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#incorrect dc

Jason: I just… I don’t want to do this without you.

Y/N: Jason, you’re just going to the dentist. You’ve fought worse people. *Eyebrow raise*

Jason: That’s different, I can kill them-

Y/N: No, I know what you’re thinking about and no you can’t kill the dentist.

Jason: Ugh, fine. *Quietly* can you come in with me, please? *Does puppy eyes*

Y/N: Not the puppy eyes! *Sighs* Ok, I’ll come in with you.

Jason: Yay! Also, don’t let go of my hand.

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Bruce: I am Batman.

Dick: I am Nightwing.

Jason: I am Redhood.

Damian: I am Robin.

Tim: I am Red Robin.

Y/N: And a one, and a two and a three.

Bruce, Dick, Jason, Damian and Y/N: *All together* Yummmmmm!

Tim: *Clearly disappointed* I hate you all.

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Y/N: *Texts jason* come to the bedroom, I’m wearing something hot *winking emoji*

Jason: *Checks his phone* Ohhh! *Drops everything and runs to the bedroom*

Jason: *Stops as soon as he see’s y/n*

Y/N: *Sitting on the bed wearing a chicken wing costume* Hiya babe.

Jason: *Annoyed* I thought you said you were wearing something hot?

Y/N: I am! I’m wearing a “hot” chicken wing costume! *Starts laughing*

Jason: Ugh, not what I was expecting babe.

Jason: *Shrugs his shoulders* Oh well, close enough! *Jumps on Y/N anyway*

Y/N: *muffled ow* I think you broke my chicken wing.

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Batman: You think your life is hard?

Batman: My teammates went to walmart in full gear JUST so they didnt have to wait in line.

Batman: Now everyone is questioning why Aquaman was buying groceries.

Batman: Why The Flash was sitting in the cart playing cheese vikings on one of my gauntlets.

Batman: Why Captain Marvel and Cyborg were chasing eachother.

Batman: Why Green Lantern was eating frozen waffles.

Batman: Why Superman just calmly followed them.

Batman: While Green Arrow pretended not to know them.

Batman: And why Wonder woman was just monitoring them while helping with groceries.

Alfred: I suppose they’re onto something Master Bruce, no one likes waiting in line.

Batman: Don’t you dare encourage them!

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Jason: Are you still hanging out with me tomorrow?

Roy: No. I’m still mad at you.

Jason: So am I

Roy: Then we shouldn’t hang

Jason: But our madness cancels each other out

Jason: It’s BEDMAS

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Tim: People are buried in nice formal clothes, so if the zombie apocalypse happened it would be very snazzy

Jason: If I die I’m being buried in battle armor and a sword. Good luck, bitches.

Tim: If

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