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#inbox meme
rpsourcedmemes · 2 days ago
Send 👉👈 for a plot idea if we have been mutuals for a while but haven’t interacted yet
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flws · 2 days ago
SENTENCE STARTERS . random quotes for any muse to use !! [part 1]
“ my cousin owns a nightclub in the city ! ”
“ don’t embarrass me . “
“ you didn’t lose your license , remember the bouncer took it ”
“ a disco ball ? my party isn't a middle school dance . ”
“ what could they possibly be upset about ? ”
“ how could you do this to me ? ”
“ you aren’t allowed back there anymore after you donated half a cake for the easter egg hunt ! ”
“ this problem is all my fault . “
“ I feel terrible , I’m being so selfish . ”
" i don’t think we have the type of relationship where we can joke around . "
“ it’s fine , do whatever you want . ”
" you broke men bore me . "
" i promise you'll enjoy it . "
" can you promise me i'll enjoy it ? "
" why are you wasting my time when you know you can't afford me ? "
" i wont be with someone that doesn't deserve me . "
" okay okay , ill behave . "
" i'm worth the chase . "
" are you that embarrassed of me ? "
" so , why dont you like weddings ? "
" i dont have a type , what makes you think i have a type ? "
" you got invited to a really fancy wedding and you couldn't even afford a decent outfit ? "
" it's all about ' sex ' with you isn't it ? "
" usually when people break up they see less of each other . "
" ... it's not what you think . "
" i found [animal] eating out the dumpster behind my work ! i couldn't just leave them there . "
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marichive · 2 months ago
An Extremely Self-Indulgent Meme
Physical prompts based around some of my favorite tropes / physical actions in threads. Send this   + reverse   to change which muse does which action.
tw for implied violence in some
❰❰ PIN ❱❱ sender pins receiver during a fight/training
❰❰ HURT ❱❱ sender is hurt protecting receiver
❰❰ CARRY ❱❱ sender carries receiver bridal style
❰❰ LIFT ❱❱ sender carries receiver over their shoulder
❰❰ MEDIC ❱❱ sender bandages receiver's wounds
❰❰ SUPPORT ❱❱ sender comforts receiver after a loss / traumatic event
❰❰ THREAT ❱❱ sender holds a weapon up to receiver as a threat
❰❰ SAVE ❱❱ sender saves receiver's life
❰❰ CRY ❱❱ sender cries in front of receiver
❰❰ DANCE ❱❱ sender invites receiver to slow dance
❰❰ HAND KISS ❱❱ sender kisses receiver on the hand or wrist
❰❰ CHEEK KISS ❱❱ sender kisses receiver on the cheek
❰❰ HEAD KISS ❱❱ sender kisses receiver on the forehead
❰❰ EMBRACE ❱❱ sender embraces receiver
❰❰ HANDS ❱❱ sender's fingers graze the receiver's fingers
❰❰ CUDDLE ❱❱ our muses cuddle
❰❰ BED ❱❱ our muses share a bed
❰❰ BRUSH ❱❱ sender plays with / brushes receiver's hair
❰❰ GAZE ❱❱ our muses make extended eye contact
❰❰ ALMOST ❱❱ our muses almost kiss but don't or are interrupted before they do
❰❰ ARGUE ❱❱ sender ends an argument with receiver with a kiss
❰❰ ARM ❱❱ sender puts their arm around receiver
❰❰ PULL ❱❱ sender pulls receiver close to them
❰❰ BACK ❱❱ sender touches receiver on the back
❰❰ SHOULDER ❱❱ sender touches receiver on the shoulder
❰❰ LEAN ❱❱ sender leans against receiver
❰❰ CARESS ❱❱ sender caresses the receiver's cheek
❰❰ HAIR ❱❱ sender pushes receiver’s hair away from their face
❰❰ TILT ❱❱ sender tilts the receiver's chin with their hand
❰❰ CHIN ❱❱ sender tilts the receiver's chin with their weapon
❰❰ LEG ❱❱ sender's leg touches the receiver's leg under the table
❰❰ FOOD ❱❱ sender feeds the receiver
❰❰ WALL ❱❱ sender pushes the receiver against a wall
❰❰ FREE ❱❱ sender frees the receiver from restraints
❰❰ TACKLE ❱❱ sender hugs the receiver so hard they almost fall over / do fall over
❰❰ DYING ❱❱ sender finds the receiver near death
❰❰ PANIC ❱❱ sender comforts the receiver as they have a panic attack or get overstimulated
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ghstmemes · 3 months ago
feel free to elaborate as much as possible !
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spiltichor · 7 months ago
DIFFERENT TYPES OF RELATIONSHIPS Because there are so many different types of bonds characters can share. For the prompts with one muse is __ the other muse, please feel free to specify who is which role.
send ❤️ for a romantic ship between our muses send 💔 for a toxic ship between our muses send ✨ for a purely sexual relationship between our muses send 💖 for a sexual relationship between our muses that could turn romantic send 💛 for our muses to be friends send 🧡 for our muses to be friends that could develop into a romantic relationship send 💚 for a friends with benefits situation between our muses send 🤝 for our muses to be partners that work together send 💘 for one muse to have a crush on the other muse send 🖤 for our muses to have had a past romance  send 💕 for mutual pining between our muses send 💝 for our muses to be in an arranged relationship. Could develop or not. send 💜 for a hateship between our muses send 👪 for our muses to have a familial relationship send ⚔️ for our muses to have a rivalry  send 🗡️ for a one-sided rivalry/grudge by one muse to the other send 💀 for our muses to be strictly enemies send 🤫 for one muse to secretly be an enemy/traitor to the other muse send 👨‍🏫 for one muse to be a teacher/mentor for the other muse send 👔 for one muse to work for the other muse send ☕ for regular customer relationship (hair stylists, coffee shop employees, etc.) send 😨 for one muse to be the bully of the other muse
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weirdlypersonalrpmemes · 4 months ago
headcanon memes inspired by things i like, part 1. ⤿   inspired by muses i write tw: addiction
send in a symbol i’ll answer the corresponding question about my muse!
[ 🏃‍♂️ ] does your muse have escapist tendencies?
[ 💄 ] does your muse have an aesthetic? do they adhere strictly to it?
[ 👥 ] does your muse have many friends? do people feel they can rely on your muse?
[ 📚 ] what is your muse’s favourite genre of books, tv, movies, etc.?
[ 💐 ] what is your muse like in relationships?
[ 💍 ] how dedicated is your muse to their job?
[ 🍺 ] does your muse have any addictions?
[ 🍀 ] does your muse believe in luck? do they have a good luck charm or rituals they follow to avoid bad luck?
[ 🎀 ] does your muse have any childhood friends or people that are important to them?
[ 💕 ] does your muse believe in true love? do they believe in love at all?
[ 🧸 ] does your muse have any guilty pleasures or hobbies that make them embarrassed?
[ 🌟 ] is your muse comfortable in their identity? are they insecure or confident?
[ 🧭 ] does your muse know what they want? how well can they advocate for themselves?
[ 🎈 ] does your muse have many regrets? what are they?
[ 🏆 ] is your muse afraid of failure? what do they do when they fail?
[ 💭 ] does your muse have imaginary friends? did they have any as a child?
[ 🩹 ] what does your muse do to de-stress?
[ 🚓 ] would your muse break the law?
[ 🧲 ] is your muse generally flirty, or are they more reserved?
[ 🗾 ] how self-sufficient is your muse? are they more independent, or do they need others around them?
[ 🙏 ] is your muse religious? what do they believe in, if anything?
[ 👻 ] if your muse were a fantasy creature, what kind would they be? why?
[ ⚖️ ] what is your muse’s moral code? what kind of morality do they have?
[ 💥 ] is your muse determined, or do they give up easily?
[ 🃏 ] how does your muse handle being lied to?
[ 🥀 ] would your muse betray someone they love?
[ 🥊 ] how strong is your muse’s survival instinct?
[ 🌼 ] what kind of first impression does your muse leave?
[ 🐣 ] does your muse have anyone they look up to?
[ 🎨 ] is your muse artistic? do they want to be?
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roleplaymemeworld · a month ago
Tumblr media
1. What is your favorite trope to rp? 2. Name 3 things you admire about OCs. 3. Who are your longest rp friends? 4. What old character would you love to bring back? 5. What is a character you love, but don’t think you can write? 6. Name 3 things you love most about your muse/muses. 7. What is one overrated roleplay trend? 8. Do your friends outside the internet know your roleplay? 9. Have you ever written fanfictions? 10. Why do you write? 11. Do you welcome duplicates of your character or stay away from them? 12. Do you prefer writing main or minor canon characters? 13. Is there one trope you can’t stand? 14. What is your opinion on writing smut? 15. What is your opinion on tagging triggers? 16. Do you prefer long or short replies and why? 17. What makes you insecure about your own writing? 18. What is one thing you’d wish to see more in the rp community? 19. Who is an author that inspires you? 20. Do you need music/noise to write or do you prefer silence? 21. What time of the day is your favorite to write? 22. Are there any red roleplay flags for you that make you back off immedately? 23. Your favorite fandom to write in? 24. Have you ever left a fandom because of negativity? 25. One thing you’d like new roleplayers to know?
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amourmemes · 5 months ago
❥    feeling   things   ,   a   sentence   meme   .
what are they called again ? emotions ? ugh .   ( taken off of pinterest )
❛  you were dead.  yet, here you are.  ❜ ❛  speak your mind even if your voice shakes.  ❜ ❛  you inspire me to be nothing like you.  ❜ ❛  every day i wake up more tired than i’ve ever been.  how long will i stay like this?  ❜ ❛  fuck you’re cute.  ❜ ❛  don’t get attached.  ❜ ❛  i am fire.  i am hatred.  i am consuming.  ❜ ❛  there is a certain amount of truth behind everything that people do.  everything they do tell you a little something about them.   ❜ ❛  i wanna fucking date you, stupid.  ❜ ❛  which is it?  are you in love with a person or an idea?  ❜ ❛  you will get better.  maybe not today, but someday.  ❜ ❛  there’s a reason i never told you all of this.  ❜ ❛  let’s get drunk and tell each other everything we’re afraid to say sober.  ❜ ❛  i wanna see what happens when i don’t give up.  ❜ ❛  yeah you’re cute but are you good for my mental health??  ❜ ❛  ... and then i just snapped.  ❜ ❛  i still repeat the things you said to me in my head.  ❜ ❛  your hands are scarred from murder, and yet i trust them completely.  ❜ ❛  shit.  i think i have feelings.  ❜ ❛  i believe in annoyed at first sight.  ❜ ❛  what did it mean to you?  any of it?  ❜ ❛  can someone please be proud of me?  like fuck, i’m trying.  ❜ ❛  i sometimes wonder if things only get better so that they can get worse again.  ❜ ❛  hey, sometimes you gotta kill a guy.  ❜ ❛  i broke my rules for you.  ❜
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waywcrdmemes · 10 months ago
2020 is almost done and over with!
With the final month of the year here, it’s your chance to send the mun or muse something you’ve wanted to tell them! Whether you haven’t had the chance to or you’ve been too shy, now’s the time to say what you feel, and don’t hold back!
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justanotherrpmeme · 6 months ago
Recovering from Trauma
“I don’t feel like I survived.” “I can’t talk about it.” “I need to talk about it.” “You need to talk about this.” “You’ve experienced an unimaginable pain.” “Everyone deals with pain in their own way.” “There is no timestamp on trauma.” “There is no magic trick to get from the horror to be healed.” “Be patient with yourself.” “I need you to be patient with me.” “Real healing is hard; it doesn’t always look pretty.” “I’ll never be whole again.” “You’re here today and you’re a survivor.” “Recovery is a process; it takes time and patience.” “You need to heal from what hurt you.” “So what if it’s all in your head?” “Avoiding your triggers isn’t healing.” “As broken as you may feel, you are still so strong.” “There’s something to be said for how you hold yourself together.” “Healing doesn’t mean the pain never existed.” “Healing means that the damage no longer controls our lives.” “Trauma is a fact of life but it doesn’t have to be a life sentence.” “I can’t get the thought of out my mind; I’m having nightmares about it.” “I can’t eat; I can’t sleep.” “I’m so anxious and afraid all the time.” “You seem really on edge today.” “I don’t even remember it properly but I can’t stop thinking about it.” “You deserve peace.” “You are worthy.” “You’re allowed to talk about it, you’re allowed to struggle with it.” “You are not alone.” “What happened was not your fault and it does not define you.” “You are safe.” “Be kind with yourself; you deserve to heal and feel better.” “You’re allowed to ask for help but it’s okay to not know what you need.” “You deserve to be loved and treated well.”
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sadprosed · a month ago
scenarios  inspired  by  various  settings,  encounters  &  magic  tucked  between  pages,  fashioned  by  the  author.
+   feel  free  to  change  pronouns  /  roles  !
‘  let  me  guess,  you  thought  a  true  love’s  kiss  would  help  you.  ’
‘  you  will  always  follow  the  trail  in  the  wood,  and  it  will  guide  you  on  the  same  path,  to  the  same  cottage,  the  same  witch.  it  will  always  be  your  undoing.  ’
‘  i  have  never  seen  a  more  tragic  creature.  how  might  i  help  you  ?  ’
‘  you  must  take  this  knife  and  plunge  it  into  his  /  her  /  their  heart.  ’
‘  forget  yourself.  that  is  how  you  break  your  curse.  ’
‘  remove  this  thorn  from  my  hand,  and  you  will  be  rewarded.  ’
‘  i’m  tired  of  being  a  prince.  i  think  i  would  actually  enjoy  being  a  frog.  ’
‘  tell  me  of  the  beast,  and  i  will  hunt  it  for  you.  ’
‘  mice  are  never  just  mice,  and  pumpkins  are  rarely  just  pumpkins.  ’
‘  i  don’t  think  breaking  a  spell  should  be  this  simple.  ’
‘  i  never  thought  i’d  return  here,  to  the  site  where  it  all  began.  ’
‘  are  you  an  orphan  ?  it’s  just  that  they’re  always  finding  themselves  in  magical  predicaments.  ’
‘  the  mirror  speaks  falsely  in  your  ear.  it  is  your  true  curse.  ’
‘  my  heart  feels  uneasy,  although  i  am  free.  is  it  supposed  to  ?  ’
‘  i’m  sorry,  it’s  just  that  i  thought  this  is  the  part  of  the  quest  where  the  animals  ought  to  start  talking  to  me.  ’
‘  of  course  i  plan  on  going  to  the  ball.  why  wouldn’t  i  ?  ’
‘  jealousy  has  made  more  witches  out  of  women  than  adam’s  rib.  ’
‘  where  has  choosing  goodheartedness  and  having  golden  hair  ever  gotten  you  ?  ’
 ‘  are  you  a  helpful  wizard,  or  the  kind  that  sits  in  a  tower  reading  moldy  books  ?  ’
‘  i’m  dreadfully  bored.  who  knew  waiting  for  a  prince  was  so  strenuous  ?  ’
‘  we  all  have  towers  we  must  leave,  and  magic  that  will  try  to  thwart  us.  ’
‘  i’m  afraid  for  the  clock  to  strike.  the  hour  will  ring  in  the  place  of  my  heartbeat  when  we  must  be  parted.  ’
‘  i  had  no  idea  carpets  could  fly.  or  pigs  for  that  matter.  ’  
‘  what  would  happen  if  the  knight  did  not  arrive  to  the  castle,  and  the  dragon  made  a  den  of  it  and  a  hoard  of  its  people  and  prize  of  its  princess  ?  ’
‘  i  sometimes  think  i  was  switched  out  at  birth,  like  a  lizard  in  a  bird’s  nest.  i  belong  somewhere  else.  ’
‘   in  another  kingdom  exists  a  throne  and  a  crown  that  is  mine  by  right.  ’
‘  if  i  did  not  wake  up  one  day,  i  would  still  be  waiting  on  a spinning  wheel,  dutifully  bored.  ’  
‘  something  in  me  knows  you  are  here  for  my  heart.  ’
‘  in  all  the  myths  i’ve  heard,  it’s  never  been  worthwhile  to  approach  strange  sights.  it’s  best  to  turn  around  and  pretend  you  never  saw  them.  ’
‘  nothing  is  folklore  until  it  exists  longer  than  consciousness  remembers,  and  lives  in  spite  of  it.  ’
‘  i’ve  heard  your  name  before,  in  songs  and  lengthy  ballads.  ’
‘  whatever  has  led  you  here  to  me,  there  is  destiny  in  its  making.  ’
‘  the  beast  returns  every  century  or  so,  and  tries  to  devour  us.  it  will  come  again  before  long.  ’
‘  a  pretty  face  is  not  nothing.  it  earns  you  a  hearth  and  a  kind  hand,  after  all.  ’
‘  their  lips  are  red  as  blood,  and  their  teeth  carve  ruin  into  throats.  ’
‘  aren’t  dragons  supposed  to  breathe  fire  and  make  a  fuss  about  having  their  treasure  found  ?  ’
‘  someday  you  will  become  a  pilgrim,  a  saint,  or  a  favored  story,  while  i  will  be  a  voice  on  the  wind.  ’
‘  the  stories  say  brides  don’t  live  to  the  light  before  demons  devour  them.  why  should  i  become  one  ?  ’
‘  there  was  another  girl  like  you  once,  in  a  small  town  like  this  one.  i  can’t  remember  if  she  became  the  monster  or  died  trying  to  escape  it.  ’
‘  remember  to  festoon  the  hearth  with  garlic,  or  rosemary,  or  one  of  those  mundane  herbs  that  keep  evil  out.  ’
‘  that  sounds  like  nothing  but  a  tall  tale,  but  i’m  certain  smaller  minds  would  eat  it  up.  ’
‘  to  cross  this  bridge,  you’ll  have  to  pay  a  heavy  toll.  ’
‘  don’t  stray  too  far  from  the  path  set  before  you,  or  something  interesting  might  happen.  ’
‘  i’ve  passed  that  yard  of  crops  a  million  times,  but  the  crow  never  moved  from  its  post  until  this  morning.  ’
‘   it  is  as  though  ancient  fears  are  still  in  us  like  scars  or  stitches.  ’
‘  graveyards  aren’t  where  you  find  ghosts.  look  for  them  in  places  that  feel  like  memories  you  shouldn’t  have.  ’
‘  stories  reap  princes  from  peasants  as  if  their  skins  were  crops  in  the  ground.  ’
‘  what  form  does  your  fear  take  ?  surely  not  that  of  a  bear  or  a  lion.  such  things  are  too  assuring.  ’
‘  i  found  myself  where  everything  was  too  familiar  to  be  real.  ’
‘  in  safe  beds  on  cold  dark  nights,  we  learn  to  face  the  monsters  in  our  own  minds.  ’
‘  you’re  not  to  partake  in  a  fairy  feast.  don’t  you  know  it’s  the  food  that  will  devour  you  ?  ’
‘  i’m  sorry  you  did  not  read  the  eyes  of  the  trees  before  finding  yourself  here.  ’
‘  i  wish  to  go  back.  i  want  to  forget  everything.  ’
‘  you  think  that  believing  in  us  is  enough  to  protect  you  ?  that  it  will  kill  us  if  you  forget,  and  we  prey  upon  your  unknowing  ?  ’
‘  step  around  the  ring  three  times,  like  a  backwards  clock.  that’s  how  you  get  to  fairyland.  ’  
‘  i’ve  never  heard  such  sweet  music  before.  ’
‘  where  the  trees  begin  to  twist  and  groan  in  their  roots,  remember  you  must  not  make  a  right  turn.  ’
‘  i  didn’t  feel  like  i’d  stepped  into  another  world,  but  like  it  stepped  into  me.  i  knew  i  was  there  and  forgot  i’d  left  anything  behind.  ’
‘  how  amusing.  a  human  !  ’
‘  would  you  be  my  bride  if  i  were  to  take  you  into  the  ground  ?  ’
‘  i  know  of  tunnels  you  might  take,  the  burrows  of  trolls  and  rabbits.  ’
‘  don’t  take  anything  from  this  realm,  none  of  it  is  worth  the  price  of  keeping.  ’
‘  there  are  courts  by  many  titles  in  the  lands  beyond  the  veil,  all  of  them  other.  ’
‘  names  are  not  like  currency  here;  they  are  more  precious  than  diamonds  and  legacies.  ’
‘  did  you  think  all  of  us  looked  like  goblins  ?  ’
‘  getting  here  is  easy,  but  getting  home  is  quite  the  trick.  ’
‘  i  shall  give  you  a  riddle,  and  it  will  puzzle  you  until  you  know  the  answer  but  forget  your  own  soul.  ’
‘  a  bloodline  is  nothing  when  you’ve  outlived  civilizations.  ’
‘  refusing  my  hospitality  is  like  human  sin,  and  it  will  bring  worse  upon  you.  ’
‘  everything  here  is  and  isn’t,  and  things  are  and  aren’t.  ’
‘  on  lonely  nights  i  stare  into  the  trees,  and  a  strange  face  leers  back.  ’
‘  the  thrones  here  are  made  of  bones  and  blood,  and  built  upon  decay.  ’
‘  a  third  time  is  not  a  charm,  but  a  bargain.  it  says  that  you  want  something  enough  to  wager  your  sense.  ’
‘  it  is  dangerous  to  think  that  magical  beings  do  not  have  human  intensities.  ’
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joeyhelps · a month ago
*    TYPES   OF   HUGS .
bc  im  feeling  soft  tdy  yall  . . .  i   dont  know  dont  question  it
[ HELLO ] for a hug after a long time apart.
[ GOODBYE ] for a hug before one muse leaves.
[ YAWN ] for an early morning half-awake hug.
[ SORRY ] for a hug that precedes an apology.
[ MISSED YOU ] for a reconciliation hug.
[ OH MY GOD ] for a hug in response to one muse learning that the other’s still alive.
[ MOVIE ] for a lazy cuddle in front of the tv.
[ RECKLESS ] for an adrenaline-filled hug during or after an adventure.
[ SHH ] for a hug to hide faces/avoid suspicion.
[ DON’T GO ] for a hug that tries to persuade one muse to stay.
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littlelovelymemes · 7 months ago
𝐚𝐬𝐤  𝐦𝐞𝐦𝐞 :    𝒎𝒊𝒔𝒄𝒆𝒍𝒍𝒂𝒏𝒆𝒐𝒖𝒔  𝒒𝒖𝒐𝒕𝒆𝒔
‘  i’ll  find  you  again ,  wherever  we  end  up  next .  ’
‘  the  enormity  of  my  desire  disgusts  me .  ’
‘  please ,  one  more  kiss  in  the  kitchen  before  we  turn  the  lights  off .  ’
‘  i’ve  been  lost  but  i’m  here  now .  you’re  the  only  person  who  has  ever  been  able  to  find  me .  ’
‘  almost  dead  yesterday ,  maybe  dead  tomorrow ,  but  alive ,  gloriously  alive ,  today .  ’
‘  you  are  not  broken .  ’
‘  you  can  love  and  be  loved ,  despite  what  may  feel  like  the  eternally  brutal  nature  of  the  world .  ’
‘  i  did  violence  to  my  own  heart .  ’
‘  will  i  be  forgiven  for  the  sins  i  did  not  commit ,  but  created ?  ’
‘  i  would  never  kiss  anyone  who  doesn’t  burn  me  like  the  sun .  ’
‘  i  would  rather  break  the  world  than  lose  you .  ’
‘  i  think  you  and  i  have  known  each  other  in  a  few  lifetimes .  ’
‘  i  didn’t  know .  i  had  no  idea  how  greedy  my  heart  really  was .  ’
‘  is  that  why  the  idea  of  losing  you  torments  me  so  much ?  ’
‘  how  long  have  i  been  without  you ?  ’
‘  am  i  foolish  for  wanting  this ?  it  will  end  in  flames .  it  always  does .  ’
‘  sorry  about  the  blood  in  your  mouth .  i  wish  it  was  mine .  ’
‘  if  i  love  you ,  is  that  a  fact  or  a  weapon ?  ’
‘  tell  me  how  all  this ,  and  love  too ,  will  ruin  us .  ’
‘  and  you  realize  the  one  person  in  the  world  who  loves  you  isn’t  the  one  you  thought  it  would  be .  ’
‘  it  cannot  be  a  mistake  to  have  cared .  it  cannot  be  an  error  to  have  tried .  it  cannot  be  incorrect  to  have  loved .  ’
‘  finally ,  i  plead  guilty  of  adoring  you .  ’
‘  a  child  weaned  on  poison  considers  harm  a  comfort .  ’
‘  without  realizing ,  i  find  it  in  myself  that  i  cannot  stop  thinking  about  you .  ’
‘  tomorrow ,  when  i  wake  up ,  i  promise ,  i  will  be  better .  ’
‘  someone  has  to  leave  first .  this  is  a  very  old  story .  there  is  no  other  version  of  this  story .  ’
‘  when  i  imagine  myself ,  i  am  always  leaving .  i  couldn’t  draw  my  own  face  if  god  asked .  ’
‘  do  we  simply  stare  at  what’s  horrible  and  forgive  it ?  ’
‘  i  wanted  to  let  go  of  the  pain  even  though  it  was  the  last  thing  that  felt  alive  from  you .  ’
‘  have  i  endured  loneliness  with  grace ?  ’
‘  i’ll  be  your  slaughterhouse ,  your  killing  floor ,  your  morgue  and  final  resting ,  walking  around  with  this  bullet  inside  me  ‘cause  i  couldn’t  make  you  love  me  and  i  am  tired  of  pulling  your  teeth .  ’
‘  and  then  my  soul  saw  you  and  kind  of  went ,  ‘ oh ,  there  you  are .  i’ve  been  looking  for  you . ’  ’
‘  sometimes  it  feels  like  someone  else  is  wearing  my  body .  ’
‘  i  spent  my  life  arguing  how  i  mattered  until  it  didn’t  matter .  ’ 
‘  who  knew  my  haven  would  be  my  coffin ?  ’
‘  dead  is  the  safest  i’ve  ever  been .  ’
‘  i’ve  never  been  so  alive .  ’ 
‘  you  know  what  i  was  gonna  tell  you  before ,  but  didn’t  have  the  nerve ?  you  got  your  name  written  all  over  me .  i  got  my  name  written  on  you ,  too .  ’ 
‘  you  already  are  something .  you  always  were .  and  you  still  have  time  to  be .  ’
‘  you  know  me  by  heart .  it  infuriates  me  that  you  know  me  by  heart .  ’ 
‘  why  am  i  waiting  for  you ?  hungering  and  thirsting  for  you  in  every  cranny  of  my  soul  and  even  in  my  ribs ?  ’ 
‘  you  came  with  a  handful  of  pain  and  a  smile  which  broke  the  ground  under  my  feet  as  the  earthquake  does  when  two  people  meet .  ’
‘  the  only  good  thing  is  that  i’m  getting  used  to  suffering .  ’
‘  the  return  to  time  was  not  my  choice .  ’
‘  we  are  built  to  live  inside  each  other .  this  means  we  are  built  to  ruin .  ’
‘  time  does  not  bring  relief ;  you  all  have  lied .  ’
‘  time  does  not  know  how  to  keep  our  hopes  safe .  ’
‘  you  needed  me  so  much  that  you  had  to  end  me .  ’
‘  there  are  days  where  i  am  morbidly  in  love  with  you ,  and  this  is  one  of  those  days .  ’
‘  i  know  no  end  to  desiring  you .  ’
‘  i  fear  that  i  am  both  too  much  yet  not  enough .  ’
‘  yes ,  yes ,  yes ,  i  do  like  you .  i  am  afraid  to  say  the  stronger  word .  ’ 
‘  a  heart’s  a  heavy  burden .  ’
‘  life ,  as  i  see  it ,  is  all  about  farewells  rather  than  reunions .  ’
‘  heaven  is  real  and  you  only  had  two  minutes  to  prove  it  to  me .  ’
‘  it  was  already  love .  ’
‘  everyone  desires  love  but  also  finds  it  impossible  to  believe  that  they  deserve  it .  ’
‘  i’ll  love  you  until  i  forget  how  to .  ’
‘  i’ll  love  you  until  i  forget  how  to  and  then  i’ll  fall  like  my  knees  aren’t  already  bruised  from  doing  it  and  i’ll  remember  why  you’re  worth  the  ache .  ’
‘  of  course  i’ll  hurt  you .  of  course  you’ll  hurt  me .  of  course  we’ll  hurt  each  other .  but  this  is  the  very  condition  of  existence .  ’
‘  nothing  makes  me  sadder  and  nothing  makes  me  happier  than  you .  ’
‘  i  love  you  and  i  do  not  want  to  love  you ,  it  is  too  much  and  too  difficult .  ’
‘  grief  is  just  love  with  no  place  to  go .  ’
‘  i  felt  my  life  with  both  my  hands  to  see  if  it  was  there .  ’
‘  you  do  this ,  you  do .  you  take  the  things  you  love  and  you  tear  them  apart .  ’
‘  i  hope  it’s  love .  i’m  trying  really  hard  to  make  it  love .  ’
‘  if  you  touch  me  again  i  might  burn  up  in  the  cold  air .  ’
‘  i  asked  you  not  to  leave  several  times .  ’
‘  i’ve  only  adored  you  lifetimes  ago  and  here  we  are .  it’s  nice  to  see  you  again .  ’
‘  all  time  ever  does  is  pass  and  all  i  ever  do  is  remember .  ’
‘  i  feel  as  though  we  were  never  strangers ,  you  and  i ,  not  even  for  a  moment .  ’
‘  i’d  choose  you ;  in  a  hundred  different  lifetimes ,  in  a  hundred  worlds ,  in  any  version  of  reality ,  i’d  find  you  and  i’d  choose  you .  ’
‘  nothing  about  this  is  soft  but  we  pretend .  ’
‘  maybe  you  and  i  are  just  a  dream .  ’
‘  i  know  you  loved  me  too ,  you  knew  me ,  and  it  gladdens  my  heart .  ’
‘  i  promise  i  shall  never  give  up  and  that  i’ll  die  yelling  and  laughing .  ’
‘  i  don’t  do  anything  with  my  life  except  romanticize  and  decay  with  indecision .  ’
‘  the  world  was  made  so  that  we  could  find  each  other  in  it .  ’
‘  you  don’t  meet  the  people  you  love ,  you  recognize  them .  ’
‘  i  think  you  and  i  have  known  each  other  a  few  lifetimes .  ’
‘  this  body  knows  fear  like  a  front  porch  knows  welcome  --  it  is  always  coming  home .  ’
‘  i  miss  you  more  than  i  remember  you .  ’
‘  if  i  could  have  done  it  all  again ,  i  would  have  loved  you  better .  but  i  could  not  have  loved  you  more .  ’
‘  we  could  have  been  happy .  i  know  that ,  and  it  is  perhaps  the  hardest  thing  to  know .  ’
‘  you  want  a  better  story .  who  wouldn’t ?  ’
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rpsourcedmemes · 9 months ago
Questions For My Muse(s)
👁‍🗨 - what is a secret that your muse hasn’t told or is hiding
💬 - for my muse to directly say a secret or confession
⚪ - what are small things that mean something to your muse
🔴 - what are bigger gestures that are important to your muse
👌 - what are some of your muses quirks?
💦 - mannerisms that your muse has when they’re shy or nervous
💢 - mannerisms that your muse has when they’re angry or sad
🙌 - mannerisms that your muse has when they’re extremely happy
🤞 - what’s the most impulsive thing you can picture your muse doing
☠️ - does your muse fear death?
👻 - recall one or more times your muse has been the most scared or fearful
😠 - what is something or someone your muse has ever hated or hates
🏹 - would your muse ever kill and why
💢 - what would cause your muse to be annoyed
👍 - what are your muse’s good traits?
👀 - is your muse prone to jealousy?
🖤 - can your muse be selfish?
❓ - can your muse be indecisive?
🙈 - can your muse be blindly loyal?
❌ - what would cause your muse to be petty or say something hurtful
🙊 - has your muse ever put their foot in their mouth?
💥 - is your muse reckless? or too cautious and paranoid?
🔷️ - is your muse good or bad at lying?
🤔 - is your muse cynical? naïve?
✋ - can your muse be rude or unfriendly?
🤝 - is your muse a people pleaser?
😔 - is your muse insecure?
🎭 - does your muse try really hard to compensate for something?
🤜 - is your muse overprotective? in-between? or not protective/concerned enough?
⬛ - what are some bad traits your muse might have?
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ghstmemes · 7 months ago
it could be about my portrayal, my headcanons, my blog’s aesthetic, my muse’s dynamic with someone else’s muse, etc. 
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vaememes · a month ago
a prompt list from halsey’s 2021 album: if i can’t have love, i want power, adjust any as needed!
oh, the loneliest girl in town.
she’s easy on the eyes.
her soul is black and it’s a fact.
her sneer will eat you alive.
and the buyer always brings her back.
because all she does is cry.
so take what you want, take what you can.
take what you please, don’t give a damn.
ask for forgiveness, never premission.
it’s in the blood and this is tadition.
his smile hides a lie.
her fear will eat her alive.
well, she got the life she wanted.
you can’t take it back, it’s as good as gone.
i hope what’s left will last all summer long.
and they said that boys were boys but they were wrong.
don’t call me by my name.
all of this is temporary.
watch as i slip away for your sake.
well, maybe i can hold you in the dark.
you won’t even notice me depart.
leaving through the door without a word.
you won’t even notice, little bird.
better off dead.
so i reckon i’m headed to hell instead.
so don’t wait for me.
it’s not a happy ending.
jesus needed a three day weekend.
to sort out all his bullshit.
figure out the treason.
i’ve been searching for a fortified defense.
i could keep your bed warm, otherwise, i’m useless.
i don’t really mean it cause who the fuck would choose this?
i’m whatever you make me.
and you make me more and more a villain every day.
but you don’t know, you reap, you sow.
whatever you give to me, from yourself, you take.
well, if you’re a hater, then hate the creator.
it’s in your image i’m made.
one eye opened and one eye closed.
i lost all my faith and all hope.
that everything means anything at all.
one eye broken and one eye bruised.
cause i gave myself away for you.
you liar, you don’t love me too.
it’s easy for you, after all.
my heart is massive but it’s empty.
a permanent part of me, that innocent artery.
but it beats harder every time you come around.
but do you love the sound?
i sleep with one eye opened and one eye closed.
losing you is easier than lying to myself that you love me.
04.  𝘓𝘐𝘓𝘐𝘛𝘏.
well, i’m perfect when it comes to first impressions.
well, i romanticize and then i get to stressing.
a big brain like i’m teaching it a lesson.
baby, it’s a blessing, yeah.
you got me thinking i was too mean.
well, everything that i say, i believe.
tuck a knife with my heart up my sleeve.
change like a season, reason for nothing.
i am disruptive, i have been corrupted.
and by now, i don’t need an introduction.
i been gone because i been on this road too long.
you know i get too caught up in a moment.
i can’t call it love if i show it.
i just fuck things up if you noticed.
have you noticed. tell me, have you noticed?
now i’m wondering, if i ever wanted to hold you.
it never mattered if i owned you.
cause you let anybody with a body control you.
and you know it too.
the more that you give away, the more that you have.
i feel lighter in the wasitline.
with no hands around me, no spit in my teeth.
no, i’m not your daydream.
i won’t have your baby.
stop cause you’re killing my vibe.
it’s a shot in the dark.
i’m not a walk in the park.
i come loaded with the safety switched off.
this girl is a gun and we’ve been having some fun.
and i can show if you turn the lights on.
i keep waiting for luck to come swallow me up.
i feel better when the boys stop calling.
i keep falling in love.
this measuring cup is overflowing with the same damn problems.
and you’ll be wishing you crossed your fingers.
oh, but god, is it fun when you can have more than one.
so let me show you how to touch my trigger.
my newest babys testing me lately.
i cannot take it, i love it, i break it.
i can’t be stressing to give you attention.
oh, cause it’s never enough so i’m giving you up.
and you’ll be better with a nice girl.
i don’t know what you want from me.
when i’m suburnt lips and summer feet.
i’m tattered like these levi jeans.
now what the fuck does all this mean?
you know i’m still somebody’s daughter, see.
i spilled the milk you left for me.
my tears are falling flawlessly now.
go on and be a big girl.
you asked for this now.
everybody’s gonna drown you out.
you better show them why you talk so loud.
you wished upon a falling star.
who the hell is in your bed?
you better kiss goodnight and give some head.
and then next, the morning comes instead.
well, is this the life that lies ahead now?
i want my cake on a silver platter.
i want a fistfull in my hands.
i want a beautiful boys despondent laughter.
i wanna ruin all my plans.
i want a fist around my throat.
i want to cry so hard, i choke.
i want everything i asked for. 
07.   𝘋𝘈𝘙𝘓𝘐𝘕𝘎.
really can’t remember where i left my spine.
carrying my body in a bag for dimes.
and maybe i’ll be better if i take my meds.
ain’t a doubleheader if you lose your head.
try the medication that i bought instead.
it’s working for a litte, but there’s not much left.
darling, don’t you weep.
there’s a place for me.
somewhere we can sleep.
see you in your dreams.
ever since a little girl, found it sweet, driving past a graveyard on a lonesome street.
all the little flowers gave me something to believe in.
never knew the feeling of a stable home.
been a couple years of living on the road.
couldn’t really tell you where they’d leave a stone.
visit me when i’m dead and gone.
head fast toward the light.
foolish men have tried.
only you have shown me how to love being alive.
08. 𝘏𝘖𝘕𝘌𝘠.
she told me, open your mouth.
she said, i got a surprise.
and so i opened it wide and she crawled inside.
she’s on the tip of my tongue.
and if i’d searched a thousand miles i’d be dying to find.
between my fingers, she leaves, then she lingers.
if shes gonna go, well, then i’m gonna go with her.
i know that i won’t forget.
she was sweet like honey.
but all i can taste is the blood in my mouth.
the bitterness in goodbye.
dripping like honey down the back of my throat.
well, she’s impatient and i’m complacent.
with just a little taste of wasting time.
well, she stings like she means it, she’s mean and she’s mine.
out and about without a reason or rhyme.
now shes dancing on a table and spins on a dime.
i love every second, it’s fucking fantastic.
good things aren’t easy to get.
i know that i wont regret.
09.  1121.
well, i won’t die for love.
but i’ve got a body here to bury.
and if truth be told, it’s scary.
cause my shoulders are heavy already.
ever since i met you, you could have my heart.
you could have my heart and i would break it for you.
take one in the temple.
my tongue is a vessel.
i try to be careful with the thing inside my chest.
you shoot for the memory so you can forget me.
i’ll leave if you let me.
please don’t leave.
i’m running out of time to tell you.
don’t leave me in the shape you left me.
i’m running out of things that i regret.
you took me.
just leave me in the place you found me safe and soundly.
mm. you do not. you do not.
it’s the thing in your thighs when you’re lonely at night.
scroll through your phone, getting high off the light.
numb in your chest when you close the blinds.
repose in time and tell yourself you’re fine.
but you sabotage the things you love most.
camouflage so you can feed the lie that you composed.
this is the voice in your head that says you do not want this.
this is the ache that says you do not want him.
this is the glimmer of light you’re keeping alive.
when you tell yourself, bet i could fuck him.
why do you need love so badly?
bet its because of her daddy.
bet she was brutal and bratty.
bet that she’ll never be happy.
i bet that you’re right and i’ll shown you in time.
i got a monster inside me that eats personality types.
think that she hates me, i’m feeling it lately.
but what does it matter?
no, i do not know me.
isn’t it so lonely?
i am not a woman, i am a god.
i am not a martyr, i am a problem.
i’m not a legend, i’m a fraud.
keep your heart cause i already       
every day i got a smile where my frown goes.
a couple bodies in the garden where the grass grows.
i take them with me to the grave in a suitcase.
maybe i could be a different human in a new place.
i just want to feel something.
tell me where to go.
cause everybody knows something that i don’t wanna know.
so i stay right here cause i’m better off alone.
i’m better off alone.
keep your heart cause i already got one.
got a hollow where my heart goes.
i never listen but i see it with my eyes closed.
i never listen.
i know, i remember from the grass stain.
maybe i could be a better human with a new name.
i’m ready to leave it.
i’ll go when i feel it.
and it really does hurt when you love someone.
from a tender age, i was cursed with rage.
came swinging like a fish in a batting cage.
i went swimming with the devil at the bottom of a lake.
and he left me there by my lonesome.
my tongue was in my teeth.
i couldn’t find the floor.
so i was kicking with my feet.
but they weren’t there, they were stolen.
there is a lighthouse.
in the middle of the deep end.
i’m still stranded on the shoreline.
and nobody hears me scream.
i’’l lure you like a landslide.
i’ll show you lovely things.
if you rescue me.
i met a sailor on a ship with promise in his eyes.
he kissed me on the mouth and dug his fingers in my thighs.
but a sailor ain’t a savior.
they only tell you lies.
so i left him there until the sunrise.
the waves were tall and they were crashing down.
so i showed him all my teeth and then laughed out loud.
cause i never wanted saving, i just wanted to be found.
well, that should teach a man to mess with me.
i get undertones of sadness.
when i think the moments that i never got to spend with you.
i can’t decide if i love you more in the morning or i love you more at night.
i can’t decide.
the moon don’t pick sides.
because the longing needs the leaving.
i never got to tell you.
i love the way my eyes make yours look green too.
i think we could live forever.
i’ll always see my youth in you.
and if we don’t live forever, maybe one day, we can trade places.
maybe one day we’ll trade places.
will you bury me before i bury you.
i’ll never know if there’s danger in confession.
another word and i could choke.
memory that presses like a blade against my throat.
but what’s worse?
what’s worse? telling you my feelings or to die without revealing?
you crawled inside my head and set a fire there instead.
take my life and take my soul.
i swear i’d give you anything.
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weirdlypersonalrpmemes · 2 months ago
⤿   headcanon memes; comfort character edition!   tw: death, family, religion.    
send in a symbol and i’ll answer the corresponding question about my muse!
[ 🧱 ] how would you describe your muses’ morality? what are their core values?
[ 🌎 ] are there any aus you have for your muse? what are they like, and how is your muse different in them?
[ 😱 ] does your muse have any specific fears? where did those fears come from?
[ 🤝 ] how does your muse approach intimacy? are they hesitant, or do they like it? what types of intimacy do they like and dislike? (ex. physical intimacy, sexual intimacy, emotional intimacy, etc.)
[ 👪 ] what is your muse’s relationship with their parents like? was it always this way?
[ 💍 ] does your muse have a “type” of people that they prefer to enter relationships with? is their type generally compatible with them, or does the dynamic tend to be toxic?
[ 🏆 ] is your muse multitalented? what are their hobbies, and why did they pick up these hobbies? if they don’t have hobbies, why don’t they?
[ 🐱 ] does your muse have pets? did they have pets as a child? how do they feel about animals?
[ ❌ ] is there something your muse struggles with that they might never overcome? what is it? why do they have so much trouble with it?
[ ✨ ] what aesthetics or symbols do you reference when writing your muse? are these backed up by canon, if your muse comes from a canon? is there any specific relevance to these choices?
[ 🌱 ] what themes are relevant to your muse?
[ 💀 ] has your muse gone through anything traumatic? if so, how has this trauma affected them?
[ 💛 ] how empathetic is your muse? how compassionate are they? is this something people expect from them, or are people surprised when they find out how compassionate or empathetic they actually are?
[ 👗 ] what is your muse’s fashion sense like? are they able to dress the way they want to? what would they wear in an ideal world?
[ 🔮 ] what is your muse’s relationship with religion and spirituality? were they raised in a certain religion? have they stuck with the same set of spiritual beliefs all their life, or have they changed over time? are they settled in their spirituality now?
[ 🤷‍♀️ ] how does your muse approach strangers? how does this compare to how they interact with close friends or lovers?
[ 🎵 ] is there a specific song or songs you associate with your muse? why is that?
[ 💸 ] if your muse had no shortage of money, what would they buy?
[ 🐺 ] does your muse like solitude? do they prefer it to being around others? how easily does your muse get lonely?
[ ⚰️ ] what are your muse’s greatest regrets? what would flash before their eyes when they’re on their deathbed?
[ 🧸 ] does your muse keep anything sentimental? if so, what do they keep and why?
[ 🙏 ] what does your muse need? this can be something material or something abstract.
[ 📚 ] what books does your muse have on their bookshelf? what books would they like to have? if your muse isn’t an avid reader, is there anything they collect or might like to collect?
[ 😍 ] does your muse believe in true love? why or why not?
[ 😇 ] what would your muse do if they became a god?
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fierymcmes · 17 days ago
The ultimate affectionate gestures compilation ( version 2.0, improved and slightly extended )
Send one of the following prompts for my muse to reach out affectionately to yours!
Feel free to combine them ( example: send [ brush ] + [ push ] for my muse to brush the loose strand of your muse’s hair our of their face and then push it behind your muse’s ear ), reverse them ( example: send [ reverse + caress ] for your muse to caress my muse’s cheek ) and/or add details.
[ tilt ] - for receiver to tilt sender’s chin gently to prompt them to make eye contact with receiver
[ curl ] - for receiver to curl their fingers under sender's chin while resting a thumb on their cheek, not quite tilting but just... holding
[ cup ] - for receiver to cup sender’s face with their hand/s
[ caress ] - for receiver to caress sender’s cheek
[ place ] - for receiver to place their hand over sender’s hand where it’s placed on receiver’s cheek
[ boop ] - for receiver to boop sender on the nose
[ Eskimo ] - for receiver to brush their nose against sender’s nose as in Eskimo kiss
[ nose ] - for receiver to kiss sender on the nose
[ palm ] - for receiver to kiss sender on the palm
[ back ] - for receiver to kiss sender on the back of a hand
[ knuckles ] - for receiver to kiss sender’s knuckles
[ shoulder ] - for receiver to place a kiss on sender's shoulder / shoulder blade
[ nape ] - for receiver to place a kiss on the nape of sender's neck
[ jaw ] - for receiver to place leisurely kisses along sender's jaw
[ cheek ] - for receiver to kiss sender on the cheek
[ lips ] - for receiver to kiss sender softly on the lips
[ forehead ] - for receiver to kiss sender on the forehead
[ lean ] - for receiver to lean in and press their forehead against sender’s forehead
[ pepper ] - for receiver to pepper sender’s face with kisses
[ eyes ] - for receiver to kiss sender’s closed eyelids
[ tears ] - for receiver to kiss away sender’s tears
[ wipe ] - for receiver to wipe away sender’s tears
[ gaze ] - for receiver to gaze into sender’s eyes
[ roll ] - for receiver to roll their eyes affectionately at sender
[ scalp ] - for receiver to massage sender’s head
[ pat ] - for receiver to pat sender’s head
[ brush ] - for receiver to brush the hair out of sender’s face / eyes / forehead
[ push ] - for receiver to push the loose strand of sender’s hair behind your muse’s ear
[ top ] - for receiver to kiss sender on the top of their head and then rest their cheek against it while holding sender close
[ chin ] - for receiver to settle their chin on the top of sender’s head while holding them close
[ hair ] - for receiver to place lots of short, sweet, messy little kisses on the crown of sender’s hair
[ run ] - for receiver to run their fingers through sender’s hair
[ stroke ] - for receiver to stroke sender's hair / head
[ twirl ] - for receiver to twirl a strand of sender’s hair around their finger
[ hand ] - for receiver to place their hand on sender’s shoulder / neck as a way of supporting / comforting / reassuring them that receiver is there for them
[ wrap ] - for receiver to wrap their arm around sender’s shoulders
[ massage ] - for receiver to massage sender’s shoulders and/or neck
[ soothe ] - for receiver to rub sender’s shoulders soothingly
[ rub ] - for receiver to rub sender’s back
[ body ] - for receiver to give sender a full-body massage
[ snuggle ] - for receiver to snuggle to sender’s side
[ waist ] - for receiver to wrap their arm around sender's waist
[ support ] - for receiver to support sender with an arm around their waist / shoulders and/or pull sender's arm across receiver's shoulders to better support their weight
[ catch ] - for receiver to catch sender as they stumble or collapse from exhaustion / sickness / injuries
[ lift ] - for receiver to lift sender up in their arms
[ shield ] - for receiver to shield sender from a threat, be it a person or a force of nature
[ tackle ] - for receiver to tackle sender, playfully or to shield from danger
[ come here ] - for receiver to gently pull sender towards them for a hug or a dance
[ behind ] - for receiver to hug sender from behind
[ rest ] - for receiver to hug sender from behind and rest their cheek against sender’s back / shoulder
[ rock ] - for receiver to hold sender and rock gently from side to side
[ tuck ] - for receiver to tuck sender against their chest, covering them with their jacket / coat fronts, in order to keep them warm / safe from rain
[ head ] - for receiver to rest their head on sender’s shoulder
[ sit ] - for receiver to settle down on sender's lap
[ lap ] - for receiver to place their head upon sender’s lap
[ guide ] - for receiver to guide sender to place their head upon receiver’s lap
[ hide ] - for receiver to guide sender to hide their face in receiver’s chest
[ heartbeat ] - for receiver to place their head upon sender’s chest, right over their heart, to listen to its beat
[ listen ] - for receiver to guide sender to rest their head upon receiver's chest, right over their heart, so they can listen to its beat
[ help ] - for receiver to give sender a hand when they’re stepping up or over something
[ touch ] - for receiver to touch the back of their hand to the back of sender’s hand as if inviting to hold hands
[ thumb ] - for receiver to run their thumb over sender’s thumb while holding hands
[ hold ] - for receiver to hold sender’s hand and interlace their fingers
[ squeeze ] - for receiver to squeeze sender’s hand
[ fingers ] - for receiver to play with sender’s fingers absent-mindedly
[ shapes ] - for receiver to trace imaginary shapes on sender’s skin
[ cover ] - for receiver to cover sender with a blanket / jacket / coat as they’re lying down
[ drape ] - for receiver to drape a blanket / jacket / coat around sender’s shoulders
[ comb ] - for receive to brush sender’s hair
[ braid ] - for receiver to braid sender’s hair
[ nails ] - for receiver to tidy sender’s nails and/or do a manicure
[ makeup ] - for receiver to help sender put on their makeup
[ jewelry ] - for receiver to help sender put on a piece of jewelry
[ tie ] - for receiver to help sender do their tie
[ smooth ] - for receiver to straighten sender’s collar / lapel / brush a hand over sender’s clothes to smooth them out
[ zip ] - for receiver to help sender zip their dress / jacket / button their clothes
[ dress ] - for receiver to help sender put on an item of clothing
[ cook ] - for receiver to cook something for sender
[ feed ] - for receiver to feed sender
[ drink ] - for receiver to help sender drink
[ cocktail ] - for receiver to make a cocktail for sender
[ pour ] - for receiver to pour sender a drink
[ bath ] - for receiver to draw a warm bath for sender
[ water ] - for receiver to join sender in the bath
[ wash ] - for receiver to help sender with washing their hair / body
[ swim ] - for receiver to invite sender to swim with them
[ beckon ] - for receiver to beckon sender towards them
[ whisper ] - for receiver to whisper something in sender's ear
[ tickle ] - for receiver to tickle sender
[ cheer ] - for receiver to try to cheer sender up
[ faces ] - for receiver to make funny faces at sender
[ shove ] - for receiver to playfully shove sender
[ pull ] - for receiver to pull sender down to sit on receiver’s lap
[ bed ] - for receiver to push or pull sender back on the bed when they try to get up
[ cloth ] - for receiver to bath sender’s face / neck with a cloth soaked in cool water
[ patch ] - for receiver to patch up sender's wound/s
[ pain ] - for receiver to kiss sender where it hurts to soothe their pain
[ trace ] - for receiver to trace sender’s scar/s with the softest press of their fingertips
[ ask ] - for receiver to ask sender about their scar/s
[ scar ] - for receiver to kiss sender’s scar/s
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