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#in which entrapta destroy the fucking hord
athetos · 8 months ago
Catradora 😐 go Ash
Catradora is enemies to lovers gone wrong, because it’s too personal - it’s not soldiers on opposite sides of a war falling in love, it’s an ex (friend or partner, whichever interpretation of the text you want to go with it) deliberately attacking and traumatizing the other, for a grudge.
I was never big on catradora even in the first season - and it only got worse from there. There was too much hatred and malice on catra’s end. A lot of ppl say if you don’t like catradora you hate abuse Survivors, but I hate it BECAUSE I’m an abuse survivor. Yes, catra (and adora - don’t forget adora too) was abused by SW and deserves love - but that doesn’t excuse or justify the fact that she in turn abused adora. Being an abuse survivor doesn’t mean you can hurt others and get a free pass, and I really do feel like catra was handed one here. “She was in love with adora the whole time!” Hey, my abuser was in love with me too, didn’t mean she could do any of the hell she put me through and get away with it, too. It’s been years and I still won’t forgive her, and want nothing to do with her - and I think it’s more than valid for some people to have wished adora did the same.
Fuck, I understand catra being pissed that adora was leaving not because of how they were both treated by SW (again - catra wasn’t the only one abused by her. While catra’s punishment was more physical in nature, adora is very obviously traumatized by her, and it’s heavily implied she was gaslighted (maybe even literally having her memories rewritten!) and dealt with heavy psychological abuse) but leaving because she realized what the horde did was wrong. But... she literally offered catra to come with her! She gave her an out! And catra, knowing the horde was malicious, refused to leave. I know, it’s never so simple to leave a situation like that - but the show made it pretty clear it was solely out of spite for adora and to cause harm. Plus, she willingly aligned with... a fascist? Wubbify him all you want, but Hordak literally was a fascist. You can’t avoid that.
As for the extent of her abuse towards adora - let’s look back at catra’s actions through the first 4 seasons especially. She’s shown multiple times to attack adora with serious intent to injure her - battle of bright moon is a shining example, who didn’t wince at those claw marks that they actually showed? Many fans headcanon they scar, even people who ship catradora. There’s the attack at princess prom, proving this “isn’t a game” and she wants and even enjoys hurting adora and her friends. She corrupts she ra with entrapta’s help in season 2, which for me is scarily similar to - well, drugging her, at least in my opinion. She opens the portal, because she’d rather see the entire world destroyed than not have her way. It’s much less “I want to be with adora!” And more “I want adora to be mine”. Subtext! Further, blaming adora directly for catra’s OWN actions? All those horrible, scathing comments in the season 3 finale? Maybe I’m projecting, but how is that not emotional abuse + actual gaslighting (not that weird Twitter “you lied to me therefore you gaslit me” bullshit. This is eerily parallel to shit my ex said to me - “I hurt you, but YOU MADE ME DO IT, it’s your fault, if you were a better partner this wouldn’t have happened, etc.”).
And then, season 5, we don’t really... get much progress made. This redemption arc was poorly executed and rushed. Catra’s line about “I’m working on my anger issues” or whatnot made me feel ill, because it’s the thing ppl say when they’re not changing at all, but want to make it look like they’re putting effort in. And everyone loves it! Catra indirectly caused angella’s death, and NOBODY addresses it? Even glimmer outside of her fight with catra in season 4? EVEN GLIMMER, who lost her MOM, for no reason, all thanks to catra, and instead of even mentioning her mom ONCE outside of the finale during her fight with Micah, she happily accepts catra into their friend group??? What the fuck??let her be angry!! And even adora and bow don’t address it, which is shocking, because she was a caring mother figure to both of them. Like, come ON, crew. It makes it even worse when you consider that fic that was supposedly written by noelle Stevenson - with the very iconic, cringey line of catra asking Entrapta how to make the others forgive her. It reads less as “I want to make them know how sorry I am” and “how can I make them not hate me.” Very selfish, and some selfishness is okay, but not in this instance.
And in the end, “true love” saves the day - which would be a fantastic message in an lgbt+ kids cartoon if “true love” wasn’t falling into a relationship with someone who abused you. Do I think adora could learn to forgive catra? Sure! But not over the course of... what? Season 5 takes place over like 48 hours or something? And do I think they could ever be in a healthy relationship? Absolutely not. Dude, there are so many comics of catra having nightmares and crying because she scarred adora, and adora comforting her - what the fuck? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? I’m not gonna sympathize with someone who physically tore up their significant other, c’mon. Wouldn’t you realize there is nothing in that relationship left to save? Catra is deserving of love, but I don’t think she’s “earned” adora like some kind of trophy for doing the bare minimum of good behavior. Most of the fanbase treats adora like some kind of reward to catra, and it makes me feel sick.
Point is - I don’t like catradora, In fact I hate it, and I think it’s very abusive, and while I know many people will comment “it’s a kids show, you don’t need to analyze it” that’s precisely WHY I’m analyzing it. Their relationship is presented as desirable and is marketed towards children. Impressionable kids are watching this and thinking this is something you’d want. “Looking for the adora to my catra” naw, you’re clearly not ready to be in a relationship if you think this was a good love story. The lgbt community deserves better representation!!! I don’t want to be represented by this. I don’t want this to be some “gold standard” for lesbian storytelling. I want healthy queer relationships, especially considering how many queer ppl are abuse survivors themselves.
Yikes, that’s all I can say.
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testudoaubrei-blog · 7 months ago
TL/DR - Catra is a uniquely complex and compelling character who has -so much going on- compared with most characters in any medium. Her character arc is psychologically astute, morally powerful and dramatically compelling, and it pushes the boundaries of the audiences sympathies in ways that are really groundbreaking for a kids show, and her arcs conclusion celebrates love, growth, and the power to change in a way that is all too rare in TV for grown ups.
Content note for mentions of suicidal ideation and self harm.
Well, now that the summary is out of the way, here’s a massive fucking dissertation on why Catra is such a great character.
This is the first of a series of posts outlining things that make She Ra a truly great show, one that stands out even 15 years into a golden age of TV animation for kids. This isn’t going to be a comprehensive account for why the show is great - the real answer is that this show has so many arcs and so many fully realized characters and they are all growing and changing in ways that interact with each other and complement each other so well. But I’m going to highlight some particular standouts, things that this show does better than anything else, things that made me step back and say ‘holy shit they did this in a show pitched at 10 year olds?!’
And so the first of these posts is about Catra. I’ve never seen a character in a kids TV show like Catra before. Depending on the season, she’s an anti-villain, an outright villain and an anti-hero and then, in the end, a hero. Being glib, I describe her in villain mode as a Saturday morning cartoon Supervillain as written by like, Dostoevsky. She’s got the trappings of classic villain camp - long speeches, sneering, over-complicated plans, she’s oddly ineffectual at times etc/ Yet all of this is underlaid and justified by something much deeper - her feelings of rejection, her desire to lash out at everyone around her, at her self-hatred and hatred of everyone and everything else (at least by Season 4. Good God.) And her actions are as dark as her motivations - she nearly destroys reality out of spite, betrays literally everyone who cares about her (often multiple times) and isolates herself so completely that in the season 4 finale she is a solitary, suicidal wreck of a person. Hell, in her last fight with Hordak, I was definitely rooting for Hordak (to say nothing of Glimmer, who is a pretty impressive antiheroine, like if Sparkles had just blasted her into glittery oblivion would we have held it against her?).
Let's start by discussing trauma. It comes up a lot with Catra for obvious and good reasons. But I almost feel like that word is insufficient for what's going on with Catra, or at least, we shouldn't stop with it (I know there are terms like complex trauma, but rather than simply using those I want to explain the difference between Catra’s consistent abuse and a single traumatic event). To use another example from a different show, Korra was also traumatized in season 4. But she was traumatized by a series of an events when she was a young adult. She had something horrible happen to her, and it fucked her up, and then she had exposure therapy with Zaheer and at least starts to get better. Catra...Catra is much more consistently abused. It's not just that shadow weaver traumatized her with the various acts of torture, but that Shadow Weaver taught Catra both an explicit worldview and a series of coping mechanisms that she struggles with through young adulthood. First, Shadow Weaver trained Catra to seek her approval. This is something she is particularly vulnerable to with Shadow Weaver, but also what she does with Hordak and to a extent Double Trouble. Catra's instinct when people mistreat her or show that they aren't trustworthy is to invest further in the relationship, until the breaking point. By contrast, when people treat her well Catra lashes out or takes them for granted. This is uh…a dymamic I am acquainted with among people who have been abused as kids, people whom I love. It is pretty rough.
She also developed a desire to prove herself. This starts off being tied to her drive for approval, but combined with her competitive streak (which is expressed in both healthy and unhealthy ways with Adora) it turns into a desire to beat Shadow Weaver and then Hordak at their own game.
At the same time, Catra learned by always being blamed for everything to evade and deny responsibility, no matter what. I think this form of self reassurance is tied to her self doubt (I think at some level she does think she is worthless) and her self hatred. It is also enabled by Adora’s martyr complex and willingness even act as Catra’s punching bag (as we see in the flashback in Corridors). This is a dynamic that actually repeats in an even worse fashion with Scorpia. Far from being arrogant, her constant evasions, put downs against others and preening speeches sound like the words of a woman who is trying to convince herself most of all. This tendency borders on narcissistic self delusion by season 3-4, which she begins recounting her version of events and possibly believing it even when it is obviously false, and everyone knows it.
When it comes to worldviews, Shadow Weaver taught Catra that love is about control and manipulation. We see this in seasons 1-3 where she congratulates herself for manipulating Adora when all she has done is take advantage of Adora's lingering love for her. Meanwhile, she’s learned that power is her only protection, and that the only way to stay on top is to abuse those beneath her.
The final kind of static tendency in Catra is her identity in the horde and her view of herself as one of the bad guys. This is something she rarely articulates but underlies much of her her decision to stay and not join Adora (at least at first). I think one thing to consider is that even if Catra never believed horde propaganda, it may have made her cynical and unwilling to imagine something better for herself or the world. Another factor is having struggled to belong in the horde for so long, she isn't going to give up now. At first this ties into her desire to win the approval of shadow weaver and Hordak, then it comes from her desire to prove herself better than them. Another factor is her self hatred. She sees herself as someone who hurts people, perhaps as a monster. She sees herself as a bad guy and so team evil is her side.
So yeah, our girl is kinda fucked up.
And yet Catra is never reduced to the sum of her traumas and bad habits. At every step of the way she is shown as a moral agent. She is shaped by shadow Weaver's abuse but she remains aware of and responsible for her actions. This is a double edged sword. She is fully responsible for her actions, but also she is never shown as broken by abuse or mental illness. She’s fully responsible, but by the same token is also redeemable, because she still has a choice.
So with that our of the way, let's go to Catra's arc.
I’m not going to recite everything terrible Catra does because I’m still on my first complete rewatch and I honestly find it hard to list it all. It’s a lot. So let’s talk about her shifting motivations. Early on, we see her desire for approval and recognition motivating her in ways that are so easy to sympathize with - she’s been told she’s worthless for years, and she wants to be worth something. We see how much she’s been scarred by Shadow Weavers abuse and by the ruthlessness and callousness of the Horde, and can sympathize with her desire to survive and advance since her own position is so untenable. We also see how, at first, she wants to be reunited with Adora. Her first huge turn into much darker territory is Promises, when she tries to kill Adora in order to permanently sever her connection with her own life and eliminate a possible rival for advancement (should Adora ever return). She’s told herself that she doesn’t want Adora back, and at least partly means it. Yet we still show her care for Scorpia and Entrapta and even Shadow Weaver in Season 2. It’s when Catra realizes that Shadow Weaver has chosen Adora over her once again that she takes her darkest turn. It’s not just that she destroys reality out of spite, it’s that she rejects her chance for a better and happier life, betrays every friend she has and focuses single-mindedly on hurting Adora (and arguably herself) and then on surviving when her attempt fails. Then Catra spends an entire season both fully inhabiting her role as a villain (and not a sympathetic one - really only our history with her leaves us sympathetic) and being utterly self-destructive and miserable. At the end, as mentioned, she’s a broken, suicidal wreck who has destroyed everything she’s strived for. If this was an HBO drama, we’d roll credits here and she’d go down as another self-destructive antihero. It would perhaps be too much to call her ‘Walter White as a catgirl’, but still. Of course, her story doesn’t end there.
Something that is incredibly dark that is happening in step with this is Catra’s hardening of herself, indeed, her dehumanization of herself. We see her struggle with her natural compassion, her kindness, her need for connection, her desire for happiness, and we see her ignore it all, stamp it down and nearly snuff it out. This is a huge factor in her descent into becoming a real villain (no ‘anti’ qualifiers needed). Every step of her descent is a struggle for Catra - not going with Adora in the second part of ‘The Sword’, trying to kill Adora in ‘Promise’, going back to the Horde, betraying Entrapta, lying about Entrapta, threatening Scorpia, destroying the world - but she always chooses evil. And with every step she becomes more isolated, more callous, and more cruel. Her default reaction becomes not just bravado and mockery and insolence, but threats, bullying and intimidation, until her management style is identical to Hordak’s, and indeed, is quite a bit worse. Catra starts off fighting for Hordak and Shadow Weaver’s approval and struggling to survive, and ends up cackling maniacally at her brutal and murderous conquests. She has very deliberately turned herself into a cruel conqueror, and a tyrant. This self-dehumanization is a huge part of evil in the world, I think, and it’s really powerful to see it so clearly in a kids show.
Meanwhile her insistence on evading all responsibility finally results in a self-serving, self-protective narrative that insulates her from responsibility or self-examination but also cuts her off from reality and other people. It’s always a bit unclear to what extent her various untruths (about Adora leaving her, about Shadow Weaver’s escape and her concealment of it not being her fault, about Entrapta betraying Hordak) are things she believes, lies she is telling to have power over others (mostly Scorpia) or things that she doesn’t quite believe but is trying to convince herself of. It’s probably all of these at various times, and in different degrees for each lie. The end result is that Catra is even more alone, because only she inhabits the safe cocoon of lies she’s built around herself. It also is the key to her and the Horde’s downfall - Catra is so isolated and in such denial that she can’t see how thin her forces are spread, and this crack shows up even in episode 1 of Season 4, with her insistence that the Princess Alliance is in shambles (when, in fact, it’s already rebounding, and proves more resilient than she allows herself to believe, and is led by a woman as ruthless and determined as herself). This part of Catra’s arc brilliantly shows how deception (of yourself and others) can feel protective by keeping shame at bay, but ultimately is destructive and strips someone of so much of the intellectual and moral qualities that we call ‘human.’ It’s also chilling to see since we’ve seen the end game of this mentality play out in US national politics, at the highest level.
I said at the opening that we’ve never seen a sympathetic character like Catra in a kids show. What about Zuko? I would argue that Zuko is never a cruel, or as callous, or as self-destructive as Catra is at her worst. Zuko is motivated by a desire for recognition from his abusive father (much like Catra is initially motivated by desire for recognition from Hordak and Shadow Weaver, and indeed Adora), and perhaps a desire to belong in the Fire Nation. All of this gets wrapped together in his ‘Honor’. He’s a young man with a very weak sense of what he truly believes, instead relying on external guides to what he should do. He’s also incredibly self-involved, and initially indifferent to anyone’s pain but his own and anyone’s needs but his own need to restore his honor. Uncle Iroh is there throughout to push Zuko both to see the needs of others and to become his own person. Zuko’s redemption arc, then, is a twofold quest to recognize other people and to find his own moral center and act from it. This is a pretty powerful coming of age story in that it is about him becoming his own person and throwing off the shackles of his upbringing. Politically, it’s a powerful story of a young man taking responsibility for his own actions in an authoritarian regime and refusing to participate in its imperialism any more and to embrace a new way forward both for himself and his nation. At the same time, in some ways it is easy to sympathize with Zuko because his greatest crimes are those of weakness - he’s not strong enough to stand up to his nation and his family until midway through the last season. Catra though...Catra does what she does, eventually, because she wants to hurt people. She’s cruel, and spiteful, and destructive in ways that are truly scary and which prevent any excuse or mitigation.
Which brings up the other comparison - Azula. But while Azula is (somewhat inconsistently) shown either as a monstrous child sociopath or a traumatized and broken child who can’t help it (and thus, perversely, as not a moral agent but something like a monster), Catra is consistently shown as a moral agent. Catra chooses her own path, every step of the way. She has so many chances to do something else - Adora’s offers to leave together in the two-part series opener, Promises, Scorpia’s suggestion that they dessert the Horde and become desert gang leaders, etc - and until season 5, she turns them all down. While Azula seems destined for evil and madness, with Catra we see a young woman very deliberately walk down the path into unmitigated evil with both eyes open. And then we see it destroy her.
And after she is basically destroyed, we see her build herself back. This process actually starts in Season 4 with the creeping realization that even when she is winning she is miserable and alone. She doesn’t even notice Scorpia is gone for several episodes, then she completely loses it. She spends the entire time when she is at her most triumphant isolated and raging and borderline incoherent, as ineffectual as she accuses Hordak of being. She’s won, and she’s alone, and she’s the most unhappy she has ever been, and I think for the first time she realizes that. And that’s the worst blow to her, even before all the external things come crashing down. She’s already miserable before Double Trouble and Glimmer deal her a triple coup de grace of destroying all her armies*, turning her and Hordak against each other and then Double Trouble’s epic evisceration. By the time Glimmer shows up, Catra is, as mentioned, literally suicidal. But she’s also already begun the process of changing in that she knows that she has a problem (her, and her self/other-destructive tendencies). Moreover, she knows, at some level, that what she really wants isn’t conquest, or to prove herself as the baddest leader of the Horde, but love - and she’s seen how she’s squandered that at every opportunity.
Let’s just pause for a moment to observe how much better Glimmer is at villainous machinations than Catra. In a couple episodes she makes a faustian bargain for unlimited power, kills all her enemies armies, sets her two chief foes at each other’s throats and literally cripples one while rendering the other helpless. And given her ironic non-answer about hurting Catra (‘we’re the good guys, remember?’ and the fact that she’d tried to kill Catra twice before**, she walked into Hordak’s sanctum fully intending to end Catra’s life, one way or another. She does all this through ruthlessness, recklessness and treachery, and she could give like, a TED talk on villainy. Of course it also blows up in her face and is actually way worse than the portal did in Catra’s, endangering the whole universe (I always assumed that the portal only threatened Despondos), dooming Etheria to invasion and all that. Of course, Catra pulled that switch and then fought Adora knowing that the world was ending, while Glimmer was just ignoring warnings from...just about everyone, including Shadow Weaver. So yeah, Glimmer, best kids show antihero since Princess Bubblegum***(unless we’re counting Catra as an antihero, which works for the first half of season 5).
Anyway, at the beginning of Season 5 Catra is adrift. Though some interpretations, like TV tropes, see her as immediately falling back into old habits and casting her lot in with Prime, I see her actions from the end of Season 4 onwards as more ambivalent. She seems to be kind of...going through the motions. She doesn’t have any of the drive or passion in her plotting that she once did, she seems to be maneuvering into Prime’s good graces out of habit. At best she’s back in the survival mode of early season 1, but without the ambition and desire to prove herself that motivated her. Some interpretations put a lot of stock in Prime being someone that can’t be bargained with or appeased, but...I don’t buy it. I take him, to an extent, at his word when he says that he was ‘exalt’ Catra (I am sure it is something awful). Catra actually gets what she wants halfway through “Corridors.” Only it’s not what she wants. She’s done jockeying for advantage, especially in a world where she truly would be alone because all she has is this psychopathic narcissist and his clones for company. She wants connection. She wants to do what is right. She’s suppressed all her humanity (felinitity? Anyway) for years and it’s made her miserable, and now she’s ready to embrace it. At the same time she confronts her own culpability, seeing just how much harm she’s done and admitting it for the first time. Her first lifeline is Glimmer, the only person she can actually talk to, the only other Etherian, the woman whose mother she doomed and who has nearly killed her three times. But Glimmer is also going through her own dark night of the soul - Glimmer and Catra’s character arcs were converging at the same time that Catra’s and Adoras and Glimmer’s and Adora’s were diverging. And they come together on either side of that forcefield, just talking and being people in an environment that is designed to be as dehumanizing as possible. Even this barest lifeline is enough for Catra to hold on to for dear life, and enough to inspire her to not just feel bad about the bad things she’s done, but do something good.
But the first way she does this is a cop out. Her plan, like Shadow Weaver’s in the finale, is to sacrifice/kill herself doing ‘one good thing.’ That way she doesn’t have to figure out how to live with the consequences of her actions, face the possible rejection of the people she loves whom she’s wronged, and do the hard work of building herself back up as a better person. She gets to die a hero rather than live as a villain. That said, unlike Shadow Weaver she does at least get off one apology, and it makes all the difference.
Then Adora fucks Catra’s sacrifice up, in glorious, space operatic, gay AF pulp fiction fashion, by saving the cat. Catra is mind controlled or unconscious for most of this episode, but what she does do is so crucial. When Adora comes for her, she reaches out to her, as soon as she is able. She doesn’t push her away, she takes Adora’s help, and her love, and Adora does the rest in badass fashion. The next few episodes plus the so perfect its canon Don’t Go are my favorite part of Catra’s entire arc.
She nearly falls back into her old habits, at least partly. Now that she has to live with what she’s done rather than just dying for it she just wants to run away again. But when she has to choose between losing Adora all over again and confronting herself and her past, she chooses Adora, and asks her to stay.
Catra then spends the rest of Season 5 slowly easing herself into the very human world of the Princess Alliance - the comaradery, the dedication to others and a cause, the goofiness. I’m going to talk a lot more about her relationship with Adora in my Catradora post, but I do want to highlight three moments.
The first is Catra running away again. This is actually a big change from what she’s done before - she’s not leaving because she’s angry, or bitter, or spiteful, she’s leaving because she doesn’t want to see the woman she loves sacrifice herself yet again (maybe this time for good) after being manipulated by the woman who had abused them both. But then she comes back. And then she confronts her abuser in a way that she has never done before - for the first time in the series, she not only calls Shadow Weaver out but calls her to do the right thing, and doesn’t give up until she does (this is after Adora also calls SW out and cuts her off forever, meaning that her two charges have finally called her on her bullshit and chosen each other over her, more in my Shadow Weaver Rant...and I guess my Catradora rant).
Then, at the end, Catra both stays with Adora through her potentially fatal harnessing of the Heart of Etheria and then her comes in and rescues her by challenging her to do something for Catra and for herself. Not to be with Catra, or to kiss her, or love her, but just stay for her. Needless to say, Adora responds far more enthusiastically than Catra had dared hope. (more on this in my Catradora rant).
Catra starts the show convinced she doesn’t need anyone except Adora, and she’s willing to even push Adora away if she can’t have Adora on her own terms. She goes down that path - ambition, manipulation, treachery, cruelty and isolation - until she has nothing left. She then slowly, painfully, turns around and reaches out and begins to heal the pain in Etheria and the universe rather than causing more. This is a psychological journey in many ways, but even more than that it is a profoundly moral one. It is a story of her accepting responsibility for her actions, facing reality, reaching out to others and making amends. It is in every sense a redemption. And while it works perfectly with Adora’s own development into her own, fuller, happier, healthier person, it works not because of Adora or the power of love, but because of Catra herself. Adora’s companionship, Adora’s rescuing of her and holding her to account, all of these are necessary for Catra to change for the better. But in the end it is Catra herself who chooses the right path, maybe for the first time in her life. And that’s what makes the romance work in turn - Catra is motivated to change not simply by a desire to impress her girlfriend or by Adora’s shining goodness (to the contrary, Adora’s a healthier and less self-sacrificing person at least in the finale...she comes around later than Catra) but by her desire to be true to herself and seek out what she really needs and wants - which is love, and connection, and to do good rather than evil. It’s a gorgeous story that takes an antihero all the way down to hell and then back again, and this makes it a truly unique redemption arc in all of kids TV - not just because of how far Catra falls, but how far she travels overall.
*(I know a lot of fanficcers talk about there being a lot of Horde Soldiers left but the show...they’re nearly all dead, guys. Glimmer and company...okay mostly Mermista... just about killed them all in an afternoon. The cadet Triad survives because they deserted and weren’t there to get drowned/frozen/suffocated by plants when the grand invasion of Brightmoon went sideways)
**Okay, once she was only an accessory to Shadow Weaver’s attempted murder of Catra, the other time she leaves Catra for dead in ‘Pulse’
***I stan PB so hard guys. So hard. Machiavellian genius, mad scientist, god figure, possible Nietzschean Ubermensch? She’s so great. So great.
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heartslobbf · a year ago
i think about catra and her attitude to saviourism a lot like. throughout the series she completely rejects others attempting to save her: to adora in 1x11, ‘for the last time, i don’t need you to save me,’ the scene with scorpia in 3x01 where she says ‘i can save you’ and instead catra chooses to push her away, 5x06’s ‘i told you not to come for me’.
i think that this is one aspect of catra’s character that really, really resonates with me, and it’s something i don’t see people talk about that much. catra is so brilliantly competent, she effectively gets herself out of being kidnapped in 2x02, the takes over the entirety of the crimson waste in a day, increases the horde’s productivity by 400% by only the end of s2. there are only two instances in which catra has to be saved before save the cat (which, oh boy) and those are 2x05 and 4x04.
2x05 is much much MUCH more scorpia’s moment but there is still a commentary to be had about catra in that moment. she definitely falls victim to hubris, this sense of overconfidence that, yeah, okay, i’m currently trapped in between the jaws of this evil robot thingy and the only way to stop it is by destroying a disc that i refuse to destroy because i’m a Lesbian but i’m competent, i don’t need to be saved, i’ll either get my way or i’ll fucking die. what is interesting about 2x05 is that catra does actually thank scorpia for saving her, however begrudgingly, and that’s probably down to the fact she’s beginning to have more security in their relationship. in 1x11, she’s more apprehensive to adora’s attempts to save her since all the security in their relationship has gone for catra since adora left.
this takes me onto 4x04 and the idea of security in relationships. at the end of 4x04, dt has to save catra from the collapsing hideout and afterwards, catra says to them ‘thank you, for... saving me.’ she’s hesitant, but it’s a lot more forthright than her ‘thanks for getting us out of there,’ to scorpia; the latter plays down the severity of the situation, makes out catra could’ve probably saved herself somehow, but with dt catra is upfront about how they’re the only reason she’s alive right now. that’s significant. catra is, for some reason, totally assured in the security of her and dt’s relationship despite the fact they hardly know one another. this is for a variety of reasons, most importantly the fact that catra thinks dt likes her more than her money (not that they don’t like catra, but, they’re quick to betray her for a bit of victory) and also, catra’s other relationships are collapsing before her. she thinks adora has given up on her, she can see how scorpia is beginning to question her.
catra won’t accept being saved by someone she can’t trust, and trust is incredibly important to her, hard to earn. in s1, adora loses that trust when she breaks the promise, and consequently catra can’t uphold her end of it or accept adora’s attempts to make up for it. she now knows she isn’t adora’s top priority, and can’t place trust in her to save her over everyone else. that’s terrifying for someone like catra, who relied on her promise with adora as a means of survival since she was a child. this is why save the cat is so fucking important, because it’s the reparation of that promise to look out for one another.
in 5x03, catra chooses to save glimmer as a means to save adora (‘are you saving me?’ ‘not you. adora.’). this is the first step in making the promise all over again, this is catra finally being the one to try and fix it first instead of adora. she resigns herself to death and makes it so adora never has to come to the velvet glove, never has to face horde prime on this awful ship, so she can just go back to etheria with glimmer and fight him off of their home. but, that’s not what happens. adora comes back for catra, she recognises that catra was looking out for her and in turn decides to look out for her: ‘i can’t just leave her there.’ she can’t. that would be breaking the promise all over again, after catra finally made the decision to uphold her end of it once more.
and 5x05? could write essays on this episode alone, obviously, of course, but anyways. this episode is so painful. the way that catra is stripped of all the things she prides herself on, her individuality, her competency, her agency, leaves her utterly unable to save herself. she claims to glimmer in 5x03 that ‘i always find a way out,’ but she can’t. she can’t. sometimes, catra has to accept that she cannot save herself. she needs others to help her. this comes back to her complete breakdown in s4, the way she repeatedly claims she doesn’t need anyone. she does. she needed scorpia in 2x05, she needed dt in 4x04, she needs adora now in 5x05. over the course of these instances, we have seen how catra comes to accept that fact, and her acceptance of adora saving her in 5x05 is so fucking brilliant.
at first, she rejects it. she told adora not to come for her, she resigned herself to death, and yet she’s still here. she has to put in the effort to be a better person now. but, as adora continues to confront her in 5x06, says that if catra wants, she can be all alone again and take care of herself, something changes. catra changes. she allows herself to accept adora’s help, accept entrapta’s, and most significantly asks adora to stay. she acknowledges that she wants adora, feels more safe and secure with her, and for once can actually admit that. this is the moment that the promise comes back together, where catra and adora have both upheld their ends of it, where they’re both finally willing to continue to do so.
and then they do. whilst catra still feels uncomfortable with the idea of being saved (the way she tries to downplay the events of 5x05 in 5x10 with ‘the only reason adora, you know, saved me or whatever’) she allows adora to look out for her and in turn catra will look out for her. they’re healing. adora defends catra from being too battered by the princesses, catra jumps into fire for adora. catra tackles melog head on to protect adora, adora strives to reassure and protect catra around shadow bitch. adora saves catra on horde prime’s ship, catra saves adora at the heart of etheria.
catra finally, truly learns that saving someone is a measure of love. yes, whilst catra and adora made that promise that compelled them to save each other, it was broken. in the end, they saved one another without even repairing it. it’s only in 5x12 that catra says ‘it’s time i made good on [my end of the promise],’ and whilst the promise was always a measure of love in itself, neither catra nor adora fully realised that until it was broken and they both attempted to fix it anyway. their love existed outside of that promise and it always did.
catra doesn’t always need to be saved, definitely not, but if she has people there who are willing to do it, she is loved. she is loved, and she deserves to have that. she deserves to be able to accept it. the fact that she does? poetic fuckin cinema luvs
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dreamquackity · a year ago
season three of she-ra rated by catradora content
the price of power: adora talks about how she thinks the others at the horde can change too and when u think about it in the “at this point in the story, she still hoped catra would change” way it’s like wow :’) we knew that but wow :’) it sucks tho that in this scenario she’s actually wondering specifically if shadow weaver can change, which :/ hm :/ bc shadow weaver sucks. adora really fucking called her out on her abuse tho which is so sexy, and yes that has nothing to do with catradora i just felt like i really wanted to mention it at least <3 shadow weaver is a loserrrr <3 but.... she does mention “catra betrayed me” which makes adora do her “oh, catra?👀” eyebrow raise. i swear she cannot keep a straight fucking face whenever someone mentions catra. it’s like. are you lgbt or something? :/ 2/10
huntara: no catra this episode, but adora’s reaction to huntara will forever go down as one of her stupidest gay moments. u think catra knew super huge buff ladies were adora’s type? how fucking funny would it be if catra thought she never stood a chance with adora not because of the internalized homophobia shadow weaver instilled in them but simply because she thought she was not tall and buff enough for adora’s taste. “adora doesn’t want me!!!!! not like i want her..... because i’m not swole😔” 0/10
once upon a time in the waste: very funny and sexy of catra 2 be like. hm. i was sent here to die. i have completely given up on my hopes and dreams. oh wait what did you say? she-ra?😏 and she was blonde?👀 she’s got a sword?😩 she was angry?😽 her name is adora?👅 and all of a sudden catra is like nope existential crisis over. i’m gay again. and also evil again. that mix culminates in her giving a sexy monologue. did you know that if you’re gay and evil you will give very sexy monologues? and also sword lesbians will fall in love with you despite your questionable morals? anyway, catra takes over the whole of the crimson waste. i won’t discuss how since technically it doesn’t involve catradora but it was really hot okay😔 also adora was being really hot and powerful and fearless (she did not even flinch as bats flew in her face. hello?) and Angery this ep but i will also not get into it😩 i will however remark upon how both catra and adora low key had meltdown monologues this ep, and it is :( but also hot and cool of them. now, i will move onto when they meet <3 catra starts slow clapping as her goons creep onto mara’s ship and poison dart the best friend squad. they only send three darts flying and the last one is blocked by huntara. we have to assume that catra only ordered her team to send three darts for huntara, bow, and glimmer, leaving adora for last because catra has to greet her with, and let’s say it all together—“hey, adora😼”. adora tries to make a run for her sword but catra uses her new sexy cool whip to take it away. “i think this might be the quickest i ever won a fight. always so dramatic with you, isn’t it, adora?” adora tells huntara to save bow and glimmer first, leaving adora as catra’s only prisoner. 👀👀👀👀 soon after, everyone is celebrating, and catra sits in the big chair on mara’s ship like it’s a throne, casually draped over with adora’s sword in her hand, the long blade just resting between her legs. and. hooooooooooooooo boooooooooooooiiiiii. let me just. let me just have a second over here okay folks? this is all very hard for my sexuality to take. i don’t think u all realize how hard it is to make these evaluations. every day i have a breakdown over how hot one of them is. it’s one thing to just watch the show but every time something gay happens (so like, every five seconds) i gotta pause it and take notes (by take notes i really mean start ranting about it like this) and then i gotta like rewind it and shit to double check and i have to force myself to just be repeatedly subjected to the gayness. starting to get a little homophobic tbh! okay back to the show. catra is so fucking sweet and makes everyone cheer scorpia on too. she breaks out into this beautiful giggle. oh my god her laugh. bitches falling for this catgirl left and right smh. catra grabs scorpia’s claw and drags her away from the party. we also find out this is when catra learns about what a party is. remember how adora didn’t know what a party was either? :( damn. they deserve to have absolute ragers ok. catra starts talking about how valued and cool she will be when they go back and show hordak the sword, etc, and scorpia is like. but what if we didn’t do that. what if we just stayed here and had a gay life. a good honest gay life filled with sick parties and gang leading. and catra is like oh right.... u have a point..... i do hate the horde...... wonder why that is.... and then scorpia makes a fatal mistake. she says “forget adora!” which is about the dumbest thing you can tell a self destructive catgirl who’s been in love with adora her whole life but also kinda resents her atm. and catra is like perhaps i don’t want to forget adora. did u consider that scorpia? did you not think about how i crave her lips upon my mouth every night? fuck u im gonna go uh... find adora n maybe tie her up even more idk >:( catra goes to “check on the prisoner”, according to her own words. what does that mean, catra. like what. ur gonna go see if adora wants some tea? something 2 eat?👅 someone to kiss? Fkskdjdjdj adora is obviously struggling against her restraints and trying to break free, and the second she sees her she goes “catra, you can’t do this! >:(“ and catra is like “well, hello to you, too.” because MANNERS, adora, like god damn it catra always puts in the tender loving care and effort to greet you and you can’t even say hello? :( catra dismisses the goon who was previously guarding adora, because when you.... talk to your..... best friend turned enemy who’s now your prisoner. ur gonna want some privacy ya know😌😩👀😔 anyway catra is like ok.... once again.... y can’t i do this. and adora is like more horde army might come in!!! which. adora baby i love you but maybe don’t make that the thesis statement of your sales pitch? to the person who was second in command at the horde?? not to nitpick but if i were u i would’ve just said “noooooo don’t open a portal that might destroy reality ur so sexy ahaha” OR “if u give me back my sword and decide NOT to rip apart the fabric of this dimension i’ll kiss you on the mouth❤️” i know that u think ur feelings are one sided and that catra isn’t in love with you and that you can’t seduce her to the bright side💔 but u actually could have 💔 fkdkdjdjdj moving on.... catra says “never a dull moment with you❤️” which is weirdly so romantic. like yeah they’re enemies but catra gets bored when adora isn’t around. life is always exciting when adora is there, in catra’s eyes :’( like damn bitch if you like her so much why don’t you just marry her haha. please? <3 adora continues to explain that we will ALL lose if hordak opens a portal, light hope and mara said that opening a portal will endanger everyone!! and catra says the funniest thing. “you’ll listen to anything weird old holograms tell you, won’t you? you should really try to get over that. :/“ LFKDKFKDKFKFKFJ GIRL YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS BEING THIS FUNNY. but then adora says the wrong thing :( she brought up you know who and said “shadow weaver told me” and catra.... :( she’s like. how did. she tell you. and adora’s voice goes soft and it’s like “you didn’t know?” because from what she knows catra is allegedly the one who betrayed shadow weaver, not the other way around. and catra grabs adora by the collar and pulls her in and adora gets this gasp and. let me just scream for five minutes. okay. i’m back. so. catra pulls her in and she’s like HOW. and adora just very slowly and cautiously tells her the truth. that shadow weaver is in bright moon. and :( catra :( she lets go of adora and comes to this. very destructive realization that shadow weaver “left her” for adora and that all the pain she’s felt is all Because Of Adora. that, just by being adora, everything, all the happiness that catra could have had, has been taken away. which she is wrong about but that’s what she thinks :( and adora realizes that this is. not good. and she gently goes “catra?” because the look on her face must be worrying to adora, and catra starts to walk away and adora desperately calls out to her. “catra, please, you have to listen!” but...... it’s too late :( and catra is enveloped by the darkness. 9/10 for the collar grabbing shit and just the inherent gayness of their connection and interactions but also this is all so sad bros :( my bros are all devastated
moment of truth: catra walks back into the horde with her arm around adora’s shoulder. hm! Hm! HM! really doesn’t feel like she needs to do that! but she’s doing it anyway! later on, entrapta and adora are alone and talking. “catra would say anything to get whatever she wants.” true, but also not true, adora. she wants to be your gf, but has she said anything about it? no :/ that’s in like 2 seasons. and you were literally about to die so she low key had nothing to gain. so :/ think carefully next time. fjsjfjsjdjdjd entrapta pulls out the funniest cutest bar graphs of data, and there’s like four categories and for some reason catra has low scores for the first three but a really high score for the last one? i desperately want to know what that is. adora says “look, i understand. catra was my friend, too.” and she casts her eyes to the side when she says this. as if.... that statement is a lot more loaded than it seems. because yes catra was adora’s friend. but also wasn’t she, at the same time, so much more than that? yes <3 it was because they were best friends <3 gal pals <3 “but she makes bad decisions. this is one of them.” :( yeah i mean what am i supposed to do. disagree with that? it’s so wild to think about how even through all of this adora never hated catra. arguably, she never stopped loving her either. which. sigh😔 pour one out boys we are yearning tonight! entrapta leaves the room, asking adora if she’ll try to escape. and adora is like “no?👀” which is irrelevant but also really funny. another irrelevant thing i want to bring up is catra when she’s losing in a fight against shadow weaver. “so, what? you’re on the side of good now? you made me this way, and you get to be the good guy?” bro. fucking.... bro. catra’s lines istg.... also her being able to take on gang leaders and princesses and take those people down easily but to lose so quickly to shadow weaver... y’all know what that is right :( sigh. wait. i’m not done let’s sit very sadly on this next line for a bit. “do you know what happened to me after you escaped? do you even care?” i’m gonna cry okay. right. back to catradora. catra is. really unhinged and devastated and destructive right now :( and so she marches into entrapta’s lab and demands that they fire up the portal machine. entrapta says they can’t, because “adora was right” and immediately that sets catra off. she gives this barely restrained chuckle and is like “adora is right.....” and she’s just. having a full on breakdown. she’s just filled with so much anger and resentment.... i can’t even joke and call it a hate boner man, and that sucks because i would love to call it a hate boner :( “adora gets EVERYTHING she wants” no catra, you are wrong. she wants you. she does not have you. case closed. adora has literally only truly wanted one thing in her life, and she does not have it because you won’t give it to her 😔 in conclusion, adora p much never gets what she wants :( why don’t you go over and hug her and then maybe you’ll calm down. i know it’s more complicated than that but still😔 anyway, catra is very determined to not let adora win, so in order to beat adora, she decides they have to open the portal no matter what, because that’s the one thing adora seems to not want right now. some very not chill stuff happens, and catra runs into hordak’s lab and demands that he opens the portal. she lies to hordak and says “oh you can’t trust anyone, especially a PRINCESS” and she turns over to glare pointedly at adora. which is. SUCH a bitter ex thing to do. “they’ll just use you to get what they want” CATRA SHE LOVES YOU :( SHES IN LOVE WITH YOU SHE ONLY EVER WANTED TO BE WITH YOU :( and also she was raised to think she only had worth if she did what others expected of her and that everyone’s happiness and safety was somehow her responsibility. and that it would be better for her to die than for others to get hurt. she was never trying to use you :( you were the only thing that ever made her selfish :( bow, glimmer, and shadow weaver run in and fight with hordak and catra, and catra realizes she has to pull the lever now or it’ll be too late. adora desperately yells “catra, please, don’t!” and catra looks at her for a last time, evil smirking before she does it. roll credits. 8.5/10
remember: oh, we’re really in it now huh :( we hear the last lines from catra and adora from the last episode, and i think this is a part of adora’s dream. she is woken up by catra gently saying her name <3 then by catra a little bit angrily saying her name fjsjdjdjd adora wakes up with a shock and catra is sitting on top of her. HHHHHH. okay. adora shoves catra off and catra is like ???? damn what usually u pull me closer and hug me when i wake u up😔😔 wtf. but catra grabs adora’s wrists to calm her down anyway and gives her this pretty reassuring look, and she jokes “heh, since when do you sleep in? u usually wake up early to flirt with me!” as we all know adora gets nightmares even from her days in the horde so catra just treats this as normal and tries to make adora feel better as usual. ground her and say lighthearted things to make adora remember that she is safe. i mean technically the universe is collapsing in on itself rn so making adora feel safe isn’t the Best thing to do but catra also thinks the fake reality IS reality atm so that’s not her fault <3 adora is confused about how she got “here” and catra finds this strange because adora is in her room! she has her own room now, because she’s force captain! which makes u wonder whether catra and adora would sleep in the same bed if adora was force captain. would catra creep in and sleep in her bed still? would they lock the door and cuddle? oh well! guess we’ll never know! they... are so soft here, just smiling at each other, catra worried about adora, adora smiling back and deciding to just dismiss what happened as a weird dream. “there was something i needed to fix...” “of course you dream about work. there’s nothing to fix adora. everything’s perfect.” hhhh i know everyone in the fake reality thinks Everything’s Perfect too but can we just be gay for a second and think about how a perfect life for catra is just... to be with adora. can we just chomp down on that meaty thought for a sec? :( ok anyway, catra puts her hand on adora’s shoulder and adora smiles and is like wow ur right :) this does feel pretty perfect i mean catra and i are in bed together what could be so wrong💞😜😘👅😎😩 catra pulls adora up to her feet and says “come on, get up” and adora is perfectly happy to just chase after catra. it’s so fucking unfortunate tho that she decides at the last second to pick her ugly ass jacket up. like baby, no. u look perfectly hot as is in that white top. but she needs the jacket to see her force captain badge so she can get Visions or whatever. like goddamn i know the world was collapsing in on itself but imagine if shadow weaver had never been like abusive and the horde was just some chill ass ugly hangout spot instead of a fascist regime. catra and adora really could’ve just been happy huh? :( anyway catra gets kinda annoyed that her gf is not chasing after her any more and instead putting on her ugly ass jacket and looking at it in the mirror. so she’s like “adora! :(“ and adora goes running. she always comes when catra calls for her😌😌😌😌 and then the opening credits play, giving me whiplash. wow that was such a gay fucking cold open. adora walks side by side with catra and is a little weirded out by all the people saluting her and shit. and she’s like lmao wtf what are they all looking at and catra is like u u beautiful idiot. ur hot, and also the invasion of thaymor that u led went perfectly❤️ ur the hero of the hour i’m so proud of you babe❤️ catra is just a proud happy gf who smiles so beautifully and adora is getting more Visions and Flashbacks. but catra is so hot when she’s proud of her that adora decides that she’s gonna be like YEAH OMG I DID THAT WAR CRIME RIGHTS <3 and salutes people like a fucking idiot. and catra does the whole flirty “oh please, you couldn’t have done it without me ;)” bit and wraps her gay arm around gay adora who looks like she’s in heaven, hilariously pushing adora down a bit because catra is SHORT FJSJDJDJD and adora is like “rightttt ;) what would i ever do without you ;)” and man to be a horde soldier witnessing their flirting. i would start yelling slurs at them immediately. adora elbows catra with her arm and they both laugh, but the force causes catra to bump into a horde soldier. and the soldier makes the fatal mistake of reacting normally and being like HEY WATCH WHERE YOU’RE GOING TWERP and catra is not amused. adora puts her hands on her hips, glaring at the soldier, and he immediately gets so fucking scared. and the soldier is like UHUHUH FORCE CAPTAIN I DIDN’T KNOW YOU WERE— I’M SO SORRY. didn’t know she was what? DIDN’T KNOW SHE WAS WHAT???? gay????? banging this angry catgirl????? in the middle of flirting with her??????? WHAT DOES IT MEAN. what does it ALL mean?????? and adora is just like YEAH U BETTER BE >:( disMISSED >:( like fucking WHAT?????? yeah how dare u get mad at my gf for bumping into you. it is YOUR fault for existing while we were roughhousing as part of a very intricate ritual. u ruined the FLOW of our flirting u jackass. u fucking bitch. now we gotta start all over again :( and then like the soldier leaves while v terrified and keeps bowing at them and catra and adora just bursts out laughing at each other. they’re that lesbian couple who will bully u in school and feel zero remorse for it. that is so fucking sexy. i wish that were me. catra proceeds to make fun of the soldier she bumped into and didn’t even apologize to all “oh, force captain, don’t hurt me! UHAHASHUAH” and adora plays along with the re-enactment by posing and acting tough. catra really do be flexing her privilege as gf of everyone’s boss huh. she’s that secretary who WILL spit in your coffee and kick you in the shin all because the CEO is in love with her and they’re like slamming ass. catra is like. just straight up rubbing it in everyone’s faces that she’s untouchable because adora is in love with her. that’s just. that’s just greaaat. they both start laughing again at their own jokes. and yeah they’re both pretty funny people but like ok lesbians. have fun being happy or whatever. catra is like “too good” and adora is like hehehe baby!!!! where are we going again and catra is like to the locker room!! there’s something i wanna show you😘😘😘 because you know they’re in love. them just walking down a corridor together feels like a straight up date. adora thinks they’re taking The Long Way instead of this shortcut she knows with a side door but that door is gone and suddenly this throws Doubt again. and i guess that door got swallowed up by the reality-collapsing portal but damn adora :/ what’s wrong with taking the long way? :/ too good to spend some quality time w ur gf? :/ JFJSJDJ anyway catra is like what? no this way is the right way :) the scene can be read as cute gfs who argue about directions even tho it’s just a walk to the locker room ❤️ i wouldn’t say it’s the right way to read the scene bc the point is that parts of reality as adora knows it is disappearing but shhh. i am gay <3 catra immediately starts worrying about adora again and she’s like DO U HAVE A CONCUSSION :( and like grabs adora’s face which is so cute. she also accidentally shoves adora towards her chest so adora has No Choice but to stare :) good for you adora “i know you get hit on the head a lot” JFKSKDKSJDJD man but catra gf goals tho :( get u a girl who will check if u have a concussion because you get hit on the head a lot, most of it accidents 😩😩😩 “but i figured your dumb little hair poof would cushion the blow” HDHJSSHAHSHSHSH GET YOU A GIRLFRIEND WHO WILL LOVE YOU EVEN THO UR HAIR POOF IS DUMB😳😳😳 adora is a tiny bit >:( about being roasted for her hair choices and also a bit >:) because catra touched her and she’s like LMAOOO IM ALL CHILL M8 😩👌🏻💅🏻😎 “don’t make me kick your butt” as she shoves catra. wow adora! watch where you’re putting your hands! jk i know i know :) you simply have no choice because the only place to shove someone is to push their tiddies :) i understand and approve :) catra responds to adora’s threats with “pft ;) as if you could” which is just yet another invitation for them to “fight” :). u know how i feel about catradora and their roughhousing? it’s like. u know how people talk about men fighting each other as an excuse to touch? i feel like catradora said yeah that’s ours now. and they’re right. it’s theirs. they literally. they fucking giggle and shit as they start shoving and hitting each other all the way to the locker room. and lonnie is like SURPRISE and adora’s reaction is so funny she legit looks like she got mad p*ssy blocked and she’s like the FUCK. and catra isn’t as mad bc she kind of like planned this cute like i love you adora❤️ surprise party. because it’s a surprise party! for adora! adora is like damn whats this?? grey ration bar cake w my face drawn on it? also from the looks of the drawing i feel like catra definitely drew it. isn’t that so fucking cute. adora hugs lonnie (yay) and kyle (what the fuck gross???) and she’s like u guys 😩😩😩u got the gray kind.... that’s way better than the brown kind.... lonnie is like “hey, it was catra’s idea!” implying that catra definitely specifically told them to make the cake out of the gray ration bars, not the brown ones. and adora. let’s all take a deep breath. she goes. “oh yeah? ;)” in the most. insufferably flirty way ever. like in that Wow This Was All You Huh ;) way, with her stupid hands on her stupid hips giving catra this 😏😏😏😏😏😏 look. and catra is like ;) casually leaning against the wall, her arms all crossed. it is interesting to note that adora keeps putting her hands on her hips and catra keeps crossing her arms. i think that’s really cute. catra says “eh, whatever, don’t make a big deal about it” but it is a big deal catra. u don’t just plan cute surprise parties for anyone. and the fact that this is YOU we’re talking about? for catra planning a thoughtful surprise party catered to adora’s tastes all because she’s proud of her accomplishments..... is on par with proposing marriage. adora won’t let catra live this down tho. “wow, i can’t believe you like me ;) that is so embarrassing for you!” and she grabs catra for head scratches. catra giggles and pushes against adora saying “stop it😳😳(no don’t stop bro don’t stop😩😩) get off 🙄🙄 (wait actually don’t get off😩😩) this is not 😡 because i like you😳😳(it’s because i love you💞)” and she shoves adora off only to IMMEDIATELY pounce on adora, making adora laugh so fucking happily. kyle is secretly a lesbophobe tho so when he sees this gay display he’s like WUUUUOHOH I DROP CAKE :( and we get this VERY quick frame of catra and adora with their fingers interlocked before they pull apart at the crash and look at kyle. that is so fucking rude of u kyle. we could’ve gotten a few more seconds of catra and adora interlacing their fingers but NO. fuck u. thankfully, the euphoria of being gay is still burning strong for catra and adora, so they laugh happily instead of beating the shit out of kyle. how sweet <3 adora sees the word MARA in one of the cake pieces, and she’s very thrown off right before catra holds her shoulder and is like “hang on, you got something right... THERE!” and she like throws grey bar sludge into adora’s face ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 u know? how you pal around with your gals? adora rubs the grey cake stuff off her face, and then.... ugh i don’t even wanna say her name. we were all having such a good gay time :( [redacted] walks in and tells adora to get off the floor, and tells catra to get herself cleaned up. and [redacted] tells adora to come with her. adora gazes gayly upon catra’s face who gives her a reassuring smile that tells adora she’s okay, so adora runs along. catra looks lovingly at adora while she walks away. shadow weaver praises adora’s successful war crime and adora is like i couldn’t have done it without the others aka catra <3 and in this fake reality she succeeded in persuading shadow weaver to let catra come with her! adora goes to the force captain briefing and gets roasted by scorpia because scorpia is still like. jealous of adora because you know..... you know how you hate the person your crush is in love with? yeah <3 adora freaks out because the universe is falling apart and she keeps getting visions from her real life. and then catra appears, and all the weirdness stops for a moment. i think it is so interesting how the world starts falling apart faster when catra isn’t there, but when catra is there things in the fake reality start to look and feel a little more normal. it’s like.... catra and adora’s connection is so strong that when they’re together... they can stabilize the collapse of a reality. just for a little while. just to have a little more time together. their gay levels are THAT strong. they’re like level 5000 lesbians. and they just keep leveling up as the show goes on which is why by s5 they can defeat an intergalactic conquerer just by making out LMAOOOOO anyway. catra is very worried about her wife. she’s all “adora, what is wrong?” yeah she’s so worried she doesn’t even use a contraction. adora takes out the slip of paper and shows it to catra. “did you write this?????” and catra looks at it and is like “did i write a blank piece of paper? i’m gonna go with no.” which. KFKDKFKDKFKDKFFJ BROOOO WHY IS THAT SO FUNNY. it’s like not supposed to be funny because adora is having a meltdown but it’s so fucking funny i—moving on. adora starts properly freaking out and catra is like hey :( u ok omg :( calm down :( and she puts her hand on adora’s shoulder but adora swats it away like I CAN’T CALM DOWN :( and she starts rambling and referencing stuff that happened and this vision of catra betraying adora in promise shows up (i think it’s catra’s memory?????) and catra slaps adora. which. HEY :( but also it’s like very funny. and adora is like ow :( what was that? :( and catra is like sowwy!!!! :( u were freaking out!!!! and it was freaking me out!!!!! :( and adora is like well u didn’t have to Slap Me :(((((( and is like why would my evil catgirl gf do this. have i not loved her enough :( is this the thanks i get for loving her with my entire heart :( and catra grabs her arm and is like come on!!!! let’s get you outside!!!! you need some air :) and oh. oh man. oh to have my hand/arm lovingly held by a girl as she giggles and excitedly drags me somewhere. the fucking dream. adora protests against getting air which (??????) u don’t want air? but u need air? to breathe? i know adora is just trying to say she doesn’t need to like go to her and catra’s secret place at the highest edge of the horde but then oh guess what? she’s there with catra. and adora is like how did we get here.... and catra looks depressed because her gf is losing it and that’s so sad 😔 she’s like how did we get here? we climbed up :( like we always do :( or am i the only one who remembers that :( and adora is like idk what’s happening to me :( it’s like i’m losing my mind..... and catra is like you just need to relax <3 by hanging out with me <3 and adora is like ur probs right :( am fine :( everything fine :( and she gets this glimpse of catra and catra smiling evilly at her but catra gets up and is like huh! ofc im right! Everything’s Perfect! soon, the two of us are gonna be ruling etheria together, just like we always planned 😺😸😹😻😼😽😾🙀 and quietly, adora goes “is that what you really want? to rule the world?” and catra gets this UHHHHH look akin to when someone asks u “hey, do you like apples? or are you just gay for me?” and you gotta awkwardly answer “what.... nooooo..... i’m not gay i fucking love apples” and so catra gets the exact face that expresses this sentiment and she’s like “i mean, yeah, obviously. isn’t that what you want too?” and it’s like UGHHHH because clearly neither of them want to rule the world! ruling the world was just an excuse for catra to be with adora, and when adora inevitably says “hey maybe we shouldn’t rule the world” catra will take it to mean “i don’t want to be with you” instead of “ruling the world is bad” and it’s just. it really tears me the fuck up bros! when catra says don’t you want to rule the world too? she really means don’t you want to be with me? and it’s just. HHHHHHHHH. i can NOT. i have had it up to HERE. adora says “i don’t know (re ruling the world lmao i went on a tangent earlier)” and catra is like “don’t flake out on me now!” like ruling the world is meeting up for lunch and suddenly adora texted at 11:30 am that she’s not really feeling up to it today :/ “this is what we always wanted”, catra continues to say, and we all know that “this” is..... the freedom to be with each other, without everything else getting in the way. “everything will be perfect as long as we stay together”. and she is right about that. but also catra’s current definition of them “staying together” isn’t right. adora and catra were always supposed to meet halfway. they will both have to grow to do that. but let’s not get 2 deep😩 i am here to have meltdowns and make gay jokes only😌 and then adora says “what if we don’t stay together? what if it all goes wrong?” which is like. damn that’s the show right there KFKSJDJSJDJ and adora sees lightning again and she gets upset because why can’t catra see the reality-cracking lightning too!!!! why can’t catra see the light!!!!! why can’t she see that she should be doing good things and not evil things!!!!! why can’t she see that she should be coming with me, running away with me, being with me in a place that’s safe!!!!! and catra grabs her hand and is like “adora!!! stay with me, okay? :( you’re just seeing things. it’s all in your head” and it is all so terribly tragic and sad. ah, the age old argument. come with me, stay with me. i will be whispering this in decades’ time, spreading gay tales to my loved ones. after this, lonnie is calling for adora and catra. “thought we’d find you up there” FJSJDJSJDJD the way it’s just like an open secret that catra and adora are gay and have a gay hangout spot where they do gay things. incredible. adora finds out an entire week has passed all of a sudden and she grips her head in frustration and catra is like adora? :( and holds her in concern. and adora is like ranting about how there’s something wrong with space and time!! and catra is just freaked out and begging her to stop because adora please! please stop finding the destruction of reality weird and hold my hand! i haven’t been happy since the day you left! and.... hoo okay sadness. catra’s holding her arm and adora’s like we’re not supposed to be here!!! catra holds her upper arms and goes “adora, everything’s okay!” and adora snaps and tells her to stop saying that! because this isn’t right! because she will lose everything, including catra, if she does not fix this. “everyone keeps telling me everything is perfect but it’s not! everyone except... scorpia” so she runs away to find her and catra is like adora!!! adora, where are you going? please don’t go. don’t go where i can’t follow😔😔 but adora is gone. we get this whole thing with scorpia and adora and adora is straight up just so petty. about scorpia hating her. which mood because i want everyone to like me. all the time. but also adora in scorpia’s defense she has a crush on a certain catgirl who will Not Shut Up about you :/ adora gets flashbacks about catra and realizes that the girl she’s been inappropriately touching for the past.... day? is the one who did the thing that is destroying reality❤️ LMAOOOOO this would be like... hm actually not many situations available to describe this. except. have you been flirting with the thing that’s been trying to kill us? have you been in love with the thing that’s been trying to kill us? yeah stuff like that <3 “catra did this. she captured me, she took... the sword. she activated the portal!” LFKSKDKSKDKDK you know what? this would be 58384848484 times funnier if they had canonically banged during the fake reality before adora realized the world as they all knew it was about to end <3 and you know what? they did bone. but it was cut for time <3 KFKDKDKDK JKJK god i need to like shut up for once in my life. but if i did that, these evaluations which no one asked for would not exist❤️ adora loses scorpia and razz (temporarily) and lonnie and she finds catra again! even tho she now remembers that catra kidnapped her and took her sword and used it for the portal and activated her portal.... she immediately grabs catra and pulls her along with her. despite knowing all that..... for the moment she is acting on instinct and doesn’t care. she just wants to keep catra with her and keep catra safe because the portal is swallowing up so many people and she cannot lose catra. adora drags her to this weapons closet that closes behind them and catra, instead of kissing her in this enclosed space (WIMP), shakes her and is like hey! you’ve officially lost it, haven’t you? and adora is like listen, we have to go. now! scorpia, lonnie, kyle, rogelio, they’re all gone! but catra is like what are you talking about? who’s gone? and adora’s all they’re gone. there’s nothing left. and we’ll be next if we don’t get out of here right now. and she’s so firm about it putting her entire foot down because No. not catra. she Cannot lose her. but catra is so stuck in wanting some part of all this to be real that she’s arguing with adora that she’s not making sense and Everything Is Fine. and adora goes “don’t say it’s Perfect. i know it’s not perfect and so do you!” because... she just knows catra that well. and she knows catra is smart enough to see what’s going on if scorpia did that too. catra’s choosing to repress it all, but adora’s words snap catra into memory for a moment, and she remembers it, maybe even remembers it all, and i think.... it all just hurts too much and she’d rather not be in that reality so she acts like she doesn’t know a thing and tells adora she’s not going anywhere. frustrated because she can’t convince catra, adora picks up one of the stun barons and... tases catra KFKSKDKDKDKSKDK and i can’t help but think of when catra tased adora back in sword part 2 (1x02) and man that is not good but also so funny that they’ve both tased each other. there’s this desperation there in both instances that we should definitely not romanticize at all but they just. deep down they will just do close to anything to keep the other with them. and it is messed up! and i’m glad that a little ways down the road they unlearn this but also.... wow. adora catches catra tenderly in her arms as she slumps against her, literally fucking BRIDAL CARRYING catra out and running away from the crumbling horde. literally IMAGINE IF LIKE. catra did not wake up and fight with adora. imagine if catra had stayed passed out longer and adora had fixed the portal without anyone getting left behind. and catra was still unconscious and she like walks out of the portal back into where they all were with catra in her arms like that. just like hey i fixed the portal :) all of us nearly died and it was kind of partially this catgirl’s fault but i’m like low key desperately in love with her so can we keep her? lmao :-) anyway. adora steals a skiff again (lmao first ep throw back! remember their date) and flies her and catra out of the crumbling world. catra wakes up, watching adora’s determined face as she flies them out and catra’s like WAIT WTF DIDN’T U TASE ME and is like hypocritically fighting adora trying to grab the stun baton. bad idea! adora’s DRIVING you don’t attack the driver!! but catra does not often make good decisions </3 the skiff crashes and they both fall off. they get up, look at each other angrily and run after the stun baton. catra grabs it first but adora hits it out of her hand and grapples catra who continues to keep reaching for the weapon. “catra, you can’t. we need to get as far from the fright zone as possible or we’ll be completely erased along with everything else.” “you think you can convince me by kidnapping me?” well no but goddamn the world is COLLAPSING catra PLEASE :( also is the power of love not enough? catra she loves you she’s in love with you she would pull you from the depths of hell even if you threw everyone in there in the first place!!!!!! that’s how deep this runs because that’s not even a metaphor adora has identified you as the main party who brought upon this reality ripping portal and still!!! she wants you saved. is that not fucking hot? :/ is that not sexy enough for you? :/ KFKSKDKSKDK jkjk okay catra continues with “what is wrong with you?!” and throws adora over her shoulder. not to like. ruin a very heated and serious moment in the show. but catra throwing adora like it’s nothing is like... very strong..... and when you remember how adora likes strong girls........ KFKDKDKDKDKDKDJ adora b like ow that hurts 😔 u free next friday? 😳 catra goes up to the stun baton again and adora kicks it away. “i won’t leave you behind again.” “why can’t you just stay? we have everything we ever wanted.” BITCH THE WORLD IS COLLAPSING IN ON ITSELF. THERE’S A PORTAL EATING UP REALITY. STAY WHERE? “it’s not real, catra.” YES. save the world first, and then after this you can play rock paper scissors and the loser will go with the winner❤️ wouldn’t it be so funny if they did that. if they decided to leave it up to chance. if adora was like well the horde is evil but if you beat me in rock paper scissors i guess i will follow you wherever you go. and then they like fix the portal and everyone is like yay hey adora lets go back to bright moon! and she’s like yeah uh i gotta hash out this situation with my gf real quick uh just a little heads up i might be bringing the horde’s best strategist and leader over to our side OR i might be fighting for the bad people again :/ so wish me luck and everyone just had to stand there and watch as adora and catra held their hands out and went ROCK PAPER SCISSORS SHOOT anyway. “as much as i wish that things could be simple the way they used to be, there’s no going back.” and she holds catra gently and in many ways i think she’s sort of acknowledging that she really, really just wants that light hearted playful dynamic with catra back. they both just experienced it again. they both just threw themselves back into it again. and adora really wants to be happy with catra, she would stay with catra if she could, but she has overwhelming responsibilities and an overwhelming sense of responsibility that was instilled in her from a young age. and she thinks she shouldn’t get to choose her happiness, to put herself first. also like. THE HORDE IS EVIL DJSJDJSNDNSJS like. that’s a really important part too. it’s kind of hard for catra to distinguish that though because she’s had very. evil things done to her all her life. and she held on for so long because she thought adora would always be there with her but then adora walks away and makes it seem like. it could have been that easy. but it can’t have been that easy because if it was so easy why did catra have to suffer so much for? also adora didn’t run away to save catra. she had this destiny thrust upon her, and she chose to leave the horde before inviting catra along, which is not wrong of her at all, but it inevitably made catra feel like an afterthought. and now... things are kind of damaged. and catra just wants to run if adora won’t stay, so she shoves adora and takes off and adora lunges after her, tackling her, and adora decides to confront catra about the big elephant in the room, the thing she’s not said a thing about to catra until now when they’re fighting because she was so desperate to save catra before. “why did you do it?” “i don’t know what you’re talking about!” which is a lie but now that she really gets to see the consequences of her rage and anguish filled actions, i don’t think catra can properly explain it either. she was just so angry and she had built this narrative in her head that it was adora’s fault, and so she just wanted to do everything that adora didn’t want her to do. except u failed catra😔 adora wants you to love her and you do, you do love her😔 oopsie😔 you just don’t show it in healthy ways most of the time because your relationship is fraught with tragedy and abusive upbringings💔 adora gives up questioning catra for the moment because “there’s no time. we have to go.” catra grunts as adora’s childhood promise plays in her mind and it is overlaid with the adora of the present telling her “i promise, everything will be okay if we just stay together.” and goddamn adora really means it. she’s literally willing to patch everything up together even after everything if catra will just Decide right here, right now, to go with her. right then, the memory of adora first asking catra to come with her plays and adora is asking her, “help me fix this, please, this can’t be what you wanted” because adora knows! she knows how caught up catra was, in her pain and anger and desperation to win, to overcome all the times she lost growing up. she believed that catra, with her loving heart that saved adora everyday they knew each other growing up, could not have wanted to erase all of reality. to erase what they had. but just because adora knows that doesn’t mean catra does. all the rage and pain and resentment that led to her opening the portal, it is still there, and it is still affecting her judgement in a bad way, and by reminding her that she cannot just repress it all, that she cannot just play pretend with adora until their time is up,,,, this leads her to lash out again :( :( :( “don’t you get it? i am never going to go with you.” i wanna be like sad but also this bitch straight up LYING remember that other time she said “don’t you get it?” remember what came after that? so maybe catra in this moment is too angry and consumed by self hatred, too proud to admit she wants adora when she thinks adora doesn’t want her the way she wants her.... but “never”? lmaooooo ok :/ catra evil gay laughs and goes “you always have to go and ruin it, don’t you?” ruin what???? the illusion????? the pretenses you work so hard to keep to cover up how deep the feelings you both have run??? catra lunges for adora and fights with her, scratching and missing because adora is dodging and catra’s heart is too.... sigh..... she’s too fucking gay to really bring it ok? no matter how angry she is she still loves adora too much to give it her best. adora doesn’t fight back, mostly defending and pushing catra away. “catra, look what’s happening. you’re going to destroy everything!” catra stomped on her heart and she still wants to Convince her, which is really sad, for now, for both of them. and catra goes feral and is like “i don’t care! i won’t let you win. i’d rather see the whole world end than let that happen.” :( bro? this song is so sad. can we change it? sigh. catra is too far gone at the moment. everything, even the slightest concession to adora, even at the expense of existence, is like admitting defeat to catra. and when catra says she’d rather see the whole world end than let adora win, she’s also saying she’d let herself... die. and that is just so sad. bro who gave season three the right. like... i am so exhausted. i am just trying to call some bitches out for being gay, i did not sign up for all this pain. i am so exhausted. this episode is twenty odd minutes or so. you know how many hours i’ve spent writing this? it’s not anyone’s fault but mine for being extra, but man i am so tired. i love seeing catradora interact, but god, at what cost? the portal rips up the ground between them, and catra grabs at adora, clutching onto her badge. i cannot tell if she was just trying to take it off or she wanted to grab adora and pull her close too. “catra, no!” adora grabs catra’s wrist but the badge falls off and catra falls too. “catra!” catra is on some rock in the falling heap, and adora reaches for her but she’s too far away. still, she keeps her hand outstretched. but catra, who’s hanging on by a rock at this point, gives her this look of... almost helplessness. that then hardens into resentment and anger and she just. lets go. and adora, who has tears in her eyes, is just. she absolutely crumbles here. and she runs a good distance away and falls to her knees and just starts SOBBING. she is just crying so hard over losing catra AGAIN and it’s just. That’s Too Much, Man! thankfully, razz shows up and is like stop crying bitch u can still save her ❤️ so adora decides to stop crying for all time and gets to work❤️ 10/10 but also did i ask? :/ yes i did and i am in so much pain right now. my god what an episode
the portal: it’s so fucking refreshing not seeing catradora for a bit <3 i spent hours watching remember ok. here i am now starting the last ep at least a full week later because of how much it was. sometimes this show is too gay <3 i love it tho! i do <3 it’s just hard having to pause and replay every five seconds and write an essay about the tiniest thing <3 and i know what you’re thinking <3 no one asked me to do this <3 no one asked me to be so extra <3 and yet <3 anyway, more than half of the ep passes with adora losing bow and glimmer in the end, but as she’s crying on her knees again she lifts her head up and corrupted!catra touches her forehead with one finger. oh <3 that’s gay <3 anyway, catra’s here because she died but she’s got like nine lives so she’s back now and infected by the collapsing portal. oh great! we get what is probably the most cursed ḩ̵͕̺̯͚̞͈̰̤͎̥̗̳͂̽̃̄͌̎̅̈́̏̎͘͝͝ẻ̷͇͚͈̤̪̖̜̥̥̱̼̅̒͌͗͝y̴̥̺̓͌͊͌̊͒͌̏̔̕͝ ̶̧̟̤̠̯̱̳͕̙̯̔ͅá̶̤͉͕̱̰̮̺̮̝̗̱̲͓̺̯̒͐͐d̵̨̟̖̦̈̑̄̌̍̆̀̾̊̑̽͗͝͠ȏ̷̧̢̨̞̮͇̟̘̘̠̼̊͆̐̉̉̀̌̿̚ͅŗ̴̢̬͚͉̦̘̪̜̥̑̔̈́̀̒͂͗͜͠ͅą̸̡̡͕͈͚͕̼͔̳͔̖̙̯̱̓͗̊́. the look on adora’s face when she’s greeted with this is very interesting. she gives catra this little once over. on one hand, catra isn’t gone like adora thought when she had lost her into the collapsing portal, but also something about this catra definitely doesn’t look right. catra then proceeds to slam adora into another dimension. flat against the bar table in the crimson waste... and ngl it looks like. catra slammed her on the table for :/ stuff :/ that’s like :/ you know :/ banging :/ and adora even looks around for a moment because catra isn’t there and adora’s thinking damn where u at catra? :/ so you didn’t slam me against this table for... no? :( we aren’t gonna slam ass? :( but then surprise surprise! catra straddles her at the last moment! adora gasps and catra is like oh... where are your friends? in that unsettling corrupted tone. notice how adora has been silent this entire time. so horny you couldn’t speak bitch? :/ sadly, catra lunges for adora and adora realizes that catra is still evil and that she isn’t going to kiss her gently on the lips after all 😔 adora grabs catra by the arm and pulls her close. she puts her other hand on catra’s shoulder. adora baby.... you don’t need to touch her with both hands. are you that gay? yes. why am i even asking that question. “catra, stop. you have to–“ catra pushes her face aside. “it’s always the same with you, adora. i have to do this, oh we have to do that!” and then they’re like gay struggling against each other? and catra pulls adora up and holds her tight against her, adora’s arm bent over catra’s shoulder to keep her there. then with her other arm she wraps her elbow around adora’s other arm to further restrain her? and then she puts her face right against adora’s cheek. i don’t know how to explain this. it’s just. homoerotic. damn the gays fight like this? catra then tosses adora aside and they land somewhere else. catra says like things to adora that are about her insecurities and stuff. but i’m not gonna get into those <3 isn’t that so sexy of me? instead i will say this. catra kind of like fights one sidedly with adora a lot in this segment where they go through various locations we’ve seen in the show, and she like talks a lot of shit. but let’s focus on how adora’s feeling <3 she goes through it like this. 1) not horny anymore! i’m scared/insecure/angry with catra now 2) catra throws adora into the big chair on mara’s ship and catra slams her hand against it next to adora’s face like how someone might do before you kiss them in movies 3) horny again 4) catra doesn’t say sorry for the mean things corrupted her said and she didn’t kiss her gently on the lips so adora gets her shit together and realizes all the things evil corrupted catra is saying is not her fault! she pushes catra away and is like “i didn’t make you pull the switch. i didn’t make you do anything! i didn’t break the world, but i am gonna fix it. and you? you made your choice. now live with it!” and in between all that she fights back against catra and at the end she does you know that punch we all know about. but after the punch she calms down from that emotional breakthrough high and gets this :( face. at the end of the day... no matter how far gone catra went, no matter how right she was in setting those boundaries and making it clear catra has to be responsible for her actions, adora cares. adora loves her, it’s the one thing she can’t help. and to see catra sink so deep into the darkness... it hurts her. adora watches catra disintegrate when they fall into the wormhole thing that the portal caused, and she has this like. >:( :( look because adora’s planning to fix everything anyway, the upsetting thing here for her is that she failed to make catra see sense. catra’s likely going back to the horde when all of this is over and there’s nothing adora can do about it. and at the moment i don’t think adora wants to try anymore after failing so many times... which is good for her! but also they are both going to be so sad after this </3 after the whole angella scene (miss that milf) adora gets the sword back and becomes she ra again. we go back to the scene in the horde and catra clutches the side of her face, so we know that was her but it also wasn’t Her, you know? like part of her face got corrupted by the portal and she just had to make sure she was real and whole again. adora comes back as she-ra and destroys the portal, prompting catra to escape. but she looks back at the last moment, looks back angrily, and adora gives her an equally hard stare. she’s done with catra, for the moment, and catra realizes this, and it kind of hits her that this adora is different now. and for a moment she is sad and afraid, but she pulls it together to make a mean face again, before running away. 9/10
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crypticpaw · 7 months ago
Frozen Paws, Frozen Heart
Entrapta X Hordak fic! (with Frosta’s participation)
Tumblr media
Author’s note: I’m very, very proud of this fic! I just like writting/drawing Hordak being a parental figure! I really hope you guys like this one! Again, I’m always open to criticism and forgive my bad grammar! Tell me what you thought about it!
WARNINGS: Swearing?? Frosta swears a lot, I think we’re all very aware of that...
Clouds of dust and snow formed where Frosta had run past, zipping through the white, cold landscape, tirelessly chasing the hare. She barked and growled attempting to grab the swift thing with her mouth or paws, but it was always a little out of her reach. Frosta almost fell, making another rough turn, following the hare, surely trying to shake her off. Her little paws ached, having run so fast for so long, but the pup ignored it with a determined look on her face. She was going to catch this damn hare if it was the last thing she did! She barked and barked, as if that would make the hare go slower. The pup had been chasing that thing for three weeks now, and she wasn't about to stop! Until a terrible smell hit her nose. Frosta stopped abruptly, sliding in the snow a little. She fell head-first in the ground, and shook it off her fur and big coat. The hare looked behind it's shoulders, stopping after realising Frosta stopped chasing it, hoping back to her. The pup raised her snout, sniffing the air. The hare raised itself on it's hind legs and sniffed. -You smell it to? -Frosta asked it. It turned to her without an answer. She slowly made her way through the snow, following the smell. She recognised it now, the smell of bitter metal scrap. She recognised it from Entrapta. From the Fright Zone. Frosta ran up a hill to see better and try to make it out where the smell came from, and sure enough: a big, steel tank, with Dryl's crest on it, slowly making it's way through the snowy territory. HER snowy territory! She growled to herself, her fur rising in her neck in anger. What was Entrapta doing in the Northern Reach?! A spark lit in Frosta's head. She remembered Adora reporting to her that Scorpia, Catra and Entrapta had attacked the Northern Reach once, when they still worked for the Horde, looking for tech. As she was about to go after the tank, she saw the lid on top of it open, and out of it, Hordak peeked his head out. Frosta growled even louder. Not thinking, she decided to run for it. As she got close to the tank, she turned to the hare who was still following her. -It's not safe for you! Go back home, I'll meet you there! The hare turned around and hoped back. Frosta climbed up the stairs and on top of the tank, where she slowly opened the lid and peeked inside before falling in. She hit the metal floor head-first, making a loud CLANG. Rubbing her head with her paws, she looked around, examining the inside filled with wires, metal scrap, tools on the floor and a pile of boxes with Dryl's crest. Pointing her nose to the floor, Frosta slowly explored around, leaving a trail of snow behind her. Her ears raised and she turned her head when she heard footsteps behind her. In a panic, she jumped behind the boxes, and hid there. Through a space between her hiding spot, she peeked to see Hordak, wearing a huge and probably very heavy dark blue fur coat, approaching the slid where she fell through. Frosta froze in place and held her breath. She couldn't let him see her! Not because she was scared of Hordak, she wasn't scared of anything! But Frosta didn't want to be thrown out yet. His eyes glowed in the dark. A red light casting on his surroundings, making him look even more monstrous. His steps slowing down as he saw the snow on the floor melting. The cat sniffed around, for sure catching her scent, as his ears drew back and he unsheathed his claws. Frosta gulped. She heard his claws could cut through pure steel. Like all the other princesses, she had heard stories about Hordak before they actually met. He didn't seem so scary up close, but she wasn't ready to find out if his claws hurt or not. He followed her scent, slowly getting closer to her hiding spot, a growl rising deep in his throat. Frosta's ears fell and her tail hid between her legs. Her paw opened as she made a snow ball out of thin air, ready to throw it in his big, scrawny face. As Hordak was about to take another step, there was a chirp from the corridor. A small kitten-bat-monkey-thing-creature flew over to him trilling and chirping, covered in snow. It stopped at his paws and shook the snow off it's little body, revealing a fluffy and wet dark blue sweater, matching Hordak's fur coat. -Aargh! Imp! -Hordak hissed. -Look at the mess you made! Your clothes are soaked! The "Imp"-thingy laughed, it's tail held high. Hordak growled again, drawing his claws back. He nudged the kitten with wings back to the dark corridor and walked with it as it took flight again. Frosta peeked her head out as their steps faded away. Slowly, she comes out from behind the boxes and scoots closer to the wall, following Hordak. The corridor is dark, she can barely see a thing, but manages to follow the cat by his scent and the faint talking from the end of the hall. There's a big room ahead, Frosta can make out more boxes, tools on the ground, computer screens and Entrapta. Sitting on her big pet robot Emily, tapping in some kind of tablet, wearing a hoodie and big ear protectors. As Frosta was about to jump her and ask what she wanted in the Northern Reach, Hordak entered the room, carrying the kitten with wings, in a now dry sweater. Entrapta's ears perked up and she stretched her paws to cradle the cat-thingy against her chest. -You're watching him! -Hordak grumbled. -He decided to go outside to play in the snow and I had to dry him! Entrapta's tail wagged. -Aaww! He just wanted to build a snowman, didn't ya, Imp? The kitten trilled back to her and nuzzled her chest, then turned to Hordak and stuck out his tongue to him. Hordak growled and Entrapta laughed. She wrapped her ear around him and pulled herself closer so she could rest her head on his shoulder. Hordak nuzzled her cheek, purring. -Blergh! -Frosta gaged. She shouldn't have done that. Imp's folded ears perked up and he sniffed around. A tiny growl rising in his throat, his tail swished as he looked directly where Frosta was hiding. She gulped. Hordak, following Imp's eyes, stepped closer. Entrapta tilted her head, holding Imp close to her, and petting Emily to calm her. The both whined and turned to her, looking for reassurance. -What is it? -she looked at Imp, then at Hordak, then back. -What's wrong? There's nothing there. It's okay. Nobody's here- -AH, YOU PEST!!! Entrapta turned to see Hordak snarling, his face covered in snow, holding a very angry, barking Frosta by her scruff. -Frosta! The pup tried to turn and run, but Hordak's grip on her tightened and Entrapta wrapped her ear around her waist, lifting her upside down. Her big coat fell in front of her face, and she had to slap it away to look at them. -What are you doing here? -she asked excited. -What are YOU doing here?! The Northern Reach is MY territory! -Frosta growled. -Is it? I didn't know that! Last time I was here, it was just unmarked land! -Entrapta said, gently putting Frosta on the ground. -Well, it's marked now! Why did you bring a tank in the middle of the snow anyway? -Our experiments do not concerns you, pup! Hordak towered over her, his ears back. Grumpy as always. Frosta wanted to throw a snowball at him everytime she looked at his stinky face, and it was very tempting to do it again. -This is no place for a child, get out of our tank and go home! -he hissed, walking back to Entrapta. Frosta jumped in front on him and growled, standing between him and the Princess. Who did he think he was?! -No, YOU go home! -she barked. -You came here out of nowhere, without my permission, with a TANK! If you wanted to start another war you could have said it to my face! -Permission?! -he laughed. -We don't need permission from a 9 month old pup! -UH, I'M 11, SO SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! They both growled loudly at each other. Frosta's neck fur was tingled and Hordak's tail swished from to side, both bearing their teeth. Entrapta pulled Frosta to sit on her lap and rested a ear on Hordak's shoulder. -Sorry about coming out of nowhere, Frosta, we didn't know it was part of your kingdom! -Entrapta pat her on the head gently. -We just need an energy source! Our old one got busted when the Fright Zone was destroyed! -Didn't you get attacked by a bunch of worms? At least, that's what Scorpia said! -Yes! But the energy sources were left intact! As long as we don't wake the worms again, we should be fine! Frosta huffed as she sat down. -Why do you need an energy source anyway? -she crossed her arms. -Are you building another evil weapon?! -Evil weapon! -Entrapta cackled. -Of course not, Frosta! You're so silly! She pat her head again, ruffling her fur, which Frosta had to fix. -What are doing so far from home? This is no place for a pup to be alone by herself! Frosta stuck her nose up and copied his accent. -My exploring does not concern you, BITCH! Hordak hissed. "YOU PEST!!!", Imp echoed Hordak's words back to Frosta and she stuck out her tongue at him. Emily looked around all of them, beeping worriedly. -You know, Frosta, for a puppy your size, you sure have a very extended vocabulary... -I say we wash her dirty mouth with soap! -Hordak growled. -That's what children like her earned for their disrespect, back at the Fright Zone! -I'M GONNA WASH YOUR MOUTH WITH SNOW, MOTHER FUCKER! COME AT ME! -Ok, you both, quit it! -Entrapta barked. She sounded serious this time. -Nobody's gonna come at anybody! And nobody's having their mouth washed! Something behind her started beeping and a little red light started flashing. Entrapta grumbled and tapped at her keyboard, making a bunch of 1s and 0s appear in one of the screens. She turned to Hordak. -I think something in the front motor froze! Hordak, can you go check for me? The cat growled softly out of frustration, his expression some-what hurt... He looked at Entrapta, looked at Frosta, and back at Entrapta. -Fine... -hesitating, he turned to walk away, shooting a nasty side-eye at Frosta. She sticks her middle finger at him as he walks away, complaining to himself. -Ha-ha! -she laughs, victoriously. She turned to Entrapta, who was still taping at her keyboard, more 0s and 1s showing on her screen. She didn't share the same smile Frosta had. -What do you see in that guy? -the she finally asked. -He's my lab partner! -Yeah, but, he's an old... Clone... Bat... Thing! -Appearances aren't everything in a relationship, Frosta. -Entrapta turned to her. -I know that, but... -Frosta tried to think of what to say, but didn't know how to explain herself. She did not like Hordak overall. -I mean... He's Hordak! And you're you! -Yeah, but we get along perfectly! -Entrapta smiled at her. -Our species don't exactly match, but we like the same things, we like to spend time together, our aesthetic is the same like our ideals and our morals! We just... Like each other! -I get why he likes YOU, I don't get why you like HIM! He's always grumpy, and bossy, and saying complicated words... -That's just how he is! I once heard someone say that Glimmer was hot-headed, stubborn, short-tempered and hard to get along with! But that doesn't mean you like her any less, does it? -NO! WHO SAID THAT?! -Frosta stood up and created a fist of hard ice around her paw. -I'M GONNA PUNCH THEIR FACE INTO THEIR SKULL! -NOT the point! -Entrapta gently pushed her paw down, and the pup melted the ice around it. -My point is: Some animals just get along... And other animals don't! -And I guess Hordak doesn't get along with Princeses. -Frosta realised. -Well... Princesses that aren't you! -Maybe... But Adora and Scorpia get along with him! I bet if you spent more time trying to talk to him, and not trying to fight him, you'd get along with him too! Frosta grew quiet, her eyes flew around the room, as she thought to herself. -And, yeah, it's easier for me in a way! -What do you mean? -Frosta tilted her head. -I have a secret! It's the reason why I get along with him so much! -Entrapta winked at her. -What is it?!? -Well... I think... He's really... CUTE! -EEEWWW! Frosta gaged again and Entrapta cackled loudly, hugging her. She blew a raspberry on the pup's cheek, making her laugh and kick her legs. They both smiled at each other. Imp trilled at the corridor and flew over to Hordak as he entered, perching on his shoulders. -The motor is functioning as expected, it was only a small amount of frost. I turned the heater on. -he said. -Are we there yet? -Yeah, are we there yet? -said Frosta. "Are we there yet?" "Are we there yet?" "Are we there yet?", Imp repeated Frosta's voice and she was taken aback by it. -Somewhat! We can't really get in because the entries were destroyed, but maybe we could crawl around the vents! Entrapta eyes twinkled with exciment, her tail wagged. -YOU can crawl around the vents. -Hordak reminded her. He shivered and curled his tail around himself. -I'll wait here if that's acceptable. I do not want to hinder you in our experiment, for I don't do well in the cold. -It's just snow! It's not THAT cold! -Frosta argued. -Maybe for dogs with thick, long fur, like you!  I don't know if you recall this, girl, but I am practicaly furless! -It's okay! I can take Imp and Emily! But we gotta be super quiet! -Entrapta turned to the pets, who chirped and beeped back at her happily. -You guys stay here and take care of the tank together! -WHAT!? No, I wanna come!!! -Frosta whined. -I will not be demoted to pupsitting! -Hordak hissed. -It won't take long, I promise! -she pointed at them with her ears. -Frosta, don't try to fight anything! And Hordak, be nice to the puppy! The both of them exchanged hostile glares. -Yeah, fuck face! Be nice! -One more curse word out of your mouth and I'm shoving you in timeout corner for the next 3 hours! -What did I just said?! -Entrapta barked angrily. She shot a last glance at them before scurrying off to the corridor leading to the exiting lid. As soon as the THUMP of the shutting lid was heard, Hordak went up to the screens and Frosta followed him. They could see Entrapta making her way through the snow, walking off with Imp and Emily. The cat settled down with a longing sigh and Frosta jumped up to sit on the keyboard. She let her paws dangle off the edge, awkwardly looking around, not knowing what to do with herself. He's just sitting there, his eyes stuck in that one screen where Entrapta was before, unmoving, as if he couldn't do anything else. -So... What do we do now...? -We wait. -For how long? -Not very long. It should take her no more than a few minutes or an hour. -An hour?! -she whined. -What am I supposed to do for an hour?! -I don't know! But if you're going to whine the whole time, I suggest you do it elsewhere! Hordak growled at her and she let herself tumble to the side with an annoyed huff. It was less than a minute before she spoke again and the cat turned to her with a frown. -Is there a bathroom in the tank? I need to go! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hordak sat outside in the snow, turned around a few feet away from the small igloo Frosta made for herself as to give her some privacy. The snow so cold beneath him it almost felt like his paws were burning, he put the hood of his coat over his ears, but they still wouldn't warm up and he was worried they would freeze and fall off. His tail curled against him, trembling as he shivered. A small cloud came out of his nose with every breath he took. He heard rustling behind him but kept himself from turning around. -Okay, I'm done! -Frosta trotted up to him. -Good! Let's go back inside, before I freeze to death! Frosta rolled her eyes, and as they walked off, she had an idea. She stopped a little behind him, made a tall snow tower beneath her paws and shot ice through her paws ahead of her, making a long slippery ramp. Hordak stopped and yelped in shock. -What are you doing?! She made a board out of hardened snow and before he could stop her, she pushed herself off. -GERONIMO!!! -FROSTA! NO, NO, GIRL! DON'T! FROSTA!!! She went so fast down, she had to close her eyes, and only opened them again to see the fast approaching, snowy earth. She went head-first into the snow, bounced and fell again, her board shattered as soon as it touched the ground. Frosta tried to get up, but got herself stuck. -You're impossible! Are you trying to get yourself killed?! -Hordak stormed up to her, grabbing her scruff and taking her off the snow. -You better have not broken anything! You crazy dog! -Did you see me?! Did you see what I did?! It was super fun! I went flying! -she exclaimed, shaking the snow off her. -And you also fell! From a dangerously high altitude might I add! -Pffft! That was nothing! I just gotta adjust the slide! -Nothing! Keep telling yourself that! -Hordak growled. -If you are to ever do that again, WHICH YOU WILL NOT, I suggest you better calculate your circumstances! -Calculate...? -she asked. -What's that? -You don't know what "calculate" means...? -Hordak stopped in his tracks and she shook her head. -Well... It means to determine the amount or number of something mathematically. -Ma... The.. Matically...? -Yes. For example, to do what you just did, SAFELY,  -Hordak looked back and pointed at her improvised ramp. -First, you would need to calculate the high of the tower you built, the angle of the ramp and if it has any friction that might interfere with your board, how much you weight and your mass... -That just sounds like a lot of work! -Frosta said, rubbing her head as if she had a headache. -It sounds a lot more than what it actually is! -Hordak kept walking to the tank as she followed him. -It is all but calculation and physics! -Physics...? Hordak's ears perked up at her sudden interest, a small smile on his lips. - A branch of science concerned with the nature and properties of matter and energy! The subject matter of physics, distinguished from that of chemistry and biology, includes mechanics, heat, light and other radiation, sound, electricity, magnetism, the structure of atoms, gravity... -What's gravity?! -Frosta struggled to keep up with him. -Gravity is what causes you to fall. -Like a stumble or a trip? -Yes- no, no! Actually, no. It's a force that pulls you downwards. -Hordak shook his head. -That's why you don't float away like you would out in space. The phenomenon that any two material particles, or bodies, if freed to move, will be exelorated towards each othe- He stopped as his nose bumped on something. That something being Entrapta's own nose. He hadn't even noticed they had already gotten to the tank. -Yuck! -Frosta gaged. Hordak took a step back realizing their proximity, so close if he had held his head a little lower, they would have kissed. He shot a warning glance at Frosta. -Where were you two at? -Entrapta said, her tail wagging and her cheeks blushing. -We came back and didn't find you anywhere! -I needed to go to the bathroom, but there wasn't any in the tank, so we had to go outside, and Hordak kept whining, and I made a super ramp, and Hordak yelled at me, and went so fast I flew off and hit my face in the snow! -Frosta jumped up excitingly, her tail wagging madly as she panted. -Did you? Entrapta turned to Hordak and Imp jumped to his shoulders. -She almost busted her head open! This girl is crazy! -Aaww! Look at you getting all worried about the puppy! -the Princess nuzzled his cheek and he blushed. -W-well, of course! If anything happened to her while we were alone, the Princesses would have blamed it on me! -his tail swished about, tying itself up with one of Entrapta's ears. -But did you find what we were looking for? -Yup! Frosta turned to the other Princess. -Can I see it?!
-Sure! Entrapta led the way back inside the tank, where she rolled a big metal sphere, with coloful glass and constellations-like markings all over it. It was quite beautiful.
-Is that it? -Frosta asked. -How does it work? Entrapta set her on top of Emily as she explained. -You see all these markings that kinda look like starts? -the dog pointed at them with her paw and Frosta nodded. -They light up and make a beaming sound when it's on! Those two holes right there are for cables! This is basically a huge battery, and it charges with the light of the sun! While the light hits it, it builds up energy, and if you plug something into it, it can generate enough energy to use for a MONTH! If we can decode the programing in this, we could create multiples and use their energy! -Woooaah! But why do you need so much energy? -Dryl is expanding, and fast. -Hordak explained. -With all of my brothers moving in, we need more housing, and more housing makes more use of energy. Frosta's ears fell. She thought to herself how all those cats must feel, being brainwashed and then getting their "home" turned into a giant tree in the sky, having to get used to a completely different culture in a completely different planet. -We can go back, now! Frosta, you want a ride home? -Entrapta asked her. -Sure! They left the piece of tech on the floor, going up to the screens again, Entrapta pulled a lever and the tank's motor roared to life. Emily looked up at Frosta and beeped, Frosta smiled and pat the bot, turning to Hordak as she felt the tank move. -So... What were you gonna say before? -she asked, surprisingly shy. -About... gravity? Hordak and Entrapta both turned their heads back, their eyes widen with surprise. Frosta's ears fell, did she do something wrong? -Gravity? -Entrapta exclaimed. -I never thought you'd be interested about that topic, Frosta! -Oh, I was explaining gravity and physics to her on our way back to the tank. She seemed rather confused. They walked up to her and Emily, Entrapta sitting right beside her and Hordak settling near the bot. -Yeah, what IS gravity? Is it like magic? -Oh, no, no! It's the universal force of attraction acting between all matter! All bodies have a weight, or downward force of gravity, proportional to their mass, which Etheria's mass exerts on them! -Entrapta gesture with her paws as Hordak nodded. -Gravity is measured by the acceleration that it gives to freely falling objects! Frosta tilted her head. -So... A force that pulls things to the ground and doesn't let stuff float? -Yeah! That's it! -the Princesses said, in a proud tone. -That sounds a lot like magic! Are you sure it's not just magic? -Yes, we are sure! -Hordak grumbled. -How would YOU know?! -Because even planets without magic have gravity, even completely deserted ones, without any intelligent life form! -the cat explained, as he paced around them. -There's planets out there WITHOUT MAGIC?! -Frosta exclaimed, looking at her paws and back at him. -What a sad life! Entrapta snapped her head around, looking at Frosta with an undignified look, putting her paws on her waist and huffing. Frosta's ears and tail dropped. -Humph! "a sad life"?! -she exclaimed. -I've got no magic and I have the best time ever practically every day, young missy! So does Catra! So does Sea Hawk and so does Bow! -Well, yeah... but... I mean... -"I fucked up!", Frosta thought. -Y-you got your tech and your bots and all... And Catra's super fast! And Bow has his arrows and... Are we SURE Sea Hawk doesn't have any magic?! I still think he's an heir to some kind of fire Princess or something! Entrapta's ears perked up and her eyes widened with realization. She rested her chin on her paw. -You know what... That's actually a very good theory! -Don't encourage her! -Hordak turned back to them as he settled a sleeping Imp on the control pannell. -Why not? Frosta actually might be onto something here! -Entrapta lifted herself and made her way to Hordak on her ears. -What if he IS some kind of great, great, great, great, great grandson to some fire dweller? What if he was just never taught to control his powers? -He is already a menace as he is, Entrapta! -Hordak's tail swished in annoyance. -He doesn't need more reasons to play with fire! Literally speaking! A whole discussion about it escalated between them. As they chit-chatted, Frosta looked at the screens showing the outside of the big metal machine, watching the snow-covered ground pass as the tank drove itself. Her eyes shot open when she noticed a frozen lake outside. -LAKE! -she pointed with her paw and yelled. -FROZEN LAKE! Can we stop to skate on it?! Please, please, please! Her tail wagged madly as she jumped around them. Entrapta looked at the screen Frosta was pointing to and hummed. -Hmmm! Yeah, it could be fun! -she said. -What do you think, lab partner? -You're joking! In this temperature?! Do you WANT our tails falling frozen, Entrapta?! Frosta growled. -Oh come on, Hordikins! Don't be a stick in the mud! -Entrapta nudged his shoulder. -It could be fun! -Pleeeeaaaaaseee! -Frosta whined. -Aargh! Fine! -the cat hissed. -But don't blame me when someone gets hurt! Entrapta laughed. -Nothing's gonna happen! Don't worry! -YEAH! Frosta barked and howled the whole way they got there. As her little legs touched the snow, she bolted straight for the frozen water. She laughed as she skated trhough the ice, spinning around, jumping, going backwards. The two adults lagged behind, their paws needing to get used to the cold snow. -I hate it here...! -Hordak growled. -I can't feel my paws! -We could get you some snow shoes when we get back! -Entrapta said as she rolled around in the snow. -HEY, SLOWPOKES! -Frosta yelled from the lake. -YOU'RE GONNA TAKE LONG THERE?! Hordak growled at the puppy's lack of respect. Entrapta just shook the snow off her fur and hopped over to the side of the lake with the cat following behind her. -Hey, Hordak, have you ever ice-skated before? You should try! It's really fun! -No, thank you! I doubt I could have even stand! -the clone shook his head. -It's not hard when you get the hang of it! -Entrapta flexed her paw so her claws were apparent. -You just gotta use your claws! When you step, instead of putting pressure in your paw pads, you put pressure on your toes, and your claws dig into the ice! That's why it leaves marks! Right, Frosta? The pup stoped in front of them, sitting on the ice, making a THUMP. -Yeah, I guess... -her ears perked up with mischief. -But he's too chicken to do it! Entrapta shot her a reprehending look and Hordak bared his teeth. -Oh, I'm a "chicken", am I?! -he growled. -Well, then! He got up and attempted to step into the ice, slippering. Frosta laughed as he slowly made his way into the frozen water, remembering Entrapta's advice to use his claws, he struggled as he dug too deep into the ice, making his paws stuck. -Yay, Hordikins! -Entrapta cheered him on. As soon as he made himself some-what stable, Frosta ran circles around him, barking teasingly, nipping at his legs and laughing. Hordak growled and hissed, nipping back at her, swipping his paws at her, while trying not to fall at the same time. -Can't get me! -she blew a raspberry. Hordak leaped at her, attempting to grab the puppy, minding his claws, of course! It quickly turned into a game of tag, if you would consider a dog pup against a full grown extremely technologically advanced clone soldier cat with razor sharp red teeth, a fair game. Frosta didn't seem to be having any problems, unlike Hordak. She ran around and pulled on his legs, causing him to fall on his side. -Frosta! Play nice! -Entrapta scolded. As the puppy turned around again, Hordak struggled to get up, she was about to give him another sarcastic comment when she noticed a crack on the ice right in front of him. Frosta opened her mouth to warn him, but he had taken the first step. The ice gave out underneath him and the cat sunk like a rock. -HORDAK! -she heard Entrapta's desperate cry. Frosta ran to him, grabing his collar and trying to pull him out. He was too heavy! He trembled and clawed at the borders in a desperate attempt to get out, but the ice broke at his sudden movements. She felt Entrapta's ears wrap around her and take her off the ground, pulling her back to the snow with Hordak. She refused to let go of his collar, even when they were on safe groud. Entrapta crawled under his chin to support his head, as he couldn't get up and kept shaking. -Hordak, are you okay? Can you stand up? -Entrapta nudged his cheek gently. Frosta looked at her for any kind of signal on what to do, but she could see tears starting to form on the corner of her eyes. -Inside... now... -Hordak coughed in a weak voice. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Frosta stared at Hordak's sleeping form, frozen in place. Guilt burned in her chest, as her ears dropped and her tail hid between her legs. "This is all my fault!", she repeated over, and over in her head. Entrapta had carried him inside and dried him up. Imp and Emily were in an absolute panic. Hordak laid surrounded in heaters, covered with a heavy blanket, cuddled with the winged kitten and the round bot, who were both also asleep. A loud growling sound came from Hordak. "He's probably mad at me!", she thought. Entrapta's paws tapped in the floor as she walked past the pup with a tray of tiny cups of hot cocoa. She set the tray aside and layed beside the clone, wrapping her ears around him and resting her head on his. The growling became louder, and Entrapta wagged her tail. Frosta took a step back and turned to walk out of tank. "I should go home...". -Frosta? She looked back over her shoulder to Entrapta. -Where are you going? -I'm... Going home... -she said in a low voice. -We're gonna take you home. -But why...? -"But why", why? -I thought... -she avoided the Princess' eyes. -You didn't want to talk to me anymore... -Why wouldn't I want to talk to you? -Entrapta raised her head, confused. -Because... Hordak fell in the ice... And it was my fault...! -I wasn't your fault! -she reached out her ears and wrapped them around Frosta again, bringing her close to them. -You couldn't possibly know the ice would break! It was just an accident! -I know, but still... -Frosta looked at Hordak. She couldn't see his face, but the growling sound echoed out off him in waves. -He's gonna be okay! He just needs to rest for a while and warm up! -Entrapta gave her a warm smile. -I just hope he doesn't get pneumonia... The pup looked back at the sleeping clone. Entrapta wasn't the best at comforting others, and Frosta felt even worst when she remembered how worried Entrapta sounded when Hordak fell in the water. Frosta was doing her best to hold back her tears, but it was very clear in her voice that she wanted to cry. And she hated it. -I don't think I want to hate him anymore... -What do you mean, Frosta? -I mean... He destroyed Etheria and... And he killed a bunch of people, but... B-but he was also nice to you... And he rebuilt Salineas... And he... And he was worried about me when I fell on the snow... -she sniffed. -But I should hate him... He did horrible stuff! Shouldn't I...? Entrapta hummed. She rested her chin on her paws she thought to herself. -I'm not good with other dogs, but I know it's hard to change your mind about someone. Especially if already didn't like them before.  -Entrapta held Frosta in a hug, in an attempt to comfort the puppy. -But if they're doing their best to change how they act, maybe you should try to change how you view them too! Like Perfuma always says: "What goes around, comes around!"! -What the fuck does that mean? -I don't know...! Frosta let her tears fall as she looked at her own paws, not knowing what to do to help. Entrapta dried her tears with her ears and planted a small kiss on the pup's head. She nudged the tray to Frosta, who took one of the tiny cups and drinked the hot cocoa. It made her feel a tiny bit better.
I really, really want to know what you guys think about my fics! I feel like I always rush everything, but I’m not the reader! Rebloging always helps!
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princesshalfdemon · a year ago
What would you say is the worst anti-entrapdak take?
the insinuation that Entrapta “deserves better” because “Hordak is evil” for a lot of reasons largely relating to infantilizing her while also overlooking what i feel is one of the most interesting parts of her character that even her stans overlook (and honestly i could go on an entire tangent on this without even talking about entrapdak at all): Entrapta wasn’t a good person either
Entrapta is always a member of the Evil Horde. in the original She-Ra stuff she’s part of the Horde. Entrapta is One Of The Main Villains Of The She-Ra IP. Entrapta is always... evil. in this new cartoon like EVERYTHING Noelle was able to put an incredibly new and original fresh take on everything all the way to Greyskull by crafting an original story in its entirety which allowed to give Catra, Scorpia, and others fresh new characterizations than just “evil villain lady grrr” but nontheless had her as, quite frankly, extremely ammoral.
yes, Entrapta was lied to by Catra about being abandoned, and yes Entrapta decided at that point she had no reason to honor an Alliance with people who consistently treated her as weird and made no attempts to understand her. but she also didn’t need to help the Horde conquer the world; but she did because she was getting something out of it. she could have pleaded and begged to be taken back to Dryl while refusing to help; but the moment she saw the Horde had the tech that could advance her research she was on-board. and her conversation with Bow and Glimmer made it very abundantly clear she didn’t harbor a grudge either, this wasn’t about revenge against the Alliance.” Entrapta really only cared about her research without any regard for the safety or well being of others:
and in this case, that her research would actively assist the Evil Horde in conquering the world
she didn’t. care about that. chances are if Hordak or Catra had offered an alliance before Entrapta even met the others showing them what they could offer her, Entrapta probably would have allied Dryl with the Horde immediately. Entrapta did not care that her research and endeavors would actively assist with the entire world being conquered: Entrapta did not care that her research and assistance would kill and enslave thousands. it is not because she is autistic and doesn’t know better (fuck right the hell off with that ableist nonsense) or because she was tortured and brainwashed or because she wanted revenge against the Alliance: she just wanted to advance her research by any means necessary no matter what had to be destroyed to get it. yes Entrapta had a limit: destroying the entire universe is usually that for most people not named Catra. and then she actively works in assisting against the destruction of the world and all creation upon realizing the full scope of how truly fucked up the situation was and realizing “oh god, oh fuck, my research fucked things up oh god”
Entrapta is a hero who helped save the entire universe. but she was, for quite a while, genuinely ammoral and clearly did not care: she did what she wanted in order to get her results. and during that time willingly and intentionally become close to Hordak, with whom she formed by far her closest relationship, one that created a love that ultimately helped save the entire universe from Prime by giving Hordak the desire to be more than he was and betray the only thing he ever knew to keep her and those like her safe.
yes, Entrapta helped save the universe and fully redeemed herself; that doesn’t change the fact she was willing to assist with the subjugation of an entire world as long as she was getting something out of it. it is to me partly what makes Entrapta such an incredibly interesting character, something that... is weirdly overlooked??? people want to act like Entrapta is uwuwuwuwuwu perfect pure sunshine goodness when like... dudes no she was helping Hordak take over the world asdfk;lajsdf;klajs
tl;dr: Entrapta was objectively speaking a villain complacent in a lot of really terrible things who became a better person in the same way Hordak would later grow to evolve as a person, but was nontheless one of the main obstacles the Alliance had to overcome as her inventions as an active obstacle to living in a free world and it’s Really Dumb and overlooks the fact Entrapta was also a villain, so i especially hate “Hordak was an evil villain!” being an arguement on why entrapdak is back as it overlooks everything Entrapta did and the fact she’s an adult woman who willing to work with evil as long as she got something out of it
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more spop not!fic that actually turns into fic bc i am trash
I will preface this entirely-too-long post by saying I’ve read very, very little spop fanfic, and the few I’ve read since s5 dropped are all Catradora oneshots that are, um, a little hyperfocused. (Read: Y’all really have some Ideas about how a sword lesbian and a cat lesbian have The Sex, don’tcha.) So it’s entirely probably that the scenario I’m imagining here has been done before, possibly a lot, and likely better than how I’ve imagined it. This is me, 15 minutes late with Starbucks.
But can you imagine how hard it would be for Catra to integrate into the Princess Alliance? I mean, the show depicts the BFS adopting her pretty much immediately with, like, zero hesitations over their past history with her (a few sarcastic one-liners tossed here and there don’t count as processing, imho). But the kingdom at large? Not to mention the other kingdoms? Catra was the face of the invasion for such a long time. She had a specific angle to take out She-Ra, the ubiquitously-loved and lauded hero of Etheria. Yes, she helped save the planet/universe from Horde Prime, but once the banners and balloons come down, there’s still a reckoning to be had.
Mermista alternately pokes fun at Catra for being afraid of water, and takes any opportunity to “accidentally” splash her
Netossa brings a squirt bottle to any meeting where Catra is invited, and offers at some point to make Adora a magic leash for her
Frosta doesn’t particularly say or do anything, but she makes extra sure to exude icy menace in Catra’s direction. Okay, one time she maybe accidentally zings Catra during iceball, but everyone else thought it was funny!
Out of respect for Scorpia’s friendship with Catra, Perfuma doesn’t stoop to playing pranks, but she does pointedly remark on how muddled Catra’s chi is, a lot. Sometimes in the middle of a meeting, if Catra is arguing with someone, Perfuma will airily announce to the whole room that negative energy is starting to interfere with their goals again, and it looks like she’ll have to sage the meeting room again. After which Catra usually just gives up and sulks in silence
Micah is fairly neutral on the subject of Catra, considering she’s part of his daughter’s “best friend squad” and is also dating She-Ra, Princess of Power, demigod of the wind and sea, vanquisher of Horde Prime, hero of Etheria. But he does get moody sometimes looking at the mural of Angella, and a couple of times he’ll go Dad Mode and tell Glimmer she reminds him of her mother, but then he’ll glance at Catra and change the subject.
And like, Catra gets it, okay? She fucked up. She was the bad guy. And these people are princesses. If there’s anything Catra knows is true, it’s that princesses are champions at Not Letting It Go. So she mostly just lets it roll off her shoulders. (Okay, yes, sometimes she goads them, and yes, she should keep her mouth shut more instead of trading barbs, but what do you want from her? Being catty is her thing.) After all, she got her happily ever after. She got Adora. And that’s really all that she cares about. So a couple of whiny, poofy, pastel-wearing bimbos wanna take cheap shots at her? Ha. Catra wrote the book on petty. She grew up in the Horde. Let ‘em do their worst. 
Except Adora gets Big Mad about it.
I imagine Adora not only notices how the other princesses act around Catra, she sees Catra doing her best to ignore it. Melog is a pretty good indicator of Catra’s temper, and so it’s clear that the hazing irritates the shit out of Catra, but true to her word, she’s been working on her anger, so aside from sarcasm the worst anyone gets out of a her is a scowl, a flicking tail and ears, and Melog’s brief display of red-tinged spines and growling. 
So Adora is proud, seriously! Catra has come a long way from where she was in the Horde. But Adora, the OG “Punch Your Feelings Out Guy”, wants to remind the other princesses that Catra’s not the only one who changed sides.
Naturally, she does this by losing her temper and shouting them down during another all-princess meeting where everyone is subtly picking on Catra.
“What is your problem? Catra’s on our side now! Why are you all still acting like this?”
Mermista, never one to back down from a verbal slap-fest, gamely engages. “Um, not everyone thinks that just because Catra made, like, one good choice, she gets a free pass on all her other ones.”
“Forgiveness is a process, Adora,” says Perfuma primly, ignoring the glare Adora sends her way. “You can’t expect everyone to accept Catra immediately. We need time to work through our negative associations with Catra so that we can begin the healing process.”
Catra rolls her eyes, but Adora throws her hands in the air. “Immediately? It’s been months! And you’re not working through anything! You’re bullying her!”
At this point, Catra is almost offended at all this implies. “Uh, excuse me, no one bullies me, okay. I can take anything they throw at me.”
“Ha, that’s funny,” says Netossa sweetly. “Because that’s not what you say anytime I have this in my hand!” She brandishes the squirt bottle, and Catra’s ears flatten but she keeps herself from flinching.
Adora slaps the table. “See! Bullying!”
“Adora, calm down,” says Glimmer, sighing with a hand over her eyes. At her side, Bow splays both hands in a gesture that simultaneously tries to placate everyone.
“Okay, look, everyone,” he says. “A couple of jokes are one thing, but Adora’s got a point. It’s going a little too far.”
“Oh? Was it also going a little too far when Catra wrecked my castle and destroyed Princess Prom?” says Frosta, crossing her arms.
“Or when she decimated the Whispering Woods?” adds Perfuma.
“Or when she attacked my kingdom?” Mermista, chin on fist, rolls her eyes. “And, you know, stole it for a while.”
“Or when she sent Entrapta to Beast Island?” Perfuma turns to put a hand on Entrapta’s shoulder, but Entrapta’s eyes have gone starry.
“Oooh, I liked Beast Island! The tech there was superb! Maybe I can go back with all the resources at my disposal, now that I’m not an exiled prisoner anymore, and see if I can finally succeed in reversing the polarity of the--”
“See,” says Perfuma hastily, “she was exiled and a prisoner! With no, um, resources!”
“Look, Adora, it’s great that you and Catra are happy together,” says Frosta, with the deadpan expression of a fourteen-year-old who does not mean a single thing she says. “But I still don’t like her.”
“My heart breaks,” mutters Catra, but Adora leans over the table, eyes closing in a bid for patience.
“I’m not asking anyone to like her. I’m just saying, stop bullying her.”
“Uh, again, I’m not--”
Adora spears Catra with a single look, and Catra subsides, a little stunned at the turbulence in her girlfriend’s eyes.
“It’s mean,” Adora goes on, “and it’s pointless, since Catra is on our side now. I know there’s history there, but we are in the process of rebuilding Etheria and creating an example to show the other worlds we’re trying to reach. So just--chill, okay?”
A moment of silence greets this declaration. Then Frosta looks away with a snort.
“I’ll show her some chill,” she mutters.
Catra desperately wants to roll her eyes. “Give it a rest, kid.”
Frosta shoots to her feet, a layer of ice sheeting the table under her hands. “Don’t talk down to me, Horde scum!”
Melog leaps onto the table, its mane blazing so deep a red it’s nearly black. Chaos erupts as various shouts of “Melog, no!” and “Watch out!” tangle in the air. Catra rises from her seat, alarmed that Frosta is about to ice-punch her alien cat, when thunder cracks and a deep, throaty voice shouts, “Enough!”
She-Ra stands in battle stance, glowering at the room’s occupants, light pouring off her. The sword is held in a neutral rest position in her hand, though every inch of her (and there’s a lot of them) seems to be vibrating with energy.
Catra clears her throat as Melog instantly goes liquid-blue and pounces to She-Ra’s side, curling around and around her legs with undisguised adoration.
Melog, it seems, has no concept of chill.
The princesses all resume their seats, staring at the beast they’d been seconds from attacking as it practically rolls on the ground at She-Ra’s feet. Their eyes go from She-Ra to Melog to Catra, who expertly pretends to be unaffected and unblushing.
“Catra is not a threat,” says She-Ra in that voice, and Melog agrees blissfully, rubbing its head against her hip. Catra opens her mouth to protest, but sighs and shuts up. No point in protesting that you’re a badass when your psychic mood-ring therapy cat goes belly-up anytime your hot warrior girlfriend looks at you.
“Catra deserves another chance. She’s already proven herself by helping us defeat Prime.” She-Ra lays a single hand on Melog’s head. Catra wants to bury her face in her hands at the sound the alien cat makes.
“But how can we trust her when she used to fight for the Horde!” protests Frosta.
“So did I,” says She-Ra quietly, and it’s like all the air gets sucked out the room.
“So did Entrapta and Scorpia--” Perfuma’s eyes drop to the table at this. “--and you, Mermista--” Mermista sighs, but doesn’t argue. “and Spinnerella--” Even though She-Ra’s voice is gentle, Spinnerella’s eyes still well with tears, and Netossa tries to glare while she comforts her wife, but even she looks guilty. “--and King Micah, and Shadow Weaver--” Even though Glimmer wasn’t one of the princesses giving Catra shit, she still winces and leans closer to Bow. “And we gave every single one of them a second chance before the war was even ended. What makes Catra different from them?”
“She wasn’t mind-controlled!” argues Frosta.
“Yes, she was!” shoots back She-Ra, and Catra can’t help the flinch, the instinct to reach back and rub her neck. Her hair is just starting to be long enough to cover the faint scar of the implant.
“Okay, for like, a second, but even before Horde Prime, Catra was--”
“Catra and I were both abused and manipulated by Shadow Weaver.” There’s a thread of pain in She-Ra’s voice now. “From the time we were infants. We never stood a chance against her.”
“But you escaped,” says Perfuma, almost as a question. “You changed your mind about the Horde, and you left.”
Catra stares at the table. She can feel She-Ra’s eyes glance toward her. Melog gives a solemn mrow of comfort, pulsing aqua-blue. Without warning, light flares again and Adora is standing at Catra’s side, hands empty.
“If I hadn’t found the sword in the Whispering Woods, it would have been me marching on your kingdoms,” says Adora, and everyone shuffles uncomfortably. “I was chosen to be Force Captain just a couple hours before. It was dumb luck that I fell off that skiff and landed where I did.”
“It was destiny,” argues Perfuma. “You were chosen to be She-Ra! You would have found the sword at some point!”
“By that point, would it have mattered?” Adora’s hand strokes Melog’s ears. Catra swears she can feel the ghost of those fingers on her own head. “I wouldn’t have had Bow and Glimmer to show me what the Horde was really doing. I would have had Shadow Weaver and Hordak reinforcing my training.”
“You would have found a way to become She-Ra,” says Perfuma earnestly. “The universe would have aligned somehow--”
“And whose kingdom would have already fallen to the Horde by the time that happened?” Adora lifts her hands helplessly. “Don’t you get it? If I hadn’t discovered I was She-Ra, I would have become Catra.”
They stare at her, apparently never having put the dots together before. Catra, who has always been smarter than these princesses, leans back in her chair.
“Maybe,” she says, smirking up at her girlfriend. “But I wore it better.”
aslfja;lskdjfl;a this is already too long and it half-morphed into fic, so I’ll just summarize by saying everyone is a little sorry that they’ve been bullying Catra, and Catra refuses to admit she’s been bullied because of course she does, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t hugely touched and grateful that for once Adora fought to protect her from her princess friends. The Alliance goes forward with the intent of trying to behave better towards Catra. It helps that they saw Melog turn into a jello-mold as soon as She-Ra appeared, so they have proof positive that Catra is indeed not a threat and is in fact secretly a jello mold herself. The bullying turns into heckling whenever Catra and Adora goo-goo-eye each other. Which is a lot. Frosta makes an ice sculpture of Catra swooning into Adora’s arms (her art skills mysteriously improve enough to clearly depict Catra with heart eyes and Adora with bulging biceps). Perfuma decorates it with flowers. Netossa puts a forcefield net around it so Catra can’t destroy it. Catra sulks and Adora flexes her muscles to make her feel better. the end???
bonus line I couldn’t figure out how to incorporate: “Uh, Entrapta has two Hordaks and I don’t see anyone giving her crap about them!”
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acephysicskarkat · a year ago
Redemption, Forgiveness and She-Ra S5
So just to spite the anon who told me to stop posting my opinions, I’m gonna post another opinion!
This will contain spoilers for SPOP, Avatar: the Last Airbender, The Good Place, and Steven Universe.
So the most common take that I’ve heard about S5 from Catra stans is that it’s a story about redemption and forgiveness and that if I’m in any way critical of it then I’m saying abusers can never redeem themselves.
To which I say: the second part is a strawman argument, and the first part doesn’t help because it’s a bad story about redemption and forgiveness.
Part 1: Redemption
The problem with S5′s stories about redemption is that they are, universally, undercooked.  For things that the fanbase had been wanting for months, they’re surprisingly lacking in meaningful impact.
Catra’s is the least bad, because Catra is at least on-screen long enough to tell us that it seems to be sticking, but it’s still not good.  It’s rushed, it’s weightless, and it feels like they didn’t even check what she’d done in the past three seasons that she would need to find redemption for.
At no point does she meaningfully confront her actions (which, in case you’ve forgotten, ranged from bringing about the death of Queen Angella (S3E6), to repeated attempts to murder or permanently harm Adora (S1E11, S1E13, S2E5, S3E4-6, S4E3), to bullying Scorpia (present throughout but most obvious in S4E6), to taking part in a war crime (S4E8)), nor does she really confront the jealousy and spite that drove them.  Indeed, the episodes that could have been spent showing us her character development are spent showing us that she still has a very unhealthy attitude towards Adora (S5E6) and telling us that she underwent her character development offscreen, while we were distracted by Double Trouble (S5E8).
Hordak’s is even worse, because Catra at least admits she wronged people, even if the focus is put almost entirely on Catra feeling bad about it.  Hordak realises, accurately, that being made into a cog in a machine of conquest is bad (S5E13)...but he never makes the leap onscreen to it still being bad when he did it to other people, as he did to Adora and the other Horde kids (S2E7).  It treats Hordak’s decision to break free of Horde Prime as if it in and of itself makes him good, overlooking that the life he’s trying to go back to was the one where he ruled over an empire of stolen children.
I don’t even want to get into Shadow Weaver.
AtLA gave a compelling redemption arc to Zuko by having him confront the consequences of his actions.  SU gave a compelling redemption arc to Peridot by showing us, in great detail, her evolution from antagonist to ally.  SPOP just kinda tells us that characters are good now and expects that to work out okay.
And the really depressing thing is that both these characters actually could have sustained really compelling redemption arcs!  I would have loved to see Hordak meaningfully realise onscreen that the universe does not consist of him, Horde Prime, Imp, Entrapta, and a bunch of largely interchangeable pawns for him to treat as he sees fit.  I would have loved to see Catra wrestle with and overcome her resentment of Adora, maybe come to understand that being Shadow Weaver’s favourite fucking sucked actually.  The show just didn’t bother, and so what we got was on par with a bad fanfic or the backstory for a D&D character.
Part 2: Forgiveness
For my money, one of the best stories about forgiveness in modern media is in a third season episode of The Good Place called “A Fractured Inheritance”.
Explaining it with as few spoilers as possible, protagonist Eleanor Shellstrop discovers that her cartoonishly neglectful mother Donna faked her death and seems to have built a new life where she’s a good stepmother to a child.  Eleanor spends most of the episode convinced that her mother is running a scam, but eventually concludes that this does appear to be sticking and gives up her plan to reveal Donna’s secret, cautioning her not to go back to how she used to be.  At the end, she opens up to a friend about the trauma she sustained as a result of her upbringing.
SPOP could never.
"A Fractured Inheritance” tells a more compelling story about forgiveness in 15 minutes of screentime than she-Ra S5 managed in four and a half hours because The Good Place cares about Eleanor’s trauma.  It’s portrayed as pretty understandable that she has a grudge against her mother, and working through that takes time and sustained proof that Donna has changed.  More than that, forgiveness isn’t portrayed as a magical button that instantly solves Eleanor’s issues; just because she’s letting go of her anger towards Donna doesn’t mean that the harm she suffered as a result of Donna’s neglect goes away.  Her fear of opening up or being vulnerable, stemming from a childhood of constantly being shat on when she did, is still there, even after reconciling with her mother.
Contrast this to She-Ra S5.  The second Catra says she’s sorry, Adora is willing to forgive her and go across the universe to help her (S5E3), even though in their last interaction, back in S4E3, Adora actively tried to kill her for pretty darn compelling reasons (you may remember those reasons from S3E4-6).  Adora gets, like, a brief rant in S5E4 where she seems to be confused about this, but there’s never a point where she meaningfully seems to process the trauma she’s suffered as a result of Catra’s treatment of her, which we know has been toxic, controlling and unhealthy since they were kids (S5E3).
More than that, there’s never really a point where any of the people Catra victimised in the first four seasons gets to deal with that.  Glimmer seemingly never realises that Catra is why her mother is dead (S3E6), which is especially jarring given that the effects of Angella’s death on Glimmer drove the entire previous season; Entrapta barely remembers that Catra betrayed her and sent her to her presumed death (S5E6); Bow thinks someone who’s done nothing but attempt to hurt his friends for as long as he’s known her is adorable (S5E8); Scorpia forgives her before she even finishes saying sorry (S5E13); and both Frosta decking her in S5E9 and Perfuma’s understandable irritation with the woman who bullied her GF in S5E10 are portrayed almost as jokes, the latter never escalating beyond mild rudeness.
This also extends to Hordak, who, after his tissue-thin face turn in S5E13, gets a baffling montage that tries to portray his picking up an abandoned child and indifferently turning her over to an abusive sorceress (S2E7) as somehow heartwarming and a big bonding moment, and then the notion that Mermista might have some grudges against the guy who burned down her home and displaced her people (S5E7-8) is framed as comic.
I’m not even saying that neither of these characters should never be forgiven by anyone!  Just that the forgiveness they get in the show is lacking in dramatic weight, because the actions that are being forgiven don’t feel like they mean anything.  Catra has hurt Adora, Glimmer, Entrapta, Scorpia, Mermista and countless unnamed innocents, and it’s all treated like it has the same impact as borrowing Adora’s Xena DVDs and forgetting to give them back.  Hordak should be considered Etheria’s greatest monster given the number of people who’ve died as a result of his actions and maybe one person is slightly irritated at the prospect of having to send him a Christmas card this year.
(This is without getting into the fact that Glimmer and Entrapta are expected to deal with the consequences of their actions to some degree, with each getting an episode focused around that (S2E2, S2E4).  It’s kind of wild that Glimmer nearly destroying the world because she took a reckless risk in a desperate gamble to try and save the people she cares about from the Horde blitzkrieg, a gambit that she immediately tried to fix when she realised she’d fucked up (S4E10-13) is treated as something that causes a notable rift in her friendships, but Catra nearly destroying the world because she was just that jealous of Adora (S3E3-6) is breezed past with an “I’m sorry.”  Entrapta building the robots causes the Alliance to hold grudges; Hordak waging 25 years of warfare is [shrug] Just Horde Clone Things.)
3. Salvaging These Plot Points
Now, as I implied above, the notion that I think these characters are irredeemable is a bullshit strawman, a thought-terminating cliche that Catra stans use to dismiss criticism without processing with it.  So how would I go about it?
I would start by having Catra and Glimmer be in the same escape.  Having her attempt to sacrifice herself in S5E3 had some weird thematic issues given her previously established self-destructive streak (S2E5, most of S3).  If we have to keep the bad plot point where Adora recovers the friend who loves and cares for her and immediately goes “well, we gotta leave our friends back home to deal with a colonial invasion while we charge across the universe to save my abusive stalker ex who’s never respected my personhood or autonomy”, I’d probably look at the two biggest missed opportunities in the season: S5E6 and S5E8.
S5E6 is terrible, and should just be expunged mercilessly with fire for its baffling endorsement of the sentiment “yes i abused u but now u hate me so i’m the victim really”.  Its replacement should probably be focused around Adora genuinely processing the harm she’s sustained as a result of Catra’s treatment of her, probably deciding at the end that she’ll accept Catra’s help but is still understandably suspicious of her given the established mistrust (S1E8) and hostility (S4E3).
S5E8 is easy to fix, though; instead of it mostly being the characters bumbling around a haunted house, I’d make the setting actually do stuff for the characters’ arcs.  We already know that First One ruins can bring up memories, so I’d turn it into a reversal of S1E11 where Adora and Catra’s friendship can actually be rebuilt, probably culminating in Catra saving Adora from falling off a cliff as a symbolic rejection of the resentment she would have been struggling with throughout the episode.  This is probably where Adora starts to actually believe that Catra has become a better person.
Basically, the goal here is to show the audience that Catra is working to overcome her issues and become a better person, instead of telling us that it happened offscreen.
The problem with Hordak’s face turn is that at no point in the show, including after we’re supposed to treat him as Good Now, does he seem to give a shit about anyone not on a list that contains maybe 4-5 names.  I’d probably put in some scenes earlier where his experiences seem to be actually changing him for the better: maybe his response to Entrapta asking him to spare Catra isn’t to commute her sentence to a suicide mission, or he feels a sudden sympathy with a captive Etherian after the fall of Salineas, as the shared feelings of loss line up, and orders their release.  Basically, the idea is to put in some groundwork so that it actually feels like he might be safe to have around, instead of him betraying his tyrannical overlord because he misses his life where he was, himself, a tyrannical overlord.
I also would not play the idea that people might be a little bit suspicious of a man with a 25-year history of ruthless oppression, colonial violence and unprovoked warmongering as a joke.  Just one of those personal quirks.
4. Summary
In conclusion:
S5 is a bad story about redemption because it doesn’t give the characters being redeemed engaging or compelling redemption arcs, favouring a blind rush to the ending, and it’s a bad story about forgiveness because it treats the actions that are being forgiven as though they don’t mean anything, even when episodes or entire seasons have been built on the effects of those actions.  It’s not that these ideas are bad in general, that these characters axiomatically couldn’t be redeemed or that forgiveness is problematic; it’s just that the execution is bad.
Anyway, thanks, jackass anon, for inspiring me to set down my thoughts in detail like this!
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fandomfuckabout · 3 months ago
Man catra gets a lot of love for getting incredibly shittier as spop goes on huh
let me preface everything im about to say with this. i do enjoy and like catra as a character. however i have issues. i mean yeaaaah. catra was obviously the creators favorite and its ESPECIALLY obvious in the last 2 season. like they showed off just how far catra had fallen,her slow descent into this madness of NEEDING to win. willing to destroy the entire world,everyone that was her friend,and even herself and adora (who she later says she always loved) just to win for once. the writers could have done such good stuff with her. heck they could have had her see the light after the portal thing and have her work to better herself starting then instead of you know..the last like,5 episodes. like if it was me, i would have had catra turn against the horde and live with scorpia out in the wastes and thats where she slowly starts changing the person she is and letting go of that anger. hordak or entrapta could have opened the portal. that way catra had ample time for redemption as well as not pass that point know..attempted world annihilation,betrayal of entrapta,threatening of scorpia,attacking adora so violently, and killing angella (which even though she literally is on the ship with glitter and talks with her is never brough up. only that "hehe adora sleep funny" instead of "hey so you killed my mom?! thats kinda fucked!?") now dont take this all the wrong way, i enjoyed catras character and was excited to see where she went. but seeing how it played out ruined it for me. catra in my eyes isnt a bad character,she was done dirty by the writers to try and excuse what she did and push catradora harder. Heck i probably wouldnt complain as much if there was one more season of her slowly gaining peoples trust and redemption (instead of one or two snide comments and a punch from frosta and thats it.) as for the brainwashing with prime, the problem there is A) she did it for just adora,not glimmer or anyone else. B) we see that after that she is still rude, aggressive,and possessive with adora. blaming her abuse on her and acting like its HER fault (even though we literally see adora coming to terms with and combating her abuse through the show against shadow weaver.) and if it wasnt for melog would have ran away immediately after blaming adora for "picking shadow weavers side" so yeah,i feel catra isnt a bad character, she was just handled bad by the writers to try and force the catradora ship and pretend all the shit she did before wasnt as bad as it really was. even then id still say some of the issue lays on the fact the last season was sort of forced and they didnt really get a chance to make another one.
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sapphicanarchist · a year ago
I don't know if it seems like it, but I actually do really like Catra (or I did before s5 fucked up her character arc). She had so much potential, which is why I'm riding so hard on this.
Noelle knew from the very first episode that she wanted Catradora to be canon, she knew that she wanted to portray an abusive cycle, and add elements of trauma and toxicity.
But she could have done precisely that without throwing away Catra's arc, her development or making there nothing redeemable about her relationship with Adora.
There is so much toxicity shown from s1-s4, so much toxicity, so much gaslighting, they are bad for each other. Catra associates Adora with the feeling of not being good enough, with the memory of Shadow Weaver's abuse; Adora is routinely hurt by Catra.
But despite it all, I still shipped it. I still held out for Catra's redemption arc, still held out for the Catradora glimpses I saw in their memories.
But Season 5 ruined that hope for me. It completely destroyed it.
Firstly, all the Catradora fluffy development we're given is seen in flashbacks of them as children, and suddenly two episodes later she and Adora and Blow and Glimmer are the best of friends and she's allowed to make jokes about still hating princesses later? what??
s1-s4 was the most toxic shit but also a build-up for what I hoped was an epic redemption arc but they didn't even spend 5 episodes on Catra's redemption.
We all deserved better.
Also I understand they wanted more fluff for Catradora, but the whiplash from s1-4 Catra and s5e7 Catra was way too much.
Yes they needed more episodes (an entire season worth if we're being honest) but what was the point if the redemption arc Catra deserved was nothing?
I would have had Catra venture off on her own (way earlier in the series. Perhaps after she sends Glimmer off, she tries to send herself off as well but goes to Etheria instead of Space. Or maybe she hides behind a clone and gets sent off with him), maybe meet up with Lonnie, Rogelio, Kyle and Imp where she apologizes, we see her change, we see Lonnie be suspicious then soften towards her as they battle the Horde, time AWAY from Shadow Weaver.
Maybe a talk between Lonnie and Catra were Lonnie is like, "Shadow Weaver was a crazy ass bitch" and Catra is like yeah and then she Tells Lonnie all the shit SW put her through and acknowledges it as abuse.
All this while, we see clips of Adora yearning. Of her hearing news about taking down Prime and at first she's suspicious (because Catra hasn't apologized yet) but after a while, she's just looking for Catra and wondering why they aren't fighting together.
And Catra is also yearning.
After this time apart where Catra is doing her own redemption arc (she meets Scorpia, Mermista and Entrapta and apologizes as well, and Adora gets more frustrated cause everyone has met Catra apart from her), she eventually learns that SW is going to use Adora and she goes off to save her.
It makes the scenes where Adora runs after illusions of Catra much more jarring bc we know she has been looking for her. And when finally they reconnect, Catra feels she's too late and she's hugging Adora and is like, "I'm sorry. I meant to tell you (sorry I don't do fluff, fill in the blanks here" and A hand comes up to wipe her tears and Adora's like, "I forgave you a long time ago." and Catra's like, "How?" blah blah blah "I love You" Eyes wide with shock, they kiss, Adora does her whole shining thing. They save the World.
Look, idk you can rewrite that last part I don't really think anything could actually beat the kiss scene we got despite the absolute fucking horrible redemption arc leading up to it.
I just Wanted Catra's growth.
(bc I'm also Hordak trash, maybe the clone she escapes with is Hordak and it isn't an accident she does but more like Hordak helps her to excape. Like, Hordak visits her cell for idk??? and Catra tells him that Entrapta is alive and at first he doesn't believe her and there's a real threat he's about to just leave her there but she tells him to idk tap into horde mind and he'll see she's right and he does and he had that mini break down he does whenever Entrapta is involved and helps her.
And maybe he joins her on her redemption arc or he strikes off on his own, idk my brain hurts. He has a lot to apologize for but she also used his chronic illness against him so so does she -and really, Catra is horribly ableist now I think about it, invading Entrapta's space, using Hordak's Chronic illness against him, etc.- and I think they might actually make a slightly healthier friendship as their trauma is kinda similiar, and they are more or less on equal levels)
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takerfoxx · a year ago
She Ra and the Power of Redemption!
A’ight, so, She-Ra’s coming back in a few days for their final season. Obviously I am SUPER excited about it, but before it drops, I need to get something I’m kind of worried about off my chest.
See, I’ve talked before about my big pet peeve in fiction, in which good or at least sympathetic characters do really bad things and don’t suffer appropriate consequences, sometimes because the writer just doesn’t understand the weight of what happened and wanted to rush a redemption arc or maybe get a little dirt on their heroes without really considering the implications or wanted to do something shocking and was clumsy and/or lazy about or even felt that they were justified even when they clearly weren’t. It’s even killed a few onetime favorite series of mine.
And I see the potential for She-Ra to make that same mistake here. And I think anyone who’s seen the show and has interacted with the fandom knows what I’m talking about.
I’m talking of course about Catra and Hordak’s potential redemption arcs.
Catra’s redemption is topic number one with the fans, because everyone wants to see it, but most people want to see it done right. The Catradora thing is the fuel on which the fandom runs, and I know quite a few people that would pop dem bottles if it were to become canon. And I totally get it: Catra is a magnificently written character, one who is super compelling, complex, and sympathetic, and her dynamic with Adora is just dripping with all sorts of tension. It’s the best friends to lovers AND enemies to lovers in the same package. Who wouldn’t want to see it?
Except, there is a problem...
See, one thing I have highly praised this show for is how, despite being a show targeted toward little girls, it paints a very realistic picture of abusive relationships and handles the subject with all the seriousness it deserves, from how they’re formed to how they continue to how the cycle goes from abuser to victim to next victim to so on. Horde Prime abused Hordak, Hordak abused Shadow Weaver, Shadow Weaver abused Catra and Adora, Adora broke free while Catra did not, Catra then abused Scorpia, Entrapta, Lonnie, Kyle, Rogelio, you get the picture. And they show it so wonderfully, in all of its forms.
But that leads us to that problem, and that is despite definitely being a victim of abuse, and despite all of her sympathetic qualities, Catra is still a terrible person! She became as much an abuser as Shadow Weaver, with how awfully she treated Scorpia, with backstabbing Entrapta and manipulating Hordak, with bullying her subordinates, to everything she’s done to Adora and all the lives she ruined from her exploits as Hordak’s second in command. She masterminded the destruction of Salineas, sent Entrapta off to die, treated the only person who has given her unconditional love like shit. Her damage and insecurities have driven her to worse and worse behavior, up and to including almost destroying the fucking world just so Adora couldn’t win again! TWICE!
Basically, after handling the abuse themes so well, it would really, really suck for her to just be taken back and forgiven like nothing had happened or only minor consequences after she inevitably switched sides, because that carries the message, however unintentional, that abuse victims should forgive and take back their abusers, that it’s up to them to be the bigger person and invite those who hurt them back into their lives, which history has only shown will just restart the cycle all over again.
However, all of that does not mean I don’t think Catra is beyond hope, or that she shouldn’t be redeemed at all. She is absolutely a victim of all the terrible treatment Shadow Weaver and Hordak put her through since childhood, be it physical, mental, or emotional, and I am NOT about to hold an emotionally traumatized teenager to the same standards I would hold those more fortunate. Plus, we’ve seen how much her actions haunt her, from her nightmares about Entrapta to her psychological breakdowns to everything Double Trouble exposed about her. And I do truly want what’s best for her.
So how should the show go about it? Well, I think my half-joking wishlist from earlier just about covered it: after switching sides and helping the Alliance ward off the Horde, Catra should leave. Whether or not she makes amends with Adora, whether or not she’s forgiven, Catra needs to leave those she’s hurt and go somewhere else to start over, to separate herself from those she has so many insecurities about and work on bettering herself. Because after everything she’s done, she really does need to put in a lot of work in order to properly fix herself before she can even think of reforging relationships with Adora or Scorpia or Entrapta. 
And honestly, I still think the Crimson Waste is perfect for her. She thrived while down there. And it does seem like it’s been set up specifically for her. And then...maybe a few years down the line, after she’s come to grips with herself...well, we’ll see.
Now, as for Hordak...
Look, I like the guy, I honestly do. His relationship with Entrapta gave me life, seeing how he was literally grown in a vat to be Space Hitler Jr., it’s no wonder that he turned out like he did. 
Buuuuut...he’s still a murderous despot with buckets of blood on his hands. I’m sorry, but he can’t have a switch sides, now it’s all good happy ending. He just can’t. 
Fortunately, even though he was far worse, his possible redemption has an easier solution. You know how Horde Prime restored him to factory settings, wiping his mind and sending him off to be processed or whatever?
What if he stays that way? What if he never gets his memories back? What if Hordak, the evil conquering dictator that ruined so many lives, just stays gone? But the newly wiped Hordak, upon encountering Entrapta, is able to recall just enough to know that he cares for her, prompting him to break free from Horde Prime’s control for her sake? Call it the Kubo and the Two Strings solution.
As for Shadow Just no. She has no redeeming qualities at all. Everything bad that ever happened to her are a direct result of her own actions, she doesn’t have the brainwashed/designed that way excuse that Catra and Hordak have, she’s never done a single decent thing since becoming Shadow Weaver, and even after switching sides has continued to manipulate Glimmer and gaslight Adora. No redemption for her. And since Noelle has said that she hates killing off characters, I don’t see her getting killed either.
So just swap her for Angella. Send her to the other dimension and get our girl back.
And as for Entrapta and Double Trouble...dude, I don’t even know. Like, they also did bad things, but they’re kind of in their own weird moral worlds, and I don’t want to let them off the hook but also can’t fathom how that would even work...
You know what? They’re the weird exceptions that prove the rule, I guess.
(also note that even if they botch this, it probably won’t kill the show for me, as it’s still a kid’s show and it has built up a ton of good will, so my overall feelings will still be very positive, I’d just be bummed that they dropped the ball in this one, albeit very important, area)
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kekeslider · a year ago
I’ve been holding on to this one for a while because of sheer laziness, because I knew it would be long as fuck, but I continue to see people saying that Shadow Weaver was redeemed at the end, via one act of good before dying, and I don’t think that’s the case at all. I believe at the end she may have escaped.
Here’s my biggest take on SW, obvious as it is: she is primarily concerned with power and control at all times. It’s consistent through every bit of her story. She recognizes power in young people, Adora and Micah specifically, and seeks to control them. She’s nice to them, affectionate, at first. In her own super messed up way she cares about them. But never more than herself, her own desires and interests.
The common belief after the finale is that Shadow Weaver’s last act before the end was an attempt by the writing to give her a miniature redemption through death. And other people have said it but one of the purposes this actually serves is to show that despite all her efforts, SW never really controlled Adora and Catra, she never turned them into the things she wanted them to be, because they anchored each other. Adora and Catra crying over SW’s death isn’t to show that she was actually not so bad, it’s to show that in spite of everything, Adora and Catra still care about the life of others intrinsically.
Shadow Weaver knew this before her sacrifice. The fact that Adora could not continue on to the Heart without Catra was proof enough that she had lost control, if you could even argue that she ever truly had it. You might view SW’s decision to stop the beast and let them go as an acceptance of this fact, or that she simply did what had to be done to save the whole universe, or that she had a genuine desire to do one good thing in her life. But I’m going to argue for two different alternatives.
1. Shadow Weaver sacrificed her life here because she realized that she had no way out after this. She no longer had sway over Adora or Catra, and throughout the season, and some specific scenes in prior ones, both characters repeatedly call attention to SW’s abuse of them. They’ve reached a point in their journey where they’re both completely aware of her manipulation, her abuse, her two-sidedness. They never believe during this season that SW is a good person now, or that she repents for what she’s done. There’s a recognition that Shadow Weaver is helping the rebellion because she’s chosen to be on the side of the winners because that’s how she’ll guarantee her survival and maintain her control over the situation. She tried in the previous season to control Glimmer like she had the others, but Glimmer was too wise to actually trust SW, potentially because she knew what real love and loyalty was and recognized that that wasn’t what Shadow Weaver offered. In a genius turn, Glimmer uses Shadow Weaver rather than the other way around.
All attempts to guarantee her position after the war have failed. She has no control over Micah, Adora, Catra, or Glimmer. She can’t get Adora to the Heart without going back for Catra, so even if they somehow pull through without it she can’t claim herself a hero for her role in it. She is at the end of the road, she’s run out of tricks, and she makes a decision. She decides that dying in one last act of manipulation over the two girls she almost destroyed is her final way to secure her place in the narrative as a Hero. It’s about the legacy, it’s why she says “You’re welcome,” so they will be forced to believe she did it for them, and that would solidify her life as meaningful. It’s her last attempt to retain some of the power she craved, fought for, and stole throughout her life.
But I don’t think the writers actually intend for her to get what she wants here. Shadow Weaver is an interesting character, she has a lot of pull over events in the story, but there’s no sense that she’s beloved. Not by characters and not by writers. I’m eternally sorry to fall back on one of the most tired comparisons in the universe, but bear with me for a moment. In thinking about all of it, I noticed certain similarities between SW’s death and that of Severus Snape. One final moment before death that they want the child(ren) they abused to see that will justify everything. But that is where the similarity ends, and why I think it’s so different on the writing side of things. Snape’s death was intended by both author and narrative to excuse and forgive him for countless misdeeds. And over the years we’ve become far more critical of that. I don’t get the sense that the writers of She-Ra want us to forgive Shadow Weaver because she was oh so complex. I don’t think there’s a future catradora kid named “Shadow Hope Prime.” I think they wanted us to see this act of desperation for what it was: a last ditch attempt to retain control by a person that can’t care about anything but herself.
2. This is where we go straight into theorizing and headcanons so I’ll try to keep it shorter. My suggestion is this: Shadow Weaver did not die in her final scene, she made a grand escape.
At this point she has no friends, no allies, no one who believes she’s anything but dangerous. She has 4 people in positions of power she has personally and extravagantly harmed. She abused Catra and Adora throughout their lives, she manipulated Micah as a child and eventually sent him to Beast Island for at least 10 years, making him miss his daughter growing up, and never to see his wife again, and while SW never had the sway over Glimmer she did the others, she still was directly responsible for taking away her father, turning her mother into a, to be harsh, cowardly and ineffective leader for years, and indirectly responsible for the strife between Adora and Catra that took the war to new extremes.
Shadow Weaver has no one, and no options, and at that point in time the most likely outcome after it’s all over is prison, and she may not be lucky enough to be treated to Brightmoon’s cushy prison again.
You may ask at this point, Catra, Hordak, all the clones all get a redemption without threat of imprisonment, why not Shadow Weaver? And the answer is simple: Shadow Weaver has not redeemed herself in the eyes of the writers, viewers, or other characters. Catra saves Glimmer in an act of selflessness and love for Adora, and then becomes an instrumental help in saving Etheria. Not to mention Adora’s personal relationship with her and the recognition that they come from the same place and lived much of the same hardships. Hordak and the clones get a second chance because it is now known that they were all effectually mind-controlled and enslaved by Horde Prime, and their lives, as individuals with free choice and no strings holding them down, is only just starting. Not to mention Hordak and Wrong Hordak both have Entrapta on their side, and she’s a princess with her own kingdom and could just grant them asylum and bet the other princesses wouldn’t do anything about it lest they risk a civil war, but that doesn’t seem like a realistic issue for this new post-Horde planet anyway. The point is, the other antagonists from the show have made meaningful connections with other characters for the sake of them, not to be self-serving. Shadow Weaver continues to be manipulative up until the very end, no one will give her another chance at this point.
And she knows this. She’s a smart lady, and there’s a great big universe out there full of people that don’t know her. If Adora saves the day and the universe is saved all she has to do is get off planet, and if Adora fails they all die anyway, so why not have a go at it? My theory is that she uses her great big show of magic as a distraction and a disguise to make her escape. The world will believe she died, they may even celebrate her for her role in saving the universe, and she’ll be free.
You think there’s a hitch in this theory right? Because we see the room after she’s gone and all that’s left of her is her mask. Obviously she was completely destroyed, right?
Tumblr media
But this specific scene reminded me of something else
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
If you’ve watched Teen Titans you know that the mask-wearing Slade was one of the major antagonists throughout the series, was also quite inclined to use and abuse powerful youths, and at the end was at the mercy of one (arguably two) of the children he had hurt. She kills him, he falls into lava, and the last thing we see of Slade is his mask. The next season picks up with Robin obsessed with the search for Slade, believing that he couldn’t really be gone that easily, and driven by this single remnant of him. Only to find out later that while Slade did die, he was resurrected and was once again back to be a massive asshole.
I think Shadow Weaver’s last scene does what it is meant to at first glance. Audience and characters believe she’s dead, which makes for a tidy ending, the death is non-explicit so kids don’t get too traumatized, but the ambiguity of it also means that if they wanted to, Shadow Weaver could return for a future installment in the series, be it comics, a movie, or another season. Whether those things are likely to be produced isn’t my interest in arguing here, it’s the possibility.
There’s still a lot of potential for Shadow Weaver to be used as the primary villain, and facing her again could be used any number of ways to shake up a domestic bliss the characters end up in, to have them, older, more mature, having spent time healing from how she hurt them, no longer be affected by her in the same ways. Or the complete opposite, they may still be affected by her, seeing her again could tear open old wounds, but in the end show that while hurt remains, they still carry on.
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nny11writes · a year ago
Shadow Weaver, One Good Thing, and Moral Shades of Gray
Some Season 5 rambling for whoever wants it regarding Shadow Weaver, her actions, and the end of her character arc.
I might revisit this later more from her perspective, that scene (you know the one) felt very complex to me and I have a few different feelings about it, this is one of them. 
Spoilers below the cut!
Okay, I really loved Shadow Weaver this season. I’ve loved her every season, she’s such a great character and her concept, animation, and voice acting all work flawlessly together to breathe some real life into her. I just love her! Great bad guy!
And this season? No one is letting her fucking breath without body slamming her.
It was one of the things I loved about her interactions with everyone, that she’d say something and immediately get told off. No one was falling for her shit. And you can see the way she’s super annoyed and confused, amazing how much a mask can portray, “Excuse ME I’m a GOOD GUY now?????” No one was forgiving her, no one liked her, they barely even tolerated her. I feel like it was wearing her down. I haven’t re-watched yet, but I think we saw Weaver with or near cups several times, but regardless, for sure when Catra found her she was drunk. She was half fucking slurring as she drank at what could be the end of the world. It was a rather pathetic sight, and now the joke about Shadow Weaver being drunk at 8AM makes more sense. This is just some stuff to keep in mind as we mosey along.
Noelle has talked before about shades of moral gray in the series and how people can shift and move along that line, and how people can also still be good people making bad choices or bad people making good choices.
I think Shadow Weaver is being used to display that. She is a few baby steps away from the beyond Vanta Black of Horde Prime. She is not a good person, she is not a hero; even if some of the things she’s done are good for others or could read ‘heroic’.
There was also a running theme this season of “One Good Thing”.
Catra is an obvious one, “I just want to do one good thing in my life!” And she goes from thinking she’s made a heroic sacrifice of sorts by saving Glimmer to getting the chance to actually move forward. And even if her steps faltered, Catra moved forward and did far more than just one good thing.
Hordak had a few moments of getting to see him lower his walls with Entrapta, but the thing that stuck out to me was his face as he held a happily cooing Adora. “Oh…okay, I guess- I guess this baby is mine? WAIT NO, CAN’T DO, ABORT, NO EMOTIONS, EMOTIONS ARE FOR HORDE PRIME, GET THIS THING AWAY FROM ME!” (Okay so that wasn’t all just his face, but that’s the gist). Hordak didn’t kidnap Adora, he went where sensors showed a portal would be and found a baby. He could’ve left her there, he could’ve done a lot of things, but he had a one good thing moment where he chose to take that baby with him. Cradled close. It’s a kind action in some ways, and not in others. I think Hordak hoped the baby might have an answer or solution to the portal (talk about high hopes buddy). But I think he also didn’t want to leave a baby to die alone in a field. It’s not a big great declaration or heroic moment, but it is still a good thing. Hordak’s one good thing.
I think Shadow Weaver has always held a twisted sort of care and love for Adora, and I also really think that Shadow Weaver would have held just as disgusting and awful a brand of ‘love’ for Catra if Catra had done/been what she’d wanted (which let’s be real was unrealistic and was a bar she would’ve kept moving). Shadow Weaver’s love is not pure. Perhaps as Light Spinner it could have been. As Light Spinner she was still an awful person willing to use anyone including children to get what she wanted. She wasn’t a good person. But even bad people can feel true love for others. I’m not saying that her love was pure or was always good intentioned as Light Spinner, just that I think she had the capability for it. But once that entity/parasite consumed her? Once she let her lust for power overwhelm her basic humanity? No. I don’t think her love would have been good in any form FOR SURE after that.
So her insistence that, “Didn’t you hear? I’m one of the good guys now.” rings just that much more hollow and cracked. Her motivations have always been selfish and her choices rarely take other’s into account beyond ‘how can I use this to my advantage’. Her kindness is faked, her goodness is incidental, her love is poison, everyone else knows that. Everyone else treats her the way they should, cautiously at best and hostile as needed. But Shadow Weaver doesn’t get that. She truly believes that she’s a good person now and is baffled that no one else will believe her and if frustrated/upset that she can’t even go ‘pure evil’ because she doesn’t have the legs to stand on for it. “I’m a good guy,” fuck you.
I think this shows with Catra. She’s still an absolute bitch and a half to Catra, and again I’m not saying what she did or said was good or right. But I think Shadow Weaver had a few moments of legit thinking, “Okay, fine, gotta tone this shit down because I’m a good guy.” She was always in control of her behavior and this was such a fine razor to cut with. It’s like the idea of an abuser who just “loses control” and destroys things then apologizes. It’s never their things they destroy and they don’t help to clean up or replace anything. The apology is a lie. They never lost control, they knew what they were doing. Same with Shadow Weaver. It was disturbing to watch her interact neutrally or her warped ass version of nicely with Catra. Because we all know it’s not that Shadow Weaver was out of control before, so we know she could have acted this way the whole time. It still wouldn’t have been good. But I think going from torturing kids and threatening them with death, to basically cold indifference is a half step forward and a full step sideways. It still would’ve caused harm, it still would’ve left destruction in its wake but a different kind of it. I don’t know, I just thought this was a wonderfully god awful way to show that. It also shows that she thinks she can either smooth things over or control the situation, which good luck with that.
Got distracted a hot second there, my example in this is actually when she grabs Catra to cover her mouth. It’s a move that if literally anyone else had done it wouldn’t have felt so fucking skeevey. But it’s Shadow Weaver physically touching Catra, her favorite chew toy. Catra has a very justified reaction to that, and you can still see the wheels turning in Weavers head. “Ungrateful, I’m trying to save you, I’m a good guy!” Fucking hell this lady.
So here we are, with a genuinely awful and bad person who believes they’re a good person now and trying to pantomime what they think a good person would do. With her very twisted version of “love” and the realization coming ever closer that she’s not in control of anything, no one trusts her, and no one likes her. I think she absolutely is thinking about her legacy right here, I think she is definitely trying for one last manipulation to put a big underscore on “Shadow Weaver was a good guy”. 
I also, however, think she manipulates so well because she always draws a grain of truth into what she’s saying.
My example of this is her “You remind me of myself and I wanted you to be better, stronger than me.” Bullshit. Catra might have reminded Shadow Weaver vaguely of herself, but the rest is pure bullshit. Shadow Weaver doesn’t hate herself and certainly never did shit to make Catra a ‘better and stronger’ person. It’s 90% lies, but that 10% helps her sell her abuse.
So I think in her final moments there, Shadow Weaver does some complex mental gymnastics. She knows that Adora has to make it to the heart for anyone to survive. She knows that Adora loves Catra and that Catra loves Adora. She may know that if she doesn’t save Catra it is very likely that Adora will very likely not survive. Adora has always been ‘distracted and pulled down’ by Catra, so now she needs her ‘crutch’. I think Shadow Weaver also knows that once this is all done, no one will have a use for her and I don’t think she wants to face a world where she has no power and no control.
So she steps forward and puts one last manipulative play into motion.
And I think she sells it with a semi truth.
I’ve always thought it was interesting that even after joining the Rebellion that Shadow Weaver seemed so dismissive of Catra. Even as Catra was steam rolling them in Season 4. That Shadow Weaver didn’t even have a moment of, “Well damn, don’t like you still but I guess there was something competent and worthwhile underneath it all.” I can’t even remember if she mentions Catra at all by name when they aren’t in the same room together.
I think that Shadow Weaver was impressed, to some degree. She had always seen Catra as a pest, a gnat flying in her face and distracting Adora. Worthless, small, weak, and dumb. I think seeing how far Catra actually does make it is impressive to her. Not “oh wow that’s amazing!” impressive. More like, “huh, okay then” with a side of bitchiness. I think she never mentions Catra directly because of that. She hates Catra. She doesn’t want to admit she’s impressed by anything Catra’s done. She hates her and hates it and hates the whole thing.
So when Shadow Weaver removes her mask (definitely to play on them seeing her as a person first and not a monster) (although I think it also is a very good way to remind the audience that monsters are human too and that is far scarier to deal with, think about those photos of Nazi’s smiling on their weekend away from work where they helped kill thousands) and says, “I am so proud of you, Catra.”
90% is a lie, 10% is truth. Shadow Weaver might not think that’s the ratio, she might really be buying her own line. That’s something to explore another time perhaps.
And then she goes out in a blaze of glory with no need to face her own bleak and uncertain future, ‘protecting’ Adora, who she holds a dark and twisted affection for, and secures her legacy as a good guy. One final, “I fucking told you so”.
Shadow Weaver’s death is not a redemption. I think she hopes it is, and knows that even if it isn’t, Catra and Adora can never deny the impact she had on shaping them. That they’ll never really be free of her, and therefore no one else will either.
She will never truly have to face the consequences of what she’s done. For all that the other characters shut her down, no one gave her the true blue knock down drag out no holds barred VIBE CHECK she deserved. And without that this ending is very unsatisfying for some. For others that missing piece adds.
My take?
She’s a bad person, doing her One Good Thing, not realizing that it doesn’t take her from bad to good. Her sacrifice is, in this way, in vain. She’s a bad guy and will be remembered as such. She did her one good thing. 
She’s still a monster. 
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catrasredemption · a year ago
how about adora and/or catra filling out each other on scenes they never saw each other in? for example adora telling catra about breaking her sword and what led to it (light hope, mara etc), or catra telling adora about getting almost sent to beast island or taking hordak's throne
“What happened to the sword?”
It was a new thing they were trying out as part of their open and honest communication attempts. Five questions each, per week. They were each allowed one veto on a question they weren’t comfortable with answering or weren’t ready to face.
“Light Hope was trying to use me to activate the Heart of Etheria and destroy the planet. I refused to be their weapon, so I broke the sword. No She-Ra to connect the princesses meant the Heart was useless.”
“Light Hope... the bitch who trapped us in the castle?”
Adora snorted, burying her face in Catra’s floof of hair. They were lying in bed together, cuddling - it was always easier to talk this way. “She was... complicated. It’s not her fault the First Ones made her that way.”
“Yeah, well. No offense to her, but I won’t lose any sleep. She was messing with our heads on purpose.”
She was. It had taken Adora a long time to realize that. All her talk about letting go... she had purposely shown their worst memories, the ones that made Catra feel terrible about herself, just to drive her away.
Adora took a deep breath. They usually asked one question each, unless one of them was just too tired to unpack things. And she already knew the answer to this one anyway.
“What happened after you sent Glimmer away from Horde Prime?”
The answer is immediate. She’s never answered it. Adora didn’t think she ever would.
* * * * * * * *
“What happened after the portal? I mean, I got bits and pieces from Scorpia, but...”
Catra laughed humorlessly. “Oh, nothing really, I just had a complete meltdown. I think the breaking point was when I flipped out at Scorpia. We were trying to find some data disc or something that we thought Entrapta might’ve left behind, and Scorpia said she found it in Emily - which I’m starting to question that story since Emily is still around - but she broke the disc trying to get it out - you know, pincers and all, not great for delicate work.
“And I... lost it. Just completely and utterly freaked the fuck out. Hordak was already ticked off and now I couldn’t even give him the data he wanted and get him off my damn back. So she came to me with the broken disc and I went off. Screamed at her for at least a minute about how useless she was and she... just stood there. When I was done, she called me a bad friend, and she walked away.”
Catra curled up, sighing. “She wasn’t wrong.”
“Not that I support getting anyone else in trouble, but he must have been at least a little ticked off that Scorpia messed up.” Silence. Adora raised an eyebrow. “What?”
“I didn’t tell him it was Scorpia. I took the blame.”
Adora raised herself to look down at Catra, blinking. “Why?”
“Because she was right. I was a bad friend. She didn’t deserve that.”
“How much trouble did you get in?”
“It doesn’t matter.” Catra sighed. “Don’t tell her. Please.”
Adora settled back in with her, holding her tight. “I won’t.” It was in the past, Scorpia didn’t need that guilt, and the things they talked about in here were for them only. No one else had to know.
* * * * * * * *
“Why did you come back for me?”
Adora very nearly said pass. “I mean... is that not obvious by now?” She tried to joke instead. Catra sighed.
“I saw you turning around, Adora. Horde Prime couldn’t track you exactly but he had a general sense of your location. I saw the ship on his map. You were leaving.”
Of course she wouldn’t let it go that easily. “We ended up on this planet looking for crystals to power Darla, and I met these siblings who were running away from Horde Prime. Even before that I was already thinking I wanted to go back for you, but I didn’t know how to tell Glimmer and Bow, and they had their own drama going on. Listening to the siblings and the way they talked about Horde Prime, though... how was I supposed to just leave you there? I know you did bad things, but abandoning you to suffer for the rest of your life wasn’t exactly a fair trade.”
“Yes it was.”
“No, it wasn’t.” Adora grabbed Catra’s arms, gently but firmly. “I knew before we got Glimmer back on the ship that I wanted to go back for you. I didn’t even know you were there, but the second I found out, it was all I could think about. Just you, alone, on that ship, left to his mercy. How could I leave you?” Tears filled Adora’s eyes; she hid her face in Catra’s hair. “How could you ever think I would leave you there?”
Catra swallowed hard, trying to ignore the lump in her throat, and pressed closer to Adora, winding her arms around the blonde’s waist.
“Yeah, that was pretty dumb of me, huh?”
Adora laughed weakly. “Kind of.”
“Was it the apology? I thought that might have been over the top, but I just kind of... hoped maybe you could have a better last memory of me.”
“The apology didn’t help your ‘just leave me’ thing, but... I probably would have gone back anyway.”
Catra scoffed. “You’re such a hero.”
“Yup. I’ll always go back for you. Sorry.”
“No, you’re not.”
No, she wasn’t.
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prince-toffee · a year ago
Fun idea I wrote down, copy and pasted of a thread here into the #sweetened toffee tag which is all about positive stuff, and shit I like.
Okay, so since we’re on the rewrite train let me hop on for a bit.
This was an idea(s) I had way before season five:
Catra and Hordak get sent off to the frontlines like Hordak was when he first showed symptoms of defection. Horde Prime sees Catra as a defect and failure, because of her rebellious and treacherous characteristics. Also he is full of himself, so any other species is inferior to him, because I theories he was going to be super powerful, a physical threat to She-Ra.
Previously, Catra, Shadow Weaver - villains that hurt Adora emotionally and psychologically. And when I tried to put my finger on what I thought was missing, I realised it was the Superman problem. Yes, Superman can be an emotionally and conceptually a fascinating character to explore, but... also you need to have him punch something. That’s why people watch, or read the media content, especially kids, which are the target demographic. So I thought Prime was going to be really full of himself, because of the might be held, he would’ve been a contender to Adora’s strength.
Maybe like, Adora finds the sword was inside of her all along or whatever and the music sways and is all triumphant and heroic, and new design She-Ra flies at Prime, slices down on him. But then -  the music stops, and Prime catches the sword, and snaps it in half.
But another cool idea I had of She-Ra, instead of getting nerfed, we go off the rails - she can summon as many swords as she wants - it just starts pouring swords down on Prime. (kind of like Jason Aaron’s Unworthy Thor). Metal to the max!
Anyway back to Catra and Hordak so the two land on a war torn planet, on a dropship, in the clone trenches. And see war through the eyes of the clones. Hordak was mindwiped at the end of season four so he has no memory of anything, not Entrapta, not Etheria, nothing, so as a result of that his first memory is of Catra, so the two forge a sibling-like relationship. Catra plays along with amnesiac Hordak because this is Catra at her lowest and is in desperate need of someone to stay with her.
I can definitely imagine a heart breaking scene to parallel that of Scorpia, when Hordak says to Catra: “You’re a good friend.”
They meet countless clones fighting the war, and Catra’s redemption comes from them and from realising what war does to people. All the clones present are defects, some have cursed Prime and only fight to survive, but some still believe that Prime will save them, one of those being Hordak himself. Catra decides, while looking at the hopeless situation with no means of escape from this planet, that in the probability she’ll die here, she might as well try to make up for everything she did.
Carries around and organises rations, buries the fallen, tends to the wounded, through which we meet a cast of unique clone characters (perhaps paralleling the Princesses), and learns to forgive herself, be happy and more positive from the clones - who joke around even in the most dire of situations, and who are all bad people, the clones are all war criminals who committed atrocities across the universe for Prime, but here in the trenches they try to help each other, out weight their bad actions with their good.
I would definitely play with the religious angle here. We see all the sides of belief, some clones who believe in Prime hope they go to the afterlife he promised them, if they do enough good at the frontlines, some want to die so they don’t have to live in a lie created by Prime, and some are on the fence not sure if the afterlife exists, but just in case there is they still work hard.
Eventually she just spills her heart out to Hordak, who just listens to her, he tries to comfort her the same way with Entrapta, stumbling on his words, unsure of what to say.
The two grow close, and Catra is terrified of loosing yet another friend, because when Hordak is out on a perimeter sweep she enters his quarters looking for him and finds the entire walls and floor covered in scratchings of a purple diamond shape. He is beginning to remember.
After a while of attempting to prevent him from thinking about the strange memories and nightmares Catra fails. Hordak snaps at her, and demands her to tell him the truth. Catra had always talked about the blond girl she loved, but left out the mention of Entrapta in every story afraid to set off the Hordak that wanted to incinerate her. So she tells Hordak everything, and he remembers Entrapta and Etheria, but not only that, he recollects all the memories the new him made with Catra at his side, all the good she did for him and his brothers, so he comes back around. Maybe saves her from an incoming rocket, or something. And then at the end of the season when Prime is about to kill him, Catra does one of her famous jump ‘n’ scratch one-shots on Prime to save Hordak to repay him. (Adora can still have the final blow. Maybe Hordak hesitates to kill him, and She-Ra stabs him in the back.)
How they get off the frontline world? Maybe a Horde dropship, like the one that brought Cat and Dak to the world, is shot down. It lands somewhere in no man’s land. The crew travel to it in hopes of repairing it. Maybe some clones sacrifice themselves for the others to make it. Thanks to Hordak’s recovered memory, and his obsession with constantly rereading Entrapta’s notes when she left him, he reconstructs a portal - to use it as an engine. You know, highlighting that Hordak always rises up and builds something from scraps and dirt. (Look I know it sounds kinda cheap, but if Entrapta and Bow can make anything out of anything whenever, then fuck you).
Maybe Hordak even teaches Catra how to solder and stuff, so she makes the final touch on the ship that makes it work. Giving her something to bond over with Entrapta afterward, when they sort out their shit.
And so they take off and go to kick Prime’s ass, perhaps paralleling the Princesses gearing up and going off to kick Prime’s ass, so they converge together on The Velvet Glove.
Look, I’m not saying this as a the better season concept, this is just a fun idea I had in my mind a while back. I don’t know, I think all that would take three episodes, maybe four, then three or four on the Princess side, showing what they’re doing, and they converge on the mid-season finale, and then... Prime woops their asses, and they have to regroup, and then we have six or five episodes left to seal the deal between Adora and Catra, and satisfying the shippers.
You know, now that they have a Horde ship, they can fly under the radar. Maybe they (Princesses+Clones united) have to go to HordeWorld, and destroy the droid command ship to defeat Prime, something to that effect. Horde Prime is an old First One and he has a super mega awesome runestone on HordeWorld, and they destroy it and his power is gone. Something like that.
Anyway, got carried away with that.
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creatlysse · a year ago
Just watched SPOP S5 Trailer
Tumblr media
First of all, let me just say before I get on a rant about this, I’m not happy. For multiple reasons but the main being that this is the final season and the trailer looks like this season is gonna mess me up.
Alright, now to discussing my feelings about the trailer because like I said, I’m not happy. 
So, the trailer music is what I want to discuss first because holy shit, the theme of SPOP is supposed to be light-hearted and up-beat but this?? This is a piano, slow version. It already set the scene for s5, we all know now that this season isn’t gonna be butterflies and rainbows.
Adora walks out to what I assume to be a rebellion camp and we see Bow in the distance and what I think to be Perfuma? There are these kind-of drones in the sky. And then it fades to a black screen and Adora starts talking. 
“When I broke the sword...” There’s a callback to the s4 ending, for when Adora is in her She-Ra form and she’s breaking the sword. Then we see the sword broken on some kind of table  and all of it’s pieces are there. “... I thought I could make my own destiny.” Adora grabs the broken sword, the handle of it. I believe she’s staring at the gem of it when she brings it close to her face. “I don’t know what my destiny is anymore.”
The next scene is what is most likely to be Horde Prime’s drone soldiers walking out of a base. I think we all know this means war for certain. 
The next scene over is Catra in Horde Prime’s mother ship, staring out to the actual world. We get a close-up of her face. I believe she’s staring out to see the stars, because we all know that everyone in that world except for maybe Hordak hasn’t ever seen stars in their lives. I also believe that she’s thinking over her mistakes because if I remember correctly, in s4 ending, she finally realizes that her actions are catching up to her. 
Glimmer is in a cage in the next scene. Or, more specifically, a cell. She;s getting out of bed and she looks melancholy. I think we’re gonna have a full turn-over on Glimmer in this season. I don’t mean that she’s gonna join the opposite side, I just think this isn’t gonna be our Glimmer anymore in this season. Or, maybe, she’s gonna go back to being our shiny and sparkly Glimmer, but with heavy PTSD. Either way, s4 messed 4 Glimmer and poor baby is being held hostage now.
Next scene, we see the Princesses and SeaHawk backing up to each other’s backs and they’re surrounded by drones. Quick side note, I hate how well that scene fits in with the line of music in the background, ‘danger surrounds us...’
Oh my god I can’t tell y’all how much this next scene means to me. Adora, who has NEVER seen a single star in her LIFE, moreover ANYTHING that relates to space, and thought that MAGIC WAS BAD at the start of the series, is on a field with a dark sky full of stars and a portal in front of her. Moreover, what I can assume to be Mara, is watching over her and seeing everything she fought so hard to protect and hide away, be out in the light again and open for anyone to attack. Adora drops to her knees in front of the portal and what I assume to be Mara (ACTUALLY MAYBE ITS THE VERSION OF THE SWORD HUMANIZED JUST FOR THIS MOMENT AND IT’S FULLY WHITE AND WE CAN’T SEE SHIT BECAUSE THE SWORD IS BROKEN). Side note, I hate how the music fits in well again because in the exact moment that it says ‘but won’t bring us down,’ Adora falls to her knees. 
The next two scenes don’t exactly fit in together but I’ll talk about them in the same paragraph. There’s ships, Horde Prime’s, flying around. And the next scene? Mermista, Perfuma, Frosta, and Scorpia. I have long awaited a moment with Scorpia fully stood with the princesses but not like this. They’re looking at a castle, maybe a base. Probably where Horde Prime is holding Glimmer.
“I can’t do this alone.” - Adora. CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT YOU CAN TAKE FROM ME OVER MY COLD, DEAD BODY. Adora has said throughout ALL the seasons that she needed to do something alone at some point. She’s finally learning that she can’t, in fact, do everything alone. She’s all alone in the Whispering Woods, holding her backpack. I love the next scene because Bow, WHO THOUGHT THAT HIS FRIENDS WEREN’T GOING TO SAVE THEM AND DIDN’T CARE FOR HIM. says “You aren’t alone. You’ve never been.” I can’t tell y’all how much this breaks and rebuilds my heart. They hold hands in agreement, in alliance. 
Maiden’s mercy, I hate the next scene as much as I love it. The princesses, INCLUDING ENTRAPTA AND SCORPIA FINALLY, King Micah, Bow, and Shadow Weaver are standing all with each other and something opens up to them. “It’s the Horde forces!!” you might say, but I raise you: It’s a First Ones base. I have two reasons for this: Have you looked at the way the light poses to a triangle? That’s a door to a First Ones base. The other reason? Entrapta is smiling happily in the background. She’s excited. 
Next over, we have the Prime Horde’s castle which I talked about earlier, lighting up to see a giant hologram of Prime Horde. Next thing you know, we get to see him for real and he squints his eyes and snaps his fingers. The screen goes black and we hear Horde Prime speak. “Goodbye, my oldest enemy.” We see Adore, IN A FIRST ONES BASE CHAIR. 
Next few scenes, we see the princesses fighting the Horde and protecting each other. Horde soldiers in the woods, Adora fighting against some Horde soldiers in a clear field. We can see Mermista using her ocean powers and trying to overcome them with a wave. We see Scorpia protect Frosta from drones. We see other Hordes (Hordaks?). We see Adora and a person I can’t make out about to jump out of a ship into space. We see Catra running through a ship, looking more worried than anything. We see Adora, Bow, and Glimmer (I THINK SHE’S BROKEN OUT?? OR MAYBE SHE TELEPORTED) running across a crystal with three other people. So, good news! New characters. We see Adora, Bow, Scorpia, and Swift Wing. They’re all sliding down a hill. We see the princesses (except for Scorpia), a single rebellion soldier, King Micah, and Shadow Weaver standing around Adora. We see Horde soldiers shooting out towards the princesses but they’re under a protective net, NETOSSA. “Prime holds every advantage in this fight.”
Oh my god the next scene is Catra looking at Glimmer in her cell. Meaning that yes, we’re gonna get a talk and/or scene between them. Uhh, next scene over, we see Shadow Weaver doing magic (trying to hold something back?). 
Next scene over, Horde Prime is talking. “No longer shall She-Ra stand in my way.” Adora is raising her head from her hands and then she’s fighting in the next snippet. We see an up-close of Prime, and then we see Netossa shedding a tear (IF THEY HURT SPINNERELLA WE RIOT). Next few scenes, it’s the Horde soldiers fighting against the princesses and them fighting back.
ALRIGHT THE MOMENT EVERYONE HAS BEEN WAITING FOR TO TALK ABOUT THAT MESSES EVERYONE UP THE MOST: “Hello, Adora” BY CATRA. Alright, let me talk about this because this has me fucked up and scared for this season. Adora is standing in front of a few crystals and seeing their energy, and then she turns back. Then, we see Catra walking in her Force Commander outfit, but then it glitches back to her Season 1-3 outfit. THIS HAS ME MESSED UP AND I CAN WRITE AN ESSAY ABOUT THIS. Every single time in every single season, there’s always the “Hey, Adora~” moment, even when they’re on opposite sides. God, Catra is pining hard throughout the seasons. And then we hear this shit on the trailer and Catra saying “Hello, Adora” in a hesitant voice rather than the smug “Hey, Adora” we all know and love is heart-breaking and this fucks me up. On another one, not any lighter, we’ve seen Catra’s image glitch once before in s3. What did that bring? That’s right, heartbreak and acceptance and trying to move on. In s3, Catra played a mental game with Adora to just have Adora again but the moment it glitched and Adora knew what was wrong, she realized it was all Catra’s fault. And then, in that chapter of s3, Catra’s mistakes caught up to her and that’s when she realized that everything had actually changed and Adora was done trying to justify Catra’s actions. And Catra finally realized that Adora wasn’t the same one she knew. She finally realized. “Hello, Adora.”
We see Bow escaping from attacks and then the screen cuts to Glimmer crying, “Why are you doing this?” It cuts to Glimmer being fierce in front of Horde Prime, “You will never win.” Horde Prime smiles. 
Adora is fighting in the next scene. Then, it cuts to Horde Prime and Catra, most likely planning something. There’s a green smoke. “Destroy them all!” We get a close-up of Horde Prime and then Horde Soldiers running. Then we see Mermista being surrounded. 
“No!” Adora cries in the next scene. She’s shaking her head, crying out.
Then, in the next scene, we see Adora reaching out for someone’s arm. Catra’s. “Hang on!” Catra better get a redemption arc this season or I will cry. Catra’s hand is shaking. 
We see Glimmer grunting (or maybe Adora? I can’t tell.) She’s doing magic. 
Then, in the next scene, we see Adora and her face being filled up by white points. The screen goes black.
“Adora!” Bow yells out.
The music fades out.
“For the honor... of...”
We get a close up of Adora’s face and she’s trying to yell. Her voice seems to long for something, anything. She wants to do something. She wants to get her magic back. 
She’s reaching out. I would like to believe she’s summoning the sword, the one that’s broken in pieces. 
‘We’re gonna win in the end...’
I have some thoughts and some theories on this but that’s for another post. This one is long enough.
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sugawara--san · 2 years ago
so I saw this post comparing catra to azula from atla and now I can’t stop thinking ab this whole comparison (and nO this does not mean I think the characters/relationships are the exact same in every way, I just think there are some similarities there):
Catra & Azula
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
like I said, the post compared catra in s3 to azula towards the finale, in the way that they are both slipping, spiraling, going pretty crazy and irrational to “win” and seek power/acceptance.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I mean, HELLA same vibes here. additionally:
they are both more favored by a father figure (hordak/ozai) than their mother figure (shadow weaver/ursa). while I wouldn’t say hordak exactly FAVORS catra, not like ozai favors azula anyways, when adora joins the rebellion and is seen as a traitor, he does give her the opportunity to take adora’s former rank as force captain and prove herself, like how azula became crown princess after zuko’s change of sides and was appointed to be fire lord when ozai declared himself phoenix king (though ozai had probably never not intended for azula to take power).
and SW had always loved adora far more than catra, which caused catra to become desperate for SW’s approval and affection later on. similarly, ursa clearly favored zuko over azula (though ursa loved azula more than SW did catra), and towards the end & in the comics, it was shown that azula was greatly scarred because she didn’t receive the same love and acceptance her mother gave zuko. they were given attention from those who didn’t really know how to care, rather than from the one they needed it most, which is partially why they turned out the way they did.
Adora & Zuko
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
which brings me to compare adora and zuko. they both originally believed that they and their people were doing the right thing because they were raised into it and didn’t know anything else, and even on the “bad” side they still had morals. adora was always taught that princesses were evil so she didn’t know otherwise, and she honestly thought that the horde would never do something as terrible as destroy a village. zuko thought the fire nation was just trying to spread their prosperity to the rest of the world and was quick to speak out against a general who wanted to sacrifice a whole division of soldiers and betray their patriotism for their country.
however, they both realized what the horde/fire nation were doing was wrong and decided to join the other side and fight against their origins to help the world yayayay.
and in relation to catra/azula. adora definitely holds onto the friendship she had with catra more and for longer, but ultimately, adora and zuko hold a soft spot for catra and azula because they’re family even if things between them got v fucked up.
and sure they have a lot of personality differences but the most important similarity: they’re my hilariously awkward children (they’re like, the people who don’t understand memes, change my mind).
Scorpia & Ty Lee
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
part of a trio. pretty badass despite being generally very happy and upbeat. scorpia/ty lee admire but fear catra/azula. scorpia thinks catra’s amazing and values their friendship more than anything, but catra has still threatened her and has shown that she won’t hesitate to take her friends out. scorpia’s starting to see catra growing darker. ty lee calls azula the “most beautiful, smartest, perfect girl in the world” (though this is probably because azula just likes to be worshipped and ty lee’s afraid of her lol) and once regarded azula as her friend, but azula too has proven that she will take down anyone who opposes her. ty lee eventually betrays her to save mai...js 👀
Entrapta & Mai
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
iconic hair last part of the trio. ik they have very different personalities. but mai was zuko’s girlfriend, and entrapta was first loyal to adora & the princesses. they both felt betrayed by these people because zuko abandoned their relationship to leave and help the avatar, and entrapta was abandoned when everyone thought she was killed. mai was loyal to azula and their elite trio team, and entrapta remained in catra’s trio to help her. but again, eventually, mai betrays azula because she loves and is more loyal to zuko. honestly, entrapta doesn’t seem to understand alignment, just science exploration. but in season three, she realized their plans could ruin the whole world and sides with adora that they can’t go through with it. catra attacks entrapta and azula almost attacks mai, had it not been for ty lee.
just a thought but entrapta, mayyybe scorpia, will join the other side upon seeing that catra’s going a lil psycho and too far, which would ofc make her even more crazy and untrusting, like azula.
anyways, this was all just a thought and these were some similarities I couldn’t stop thinking about. ik everyone’s out there hoping for catra’s zuko redemption arc, but she seems like she’ll end up more like azula. ‘course, just cuz she mirrors azula doesn’t mean they have to give her the same ending. yknoww we’ll see.
(also a lot of this was probably a stretch i’m soRRY)
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spookyrobbins · a year ago
don’t go (where i can’t follow) 
pairing: catra x adora 
following shadow weaver's escape, catra's future looks doomed. but with the appearance of her past self and adora, maybe catra can save them and herself.
chapter one. 
time makes you bolder 
links: ao3
Catra let her claws dig idly into the metal walls, a general lack of care permeating her entire being. Everything had crashed down around her. It was only a matter of time before Hordak realized that Shadow Weaver had escaped because Catra was weak, because she was useless. 
She was going to die and nobody would even care to mourn her. Well, maybe Scorpia would. But that was just one more thing that Catra tainted with her darkness. Scorpia represented the only light within the Horde and Catra ruined her. Months ago, she recognized that Scorpia had some silly notion of a crush and she let it continue. It was nice, ya know. To have somebody want you, to look out for you. But she never actively encouraged it. 
No, Catra was too broken for love, too broken for simple affection. Even Scorpia, who was so painfully gentle and thoughtful and kind, elicited a primal response when she touched her. Every fibre of Catra’s being fought against the touch of another. She didn’t deserve anything. 
She veered away from the corridor that would take her directly to her room. Might as well enjoy her last bit of freedom before Hordak inevitably called for her head. 
Would anyone miss her when she was gone? Scorpia would, even though Catra had always kept her at arms’ length. Entrapta barely emerged from her experiments these days long enough to breathe, let alone realize that Catra was gone. 
And Adora, well, that ship sailed long ago. Catra broke their everything. She destroyed it until she thought it would cut into her with every breath. But that only made it worse. Adora hated her. Just like Catra hated her. Adora and her dumb friends would celebrate Catra’s end. Yes, it was for the best. It had to be. Adora could be all bright and shiny and good, while Catra slipped into endless darkness. 
It was just like Shadow Weaver had always said, “You will only drag Adora down.” 
Guess that wouldn’t be a problem anymore. Funny, how Shadow Weaver always won. No matter what Catra did or didn’t do, where she hid, where she ran, Shadow Weaver always got her in the end. Catra never won, ever. She had fleeting moments of victory, but they were always stolen away, be it by Adora or Shadow Weaver or just fucking life. There was no victory for Catra in this lifetime. 
Her chest ached painfully, so much so she paused to lean against a wall, rubbing desperately at her breastbone as if to will the pain away. 
She was going to die today. 
She was never going to see Adora again. 
She would never get to tell Adora- 
“No,” she hissed at herself, anger bubbling over. “No, don’t.” 
But thoughts of Adora pushed their way to the forefront of her mind. Adora’s bright blue eyes that always found hers no matter where they were. Her stupid smile that made Catra’s heart hurt. Her dumb voice and her dumb ideas. Her laugh, her laugh that Catra could just barely remember. All she could hear was Adora’s screams of pain as she raked her claws down her back or her screams when she realized that Catra had kidnapped her new friends. The friends that she clearly valued more than Catra. 
Why couldn’t Catra remember her laugh? It had been perfect. 
But like everything else, it was gone. 
A peal of youthful laughter rang out down a side corridor, causing Catra’s head to snap towards the sound. It sounded almost like, but it wasn’t. 
And there shouldn’t be any cadets in this area. 
Catra moved silently towards the hallway, which she was fairly positive was a dead end. But when she turned the corner, the space was deserted. Her eyes flicked up towards the vent where a small tail curled back into the vent. 
A tail? Who else had a tail like that? 
Casting a furtive glance over her shoulder, Catra hauled herself into the vents. Admittedly, it had been a while since she moved through the vents, but she knew them like the back of her hand. 
A shuffling noise drew her attention forward and she crawled along the vents towards the source. 
“‘Dora, c’mon, focus.” 
“‘m tryin’, kitty, you’re goin’ too fast!”
At the sound of the small voices, Catra’s heart stuttered, her breath catching uncomfortably in her chest. It was just a hallucination. She was going crazy. It was inevitable, of course. Or maybe this was some more magic bullshit like in that stupid temple.
She clearly was projecting voices in her head because she missed Adora. No, she didn’t miss Adora, she missed the memory of Adora. That would explain it. 
Two distinct thuds echoed back up the vents, one barely discernible even with her superior hearing, the other almost masked by the yelp of pain. Catra pushed forward until the top of her head was just hanging out of the vent. 
Sure enough, little her and little Adora huddled together as she checked out a bruise on Adora’s elbow. 
“You’ve just gotta land on your feet next time, ‘Dora.” The little version of her wiped at little Adora’s cheeks, sticking out her tongue in an attempt to make little Adora laugh. The sound of that laugh nearly brought tears to Catra’s eyes. “Hey! What’re you doing here?” A set of mismatched eyes stared up at her, the little one’s mouth falling open as they stared back. 
Catra scrambled back in the vent. A hallucination shouldn’t be able to see her. Not really. Right? Stars, this magic stuff sucked. Had she finally lost it, like Shadow Weaver always said she would? Always said she was no better than an animal. 
“Hey, you look like me.” The little version of her, the hallucination, popped up in the mouth of the vent, her eyes squinted nearly shut. 
“You can see me?” 
“Uh, duh, dummy. Why do you look like me?” 
“Catra! What are you doing?” 
“Talking to the lady in the vents!” The younger Catra yelled back, her voice bouncing loudly. 
“Hordak, keep your voice down, moron,” Catra hissed. “What are you two doing?” 
The little Catra looked away from her for a moment before hauling herself into the vent. “Um, hiding from Shadow Weaver.” 
“No, duh.” 
“Catra!” came Adora’s shrill voice, even louder than before. 
Catra grabbed the little version of her, shoving her behind her. Bracing her feet against the sides of the vents, she let her upper body hang down. “Okay, look, Adora, I need you to keep it down okay. I’ll give you a lift and we’ll sort this out.” 
“Catra?” Adora called warily, taking a half step towards Catra. 
“Don’t trust her! She’s a grown-up!” called back little Catra, who was apparently a total brat. Catra kicked out at her, making solid contact with herself? Well, she kicked the little Catra, who let out an angry hiss. 
Catra motioned with one hand to the little blonde, tamping down her irritation with the older version. “Come here.” Adora shuffled forwards slightly, just beyond Catra’s reach. A noise startled both of them outside the door. There was a quiet tune being whistled and the jangle of keys. “Adora, seriously, come here.” 
“I don’t know you.” 
“I’m a Force Captian and I’m giving you a direct order,” she said in a desperate attempt to appeal to the girl’s intense loyalty and respect for superior officers. Well, the loyalty that existed at that age. 
“Really?” Adora cast a doubtful look her way, one that Catra was all too familiar with. But she could deal with her issues with Adora later. After she dealt with the weird hallucinations that were apparently solid. And there wasn’t really a later for her anyway, so whatever. 
“Yes, really, now come here.” Adora took another half-step forward, which was just enough to allow Catra to grab her shirt and all but toss her up into the vent. She had barely gotten little Adora up when the door swung open and a maintenance woman appeared. 
“Coulda swore I heard something,” the woman muttered to herself before shaking her head and getting back to work. 
Catra exhaled sharply as she dragged little Adora with her. Little Catra, naturally, was less inclined to stay with an unknown adult and had wandered off in the vents. She could faintly smell the girl, but it was hard to distinguish from her own scent. “I’m going to kill myself when I get her, me, whatever,” hissed Catra. “Catra, Catra, this is so not the time for this.” A tail flicked out of sight behind a bend. Glancing over her shoulder to make sure she still had little Adora, Catra took off after the increasingly irritating version of her. 
She managed to snag a fleeing ankle, pulling the girl back towards her. Little Catra dug her claws into the metal, but they weren’t quite strong enough yet to stop her. She kicked out a foot, catching Catra in the ear. 
“Catra, stop, stop.” 
“Let me go! I don’t wanna go to Shadow Weaver! Please!” Catra let the girl roll onto her back but grabbed her shoulders before she could do any more harm. “I’ll be good, I swear.” 
What was left of Catra’s broken heart crumbled in her chest at the look of terror in her younger self’s eyes. How many times had she tried to hide from Shadow Weaver and her magic, only to be caught out and desperately plead to not be turned in. But nobody ever looked out for the weird, scrawny kid with ears. Everyone was infinitely more scared of Shadow Weaver than her and in the Horde, only those with a strong survival instinct make it. 
Hey, hey, I’m not taking you to that bitch. Not in a million years. I’m taking you guys somewhere safe so we can sort this all out.” She hesitated for a moment, relaxing back and giving the girl some space. “I promise I’ll keep you safe, just like Adora.” 
“Yeah, kid, I promise.” Catra swallowed against the painful lump forming in her throat. The little girl in front of her just so desperately wanted someone to protect her, to save her. 
“Yeah,” both versions answered, moving to look at little Adora. Their heads snapped back to look at each other. 
“I’ll explain later. We need to figure this out. And I’m on a bit of a tight schedule at the moment.” Her breath caught in her chest at the thought of her looming fate. If Hordak knew what had happened, it was only a matter of time before he came after her. And that would be it for her. “Let’s get out of these vents.”
Little Catra dropped down easily, but little Adora refused to move, her tiny hands clutching at the sides of the vent. 
Fighting the urge to roll her eyes, Catra lowered herself down, holding her arms up for Adora. “Adora, just jump into my arms, I’ll catch you, I swear.” 
Little Adora’s eyes flickered between her arms and little Catra before nodding abruptly. “1, 2, 3!” Little Adora launched herself out of the vent, managing to kick Catra in the face in the process, but Catra still managed to steady them. 
“I suppose I kinda deserve that these days,” she mumbled under her breath as she set little Adora down. The two little girls rushed to each others’ side, their hands naturally falling together. Catra gave herself a little shake. It didn’t matter anymore. “Okay, right. We’re gonna go back to my room and we’ll figure out how you guys got here. I need you two to stay as stealthy as possible.” The last thing she needed was Hordak finding these two little girls. An idea surfaced as to keep the girls quiet, but it made her skin crawl. But her issues weren’t important right now. “Stay quiet so Shadow Weaver doesn’t find us, okay?” 
The look of pure terror that appeared in her younger self’s eyes caused a wave of nausea to nearly overtake her, but she pushed it down. She couldn’t even bring herself to watch as little Adora pulled little Catra closer as if her arms could protect them from the world. 
“Alright, follow me.” 
“Yes, Force Captain.” Adora half-heartedly saluted, her bottom lip trembling. 
A smile curved up both Catra’s faces at that. Catra beckoned them forward, moving quietly towards the end of the corridor. 
“D’ya hear that, ‘Dora, I’m a Force Captain!” 
Catra wheeled on them, her eyes flashing dangerously. “What did I just say?” 
“Stealthy as possible, ma’am,” responded little Adora while little Catra just rolled her eyes. Catra bit back a chuckle at that. She couldn’t wait to tell Adora… oh wait, she was most likely going to die. In like an hour. Never mind. No more telling Adora anything.  
“Suck up,” coughed little Catra. 
“Both of you, quiet.” The odd trio moved down another set of corridors before they encountered another person. Little Catra was quick to blend into the shadows, but Adora let out a yelp of fear, freezing in the middle of the hallway. Catra scooped her into her arms, pressing them against the cold steel. Little Catra’s tail wrapped nervously around the older one’s leg while her claws caught against Catra’s trousers. 
Meanwhile, little Adora’s hands clutched at her hair as she pressed her face into Catra’s neck. Catra squeezed her eyes shut as the familiar smell of Adora washed over her. Catra kept them as close to the small corner formed by the thick pipes, providing some cover. If they were lucky, it would just be the typical Horde goons, who were generally clueless anyway. 
Two guards stomped down the hallway, chatting amongst themselves when their radio chimed. “Alert level 3, Hordak wants Force Captain Catra in his chambers. She is not to leave the building.” 
One of the guards spoke into it, “Affirmative, we’ll find the brat.” 
His companion chuckled darkly, “Wonder what Hordak wants with that mongrel?” 
“Fuck if I know. She has it coming.” 
Catra’s claws curled into her free hand, nearly breaking the skin. Another set of claws bit into her legs as her younger self let out an almost feral hiss. She could feel the little girl starting to move out of the shadows, and there was little she could do with Adora in her arms. Desperately, she let out a low, warning trill, hoping the somehow it would make sense to the girl. Little Catra started slightly at the noise, but settled back into the darkness.  
Once the men turned the corner, Catra motioned for her to follow her. She almost set little Adora down before deciding that it would be faster just to carry her. Adora, especially at that age, had an unfortunate habit of stomping around even if she was trying to be stealthy. Catra forced away the slight feeling of relief she got from holding Adora again, even if she was like seven or whatever, as they hurried down the corridors. 
They passed another set of patrols, the three of them crammed in a supply closet. Little Catra had started to sneeze, but Catra covered her mouth and nearly smacked little her when she bit into her hand. 
Finally, after what felt like a lifetime, they made it to her room. Clearly, someone had been looking for her already. Every item was upturned and tossed about, even the files that Scorpia had meticulously organized for her. Because obviously that would be where she was hiding. She rolled her eyes at the incompetence of Hordak’s goons. At least she was intelligent despite what Shadow Weaver had always said. 
Settling the two girls on her destroyed bed, she set about packing a bag. She needed to get out of the Fright Zone, and fast. Hordak didn’t make it a habit of listening to his failed underlings and if he found the little girls, she shuddered to think what he’d do with them. Well, at least do with little her, little Adora might be fine based on the leverage she’d provide. 
“How old are you two right now?” She asked as she stuffed as many blankets into a rucksack. 
The two glanced nervously at each other before Adora answered, “Six, maybe seven? Shadow Weaver only tells me when I’m a year older, so I dunno about Catra.” 
Catra exhaled slowly, trying to balance the panic. Now was not the time to deal with her Shadow Weaver complex. “Did anything weird happen before I found you?” 
“Uh...I don’t think so?” 
“There was a weird popping noise. I heard it. I told you, ‘Dora, I have better ears than you.” 
“They’re just bigger than mine.” 
“Kiddos, now isn’t the time for this. How many ration bars do you two have in your pockets?” 
“None!” Little Catra responded instantly, shoving a sharp elbow into Adora’s side. Catra raised one eyebrow at them. “I’ve got four and ‘Dora’s got two.” 
“Clever girls,” Catra said with a grin. The look on her younger self’s face tugged at her, but she had to stay focused. If she didn’t move quickly, none of them would be getting out of here. 
“Are we going somewhere?” Little Adora asked, her hands twisting in her lap. 
“Uh-huh,” Catra hummed as she stuffed both her and Adora’s Horde-issued knifes into the bag before thinking better of it. “Here, take these.” She handed them to the little girls. 
“Force Captain, we’re not allowed knives.” 
“This is sick!” 
“Shush, both of you, unless you wanna get caught.”
“By Shadow Weaver?” Little Catra asked, her voice wavering. 
Catra let out a shuddering breath. “Worse, Hordak.” 
That seemed to shut them both up quickly. Catra glanced around her room once more. It wasn’t as if she had any belongings of her own anyway. Except for some of the silly pictures and notes Scorpia had left her. Crap, Scorpia. There wasn’t time to find her and she was too conspicuous. 
Grabbing one of her many unfinished reports, she scrawled a note out. 
Sorry, Scorpia. I have to go. I’ll explain later. I’ll see you again. 
She hesitated for a long moment before adding, I’ll miss the super pal trio.  
“You two ready?” The two girls nodded, although little Adora looked terrified that they were leaving while little Catra couldn’t look more thrilled. As they snuck out the room, Catra supposed that this would’ve been her dream at that age. Some mysterious stranger coming and rescuing her from the Horde, taking her away from the darkness. 
After little Adora tripped loudly over a loose screw, Catra picked her up again, hushing her gently as they snuck through the hallways. Adora’s fingers curled around the straps of the rucksack while Catra held her tight with one arm. 
There were even more patrols than before, and if Catra’s instincts were correct, they were all looking for her. She just had to get to the hanger and they’d be fine. Where they’d go after that? She wasn’t sure. 
As they reached the hanger, Catra keyed in her code with her free hand, glancing over her shoulder for any incoming guards. Once the door slid open, she set little Adora down. 
“Okay, I’m going in first and then you two run for the first skiff on the left. Keep quiet and keep to the shadows. Don’t let anyone catch you.” 
“What are you gonna do?” Little Adora stared up at her with those damned blue eyes and Catra’s chest ached. 
Catra let a smirk twist her mouth. “I’m going to make sure nobody can follow us.” 
“Are you sure we should be running away?” 
“Yes, Adora, it’s the only way to keep you two, and me, alive at this point. Don’t worry it’ll be fine.” 
“Yeah, ‘Dora, it’ll be fine,” her younger self mimicked with an eyeroll. 
Catra crouched down to their level. “And, if it looks like I’m not gonna get out of here, you two take the skiff and go. Head towards Brightmoon.” The pair’s eyes went round as saucers. “Ask for She-ra. She’ll take care of you.” 
“Brightmoon? But, but there’s princesses there.” Little Adora’s mouth fell open in abject horror. Catra wished she could’ve gotten a photo just to rub it in her, er, present Adora’s face. 
“It’ll be fine, kiddos.” She winked at them over her shoulder before sneaking into the hanger. Checking briefly to make sure the little ones had actually listened to her, she turned back towards the small number of Horde soldiers hanging about. After watching little her help Adora onto the skiff, Catra made her way to the control office. 
As she suspected, Hordak struggled to control the day-to-day operations without his second-in-command, so no one had removed her credentials from the system. With a few keystrokes, she locked the landing gears on the rest of the skiffs and was in the process of disabling the guidances systems of the larger vessels when the door burst open. 
“Ha! Knew I’d find you in here! Always were a coward, huh, kitty cat?” Octavia loomed in the doorway, her one good eye gleaming with perverse pleasure. 
“Hey, Octavia, how’re things looking these days?” Catra backed off the control panel, but not without tearing at the guidance system with her claws. “Are you sure you want to do this? You’ve only got one eye left.” 
Octavia let out a scream before lunging at Catra. Catra launched herself over the older woman, managing to scrape her claws along the top of her head in the process. She darted out of the control room but found the small group of guards waiting for her with an unfortunate assortment of stun sticks and guns. 
“Aw crap.” 
Her eyes darted around the room, but it was too open. There wasn’t much in the way of barriers to stop a well-placed blaster shot. She was screwed. This was it. 
“Hands up, traitor,” one of the men yelled, brandishing his gun violently. 
In that split second, Catra decided it would be better to go out fighting than however Hordak wanted to torture her. She started to lunge towards the guards when a tentacle caught her around the neck. She thrashed desperately against Octavia, her claws slashing at whatever she could reach. 
“What are you morons waiting for, shoot her!” Octavia screamed as she pulled Catra into a headlock. “Aw, look, mongrel, there’s no one here to save you now. Your dumb little girlfriend’s not he-” 
The ground shook violently as one of the tanks went off. The shot seemed to land just in the middle of the guards, scattering them. Muffled curses and cries of pain echoed in the hanger. 
Catra sunk her teeth into one of Octavia’s tentacles with as much force as she could muster, causing the woman to drop her. She spat out the chunk of tentacle she had taken with her in disgust. 
“Wooohooo! Told you I could use a tank, ‘Dora!” Catra’s focus snapped to the tank that had fired and sure enough, there the little version of her was peering out of the tank. “Hey, you guys!” She called to the disoriented guards. Those who were still standing turned to face the seven-year-old in the tank only to be immediately hit with another barrage. 
“I swear to whoever, I’m going to kill that girl,” Catra hissed as she bounded across the hanger, avoiding the guards lying prone on the ground. “Catra, get out of the damned tank!” 
“This is so cool!” 
Catra scaled the tank easily, grabbing the little girl by the scruff of her neck and pulling her from the tank. “You can play with tanks when you’re older.” Catra tucked her under her arm and ran as fast as she could towards the skiff, but it was so far away and the kid was slowing her down. 
An impact behind her nearly singed off her tail as she leapt forward to avoid the projectiles from what had to have been a grenade launcher. Searing heat curled up her spine as a skiff she sprinted past caught alight. 
Octavia stumbled forward, a frighteningly large gun in her remaining tentacles. With a fearsome scowl on her face, she aimed it towards Catra. Her heart skipped a beat as she tried to speed up. Then Octavia moved it towards the skiff and Catra’s heart practically stopped. 
“Adora! Get going! Go! Take off!” She screamed, veering off towards where she hoped the skiff would end up. Thankfully, as always, Adora was very prepared and the skiff slightly unsteadily moved out of the hanger. 
It was floating just a few feet out of the hanger, but if Catra mistimed the jump, she and her little self would have a very long drop down and even a cat can’t land on her feet from that height. 
She could vaguely hear her little self whimpering under her arm while Octavia’s gun revved up behind them. With a short inhale, Catra launched herself at the skiff, digging her three sets of remaining claws into the metal with a groan. Barely steadying herself, she let her younger self go and shoved little Adora off the rudder. Pushing all her weight into the rudder, she forced the skiff to drop elevation rapidly in time for Octavia’s projectile to whistle past their heads into the muck of the Fright Zone. 
 The two girls clutched at each other desperately, their eyes shimmering with tears as Catra pressed on the gas. The skiff shuddered momentarily before shooting forward. 
Her breath didn’t even out until they reached the empty green space that divided the Fright Zone from that stupid forest. They just had to get into the forest and then they’d be safe. 
“Old me let me drive a tank! Can you believe it, ‘Dora?” Little Catra was the first to speak as the skiff sped over the land, her hands still clutching at little Adora’s shirt. 
Catra bit her cheek at the memory of saying almost those exact same words to the present day Adora last year. These two were so innocent and happy. And everything would eventually go wrong and they’d want to kill each other. 
While Catra would want to kill Adora, but she wasn’t sure if Adora actually felt the same way. It sure seemed like she did when she went all glowy giant lady, but just plain Adora… that was a different story. Catra shook her head violently. That wasn’t important. What was important was getting the kids away from the Fright Zone. Even the thought of what Hordak might have done if he had discovered the younger versions of his failed second-in-command and the princess who had been tormenting his forces was darker than Catra wanted to let her mind go. He lacked the delicate manipulation of Shadow Weaver, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t cause a world of hurt. 
“I didn’t let you drive a tank, you dummy. You just went ahead and started firing.” 
“Well, Octavia is a dumb face.” 
Catra chuckled, steering the skiff towards the forest, “That she is, kid. That she is.”
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doublepasse-writes · 2 years ago
A Scorpia and Catra interaction I need to see in s4 :
“Scorpia? What are you doing?”
Scorpia didn’t turn around. Her shoulders tensed but she nodded to herself. She had made up her mind. “I’m packing.”
“Packing?” Catra shook her head, her tail swishing with discomfort. “To go where? I knew you liked it back in the Crimson Waste but I didn’t think you’d feel homesick,” she chuckled.
Sadness filled Scorpia’s heart at the mention of the desert. That place, where they could have been happy. That time, when Scorpia’s heart wasn’t yet broken. When Catra hadn’t crossed any line yet. 
“No, Catra. I’m not going to the Crimson Waste.”
Scorpia threw the bag over her shoulders. She walked passed a dumbfounded Catra, averting her gaze from her. 
“Where are you--” Catra didn’t finish her sentence. Because she knew. Of course she knew. But she didn’t want to see it. There were so many things Catra didn’t want to see. “You can’t!” She grabbed Scorpia’s arm. Scorpia flinched, but she didn’t stop. Catra had to go around her and block the way out of her room. 
“Catra, step aside.”
“No!” she yelled. Her voice had this vulnerable pitch that always made Scorpia sorry before. It used to make her want to hug the catgirl and rock her until the sorrow went away. But Catra had made it clear that she didn’t want it to go away. She didn’t want to heal. 
“Catra, either you let me go to Beast Island, or you come with me. But I’m going, no matter what you do.”
Her voice was softer than intended. But it was also resolute, and Catra felt it. Her mismatched eyes expressed conflict. Conflict and fear. Maybe... Maybe Scorpia could convince her, if she tried enough. 
But she was tired of trying. 
“So,” Scorpia said with a sigh. “What will it be?”
Catra blinked then snarled. She had already turned her vulnerability into rage. She was so good at that. “She betrayed me! She deserved her punishment, and now you want to betray me too?!”
Scorpia pursed her lips. She wasn’t one to get angry, but if Catra kept pushing it, she would be surprised. “I don’t want to betray you, I just want to go save my friend.”
“And you would leave me behind for that!” Catra’s voice broke. Oh no, Scorpia was not in the mood for a guilt trip. But at the sight of those tears prickling at the corner of those yellow and blue eyes... She couldn’t help it. She would try one last time to convince her.
“Come with me then,” Scorpia pleaded, “come with me so we can fix this.”
Catra’s eye twitched. Scorpia had a feeling she was currently reminiscing some unpleasant memory involving a certain blonde princess. Of course. It always went back to her. It was always about her.
“I should have known all princesses were the same,” Catra spat. “I should have never trusted you!” She shouted. “You said you’d stay with me no matter what happened! You promised!”
“All lies! Everybody always lies to me, and abandons me! I’m sick of it!”
She unsheathed her claws and swiped at Scorpia, who caught her arm in her pincers thanks to her reflexes. She pinned Catra to the wall, which surprised her so much she gasped and looked up in fear. 
“I don’t want to abandon you Catra,” Scorpia said in a teary tone, “but Entrapta needs me. I can’t give up on her.”
“I need you!” Catra yelled. “I let you in, and now I need you, and you’re leaving for her?!”
“You sent her to DIE!” Scorpia shouted. Catra’s ears drooped at the sight of the fire in Scorpia’s eyes. The scorpion princess was really angry now. “You betrayed her, Catra!”
“I didn’t!”
“Yes, you did! You tazed her! You banished her! You opened the portal, and you didn’t even care if it would send us all to our death!” Scorpia sniffled, blinking her tears away. She hated when she got mad like this. “You didn’t even care about me...”
“Scorpia...” Catra looked guilty, finally. But Scorpia was not over.
“If you’re looking for someone to blame for all the shit that happened to you these last few days, just take a look in the mirror! You fucked it all up!”
“I had to-- I had to win!” 
“Win what?! Huh?! Tell me, Catra, what would you have won if Adora hadn’t saved us all?”
“Ooh, so now you want to join her, of course,” she snickered darkly. “You’re going to bow before our great savior and blame it all on mean evil Catra!”
“It’s not like-- You know what?” Scorpia loosened her grip on her friend. “I’m done.” 
In a swift move, she cuffed Catra’s hands and tied her to the bed before she could react. She knew Catra would try to stop her. Scorpia opened the door and stepped outside. She heard outraged screams and the sound of something heavy being dragged on the metal ground.
“That’s right, leave.” Catra had managed to tug the bed until she could show her face through the door. One glance over her shoulder, and Scorpia saw that she was crying. She focused on the path ahead quickly, not looking back. It would hurt too much. “I’m better off on my own anyway! You’re an even worse disappointment than Adora after all!”
Scorpia stopped. She put a pincer to her chest, as if it could ease the feeling of her heart being stabbed to death. She turned around slowly, peering into Catra’s expectant and fearful eyes. The feline woman was out of breath. She was waiting for Scorpia’s reaction. What exactly was she expecting? How could she think it would bring Scorpia back at her sides?
Was it how Adora felt all those times Catra hurt her? 
“Catra,” Scorpia whispered. “I think you should start to wonder why everybody’s leaving you.”
Scorpia saw the despair and the pain on her face. But she couldn’t feel guilty about it. Scorpia was hurting too. She couldn’t stand to see Catra destroying herself and everyone around anymore. 
Besides, she had someone to save. 
So, she walked away, ignoring the one she loved so much crying and raging behind her.  
She walked away, feeling her heart bleed more and more each step that brought her closer to the skiff she was about to steal. 
She walked away, knowing there was no going back to the Horde after that. 
There was no going back to Catra. 
Scorpia cried a lot that night on her way to Beast Island. 
A/N : ok I know it was harsh, but I really need Scorpia to lose it and stand for herself. I’m sure she’s going to be the key for Catra to put herself into question. 
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