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#incorrect bnha

Shigaraki: I don’t like your accusatory tone.

Y/N: Well I’d use a different tone but I’m trying to accuse you of something

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Shinsou, drinking coffee
I love you so much.
I love you too.
Wait, you’re talking to the coffee, aren’t you?
I can love two things.
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Natsuo, on the phone: So… remember when you told me not to burn down the house?

Fuyumi: You burned down the house!?

Natsuo: No! I had the fire put out almost immediately! This is a success story, Yumi!

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<div> —  Dabi, probs  </div><span>It’s hard to be the gay brother, the emo brother, and the family failure, but someone’s gotta do it.</span>
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Kan, the morning of the first day of school: 5 000 yen says half of Shota’s will be expelled and the other half will be crying

Kayama: My 5 000 yen says the green haired bone breaker will distract him and will be the only one expelled

Yamada: Well my 5 000 yen says that the green haired kid will have enough cinnamon roll energy to distract Sho and nobody gets expelled

Yamada that afternoon, smug af and 10 000 yen richer:

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Katsuki: You know what I’ve noticed?

Izuku: That time is a social construct and we’re all just blobs of meat walking in circles until our lifespan runs out?

Katsuki: No. I was just gonna say that the more depressed you are, the funnier you get

Izuku: Oh damn I’m about to become a successful stand up comedian

Katsuki: With your legs? You can’t even stand properly

Izuku: …damn Kacchan, savage 

Katsuki: Can’t help it that I’m right about everything all the time

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Hawks, doing a presentation about life as a Pro Hero at UA, trying to warn the next generation like:

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Kaminari, internally: Wait, is he into me? Quick, make a bad joke and see if he laughs.

Kaminari: Did you hear the one about the skeleton who couldn’t go to the party? He had no BODY to go with.

Kirishima: Haha that’s really funny

Kaminari, internally: Okay that wasn’t a fair test - that joke’s hilarious.

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Yamada: When I brought Shota flowers for our 1st anniversary he looked me dead in the eye and said: “I’m eighteen, Hizashi”.

Kayama, wheezing: I REMEMBER THAT!


Kan: So what I’m getting out of this is that you both are morosexuals.

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Present Mic: Apparently at some point when Shota and I were flirting with each other but not quiet in a relationship yet, he asked me how I felt about pet names, to which I replied: “Well you have to call them something”.

Present Mic: The fact that I have managed to end up in a relationship is really a testament to Shota’s patience.

Miss Joke: Eraserhead is morosexual.

Present Mic: Please don’t call him a moron.

Present Mic:

Present Mic: Wait.

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We need more help. Maybe I should call my friends.
... Your what?
My friends.
Is he saying “friends”?
I think he's being sarcastic.
No, no, no, this is delirium, they've cracked from being awake all night. OI! KAMINARI! All of your friends are in this room!
I have other friends! You asked me to make new friends, I made new friends! It was a task. I complete tasks!
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Dabi: Yesterday I overheard Jin saying ‘Are you sure this is a good idea?’ and Himiko replying 'Trust me’ and I have never moved so quickly from one room to another in my life.

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