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#incorrect boku no hero academia quotes
incorrectheroquotes · a day ago
Tetsutetsu: I’m hardcore, made of steel and haven’t felt an emotion since 2006
Kendo: I caught you crying over baby seals just 2 hours ago
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Izuku: Don't you know suspects are just friends you haven't cleared of charges yet?
Dabi: Yo
Izuku: Technically, he's Touya Todoroki.
Todoroki: :o
Todoroki: >:O
Todoroki: I'm telling mom
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randombnhathoughts · 2 months ago
Nedzu : Alright, thank you Vlad. Aizawa, please introduce your students.
Aizawa : All right, *cracks knuckles*
Iida : oh boy.
Aizawa : The mother
Momo: I-
Aizawa : The father who commited a fellony.
Iida : *sigh*
Aizawa : Anger issues
Bakugo : Fuck your too.
Aizawa : Daddy issues
Shouto : Fair enough
Aizawa : Self sacrifice bisexual
Deku : I-
Aizawa : Dumbass bisexual
Kaminari: Called out
Aizawa : Dumbass pansexual, this time with acid.
Ashido : Here!
Aizawa : Space bi with a frog obsession.
Uraraka : Sensei please-
Aizawa : The actual frog
Asui : Kero
Aizawa : The Karate kid
Ojiro : Ok i guess
Aizawa : Gossip handler
Hagakure : That's me!
Aizawa : Gossip handler but sparkly.
Ayoma: Oui
Aizawa : The step mother who married the mother.
Jirou : *thumbs up*
Aizawa : The high one
Sero : Sir I-
Aizawa : The diabetes risk
Satou : Fair
Aizawa : The actually pure one
Kouda : (◕ᴗ◕✿)
Aizawa : The rock.
Kirishima : That's me!
Aizawa : The emo one
Tokoyami : What a mad banquet of darkness.
Aizawa : The one who wanted the hero name octopussy but refrained.
Shouji : ....
Aizawa : The honourary member, me but purple.
Shinsou : Sup.
Aizawa : Last and the least, the mistake.
Mineta : .......
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incorrectheroquotes · 24 days ago
Aizawa: Eri found out she could sneakily put post-its on people's backs without them knowing
Aizawa: But she doesn't know they should say things like 'kick me', so they all just have smiley faces on them
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fever-dreamer97 · 2 days ago
Kirishima: Okay, does anyone want to go eat lunch? I know we’ve been walking around for a long time.
Mina: I’m good!
Sero: Yeah, I’m not hungry.
Bakugo: I don’t care, let’s keep going.
Kirishima: Yeah! I’m good too! Let’s go!
Kaminari, starving for the past few hours but doesn’t want to ruin the mood: *internally screaming*
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incorrectmyhero · 6 months ago
Present Mic, going over Deku's student file: Okay, so right here, it states that you’re creative.
Deku: Yes!
Present Mic: Okay! May I know what you create?
Aizawa, walking by: Problems.
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i-am-bnha-trash · a month ago
Kirishima: What are the rules of Monopoly?
Bakugou: If the game lasts over 4 hours you get the legal right to kill the person who asked to play.
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bruhnam299 · 2 months ago
Tododeku: *holding hands*
Bakugou: That’s the most disgusting shit I’ve ever seen in my life. I need bleach to clean out my eyes.
Also Bakugou: Eijirou, follow me. We’re going to make out now.
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