#incorrect bad batch quotes
chopper-base · 16 hours ago
Tech: who let the creepy looking tooka on my ship??
Hunter: *looking around* ...what tooka??
Wrecker: I don' see a tooka?
Tech: *points to an empty corner* it's right there?
Crosshair: *facepalm* oh maker, he's hallucinating-
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thebaddestofbatches · 3 months ago
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thememerman · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
studies show that practically every Stanley Hudson quote could have been said by Echo and this is my exhibit A
Tumblr media
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clone-whore-99 · a month ago
Tech: "It appears that the creature is blind and is using echo location in order to find us."
Wrecker: "Ahh, right, Echo you should probably leave then"
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yourcousinjay · 3 months ago
Echo discovering his leg prosthetics make him 1 inch taller than the average clone
Rex: *trying to grab his gear from a shelf*
Echo: Please Captain, allow me.
Rex: Oh, thank you Echo
Echo: No problem sir. After all, what kind of a Big brother would I be if I didn't lend a hand from time to time.
Rex: uhhhuh...
Echo: Oh, Sorry sir, I didn't mean to belittle you like that.
Rex: Echo, it's one inch..
Echo: Sorry, what did you say little bro, you'll have to speak up.
Rex: Soldier, I will shoot you in the knees if you keep going.
Echo: Noted sir. Apologies sir.
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incorrectjedi · 5 months ago
Omega: Admit it, you care about me.
Crosshair: I’d sell you to a demon for a single ration bar.
Omega: Last week someone tried to forcefully take my scarf away and you tackled him and broke his jaw.
Crosshair: That doesn’t mean anything!
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here-comes-the-moose · 2 months ago
Crosshair: I am truly a stone-cold bitch. Nothing gets to me.
Hunter: Weren’t you crying the other day after Omega showed you a drawing?
Crosshair, crying again: She drew me next to her!
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sithzuko · a year ago
kidnapper, on call with hunter: five thousand credits and we’ll give echo back to you
echo, offended: you think i’m only worth five thousand credits?
kidnapper: ...what?
echo, shouting: make it ten million!
hunter, on the other line: ECHO SHUT UP I SWEA-
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starryeyed-spacegirl · a month ago
Someone’s probably already done this but…
Tumblr media
I can’t get it out of my head
😡🔪 ➕💪🤪= 🤌
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tattycoram · 27 days ago
Imperial Crosshair: No one truly loves you and nothing you do will ever matter
Tech, doing a test on what jelly bean he'd be while drinking stale Pepsi out of a mug: At least I'm not fucking liquorice flavour. Gods, could you imagine
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manatee944 · a month ago
Hunter: Tech, come on. What did I tell you this morning about data pads at the dinner table?
Tech, without looking up: You said the breakfast table.
Hunter: .... it’s the same FUCKING table.
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chopper-base · 2 days ago
...holy kriffin- I JUST HIT 200 FOLLOWERS?!?!
(even if I don't know why you're here. I'm an idiot😅)
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thebaddestofbatches · 6 months ago
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i-am-1142 · 2 months ago
Tech: Since Wrecker is really noticeable, we'll use him as droid bait
Hunter: Sounds like a good plan becu-
Tech: Echo, why are you crying?
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tech-depression-inventory · 4 months ago
Y/N: I put the pun in punishment. Hunter: I put the top in unstoppable. Wrecker: I put the cute in execute. Tech: I put the sexy in dyslexia. Echo: I put the ass in class. Crosshair: I put the D in Y/N. Y/N: CROSS-
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yourcousinjay · 4 months ago
Echo but everytime someone asks him about his hand he changes the story on how he lost it:
"I flipped off my Jedi General."
"Tried to pet a Rancor."
"Eh, I didn't like the shape so I got rid of it."
"You know how they always say 'its all fun and games until someone loses and arm'? yeah."
"Leaned in a little too far when I tried to roast s'mores with a turbine."
"Would you believe me if I said it was a firecracker?"
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clonethirstybitch · 3 months ago
Echo: Tech why is your eyesight bad?
Tech: Well Echo. Smart people have poor eyesight because lower graphics make your brain run faster.
Hunter: That's not-
Wrecker: No he's got a point.
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here-comes-the-moose · 2 months ago
Echo, teaching Omega: Violence is never the answer.
Also Echo, the second someone tries to harm Omega or is mean to her: Violence is the question and the answer is yes.
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sithzuko · 5 months ago
hunter: i’m sorry omega, it looks like there aren’t any more sand dollars left here
omega: can’t the ocean just make more of them?
crosshair: and cause inflation? destroy the sand economy? use your head, omega
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starryeyed-spacegirl · a month ago
The Bad Batch as The Office Quotes
Pt. ✌️
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