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The party - Free the Fairies Day if it was a thing now - was surprisingly nice. Killian, Belle, Granny and Mary Margaret were in conversation. Henry was with Regina. Initially she thought to include herself in the first conversation when she saw someone in the corner booth. God they hadn’t spoken in way too long. Emma sat down, intending to ask her how she was when she caught sight of what she had: Grilled Cheese. After her talk with the Mayor and the events she was famished and that seemed to be by far the best option. Emma reached out and stole a half as she plopped down across her friend. She’d buy them another one to share.

“At least one person in this town doesn’t think it’s ‘eating like a child’ when you like Grilled Cheese. Hi.”

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Tonight episode of Insecure was sweet. It was the right balance of healing, closure and the opportunity of a new beginning. I really enjoyed getting a peek into what Issa and Lawrence relationship was like, when they were in a healthy spot in their lives. This has to be one of the best episodes this season.

It had me rooting for them. I don’t know how they are going to close up with the next two episodes. I know I still have questions on candola? She better not be pregnant. Also Tiffany?? Is she okay after the baby she might have some postpartum depression. Molly and Issa are officially over??

The fact that Issa said that her and Molly aren’t friends anymore. That was hard to hear. But I mean if they aren’t talking then… I guess they aren’t. Two more episodes and all these questions are at the tip of my tongue.

Not sure how they are going to answer all my questions. Also the search for La Toya. I hope they find her

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With the disclaimer that I’m a big fan of Welcome to Night Vale, I absolutely adore Welcome to Night Vale, I owe so much to Welcome to Night Vale, and I will always be grateful for this show’s place in my life - I have really mixed feelings about the queer representation in Welcome to Night Vale recently. 

Cecil and Carlos stopped existing. Then Cecil forgot that Carlos was his husband and Carlos had to handle the trauma of that. Then Carlos was framed for a crime and arrested. Then they’re fighting about if they want to live forever or not. Then they’re caught up in the midst of a prison riot. Then Cecil is losing his free will and Carlos has to physically restrain him, all while watching him get possessed. Then they’ve both been kidnapped and can’t find each other. Then they’re about to literally be killed with the rest of the town. But oh, by the way, they have a child (who you’ll never hear about.) :)

And then the show’s only canon trans character is a xenophobic cop who targets the mentally ill. So there’s that. 

I absolutely love Welcome to Night Vale and I think that it’s great that two writers who are (as far as we know) straight are working to include queer rep. But part of supporting artists is holding them accountable. Yes, Cecil and Carlos are some of the main characters, so of course they get more screentime - and by extension, more difficulties to overcome. But lately it’s just felt piled on excessively. 

Plus, many of these plotlines have baggage for queer people. Unjust arrest, framing for something someone didn’t do, a large queer population threatened with bodily harm, a fear of losing your same-sex relationship due to outside forces - these plotlines are heavily queer-coded and potentially triggering. Marketing them one after the other to a very queer fanbase is not a good move. 

I really doubt that the show creators will see this, but I hope they take it into account if somehow they do. Night Vale means so much to me, but I don’t want to be hurt by listening to it. The real world hurts me enough. 

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#WTWEVENT | Day Three: Tropes

 Heroic Neutral: Katsurou Kuroda

 Person of Mass Destruction: [REDACTED]

 Lovable Rogue: Rowan Spurius

 Neon City: The City of Aleister’s End

 Post-Modern Magik: The Whole Premise of This WIP

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This is.  Honestly really broad because to some extent I like all the 3H characters (since I’m assuming you’re talking about 3H at this point).  Vaguely in order of more positive to more generally negative (though there’s certainly wiggle room for some of them):

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