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#incorrect dc quotes

Robin!Jason: Dad, can I have a story?

Bruce: Once upon a time, there was a little boy that made his dad so crazy he decided to sell him to a circus.

Robin!Jason: An evil circus?

Bruce: No, a nice one with monkeys.

Robin!Jason: Thank you.

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Tim: My boyfriend is too tall for me to kiss him on the lips. What should I do?

Damian: Punch him in the stomach. Then, when he doubles over in pain, kiss him.

Dick: Tackle him.

Cassandra: Kick him in the shin.

Jason: Just ask me to lean down?

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Incorrect Batfam Quotes

Dick: This is a PSA to SOME members of this family.

Dick: I am so sick of you saying “I am here for a good time not a long time.”

Dick: No no no. That is not the energy we need in this household, so I’m gonna need you to get your asses up, drink coffee, scream at God, and commit arson if need be, as long as you STOP ENDING UP IN THE CAVE MEDBAY!!

Jason: Anyone else feeling attacked right now or is it just me?

Damian: Todd, there is no one else in this house that that statement could apply to.

Bruce: *wisely ignores Dick glaring at him as well

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