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#incorrect bnha quotes
incorrectheroquotes · 2 days ago
Midoriya: I love sleepovers
Recovery Girl: This isn’t a sleepover, you’re in the infirmary
Midoriya: Then what is this sweet party drink?
Recovery Girl: That’s a blood transfusion. I’m giving it to you so you don’t die
Midoriya: Truth or dare
Recovery Girl:
Recovery Girl: Dare
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incorrectmyhero · 19 hours ago
Bakugou, walking into the house: We're out of candy
Kirishima: How??? I just gave you a new bag??
Bakugou: Yeah but one kid came dressed as me so I gave it all to him
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mha-quotes-and-such · 2 days ago
Kaminari: Boil up some Mountain Dew. It’s gonna be a long night
Jirou: You could of said literally anything else
Kaminari: Cauldron boil and cauldron bubble, Baja Blast to fuel my trouble
Jirou: I’m going to just stop challenging you when you say random shit. I won’t win. I realize this now
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Izuku: Everyone say hi to my big brother, Tenko
Denki: Uh, no. Weren't you listening? That's his big brother Tenko
Shigaraki: Sup, dumbass
Denki: Izu told you to stop calling me that!
Dadzawa: *tired*
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thoughtsofagremlin · a day ago
Uraraka: Honestly tired of the gays making out everywhere. Saw Kaminari and Sero kissing in the lunch room, Kirishima and Bakugou kissing in the hall, Momo and Jirou kissing in the dorms.
Mina: You're just mad because you're single.
Uraraka, crying: Shut up!
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incorrectmyhero · a day ago
Midoriya, seeing Shinsou dressed in normal clothes: What's your costume?
Shinsou: A homocidal maniac
Shinsou: they look just like everyone else
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mha-quotes-and-such · 2 days ago
Present Mic: Why did you leave Wrestlemania on for the cats?
Aizawa: They need to learn how to protect us
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fever-dreamer97 · 2 days ago
Cop: So, you two entered a home decoration competition without knowing anything about the company?
Cop: And you made a video to send to them of all the stuff you own and gave them a schedule of when you’re gone, so they could work when you’re away?
Kirishima:…Pretty much, yeah.
Cop: And then you came home today and saw that all of your stuff has been stolen.
Kaminari:…So, what do you think sir?
Cop: I think you two are idiots.
Kami and Kiri:
Bakugo: We know they’re idiots.
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incorrect-academia · 2 days ago
Weird/unusual items that Bakugou would own
- A journal only for writing how he would murder people he knows or meets in explicit detail
- My little pony stuff
- Makeup bag with eyeliner for his hero costume and concealer for any pimples. Since his parents work in the fashion industry, they always have the best recommendations for makeup
- I think he'd have a collection of hot sauce bottles
- literally every award he's ever won
- pants that fit right
- A real land mine from WW2
- Lots of hero merch. I’m guessing his dorm looks almost exactly like Deku’s, and that’s why he refused to show it
- Birthday presents he's gotten for Midoriya over the years but has never given him
- A matching painted rock with Kirishima
- Novelty lighters
- A Ricky Montgomery vinyl and antique record player... Everyone is to afraid to ask why but he does
- A journal that’s been burned in several places with poetry and lyrics from songs that he just really liked
- Energy drinks
- A stuffed animal he's had since he was a kid, not really a weird thing but he'd consider it embarrassing
- classical literature
- A sketch pad with only realistic charcoal drawings
- Fake candy grenades
- Floral apron
- Weird patterned socks that he wears with his church shoes
- A mini fridge that’s filled entirely with hot sauces and absolutely nothing else. It’s all he drinks when he has friends in his room and he does it as a display of dominance. He also secretly has All Might merch hidden under his bed that he pulls out every now and then to smile at.
- Poster of The Smiths
- A guitar that he knows how to play but never does
- Cabinet of plates that he doesn’t actually use but only has them for anger attacks. If he’s upset, he’ll write all his problems out on the plate with sharpies then smash it or blow it up
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Hawks, rolling down the window: What seems to be the problem, officer?
Cop: Get the FUCK out of my car.
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