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#incorrect arcane chats
icedhoney-stuff · 17 days ago
Not Vi asking Caitlyn if man or woman, then immediately pulls a guy (clearly she can't detect a fellow gay)
Tumblr media
Save Matilda
Tumblr media
Her awkwardness with a guy, vs
Tumblr media
Her confidence in women
✨ Matilda Supremacy ✨
Tumblr media
She's so smart she figured out her sexuality in 7 minutes
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bad-rper · 4 months ago
Your OC as a raid boss and all the fun details about location, phases, and abilities. (Lewyn)
Premise/Location: Likely some N'zoth's Visions Stormwind scenario. Or otherwise a Stormwind raid. MAYBE an illusory castle in some void-Azeroth scenario. In the inverted castle section, of course. :)
 Render - A wide swing with his rapier in a frontal strike, reducing their armor by 50%.
Fealty - All raid members do the /kneel animation. If anyone moves or casts during the channeled Fealty ability, they will be arcane shot with one of his finger guns for massive damage. Higher difficulties would require raid members to /kneel themselves.
Hand Cannon - Lewyn turns in a random direction, charging up a spell at the end of his finger and shooting it off in a line. Everyone has to move to avoid it. Ricochets through the raid later on/at higher difficulties.
Loquacious Lexicon - Lewyn begins to ramble poetic nonsense that does AoE damage to the entire raid:
Unreality - Random Kojima-flavor 4th wall-breaking events inflicted upon non-tanks, meant to disrupt the encounter: 
Nostalgia Critique - Player is “disconnected from server” and sent a fake log-in screen. It is one of any past expansions. Keyboard disabled so that no one types in their password. Just an overlay mask that lasts 3-5 seconds.
Enochian Encounter - Whispers from a “GM” (has a BLIZZ tag but instead it says BLIEZZ because Lewyn is really clever) saying all sorts of shit. Things ranging from “We’ve found abusive language in your chat history” to “Cease resistance, accept your fate” to “Alt+f4 now.”
Auditory Deprivation - All in game sounds will mute for 3 seconds. Hope you’re not listening for that raid warning.
Discombobulation - Movement keys are inverted and some UI elements are incorrect, such as displaying incorrect names or showing different icons for spells/buffs/debuffs. Though the Discombobulation debuff icon and tooltip will always be present. Lasts for about 3 seconds.
something something something that will directly send me $20 from your paypal
Probably opens with some long monologue reminiscent of the Dracula-Richter exchange from the beginning of Symphony of the Night. He’s in a big old throne and smashes a wine glass at some point before engaging. Because Blizzard loves their references and I will use that to my unimaginative advantage. 1. Average encounter, using abilities such as Render, Fealty, and Hand Cannon.
2. “You shan’t impede my dream!” At 60% Lewyn opens himself to the void and reality flips, turning the raid to fight on the ceiling after everyone takes fall damage. Candelabras and other obstacles change the area of play. Loquacious Lexicon and the abilities of Unreality come into play as well.
3. “I wish for wings!” At 10% Lewyn enraptures himself in “divine light” which is really just excessive void, splaying out into six wing-light rays around him. His only abilities are Loquacious Lexicon and Unreality now, but he’s constantly channeling Loquacious Lexicon.
Loot Table:
Resplendent Poulaines - Feet. Curly-toed boots also known as “crakows”, perfect for any whimsical wizard. Increase the wearer’s size by 1%.
Egg of the King - Neck. When a friendly target dies nearby or in your group, the wearer gains a similar visual effect to Lewyn’s final phase. Inflicts an extra something% shadow damage to target, heals for something%, and does something like increase haste or immune to silence in that time. Can’t happen more than every 2 minutes.
Stormwind Guard Badge - Trinket. On use: Assert your authority, increasing the damage the unfriendly target takes by 200% and, if not immune, detaining them (stun with chain visual) for 5 seconds.
Crissaegrim - 1h Sword. No special uses other than stats; just is Lewyn’s trademark rapier.
In a more apocalyptic setting: Door to Nothingness - Shield. Looks just like a shoddy wooden door.
Aggro: “Have at you!”
Ability: Loquacious Lexicon would have a bunch of purple prose that is nauseating for me to even think about typing right now. Just imagine it.
Killing player: “Hark! Another step in my ascent.”
Death: “Dastards! My divine vision wasted upon feeble baseborn masses! I shall burn 'til next we meet...”
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monumentammo · a year ago
November 14 2020 - 1.16, Oceangate, Treasures of Viridia, and PC V
Major New Features:
New King’s Valley City: Oceangate
Explore a mighty bastion of the Narsen Empire and learn of its importance to the kingdom. The city comes along with its own race, jumping puzzle and a new quest!
A new quest has been added to the game: Burning Bright. Oceangate’s beacon requires a lot of fuel to function properly. Unfortunately, this leads to many consequences…
Primeval Creations V
The next installment of the Primeval Creations series has arrived. Puzzle through Selari's latest contraptions, and claim those tesseracts for yourself.
Primeval Creations V can be started by finding one of Selari's journals in the Shroom Spires poi, after completion of Primeval Creations IV.
The Treasures of Viridia
As the ocean currents drift through the Celsian Isles, they bring along with them the spoils of a lost kingdom. This week, we bring to you the Treasures of Viridia - a piece of competitive content that will test your ability to strategize and explore.
Every 2 hours, a cache will spawn somewhere within the oceans of the Isles, with over 100 possible spawn locations. The first person to find it gets to claim the treasure trove as their own. Plan your routes carefully, and be on the lookout for others who wish to take it for themselves.
The first cache will spawn Saturday at Noon EST - to make sure you are all caught up, chat with Vigora in Mistport at his stall just South of the bar, who will give you the full rundown.
The Treasures of Viridia becomes available after completion of Xenophobia.
The Music Pack has been updated for 1.16 and with new music for Nyr (courtesy of Casiel368). Grab the new version (Beta 1.7.0) here -
Minor New Features:
You can no longer receive the same Delves bounty 2 weeks in a row.
Note: Tracking of this begins this week - delve bounties from last week were not tracked, and thus it’s entirely possible that you might end up with the same delve bounty this week as last.
The rest of the Narsen Sea has received fully updated underwater terrain. Rejoice, because the puddle is no more! (Note: this is not the final set of changes to the underwater terrain)
Crescent Isle received minor visual update
The clock in Echoes of Oblivion now echoes its chime throughout the dungeon
Dr. Volkamph has been informed he is allowed to sell his snake oil miracle cure again, and he has started selling regular sheep spawn eggs as well
A 5 month out of date list of moderators, accessible by talking to the city guide, has been updated. It also now has a mention to #moderator-help and a link to the official discord
Added one extra T4 chest to amped Overgrown Cave and amped Jungle Mine
All tnt blocks in a certain Light Blue trap are now unstable
Mist Fragments to dust trade has been added to the r2 infusion altar NPC
Class Changes:
Death's Touch: Regen capped at level 1
Exorcism: Debuffs capped at level 2 These nerfs address the overpowered, niche interaction between these skills and Warlock potions.
Defensive Line: Resistance 1 / 2 -> 15% / 25% Damage Reduction The high uptime and damage reduction on Defensive Line trivializes content when playing with 2 or more Warriors, and so the damage reduction has been tuned down accordingly.
Meteor Slam: 2 / 2.5 -> 2 / 3 Radius The previous nerf to Meteor Slam's radius was too harsh and has been slightly buffed.
Item Changes:
Major Changes:
Earthshaker: +4 -> +3 Armor
This has been the dominant pickaxe choice since forever, giving high survivability while barely sacrificing any mining speed.
Blackthread Boots: 0 -> -2 Armor
An Evasion build (Chains, Phasing, Lyrata, Blackthread, Curio/Gauntlet) was found that significantly outperformed the conventional Armor builds while also having significantly more Speed. We recognize that Armor builds are in a somewhat weak spot right now, so the magnitude of this nerf was done in accordance with our future plans for Armor builds.
Phoenix Shroud: +6 -> +5 Health
Phoenix Shroud has consistently been a top performer in terms of raw defense, while also having the significant upside of Regeneration III.
Damage Offhand Buffs
Sandblaster: 0 -> +10% Speed
Moonbeam Dagger: +2 -> +3 Health, Added Darksight
Steel Maelstrom: +25% -> +30% Damage, +25% -> +30% Attack Speed
Minor buffs to offensive offhands to boost the viability of builds that deviate from the meta.
New Enchant: Regicide - +10% Damage dealt to Elites per level.
Decretum: Regicide 0 -> 1
Harmony's End: Regicide 0 -> 1
Kingslayer: Regicide 0 -> 1
Somet basic items have been given Regicide as a small buff and to support their theme.
Warlock Potion Nerfs
Black Sun Brew: Removed Instant Drink, Weakness 2 -> 1
Voodoo Brew: Removed Instant Drink These nerfs address the overpowered, niche interaction between Exorcism, Death's Touch, and these potions.
Miscellaneous Changes
Varcosa's Cavaliers: +3 -> 0 KBR
Goddess' Sandals: 0 -> 1 Toughness, 0 -> +3 KBR
Metamorphosis: Added Gills
Necromancer's Sigil: +9 -> +8 Health
Riftbolt Stave: 2 Armor -> 2 Health
DREAM : 2 Attack Speed -> 1.2 Attack Speed, Sharpness 3 -> Sharpness 0, 6 Base Damage -> 8 Base Damage, Hex Eater 2 -> Hex Eater 3
Busty's Hotpants : Blast Protection 2 -> 3, Fire Protection 2 -> 3
Busty's Hotterpants : Protection 0 -> 1
Bug Fixes
Tridents are thrown successfully upon durability consumption
Rebel's Scythes should now have the correct name formatting
Fixed typo in Arcane Fish lore text
Mob Changes:
Fixed the spawn count and rate for elite Earth Wraith zombies in amped Earth Shrine
A creeper spawner that was hard to spot and that drops creepers on your head during the latter half of the final room of the Halls of Wind and Blood has been removed
Fixed Ascended Archmage spawn rate in Light Blue
Feedback Fixes:
A confirmation message has been added to a certain song you can play with the Record Player
The death messages for Azacor Hard Mode now explicitly says that you will drop your items if you die again
Added text on doors in Black Mist to indicate the Miniboss and Boss rooms
Per player request, the Aerialist of the Leaves advancement has been renamed to Aerialist of the Teleporter
The signs in the Primeval Creations lab teleporter room have been adjusted to be easier to read
Added crafting table to Black Mist Lobby
Encased the teleport pads to the Temple in Cyan in Bedrock
Black Mist info has been added to the PEB when you use it to check your Dailies
The Tesseract of Balance’s name is now properly pink
Various text around the game related to wool color has been updated to use Hex code colors
Added crafting tables to both region's teleportation hubs and a loom to the shield washing place in Lowtide
Some signs telling players have to get into apartments and warning players to not break into apartments without permission have been removed since you can no longer rent apartments
A missing period has been added to the end of Out With a Bang's dialogue
Unexposed bedrock in a room during the R is For Reprisal quest
A lowercase i in Avanos's dialog is now an uppercase i
Fixed the spelling of Myrahg in a number of dialogues. If seen spelled as "Myragh" anywhere else, please submit a bug report.
Removed unused spawner tubes from fire lava area in Yellow
Fixed exposed bedrock and missing water in several Shifting City rooms
The lore text on the Headless Horseman's Artifact and Uncommon chests has been updated to be nicer looking to match Kaul and Azacor
Fixed floating snow off Chillwind coast and embedded grass block in Mistport building
Both Creeperween 2019 and 2020 advancements now have a period instead of a comma
Resetting now clears your experience levels/points as well
Loxia Finch no longer gives the same exact boat that Jake Finch does
Teal dungeon info is no longer missing from the PEB
Some prestige requirements for things that were not listed in the PEB are now listed
Fixed various cases of bedrock and air pockets in the R1 ocean
The trade to convert Kaul's Warden back to the King's Warden now has a more logical requirement to appear in the King's trades
Fixed exposed bedrock in Amped Earth Shrine
Properly moistened Mountain Hideaway farmland and added water under pond ice blocks
Removed string on top of sugar canes from Southern Jaguar Village
Added some clarification to the Monument signs that specify that it is a requirement to unlock Region 2
Fixed incorrect tree leaves above Fire Cave
Major Bug Fixes:
The Hard Mode Azacor key once more tells players that they have two attempts at the fight per player, and that the second attempt will result in them dropping all their items. The ability to leave after the first life is used remains
Brigadier Wattlesquaker has recently been trained in the art of Feathery Yeet. He promises not to harm any ocelots with this power, but he's no longer defenceless.
Stacked mobs in RoD (and other places) now summon correctly
Fixed a bug that made a bridge out of the Hoard not spawn once the mini-boss was killed.
An issue where some players couldn’t start Primeval Creations has been resolved
Fixed a bug where Varcosa in the Black Mist would spawn twice.
Varcosa should no longer persist through runs of the Black Mist.
Non-hostile mobs no longer get modifiers in delves (goodbye Arcanic armor stands :cry:)
Corporal Rosie will now give you an item called Hallowed Gladius instead of an item called Hollowed Gladius that doesn't exist, during Buried Blade
Reverie, Willows, and Shifting City bounties are now completable
The crystals in Mage Tower should now no longer respawn if you break them while meeting the requirements
The Tesseract of the Soul will no longer consider boats hostile mobs
Firmament no longer allows you to place many blocks that were causing problems, including conduits, and blocks with lore on them
Firmament is now detected by CoreProtect
Minor Bug Fixes:
A pit where you could get stuck near Wispervale has been plugged
The dolphins in the ceiling of the lobby for the City of Shifting Waters have been given miniature breathing apparatus, and are now much happier swimming about their tank.
The Arena Leaver Buster will now catch you if you log out in the arena across a weekly update. Now you can play fair, so the owner of the arena doesn't have to!
The Vincent Variable System and The Signs books now correctly have unitalicized names
Two places where it was possible to get stuck, that are within the Black Mist lobby, have been changed to not be possible to get stuck in
The advancement for the Apartments has been updated
The player has been informed that they are Ender Chest Expansions and not ender chest expansions
Juliard has been informed of such crazy concepts as Region 2 and the apartments being closed and his information and numbers have been updated accordingly
Fixed various instances where spectators would improperly get things from the Mist and Hoard.
A typo has been fixed in Halid's dialog
Fixed the spelling of Myrahg in the book The Generals
Fixed incorrect space and a typo in Orion's dialogue
The Buried Blade advancement no longer incorrectly states the owner of the smuggling den
Fixed some typos in Flashy's race dialogue
Belladonna no longer has two lines of dialog at one point in a quest. She still will have multiple if you have the Broken Sword on you.
A missing prismarine has been put into place in the Black Mist Lobby
Some of Belladonna's dialog during R is for Reprisal has been rewritten for clarity or to fix typos
There is no longer a strange three second delay when trying to place one of the barrier crystals during R is for Reprisal
Several windows that were possible to see through that shouldn't have been, have been covered during a section of R is for Reprisal. They also have been tidied up so that ugly T window shape that happens when you put a pane against a block isn't there
The barrier crystal section of R is for Reprisal is no longer considered as being in a restricted area
A missing comma is no longer missing during Kingdom of Lies
A minecart scene has a slightly longer range than it used to during Kingdom of Lies
Fixed typo in Avanos' dialogue
Updated Feather Falling advancement so it is no longer wrong
Fixed typos and errors in Lectros' dialogue
Fixed some class skill shenanigans that could happen after completing Outer Demons
The Rocket Jumping with Unstable Arrows option in the PEB should now always work for everyone
The Totally Legitimate Businessman prestige info has been corrected to show up at 30+ prestige instead of 35+
Updated wording in Mainhand Regen and Regen handbook advancements
Fixed typo in the name of Axtan Monastery advancement -Outer Demons quest reward is properly formatted -Compass now points to Carbocius during Unveiled
Fixed various typos among several quests and advancements
Moved the Intuition advancement to the passive effects tab in the handbook
Adjusted grammar in lore text of Wayfinder's Compass
A spot where you could get stuck in the summer shrine's trial has been fixed
Honeypot outside Highwatch has been secured
Fixed typo in Anemia and Sustenance advancements
The City Planner's dialogue no longer loops when you ask him about plots, which was making it more difficult to see what he said
Fixed grammatical error in Amelia the Pilot's dialogue
Fixed grammatical error in Elegy to my Dearest Friend
The compass for Crystal Connection will no longer point you out of the world without an intermediate step
Killed extra plot assistant coordinator with old trades at -700 134 -137 Region 1
Fixed inconsistencies with places that state the market requirement
Steel Woodcutter nonsense has been finally fixed
Fixed build issue with amped Water Shrine’s steps
Fixed an unprimed TNT in the Aczacor Arena
Fixed typo on Primeval Creations magenta puzzle sign
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icedhoney-stuff · 18 days ago
Not me as an enforcer: Ma'am? Excuse me, you have been reported to be TOO HOT for your own good. Im afraid I have to take you hom-- TO JAIL!!
Tumblr media
Also can ya'll imagine Caitlyn having the audacity to hog this masterpiece all to herself? Outrageous (I hope she slays me with her big ass rifle)
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icedhoney-stuff · 17 days ago
She's so hot, and for what??
Tumblr media
She has guns for days and two of them are built in.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Im just sayin, she can top Vi with them guns--
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icedhoney-stuff · 10 days ago
Jayce smirking: So, I heard you and Vi had "fun" last night.
Caitlyn: Yeah, I guess we were a little bit loud.
Jayce: Must've been a wild night.
Caitlyn: Haha, yeah..
Last night...
Vi: Bet you can't jump high enough to touch the ceiling.
Caitlyn scoffs: Watch me.
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icedhoney-stuff · 15 days ago
I would like to present the buff gfs supremacy
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
They can punch the living lights out of me and I would thank them.
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icedhoney-stuff · 16 days ago
Its the way she twirls the gun for me.
Tumblr media
I bet she can reload that with one hand like the badass Sheriff she is.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Did I mention she's hot?
Tumblr media
That's hawt.
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icedhoney-stuff · 5 days ago
Can't believe someone just said Vi and Caitlyn are "friends" on my facebook post like,
Tumblr media
Please, you have eyes. Freakin use them
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
*snap* *snap* What's not clicking babe?
Tumblr media
Even Jinx has confirmedt
Tumblr media
Wauw friendship, looking at the other girl's lips is such a straight thing.
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icedhoney-stuff · 11 days ago
Caitlyn: Jayce.
Jayce: What?
Caitlyn: I need you to think of a nickname for Vi.
Jayce: What?? Why me?
Caitlyn: Because I can't formulate a good one, I need your help.
Jayce: What's the nickname for anyway?
Caitlyn: Just do it.
Jayce: Uhm, Boxing Gloves? Pink Gauntlets? Gay Boxer?
Caitlyn: For God's sake--
Viktor: Princess Undercut?
Caitlyn: PERFECT.
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icedhoney-stuff · 17 days ago
Vi: So, cupcake. I saw you flirting with that masked woman in the brothel.
Caitlyn blushing: I-- I wasn't flirting.
Vi: You looked so confident doin it tho, Matilda~
Caitlyn blushing harder: STOP CALLING ME MATILDA.
Vi: Alright cupcake.
Caitlyn: Don't call me that.
Vi: It's either Matilda or Cupcake, choose.
Caitlyn sighing: Fine, just call me cupcake.
Vi: Alright Matilda--
Caitlyn: *cocks her rifle
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icedhoney-stuff · 9 days ago
Jinx: So, do you like my sister?
Caitlyn tied up: Mmmph! Mmhh.
Jinx taking off the mouth piece: Oh silly me, there!
Caitlyn: Fack you.
Jinx: You mean my sister?
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icedhoney-stuff · 12 days ago
Caitlyn dramatic showering
Jinx: Wow, you're super gay.
Caitlyn shook: OH FOR FACKS SAKE!
Jinx: Yeah, for your sake you need to get facked.
Caitlyn: I do not.
Jinx: What if its my sister?
The floor:
Caitlyn blushing:
Jinx: That's what I thought.
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