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#inbetweenie style
golxliveblogs · 10 months ago
I’m back boyo’s, Girla’s and inbetweenies~!
Heck yeah!
So, schedule:
Today: the pride art event! It’s the last day, so if you have anything submit, go to my discord: Accepting any art that’s Beastars/anything else I liveblog that’s celebrating pride! 
Now, about the whole event. What I’m planning is to action Livestream the thing! It’s going to start around 7(roughly, I’m bad with time management) it’ll be on twitch and the link is here!
 What I’m planning is this: Doing the art contest, looking at the art, and talking with folks, then moving to a game to hang out with y’all, probably either Super animal royal or depending on the number of people joining, Jackbox games. The whole stream will probably be an hour or two.
after that, the next week will be marathons of all the things I’ve been on break for. Monday is Aggresuko which will probably be the next 3 episodes at once. 
Wednesday will also be another stream, of Night in The Woods! The reason I’m going to do it in a stream instead of a regular liveblog style is that Liveblogging the game in a normal liveblog style is well, really really clunky. I don’t feel like I make a lot of progress even during 2-3 hour sessions and ruins some of my enjoyment for the game. Hopefully, live streaming will be easier. I plan to edit down the VODS and post them here, of course, so you guys can still see my reactions to the game instead of going through an entire stream.  
Finally on Friday at 7pm EST, I’ll be liveblogging Beastars the normal way, of all the various chapters I haven’t read yet.
I think that’s about it, but if you have any questions send an ask or pm me on discord! Blue Hair#0959 always open for some conversation!
see you guys tonight!
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