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#inbox prompts
screnwriter · 2 days ago
Do you have any prompts of oblivious people realising they have fallen in love?
Idiots in love prompts
“ you really don’t see it, do you? “
“ if there’s nothing going on between the two of you, you don’t mind if i ask her out, do you? “
“ you flat out just admitted you have feelings for me. “
“ i think i'm falling in love with you. “
“ is that really all she is to you? just a friend? “ [beat] “ you’re so full of shit. “
“ come on, you’re in love with her. “
“ it doesn’t take an idiot to figure it out. “
“ i wanted to kiss you. i've been wanting to kiss you for quite a while. “
“ it’s not like i’ve fantasized about you or anything… “
“ friends don’t talk about each other that way. “
“ you said i had nice lips. who says that? “
“ it’s just an innocent kiss. “
“ friends kiss each other all the time, right? “
“ it’s easy to confuse feelings for something they aren’t, especially when eye-contact is involved. “
“ you're still hung up on derek. “ “ derek? my asshole ex? “
“ if you refuse to make a move, i'll ask her out for you. “
“ man, fuck that guy. go show her what she’s missing. “
“ just put us all out of our misery and admit it already. “
“ you were practically made for each other. “
“ she shut me down last time, remember? “
“ you’re in denial. “ “ i am not in denial! “
“ look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t feel something for me. “
“ do you have a crush on me, or something? “
“ are you asking me out? “ “ no, i mean yes, maybe, as… friends? “
“ don’t let this one go. he’s perfect for you. “
“ do you think that this, us… do you think it could ever… be something more? “
“ you're everything i ever wanted, but i don’t want to lose you as a friend. “
“ i’m worried that if i go there with you.... things are never going to be the same. “
“ you know that’s not the case. i adore you. “
“ you’re more than just friends. it’s obvious. “
“ of course i love you. we’ve been friends for ages. “
“ grow some balls and be honest with her. “
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screnprompts · 19 hours ago
spicy first time prompts
18+ prompts. Minors dni
“ you're so beautiful. “ “ i look disgusting. “ “ no. you're beautiful. “
“ you're... wow. “
“ you know, when you said you were good at sex... thought you were being cocky. “
“ you did great. “ “ thanks. “
“ you sure you're ready? “
“ actually, i can't wait to have sex with you. “
“ you sure you're a virgin? because you sure know what you're doing... “
“ a virgin from Virginia? “ “ that's not even remotely funny. seriously. “
“ tonight is about you. i want to make it memorable. “
“ how far do you want to go tonight? “
“ if it's any consolation... i'm glad it's with you. “
“ i told you, tonight is about you. you don't owe me anything. “
“ you're safe with me, you know that right? “
“ we're not going too fast? “ “ quite the opposite, actually. we’re going too slow. “
“ i can't touch that thing. “ “ it doesn't bite. promise. “
“ i think we've waited long enough. “
“ i want you. all of you. tonight. “
“ you're the best one i've ever had. “ “ i'm the only one you've had. “ “ exactly. “
“ are you sure you want to do this? “
“ comments? suggestions? “ [pause] “ speechless? even better. “
“ use your fingers. “ “ seriously? “
“ i'm not touching it. should i touch it? “
“ you have more experience than me. “ “ so bend over. “
“ you haven't had sex in god knows how long, and you think i'm gonna shove that thing inside you first thing i do? “
“ i'm not scared of having sex, it's more of... that, thing, being inside me. “
“ god, i'm such a prude... “
“ you can say dick, you know. “
“ i need to process what the fuck just happened... “
“ was that sex? “ “ i think so, yeah. “
“ don't treat me like a virgin. “
“ i just want to get this over and done with. “
“ that was great. but i think i need more practice. you know, just to be sure. “
“ tonight, i'll take care of you. tomorrow, we'll fight for control. “
“ i don't want this to be a planned thing. i want it to happen naturally. “
“ unless you give me a clear answer, i'm not touching you. do you want this or not? “
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leneemusing · 21 days ago
“  i thought you were gone.  for good. ”
“  you left and—  i thought you weren’t coming back.  ”
“  i miss you.  i know i’m not supposed to,  but.  i just had to see you.  ”  
“  please don’t scare me like that again.  i can take a lot of things,  but not losing you.  ”
“  i can’t even take the very thought of you getting hurt.  ”
“  you could’ve gotten yourself killed! you could’ve— fuck!  you scared the shit outta me.  ” 
“  yes.  i am telling you what to do.  i’m telling you not to pull something like that again because—  ‘cause fucking hell.  i care about you.  okay? ”  
“  i found myself driving home and then.  well i was on my way here.  ‘cause i’re still my home.  ” 
“  please,  tell me why you’re upset.  tell me who did this?  ”
“  you don’t have to come over here and take care of me you know.  i can clean up my own messes.  ”
“  don’t talk.  just get the fuck over here and hold me.  ”
“  loving you is like having my heart just out in the world.  outside of my body walking around.  every time i see you hurting,  it kills me.  ”
“  i made you cry.  and i hate myself for that.  i swore i wouldn’t be one of the people who left you hurting.  ”
“  you really hurt me this time.  but i want to let go of that.  i really do want to forgive you i’m just scared you’ll hurt me again.  ”
“  i know you’re mad at me right now,  but i’m the one who’s here.  let me be here.  let me help.  you can be angry later.  ”
“  i’m here now.  i know i wasn’t before.  but i should’ve been.  and i’m not going anywhere.  i’m not gonna let that happen again.  ”
“  it’s time to come home now.  ”
“  that’s enough.  you’ve got your revenge.  let’s go.  ”
“  i know you’re hurting.  and i can’t fix that.  but i can refuse to let you hurt alone.  ”
“  i’m never letting go of you.  i missed you so fucking much.  ”
“  look at me,  you’re safe.  and you’re not alone.  and i’ll never let you be alone again.  you understand?  ”
“  i broke my promise to you once.  i’ll never do it again.  ”
“  i don’t need you to go white knighting and fix all this.  i just want you here.  with me.  that will make me feel better.  ”
“  just stay still and let me hold you.  ”
“  you don’t have to hide your tears.  let it out.  then we’ll move on,  together.  ”
“  i just.  needed to talk to you ‘cause.  somehow you always know what to say.  ”
“  don’t bury your feelings.  sadness.  hurt.  rage.  feel it.  acknowledge it so you can decide what you want to do with it.  not what it will do to you.  ”
“  i miss your smile.  and not that sad one you try to fool everyone with.  the real one.  the one you used to show me.  ”
“  come here.  i’m taking care of you tonight.  and you’re gonna let me.  ”  
1) our muses reunite after sender thought receiver was dead. 
2) our muses reunite after receiver thought sender was dead. 
3) sender shows up at receiver’s house drunk after they’ve broken up. 
4) receiver shows up at sender’s house drunk after they’ve broken up. 
5) our muses are on bad terms but reunite after one of them nearly dies. 
6) sender finds receiver crying and approaches,  clearing the tears with their hands while demanding to know what happened. 
7) receiver finds sender crying and approaches,  clearing the tears with their hands while demanding to know what happened. 
8) our muses haven’t been speaking,  but sender rushes to take care of receiver after they’ve been injured or fell ill. 
9) our muses haven’t been speaking,  but receiver rushes to take care of sender after they’ve been injured or fell ill. 
10) sender hurt receiver in some way,  which led to receiver doing something reckless and sender shows up to stop them/or deal with the aftermath. 
11) receiver hurt sender in some way,  which led to sender doing something reckless and receiver shows up to stop them/or deal with the aftermath.
12) our muses are in a fight,  but cuddle anyway because they don’t like sleeping alone. 
13) receiver wakes sender from a nightmare. 
14) sender wakes receiver from a nightmare. 
15) sender wakes up in the hospital and finds receiver at their side,  who is in the same clothes as the day they were admitted because they’ve refused to leave their side. 
16) receiver wakes up in the hospital and finds sender at their side,  who is in the same clothes as the day they were admitted because they’ve refused to leave their side. 
17) our muses are currently on the outs,  but receiver goes through something traumatic and sender pushes past their friends to get to them. 
18) our muses are currently on the outs,  but sender goes through something traumatic and receiver pushes past their friends to get to them. 
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rpresourcehelp · 21 days ago
Make assumptions about my muse in my askbox and my muse will respond to them.
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notstilinski · 4 months ago
Fear Street: 1978 Starters !
Taken from the 2021 Netflix movie, Fear Street: 1978! Some of these have already been edited. You can change them however you see fit! There may be some light spoilers for the movie!
“You’re an impatient bastard, aren’t you?”
“Look, I can’t just run! I can’t let them die. I won’t. I love them.”
“They’re tied up in the bathroom, so they can’t leave now. We’re like totally and completely cool.”
“I’m out? They just tried to murder me!”
“I’m just gonna let it get infected and die.”
“That stuff's been there forever, babe. You just gotta give that up.”
“Hey, careful. You don’t want to corrupt her virgin ears.”
“Drugs, baby, drugs. Just hook us up.”
(Name), hello? I’m in trouble again! Help.”
“(Name), come on. I could die any minute now.”
“People usually kill for a reason, and sometimes that reason is justified. Sometimes killing isn’t murder.”
“Once in your life, could you just not be so… so mean?”
“For once in your life, can you just stop pretending?”
“One way or another, you’re gonna die tonight.”
“The kiddos are right. That’s, like, total witchy behavior.”
“He might be dumb, but he’s kinda shagadelic.”
“Yeah, well, it was serious earlier, and you didn’t give a shit!”
“What? That doesn’t fit your carefully constructed bullshit view of the world?”
“It’s not horrible if it’s true.”
“So, the camp was built on the same place as the settlement?”
“It’s called fun, (Name). You used to have it, remember?”
“Clearly, you don’t need my assistance. All good. Go ahead.”
“You want me to murder you?”
“Am I the only one expecting, like, I dunno, a house made out of candy?”
“Hey, (Name), you got any candy down there? We’re high and hungry.”
“It just hit me. It’s fucking Tylenol. It’s nothing.”
“He can’t… He can’t get us. He can’t get us.”
“We could have done it in your bunk, but I guess this is kind of hot.”
“Well, tough shit. We’re gonna die down here.”
“Jesus, what the hell? I told you not to follow me!”
“I’ve hated her since I was a baby. Next question.”
“First of all, Stephen King is, like, super popular.”
“If you have to kill him… Could you?”
“I’m not letting you get hurt! Please, let me do my job.”
“You tell anyone about this, and you’re dead. You hear me?”
“I told myself that if I was perfect if I did everything right, I could beat it.”
“I hate to break it to you, but the fun isn’t any more real.”
“I thought that if I just put my head down, and followed the rules, everything would be fine.”
“Okay, careful. Okay? This thing is, like, a million years old.”
“I’ve waited my whole fucking life for this. And now I found it. Let me see this through.”
“Nothing can pull us apart.”
“And most days… I wish I stayed dead.”
“(Name) sacrificed herself for nothing.”
“Your best chance is to run from this place. Go as far as you can and hope a bus doesn’t hit you on the way out.”
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bunnieresources · 6 months ago
resident evil: village writing prompts.
“ there’s nothing wrong with my memory. you’re just being paranoid. “
“ it’s not paranoia if they’re really out to get you. “
“ in life and in death, we give glory. “
“ you shouldn’t be out here. it’s not safe. “
“ i’m not used to relying on other people. “
“ oh, so gauche. what do we care for bread and circuses? “
“ quiet now, child! adults are talking. “
“ my decision is final, there will be no argument. remember from whence you came! “
“ you’re still alive? impressive... “
“ oh, you didn’t think i’d let you get away, did you? “
“ anyone who is anyone has heard of the likes of you. “
“ i haven’t cut open a man in a while! “
“ taken alive? dead? which would you prefer? “
“ i need blood. warm, wet, bright red blood. “
“ they will pay for what they’ve done... “
“ i would have sliced you to ribbons if they hadn’t stopped me. “
“ rest while you can because i will hunt you and i will break you! “
“ go ahead, do your worst! “
“ like i’d ever let you get away. “
“ running will get you nowhere! “
“ you’ve ruined the hunt! “
“ you will not get away! you’re my prey... mine... “
“ so you finally came to see me! everyone falls for me in time. “
“ stupid manthing! you won’t live long, even if you run! “
“ flesh, bones, i will devour all of you! “
“ like hell you’ll kill me! “
“ not enough blood! more! more blood! “
“ come now, don’t be shy. show me your terror! “
“ how can a man be ‘almost’ dead? that’s a question for the wise. “
“ what kind of sick medieval shit is this? “
“ it’s only a riddle if you don’t know the answer. “
“ you don’t have to trust my words, but do you have any better options? “
“ ____! come with me. there’s something i have to tell you. “
“ everyone leaves me... even you... “
“ i didn’t want to keep it from you. i didn’t want to lose you again. “
“ don’t leave... i can’t let you. “
“ you are never going to get out of here! “
“ ____... i’ll make things right. “
“ oh, ____... if it’s for you, i’d do anything! “
“ i gotta say, i’m surprised you made it this far. it’d be a shame if something happened to you now. “
“ you’ve got fight, i’ll give you that, ____. “
“ i’d kill you if you weren’t worth the trouble. “
“ you’re the real deal, ____. well done. “
“ quit hiding, asshole. i’m not letting you get out of this. “
“ i am not a weapon. “
“ the strong will destroy the weak. that’s the way of the world! “
“ you can hear it, can’t you? someone’s waiting for you. “
“ i told you to leave it alone, ____. “
“ just give up. flesh and blood will never win against me! “
“ i’ve spent a lifetime creating this moment... and you try to take it away from me? “
“ i will take what is due. “
“ my desires will be fulfilled! “
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sadprosed · 16 days ago
↬   RED  (TAYLOR’S VERSION)  ( 2021 )  by  taylor  swift.
pt.  i,   lyrics  that  made  me  sob  on  the  floor  at  2  am,  taken  from  or  inspired  by  the  lyrical  masterpiece  that  is  red  (tv).
+   feel  free  to  change  pronouns  /  roles  !
‘  we  fall  in  love  until  it  bleeds,  or  hurts,  or  fades  in  time.  ’
‘  you  come  around  and  your  armor  falls.  ’
‘  this  is  a  state  of  grace.  ’
‘  this  is  the  worthwhile  fight.  ’
‘  love  is  a  ruthless  game  unless  you  play  it  good  and  right.  ’
‘  this  is  the  golden  age  of  something  good  and  right  and  real.  ’
‘  you’re  my  achilles’  heel.  ’
‘  so  you  never  were  a  saint.  ’
‘  i  loved  in  shades  of  wrong.  ’
‘  loving  you  is  like  trying  to  change  my  mind  once  i’m  already  flying  through  the  free  fall.  ’
‘  it’s  like  the  colors  in  autumn,  so  bright  just  before  they  lose  it  all.  ’
‘  losing  you  was  blue  like  i’ve  never  known.  ’
‘  forgetting  you  is  like  trying  to  know  somebody  i’ve  never  met.  ’
‘  remembering  you  comes  in  flashbacks,  and  echoes.  ’
‘  i  tell  myself  it’s  time  now,  gotta  let  go.  ’
‘  moving  on  from  you  is  impossible  when  i  still  see  it  all  in  my  head.  ’
‘  regretting  him / her / them  is  like  wishing  you’d  never  found  out  that  love  could  be  that  strong.  ’
‘  that’s  why  you’re  spinning  ‘round  in  my  head,  it  comes  back  to  me  burning  red.  ’
‘  put  your  lips  close  to  mine  as  long  as  they  don’t  touch.  ’
‘  i  can’t  decide  if  it’s  a  choice:  getting  swept  away.  ’
‘  i  hear  the  sound  of  my  own  voice  asking  you  to  stay.  ’
‘  all  we  are  is  skin  and  bone  trained  to  get  along.  ’
‘  i’m  forever  going  with  the  flow,  but  you’re  friction.  ’
‘  your  name  has  echoed  through  my  mind  and  i  just  think  you  should  know.  ’
‘  nothing  safe  is  worth  the  drive  and  i  will  follow  you  home.  ’
‘  this  hope  is  treacherous.  ’
‘  this  daydream  is  dangerous.  ’
‘  i  guess  you  didn’t  care,  and  i  guess  i  liked  that.  ’
‘  when  i  fell  hard  you  took  a  step  back  without  me.  ’
‘  i  realized  the  blame  is  on  me.  ’
‘  i  knew  you  were  trouble  when  you  walked  in.  ’
‘  i  flew  me  to  places  i’ve  never  been  until  you  put  me  down.  ’ 
‘  no  apologies,  you’ll  never  see  me  cry.  ’
‘  you’ll  pretend  you  don’t  know  that  you’re  the  reason  why  i’m  drowning.  ’
‘  i  heard  you  moved  on  from  whispers  on  the  street.  ’
‘  you  were  long  gone  when  you  met  me.  ’
‘  the  saddest  fear  comes  creeping  in,  that  you  never  loved  me.  ’
‘  something  about  you  felt  like  home  somehow.  ’
‘  i  can  picture  it  after  all  these  days.  ’
‘  i  know  it’s  long  gone.  ’
‘  i  might  be  okay,  but  i’m  not  fine  at  all.  ’
‘  i / you  remember  it  all  too  well.  ’
‘  you  tell  me  about  your  past,  thinking  your  future  is  me.  ’
‘  i’ll  forget  about  you  long  enough  to  forget  why  i  needed  to.  ’
‘  maybe  we  got  lost  in  translation,  maybe  i  asked  for  too  much.  ’
‘  maybe  this  thing  was  a  masterpiece,  till  you  tore  it  all  up.  ’
‘  you  called  me  up  again  just  to  break  me  like  a  promise.  ’
‘  you’re  so  casually  cruel  in  the  name  of  being  honest.  ’
‘  time  won’t  fly,  it’s  like  i’m  paralyzed  by  it.  ’
‘  i’d  like  to  be  my  old  self  again,  but  i’m  still  trying  to  find  it.  ’
‘  it  reminds  you  of  innocence.  ’
‘  i  loved  you  so,  back  before  you  lost  the  one  real  thing  you’ve  ever  known.  ’
‘  it  was  rare,  i  was  there,  i  remember  it  all  too  well.  ’
‘  it  feels  like  a  perfect  night.  ’
‘  we’ll  end  up  dreaming  instead  of  sleeping.  ’
‘  we’re  happy,  free,  confused,  and  lonely  at  the  same  time.  ’
‘  it’s  miserable  and  magical.  ’
‘  everything  will  be  alright  if  you  keep  me  next  to  you.  ’
‘  we’ll  forget  about  the  heartbreaks.  ’
‘  you  don’t  know  about  me,  but  i’ll  bet  you  want  to.  ’
‘  everything  will  be  alright  if  we  just  keep  dancing.  ’
‘  i  bet  this  time  of  night  you’re  still  up.  ’
‘  i  just  want  to  tell  you  it  takes  everything  in  me  not  to  call  you.  ’
‘  i  wish  i  could  run  to  you.  ’
‘  i  hope  you  know  that  every  time  i  don’t,  i  almost  do.  ’
‘  you  think  i  either  moved  on,  or  hate  you.  ’
‘  i  bet  it  never  ever  occurred  to  you.  ’
‘  i  can’t  say  hello  to  you  and  risk  another  goodbye.  ’
‘  we  made  quite  a  mess,  babe.  ’
‘  we’re  probably  better  off  this  way.  ’
‘  i  confess,  that  in  my  dreams  you’re  touching  my  face.  ’
‘  you’re  asking  me  to  stay.  ’
‘  i  hope  sometimes  you  wonder  about  me.  ’
‘  i  remember  when  we  broke  up  the  first  time.  ’
‘  i’m  saying  this  is  it,  i’ve  had  enough.  ’
‘  i  miss  you,  and  i  swear  i’m  gonna  change.  ’
‘  remember  how  that  lasted  for  a  day?  ’
‘  this  time  i’m  telling  you.  ’
‘  we  are  never  ever  getting  back  together.  ’
‘  i’m  really  going  to  miss  you  picking  fights,  and  me  falling  for  it,  screaming  that  i’m  right.  ’
‘  you’ll  hide  away  and  find  some  peace  of  mind.  ’
‘  you’ll  call  me  up  again  tonight.  ’
‘  i  used  to  think  that  we  were  forever.  ’ 
‘  i  used  to  say  never  say  never.  ’
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cotc-games · 7 months ago
ask me something you’ve always wanted to know about me !
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boofulmemes · 7 months ago
brooklyn 99 prompts !
❝ love. it sustains you. it’s like oatmeal. ❞
❝ how was i supposed to know there would be consequences for my actions? ❞
❝ i wasn’t hurt that badly. the doctor said all my bleeding was internal. that’s where the blood’s supposed to be. ❞
❝ i forgot how to breathe. is it two in, one out? ❞
❝ and if you ever want a friend to sit with you and silently listen to death metal, just know i’m always here. ❞
❝ you’re fake news! sad! ❞
❝ with all due respect, i’m going to completely ignore everything you just said. ❞
❝ anyways i’m gonna cry in the bathroom. peace out, homies. ❞
❝ the phrase ‘’whodunit‘’ is a grammatical abomination. please use the proper term, a ‘’who has done this.‘’ ❞
❝ if i die, turn my tweets into a book! ❞
❝ and you can’t spell ‘’go fuck yourself‘’ without ‘’fuck you.‘’ ❞
❝ if anything i see you as a bother figure, because you’re always bothering me. ❞
❝ everything is garbage. ❞
❝ because i’m a rascal. ❞
❝ nothing good ever happens. ❞
❝ well, did you tell them i feel so bad i have a tummy ache? ❞
❝ i don’t give a hoot! ❞
❝ did you just ‘’oh, damn‘’ yourself? ❞
❝ i’m cute about everything. ❞
❝ i have decided to stop fighting it, and lean in to the fact that i’m an idiot. ❞
❝ i’m sorry. i’m uncomfortable with emotions. ❞
❝ you are not a boring adult. ❞
❝ ‘’be myself.‘’ what kind of garbage advice is that? ❞
❝ you and i are close, and i value your opinion. ❞
❝ my brain is broken. i haven’t slept in 72 hours. ❞
❝ social media. it’s a fool’s game, and only a fool would play. ❞
❝ if you want results, stay the hell out of my way. ❞
❝ the question was, what is it about me that screams loser? ❞
❝ i’ve said ‘’excuse me‘’ more times this morning than i have in my entire life. TWICE! ❞
❝ if i don’t see you every day, i will forget who you are. i’m like a goldfish. ❞
❝ ugh, the world’s officially upside down. ❞
❝ you interrupted the song for that? ❞
❝ the hospital called. your test results came back positive. you are a stage 5 dumbass. ❞
❝ you know what, i just remembered that i’m late to leave. gotta go, bye. ❞
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screnwriter · 17 hours ago
i love you starters
“ i've fallen helplessly in love with you. “
“ but i love you, name. you. “
“ i love you, okay? “
“ i fucking love you. “
“ come on, i love you. “
“ my love, you've captured my heart in ways beyond comprehension. “
“ i love you. more than anything else on this planet. “
“ okay, maybe i am foolishly in love. “
“ i love you so much. “
“ sometimes, yeah, i might love you too much. “
“ i love you. “ “ say that again. “ “ i love you. “
“ you are the woman that i love. “
“ i love you so much it hurts. “
“ i need you to know how much i love you. “
“ it's okay. i love you. “
“ you're cute when you're all sappy and in love. “
“ i love you more than i ever thought was humanly possible. “
“ i'm very much in love with you. “
“ i love you. and i will do so forever. “
“ regardless of what happens tonight, i want you to know that i love you, okay? “
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screnprompts · 8 days ago
consensual smut prompts
18+ prompts. Minors dni
“ come kiss me. “
“ i want you to touch me. “
“ shall i kiss you, then? “
“ permission to come inside? “ “ permission granted. “
“ come touch me there. “
“ open invitation. that's what i think. “
“ you're so sweet. seriously. thank you for being so considerate. “
“ show me what you want. “
“ take me there. “ “ where? “ “ there. “
“ you can kiss me, you know. “
“ i want to have sex with you. “
“ are you okay with us having sex? “
“ thank you for asking me. “
“ i want you in control. “
“ rules and relegations? “ “ sure... “
“ i know you'd never take advantage of me. “
“ are you okay with being tied up? “
“ can i go down on you? “ “ only if i get to return the favor. “
“ what if i don't want to be tied up? “ “ then i don't tie you up. “
“ i'm extremely okay with this. “
“ no, i want to do this, but... can we take our time? “
“ do you want me to stop? “ “ no — continue — “
“ it's your choice — just as it is mine. “
“ there's some things i'd like to try, if that's okay with you? “
“ you think you want to have sex with me? “ “ yes — “ “ no, not yes. or think. you need to be sure. “
“ you're not just doing this to please me, are you? “
“ consent's important, so let's establish some ground rules. “
“ you're drunk. so no, i'm not having sex with you. “
“ it's important that you're sober. “ “ but — “ “ ask me tomorrow. “
“ what more do you want me to say? i just spent the last twenty minutes making out with you. “ “ making out and having sex are two very different things. “
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leneemusing · a month ago
affectionate prompts
“  i’m happy when you’re around.  ”
“  i like having you here.  ”
“  i’m glad you came.  ”
“  just tell me what you need.  let me give it to you?  ”
“  why are you smiling at me like that?  ”
“  i trust you with parts of myself i’m afraid to show anyone else.  ”
“  you have a good heart.  ”
“  your eyes look so beautiful in this lighting.  ”
“  i’m all yours.  not going anywhere.  ”
“  you have my full attention.  ”  
“  i never want you to stop looking at me the way you are right now.  ”
“  follow me,  i have a surprise for you.  ”
“  you make me feel brave.  ”
“  come walk with me.  let’s get some air.  ”
“  c’mere.  sit down.  tell me what’s going on.  ”
“  i want you around.  if i didn’t,  i wouldn’t be here would i?  ”
“  it’s okay,  you can sit here with me for as long as you’d like.  ”  
“  here,  take my hand.  ”
“  stay still—  i’m trying to hug you.  ”
“  do you like my new dress?  ”
“  do you like my new suit?  ”
“  could you hug me again?  i think i need it.  ”
“  i like hearing your heart beating when i put my head on your chest.  ”  
“  i like watching you work.  ”  
“  just sit there.  i’m going to make you something to eat.  ” 
“  why don’t you tell me what i can do to make your day better?  ”
“  what’s on your mind?  i want to listen.  ”
“  i sure you hope you don’t think you’re walking out that door without giving me a kiss first.  ”
“  i know i need to go but—  one more kiss.  ”
“  here,  take my jacket.  you look like you need it more.  ”
“  keep the jacket,  looks better on you.  ”
“  you just make me feel good when you’re here.  i feel better any time you’re around.  ”
“  i don’t feel whole unless i’m touching you.  ”
[ GRIN ]  for one muse to reach out and playfully push the other’s cheeks up to make their lips curve into smile. 
[ PRESS ]  for one muse to poke either side of the other’s cheeks where smile dimples would be. 
[ BOOP ]  for one muse to playfully tap the other’s nose with their finger. 
[ LIGHT ]  for one muse to kiss the other’s cheek. 
[ WARM ]  for one muse to take off their jacket and drape it around the other who is cold. 
[ COMFORT ] for one muse to place a jacket or blanket around the other’s shoulders because they’re upset. 
[ TEASE ]  for one muse to squish the other’s face between their hands. 
[ SCOLD ]  for one muse to gently pinch the other’s cheek in response to something they said. 
[ REST ] for one muse to rest their head against the other’s shoulder while they talk. 
[ REASSURE ]  for one muse to place their hand on the other’s back as a subtle comforting gesture. 
[ SAFE ]  for one muse to wrap their arm around the other’s shoulders and kiss their temple. 
[ LEAP ] for one muse to run and jump into the other’s arms because they’re excited to see them. 
[ SEEK ] for one muse to track down the other at a crowded function because they noticed they slipped away. 
[ COMPANY ] for muses to sit on a balcony or roof together sharing a drink/food/joint etc. 
[ HELD ]  for one muse to offer their hand out to the other to hold to comfort them.
[ REACH ] for one muse to reach out and take the other’s hand to comfort them.  
[ LACE ]  for one muse to hook their arm around the other’s while they walk. 
[ INTERTWINE ]  for one muse to offer their arm to the other while they walk. 
[ DIRECT ] for one muse to pull the other into that kind of hug where their hand rests against their head and they tuck them under their chin. 
[ SLEEP ]  one muse discovers the other napping and simply joins them. 
[ EQUAL ]  for a taller muse to pick up the other and place them sitting on a counter/table so they can be eye level. 
[ URGE ] for one muse to move their arm to be around the other’s shoulder or over the back of a chair so the one sitting next to them can scoot closer. 
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rpresourcehelp · 29 days ago
Anonymously bully my muse
Call them names, make fun of the things they like, anything to break their spirits.
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notstilinski · 2 months ago
Midnight Mass Starters !
Taken from the 2021 Netflix series, Midnight Mass! Some of these have already been edited. You can change them however you see fit! Keep in mind that some spoilers for the show will be present!
“Are they okay? They’re gonna be okay?”
“While you’re at it, ask him why He always takes the kids, while the drunk fucks always walk away with scratches.”
“Oh, their lips to God’s ears. No. They’re lips to my ass.”
“I’m good. I’d actually prefer not to smell like cat shit.”
“You know, sometimes there’s a storm, and it floods, and those bodies just pop up right out of the ground. Cat food.”
“I’m surprised that you’re surprised. I figured this is where you wanted to be. You were trying to break in, after all.”
“This isn’t a community anymore, honey. It’s a ghost.”
“Come on, no one can fool the altar boys.”
“No, uh, I think that you’re the prodigal one. I’m just the black sheep.”
“Look at us, back where we started. The one place that we swore we’d never end up.”
“So, I mean, you came back… Here. You came back here on purpose. Why?”
“Ride out the storm tonight, and then tomorrow, you’ll see what tomorrow is all about. Find another project.”
“Well, that’s the thing about where we’ve been. It’s important, sure. But it’s not as important as where we’re going.”
“Every place before where I am now, well, they were just leading me here even if I didn’t know it at the time. Even if I didn’t see it.”
“Are you really walking by without saying hi?”
“This darkness. This blackness that spilled into us.”
“Even out of the blackness, love will rise again.”
“I don’t want to hold up the town’s pariah.”
“Shit I did, I don’t care about me so much either. But what did he ever do? What did he ever do to you?”
“My friend here is just leaving, and they mean no harm. Not they’re fault that they were born woefully fucking unfunny.”
“You ever hear of RR? AA for pirates.”
“See, I’m a pretty rational person, and you know that all our myths, our religions, come from natural occurrences that we can’t explain.”
“No, it’s more than that. You take care of people.”
“You stole from me things I didn’t even have yet. You reached through time, (Name)! You reached through time and stole!”
“If I can forgive you, (Name), then anyone can.”
“It’s like this particular brand of self-righteousness that is exclusive to a certain breed of religion.”
“But just now… It’s like I woke up, and there you are.”
“Told you they’d catch on. We’re a trio now.”
“But then being in there with you, and (Name), and talking like that, talking under those circumstances where I feel like... maybe my life might be worth it.”
“It felt too easy to leave. Like, I shouldn’t just leave.”
“I guess I’m a glutton for punishment.”
“I knew all the while that I’d have to lie to the very people that I’m here to save.”
“All three of us, we, um, we were a little scared shitless.”
“I already had resentment in my heart, and I shouldn’t have.”
“But children just don’t do what you did on their own, not unless one of their parents has failed them something awful. And you’re mother’s a saint, so I guess that just leaves me.”
“It’s a special kind of self-pity to identify with the destruction of Jerusalem.”
“Everyone gets their wings clipped at some point.”
“I think we all want, so badly, for there to be a reason. For everything. And some justice, and some comfort when we die.”
“That’s what we mean when we say heaven. No mansions, no rivers of diamonds or fluffy clouds and angel wings. You are loved. And you aren’t alone.”
“Give yourself over, while you understand it or not.”
“Well, at least they didn’t call them Bong.”
“When something like this happens, we are all supposed to be the same.”
“He seemed fine. But that’s what they say. People who aren’t okay.”
“Just wondering who the hell lit those campfires in the sky.”
“You were aware of yourself, but you acted involuntarily.”
“I worry. I worry about that one. They’re hardly the reliable sort.”
“You brought me out here, where there is nowhere for me to go, to do what exactly?”
“See, I can’t believe you’d want to scare me. I don’t believe that.”
“I’m not as strong as you. I never was.”
“I’ll show them, they don’t have to be afraid of us. I’ll show them who we are.”
“What I know is that (Name) sacrificed everything. Everything. Because they thought I could help.”
“It never made sense to me. We say there’s a heaven and that it’s waiting for us. Then we claw, fight and beg for a few more minutes at the end.”
“We made our choices. We lived our lives.”
“Is that what I’ll become? Just an animal who can’t resist?”
“I suppose virtue isn’t a virtue if it doesn’t cost you anything.”
“I am so proud of you, and I just wish that we had gotten to know each other.”
“I don’t know, but I think that I killed my mom.”
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bunnieresources · 2 months ago
miscellaneous quotes writing prompts pt. i.
“ i am angry because of my father. “
“ i wanted to get it right so badly that i always got it wrong. “
“ they gave me a name and alienated me from myself. “
“ i want to tell me i miss me. i want to tell me, i’m never coming back. “
“ i’m a negative of a person. “
“ you still think that i would never leave you. “
“ the world is not ready for me, yet here i am. “
“ you are the hero. you get a hero’s end. “
“ i talk to god, but the sky is empty. “
“ a burnt child loves the fire. “
“ still, there is this terrible desire to be loved. still, there is this horror at being left behind. “
“ i lived as a monster, my only hope is to die like a child. “
“ maybe i should have wanted less. “
“ don’t mistake my charity for what it is. “
“ the enormity of my desire disgusts me. “
“ i wanted to be loved so desperately that my fingers shook with it. “
“ i am not beautiful, but i could be. “
“ because you want to die for you. you always have. “
“ hunted girls grow shells and they call us hard women. as if survival could ever be delicate. “
“ there’s no telling how long you’ll be paying. “
“ there is love in my the likes of which you’ve never seen. “
“ there is rage in me the likes of which should never escape. “
“ here is the truth: i keep waiting for my anger to go dormant, but it won’t. “
“ i am sick of myself trying to give shape to all this sorrow, all this rage, all this loss---and failing. “
“ the dead past that survives in me and that has never been anywhere but in me. “
“ the past beats inside me like a second heart. “
“ i’m so scared of being alone. “
“ i was raised up to be admired, to be noticed. when you’re withdrawn, it’s the closest thing to assault when all eyes are on you. “
“ i feel like an empty class with a small crack in the bottom, as if every attempt to fill myself up would never, ever work. “
“ how long can you keep wanting something and not ask for it? “
“ if i can’t find love, if i can’t find peace, give me a bitter glory. “
“ there are no bargains between lions and me. i will kill you and eat you raw. “
“ be a caution. be a reckoning. be a thing that breaks before it bends. “
“ everyone i know is in some kind of pain. “
“ i want it to be my fault so i can fix it. “
“ you want to go missing, but not disappear. you want their attention, but not to be found. “
“ sometimes it feels like i didn’t even exist before that. like you invented me. “
“ tell me how you want me to be. i can be that. “
“ without you, life is entirely feasible but hateful. “
“ if i am to perish by the power of fire, at least let that fire be yours. “
“ my hands have made good mistakes. they can always make better ones. “
“ if i die because i gambled on love, then it will be a worthy death. “
“ i’m a clever girl to keep my mouth shut. “
“ tell me every terrible thing you ever did, and let me love you anyway. “
“ my good intentions are completely lethal. “
“ if you are intolerable, then let me be the one to tolerate you. “
“ i carried my fear of the world as if it could protect me from the world. “
“ do you ever suddenly find it strange to be yourself? “
“ i couldn’t draw my own face if god asked. “
“ desire is no light thing. “
“ you don’t have to believe me. i love you all the same. “
“ i care for you still and i will forever. that was my part of the deal. “
“ you want to be left behind. that way, no one bears witness to what you’ve become. “
“ i am the monster i warned you against. “
“ you are the monster i claim. “
“ when is a monster not a monster? when you love it. “
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sharkieresources · a month ago
M E N T A L  H E A L T H  I N B O X  M E M E
a series of both positive and negative mental health based sentence prompts from assorted media and my own brain
content warning for below the cut: depressive thoughts, suicidal ideation, references to self injury, general dark themes
‘ things will get better, I know, but right now I need to just... lay here ’
‘ no matter what you say, I’m not going to leave ’
‘ that’s it, cry it out baby, I have you ’
‘ can we just sit here in the quiet for a while? ’
‘ I love you and that is not changing, but I need to take some time for me right now ’
‘ I could just lay here with you, if you want? ’
‘ thank you for not leaving ’
‘ I'm sorry for crying all over your shirt ’
‘ we can just sit in silence for a bit if you want... ’
‘ it’s okay if you want to just take some time for yourself, I’d understand ’
‘ things aren’t getting better, I don’t think they ever will ’
‘ I'm leaving. Call me when you start taking your meds again ’
‘ why is there blood in the bathroom sink? ’
‘ say something! you're freaking me out! ’
‘ get out! I don’t want you here! I don’t want you in my life, you ruin everything! ’ 
‘ (_____)? (_____) wake up! come on, what did you do? ’
‘ don’t stick around just to watch me fall apart ’
‘ I got blood on your shirt ’
‘ I hate how loud everything inside my fucking head is ’
‘ what the fuck is wrong with you? ’
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memeasaurus-promptus · a year ago
Send me a number and I’ll write a starter where our muses meet:
At a house party
At a fancy party
At a festival
At a church/temple
In the woods at night
At the local community garden 
At the store at 2AM
In the lunch line
Hitting your muse with my muse’s car
Your muse hitting mine with their car
Stealing my muse’s horse
My muse stealing your horse
While robbing my muse
While my muse is robbing yours
Finding mine unconscious in an alley
Finding yours unconscious in an alley
During a blind date
At the library/bookstore
In the graveyard
In the abandoned castle/mansion
In jail/prison
In my muse’s room 
My muse in your muse’s room
Being caught at knifepoint
Catching my muse covered in blood
Catching your muse covered in blood 
At the beach
In the middle of a rain/snowstorm
Lost in the desert
Looking for the same rumored treasure
Lost in an ancient ruins
Seeing each other across a canyon/river
Trying to climb the same path up a mountain
Being chased/hunted by the same monster
🌎+ add your own!
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nogamediaz · 4 months ago
ask game but it’s just the self-reflection activity i ran for my summer camp kids today
what is your proudest accomplishment?
what seemingly small decision ended up dramatically changing the course of your life?
do you feel like the way you live your life lines up with your values? why? why not?
what’s your favourite thing about yourself?
would you want to be famous?
what’s something you regret?
am you an introvert or an extrovert?
how often do you feel like you’re being your true self?
what are you grateful for?
what are you ashamed of?
how do you show someone they are important to you?
how do you feel when you fail at something?
if you had an unlimited supply of one thing, what would it be?
what gifts or talents do you hide from people around me?
do you believe in ghosts? what about aliens?
if you could change just one thing about your life, what would it be?
what advice would you give to yourself five years ago?
what’s been the most surprising thing about your life so far?
what’s the biggest thing you’ve learned in life so far?
what are three things that will always make you happy?
what’s the most scared you’ve ever been?
what is your happiest memory?
who is someone who’s important to you, but might not know they are?
what do you lie about most often to yourself?
when is the last time you tried something new?
what’s something you could talk about for hours, but never get to because no one asks?
what is your biggest failure?
what’s your go-to fun fact about yourself?
do you rely on others to tell you how to act?
what song do you want played at your funeral?
what are you worried about?
what legacy do you hope to leave behind? how do you want to be remembered?
if a crystal ball could tell you one truth about the universe, life, or yourself, what would you want to know?
what does it mean to you to be your happiest self?
what do you think people say about you behind closed doors?
if you weren’t afraid, you would _____
who is your greatest role model?
have you ever spent time thinking about your gender and sexuality? did you come to any conclusions?
if you knew when and how you’re going to die, would you change anything about your life? would you want to know?
when did you last cry in front of someone?
what do people often misunderstand about you?
what do you lie about most often to the people around you?
what are you good at?
where do you underestimate yourself?
what makes you feel loved by someone?
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