - Stratum      ft. Yoshio Ojima & Satsuki Shibano Warmduscher - Midnight Dipper Weyes Blood - Andromeda Wilco - Love Is Everywhere (Beware) William Tyler - Our Lady Of The Desert Willie Scott & The Birmingham Spirituals - Keep Your Faith To The Sky     (from a collection of obscure 70′s era gospel on Luaka Bop, “The Time For Peace Is Now - Gospel Music About Us”) Xylouris White - Tree Song Ye Vagabonds - The Foggy Dew Zsela - Noise
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malte1mj-blog · 4 years ago
2015/2016 TV Awards
Best Drama Series: The Affair Better Call Saul Game of Thrones Horace and Pete The Leftovers Mr. Robot HONORABLE MENTION: Bates Motel, Bloodline, Hannibal, Homeland, House of Cards, How to Get Away with Murder, The Knick, Marvel’s Jessica Jones, Narcos, Sense8, Shameless Best Actor - Drama Series: Kyle Chandler, Bloodline - "Part 23" Louis C.K., Horace and Pete - "Episode 10" Rami Malek, Mr. Robot - "eps1.0_hellofriend.mov" Wagner Moura, Narcos - "Descenso" Bob Odenkirk, Better Call Saul - "Klick" Justin Theroux, The Leftovers - "International Assassin" Dominic West, The Affair - "Episode 210" HONORABLE MENTION: Steve Buscemi, Horace and Pete; Hugh Dancy, Hannibal; Hugh Dancy, The Path; Freddie Highmore, Bates Motel; Mads Mikkelsen, Hannibal; Clive Owen, The Knick; Mandy Patinkin, Homeland; Aaron Paul, The Path; Brian J. Smith, Sense8; Kevin Spacey, House of Cards Best Actress - Drama Series: Claire Danes, Homeland - "Super Powers" Viola Davis, How to Get Away with Murder - "There's My Baby" Vera Farmiga, Bates Motel - "Forever" Tatiana Maslany, Orphan Black - "The Collapse of Nature" Krysten Ritter, Marvel's Jessica Jones - "AKA WWJD?" Ruth Wilson, The Affair - "Episode 212" Robin Wright, House of Cards - "Chapter 49" HONORABLE MENTION: Gillian Anderson, The X-Files; Lizzy Caplan, Masters of Sex; Mariska Hargitay, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit; Taraji P. Henson, Empire; Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife; Tuppence Middleton, Sense8; Michelle Monaghan, The Path; Ellen Pompeo, Grey’s Anatomy; Emmy Rossum, Shameless; Kerry Washington, Scandal Best Supporting Actor - Drama Series: Alan Alda, Horace and Pete - "Episode 1" Kevin Carroll, The Leftovers - "I Live Here Now" Christopher Eccleston, The Leftovers - "No Room at the Inn" Kit Harington, Game of Thrones - "Battle of the Bastards" Michael McKean, Better Call Saul - "Nailed" David Tennant, Marvel's Jessica Jones - "AKA WWJD?" Martin Wallstrom, Mr. Robot - "eps1.8_m1rr0r1ng.qt" HONORABLE MENTION: Michael Angarano, The Knick; Jonathan Banks, Better Call Saul; Jon Bernthal, Marvel’s Daredevil; Peter Dinklage, Game of Thrones; Andre Holland, The Knick; Joshua Jackson, The Affair; Joel Kinnaman, House of Cards; Dermot Mulroney, Shameless; Pedro Pascal, Narcos; Ray Romano, Vinyl; Miguel Angel Silvestre, Sense8; Christian Slater, Mr. Robot; Jussie Smollett, Empire; Jeremy Allen White, Shameless; Jesse Williams, Grey’s Anatomy Best Supporting Actress - Drama Series: Carrie Coon, The Leftovers - "Lens" Edie Falco, Horace and Pete - "Episode 10" Lena Headey, Game of Thrones - "The Winds of Winter" Regina King, The Leftovers - "Lens" Miranda Otto, Homeland - "All About Allison" Rhea Seehorn, Better Call Saul - "Rebecca" Maura Tierney, The Affair - "Episode 204" HONORABLE MENTION: Gillian Anderson, Hannibal; Annaleigh Ashford, Masters of Sex; Doona Bae, Sense8; Jacinda Barrett, Bloodline; Amy Brenneman, The Leftovers; Linda Cardellini, Bloodline; Emilia Clarke, Game of Thrones; Portia Doubleday, Mr. Robot; Emma Kenney, Shameless; Sissy Spacek, Bloodline; Liv Tyler, The Leftovers; Olivia Wilde, Vinyl; Maisie Williams, Game of Thrones Best Writing - Drama Series: Game of Thrones - "The Winds of Winter" - David Benioff & D.B. Weiss Horace and Pete - "Episode 3" - Louis C.K. The Leftovers - "International Assassin" - Nick Cuse & Damon Lindelof The Leftovers - "Lens" - Damon Lindeof & Tom Perrotta The Leftovers - "No Room at the Inn" - Jacqueline Hoyt & Damon Lindelof Mr. Robot - "eps1.0_hellofriend.mov" - Sam Esmail HONORABLE MENTION: The Affair - “Episode 210”; The Affair - “Episode 212”; Bates Motel - “Forever”; Better Call Saul - “Klick”; Bloodline - “Part 20”; Game of Thrones - “Battle of the Bastards”; Game of Thrones - “Book of the Stranger”; Grey’s Anatomy - “The Sound of Silence”; Hannibal - “Antipasto”; Hannibal - “The Wrath of the Lamb”; Homeland - “A False Glimmer”; Horace and Pete - “Episode 1”; Horace and Pete - “Episode 10”; House of Cards - “Chapter 49”; House of Cards - “Chapter 50”; How to Get Away with Murder - “Anna Mae”; The Knick - “This Is All We Are” The Leftovers - “I Live Here Now”; The Leftovers - “A Most Powerful Adversary”; The Leftovers - “Off Ramp”; Marvel’s Jessica Jones - “AKA Ladies Night”; Marvel’s Jessica Jones - “AKA WWJD?” Mr. Robot - “eps1.7_wh1ter0se.m4v”; Mr. Robot - “eps1.8_m1rr0rr1g.qt”; Narcos - “Descenso”; Sense8 - “Limbic Resonance”; Shameless - “The F Word” Best Directing - Drama Series: Game of Thrones - "Battle of the Bastards" - Miguel Sapochnik Horace and Pete - "Episode 10" - Louis C.K. The Knick - "This Is All We Are" - Steven Soderbergh The Leftovers - "International Assassin" - Craig Zobel The Leftovers - "No Room at the Inn" - Nicole Kassell Mr. Robot - "eps1.0_hellofriend.mov" - Niels Arden Oplev HONORABLE MENTION: The Affair - “Episode 212”; Bates Motel - “Norman”; Better Call Saul - “Klick”; Bloodline - “Part 20”; Game of Thrones - “The Winds of Winter”; Grey’s Anatomy - “The Sound of Silence”; Hannibal - “The Number of the Beast Is 666…”; Hannibal - “The Wrath of the Lamb”; Homeland - “A False Glimmer”; Horace and Pete - “Episode 1”; Horace and Pete - “Episode 3”; House of Cards - “Chapter 49”; How to Get Away with Murder - “Anna Mae”; The Knick - “Do You Remember Moon Flower?” The Leftovers - “I Live Here Now”; The Leftovers - “Lens”; The Leftovers - “Off Ramp”; Marvel’s Jessica Jones - “AKA Sin Bin”; Marvel’s Jessica Jones - “AKA WWJD?” Mr. Robot - “eps1.7_wh1ter0se.m4v”; Mr. Robot - “eps1.8_m1rr0rr1g.qt”; Narcos - “Descenso”; Sense8 - “What’s Going On?” Shameless - “Familia Supra Gallegorious Omnia!”; The X-Files - “Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster” Best Guest Actor - Drama Series: Richard Armitage, Hannibal - "And the Woman Clothed in Sun" Rhys Darby, The X-Files - "Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster" Vincent D'Onofrio, Marvel's Daredevil - "The Man in the Box" Raul Esparza, Hannibal - "The Number of the Beast Is 666..." Peter Friedman, The Affair - "Episode 203" Ian McShane, Game of Thrones - "The Broken Man" HONORABLE MENTION: Bruce Altman, Mr. Robot; Beau Bridges, Bloodline; Beau Bridges, Masters of Sex; Andrew Dice Clay, Vinyl; Michael Cristofer, Mr. Robot; Peter Gallagher, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit; Scott Glenn, The Leftovers; Scott Glenn, Marvel’s Daredevil; Eddie Izzard, Hannibal; Gene Jones, Vinyl; Tobias Menzies, Game of Thrones; Brian Stokes Mitchell, Mr. Robot; Glenn Morshower, Bloodline; Sam Shepard, Bloodline; Max von Sydow, Game of Thrones; Fred Weller, The Knick; B.D. 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newagesispage · 11 months ago
                                                                  JUNE      2021
 The Rib Page
 Head out for the dates on the final tour of The Monkees that we still have left. Mike and Micky are saying bye bye, bye bye, bye bye.
Days of our Lives has been renewed for 2 more seasons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The last CONAN will be on TBS on June 24. We’ll be waiting to see ya on HBO MAX.
Condom sales are up 24%.** They are saying it is the start of slutty summer??**There are reports that STD’s are on the rise in certain counties.
Hemp Hemp Hurray!- Tommy Chong
An old species of a giant tortoise on the Galapagos was found. Tests match a tortoise not seen since 1906. Scientists are now looking for a mate for the female to revive the species.
Black-ish will end after season 8** Ellen is calling it quits and will end her show next year.** Thursdays will be Wolf night. With the addition of Law and Order: For the defense, NBC will have an entire L&O night! A friend said, “It’s almost as if the shows are made to lull the elderly to sleep.” I see it every day with the elderly: Law and Order on all day as they nap.
American Housewife and Rebel have been cancelled.
Bill Maher tested positive for Covid as did most of the Yankees. They were fully vaccinated.** Gov. Newsom was in the Kimmel audience talking about the lottery in California for those who were vaccinated.
Ewan McGregor was so WOW! as Halston!!
Illinois may be getting about 110 new pot shops.
Breeders got picked up for season 3.
The Piglet, Nick Lachey won the 5th season of The Masked Singer.
Can’t wait for Val, the doc about Val Kilmer.
John Dickerson will leave 60 minutes and concentrate more on the Morning shows. He has been promoted to chief political analyst and senior national correspondent.
In Texas there are more barriers to riding a motorcycle than wearing a gun. They seem to encourage people to have guns on them with no training and no license.
Why do we still have to hear anything about Meghan McCain? She tries to shame Kamala Harris for her “long weekend” comment as she is out gambling and partying for the Memorial day weekend. What does that have to do with honoring the fallen?
Bill Hader was given the Masters of Comedy award at the USC Comedy Fest.
Cellmate secrets is coming to Lifetime on June 4 with host, Angie Harmon.
JP Morgan Chase collected about 1.5 billion in overdraft fees in 2020.
Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch will come out on October 22. The film stars Bill Murray, Elisabeth Moss, Frances McDormand, Timothee Chalomet, Owen Wilson, Angelica Huston, Jeffrey Wright, Saorse Ronan, Tilda Swinton and Benecio del Toro.
Billboard awards giving tribute to Pink as a “legend.” What? Nothing against Pink or any of the other people that are honored too young in the award shows but… really?? There are so many mature legends that get forgotten that deserve some love for their well lived talent. It seems way too obvious that they just want the promo of someone still quite popular for the ratings.
Did ya know that St. Chad’s church in Shropshire has the real tombstone of the fake Ebeneezer Scrooge?
Politics is war without bloodshed, war is politics with bloodshed. –Huey Newton** The Black Panthers had it right in so many ways. I would love to see buildings and programs again named in memory of the slain victims of police violence.
Kroger paid its CEO $22mil, but can’t find the $ to give its essential workers hazard pay during a pandemic? Disgusting! –Robert Reich
Ariana Grande married Dalton Gomez.
25% of Americans think Trump is really President, 25% of Germans supported Hitler.
People in this country have to be told not to put gasoline in baggies? India is begging for more vaccines and many in this country have to be bribed to get a shot to help themselves and their fellow man??  I love U America but there are some really selfish, stupid people here.** But, we also must remember that the poor may be a little fearful of the vaccine. Many cannot believe that they can get something for nothing. Free vaccine? Many hard working poor never get a break and have to wonder what the catch is.
Days alert: Xander gets better and better. Thank you writers for his lines like when he spoke of birds of a feather as he was in an intimate moment, “Why not flock?”** Ken Corday said he was “on my knees, begging” for Days renewal. Jackee’ Harry (Paulina) and Robert Scott Johnson (Ben) have signed new contracts. Shatner congratulated them on Twitter.** Gwen and Xander both living in the old Horton house? Will he find out her secret?  Oh my.. not them together??** EJ is on his way back and will be played by Dan Feuerrlegel on June 9.** Eric is on the way back. It looks like Jonny Dimera is all grown up and will join his sister. ** Word is that Paulina will live at 227. Chloe and Philip may get together yet.** Will a dead body wash up in Salem??
So $10 billion for a Jeff Bezos space firm bailout?? Is that true??
From 1980-1993, the Israeli government prohibited artists from using the colors of the Palestinian flag in their work.
Chevron got into trouble for their pollution problems. Steven Donziger who helped take them down has been on house arrest for 2 years. Why? He is begging to be prosecuted.
I am really routing for Naomi Osaka. Nobody should be forced to respond to ridiculous questions from reporters. I get that it is part of their job but if one is willing to pay the fine, who cares??  I can’t imagine being exhausted and putting up with the nonsense. It reminds me of running up to victims of a tragedy and getting in their face. We can communicate by social media now. I am all about writers but use your heads. Much like Marshawn Lynch, it is time to stand up!! Protect your mental health!!** Well, this updated just before June. Officials warned her that she would be expelled so she left the French open. She was honest about her anxiety. I see this every day. When will people be allowed to truly be themselves with no penalty?? I think this when I see a restaurant worker forced to wear a humiliating costume or a cashier with a giant name tag with ridiculous advertising slogans. Yes, a company or event is paying you so they should have their promotion but put yourself in their shoes. These are all varying degrees of the same problem. Why must we be pushed into the same lane all the time??
It costs about 2 mil to remove 4 statues due to litigation and safety for the removers.
Hooray for the Texas Dems who walked out to block the outrageous voting bill there. I mean, amongst other things, the GOP want to make it EASIER for a judge to throw out votes based on ALLEGATIONS. They say the removal of hours for Sunday voting was just a “mistake.” There is talk of not paying the Dems but I don’t think they can do that. The GOP claims there are hundreds of incidents of voter fraud and they will prove it when the time is right. Um…..
Bruce Dern, Olivia Munn and Keith David will star in The Gateway.
The complete story of the Gettysburg address is in post- production. Look for voice work from David Strathairn, Cary Elwes, Sam Elliott, Michael C. Hall, Dermot Mulroney, Keith David, Matthew Broderick, Lili Taylor, Victor Garber, Ed Asner, Jason Alexander and Lois Smith.
Was anyone surprised when the Son of Sam doc on Netflix wound around to Manson? I guess it depends on the books that you have read.
Oh Andrew Yang, I have become so disillusioned with you.
A Colorado man charged with murdering his wife submitted her absentee ballot in the 2020 election. He thought, “other guys” were cheating so he would give Trump another vote. –Reid Wilson
The commonwealth of Kentucky has never elected a black person to federal office. –Charles Booker
Have ya seen Woke with LaMorne Morris and J.B. Smoove?
M. Night Shyamalan is back with Old.
The Friends had their reunion.** China cut about 6 minutes out of the broadcast.
Matthew Modine is running for SAG President again with his running mate, Joely Fisher.
Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction. –Blaise Pascal Pensees** Are you sick of hearing about the angry white men on shooting rampages. It is alarming how we always hear about how everyone knew of their anger or that they had been looked at before and just left to go on their merry way. C’mon law enforcement, stop picking on minorities and old women and concentrate on the real threat.
Brendan Fraser, Matt Damon, Jon Hamm, David Harbour, Benecio del Toro, Ray Liotta, Don Cheadle and Kieran Culkin will star in No Sudden Move on July 1.
Can’t wait for the release of the 3 LP vinyl collection, Jonathon Winters: Unearthed. Look for it on Record Store Day, June 12.
Concerning Marjorie Taylor Greene’s abuse:  “I used to work as a bartender. These are the kinds of people that I threw out of bars all the time.” : AOC** In answer to MTG’s Jewish star comparison, some have started wearing “not vaccinated” stars. What the fuck is wrong with people?
Could Drew Barrymore and Dylan Farrow be related? They look so much alike.
Jimmy Carter and Joe Biden got together with their wives and talked of old times. Much was made of the photo of that meeting that was released. The Biden’s looked like giants.
Word is that Arizona congressman Andy Biggs was one of the main organizers of the insurrection. GOP Rep from Oregon, Mike Nearman, was caught on camera letting the culprits into the capitol on Jan. 6. TREASON! When will the wheels of justice get to them?** Newt Gingrich said of the Biden administration: They are “attacking people of traditional values,” by flying the “gay flag at American embassies.”** When will this latest religious fervor die down?** Word is that Tiffany Trump and Vanessa Trump had flings with secret service.
Fuck you Trump, you left us on the battlefield bloody and alone. –Proud Boys leader Ethan Nordean. He explained that “We followed this guy’s lead and never questioned it.”  I mean what kind of sheep are these guys? Can they not think for themselves?** There is talk that Trump’s justice department was spying on reporters. ** Hey Kimmel: Can you stop talking about Trump? Enough already!! And.. Reality is boring? What?
On Trump: I imagine it is a chilling final turn of the plot. His world is coming to an end. He will never have another good day. Loser label will haunt him, the law will pursue him. Mental illness will hobble him. His properties will bankrupt him. –Peter Marks
So, the terrorist GOP in the senate does not want Jan. 6 investigated. Of course they do not want to shine a light on their wrong doings. They say they love law enforcement and then they shit on them like this. The very people that were killed or injured trying to protect them mean nothing to them. ** Mitch McConnell thinks he can stop the full truth from coming out. He cannot. The House can empower a bipartisan select congressional committee to investigate the insurrection. The select committee would also have stronger subpoena power because GOP members can’t block subpoenas.
Rand Paul is to medicine what Flashdance is to welding. – Rob Reiner
“We birthed a nation from nothing, I mean, there was nothing here. I mean, yes, we have Native Americans but candidly there isn’t much Native American culture. It was born of the people who came here, pursuing religious liberty.” –Rick Santorum** CNN has dropped him as a political contributor.** Only a fuckboy scumbag could be this clueless and wrong. –Michael Ealy
The latest sexual misconduct news: Danny Masterson will stand trial on 3 rape charges.** Bill Cosby was denied parole.
Trump is ignored and irrelevant on pretty much every major social media venue. –Mia Farrow
The George Floyd family came to the White House on the 1 year anniversary of his death.
The Kennedy Center honors have been given and will air on June 6 on CBS. This year we honor Dick Van Dyke, Joan Baez, Midori, Garth Brooks and Debbie Allen.
Since 2000, the wealth of billionaires has increased by 238%. – Robert Reich
The moon, in its orbit is spiraling away from Earth by about the width of 2 fingers every year. –Neil deGrasse Tyson
Why is everybody surprised about the UFO revelations? Of course there are UFO’s. Nobody is saying they are filled with space aliens. Another country could be testing them. There are always things we cannot explain.** We also can’t be surprised that the Q types fight the UFO stories. Once scientific voices of reason come into play, they turn away.
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has announced their class: The early influence awards go to Kraftwerk, Charley Patton and Gil Scott- Heron. Music excellence goes to LL Cool J, Billy Preston and Randy Rhoads. The Ahmet Ertegun award goes to Clarence Avant. The Performers honored will be Tina Turner, Carole King, The Go-Go’s, Jay-Z, Foo Fighters and Todd Rundgren. The 36th annual show will take place on October 30th.
We are all just rapidly decaying meat bags. – Mr. Griffin on AP Bio
Scientists have developed the whitest white: Ba so4
John Mulaney is back on stage with the stand up.
Killers of the flower moon is finally being filmed. The Scorsese film stars Leo, DeNiro, Jesse Plemons and Lily Gladstone.
2 out of every 3 people in the U.S. get their drinking water from rivers. Support American Rivers.org
House Dems passed the pregnant workers fairness act. Employers with more than 15 employees and public sector employees must make reasonable accommodations for pregnant workers
HBO has shown a first look at House of the Dragon, the prequel to Game of Thrones.
Bridgerton is spinning off Queen Charlotte.
Purple lipstick is a really hot item.
Peoria and Scranton are the hub of getting an extra family. JB Smoove
Yamiche Alcindor is the new moderator of Washington Week. I miss Robert Costa but if they had to move on, I had fingers crossed for Weijia Jang or Yamiche.** Costa went on Twitter for the first time since 2020 to congratulate her. I can’t wait for his book with Woodward!!!!!!!
The firing squad is back in South Carolina.
So, there is a worker shortage?? Perhaps if we made it easier to get hired, things would work better. Can owners and managers actually look at a person and go with their gut? Can we get rid of drug tests and long online applications and psych exams? The $ spent on administrative work for hiring is ruining this country. A normal person has to jump thru hoops just to wash dishes anymore. We are not ll cookie cutter people. Often there are no rewards for loyal employees, not to mention benefits. And the laziness of employers who will then not do anything about bad employees that disrupt the work place is astounding. C’mon, give people a chance and then hold them to account and reward the hard workers. Most everyone I know has these same complaints. Who wants to go thru that?
Medina Spirit failed a drug test after the Kentucky Derby.** You know who doesn’t care about who wins the Kentucky Derby? The horses. It’s time to ban horse racing. -Larry Charles
I’ve had a wonderful time, but tonight wasn’t it. –Groucho Marx
If you don’t need a mask because God will protect you, why do you need a gun?- anonymous
How shady is the GOP when it comes to these recounts to support the big lie? Taxpayer $ is being used for this and now there will have to be new voting machines. Since the auditors have mishandled the machines and insisted on passwords, Maricopa County will have to start over!! Can we keep reminding the public that this is costing us all a lot of $???** Even the majority of republicans say that the audits are keeping the base energized for the next election so mission accomplished
Tulsa survivors spoke in front of congress as a reparations bill was introduced.
Men who think they can decide for the women who carry the consequences of their ejaculations that life begins at conception, need to put their $ where their misogynist, hypocritical mouths are with laws that require instantaneous and permanent child support or shut the fuck up. –Bradley Whitford
It is estimated that there are about 50 billion birds on the planet.
Maggie Q, Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Keaton are bringing us The Protégé.
There has been a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas after 10 days of fighting. Well done on the Middle East, Jared!!
Andrea Mitchell, a hard ass working journalist seems to be slowing down.
Legos has added some LGBTQ characters.
Can we put Finn Wittrock and Leo in a film together?
Check out the Traveling Diary Tour.
Jamie Foxx has some mega product placement in the new, Dad stop embarrassing me!
Brooklyn 99 will air 2 episodes a week in this final season.
Three Doctors who treated Navalny are missing.
Laverne Cox will be the new host of E!’s red carpet coverage. Giuliana Rancic has left.
Look for the book Bull Twit … and whatnot from George Wallace.
R.I.P. Vernon Jordon, Ed Ward, Tawny Kitaen, Olympia Dukakis, Bo, the Obama’s dog, the latest mass shooting and stabbing victims, Roger Hawkins, Paul Mooney, Shock 6, Eric Carle, Charles Grodin, Diamond Girl Taylor, John Davis, Kevin Clark , Jim Clendenen, B.J. Thomas, Buddy Van Horn and Norman Lloyd.
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