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#incorrect bnha
fever-dreamer97 · a day ago
Bakugo, with binoculars: You see any of those idiot thugs, nerd?
Izuku, also with binoculars: Nope. Nothing except those two squirrels wrestling in that tree.
Bakugo: Deku, they’re not wrestling.
Izuku, blushing: Oh.
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cloudystars351 · 2 days ago
Kaminari: I think I'm pretty funny. Actually, pretty and funny. I won twice.
Shinsou: I can reluctantly confirm.
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incorrect-natshig · a day ago
Natsuo: I can explain.
Fuyumi: Can you?
Natsuo: ...If you give me thirty seconds to think of a lie.
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incorrect-academia · 6 hours ago
Weird/Unusual Items that Aizawa would own
- Ceramic frogs
- He has a lot of cat food in his closet and always keeps some on him in case he finds any cats
- Taco sleeping bag
- It’s not really weird or unusual but he secretly keeps all of the gifts his class gives him
- Realistic cat mugs
- Tissue box where the tissues are coming out of the cat's butt
- Those coffee mugs people get that are shaped like their kids'/spouses'/relatives' face/head, novelty kitchen items you find in the seen on tv aisle
- Hoards his used eye drops bottles in a bin and eventually plans on showing to everyone so that maybe they’ll appreciate the dedication in having to keep your eyes cracked wide open all the time to use that quirk
- He has a hidden compartment in his scarf or sleeping bag, but it's like a lined juice pouch that he definitely puts alcohol in
- Mini China cat figurines
- Random strings from jackets for cats
- He has one(1) dog mug, and he got it because he was so sleep deprived he thought it was a cat. This man needs a nap
- His coat has inside pockets. Big ones. Only God knows what's in there
- I feel like Aizawa would have a collection of cat toys and such even if the place he lives doesn't let him have pets. Also a while back as a joke some of his former students sent him their merch, and now he tries to collect something for every former student of his he can find.
- A tutu for when Eri wants to dance with him, glasses that have eyes on them so that when he puts them on and sleeps it still looks like he's awake
- Cat headband
- Those hot pink sweatpants with JUICY written on the ass
- Those lullaby musical box kids have. It plays ganriki neko advertisement theme song
- A Weird Amount Of Floss
- Noise cancelling headphones that don't actually work they're just there so he can mess with Hizashi
- Hello kitty bandaids for Eri and himself
- A jacket that can double as a tent on the go
- An actual bed
- A lot or random ready-to-eat meals
- Toe socks that he actually wears
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fandom-joiner · 2 days ago
My Hero Academia as things I’ve heard/said in my home and school Part Forty Two
Eri, holding an EMF detector at Shinso: It’s going up
Shinso: That’s the little bit inside me that’s dead
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Endeavor, to Shoto: I didn’t raise you to be a disappointment!
Shoto: Funny, I don’t remember you raising me at all.
Shoto: That’s what I thought.
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xxneonairxx · a day ago
Aizawa: Kaminari, will you please stop talking in memes.
Denki: well..... Yes... But actually, NO
Mina: Psssttt Sensei, I think he only understands memes too.
Aizawa: *sighs*, Kaminari, I am once again asking you to please stop talking in memes
Denki: *gasps*
Aizawa: did it work?
Denki: Kachow
Aizawa: *sighs* it's hopeless
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fever-dreamer97 · 2 days ago
Kirishima: Midoriya, I just noticed. Why are you not afraid of Aizawa-sensei as we are anymore?
Izuku: Hey sensei-
Aizawa, trying to wipe away his tears while Marley and Me plays in the background: SHI-
Aizawa: You will not tell anyone.
Izuku: Tell what sir?
Aizawa: Good boy, leave.
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incorrect-bkdk-quotes · 3 months ago
[bkdk babysitting]
Deku: Hey Eri, you having trouble with that yogurt?
Eri: Yeah this lid is being a fucking dickhead
Deku, turning towards Kacchan accusingly: I wonder where she got that from.
Kacchan: From the fridge you fucking dickhead-
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incorrect-natshig · 2 days ago
Fuyumi: If you start your work now you'll have plenty of time and you won't be stressing out the last minute.
Natsuo, scrolling through his phone: Nah.
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collisiondiscourse · 7 months ago
shinsou: no wtf i know you miss him but—
bakugou, holding back tears: JUST FUCKING SAY THE LINE, SHITHEAD
shinsou, turning on his voice modulator for the 7th time that day: kacchan sugoi!
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[Playing Minecraft]
Bakugou, to Midoriya: Deku where the hell are you
Midoriya, stuck in a two block deep hole in a cave, sobbing: I don’t fucking know
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