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#incorrect 118
evaneddiediaz · 13 days ago
Buck: Hey, Eddie?
Eddie: Yes, Buck?
Buck: Did you know that Jane declined Tarzan’s proposal? Apparently, he was known to be a swinger.
Eddie quietly muttering to himself: It’s your own fault. You agreed to marry him. You said I do.
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amourbleue · 2 months ago
buck: *hands full with grocery bags*
eddie: *reaches out to take some bags*
buck: *switches all the bags to one hand and holds eddies with the other*
eddie: that’s not what i- okay…
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lemonbars-and-fingerguns · 3 months ago
Bobby: Buck is one of the finest firefighters I know. He can solve any puzzle. The only puzzle he hasn't solved... is how to grow up.
Athena: That was very well put.
Bobby: I've talked a lot about Buck in my department mandated therapy.
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jasper-mathew · 2 months ago
Buck: “Hear me out: “
Chim: “Here we go!”
Hen: “Hush Chim, go ahead Buckaroo”
Buck: “Bean bag toss, but with bagels.”
Chim: *throws his hands in the air, groans and stalks off* “THIS IS WHY WE CANT HAVE NICE THINGS
Bobby: “Where are the bagels?”
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theosbuckley · a year ago
eddie: my boyfriend’s too tall for me to kiss on the lips, what should i do?
chim: punch him in the stomach, and when he double over in pain, kiss him
hen: tackle him
athena: dump him
maddie: just kick his shin
buck: just ask me to lean down!
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incorrect118 · a year ago
Bobby: Athena, why are you wearing such dark clothes? Whose funeral is it?
Athena: I haven’t decided yet.
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abow123456 · 17 days ago
Eddie to Buck, in 2x01: remember my name, you’ll be screaming it later ;)
Buck, in 3x15 & 5x07: tHIS IS NOT WHAT I THOUGHT YOU MEANT
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incorrectbuddie118 · 3 months ago
Chimney: Why are you naked?! Bobby wants us at the fire house in 10 minutes!
Buck: I uh...don’t have any clothes.
Chimney, opens his closet: What are you talking about? You have shirts, shorts, hey Eddie, shoes-wait.
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amourbleue · 2 months ago
Bobby: Okay, I'm gonna need you all to swear–
Hen: Shit.
Chim: Damn it!
Buck: Hell yeah!
Eddie: Fuck.
Bobby: Swear as in promise.
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boohooweewoobuckaroo · 2 months ago
Carla: Eddie, you look like someone kicked your puppy. What's going on?
Eddie: Who told you that Buck had to be taken to the hospital because someone punched him on a call?
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spettrocoli · 5 months ago
Bobby: It's Christmas time & you know what it means.
Buck: The happiness that I haven't felt for 29 years?
Eddie: Everyone trying to kill each other on the dinner table?
Chim: The sweet release of death?
Hen: The fact that I will only get coal from Santa?
Bobby: I was gonna say "ugly sweaters competition" but you know what? We're going to therapy.
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Buck: *playing Fire to the Rain by Adele while driving*
Everyone else in the firetruck:
Eddie: *from the back of the firetruck* but it adds to the vibe
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hollywood-diaz · 4 months ago
athena: God you really are a parent to these three adults
bobby: *mumbling*
athena: what was that?
athena: oh no, not another
bobby: this is eddie
eddie: hi :D
athena: jesus fuck
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theosbuckley · a year ago
chim: eddie will never agree to this
buck: sure he will
hen: buck, we tried three times already
buck: maybe, now watch a master at work
buck, turning to eddie with puppy dog eyes:
buck:  can we -
eddie: yes
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