#incorrect creepypasta quotes
angels-and-demons · a day ago
Nico: *flops down with his face in Toby's lap*
Toby: Well I can see you’ve had a productive day.
Nico: ghosts and spirits annoying, boyfriend comforting.
Toby: *strokes Nico's hair* The dead giving you a hard time?
Nico: My father's trust has only resulted in more and more boring work. I’d like to go back to him ignoring me, please.
Toby: *kisses Nico's hair* Aww, the big, bad Ghost King can’t handle a little bit of ghostly customer service?
Nico: The big, bad Ghost King is an act. Nico Di Angelo likes naps and a handsome mortal.
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somewhat-crazy · 5 months ago
Hoodie: what should I get Toby for his birthday?
Masky: Medication
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simpofachilles · 8 months ago
slenderman: sometimes people ask me how do i manage the creepypastas. the secret is, i don't. i have no control over them whatsoever. this morning toby called my name and when i showed up ben shot me in the throat with a nerf gun.
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sanityisforlosers · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Nathan is spittin' FACTS
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mayawastaken · 4 months ago
*Y/n Jeff and Slenderman standing in front of the mansion that's on fire*
Y/n: in my defense I was left unsupervised.
Slenderman: I left you with Jeff?
Jeff: In my defense I was also left unsupervised.
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r0n-mae · 4 months ago
jeff: hey.. I like you romantically...
y/n: well I like you friendship-ally
jeff: how dare you make words up just to reject me
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r0ttingstitches · 27 days ago
Ej: I hate you!
Liu: [in his head] Enemies to lovers, slow burn, angst with happy ending, 300k+ words.
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creepypasta-incorrectquotes · 3 months ago
Jeff: don’t worry, i still have a few knives up my sleeves
Ben: don’t you mean cards?
Jeff: no, no i do not
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scarfaxia · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Ben's ranch obsession is out of control
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creepypasta-emt · 4 months ago
Toby texting Y/N while on a mission be like:
Tumblr media
Y/N: Toby, wtf it’s 5 in the morning
Toby: I was thinking of you 😔
Y/N: . . . you’re lucky I love you, dork
Toby: <3
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ticcitoby-1997 · 5 months ago
Toby: * rings the door bell *
Masky: For the love of god stop ringing the god damn doorbell BEN
Ben: Grant you i am annoying but not a magician
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xxcha0t1c-racc00nxx · a month ago
Ben: We went to the store. For ONE thing
Sully, holding a frog: I got a frog! *giggles*
Sully: Imma name her taquito
Ben: *disappointed sigh*
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somewhat-crazy · a month ago
masky's pills</3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
art and quote credits to original owners, toby is from @ask-tt0by, idk where masky is from but please lmk who to credit if you do!
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world-of-horrors-au · a month ago
Toby: remember how I said Doby and I were going to have a calm night out for once? Masky: yes Toby: well, we’re in jail Masky: *hangs up*
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sanityisforlosers · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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identity-theft-101 · 2 months ago
"If I didn't have ADHD I'd be a dictator."
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paperjackkk · 2 months ago
Jeff: Guys, hear me out, this will blow your minds! If the person has an iron deficiency, they can pass out if you hit them with a metal pipe!
Ben: Yeah, relevant, as you have to take an iron supplements yourself—
Toby picking up metal pipe: Mmm, IRONy...
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r0ttingstitches · 2 months ago
Ej: Are you wearing makeup?
Liu: Oh, it's just some eyeliner. Do you like it?
Ej: Looks okay, I guess.
Ej, sobbing into Jane's shoulder: It looked so good
Jane, rubbing his back: I know.
Ej: [sniffles] I'm so gay.
Jane: I know.
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LJ: this my shock you, but not everyone here likes you
Jeff: sounds ridiculous, but go on
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farfetchedfarfalle · 5 months ago
BEN: What was I thinking??? I can’t fight! Look at these noodle arms!
LJ: just bonk him over the head! It’s nature’s snooze button
Nina: Boys- why can you just learn to hate each other in secret? Like girls do!
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