#incorrect encanto quotes
alien-slushie-art · 2 days ago
Mirabel, age 10: *sneezes*
Bruno, in the wall: Bless You.
Mirabel: ...Casita?
Mirabel: You can talk! Finally I'll have someone to talk too when everyone is gone!
Bruno, internally: "sh*t sh*t sh*t! I cant ignore her now!"
From that day on Mirabel thought she was speaking to Casita, but it was actually Bruno in the walls. Bruno told her only she(Mira) could talk to Casita, and casita only had the ability for one hour each day. Mirabel was jazzed, and super proud, she tried telling everyone but they thought it was just a way to comfort herself, except Dolores but she knew it was Bruno and Mirabel just looked so happy she didn't want to spoil it for her.
Fast forward to when they rebuild casita and Mirabel shoots up from bed one night, runs down the hall, and ninja kicks Bruno's door down while screaming "It was you!"
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incorrect-encanto-quotes · 2 days ago
Pepa: Look me in the eyes and tell me you don't have feelings for Agustin. Julieta: *looking lovingly at Agustin across the room* I don't have feelings for Agustin. Pepa: Julieta, you are nowhere near my eyes.
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missmadrigal · 2 days ago
Isabela: go crawl in a ditch and die
Mirabel: I hope you get hit by a bus
Julieta: *walks in the room*
Mirabel: aren’t we the best of friends?
Isabela: the best!
Julieta: *leaves room*
Isabela: I’m gonna push you off a cliff
Mirabel: not if I push you first!
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imma-musical-nerd · a day ago
Pepa: *to 5 year old Camilo* Now Camilo, what do we say when we hear those mean words in our brain?
Camilo: Silencio Bruno!!
Bruno: *behind the wall* Son of a bi--
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encantotime · a day ago
Isabela: Guys, there’s a monster under my bed and it’s really ugly.
Mirabel, on the bottom bunk: Honestly, fuck you.
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crazyvulpixamv · a day ago
Teen Pepa: I lost Bruno.
Teen Julietta: How did you LOSE Bruno?
Teen Pepa: To be fair, he’s very small.
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yoursweetdenial · a day ago
Dolores: So, did everyone learn their lesson?
Camilo: No.
Isabela: I did not.
Luisa: I may have actually forgotten one.
Mirabel: Also no.
Dolores: Oh good, neither did I.
Alma: *exhausted sigh*
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encantobrainrotten · 2 days ago
Mirabel: what is your self-care routine?
Isabela: saying “keep going bitch” to myself in different accents
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vampiresdontdodishes · a day ago
Pepa, drunk: I have to say, you know, getting married is the bravest, most wonderful thing you can do. Because every day you come home and you’re just, like, “What? It’s you! I love you! You’re my sexy roommate and we love each other!”
Felix, also drunk: Pepa's talking about me!
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totallycorrectencanto · a day ago
Camilo: *screams*
Dolores: What's wrong?
Dolores:... That's a mirror
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messiambrandybuck · 2 days ago
Bruno, pouring milk directly into the cereal bag: And you thought I could help?
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yoinkpheonix · 2 days ago
Y/n: We both look very handsome tonight. Bruno: You know, if you'd just said that I looked handsome, I would have said, "So do you." Y/n: I couldn't take that chance.
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Pepa: So let me get this straight— Felix: More like let me run this bi you. Mirabel: Let’s just see how this pans out. Camilo: We should ace-ess the situation. Isabela: I’m gay.
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missmadrigal · 2 days ago
Julieta: how exactly did you two burn a lemon?
Camilo: microwave for forty minutes
Mirabel: and Dolores said that boiling lemons helps get rid of bad smells
Camilo: and we wanted to cover the smell of burnt oranges but we had no pots left
Julieta: you burnt oranges too? How?
Mirabel: microwave for forty minutes
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lilfunnyquotes · a day ago
Bruno: So we’re watching a telenovela and I’m over here drinking my wine.
Julieta: Okay...
Bruno, gesturing to Félix: And THIS motherfucker decides to ask me for a piece of my arepa.
Pepa: Alright...
Bruno: So I give him a piece, and you know what he does???
Pepa and Julieta: ...
Julieta: ...
Félix: It was good though.
Pepa: ...You woke us up out of our sleep for this shit.
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encantotime · a day ago
Julieta: Self care is stuff like taking a bubble bath or putting on a lot of make up if you like that, or taking a nice warm nap and stuff like that basically.
Pepa: Self care is the burning heat when rage washes over you. self care is when you feel the bones crack under your powerful fists. self care is the fear in your enemies eyes.
Bruno: Self care is stealing someones birthday cake just to eat the frosting.
Pepa: If you touch my birthday cake I’ll make you eat your hands.
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crazyvulpixamv · 2 days ago
Bruno, clearly not understanding vines: You come into MY chili’s, BARBECUE SAUCE ON YOUR TITTIES, and disrespect MY Valentino white bag? Fuck, I can’t believe you’ve done this. You’re disrespecting a FUTURE US army soldier- I think I know more about American girl dolls than you. I’ve got the power of god AND anime on my side!
Camilo: … I think my ears are bleeding-
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ahurricaneofjacarandas · a day ago
Pepa: it wasn't that bad!
Y/N: Pepa– I burned an arepa!
Pepa, looking at Y/N: at least it wasn't the kitchen you burned
Y/N, biting her lip: ...
Pepa: .... you didn't burn the kitchen, did you?
Y/N, sweating: I– uh–
Julieta, entering the kitchen and seeing the humongous fire on the stove: Y/N!!!
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encantobrainrotten · 22 hours ago
Alma: I keep a family photo in my wallet to look at it whenever I face a difficult life situation
Mirabel: woah that’s actually cute, I’m surprised
Alma: and every time I tell myself “if I can deal with this mess I’m capable of basically everything”
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sunflowersloth · 26 days ago
mirabel: do you ever want to talk about your emotions, bruno?
bruno: no
luisa: i do
mirabel: i know, luisa
luisa: i’m sad
mirabel: i know, luisa
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