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fever-dreamer97 · 2 days ago
Aizawa: How many times do we have to go through this?
Bakugo, beaten up: Tch.
Aizawa: And Midoriya, you went over board this time. Give Bakugo his hair back.
Izuku, beaten up with a clump of hair in his hand: It’s my trophy, sir. So respectfully, no.
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incorrectmyhero · 2 days ago
Aizawa: Why do you kids like being out in the rain so much?
Eri: I like splashing and rain is just fun!
Shinsou: I'm trying to get hit by lightning
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incorrect-bkdk-quotes · 2 days ago
Shoto: i was raised as an only child
Shoto: yeah it really pissed off both my brothers.
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mha-quotes-and-such · 11 hours ago
Midnight, texting: Hey can you pick me up I’m drunk
Midnight: Oh you don't have to anymore. I'm home now
Aizawa: Yes I'm aware of that after dropping you off at home
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foxi-mushroom · 2 days ago
Shinsou, in a high voice, holding Barbie: hey Ken! I was thinking about going back to school and starting a career!
Deku, in a deep voice, holding Ken: nonsense Barbie. You're staying home and having my kids
Aizawa: what the fuck are you guys doing?
Shinsou: playing systematic oppression.
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haikyuuqueer · a day ago
y/n: I’m legitimately confused on wether you’re a famous person or not
Hawks: my subreddit has 23.5k and Adele only has 1.8k so...
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writersmorgue · a day ago
Tumblr media
but like more
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sukislady · a day ago
Tumblr media
best girl deserves the world <3
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ctrltc · a day ago
Bakugou, at the mall with Kirishima to watch "Dr. Strange: Multiverse of Madness": Why did everyone suddenly know I was here?
Also Bakugou: *A world-renowned, multi-title superhero*
Kirishima, accidentally tweeting he'll watch a movie with him: ...
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incorrect-natshig · a day ago
Random hero: [to Dabi] I'm placing you under arrest for murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and...I don't know...possibly littering.
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reineydraws · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
aizawa's been pining for a long, looooooong time
Tumblr media
(it's prime entertainment for the UA teaching staff)
based off a tumblr post
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fever-dreamer97 · 7 hours ago
Izuku: Okay, I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna ask Kacchan out.
Todoroki, walking up and holding two tequila shots: What’s going on with you?
Izuku: Oh! Thanks Todoroki-kun!
Izuku: *grabs both shots and downs both of them at the same time without issue*
Izuku: I’m off! *walks away to Bakugo*
Todoroki: Holy hell.
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red-high-tops · 3 months ago
Midoriya: You know what the best part about a shower is?
Ochako: It’s super relaxing?
Kirishima: You can sing manly songs and dance!
Ida: Surely it’s how the water maintains a steady temperature throughout use.
Mina: Definitely how you can pretend you’re in a dramatic scene and it’s raining!
Midoriya, shaking as he smiles weakly: You can cry and not even you will be able to see the tears.
Class 1-A:
Todoroki, abruptly standing up: I’m getting Bakugou.
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incorrect-bkdk-quotes · 2 days ago
Uraraka: That’s a crazy idea-
Todoroki: Insane
Uraraka: It doesn’t make sense
Todoroki: Not at all
Todoroki: You’ll do it?
Uraraka: Of course.
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mha-quotes-and-such · a day ago
Present Mic: Thank you for not saying "I told you so."
Aizawa: When you’re as right as I am right now, you don’t have to say it
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foxi-mushroom · 11 hours ago
Hizashi: you need to stop doing weird things. Going out might help.
Shouta: I went to the park today.
Hizashi: there you go! I hope you got something from that
Shouta, reaching into his capture scarf: this duck.
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incorrectmyhero · 4 months ago
Aizawa: What happened?!
Midoriya: Do you want the long or the short?
Aizawa: Short?
Bakugou: Shit's fucked
Aizawa: Okay, long
Todoroki: Shit's very fucked
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writersmorgue · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
manga spoilers?
bonus post because i'm ranting on main
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wonderduo-twinstars · 16 days ago
Kaminari: Hey, what happened to Midoriya? He lay on the floor for like 15 minutes.
Uraraka: Don't pay attention to him, he's just a little stunned
Kaminari: What happened?
Todoroki with a sigh: Bakugou smiled at him
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ouch-thats-harsh · 5 months ago
any Todoroki sibling: [having a breakdown]
Dabi: Hmm. I never thought I'd have to say this.
Dabi: But there is only space in this family for ONE unstable sibling.
Dabi: And I've held that title for a very long time so you are going to have to get it together.
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