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#incorrect batboys quotes
Tim: I know what we can be for Halloween this year!
Jason: yeah?
Tim: It'll be the scariest thing EVER, and it's sort of a group costume.
Dick: ... well? What is it?
Tim: We can all dress up as clowns!
Tim: *turns to Damian* you won't need a costume though, you're just enough as it is.
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dick: family trip this weekend!!!

damian: i’m busy

tim: not going

bruce: hell no

dick: the supers are coming too!

damian: let me go grab my bag i’ll be ready in 20

tim: oh wow look at that my schedule cleared up i think i can make it!

jason: is kara gonna be there? i’m there.

bruce: how did you- what- alright then…

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Alfred: Why are there little handprints all over the wall?

Dick: *Whispers to Robin!Jason* Why are there little handprints all over the wall?

Robin!Jason: *Whispers* ‘Cause I have small hands.

Dick to Alfred: Because he has small hands.

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tim: if conner doesn’t ask me out by christmas stockings won’t be the only thing hanging

dick: oh my god tim no what that’s horrible seriously you can’t set your own life value on whether or not a boy likes you-

tim: mistletoe. i meant i’ll have to hang mistletoe.

dick, whispering: hey bruce cancel that red alert it was uh- a test…

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tim: fuck.

dick: what’s up timmy what’s wrong?

tim: i have senoritis.

jason: you… dropped out?

tim: for living. i have senioritis for living.

dick, on the phone with a therapist: yeah great, friday will work for him! thanks! have a good one!

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bruce: no no no you’ve got it twisted. YOUR son simps for MY SON not the other way around

clark: pfft as if. which one bought the other a fucking moon so they could actually say they love them to the moon and back

bruce: yeah? well which one fucked their entire sleep schedule for the other, that’s commitment right there


tim and kon: we simp for each other it’s not a competition <3 :)

clark and bruce: iTs aLwAyS a CoMpEtITiOn >:O

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jason: dude! so last night i found this great sandwich shop

tim: really! how’d ya find it i feel like we’ve been everywhere in gotham!

jason: well you see, i was on the corner of fifth and blueberry avenue bleeding out and i needed to wrap my wound and i saw this bench!-

bruce: wait say that first bit again?

jason: corner of fifth and blueberry ave, lemme write it down for you… anyways, the guy has the most fantastic honey glazed ham i mean lemme walk you through the flavor combo god damn!

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dick: ready for trick-or-treating dami?

damian: i cannot wear this i physically cannot

jason: dude, you have to, think of the look on bruce’s face

tim: get out here kid it’ll be hilarious

jon: cmon dami i bet it isn’t that bad!

damian, exits his room in a kids Superman costume: i- we are never doing this again. GRAYSON PUT THE CAMERA AWAY

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