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#incorrect bruce wayne

Robin!Jason: *Does some shit*

Bruce: Minus 5 points.

Robin!Jason: What?

Bruce: I began to score your behaviour. When you’re on 100 points, I’ll take you on patrol.

Robin!Jason: Oh, cool. What’s my score?

Bruce: -1,298

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Robin!Jason: I’m gonna make mistakes-

Alfred: You know the rules, Jason!

Robin!Jason: I’m about to slap a bitch.

Bruce: Hey!

Robin!Jason: What?

Bruce: No slapping.


Alfred: you aren’t gonna say anything about the last word from that sentence??

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Dick: This is who I am now, Bruce. I’m a townie.

Dick: I’m worse than a townie because I rely on you for economic support.

Dick: I didn’t even buy this cereal. You bought this cereal. You bought my clothes.

Dick: You bought the milk, which was white but it’s chocolate now because it’s Coco Puffs and I’ve been sitting here for nine hours.

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Robin!Jason: Can I ask you a question, B?

Bruce: Ugh, another one? …Fine.

Robin!Jason: What would you consider your biggest weakness?

Bruce: I can be uncooperative.

Robin!Jason: Ok… Could you give me an example?

Bruce: No.

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