#incorrect encanto
Bruno: You've got to learn to love yourself.
Mirabel: Don't you hate yourself?
Bruno: This is about you. Stay focused.
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sunflowersloth · a month ago
mirabel: do you ever want to talk about your emotions, bruno?
bruno: no
luisa: i do
mirabel: i know, luisa
luisa: i’m sad
mirabel: i know, luisa
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anqrymom · 29 days ago
dolores: [sneezes]
bruno from the walls: bless you, child.
dolores: … God?
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veryberryghoul · a month ago
Isabela: You say "please" and "thank you" in front of your younger siblings all the time and they never repeat it.
Isabela: But when you say "fuck" ONCE—
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serpentinesomebody · a month ago
Camilo: *sneezes*
Bruno, from inside the walls: bless you
Camilo, confused: *looking around* God???
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eighties-toons · a month ago
Dolores: ten years ago, we lost our dear Tío Bruno
Bruno: *in the walls*
Dolores: sometimes I can still hear his voice
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akaashiscupofwater · 26 days ago
bruno @ his rat telenovela: and they were roommates
dolores hearing him through the wall: aye dios mio they were roommates
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incorrectencantoquotes · 11 days ago
Abuela, to Camilo: You're starting to forget your Spanish. You don't practice.
Camilo: Lo siento. Estoy embarazada.
Abuela: You just told me you're pregnant.
Mirabel: Congratulations Camilo, you're glowing!
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jorge-makes-the-spackle · 22 days ago
Mirabel: Hey! How are you doing?
Luisa *staring off into the distance*:I feel like a fork in a world comprised of only soup.
Mirabel: So, you're doing better than usual!
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imma-musical-nerd · 14 days ago
Pepa: Bruno has no survival skills, his need to win has replaced them.
Julieta: That can't be true!
Pepa: Watch this.
Pepa: Hey Bruno, race you to the bottom of the stairs!
Bruno: *Throws themself out a window*
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greatmarta · a month ago
Pepa * bawling her eyes out *
Félix: "Pepi, what's wrong?"
Pepa: "Antonio's still hungry, and I can't squeeze out any more milk!"
Camilo * shapeshifts into Pepa *
Félix: "NO."
Pepa * bawling her eyes out even more, because she's so touched *
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*Pepa and Félix skipping stones on lake*
Félix: It’s such a beautiful evening.
Pepa, whispering: Take that you fucking lake.
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sunflowersloth · a month ago
Camilo: you flirt and kiss and for what? love??? pathetic.
Mirabel: to level up my charisma stat.
Camilo: ah, a gamer. you may pass.
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crazyvulpixamv · 10 days ago
Camilo: Who the fuck added me to a fucking group chat?
Pepa: ›:O language
Antonio: Yeah watch your fucking language
Isabela: 'The fuck word'
Bruno: Are you stupid? You guys use the f word all the time
Antonio: Oh my god he censored it
Mirabel: Say fuck, Tio Bruno
Antonio: Do it, Tio Bruno. Say fuck.
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veryberryghoul · a month ago
Isabela: We need to distract these guys
Dolores: Leave it to me
Dolores: Centaurs have six limbs and are therefore insects. Discuss.
Camilo, Antonio and Mirabel: *Immediately begin arguing*
Luisa, watching in horror: Oh this. I don’t like this. I don't like this at all.
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youaretheunicorn · 4 days ago
isabela: abuela, im a lesbian
abuela: oh... well that's okay dear, as long as you're happy.
luisa: im also gay, abuela
abuela: ...okay i still love you
mirabel: yeah i also like girls
abuela: it's alright, but does anyone in this family like men?
camilo, pretty much shaking in excitement, having the time of his life: WELL-
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not-as-endearing-fanatic · 3 days ago
Bruno: I accidentally indulged in too much 'Me time'
Bruno: Turns out, I've been reported missing for 10 years and presumed dead by most locals and my family.
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astroddon · 11 days ago
Félix's mother: Ay mijito, I've missed you so much. How are my grandch-
Dolores: *Covering her ears in a corner* toomuchnoisetoomuchnoisetoomuch-
Antonio: *Talking to a frog* What do you mean with... "sex"?... wha-
Félix: We are trying.
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incorrectencantoquotes · 6 days ago
Julieta: How would you like your coffee?
Bruno: As dark as my soul.
Julieta: Got it, one cup of milk coming right up!
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jorge-makes-the-spackle · 19 days ago
Random Villager, talking to Camilo: Dude, why is your cousin, Mirabel, so weird?
Camilo: She's not!
Casita: *Creaks*
Mirabel: *storms into the room* CASITA WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE
Villager: How weird is that?!
Camilo: I know! Casita has never used such vulgar language before.
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