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Riku: We’re going to put everything we love in a box. That way, when we’re feeling upset, we can return to the box and feel happy again.
Sora: Can I put Naminé in the box?
Riku: Tempting, but no.
Roxas: Can I put Naminé in the box?
Riku: No!
Lea: Can I...?
Riku: We won’t be putting Naminé in the box!!
Naminé, already sitting in the box: ?????
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Martin, catching up with Jon at the cabin: So what have you been up to these last couple months?

Jon: Well, I’ve been pretty busy. I met a girl at a restaurant.

Martin: Did she try to kill you?

Jon: Yes. Then I met a group in America

Martin: Did they also try to kill you?

Jon: Yes. Then I met a girl in the woods

Martin: Let me guess she was-

Jon: An acquaintance, yes. But what she really wanted to do was kill me

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*Mimi is drinking his fourth americano of the day*
CNU: Mimi, I think you should stop drinking coffee
Mimi: Coffee cures depression.
CNU: I don't think that's right.
Mimi: More espresso less depresso.
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Gongchan: I'm telling you CNU stop giving us dinosaur chicken nuggets!
CNU: But you love Dinosaur chicken nuggets...
Gongchan: We're not little kids anymore, right Arin?
Arin: Rawr! Rawr! Rawr!
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BEN: Sunako will never agree to this plan

Sally: Sure she will

BEN: I’ve tried three times already

Sally: Cute. Now watch a master at work

Sally:*Turns to Sunako with wide eyes*

Sally: Sunako, can we-

Sunako: Yes

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