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#inbox replies

Both ! Asdfghjkl it depends on what time for when I drink what.

Coffee is typically in the morning and Tea is in the evenings.

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[ xxx ]

(10) Zodiac Sign. - Cancer!

(15) Grab The Book Nearest To You, Turn To Page 64, Give Me Line 14. - I don’t have one actually fjdsk

(18) Do You Collect Anything? - Pop figures, Transformers, rocks and shells.

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Of course! Anything to help you and everyone else.

They’re… all pretty much my ocs now sjdkf

Everyone has their own versions tho, so I don’t technically OWN them.

In my version, they’re mine. My fiance’s going to be writing fanfics off my versions of the Fakes. 💕

Keep an eye out for that.

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I’ve drawn out Jeremy. All we need is Fiona, Matt, Michael and Lindsay.

If you have any suggestions for Fiona, Matt and Lindsay, I’d love to hear them. I’m drawing a blank on them 😔

Thank you BTW!!!

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I do. More than I should, tbh.
It’s probably unhealthy and should learn how to not give a fuck. 

Idk why it’s any of your concern though, since you’re negative towards me.

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I recently redesigned his jacket and clothing for my own personal design and may be doing a new jacket in the future.

Make it your own, I deeply encourage that. Creativity is the best.

You’re welcome! I’d love to see it if you’re comfortable to show me sometime in the future.

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Just the same.

I’m not gonna be one of those “thirsty” blogs who go out of their way to publicly be like “d*ddy!!” or wanna bone him. He’s handsome, yes, but I respect boundaries and dont want to make anyone uncomfortable, especially with minors possibly following me. It’ll be just like I usually post.

I support him fixing his ways, his family, himself. I lost a bit of respect for him, but im giving him a second chance. A lot of people making it into a joke feels like it’s a mocking to those who want to give him another chance, which I block them and move on. I blocked a few mutuals, but only for a little while til it blows over and for my own sanity since I have a mouth and don’t want to sabotage anything.

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