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Did I really just purchase, play and finish DEEMO in a day and immediately drew artwork based on the song ‘Knight of Firmament’ that isn’t even technically from DEEMO but Cytus Chapter K instead and DIDN’T actually draw DEEMO or Cytus fanart and instead drew Arthur since I think the song suits him like REALLY well???

Yes, yes I did just do all that

Knight of Firmament -

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Things are progressing!

After finishing the blanket last week, I really needed a break to just work on small things. So I made a beaded bag. And then kept making beaded bags.

After taking my first (bottom right) into work to ask people what they might pay for something like it, I learned one of my supervisors is a sells handmade cards. Now she wants me to remake my f.acebook account and join her crafting group to help promote my crochet. I really don’t know what to say.

So after finishing the third bag and completely making a fourth bag today, I went back and finally finished the cape portion of my hooded cape! It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be (the neck is a little hard to see in the sample pictures). That extra little bit at the top I’d where the buttons go.

Tomorrow I’ll start the hood which, considering I’ve made a fair share of crocodile stitch hoods, shouldn’t be too hard. I already want to make another one, if nothing else because I want a different color. I had hoped this blue world grow on me, but it’s the same color as my jeans, which makes me not want to wear it with them. I know this line of yarn has a teal that might be nice, or I could go classic and make it red… grey is also always an option… what do you all think?

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hey sorry i would just like to clarify ! are you asking for a caleb gay/genderfluid one and then a molly gay/genderfluid one (or like caleb gay / molly genderfluid) i just wanna double check because im not comfortable making a gay man one for molly due to him being canonically bisexual !

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I’ve officially started my Nari costume. I’m making the wig right now and there is yarn everywhere (i can’t find a thick front lace wig). Normally I’d use EVA to sculpt things like the horns but I may have to use upholstery foam and coat it with paper machete

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THE GHULLS’S LEGACY                                         

Author: Ms Izabel  Langlais February 2019    

Photos is from google library

This is a plot in progress and not yet completed by the author …  

Genre : Science-Fiction / Fantasy,  

Healing and God related topic  …

Have a preview …



Great Healing Universal Law

The Worlds were connected in this era

Trade of Gemstones from sites on earth ancient colony from __________ now one of Uranus moon

The  Ghulls or GHUL ancestry members work to protect the legacy end keep the peace in a chaotic World and Universe filled with brainwashed idiotic beings stealing even their own breath, incapable of any creation or invention of their own… the Abasurdys…filling the planet with terror and blood shed on the ground…filling every new victim with their illusions to control them to their own agenda… 

The dinausaurs were sent to defend the Ghulls and the sites… and of course the visitors from the sky GHUL ancestry members too, came trading every  5 years in the mid-Fall of our Roman calendar…After centuries the trip became more difficult for them as the pull toward Uranus was getting them farther and farther from us here on Earth and on Mars… after a while crossing the Trojan Belt was going to be inevitable and no one knew if that world would make it through to the other side intact…and contact was lost forever then…leaving each Ghulls colony to their own device to protect the Legacy and Peace from their own separated planets on Earth, Mars, and on __________now gone…

The world became cold without them and dark…and many disappeared from this lack of light and then food…the Abasurdys attacks…extermination was their sports…were incessing and then Mars vanished too in the dark and cold…Earth Ghulls were alone … few still survived and closer to the sun and farther from Uranus they got a better chance…the planet got a better chance…water stayed liquid and plants and living animals or else …became smaller but survived… the Ghulls hided … and waited…waited…waited…then the ground started to warm up and the sky to clear up…it was word that from the Abasurdys had split a lineage that was good…more peaceful and with love in their heart…there were word that some had escaped their own and were tracked just as much to be different and fight with them…the Abasurdys were praying on their own…some strange evolution trick from God had happened and there were good beings trying to survive everywhere…the Ghulls were needed again and these would be the ones they will pass the knowledge too…they Thanked god for his evolution miracles…even them didn’t predicted it…prayed for their own lost on Mars and in the sky that they make it too to the other side…through the Belt…

The Ghulls found the new beings and helped them guiding them in secret first…then to organised themselves in groups…to defend themselves…to build from the soil…they help them build protection places when an attacked arrived…immense protection places…and they passed the knowledge to them…and the Ghulls were protecting and passing on the Legacy again and helping keeping the peace…for thousands of years from there…

One day it was heard…that they had found the colony disappeared with the new telescope…they were now a moon of Uranus…they had made it through the Trojan Belt…another miracle they thanked God for… woudn’t they wished to be able to gather again and exchanged on their each survival and journey…

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still trying to decide what Rosemary’s dress will look like, but I like these inks so far. Sometimes it is absolutely bonkers to me, how much I’ve progressed in the past 3 years.

(If we’re being classy, his other hand is on her lower back. If we’re not, well…)

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