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#incorrect bnha quotes

Sero, high: Normal brains smell weird

Mina, babysitting them: What do normal brains smell like?

Sero: … weird

Kaminari, across the room, also high: bro you’re fucking right.

Mina: Okay… so what do not normal brains smell like?

Sero: Normal, duh

Shinso, not high and just vibing: They smell like iconic

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Tw: death

Shigaraki: *listens to welcome to the black parade by mcr vocals only while not believing Twice is actually dead even though he definitely is and everyone knows it and not being isn’t gonna bring him back)

(Yes hello I’m starting to vent about my life on my bnha blog again by saying what happened and putting bnha character names in front of it and calling it a “”“meme”“”)

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Twice: Is there a hall of fame for what we do?

Dabi: It’s called prison.


Shigaraki: Actually, I’m in charge, in case any of you have forgotten.

Dabi: No, I remember. I just don’t care.


Dabi: Am I going too far?

You: No, no, no. You went too far seven hours ago. Now you’re going to prison.


You: Have your parents ever destroyed something that was yours?

Shinsou: My dignity.

Todoroki: My childhood…

Kaminari: My f*cking fidget spinner.


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*talking about the new coffee machine*

Sero: If I break it, I’ll pay for a new one

Sero: If Kaminari breaks it, he’ll pay for a new one

Sero: If Bakugou breaks it, Kirishima will pay for a new one

Bakugou: Fine by me

Kirishima: Hey!!

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Endeavor: I don’t like you. You should do something about that, or I think I should stop interacting with you.

Shouto: well ya know, I was thinking… like… you never like anything about me or anything I do… and ya know I’m traumatized beyond what anyone can even begin to imagine bc of you…

Shouto: maybe, ya know, we should mutually disown each other???


Endeavor: :’(

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Aizawa: where is Eri?

Midoriya: she was upset, so bakugou, kirishima, and kaminari are playing dress up with her!

Aizawa: playing… dress up?

Midoriya: i was as surprised as you when ashido told me


Bakugou: these are combat boots with a reenforced sole, making it perfect for kicking bitches while their down

Eri, nodding as if she is learning the secrets of the universe:

Kirishima/Kaminari, just sitting in Bakugou’s bed to make sure he doesn’t give Eri any actual weapons:

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