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#incorrect dc quotes
incorrectbatfam · 2 days ago
Damian: Todd, where are you going?
Jason: Well, that depends, Damian. When I die again, probably Hell, but right now I’m going to the bathroom.
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batfamgalore · 2 days ago
Dick: We’re going to use impulse control, which is the practice of controlling one’s impulses.
Dick: For instance, I look down and I see that roach down there and I tell myself, I can’t eat that.
Wally: Do I need to slap you in the face?
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gotham-exclusive · a day ago
Bruce: Christmas is cancelled
Clark: You can’t cancel a holiday
Bruce: Keep it up Kent and you’ll lose New Years too
Clark: What does that even mean?
Bruce: That’s it, Alfred take New Years away from Clark
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prioryofthebirds · 2 days ago
under the red hood
bruce: let me see what you have
jason: a GUN!
bruce: NO!!!
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arguablysomaya · a day ago
Dick, standing by the Christmas tree: Here comes Batman, Here comes Batman, right down-
Bruce: I will cancel Christmas
Dick: He’s a mean one, Mr Wayne-
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Civilian, after being saved: Spoiler, Red Robin, you're the best vigilantes in the world!
Tim: I don't know why we don't hear that more.
Stephanie: What I don't know is how he could be so right about me and wrong about you.
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adhdriddenandtired · 2 months ago
Dick: Okay, stakeout! You know the rules, right?
Tim *deadpan*: If I get tired, I wake you up.
If I see anything suspicious, I wake you up.
If I see any minor criminal activity, I wake you up.
If I see a criminal that isn't Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, or Catwoman, I wake you up.
If I see Joker, I take the crowbar from the backseat, call Jason, enact vengeance with him, then wake you up after so you have deniability.
Dick: No, that's not-
Tim: Almost forgot, if I see a single redhead who's around your age, I wake you up.
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Billy: When I first joined the League I was terrified they were gonna find out that I'm just pretending to be an adult. But then as time went on, I discovered that they were all also pretending.
Billy: They aren't also all kids that can transform into adults, they just don't know what they're doing either.
Billy: So now I'm even more terrified because apparently grown ups are just as lost and confused as everyone else and no one understands anything.
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batfamgalore · 18 hours ago
*Jason and Dick are at a bar and a drunk guy misinterprets their conversation*
Drunk guy: Oh, so you’re saying you want to fight?
Dick: That’s a huge leap in logic.
Drunk guy: You want to fight?
Jason: Yeah!
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prioryofthebirds · 2 days ago
damian: how are you so stupid. were you dropped as a baby?
tim: ha
tim: you think i was held?
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Jason: We have all the right tools to subvert our target.
Tim: What tools?
Jason: Oh, Dick's maturity, your optimism, and my diplomatic skills.
Tim: ... We're doomed.
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dcau-incorrect-quotes · 2 days ago
Green Arrow: You look like shit.
The Question: Excuse me?
Green Arrow: you look like shit
The Question, sarcastically: And you look as beautiful as ever. Jesus.
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