#incorrect clone wars
incorrectclonewars · 2 days ago
Steela: Would you slap your best friend in the face for two million dollars?
Ahsoka: I would roundhouse kick Anakin in the face for free.
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ahsoka-tanoo · a day ago
*Anakin and Ahsoka sitting in jail together*
Ahsoka: So who should we call?
Anakin: I’d call Obi-Wan, but I feel safer in jail
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thebaddestofbatches · a day ago
Fives: :)
Rex: Hoe, don't do it.
Fives: >:)
Rex: Oh my god.
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sithzuko · 2 days ago
anakin, over text: turn around :)
anakin: no, the other way
anakin: wrong way again
obi-wan: where are you?!
anakin: in my room, but the idea of you turning around aimlessly in circles amuses me
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lifeofclonewars · 3 months ago
Fives: Hey, do you--
Echo, across the room and not looking: No
Fives: What abo--
Echo: Third one works better
Fives: Are you sure?
Echo: Yes. You?
Fives: Hmm, yeah.
Echo: Excarga
Fives: Got it. For Varn?
Echo: Yeah, I'll go grab it
Fives: Great, thanks
Echo: *leaves*
Everyone watching:
Kix: That was an understandable conversation?
Fives: Was it not? Which part wasn't? The part about Kowakian monkey-lizards in the ocean?
Jesse: The what now
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saritakryze · a month ago
Armor Designer: How many antennae do you need?
Tech: Yes.
Tumblr media
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palprotein · a year ago
Obi-Wan: we need a distraction
Mace: what you want me to dress up in a wig and sing?
Mace: no
Mace: no way
*a minute later*
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leaffall15 · 10 months ago
obi-wan: did it hurt when-
anakin: when i fell from heaven?
obi-wan: no, when you crashed the ship. you just laid in there for fifteen minutes.
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big1ron · 7 months ago
Boost: ... holy shit
Boost: you’re fucking dead
Sinker: ... I didn’t even know I had a middle name
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flashthescalesian-art · 9 months ago
Fox: Maybe caffeine will make me work better.
Fox: Or I'll just be stressed faster.
Fox: I'll take my chances.
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claranidala · 10 months ago
Anakin: if someone gave you $200 because "you're ugly" would you take it?
Obi-Wan: I’m not gonna turn down $200 because someone else has bad eyesight
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incorrectclonewars · 2 days ago
Anakin: Y'know, the Jedi Council treats me like a God.
Quinlan Vos: How?
Anakin: They ignore my existence until they need something from me. 
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ahsoka-tanoo · a month ago
Rex: Imagine if someone handed you a box full of all the items you have lost throughout your life
Cody: Self-esteem, haven't seen you in years!
Ahsoka: Oh wow, my childhood innocence! Thank you for finding this!
Obi-Wan: I knew I lost that potential somewhere!
Anakin: My moral code, is that you?
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thebaddestofbatches · 15 hours ago
Hunter: We all have our demons
Hunter, pointing at Crosshair: That one’s mine.
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sithzuko · 3 months ago
obi-wan: i don’t think we can mansplain, manipulate or malewife our way out of it this time
anakin: [cracking his knuckles]
anakin: manslaughter it is
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lifeofclonewars · 3 months ago
Rex, the second he can on Rishi: These shinies are my little brothers now. Not up for discussion. No taking them.
Cody: Not even--
Rex: Nope. Zip. Stop. They're Torrents now
Cody, tearing up, thinking of when he kidnapped Rex into his squad: They grow up so fast
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shouldntcryoverit · 5 months ago
How did you fail a survey?
captain rex x reader
based off of this prompt list
#14 -> “How did you fail a survey?”
(please feel free to drop in any requests!)
requested by @buzzyandbadatmath
It wasn’t often that you got hurt. Well, perhaps it was, but not often enough for you to get any better at being a patient in the medbay.
It wasn’t a skill you’d familiarised yourself with at least.
But alas, here you sat with what seemed to be a mild concussion, and a tired medic trying not to snap at your dazed questions.
In between you almost passing out and gagging consistently, Kix had handed you a small survey to fill out, as opposed to him having to listen to constant babble of symptoms you thought were relevant. It was easy; simple questions referring to the incident and the physicality’s of your condition to help doctors diagnose you, yet you’d apparently never seen a more confusing exam than this one.
“‘Am I still bleedin’?” You spoke, looking up from the thin paper in your hands, having not intelligibly answered a single question.
“You never were.” Kix answered in an unattentive huff. He would’ve ordinarily said something funnier; a short quip if anything, but that would only be if he wasn’t currently trying to find some way of sorting out your concussion without going crazy. It’d been a long day. “Finish that, please?” He asked, pleading.
“But my lip?” A short and stifiled laugh followed your panicked reply.
“Rex, is my lip bleeding?” You asked again. Comically confused.
“No, it’s not. It only bled a little bit for a short while.” The captain grinned. That shit-eating grin he did whenever you did something he could later make fun of. And oh how he would.
“Oh.” You uttered. “Right, well can I go?”
Your feet swung off the bed (whether you wanted them to or not) but as you attempted to stand, you toppeled over and into Rex’s quickly un-crossing arms.
“Kriff.” You muttered.
“Stop falling for the Captain.” Kix smiled as his head popped back up from his medical cabinets.
“Oh.” You laughed, a slightly childish giggle having not gotten the joke just yet. “Oh wait… no.”
“C’mon, sit back down. Kix, go back to being tired and busy.” Rex tried to use his ‘Captain’ tone, but it fell down rather quickly as his tilted brow was replaced with yet another shit-eating grin.
“Yessir.” The reply sounded.
Kix shuffled out of the room, looking for a bacta pack Rex assumed, and left you two alone.
“Rex, stop staring.” You muttered after a moment had passed, still trying to decipher the paper in your hands.
“S’rry C’yare.” Even in your state, that nickname still gave you a spark in your stomach. “Tryna’ see if your gonna pass out.”
You laughed lightly, shaking your head as you answered a few of the questions.
“Captain Medic.” You jibed with a giggle.
“Wouldn’t it be Medic Rex?” Rex laughed again.
Now you did look up; creased brows but with a smile.
“Shut up.”
And he did. The Captain left you to work on your minor test paper as he sat down and examined his own wounds.
You’d both been in 79’s when the incident occurred; partly the reason why Kix was acting so sour.
Neither you or Rex could remember specifically the cause of the disagreement, but he’d guess it was someone disrespecting the GAR. It wasn’t unheard of, certainly.
But nonetheless, you’d thrown the first punch, been unable to fight properly with the warmth of alcohol still hugging your senses, and landed directly on the sticky bar floor with a concussion.
After that you couldn’t remember, but Rex would later tell you how you ‘swooned’ when he picked you up to take you to Kix. You’d blush, but not that much. It wasn’t the first time you’d openly ‘swooned’ for the Captain, nor would it be the last. And he’d be the exact same, so really there wasn’t much to blush about. Still…
“I’m gonna need that form now.” Kix walked back into the small medbay room carrying a new cup of caf, having emptied the last one in record speed. Rex’s deductions had been wrong; no wonder, he was struggling to deny the effect his few drinks had had on him.
You nodded with an aloof frown on your face. “Oh, right, yeah.”
After scanning over your answers one last time, you handed the paper over to the medic.
Kix sipped his drink, placed it next to where the Captain was sat, or slumped, and took the paper from your outstretched hand.
He read it for a moment, then laughed. It was the sort of laugh that didn’t come after something funny, instead it was born more so out of complete exasperation.
“Rex, I’m getting some aspirin, you do this.” He ‘laughed’ again.
At this the Captain jolted upright again, and took the paper.
You watched the exchange, slightly confused, and then watched again as your medic walked into the corridor once more. You couldn’t tell if the aspirin was for you or him.
“Cyare.” Rex grinned; the shit-eating one, as always.
“How did you fail a survey?”
It was going to be a long night, for all three of them. Though, perhaps less so for the poor medic, the experience was not all bad. Not when Rex had such a constant stream of entertainment from his favourite source.
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palprotein · a year ago
Anakin, angrily: ARE YOU—
Ahsoka: fucking
Ahsoka: fucking
Anakin: IDIOT
Rex: what was that...
Ahsoka: Master Obi-Wan banned Anakin from swearing so I offered to help him out
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leaffall15 · 10 months ago
ahsoka: can i have another piece of candy?
anakin: what did obi-wan say?
ahsoka: he said that i couldn’t.
anakin: then why should i let you?
ahsoka: he isn’t the boss of you.
anakin internally: it’s a trap it’s a trap it’s a trap
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big1ron · 6 months ago
Hunter: Echo, I think you have PTSD.
Echo: Yes, Proficient Talent Of Sucking Dick.
Hunter: Let us also talk about how you use humour as a coping mechanism.
Echo: I don't think you understand how clever what I just said was.
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