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alicemitch09writes · 2 hours ago
too much of a good thing
Tumblr media
pairing: Suna Rintarou x Reader
summary: It felt like he was in a dream, a hazy, realistic dream.
Lucid dreams, was it?
It felt like he was in a lucid dream.
Because he knows that the life he has now is too good to be true.
Having her with him, together with him, is too much of a good thing in his life.
Crazy how he had to carry all of five years to love this woman one-sidedly, only to have her return his feelings - albeit, slowly - and take his heart for hers in exchange. 
Equivalent exchange, was it?
Everyday since she said yes, though, he wonders if he's doing everything right.Is he treating her right? Is she comfortable with him? Is he loving her right? Can she feel how much he's loved her?And more importantly, is she falling for him?
One look.
It'll take just one look into her eyes.
She'll look into his eyes, (e/c) eyes bright and clear, and all worries would fade away.
genre: romance, smut, fluff
author’s notes: I I blame my horny readers at Tumblr. And me, the idiot for falling to their whims. Also, because the idea came to me hard. Hmm 
 This is a direct sequel to outsider looking in which is part of a series. You or may not read the series, but it's important that you read the mentioned fic before reading this. Otherwise, you'd be lost and confused. 
 Also, um, what I wrote here is from a smut piece I wrote when I was 16 and I was so in love with Yamamoto Takeshi from Katekyo Hitman Reborn. However, I did write new bits here and there. But wow, reading your past work (that never got published because I was too shy to even share my works, let alone my OC) but awed at my writing. 
Also, so much was heavily rewritten because I wrote horny teenagers, Suna and Reader are young adults here. Lastly, please don’t judge me I was so awed, weirded, amazed, yet shocked at how much I had written when I was younger. I faintly remember blushing the whole time I wrote it out. Also, what really fueled me to write this was Frank Ocean’s ‘Ivy’ and then, 'StikwitU' by Pussycat Dolls. Oh, another song that could help, especially for the last part is ‘Somebody to Love’ by Queen.
Shoutout to the amazing anons who wrote drabbles for OLI! The last scene is dedicated to you guys :”>
also available on ao3.
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing but the plot.
It felt like he was in a dream, a hazy, realistic dream.
Lucid dreams, was it?
It felt like he was in a lucid dream.
Because he knows that the life he has now is too good to be true.
Having her with him, together with him, is too much of a good thing in his life.
Crazy how he had to carry all of five years to love this woman one-sidedly, only to have her return his feelings - albeit, slowly - and take his heart for hers in exchange. Equivalent exchange, was it?
Everyday since she said yes, though, he wonders if he's doing everything right.
Is he treating her right? Is she comfortable with him? Is he loving her right? Can she feel how much he's loved her?
And more importantly, is she falling for him?
One look.
It'll take just one look into her eyes.
She'll look into his eyes, (e/c) eyes bright and clear, and all worries would fade away.
Now, he would be lying if he said that today was making him nervous - real nervous. Because, after long, tedious weeks of training, school work, whatever life throws at them, they finally have a day to themselves. For a date. A real date. Not those casual dates where they'd eat at the nearest convenience store or fast-food restaurant, which she'd frown heavily at (because of the selection of food that is high in salt), straight after practice. No.
This time, after four painstaking months, they had a free weekend.
Suna did not waste any opportunity to ask her out on a date.
Thing was, he was nervous.
Nervous as fuck.
Because this was his first love he was talking about, (L/N) (Y/N), the woman he's been in love with since he was 16!
In a fit of panic, he approached Murase-san, of all people, the best dating spot in Hiroshima, seeing as she's a native of the area. Boy did the woman give the smuggest look, eyes teasing, happily egging on the poor boy. Eventually, she told about Shukkeien Garden, Hiroshima Castle, Hijiyama Park, Hiroshima Museum of Art, excluding the Peace Park out since he's mentioned that they've already visited the place for their class trip back in high school.
Komori, unintentionally hearing and seeing the way his teammate seemed out of it, gave some helpful tips. 
"Just be yourself, man!" he grinned. "And have fun!"
Washio quickly shushed him, seeing (Y/N) and Murase-san enter the gymnasium. The latter met his gaze, winked playfully.
"Good luck man," Washio patted his shoulder.
Tumblr media
Saturday was the day.
Sun was out and bright, skies were blue, the weather overall was generally favorable. So much so that the city was bustling.
Busy for a weekend.
Weekenders probably making the most out of it, like they were.
Deep breaths, he thought to himself, deep breaths.
First, Suna picked her up at the station so they could go to the heart of Hiroshima. 
Throughout the ride, Suna was plagued with thoughts, safely tucking her to his side on the train and off it. Side by side, they walked down the busy city with all the weekenders around them and the occasional tourist here and there.
Anxiety roused him at every time, supremely conscious that this was finally happening, that she was finally here with him, all this was happening right now.
What did Komori say again? Be yourself and have fun? Easier said than done.
Something takes hold of his hand, smaller, gentler. He looks down, meeting (e/c), breath hitching at how the sun shines down at her.
"Are you alright?"
Swallowing, he nods.
Cocking her head, she looks unconvinced. "Are you sure?" she squeezes their hands, expression softens to worry.
Four months dating. That was something.
After years of pining after her, years of yearning, here they were now.
He remembered telling her that he's loved her since he was 16, remember how she sweetly came up to him, kissed his chest, and stared at him with all the love in the world. She was the only person who knew what it was like to be in unrequited love, except he was well-hidden and hers was harshly thrown out. Remembered how she was the first one to hold his hand in hers, uncaring how clammy and calloused they were from a day of practice.
Feeling himself relax, he squeezed her hand back, smiling truly.
"I am now,"
Things like this can't be rushed, it takes time - painstakingly long or short. But hey, he was willing.
Baby steps, he reminds himself.
He flicks his eyes towards her and smiles, mirroring her own expression, her own happiness.
Tucking her aside, letting people freely walk past them, he allows himself to bask in her glow.
"By the way, I forgot to say this," tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, holding her feels like he's holding her favorite flower "but you look really pretty."
Immediately, her face darkened, head ducking to avoid his eyes. Laughing, he chased after her eyes, laughing harder when she was, too.
She was dressed in a buttoned-up dress with sunflower prints, a gift from her family. On the other hand, Suna wore a simple long-sleeved buttoned-up, with sleeves folded neatly to his elbows. Picture perfect. How could she not look any perfect?
The rest of their date goes swimmingly well.
He always knew she had a penchant for flowers, remembering her eyes lit up when their bus passed by Ono city, her whole face brightening when their juniors gifted her a bouquet of sunflowers for her birthday and gave her a sunflower frame for her graduation. Basking in silence, the two walked around the Shukkeien Gardens appreciating the flowers all around them, the beautifully structured garden felt as though they had traveled back through time.
More often than not, he found himself reaching for his phone to capture her - something she didn't notice until he told her to walk ahead at the Rainbow bridge. She had blushed profusely before retaliating with her own phone, and the two were having an impromptu photo war.
Eventually, a caretaker saw them and asked if they wanted a photo together, which they did by the pavilion.
Adjacent to the garden was the Hiroshima Art Museum.
Call him a snob, but all the stuff in that place was nothing compared to the woman beside him, who wrapped her arm around his shoulder, telling him bits about the art on display. He'd listen, but wouldn't care about the art, he just liked hearing the sound of her voice.
Together, they left for lunch to Okonomi-mura, where both laughed at how different the okonomiyaki was compared to the one they're used to in Hyogo.
Each time he turns to her, it feels like he's entered a new dimension and paid witness to a new being, but it was just her. Like a Pokemon, she's evolved, shinier, brighter, newer, and polished.
He's always taught the old her was cute, but this new her? It was beautiful.
To think that people think her a downgrade version of her sister? What a joke.
They've missed out then.
Even then, though, she's had a fair share of admirers - there was that one asshat from Nigawa Gakuin, Kageyama Tobio pleasantly surprised him, especially with the way he stared hard at her, then there was his captain, too, not to mention the twins. Of course, it was obligatory for best friends to think that their best friend was good-looking, especially if you grew up with them. However, whereas Osamu saw her like a sister would, Atsumu stared as though he was seeing a flower bloom for the first time.
Everyone else? They sucked.
But it's okay, at least he has her.
Leaning his head against his palm, her hand in hers over their table, he can't look away from her.
"You've been staring at me all day."
"Is it bothering you?"
"No, it's just..." she stutters out, unable to find herself replying. Suna laughs, lifting her hand to his, pressing a kiss.
"Can't help it. I've been looking forward to this date all week."
When their food arrived, quietly, he heard her reply. "Me, too."
All things considered, it was a good date.
Tumblr media
Without much of a plan on how to end the date – and to be quite honestly, he didn’t want it to end – they ended up at his apartment since it was closest. It was a pretty wide nondescript apartment he's had over two years now, with a lease under his name.
Embarrassingly enough, there really isn’t much to his place yet – just the standard furniture that came with the place. Anything else, to give it a personal touch? Nothing.
Yet, the only thing (Y/N) said after stepping in was that, “It looks comfortable.” And you know what? That’s enough for him, a sort of approval from his girlfriend.
Also, cut him some slack, he isn’t a slob!
On the way to his place, she suggested that she cooked him dinner. When asked what he would like, he blurted out pasta.
Together, they shopped for the ingredients at the supermarket – him, holding the bags, while she selected. She was quite meticulous with her selection, noting with interest how she chose items that were of high quality and reasonably priced.
Reaching the frozen section, Suna couldn’t help himself and grabbed a pack of chuupets.
Imagine, a 191-cm pro-athlete making a dash for frozen fruit jellies.
Suna wasn’t usually ashamed, no, but he remembered who he was with and flushed. (Y/N) laughed, taking the pack from his hands and placing it in with the rest. He brightened at that.
“It is a weekend after all, why not cheat your diet?” he wanted to kiss her so bad. “But you’ll have to make up for it during practice, okay?” he still wants to kiss her. Grueling workouts, laboring hours during practices be damned, it was worth it.
It was only once that he saw her cooking back in high school, with Osamu beside her. In that one instance, he saw a domestic side to her that unsurprisingly fit well for someone like her, doing something so ordinary in an unordinary way.
Right now, it seemed unbelievable that he was seeing the same thing but in his very own kitchen.
A kitchen, which, “…you’ve barely used, I presume?” she says.
Raising his hands in surrender, he did reason out that he does make himself breakfast but that’s about it. He’s lucky that there’s restaurants near the gym all the way to his apartment, he at least has options. Though, he’s not sure (Y/N) would approve of such.
Humming, he drummed his fingers against the countertop. “Perhaps you’d like to make use of it?” he suggests. He gets a frown from her, he shrugs in response. “Worth a shot.”
“Your apartment is 45 minutes away from mine. Plus, my dorm is closer to the university.”
He hums again, leaning on his folded arms, eyes watching her work around the kitchen – having already boiled the pasta, sliced the garlic, peeled the shrimp, and opened the can (Suna helped with last two, thank you very much).
Loneliness was a feeling he rarely wanted to address, especially having a history of moving places for the sake of his dreams, grateful to have such amazing and supportive parents. However, in the process of chasing his dreams, he couldn’t escape the feeling. Honestly, he doesn’t mind it, perfectly content to have his own space.
But now, taking in the sight of his girlfriend freely making use of his kitchen, he didn’t feel so lonely. Having her around was familiar and easy, even if it were her first time in his apartment.
On instinct, he took out his phone, unlocked it, opened the camera app, and snapped a photo. Some photos. (Y/N) was too preoccupied with cooking to even be bothered.
Tapping, the photo comes on screen, he can’t help smiling at how domesticated she looks, how relaxed she was, how familiar the sight of her was in his kitchen, her. Checking his gallery and he was met with even more photos of her, mostly candid, mostly selfies, mostly of their linked hands together.
Suna was half-tempted to upload photos on his SNS, to let the world know of his amazing girlfriend of four months. Instead, he locked his phone and pocketed it away.
As much as he loved her, he just wasn't ready to tell everyone - who wasn't in Hiroshima, about them just yet.
It's not that she's ashamed of her – fuck no, for in fact, he thinks of the world of her! There's no greater joy than to have, to hold her, and call her his.
It's just that, he just wanted to have this – just them, together, before they tell everyone. Something theirs.
Relationships shouldn't always have to be broadcasted, and he would very much want her to be protected by people who would think badly of her, considering that she's his manager and all. Sure, their PR team would have a field day working things out, but all things considered, he just wanted privacy regarding his personal life.
"But we should tell our families though," she tells him over a plate of marinara pasta.
Even she agreed to the notion, having considered the consequences since they started dating.
Nodding, he twists his fork. "Then everyone else?"
"Then everyone else."
He nods at that, taking a bite of his dinner – sweet, sour pasta melting in his tongue.
“You can cryptic about who you’re dating, though.” She suggests, taking a bite out of her shrimp.
“Well, since you’ve been taking a lot of photos of me,” Suna smiles, she continues with a slight shake of her head. “you can use some that don’t have my face or just put an emoji over it.”
Reaching his glass, he hums over the idea as he takes a sip. “You don’t mind?”
“I don’t mind,” she confirms.
“Okay then.”
Of all the photos he’s taken from today, he settles for a photo of their linked hands. He shows it to her, for deliberation.
“Where did you take this?”
“Probably when we were in Shukkeien?”
Huffing, she stares at the photo – longingly, adoringly, one more time before giving her approval. “It has a certain aesthetic to it. Mystery, too.”
Suna writes a simple, cryptic caption, shows it to her for approval before uploading it. At the same time, she quickly takes out her phone to inform Murase-san and Sugita-san (head of the team’s PR Department) of Suna’s post. Scarily, the two replied after a few minutes, offering their congratulations and reassurance.
After dinner, Suna unabashedly took out the chuupet excitedly taking one from the packet and handing (Y/N) a piece.
“It’s adorable that you’re this giddy and excited when it comes to chuupets,” she laughs.
He shrugs. “Can’t help it, they’re good!”
“And high in sugar,” she interjects, a brow raised.
“Cheat day, remember?”
Rolling her eyes, the two of them walk off to the living room, chuupets in hand, Suna telling her of the many memories he’s had associated with the sweet, frozen treat, the many flavors he’s tried, loved, and hated, the days he’d eat a whole pack because he wanted to – to which, her expression crumpled, because of the diarrhea he must’ve suffered after that.
“Boo, stop trying to slander chuupets!”
“I’m surprised you know how to use ‘slander’ in a sentence,” she teased, giggling at his narrowed eyes.
“Cut me some slack here, (Y/N).”
“My case still stands: they’re high in sugar, favorite treat of yours or not.”
Suna readied a retaliation, against chicken noodle soup – only to come up short, because damn it, it’s just as delicious as chuupets, just hotter, and healthier comparably.
As though reading his thoughts, (Y/N) shrugged, victorious.
Tossing his empty chuupet packet behind him, he tackles her into a tickle.
She shrieks, unable to escape, falling backwards, laughing all around underneath him.
Suna continues to tickle her without mercy, laughing himself.
Tickling her some more, writhing around, her laughter fills out the room, bringing life to the desolate area he calls his.
“Riiiiiin!!!! S-Stop!!!”
Eventually he stops, having mercy on her, letting her catch her breath, face completely flushed from all the laughing. Her laughter’s died down, she’s a bit of a mess from her laughing fit, but to Suna? He swallows down hard.
Suna’s throat dries at the sight of her, his mischievous smile replaced with wonder.
To think that this is the girl that he’s been dreaming of since he was 16, was now his after 5 years of quiet pining.
Never has he seen such a beautiful sight – a flushed, mussed hair, and all smiles, his. All his.
Finally his.
He kissed her, taking her completely by surprise.
She tasted like oranges, sweet, sweet, addicting oranges.
This was by no means their first kiss – that had been a month after they started dating, he had walked her to her university and received a soft peck on the lips. It came out of nowhere – an innocent press, just like this one, but it was everything.
He parted, his gray-yellow eyes hazy meeting her (e/c) equally hazy ones, the laughter from earlier gone, filled only with him.
All she could see was him.
Stunned brought by the kiss, their eyes were searching the other, taking the other in, seeing nobody but each other, losing in the peripherals, the depths of their gaze, their lips tingling, aching.
It was just one kiss.
Yet it was all it took.
Lifting her head, her lips pressed against his. Sitting up, he cradled her head, another hand on her back to guide her, letting her straddle his lap, mouths never separating, the kiss getting more and more heated. It was...amazing. So amazing.
He didn't want the kiss to end, didn’t want this to end.
Something was burning deep inside him, wanting more, seeking more, demanding more.
They parted, for a breath, before he dove for those lips again, swallowing her whimpers. His hands began to run through her body, feeling her shape and curve, drawing her body closer, nearer, canting his hip upwards. (Y/N) squealed.
Very quickly, he felt his blood rush, high sensations running around him, her scent driving him crazy, a deep carnal pleasure burned inside him ready to take her whole.
Abruptly, he pulled away, panting hard.
He shook his head, shyly lifting his head to meet hers. Worriedly, she brushed his bangs away.
"I'm sorry."
Smiling, she falls against him, tucking her head on the crook of his shoulder. "I don't mind," pressed up against him, she could feel his heart, thundering wildly, same as hers. She didn't see the way his eyes widened, shocked, but the feel of his heart was telling.
Sliding her hands up, feeling hardened muscles underneath his shirt, fingering at the buttons. "...i-if you want to take me," the notion should scare her, heck, she was shaking! But at the same time, the very idea was intriguing, exciting, igniting something within her. "taste me..." twisting her head, he meets her eyes, swallowing at what clouded over. "all of me."
She wanted nothing more but to unravel, both of them, to each other.
Suna swallowed thickly.
He saw love.
And lust.
God, he loved her.
That feeling came back again, burning hotter than before, fueling his desires, encouraging him, and his carefully kept patience snapped.
Before he could stop himself, he snaked an arms around her waist and lifted her face with his forefinger and thumb and leaned it. The kiss started out slow, and then it suddenly grew fierce as they both leaned in to each other giving more of them.
(Y/N) slowly closed her eyes, wanting to feel his kiss. Suna did the same while running his hands around her, feeling every curve of her small body.
Her lips were warm and soft, relishing more and more, addicting.
He was making her feel good; he knew that when he felt her heartbeat against his chest. And when he slid in his tongue, she moaned sensually. Timidly, she met his tongue and engaged into a slippery battle for dominance. Lungs burning for air, they parted, a string of saliva connecting them, before leaning in again.
He was getting hard at this, but he can’t help it, it felt so good kissing her and for her to kiss him back. He’s always dreamed of this, kissing her.
Pulling her legs around him, bringing her impossibly closer, she felt his hard-on against his pants. She gasped at this, breaking the kiss, gasped again when his lips began to trail down her neck.
“Rin…” she gripped at his hair. She leaned her head back, granting him more access to her neck.
Just hearing her moan his name turned him on, making the blood rise to his face. He left wet trails down her neck, traced her jaw with his lips, nibbled on her collarbone, lapped his tongue on the crook of her neck, left open mouth kisses where her neck and shoulder met, causing (Y/N) to gyrate against him with a moan breaking out of her throat.
Lifting her easily, he stood up, hooking her legs around his hips, before pinning her against the wall. She moaned even more, feeling his hard-on against her panties. Whimpering at the agonizing sensation of him brushing against her.
Hooking her ankles together, (Y/N) dragged Suna’s head up for a kiss. The kiss was slow and deep, it took his breath away.
Suna nibbled at her lower lip; a groan reverberated from her throat.
She gripped a fistful of his hair, the other, running down his body, feeling his strong muscles. He was fit, so very fit. 
He, too, had run his hands around her, relishing the feel of her soft skin against his rough fingers. He noticed, as he massaged her hips, that she had bucked her hips against his, as a response to his touch.
Without meaning to, he had unbuttoned the first three buttons of her dress – she looked positively beautiful in it all day, but the damn thing was teasing him, too!
Granting him access to her bosom. (Y/N) bucked once again, a cry breaking out of her mouth. Her grip tightened every time his tongue lapped or nipped against her skin, she was sure he was leaving a mark or two.
Every time he bit or sucked, she would gyrate her hips towards him, causing friction. He groaned every time, and she would respond with a whimper. He was especially hard, and it felt good having him rub on her.
Momentarily, he tore away to have a look at her. She was a sight to behold – unbuttoned top of her dress, exposing her lacey bra, her (h/c) hair tumbled down her shoulders, her face was flushed from the excessive passion, her pinkish lips were swollen, and her eyes, those beautiful (e/c) eyes, were laced with so much emotion – desire, affection, and wanton need. He felt himself harden, felt the fires burn even more.
“R-Rin…” she whispered, reaching out to touch his face.
At the feel of her hand against his cheeks, his eyes fell shut. Retrieving his hands from her hips, he took her hands in his, bringing them to his lips, gently kissing each digit.
(Y/N) felt hot at the sight of this, especially the way his gray-yellow eyes glazed at hers. She smiled gently, making his heart melt.
Seriously, does she have any idea how much she meant to him?
Hooking her arms around his neck, she brought him near, their lips barely touched when she whispered, “I love you, Rintarou.” Before initiating a kiss of her own.
Her lips, those sinfully soft sweet lips, coaxing his, intoxicated him.
How many times has he dreamed of this? Kissing her? More than a million times, maybe. Every time their lips would meet felt like heaven, he didn’t want to stop, just wanted to keep going forever.
They were in his room before they knew it. His lips never left hers, like they could never get enough. It was a wonder how they made it to his room, without breaking anything valuable.
He tore away to unbutton the upper part of her dress down to her belly, straps falling off her shoulders and threatening to slip off her body.
She didn’t have enough time to unbutton his shirt before she found herself falling against her bed, her hair splaying everywhere.
She was definitely a sight to see – all flushed, barely clothed torso, and her skirt showed just a bit of skin.
Down below, his was definitely getting hard that it was hard not to notice. He knew that she knew it.
Suna swooped down, taking her sweet soft lips, teeth occasionally bumping, unable to help the giggles escaping their mouths.
Slowly, with trembling fingers, she started to unbutton his shirt as their kisses deepened. His tongue slipped in again, meeting hers, tangling into a heated battle. It wasn’t long before he began sucking her tongue, to (Y/N), it felt like he was sucking the life out of her. With every unbutton, she felt his firm body against her fingertips, making her wonder how often he works out. Years of athletics have paid off, but he was quite the picky eater from high school until today unless she forced him to eat.
When she reached the last of his button, she tried to have it off him. But because they were drowned into their kiss, the action seemed impossible. She whined, attempting again and again.
Sensing her dilemma, Suna chuckled, kissing her long and hard before he broke from their kiss to sit up, setting to take off his shirt himself.
(Y/N) bit her lip as she watched him strip, her cheeks burning. Everything seemed to move in slow motion, his firm strong body slowly presenting itself. Again, she had to wonder how often does he work out? How many times has she ogled at his body during practices, taking in the sight of her 191-cm pro-athlete boyfriend.
Sitting up, (Y/N) stared at his body. Suna watched her, curiously in turn.
Tentatively, she reached out a hand to touch him. Her fingers splayed against his chest, she heard him groan. Slowly, she runs them down his torso, watching in fascination at the fine contours of his body.
Suna was slightly tan now, thanks to all the sun. His body was smooth, refined, thanks to all the training, she thought as her hand stopped by his navel, her knuckles tickling him.
He didn’t make a move just yet, instead, watched her in heated interest.
She inched closer, their knees touching, and ran her hands to his back. He groaned when he felt the fabric of her bra touching his chest, a delicious feeling ran through his veins when their fleshes touched.
She was hugging him, her hands running down his smooth back. (Y/N) timidly leaned in, pressing her lips against his strong shoulders, and just held him tight. In their warm embrace, did both their hearts come to a calm, their beating synchronizing. Then he felt her slightly tremble, Suna held her back, leaning towards her.
“Do you want this?” he whispered against her ear.
The heat from his voice made her flinch; nevertheless, she didn’t shy away. She gave a single nod as her response.
“Are you sure?” he asked again, despite having come this far, his mouth taking in her earlobe.
(Y/N) gasped, her breath hitching.
“A-Ah, R-Rin-“
“Answer me properly, (Y/N).”
One hand held unto his hips, the other to the back of his neck, playing with the strands of hair, as if encouraging him. Elsewhere, Suna’s hands were busy fondling her.
“Do you want this?” he asked again, hotly against her ear.
Unable to take his own teasing of her, Suna tucked her jaw with his forefinger and thumb, lifting her face to meet his.
“Yes.” She said breathlessly, instantly. “Take me, Rintarou.”
And that was it.
The ‘go’ signal.
He swooped down, claiming her lips into a searing kiss, landing unto the bed with a soft thud, pinning her hands above her head, settling himself between her legs.
Both of them poured everything into their kiss – the years Suna spent hopelessly pining, (Y/N) opening herself up and realizing how amazing it is to feel loved – making each kiss addicting and impossible to break. It seemed as though they could never tire of each other’s kiss.
Soon enough, Suna’s lips parted from hers. He looked down at her face, her beautiful face.
He caressed it, then leaned down to kiss her temple, her nose, her cheeks, her lips, each kiss, made her adored, loved. Her fingers tangled themselves against his hair as he began kissing her neck and beyond.
She felt his warm pads behind her, reaching for something, soon realizing it to be the clip of her bra. She would’ve helped him, but he seems to have the work done before she could suggest help.
The tips of her buds were already hard before she felt the breeze biting. (Y/N) felt embarrassed, having to show her breasts to him, especially him. She shyly looked up at him, finding an unnamed expression on his face.
His long fingers brushed against the swell of her breasts, making her whine. Her eyes glazed up to him. Carefully, he cupped her breasts, and he can’t help but compare them to marshmallows, seeing how soft they were. (Y/N) whimpered, leaning against him, undeniably liking his touch. The action encouraged him. He bent down and took her breast into his mouth, eliciting a moan from her. With his other hand, he massaged her other breast, giving it the same attention and treatment.
It was too much, she can’t take it anymore. But at the same time, she can’t deny how much she likes this.
Releasing her nipple with a wet pop, he busied himself with the other breast. She whined, feeling pleasurable heat throughout her body.
Accidentally, he bit down, causing (Y/N) to jerk against his body.
“R-Riiiin…” she gasped.
He looked up to her, looking at the pleasure contorting her face. He rather liked it.
Feeling his gaze, she looked down, only to find him trailing his lips downwards, his kisses burning. Her brows furrowed together. Breathlessly, just as she was to wonder what he was doing, a cry broke out her throat when she felt his hands there.
Running around her most intimate, circling around, her breath hitching, feeling his kisses lower.
He was going to-
She cried again when he palmed his whole hand over her covered sex.
(Y/N) sure was sensitive, he thought to himself.
Hands resting on her hips, holding her down, massaging the smooth skin while he dragged his nose down towards the apex of her thighs. (Y/N)'s breath sharply hitched just as the tip of his nose pressed against her.
Yep, (Y/N) was sensitive alright, he thought to himself again.
One waft, and he could smell just how turned on she was the whole time, could imagine how wet she was.
Unbuttoning the rest of the buttons, the dress was finally off, he leaned down, his nose brushing against her sex, and smelled her. (Y/N)'s reaction was bucking her hips against his face, he chuckled. Encouraged, he began kissing her thighs towards her hipbones and slowly kissed her there, against the fabric of her panties.
(Y/N) squeezed her eyes shut, yelping out Suna’s name.
Even against the fabric, he was practically eating her up.
He looked up from his spot, finally meeting her equally glazed eyes.
It was as if he was seeking permission.
And because she was so caught up in this wanton need of hers, unfamiliar with the new yet exciting sensation, wanting him to touch her more, she gave a single nod.
Hooking her panties, he slid them off her smooth legs.
Now with everything gone, leaving her completely exposed, was he really eating her up. Devouring, more likely.
She cried out his name, like a litany. Toes curling, back arching, her hands gripped unto the sheets like her life depended on them. His hands met hers, slowly intertwining them together. With every lap of his tongue, her grip on him tightened.
She arched her back up higher, the pleasure building up. Her eyes rolled back, and she could almost see heaven. He seemed to be in a race for something because soon enough, she orgasmed against his mouth, hot drippings against his mouth. And he was there to hungrily lick them off her.
Tiredly, she splayed her arms to her sides, while trying to catch her breathe. Blearily, she cracked one eye open, in time to see Suna unzipping his pants. Both eyes were open in an instant.
She watched as he slipped off his pants and boxers, exposing his manhood.
She gulped down, unable to look away. Her cheeks had never felt hotter.
He was…huge.
Tentatively, she reached a hand to touch, Suna swallowed thickly.
She let out a soft gasp, taking him in her hands.
“Rin, you’re huge.”
He groaned, remembering the many nights he’s dreamed of her saying it, his late-night fantasies, followed by the awkward mornings he nonchalantly played off as he worked extra during practice. Only now, his dream was about to be a reality.
“(Y/N),” he gasped. “t-touch me…”
Never had he imagined that he’d say those words to her.
Neither did he expect to feel her hands on him, taking him whole in her hand, grip gentle. Groaning at the back of his throat, she took it as a cue to stroke him a few times. Experimentally, she twisted her arms, tightening her hold which caused him to suck on a breath, her name coming out like a litany.
Suddenly, she got to her knees and lowered herself to him.
And then, she took him in her mouth.
Never had he expected her to comply.
Suna let out a deep groan, feeling her hot mouth take him in, watching her lips stretch out around his cock, the sight of her felt like it was fresh out of his late-night fantasies.
It was mesmerizing to watch (Y/N) sucking him, mouth hollowed, her fingers massaging what she can’t fit in her mouth.
She wasn’t kidding when she said he was big, trying her best not to choke on him. Her tongue lapped around his bulbous head, making sure to suck just as hard as he did earlier. At the sound of her name, (e/c) eyes looked up to meet gray-yellow, humming in delight.
Shakily, he reached out to her head, tucking strands away from her face, holding her head back as she bobbed her head. Hisses leaving his mouth as he felt something in him pick up, realizing then that this was probably payback for eating her out earlier.
As much as he wanted to finish in her, he had other plans.
Forcing her mouth off him, letting out a loud, lewd wet ‘pop’, (Y/N) looked up to him, sitting back up and about to ask, when she finds a dark expression on his face – so full of euphoria, hunger.
Embarrassed, she had to look away.
That expression seemed to mirror hers, the wanton need, the desire, only now did she feel shy of her lustrous desires with Suna, and she felt ashamed of herself.
Ashamed and needy. Never had she felt so wanted by someone.
“(Y/N)…” called Suna, in that tone – that worrisome tone.
But she didn’t look up, was too shy to.
The bed creaked, and he was closer, could feel him breathing against her, could feel the heat off him.
Gently, he cupped her face in his hands. “(Y/N)…”
She met his intense gaze, marred with so much emotion.
There was so much – devotion, loyalty, adoration, desire, wanton need, and love. So much love, so, so much. Love, tugged her the most.
It reminded her of the previous months they’ve had together, his impeccable patience, his understanding, his gentle gaze, the look in his eyes after their first kiss, followed by countless others.
Her eyesight blurred, how can she be so selfish? She’s not the only one who wants this, so does he!
“I love you…” she whispered, a silent apology, a silent promise.
He smiled. “I love you too,” he whispered back, accepting her apology, returning her promise.
Carefully, he set her down, like she was made of glass, how she loved him for that. He set his hands on either side of her head, taking deep breathes as he aligned himself to her. He was nervous, too.
Suna looked up to her. This time, she smiled.
Hooking her arms around him, she brought him close, rested his forehead against hers. “Take me, Rin.”
Nervously swallowing, he nodded.
Then he pushes in.
A shudder ran down his spine, knocking the air out of him when he was fully inside her. She choked on her breath; tears leaked into her eyes at the pain. Panicked, Suna was quick to kiss them away, cupping her cheeks.
“G-Go,” she choked, eyes clenched shut.
So he did.
And it felt so fucking good.
Slowly breaking through her walls, filling her with his warmth, he felt her velvety warmth around him. Dizzying and maddening.
He gently rocked in and out of her, finding a rhythm. As the pain subsided, (Y/N) bucked her hips to his, pleading with a whimper, meeting his thrust.
Encouraged, he pulled out and drove back in, wanting to be closer. Closer.
It was fulfillment, it was joy, it was heaven.
Strangled noises escaped their mouths as they moved along, thrust for thrust.
(Y/N) buried herself against the crook of his neck, one hand carded through his sweaty hair, the other on his back to keep herself grounded. Nails digging through his shoulders, his scalp, feeling him deeper and deeper inside him.
Desperately, he sought for her lips, tasting each other before swallowing her cries of pleasure. She swallowed him as her nails ran down his back.
Breaking away from the kiss, he busied himself with her neck as he kept his pace. Underneath him, (Y/N) had bit down on his shoulder from too much pleasure. He hissed, but kept himself going.
He kept up his pace, but not long before he sped up.
Feeling his self-control slip, Suna thinks that he’s gone mad as he drove into her mercilessly, her cries getting louder and louder. Animalistic hunger taking over as her cries fueled him to take her more and more, especially when (Y/N) tugged at his hair, bringing him to her. Against her ear, he whispered sweet nothings as his pace quickened up.
His brows furrowed as he felt himself sink deeper into her walls, feeling her walls against him, practically sucking him in.
Taking her leg, he gave it a quick press before letting it hang against his shoulder, feeling himself hit even deeper. Falling back against the bed, her hands held on to the pillows, toes curling, muscles tightening caught in euphoria.
Such a lovely sight, he thought, bringing himself closer and closer.
Her eyes, he wants to see her eyes.
Leaning his forehead against hers, he sighed her name. “(Y-Y/N)…” he gasped this time, drunk on pleasure. “e-eyes…” he was so drunk on pleasure, struggling to get the words out. “…w-wanna see them.”
Slowly, her eyes peeled opened, brilliant (e/c) glazed with lust and love. For him. All for him.
That’s all he’ll ever need – those (e/c) eyes on him, grounding him right here, in this moment. He allowed this moment for a second, feeling himself choke up from the overwhelming love he’s had for her for so long.
God, he fucking loved her so much.
Letting out a shaky exhale, he allowed himself to breathe, to collect his thoughts, before diving into those inviting lips of hers, pouring everything – every ounce of fear he’s had losing her, every agony of him pining for all those years, every worry he’s had since she agreed to dating him, everything that was everything to show that what he felt for her was sincere, was true.
“Baby,” he called, forehead against hers, vision going blurry from the edges. “open your eyes.”
Brilliant (e/c) eyes opened for him once more, a moan escaping her mouth from him pulsating inside her. “R-Rin-“
“I know, baby, I know. Don’t worry,” he pulled out by the hilt, before driving himself back in, watching her arch her back off his bed. “I’ve got you.”
More than anything, Suna was in cloud nine, in a brand new high because of their union. It’s everything he’s wanted and more.
Pushing her hair back, he smiled down at her fondly, whispering against her lips.
“…I love you so much.”
Tumblr media
He woke up to calm.
It felt like one of those mornings.
But this morning was different.
Because the first thing he saw when he woke up was her – (Y/N), flushed and naked, in his arms.
The room was heavily tainted with the smell and heat of sex.
They didn’t know how long they went on (but they did sleep at 3), but one thing’s for sure, the two will never be the same again. And that was a good thing.
Lazily, he smiled.
Inching himself closer to her, he began admiring the sleeping beauty before him. Delighting in the peaceful expression on her usually straight face, admiring her special features that separated her from the rest, the marks decorating her skin – the action was creepy, but he didn’t care.
He enjoyed himself watching the gentle rise and fall of her chest, the soft snores escaping her slightly parted mouth. Really, she was so beautiful. If only she knew.
Gently, he reached out to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear, before caressing her. She moved slightly, he worried he might have awakened her. But (Y/N) merely sighed against his touch.
He smiled despite himself.
He looked down again at the sleeping beauty.
She’s been through a lot, heartaches, disappointment, loneliness, and pain. It hurt him to hear everything she’s been through by herself, needing to power through for the sake of her family and friends. This time, he was here. Now, it’s his turn. From the moment she came back to his life, he had sworn to protect her. He would always protect her, no matter what.
He would never let anything bad happen to her, he’d have to die first before that would happen.
He was happy to have protected her.
He was happy just as long as she had that smile on her face.
He was happy when their feelings had been mutual, even under the circumstances.
Very carefully, he reached for his phone from his discarded jeans and took an after sex selfie, taking a few photos of (Y/N), looking like a sweet fallen angel.
His sweet, fallen angel.
Tossing his phone aside, ever so carefully wrapping his arms around her, he closed his eyes, allowed her scent to comfort him as he held her tight.
And now, nothing could part them, not while he was still breathing.
Tumblr media
She felt lightheaded when she woke up.
Blearily, she pealed one eye open, Suna’s chest the first thing she sees.
For a moment, she inwardly panicked, but when she remembered – with a terrible blush – last night’s passion, she came to calm.
She noticed that he had wrapped his arms securely around her, likening to a vine. Also, that they were naked. She blushed tremendously.
Flesh against flesh, how…delicious.
Tentatively, she looked up to him, watching his sleeping figure. He looked child-like, relaxed, peaceful, a very far cry from the Suna now who was a deadpan, sly pro-league athlete.
Lifting her hand from her sheets, she reached out to play with his hair. Chuckling quietly when his expression contorted, really, he sure was a heavy sleeper.
Leaving his hair alone, her fingers trailed down to trace his handsome face, his sharp jaw, until she paused at his lips. Those sinful lips. She felt them on hers, all over her. A tremendous flush crept across her face at the memory.
Inching closer, she rested against her side and watched in curiosity. Using her thumb, she traced his lips, feeling its smoothness against her pads.
Those lips, seemed so inviting.
She remembered those times before, way before they realized the extent of their feelings for each other, how close they were to kissing. Those innocent times, she smiled at the memory.
Drawn by how inviting they were, she couldn’t help herself. But not wanting to disrupt his sleep, she leaned in gently, pressing the lightest of kiss to his lips.
She barely parted, their nose touching, when she whispered, “I love you, Rintarou.”
One minute, she was stealing a kiss from the sleeping man. The next, her lips were captured into, what seemed to be, a lazy morning kiss. She didn’t have time to react as his hand cupped her head and wrapped around her naked waist.
Though taken by surprise, she found herself kissing him back, resting her hands on his strong shoulders.
He chuckled against their kiss.
“Good morning, (Y/N).” He greeted huskily, breathlessly.
Flushed and dazed from their kiss, she greeted back, equally breathless, “Good morning to you too, Rin.”
“How are you?” he asked, rolling their positions, so she was beneath him.
“Fine, happy, contented…” she admitted, rubbing her hands along his arms. “…sore.”
He smirked at the last one.
“Yeah, well…sorry about that.”
“It’s okay,” she whispered, seemingly aware of the renewed burning passion in his eyes.
“We both wanted it, right?” he was but a hairsbreadth away from her, not that she seemed to mind.
“Right,” he whispered as he pecked her cheek, slowly peppering her with kisses along her face, and down her neck.
(Y/N) sighed contentedly, tangling her fingers on his hair.
“How about," she gasped at his light nip "you?”
Sucking on a certain patch of skin, (Y/N) voice broke into a whimper, much to his delight.
“I’m just as happy and contented as you are,”
She smiled. “I’m glad.”
He returned the smile, before lowering to take one of her breasts into his mouth, eliciting a deep moan from her.
Suddenly, someone’s phone rang, and he broke away with a wet pop.
They glanced at each other, her eyes were glazed. (Y/N) set out to search for the phone, but was stopped as Suna took both hands, pinned them to her side, and took her lips in his.
Their fingers intertwined as they kissed, to the sound of the ringing. Parting her mouth to invite his tongue in, deepening the kiss.
Once the ringing stopped, it took a while before they parted.
“It could be important,” she told him, whispering.
“This is more important,” he told her.
She laughed, freeing one hand, smacking him gently in the face. He took her hand and kissed the back of her hand.
“What time is it, anyway?” she asked curiously.
Suna leaned over his shoulder, reading the clock.
“Ten past twelve.”
“How long have we been asleep?” she asked, alarmed.
He laughed, his chest reverberating. “Does it matter?”
A dark look crossed his face as he loomed over her, his lean torso in sight, making her flush hard. "It's our day off."
He laughed again, not long before he swooped his arms around her, drawing her to him.
She smashed against his hard chest; his nose was against her hair, a heat stirred up when their bare flesh touched each other under the sheets. She was sure she was as red as a tomato.
“Rin…?” he was sniffing her hair, she noted, while running his hand down her hair, to which she found comforting.
“God, I love you.” He whispered, hugging her tight. “So much.”
Her heart skipped a beat at that. She can’t help but smile back.
Her small hands slowly wrapped themselves around him, a smile on her lips. “And I love you too.”
With just that, their exchange, it was settled. Last night was worth it, definitely worth it.
Moments later, Suna broke from their hug to look down at the (h/c) beauty, tucking her chin against his forefinger and thumb, gently claiming her lips again. His kisses were slow, a bit sloppy, but firm, sort of like, lazy morning kisses.
(Y/N) giggled against the kiss before returning his kiss.
They spent half an hour like that, just kissing each other. And a little bit of touching. A few more minutes later, (Y/N) called out that she was hungry and that they should probably get out of bed, to which, Suna reacted lazily. He didn’t want to just yet.
Slowly, (Y/N) made motion to get up, Suna watched her. She winced when she sat up, a blush on her cheeks when she spotted their clothes carelessly thrown, trails of last night’s tryst.
Picking up Suna’s shirt, she put it on and slowly got out of bed to prepare brunch for the two. Unbeknownst to her, Suna was watching her.
While she changed, he can’t help but notice how sinfully good she looks in his shirt, or how sexy she was. His eyes ogled on her creamy legs, her exposed nape, the marks he left behind, to her figure. How he wanted to take her right then and there but restrained himself from doing so.
“I’ll be right back,” she had climbed on the bed to peck on the lips, catching him by surprise.
As he watched her leave, he felt a mirth of happiness conjuring him. He was so lucky. He was so happy, so terribly happy that it was criminal.
Falling back on his bed, faintly, the smell of sex and her lingered about, he could still remember everything from last night, could remember the feeling of being connected to her physically and emotionally, the feeling of being loved, the feeling of finally making her his.
(L/N) (Y/N), his first love, was officially, finally his.
All his and nobody else’s.
He had marked her as his, had even claimed his mark on her.
She was his, body and soul because he loved her, and she loved him back.
Tumblr media
When he walked into his home, key jiggling and resonating in the threshold, Suna realized that there was something else he could hear.
Curiosity peeked, he quickly took off his shoes and walked further in, passing by a few shelves, with a couple of frames on display: photos of the Inarizaki team during their first, second, and third years, the purikura from when they were second years, a photo of them at Mika and Reiki’s wedding, (Y/N) and the Miya twins at Osamu’s latest branch in Hiroshima, the whole national team plus the staff, Iwaizumi and her.
Usually, the house was silent – relatively peaceful, considering the disposition of his girlfriend and his indifference. But this silent was broken by something, something light, sweet, and captivating, he had to follow after it.
Reaching their living room, orange was the first thing he saw, Inari – the fox plushie from before, followed by papers, textbooks, and stationaries stationed on the coffee table, Inari sat on the couch next to her. And her, his (Y/N), dressed in one of his t-shirts.
And she was singing.
She was singing along to a song played from her laptop, played at a volume that was drowned out by her singing.
He’s heard her sing a few times in high school, unconsciously, of commercial jingles which really surprised everyone in the team. It would’ve been funny, but it was more so strange, and, dare he say, adorable of her.
Their eyes met and suddenly, she was singing to him, every word meant for him.
It choked him up.
He swore up and down, that he would cross any ocean, move mountains, if those (e/c) eyes were looking at him like that, with sickeningly, sweet words of the song sung to him, feeling his heart squeeze in the most devastating and fascinating way. Death by her singing?
Wow, he must be an idiot, a fool so in love.
Taking her hand, he helped her stand from the couch, walking around to meet him and starting an impromptu dance, to the tune of her singing.
Suna was smiling, she was smiling, continuing to sing, as they swayed around their living room.
Nothing was grander, more delightful, or ever so perfect than to have the person he’s yearned for so long in their shared home, singing softly, shyly, looking at him like this – with all the love she could offer.
This was some greeting, but he wouldn’t ask for anything else, couldn’t ask for more.
For this moment was theirs.
Theirs and theirs alone.
And nobody can ever take than from them.
“I’m home,” he pressed his head against hers.
Smiling, she finished her song, looking at him with all the love in the world. “Welcome home,”
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sunababiee · 3 hours ago
"𝐶𝑙𝑒𝑣𝑒𝑟 𝑎𝑛𝑑 𝑇ℎ𝑟𝑖𝑓𝑡𝑦"
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nesswritings · 7 hours ago
going for your older brother's best friend was the typical page in the book. and having two of them was a situation you were beyond thankful for, even if rintarou attempted to keep a distance between them and you. but, you had your ways. even if the ache of atsumu rejecting you with a laugh and a head pat several times was reminiscent, there was one more left: osamu. the latest target of your affections, much to rin's absolute hatred.
it was different than atsumu, you knew this. rin would shoo you off more, shoot glances over at his friend, seem to whisper behind his back. maybe he had nice words for you, or maybe he was insulting you as an older brother would, but you never figured out. all you got was the warning to drop it, and nothing more as you tried to poke at him for answers.
the confession happened in your home, in front of atsumu and your brother. it wasn't your brightest idea, but you were panicking, and it was nearly together anyway. a polite way of asking him out, your hands clasped tightly behind your back as you waited for the answer. there seemed to be an awkward sweat between all three of them, as if they all already knew the answer.
"listen, little sunarin." osamu's words were awkward, the hand going to scratch at the back of his head. his eyes settled on rin's, trying to decipher what they meant. any sort of thing, but for once, it looked like fear. no, he couldn't, but any answer would hurt either of the suna's in this room. and he couldn't be stuck in the middle of a fight. "you're super sweet, you're a pretty gal, it's're not for me. sorry."
"but why? it sounds like i meet everything you want." "yeah, 'samu, tell her why."
shit. he was left nearly alone, with rintarou out of the conversion. most likely in his head again, and he wished that you were like your older brother. "i..listen, i like you as a friend, like a little sister. it's just, i'm dating someone else. someone who should be in this conversation." osamu did his best to snap at rin, nodding his head at you. "tell her."
already, he was doing this. there was a reason rin warned you, standing from his seat on the ground and wrapping an arm around you. a brotherly sign of affection, in case things turned out for the worst. "i'm dating osamu. that's why i didn't want you to ask him."
oh. it finally hit after a second, glancing between the two before nodding. maybe it was selfish for you to like osamu for the sole purpose of wanting to fulfill the trope, to be connected to your brother in a different way. "rin's in love with someone? gross, that's actually kind of disgusting. don't bother me again, i'm going to see if it's too late to leave this family." you shoved the weight off of you, ignoring atsumu's laughter and teasing as you went to your room. maybe it was obvious, but they were cute. better suited together than you were with him, and the right type of love. or a type of love, though you already had plenty of questions to ask your brother later.
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Request are open!!!
 Tokyo Revengers
Taiju Shiba
Boyfriend / Husband Head Canons- { Slight NSFW }
Big Daddy Shiba Head Canons 💗😫
Shiba Family Head Canons~ Coming Soon!
Ran Haitani
BM Head Canons- { Slight NSFW }
Papa Ran & Bonten Uncles Head Canons~ Coming Soon!
NSFW Head Canons~ Coming Soon!
Rindou Haitani
Boyfriend Head Canons💙
NSFW Head Canons~ Coming Soon!
Papa Rin Head Canons~ Coming Soon!
Keisuke Baji
NSFW Head Canons💥
Rintaro Suna
Aphrodite - { Smut }🌸
 Issei Matsukawa
Midsummer Madness~ Coming Soon!- { Smut }
Keiji Akaashi 
Everytime~ Coming Soon!- { Angst & Slight NSFW }
Toru Oikawa
Dido~ Coming Soon!- { Fluff }
Wakatoshi Ushijima 
McDaddy~ Coming Soon!- { Smut & Fluff }
Satori Tendou
Smells Like Teen Spirit~ Coming Soon!- { NSFW & Gore }
Eita Semi
Always & Forever~ Coming Soon!- { NSFW & Fluff }
Jujutsu Kaisen
Megumi Fushiguro
Beautiful~ Coming Soon!- { Fluff }
coming soon~
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until you | miya atsumu
Tumblr media
TWENTY FOUR. sleepover funsies, part one
GENRE. fluff
WORDS. 1.2k
EXTRA INFO. fts. kuroo, kenma, bokuto, akaashi (no hinata rn because i forgot abt him LOL) hiro, osamu, atsumu & their mother.
NOTES. i do not know anything about their mom, but this is my own interpretation on her!
𝘱𝘳𝘦𝘷 | 𝘮𝘢𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘭𝘪𝘴𝘵 | 𝘯𝘦𝘹𝘵
Tumblr media
“ken, i swear to god if theres a jumpscare right now i’m punching you,” i say as i’m covering my eyes while looking through my fingers slightly.
“sorry, i’m not into impact play,” he says and smiles, making a broken heart with his fingers, “i hate you,” i grab the blanket and pull it more towards my body, “you see this is why i like kuroo more” i tell him as he watches the movie, “you know what, next time you’re close to a win in mario kart and you think you’re gonna win, i’m gonna shut you down.”
“do you guys want to make dinner together after the movie is over?” akaashi asks, bokuto in between his legs as he runs his hands through his hair, “yeah!! i can get some practice in!! can we try making spanner crab rice with edamame and tobiko?” i ask akaashi, my hands coming together in a pleading form.
“do you have the ingredients for it though yn?” kenma asked me while pausing the movie, “i think so, let me check real quick.” i get up from the couch and head towards the kitchen.
“well?” kenma yells from the other room, “we’re missing some oils and sauces for the rice but other than that we have everything,” i yell and head back to where they are, “i can ask hiro to take me to the supermarket really quick though.”
“are you sure? he’s kind of crippled at the moment,” kenma says holding in a chuckle, “yeah! he won’t mind, especially if its for dinner tonight,” i say and head upstairs to the study room.
“hey hiro,” i say while putting my head through the door frame, “oh no,” he says while looking up from the papers on his desk, “what is it this time?” he lifts up his eyebrow in a questioning manner, “okay one, rude, two, can you take me to the supermarket really quick? we’re missing some things for dinner.”
“oh it’s for dinner? yeah i’ll take you then, can you put this papers away for me? i’m gonna get my wallet real quick,” he gets up from the chair and heads out the door, “i’ll meet you in the car,”
“okay!” i say with a thumbs up and gather the papers onto a tray before heading downstairs, “hiro’s taking me so it’ll be quick,” i tell them while they set everything up in the kitchen, “be careful, and don’t talk to any guys while you’re in there,” kuroo says, “no need to be jealous kuroo she only has eyes for zuko,” kenma adds, “i’m not jealous! i’m just looking out for her,” he faces away from me, “see you when you get back yn,” akaashi smiles and waves.
“don’t slam the door so hard yn,” hiro says while getting out of the car, “what do you mean i just closed it, i think you hear it loud cause your old or something” i say to him, “i’m only twenty-four????” hiro gives me a questioning look, “this is gonna go into your cons column,” he puts his keys in his pockets while we walk into the store, “cons column??? for what exactly.”
“for little sisters, usually they adore their big brothers but i don’t see it,” he sighs, “this is what i live with unfortunatel- oh get a cart too,”
“can we get more ice cream too,” i push the cart into the next aisle before stopping.
“stop pushing me, ‘tsumu.”
“well then stoping getting in my space, ‘samu.”
“boys, we’re in a public place, do not fight”
“yes mom.”
“osamu? atsu?” i speak out as i see them turn around to face me, “yn? what are you doing here?” they both said at the same time.
“no way, if it isn’t my future brother in law atsumu, how’s it going man?” hiro says suddenly, “hiro shut up do not say that in front of his family,” i say and slap his arm, “ow! did you forget?? crippled man here!” hiro points to his cast, “should’ve thought of that before that came out of your mouth then.”
“nevermind atsumu, she hits crippled people, don’t even think about getting with her,” hiro puts his other arm on top of his arm with a cast carefully to make his arms crossed, “hiro, you are so getting it when we get home, i’m telling akaashi to serve you the leftovers.”
“you wouldn’t.”
“i would.”
“fine,” he pauses and looks at atsumu, “putting everything asid-“ i cut him off, “what are you doing here? and at this time no less, it’s kind of late,” i ask them as i see their mom further into the aisle looking at different foods in the shelf.
“our grandma is coming over tomorrow and our mom wanted to celebrate her visitation,” osamu speaks, atsumu continues, “so we came to the store because we were at practice earlier and we don’t like her going alone.”
“wait did you guys walk here?” i ask them, “yeah, it’s not far from where we live,” atsumu says, hands in his hoodie.
“we can drop you off home! if you’d like!” i tell them, they’re mom coming back to their shopping cart. “boys, would you care to tell me who they are?” their mom asks with her arms crossed and eyebrows raised.
“this is yn ln and her brother hiro ln,” atsumu responded, “she’s in the same class as suna and i,” osamu added.
“nice to meet you!” i say to their mom, slight embarrassment in my face.
“a pleasure to meet you too,” she pauses, “yn? say, are you the yn that tutors him?” she asks me, “yes i am!” i tell her, she looks at me up and down before speaking once again.
“sorry, i’m just trying to take in your appearance, us adults are growing old and our memory isn’t as well as it was before,” she says, “would you mind helping me out with getting something?”
“mom, we can get it for you,” osamu and atsumu both say at the sametime, “nonsense, boys, go help her brother with the shopping, yn and i will be- what do you call it? oh yes, yn and i will be having a girls talk, off you three go.”
she shoos them all and turns to me, “shall we?” she smiles as she pushes the cart, “i can push it for you mrs. miya,” i tell her, “thank you, you’re very kind.”
“i also want to thank you, for helping my ‘tsumu,” she says, “he wasn’t doing to well in school, his test scores were terrible whenever i found out about them.” she fiddles with her necklace thats around her neck, “recently he showed me his recent test, don’t get me wrong he still failed it, but it was a better score than the previous ones, he told me that he got a new tutor yn, he talks about you a lot, all good things, i promise ” she looked at me before talking, “he’s a good kid, but he’s slow on figuring things out, especially when he rather do it himself,” pausing for a few seconds, she asks me, “if it’s alright with you, could i ask for a favor.”
“of course! anything.” i tell her.
“take care of atsumu for me, he likes you, you know? he might not realize it though,” she smiles.
Tumblr media
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iaintnohero · 15 hours ago
Okay but quiet, calm extrovert Osamu Miya and loud, socially confident introvert Atsumu Miya are SO superior.
Osamu being a more calm presence than his brother but loving the atmosphere of his full restaurant, interacting with people as they enjoy his food.
IAtsumu being confident and attention seeking, but preferring the atmosphere of just his team or Osamu or even playing volleyball by himself.
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smolmo · 23 hours ago
Congrats on 400 Mo!!! 😘😘 I’d like to participate in your #meteorshower  event! 💞 can I please request Atsumu + fluff + fireplace, blizzard, caress, neck, and golden 🌞
Tumblr media
Atsumu Miya X F. Reader
GENRE: Fluff
Requested by @tsumtsumland
WORDS: 665
Tumblr media
The snowfall outside was slowly turning into a blizzard, and you were glad that you and Atsumu had come back to the private lodge he'd booked for the weekend before the two of you became Frosty the Snowman and his Missus. 
The both of you had darted into the lodge, littering the floor with pieces of wet clothing, and got into the shower to warm yourself up. You remained in the shower longer while Atsumu, as he had declared proudly, would be, quote-unquote, the best of boyfriends and to light a fire.
Now you were clothed in comfortable tights and a woolen long-sleeved, turtleneck dress, hair dried, and joined Atsumu in the living room.
"We ain't never doin' this again," Atsumu chittered, teeth clattering as got the fire. "Whose stupid idea was it to go skying??"
"Yours Tsumu," you managed to come up with a scintilla of amusement, despite the fact the biting temperatures deep in your bones still remained. You eyed your boyfriend, who always was a human heater, and contemplated about his arms engulfing you.
Then you realized that he just had put on some tight ski underwear but had put on the fluffy socks he had been wearing the whole day. 
"Atsmu you still have to get out of your wet socks…" you reminded him, wincing at the thought of the damp wool on his feet. "Get up, get a changed into something nicer...."
 With the fluffy grey blanket he'd draped over his shoulders, making him look like a neanderthal poking in the fire...
Atsumu grunted, like the bleached caveman he was, and turned into whenever he was pouty and whiny and scooted closer to the fireplace. "I will do so when i get this damn fire going….."
The setter tensed, noticing that he might have been little abrasive, golden eyes melting as he glanced over his shoulder and asked, "C'mere...lemme warm you up?"
"Only if you put on something else than wet socks and ski underwear…."
"But you said it showed up my muscles…" a smug grin danced on his lips, hooded eyes noticing you fiddling with the hem of your dress as your eyes darted over his body. "I never said that"
"Ya thought it tho.." He grinned and tied the blanket around his neck as if it was a cape "Look babe I'm Superman or whatever…."
Ignoring the urge to facepalm, you huffed and grabbed the blanket from his shoulders, "Yeah, whatever." 
Mischief glinted in his eyes for a second, and Atsumu reached out his hand, tugging the blanket in its place around your shoulders, muttering a whiny "Baaaabe ...admit that you like me..." 
"Sort of.... I'd like you better, showered and warmed up.." you glanced down at his hand that was fiddling with the blanket corner that was over your chest, a loose thread, and he pulled at it seemingly absentminded.
Another glint in his vulpine eyes before he shrugged, grabbing the fabric with his fist, and pulled you into a kiss. The crackling of the fire was an echo of the beating of your heart as his other hand found its way over your hip and back in a sweet caress. 
"You know...your kissin' skills are much better than your skiing" he nudged your nose with his, momentarily pausing the kiss for oxygen. "I think I'll try snowboarding tomorrow...seems cooler...I'll be great at it you'll see."
"Sure, if that is what you think Tsum," you hummed, crossing your hands behind his neck as his hands found your hips, swaying as he dipped his head to plant another peck on your lips.
"I'll be awesome...just you wait and see...but right now..." he cleared his throat and said a little bit louder, "Alexa, Play Tsumu's Sexy Fluffy Lodge Playlist."
The two of you swayed, spinning like snowflakes outside to the music and the cracking,  dancing flames. You rested your head on his chest as he quietly hummed the melody in your ear, and something made both think this wasn't all too bad.
Tumblr media
✨・゜・。.|✨MLIST ✨| ✨NAVIGATION ✨|✨RULES✨|.・。.・゜✨
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bakamabuchi · a day ago
inarizaki : we dont need memories
suna : i do
*grabs out his camera*
*starts recording*
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megumiisee · a day ago
to the writers of Tumblr who could give me their time of day and please see my writings and give me feedbacks if that is all right for you. It would be such an honor. I truly want someone to critic my work and see where I can improve at
-from a struggling writer
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renesis-jj · a day ago
Tumblr media
this drawing is reason why i spent an hour looking through your blog for the modern atsumu vs alt!atsumu fight bc i needed references ψ(`∇´)ψ wanted to see modern kita and alt!kita interact so i thought they'd probably be the ones to break up the fight
Tumblr media
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chickenburntnugget · a day ago
Tumblr media
In progress
In progress
In progress
Aoba Johsai
In progress
In progress
In progress
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🏐coming soon
🏐coming soon
ꪖꪮ᥇𝘲 𝓳ꪮusai
>anger management 📲📚
>coming soon
...more to come...
🏐coming soom
ᦔꪖ𝓽ꫀ𝘬ꪮꪊ 𝓽ꫀᥴꫝ
🏐coming soon
>coming soon
...more to come...
>other woman: pt.1 // pt.2
…more to come…
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haikyuuhaley · a day ago
self-indulgent but if you do tarot readings then Suna would be vv supportive and he would help you learn the meanings of the cards by going through them with you and asking questions about them. he thinks it's very cute when you are doing a reading and get very into it, or when you see an interesting card & make a noise/gasp depending on what card it is. he would think the whole thing is fascinating literally just because YOU like it, that goes for literally any interest, sunrin just wants to love the whole you ❤️
(p.s. I totally am not posting this because I see Suna Rin with a s/o who like tarot cards, dark clothing, piercings (& tatts) w/ an all 'round darker aesthetic who is as sarcastic and witty as he is 👀 also may just be me self shipping 👀)
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itskierrababyy · a day ago
03. join the what?
Tumblr media
The next morning under your eyes felt sunken in from no sleep but nonetheless less Bokuto was about to show up at your door with an Iced coffee in thirty minutes, meaning it was time to wake up. Throwing yourself out of bed you make way to your bathroom, to brush your teeth, and put your makeup on, almost stabbing yourself in the eye with your tweezers when putting your eyelashes on. Today just didn’t feel like a good day. After putting on your uniform, you read over the notes given to you last night one more time before a firm knock is set on your door. “Y/n open up, I got you coffee so we can walk to class” After tying the laces of your black hightop converse (cause we got style) you grab your backpack off your desk chair opening your door.
“Hey, hey, hey!”
“How are you this energetic in the morning?” You roll your eyes, locking your room door. Bokuto passed you, your coffee as the two of you take the elevator to the main floor. “Bo, I’m honestly so nervous for my final. Something just doesn’t feel right” Bokuto was always the best person to vent to though not being the brightest he’s optimistic, which helped with you always being pessimistic.
“Honestly y/n you’re second best in our class, you’ll do great. I don’t understand what fucking Kita has that you don’t. Him and stupid group of friends who go around terrorizing everyone, I’ll never understand why everyone loves them”
A sigh escaped your lips as your head looks down, you’re in front of your English class. Bokuto grabs you by the shoulders giving you a reassuring smile “You’ll do great” You give a faint smile back, but this moment is ruined by none other than Osamu Miya. “Get to class Bokuto” He smiles snarkily, Osamu abuses his place of power. To be honest he just likes pissing people off, they all did. Bokuto shot Osamu a look of anger before walking to his class.
“Oh and y/n good luck on your final, ’Tsumu had that class yesterday he told me it was a bit….difficult” The greynette walks away leaving you with a pit in your stomach. Ever since starting at Inarizaki you were confused how five boys could have such a place of power, in a school. Well the principle was Kita’s father. Explains a lot huh? Mr. Shinsuke was always travelling leaving his son and friends in charge, and that’s how the student council came about. Worst decision ever. All they did was blackmail, and treaten people when they didn’t get their way. But that didn’t matter since girls would drop their panties in a second for each of them and all the guys wanted to be friends with them. They were feared so much that they were liked.
After gathering yourself together you gulped as you opened the door to English 103, you sat in your desk and pulled out a black and silver pen that had your initials engraved on the end. Your lucky pen. Passes every test, wrote all your notebook doodles, took every note with that pen, which your parents gave you before sending you to this private academy. Mrs. P — the English teacher explained the weight of the test and proceeded to hand out the test while stopping by your desk to set the double sided piece of paper on she smiles at you.
“I expect amazing things from you y/n.”
After sitting in that class for what felt like forever, the bell rang but you realized everyone but you had gotten their test back. While students were leaving the class you packed up your things and thought nothing of it, maybe you’ll get it tomorrow. “Y/n stay after class for a second, go out in the hall I need to speak to you” Your heart sinks. This has never happened before. Throwing your bag over your shoulder, you wait outside of your class for her to meet you. Three minutes have never felt so agonizingly long. She walks outside, holding a piece of paper which looked like your test. She passed it to you. Your heart dropped to your ass. You failed your last quiz of your high school ‘career’ You eyes nearly leave there sockets staring at the failing grade. “How the f— How did I fail?” You frantically spoke “I don’t know your typically my best student apart from Shinsuke, but because you’re one of my personal favourites I’ll let you off the hook with two weeks of extra work, I’ll get someone to tutor you as well—“ The sound of shoes clicking grew louder and louder as someone walked closer to you.
“Is there a problem here?” The blonde questioned with an arched brow. Atsumu fucking Miya. How convenient? Your teachers eyes lit up at the boys presence, as if she got an idea. “No Atsumu of course not” She smiles at him. “Good to know” He smiled back at the teacher. “Y/n here just didn’t do the best on her final so I’m giving her two weeks of extra work with a tutor” Wonder who’s fault that was. “Oh—” His eyes darted to yours quickly, you honestly had thought that smoke was coming out of your ears as he started to speak in the fakest of sincere tones.
“Well two whole weeks of extra work at the of her last year is absurd, I’d be glad to tutor her, and shave off a week of her work if she joined the council.”
Join the what?
Tumblr media
- this is where the bullshit starts LOL
- i’m so glad that y’all are enjoying this
- i’ not sure about a posting schedule maybe everyday at 6:00 pm EST we’ll see
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Tumblr media
itskierrababyy 2021
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rice-is-alive · a day ago
i was looking through the haikyuu fandom website or whatever and i checked which class the like miya four were in and atsumu is smarter than osamu and suna ??? like idk why this surprised me so much but atsumu is in class two while suna n osamu are in class one like he definitely vibes more dumb than sunaosa thats rlly wack
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