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#incorrect bnha

Sero, high: Normal brains smell weird

Mina, babysitting them: What do normal brains smell like?

Sero: … weird

Kaminari, across the room, also high: bro you’re fucking right.

Mina: Okay… so what do not normal brains smell like?

Sero: Normal, duh

Shinso, not high and just vibing: They smell like iconic

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Jirou: I’m so done. I’M SO DONE. I’m tired of being alive. I just want to die in a natural park under mysterious circumstances and end up on a true crime podcast or something. I’m ready to be TAKEN OUT.


Jirou: Okay, I’m done being dramatic. I finally started my math homework and it’s not that bad.

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Jirou: Being attracted to girls is so difficult because it’s not like boys where I occasionally see one worth looking at. All girls are so pretty. I can’t leave the house because I am constantly being attacked from all angles. Every time I turn my head, there is another angel blocking my path. I’m trapped. I can’t escape, but at the same time, I’m not sure I want to..

Momo: Hey Jirou

Jirou (muttering): fuck

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- Hatori, Yokoyama, Tsurumaki (occasionally Watase and Nakagawa)

- Prankster Squad- Koizumi, Masaku, Saiki, and, begrudgingly, Shiro

- High Horse- Mihara, Chino, Amaya

- Rap Trio- Asagami, Haruno, Kabamei

- The Girlz- Ito, Koizumi, Saiki, Tsurumaki, Nakagawa, Mihara, Mizuguchi, & Watase (Yokoyama if they want to join, they’re always invited)

- The Bros™️- Usui, Kabamei, Takamitsu, Chino, & Haruno (Koizumi and Yokoyama are always invited because they’re both the essence of a bro)

- The “we ended up all being awake at the same time and shared some weird moments so now we’re pack bonded” squad- Asagami, Haruno, Watase, Nakagawa, Tsurumaki, Hatori, & Yokoyama

- Smarter than you apparently- Masaku, Amaya, Ito, Saiki, & Shiro

- Is Baby- Koizumi, Mizuguchi, Nakagawa, & Yokoyama* (*sometimes)

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Oldest to Youngest

Koizumi Kokoro- April 18

Usui Riku- April 30

Chino Kenta- May 18

Oku Fumio- May 26

Watase Nanami- June 2

Hatori Shisui- June 5

Nakagawa Chouko- June 17

Mihara Manami- July 20

Ito Hitomi- August 26

Amaya Isamu- August 29

Asagami Masaru- October 13

Saiki Sana- October 29

Shiro Nobuyuki- November 28

Kabamei Ryuu- December 5

Yokoyama Hiromi- December 14

Masaku Katsu- December 29

Takamitsu Gorou- January 10

Mizuguchi Rise- January 30

Tsurumaki Rumiko- February 25

Haruno Ryouta- March 22

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*bakusquad chilling in the kitchen, bakugou is making dinner*

kirishima, approaching him: can i sit here on the counter or will i be a bother?

bakugou: wym a bother, you’re the dessert

kaminari: eww get a room!?!!!

kirishima: KATSUKIIIII <3

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Mitsuki: You know, you really need to stop throwing punches so easily. Reason with people! Like All Might! He tries to avoid conflict

Katsuki: Yeah but I doubt he’d let people mouth off to him or be idiots

Mitsuki: I don’t think he actively searches for violence if it’s not needed though. You need to reason with your friends the next time you’re angry. Like how you were mad at Izuku yesterday! Reason with people

Katsuki: I did reason with him

Katsuki: I told him to shut his mouth or I’d break his fucking jaw. That’s called reasoning

Mitsuki: No. That’s called threatening

Katsuki: It’s kind of the same thing

Mitsuki: No. It’s not

Mitsuki: It’s really not

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Eijirou: You’re literally the best person alive. You know that, right? That I’d die and kill for you?

Katsuki: I’m well aware

Eijirou: And I’d fight every enemy that stands between us. I’d duel anyone who hurt you. You’re my man. How dare they hurt you like that?

Eijirou: I’m getting worked up just thinking about it! Who hurt you, Kat? Who hurt you?

Katsuki: I love you but go the fuck to sleep

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