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#incorrect avengers
westannatasharomanoff · 2 days ago
Clint: HEY BRUCE my mans how are you? 
Bruce: Never better.
Clint: By the way I will literally burrow under your skin if you break Nat’s heart.
Bruce, thoroughly unnerved: Gotcha.
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pussy-puncher · 18 hours ago
Tony, talking about naming the Avengers: That's why we have such a hard time coming up with a name. Because you can't out a name on something so talented.
Thor: Right. I mean Shakespeare didn't have a name.
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Fury: If you have any complaints about how I run this place, you can put them in the suggestion box.
The avengers:
Bruce: That's... a garbage can.
Fury: Exactly.
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Pepper: If you keep ignoring your emotions like this, you will eventually break down.
Tony: How unfortunate.
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bisexual-chupacabra · 3 months ago
Mobius, reading about Loki betraying Odin: Look at this! You played him like a fiddle!
Loki: oh no, Mobius, fiddles are actually difficult to play
Loki: I played that bastard like the cheap kazoo he was.
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