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#incorrect bnha

Mina: Bakugou Truth or Dare?

Bakugou: Tch fine. Truth.

Mina: Have you ever thought of kissing Midoriya-san?

Bakugou: I meant Dare-

Mina, grinning: I dare you to kiss Midoriya-san.

Bakugou, now panicking: nEVER HAVE I EVER!


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Kacchan: Tch what’s this shit?

Deku: I made us matching friendship bracelets Kacchan, but it’s okay, you don’t have to wear it-

Kacchan, protectively: no back the fuck off im gonna wear it forever

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Aizawa sensei: You will all behave yourself and not get into trouble. Have I made myself clear?

Todoroki: Yes dad

Todoroki: I mean yes dude

Todoroki: I mean

Todoroki: I’m not looking for a father figure

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