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Naomi: Yea I think so! Here’s one!

Morgan: Oh geez…here she goes…

“So three men die and go to Heaven. Jesus is waiting for them and decides to give each of them a vehicle based on how well they treated their wives.”

“The first man goes up to the Lord and says “I’ve been married 20 years and cheated on my wife 10 times.”

“The Lord looks at him in disgust and says “well you get a 10 year old Prius.”

“Fair Enough..”

Morgan: Goo, why did you show her this joke?!?!

Goo; It’s funny!

“The second man goes up to Jesus and says “I’ve been married 40 years and cheated on my wife twice”

“Jesus looks at him and shrugs, “hmm…would’ve preferred a perfect record but you repented so here, have a Land Rover!”


“The third man walks up to Jesus and says: “I’ve been married 60 years and not once did I cheat!”

“Jesus is impressed and says “I got a Ferrari for you right here!”

“So the Prius and Land Rover guys are driving around Heavenly Highway 1. They’re meeting Biblical Prophets, Saints, Angels and other cool things to see in the afterlife. However, they seethe guy with the Ferrari pulled over, and he’s crying.”

“What’s wrong?” Says the man with the Prius.

“Don’t you like your new car?” Says the Land Rover guy.

“The Ferrari looks to them and says:

“I just past my wife…She was driving a Reliant Robin…”

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Jack: yes, thank you my lady. I feel better now


*suddenly Michele’s phone rings*


Lissa: what is it Michele?

Michele: it was John, he need us. You kids wanna stay?

Louise: I wanna stay with daddy!

Vincent: I wanna help uncle John.

Michele: okay, jack, if you want you can stay with grace.

Jack: it would be a pleasure.

Michele: okay, have fun you two!

The crew is off of the event, except Jack, HOWEVER, I won’t administrate him during the event, @bubamon will.

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Take only one of each. To get one, deposit a male lv. 51-60 Zigzagoon into the Pokemon Home GTS. It has egg moves if possible+all TRs learned. They can be used in ranked (see Galar marking).


Giveaway Date: November 29, 2020

End Date: December 6, 2020 11:59 p.m. or until I run out

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I don’t like to judge, but I believe that is crossing a line. I saw a Pokemon trainer who had her Incineroar dressed up in scandalous clothing and that poor Pokémon looked like it was suffering. I was able to get that Pokémon away from her and had it sent to a friend of mine who I knew would take care of it. Don’t sexualize your Pokémon folks, it’s not right.

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Today Is Friday The 13th, This Means Seven Years Of Bad Luck And Jason Voorhees Comes Back From The Dead!

Be Careful Not To Break A Mirror Or Else You Get Bad Luck!😱

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Another of my Poké Sonas but not my main, Incininic. The color is that of the Green Incineroar from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which I love, and wish its shiny looked like. He has the same shades as Domstagoon and DomBoar, as they are technically the same character.

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