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#incorrect batman quotes
Jason: *pokes his head into Tim's room* hey I'm going downstairs you want anything?
Tim: no
Jason: cool *starts walking away*
Tim: BUT i'd really like to be a clam right now
Jason: Tim. what does that mean
Tim: I don't think I can explain it to you
Jason: ... go the fuck to SLEEP
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Edward: I don’t know why you’re so afraid. I’ve done this thousands of times. It’ll be fine!

Jervis: Be careful, Dormouse.

Jonathan: That idiot is gonna get himself thrown back in Arkham.

Red Hood, sipping a drink through the slot in his helmet: Probably.

Jonathan and Jervis: *wip their heads around to look at him, afraid*

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Policeman, holding a gun to the Joker’s head: tell me where you have the hostages you clown piece of shit!

Joker: can you feel your heart burning? can you feel the struggle within? the fear within me is beyond anything your soul can make. you cannot kill me in a way that matters.

Policeman, cocking the gun, tears streaming down his face: I’M NOT FUCKING SCARED OF YOU!

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Bat family X Sibling!Reader: Grounded
Bruce: I have to ground you!
Bruce: *points at Jason* No more killing people!
Bruce: *points at Damian* No more chaos!
Bruce: *points at Y/n* Uhh... no more laptops!
Y/n: But that’s my job??
Bruce: Okay, uh- no using the coffee machine!
Y/n: It broke ages ago.
Bruce: Oh. Umm... no patrol!
Y/n: Gotham's gonna burn and you will go mad with all of them. *gestures to the family*
Bruce: Then no... uh.. *looks around*
Donna: *passes by*
Bruce: No Donna!
Bruce: NO DONNA!!
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Robin!Jason: *Does some shit*

Bruce: Minus 5 points.

Robin!Jason: What?

Bruce: I began to score your behaviour. When you’re on 100 points, I’ll take you on patrol.

Robin!Jason: Oh, cool. What’s my score?

Bruce: -1,298

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tim: fuck.

dick: what’s up timmy what’s wrong?

tim: i have senoritis.

jason: you… dropped out?

tim: for living. i have senioritis for living.

dick, on the phone with a therapist: yeah great, friday will work for him! thanks! have a good one!

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