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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#incorrect brooklyn nine nine quotes

Gina: from time to time I send Charles faxes. From Charles. From the future.

Charles (reading): At 8am today someone poisons the coffee. Do not drink the coffee. More instructions will follow. Cordially, future Charles.

Charles *slaps the coffee out of Jake’s hand*: NO! You’ll thank me later.

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*Jake and Amy setting up an IKEA desk*

Amy: okay so I think we were supposed to run the cables through the back here

Jake: ah yes that would have made more sense

Amy: but I think what we did is fine, right?

Jake: it seems fine to me…but you’ll always know it’s *technically* wrong


Jake (whispering): you’ll always know

Amy: you’re so mean to me

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Soren: Hey guys, have you seen Callum and Rayla? I’ve been looking for them all over.

Opeli: Soren, we need to talk… do you ever think Callum and Rayla might want some… privacy?

Soren: I’m just looking out for them. People still don’t like elves and Callum is well… Callum. He tripped over a pencil this morning.

Crovus: I noticed that too. For such an advanced mage, he’s very clumsy.

Soren: Exactly! But I would argue I am like a beautiful angel of love, who has trouble finding love for himself. Admit that you would read that book.

Corvus: I would.

Soren: Thank you for your honesty.

Opeli: Ugh. I’m getting a drink.

Corvus: It’s 9am

Opeli: Don’t start with me, Corvus. I don’t care who specifically requested you.

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Annabeth: Alright, uh, the email contains a link to a video. I’m going to play it. Brace yourselves. If it shows Hera, be sure not to look directly in her eyes.

Percy: Because we’ll turn into stone?

Annabeth: No. Because her eyes are ugly.

Annabeth: *plays video*

Hera: Hello Annabeth. Surprised to see me?

Annabeth: Well- i didn’t say bloody mary three times, so yes.

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Brooklyn nine nine characters as things me and my friends have said:


Amy: Ooooooh Statistics!!!

Charles: I was in catering, almost sobbing over my disaster of a lasagne….


Rosa: Oh, I had a good time shooting Micah Bell in the face……

Gina: I’m not godlike, how can you be Godlike if you ARE a God.

Holt: Please never say “I want heelies in my bones” ever again.

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Martin: I don't understand our son's texts. He writes "it's allz good" (allz with a z) followed by a box with a question mark, then a box with a question mark, a box with a question mark, a box with a question mark, a box with a question mark then another box with a question mark, then a box with a question mark. What does that mean?
Jackie: it means you don't have emojis on your phone
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Charles: I’m a grown man now, I can keep from crying for 5 minutes!

Terry: Are you sure? You cried at that cooking show yesterday


Jake: You know Boyle, it’s incredibly easy to make you cry

Boyle: I dont think that’s true at all

Rosa: Sea otters.

Gina: Hedgehogs wearing flower crowns….

Terry: Tiny bunnies!!

Charles *tearing up*: Well it’s like my dad said, real men dont cry for more than three days

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Kidnapper: We have your son
Raymond Holt: I have no children
Kidnapper: Then who just asked for grilled cheese with the crust cut off and chocolate milk with a bendy straw.
Raymond Holt: That could be any number of people I know ranging in ages from four to sixty-two. Could you give me more of a description?
Kidnapper: When I said who we were calling for the ransom, he called you 'Dad.'
Raymond Holt: Ah. That would be Detective Peralta. Well, now I have kept you talking for long enough that we have a trace on this phone number and I know exactly who you are. The squad is already on their way.
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