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icantspeakspanish · a day ago
How Osamu, Kuroo and Yachi would react if they’d lose you in a store
A/n: came back to life just in time for Halloween ig 😭
Requests: open <3
Warnings: none, but lmk if there r any as always
Gender: gender neutral
Osamu x Reader // Yachi x Reader // Kuroo x Reader
Osamu Miya
Tumblr media
Tbh i am convinced that he wont even notice in the first ten minutes
Most things on the list is not even for himself, he owed Atsumu something…🤡
when he does notice, he wont be concerned AT FIRST
He thinks you’re just as weird as his brother
bc I headcanon that atsumu used to hide as a kid while grocery shopping to piss off their parents🤕
But when you’re still not back after like another ten minutes, he‘ll panic in silence
Bystanders just see a Miya twin ALMOST running through the groceries, tryna look casual 💀💀
Wants to kick you the moment he finds you
„where the hell were YOU?!“
Tetsurou Kuroo
Tumblr media
As soon as this fucker notices that you’re not next to him anymore, he‘ll go to the cashier to call your ass out
like he could fr know where you are, he‘d still do that
Or he yells
Both is hell😭
„Poopsie? WHEre are you my Snuggluffagus??“
„👹cOmE BaCk My DEarESt LiTtLe pOo Po—👹“
Please. For the love of whatever you believe in- don’t EVER visit a store with this man when he is in a „funny“ mood
Hitoka Yachi
Tumblr media
Ayo how did you—
Yachi is almost always in touch with you so like
How did you vanish 😀
She almost screams bloody murder when she turns around with something in her hands that she wanted to show you and you’re just GONE
Yachi gives like three people a whole ass description of you AND texts the karasuno gc that she lost you
Then she sees you standing there, comparing things like milk BAHAHA
You’re just like 😟❓ while this poor baby clings to your waist🧍🏼
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atsumwah · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
too little too late
Tumblr media
featuring : suna rintaro x reader (they/them pronouns used. correct me if there's a mistake!)
genre : angst
notes : hello !! so this is my first piece of @rintah0e 's and mine fic collab! it was fun getting out of my comfort zone and writing angst, especially for the master of angst aka bby senn🤧 anyways i hope u enjoy it <33 reblogs are appreciated bbs mwahh
Tumblr media
suna hates this.
he hates the way he always catches your figure from across the room, hates the way you don't even notice his eyes trying to meets yours, hates how he can vividly see you intertwining your hands with the man he wished he could be right now. 
he hates how he shouldn't be feeling this way but he can't help it. even after all these years, he can't help but still be in love with you. 
and to top it all of, he hates how unfair it was for all these feelings to emerge from deep within him on the most important day of your life.
"want another drink?" he turned his head towards atsumu who was holding two drinks in his hand. he didn't hesitate to take it.
"don't mind if I do." he gulped it down in one go, then wiped his mouth with the back of his sleeve. 
"you need to let them go, man." his body stilled at the blonde's words. "it's not fair for them or for you."
"I can't." he sighs, admitting it out loud. it's not like I wanted to feel this way. 
"you had no problem doing it before."
"don't."his head immediately turned towards the blonde setter, holding a finger up as a warning, "not now."
"why not?" atsumu faced him with his arms crossed in front of his chest. "look, I get that I'm your friend but what you did was a dick move and you know it. and suddenly now you're finally realizing that you're gonna lose them forever? where was this realization all those years ago?"
"miya, i said don't." he replied, trying to mask out the aching that's burning his chest now. 
"or what? you're gonna tell me to fuck off too?" he said, poking his tongue at the side of his cheek before continuing. "you know what, forget it. I don't know why I agreed to bring you here anyways." he said before walking away from the brunette.
suna rolled his eyes at him but knew that atsumu's words were true. why didn't he feel this way when he broke it off between you both years ago? why did he feel betrayed now, after seeing you with another man ready to start your new adventure in life? 
maybe it's finally hitting him that there's zero chance for him to be with you. maybe now there's absolutely zero chance for you to accept him in your life. maybe it's finally hitting him how stupid he was.
falling in love with you was unpredictable. for starters, you two hated each other. you both got off to the wrong foot and since suna had a way to push people's buttons— he made it quite easier for you to hate him. 
but that didn't stop him from finding your teasing self bearable the longer he knew you. it didn't stop him from looking forward to your presence each and every day in class, even if it was to annoy him.
and frankly it didn't stop him from looking at you differently as the days went by. 
maybe it was the way you styled your hair or the way you got so happy at a test result you got that day. maybe it was the way you smiled that made him involuntarily smile too. maybe it was the way he finds himself muttering "pretty" under his breath and realizing he said it when he was looking at you.
before he knew it, he fell in love with you and miraculously, you felt the same way about him too. 
he still remembers that particular day of how it all started. it was pouring when he spotted you walking home with an umbrella in hand. he remembers calling out your name and you stopping in your tracks to turn towards him. he remembers telling you he was in love with you. he remembers your goofy smile before you pulled him in a searing kiss.
he remembers being yours and thought that that was all he wanted in life. 
keyword : thought. 
as you both reached adulthood and were ready to take another step into your life, suna was beginning to have doubts. you were both in a happy place, yes, but for how long would that last? 
just as he remembered how it all started, he still remembers how it all ended.
"what the heck are you talking about?" you said, ways furrowing and lips in a tight line. "rin, you're joking right?"
"do i look like I'm joking to you?" he said, running his fingers through his hair. "I'm just saying, maybe a break would be a good thing. we're both going different directions anyways so it won't be hard for us to go." 
"hard? that's what you're afraid of? that it's going to be hard?" you said exasperatedly. "rin, of course it's going to be hard but that doesn't mean it's not possible.”
“I'm just being realistic here, y/n. one of us has to be.” he says, sighing as he faces you. 
you tensed as he used your first name, an occurrence that only happens when he’s deadly serious. 
“why are you so stubborn?
“If anything you're being stubborn here. you don't want to face the reality of—"
“of what? of you giving up on us?
"yes.” he said almost immediately. “If that's gonna make you get it then yes I am. just fuck off, y/n, jeez. " he snapped before he could even stopped himself to think about his words carefully.
he saw the way your eyes flickered to the ceiling, how your lips started to tremble and felt like he had gone too far. he sighed before walling towards you, reaching his hands out to hold onto yours— but the moment he was in your personal bubble, you backed away. you backed away as if he was something disgusting you didn't want to be near with.
a part of him shattered seeing you do that but he was just giving you the honest truth. it wasn't like he wanted for you both to break up. it was just inevitable. you were going off to college and he was starting his career and there was no way it could be worked. 
you were convenient to him.  you stayed around the same area, you meet each other at school everyday and all your dates were the places he's used to going anyways. but now, moving to another city, preferably having another life? how could it still work?
“I thought you loved me." you whispered, looking at him in disbelief. "after everything we did to get here, you're just gonna throw it all away?”
“we were teenagers." he said simply. "it's different now."
you forced out a chuckle. “that's your excuse? you're a coward, suna."
the sound of his last name coming from your lips sounded so foreign but he didn't back down. he couldn't. he was being rational. 
he walked over to you again and tried to reach for your hands but you kept stepping away from him. 
“I love you.” he said, voice barely a whisper. "I love you but it's just—"
“bullshit. if you loved me, you would have fought to make it work.”
you would've fought for us.
and those were your last words before you went on with your life. 
after that, he tried contacting you but you had his number and every social media account blocked. he didn't even know where you had moved and all of his friends refused to tell him your whereabouts too.
that was when it hit him that maybe he should have taken your advice and tried harder. 
because no matter how hard building his career was, it didn't come close as to how hard it was for him to forget about you. 
and maybe some part of him hoped to meet you again. some part of him hoped that one day he'd see you walking down the street and catch up to you like he always did when he was sixteen. maybe you wouldn't be mad at him anymore and you two could go grab a coffee to reconcile your relationship.  maybe you could've continued what you had and made it stronger because he knew now to never let you go. he won't. 
but it was too late. he was too late. 
because standing in front of him now is not someone he can hope for a future with. 
in fact, it's someone who's already planning on having a future— and he was nowhere in it. 
the big 'congratulations' banner hung on the wall was a painful reminder to him of how you're getting married soon. it was a reminder that you're officially someone else's. that you're officially unobtainable. you were on the verge of making memories with someone new, and he's stuck with the memories of the past. 
even when he looks at you now, it's nothing but an ache in his chest. the sight of you used to be something that brought him joy. whenever he came home to you back at his apartment, all worn out and tired from the day, just the sight of your open arms brought the biggest smile to his face. he used to bury his face in the crook of your neck, taking in your sweet scent and clinging onto you like a koala— a routine whenever he came home to you. even if he never verbally said it, you were his home.
and he took that for granted.
because whenever he sees you now, he wants nothing more than to desperately kiss and tell you how wrong he was to let you go. he wants nothing more than to resume what you both once had, resume his version of a fairytale romance that only you provided him.
once upon a time he was everything to you— but that chapter of the book had closed and suna wished he tried rewriting it way sooner. 
he wished he realized it way sooner. 
"I didn't think you'd come." 
his eyes snapped towards you, who suddenly appeared in front of him. you still looked as beautiful as he remembered. 
"wouldn't miss it for the world." he said, eyes darting from his empty glass to you. "it's been a while." 
"yeah. I heard you made it to the national team. congrats, suna." you said, giving him a nod after too.
he forced a smile, still processing in his brain that he wasn't anything but suna to you, atsumu's friend that he dragged here and your future husband's teammate. 
"I hope you don't take this the wrong way, though. tsumu wanted you to come and well, my fiancé thought it would be a good idea too, you know, since you two would be playing together." you composed yourself in saying. "and I thought by now we could be civil with each other so yeah."
"no, I get it. you don't have to explain yourself." he says, downing the last drop of what was left in his cup. 
"alright then, I hope you enjoy the rest of the party." you said, already turning on your heel to leave.
"wait," he says immediately, "I—"
I still love you.
I should've tried harder. 
don't choose him. let me have another chance.
"I...wish you both the best." is what he says instead. "I hope you'll be happy with him."
"I am." you said, a familiar look appeared on your face and he was silly it was only ever reserved for him. "I truly am. thank you, suna. I hope all the best for you too." 
he watched as you walked back to the center of the party with a pair of arms draping themselves around your shoulder as you reached there. he watched as a pair of lips kissed your temple softly, making you scrunch your nose in a cute way he remembered you used to do. he watched as you leaned in and made yourself comfortable in his hold, looking as if you belonged there. he watched as you got father away from him, indefinitely slipping away from his reach.
suna hates this but he hates himself more for letting you go in the first place. 
Tumblr media
a/n : atsumu isn't ur fiancé btw so feel free to imagine who it is
Tumblr media
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love-nishinoya-yu · 2 days ago
𝒍𝒐𝒗𝒆 𝒅𝒆𝒑𝒓𝒊𝒗𝒆𝒅 [𝑘𝑖𝑡𝑎 𝑠ℎ𝑖𝑛𝑠𝑢𝑘𝑒 𝑥 𝑟𝑒𝑎𝑑𝑒𝑟]
Tumblr media
« 𝓂𝒶𝓈𝓉ℯ𝓇𝓁𝒾𝓈𝓉 »
Due to Nationals coming up, the boys of the Inarizaki volleyball club has been extremely busy, most especially their captain since he is taking care of a bunch of children (the twins).
(Y/n), his girlfriend, also has a lot on her plate. She has upcoming projects and exams and that causes her to see her boyfriend less. She has definitely missed Kita and she wants nothing more than to drop all her assignments and cuddle with the said man.
It's been a full two weeks since the couple has last seen each other. Kita has been quite a mess without (y/n) by his side, he misses her just as much as she misses him. His mind's been going wild because of the twins and nothing can calm him down except for (y/n).
Aran notices how his friend has been stressed lately as he so desperately wants to get (y/n), but he also knows how busy the girl is.
Tumblr media
(Y/n) closes her laptop after submitting her homework to her teacher and she also closes her book and notebook after that. She leans against her chair and stretched her body.
School ended about two hours ago, almost three, and (y/n) just finished doing her homework. She puts her things in her bag before exiting the room after making sure the door is locked. She can hear the janitor humming a tune as he cleans the floor and she bids him goodbye as she passes by him.
(Y/n) exits the school building and her eyes immediately lands on the gym, she looks ahead before turning her heel to make her way towards the gym. She slowly walks inside the gym and her heart breaks when she sees how stressed Kita looks. He is seated by the bench, his head resting on his hands as he stared in annoyance at the twins who are arguing with each other.
The girl enters the gym and quickly makes her way to where Kita is sitting. She sat next to him, wrapped her arms around him and pulled Kita towards her chest. The male instinctively calmed down and nuzzled closer to her, wrapping his arms around her waist.
“Sweetheart?” Kita mumbles against her hair. “I'm here love,” (y/n) assures him while giving kisses on his forehead. Kita hugged her tighter.
”Guys be quiet,” Aran scolds the twins and the two stopped fighting when they saw their captain visibly shaking in (y/n)'s arms. “When did (y/n) get here?” Atsumu asked. “Just a few minutes ago,” Aran replied. “Is Kita-san alright?” Osamu adds, and Aran nods his head. “He just needs (y/n) right now, he's fine,” the older male assures the two, “How about we call it a night, 'kay? It's getting pretty late so let's all start cleaning up the gym.”
Everyone nodded their head and grabbed a mop, some started taking the net down while the others collected the scattered balls around the gym.
Meanwhile (y/n) is busy rubbing circles on Kita's back and whispering comforting words to him to help calm him down. “Thank you,” Kita whispers. “You're welcome Shin-chan, I'll always be here for you if you need me,” (y/n) replied and kissed the corner of his lips.
Once the captain has finally calmed down he looks around to see everyone is cleaning up the gym. Aran approaches the two. “Hey Kita, how about you and (y/n) head out now, yeah? You need to rest, plus we'll be finished in a bit and I'll lock the gym,” he said.
Kita's eyes widened and he was about to protest but he started feeling exhausted. He rests his head on (y/n)'s shoulder before nodding. “Come on love,” the girl said, she stands up and collects Kita's things before extending her hand out to him. Kita quickly grabs her hand, intertwining his fingers with his. He basically clung onto the girl while they bid their goodbyes to the team and left the gym.
(Y/n) wraps her arms around Kita's torso as they start to walk home. “How are you feeling hon?” she asked the male. “Honestly, I'm feeling tired. I just want to lay down and cuddle with you,” Kita replied. “And that's what we're gonna do, love. How about we buy some already made food and eat them when we get home, then we can cuddle after, hmm? Then maybe I can try to ask my parents if I can spend the night at your place,” (y/n) suggested.
“That sounds amazing sweetheart, thank you,” Kita sighs in relief.
They walked inside a nearby 7/11 and bought some sushi and onigiri and some drinks before they continued walking towards Kita's house. They walked inside and (y/n) greeted Kita's grandmother and they all ate the food they just bought.
After eating dinner, (y/n) and Kita changed into their pajamas, separately of course, before they laid down on the bed and cuddled with each other. Kita wrapped his arms around (y/n) and refused to let her go, he's gottem extremely clingy since they left the gym but (y/n) doesn't really mind.
They have really missed each other. “How was your day?” Kita asked. “It was alright, tiring, but at least I got a lot of my work done and I already submitted those to my teachers,” (y/n) replied. “At least your day was productive,” Kita sighs, resting his head on her chest. (Y/n) started running her fingers through his hair, lightly scratching his scalp.
It helped Kita relax and soon he is slowly falling asleep. “You'll stay here until morning right?”
“Yes sweetie, I'll be here until you wake up,” (y/n) answered, brushing a few strands of hair away from his forehead and planted a soft kiss on his temple.
They laid like that for a few minutes until (y/n) suddenly feels a little thirsty. She attempts to get out of bed when she suddenly feels her boyfriend tighten his grip around her. “Love,” she giggled. “Don't leave,” Kita whines. “I'm not going anywhere, I just want to get some water,” (y/n) said. Kita stayed still for a few seconds before loosening his grip around her. “I'll be back in a few,” the (h/c) haired girl promised before she left his room and grabbed two glasses from the kitchen and filled them up with water before she returned to Kita's room.
“I'm back,” (y/n) announced while setting the glasses on the table. Kita opens his eyes and immediately opened his arms out to her. “Cuddle,” he whines. The girl giggled while climbing back in bed and she was quickly wrapped back inside Kita's strong arms.
“Good night baby,” (y/n) said and kissed his jaw. “Good night sweetheart,” Kita replied, “I love you.”
“I love you too,” (y/n) smiled back, she continued to play with the captain's hair and eventually the two fell asleep.
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toorusplant · 5 hours ago
synopsis: suna wants to confess to you, he really does. wants to finally get off his chest how much he wished you two were more than just ‘best friends’ for all these years. but what happens when a certain ex, sakusa kiyoomi, finds his way back into your life?
Tumblr media
chapter seven
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the last screenshot is from suna’s pov
for some reason he despises the duck song and no one knows why
he goes quiet whenever you say that he’s your “best friend” and that you love him (knowing you don’t mean it the way he does)
we will get more omi next chapter 😣😣
@kozuken-ma @rintarovibes @darlingimawitch @coconut-dreamz @eitaababe @markeu-lii @erinoikawa @littlemochi @ghostlyarcanum @whorefornoodles @hard-to-get-by-just-upon-smile @stars-in-line @blueowl51 @kac-chowsballs @suzuyamitsuki @kageyamas-whore @witcherydotcom @kind-lost-soul @sleepy-suga @togesslut @dazzlingakaashi @ahnneyong @c4ndyrushh @sumebreaks @shookykookie30 @creepykawass @am-3-thyst @cigs4himeno
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2dmansimp · a day ago
Impromptu Dates and Study Breaks
Suna Rintaro
- college au (?), wrote this during one of my study breaks😭😭, swearing, first person
Knock knock knock
I ignore the knocks at my door. Concentrate, I tell myself. My eyes can barely stay open and the exam is in two days. It was a horrible decision to procrastinate on studying, but here I am.
Knock knock knock
I get up from my seat, my hands slamming on the table.
“WHAT THE FUCK-… Rin? What are you doing here?” I open my door, expecting one of my floor mates but instead it’s Suna… and he’s supposed to be studying for the same exam.
“Why are you so stressed?” He enters my room, pushing past me, a jelly stick sticking out of his mouth. He saunters in, hands in his pockets, looking at my messy room. “What the fuck happened in here?”
“I’m trying to study… you know for that psych exam in 2 days… why are you here?” I sigh, slumping back into my chair.
He leans over my shoulder, looking at the material I was reviewing. “I texted you but your weren’t responding…”
“That’s because i turned off my phone.”
He rolls his eyes, “… You need a study break, come on, let’s go out.”
“I cant, I need to study, I literally know nothing.” I pull on my hair as I look back at my notes, all looking like gibberish.
His hands land on my shoulder, fingers pushing into the muscle. “Fuck, you’re so tense. You’ll be able to study better when you take a break, like going outside for fresh air.”
“Rin… I really can’t afford to…”
He takes my hand, his stronger grip winning against my will to sit in my chair, pulls me up and drags me out of my room. “10 minutes, it’ll do you good.”
I groan, my hand is still being pulled by the tall man into the elevator, out the lobby, and out the front door. His hand is still holding mine.
Once the fresh air hits my face, I realize how stuffy it was in my room. A soft breeze blows past us and the lamp posts light up the dark campus.
“Isn’t it nice? You’re already feeling better aren’t you?” He drags me farther into campus.
I roll my eyes, which he laughs at, “Face it, I know you better than you know yourself.”
He drags me to a supermarket, I hold the basket while he fills it with soda, snacks, candy, and a toothbrush. He pays for it and carry’s it out of the store.
He walks to the side of the market and sits on the steps. “Come here.”
I follow him and sit next to him. He takes out some of the candy he just bought, giving one to me before taking one for himself.
“Isn’t this nice?” He asks me again. I nod, my head finally feeling clear and awake.
We finish the candy quickly, before making our way back to my dorm.
Once in my room, I settle back in my chair while he takes my bed. “I’ll help you study… I mean it’s the least I could do for dragging you out.” He winks at me while stealing my flashcards.
“Let me guess, you’re staying the night?”
“Omg, how did you know?” He gasps, dramatically bringing a hand to his chest.
“The toothbrush you dumbass.” I keep in my laugh, which only provokes his laughter.
“Such hurtful words… I can’t believe my girlfriend is so mean to me,” he teases, pretending to wipe tears from his eyes.
“Oh my god what a cry baby.” I stand and sit across from Rin on the bed with my textbook.
He leans in close, his lips inches from my ear. “I’m your cry baby.” he whispers, before placing a kiss on my cheek. “Ok, let’s get to studying! the sooner we start, the sooner we can sleep!”
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ilkaillust · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
osamu packing atsumu’s lunch after an argument
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tameshrimp · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✧˚ · .Haikyuu!! Captains!* ˚ ✦
Thank you to everyone who has liked/reblogged any of my content! I created this edit in dedication to the accounts that I see most in my notifications. Thank you for supporting my blog!
@manjiroarchiviste @okkotsu-yuutas @samu-sorbet @miya-twins
@yujikuna @symbolofpeacee @lanoireparade @lianshua @love-oikawa 
@fadingsoulss @haikyuus @paintbrushyy
& for anyone I missed, thank you as well!
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flycloudddd · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
atsumu makes me so happy for no reason and yes thighs
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magicmooshka · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tell him how it is osamu
part of my haikyuu team crush series
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suncelia-art · 9 months ago
hey, somebody is here to pick you up
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