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#incorrect f1 quotes
f1incorrects · 2 days ago
Seb: Did none of you think this was a bad idea?
Mick: Oh no, we all did.
Seb: And you went through with it anyway?
Lance: Yup.
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f1-incorrect · 2 days ago
Daniel: Okay, so I figured out a foolproof method of determining if someone is evil.
Carlos: And that is?
Daniel: If they dislike Lando, they're evil.
Carlos: Yeah, okay, that's pretty sound logic.
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incorrectlestappen · 2 days ago
Max: Why are your shoes wet?
Charles: There was a puddle.
Max: Why did you step in it?
Charles: It was a puddle.
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getrare · 2 days ago
Max: Yeeted.
Lando: Yote.
Lando: Carlos, tell him it’s YOTE.
Carlos: I just want to know who threw Charles out of the third story window.
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huhwhatthefuck · 2 days ago
Daniel: you have beautiful eyes
Lando: thanks I need them to see
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onefabulousplatypus · 2 days ago
Max: Hey Lewis
Lewis: Hi Max
*Kill Bill sirens*
Max: Stop that
Lando: Ugh you're no fun *turns off sirens*
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mika-loverjoy · 2 days ago
Daniel: You're so in love with Max
Lando: Wha!? Nooo...
Lando: am i??
Lando: ... holy shit i am
Lando: Wait- what do i do
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glysraya · 3 days ago
Pierre: It's funny how everyone sleeps different
Pierre: Max sleeps on his back
Pierre: Yuki sleeps on his side
Pierre: Charles sleeps with everyone
Lando, in the background: *Chokes on his laughter*
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1337wtfomgbbq · a day ago
Ayrton: Tommorrow's garbage day.
Elio: I can't believe they made a whole day dedicated to you.
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f1incorrects · a day ago
Seb: Question. When they shot Bambi's mother, did you find that a sad all?
Kimi: I'm sure she's mounted on a nice wall in a fine home somewhere.
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f1-incorrect · 16 hours ago
Lewis: Why are you like this?
Max: I used too much "no tears" shampoo as a kid and I haven't felt a single emotion since
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incorrectlestappen · a day ago
Charles: I think you owe me an apology.
Max: I’ll apologize to you in hell!
Max: I actually don’t know what this is about, I’m sorry I took such a harsh stance.
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formulamuppet · 8 days ago
Charles: If i were a gardener I would put our "Two-lips" together.
Pierre: *blushes*
Carlos: Why aren't we like that?
Lando: If I were a gardener, you'd be my hoe.
Carlos: That's why.
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huhwhatthefuck · a day ago
Daniel: don't let anyone else ruin your day
Lando: yeah! You gotta take things into your own hands
Lando: ruin your own day
Daniel: lando, no
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incorrect-merc · a month ago
Toto: All of Valtteri's and Lewis snacks are organic and vegan
Claire: That's cool. George and Nicholas eat candy off the floor
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loving-ricciardo · a month ago
Lando: Max isn't answering his phone
Daniel: I'll call
Lando: Alex and I have both tried six times each, what makes you thi-
Max: Hello?
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glysraya · a day ago
Mick: Nikita never does anything he's asked, it's like pulling a dead horse
Charles: I don't mind pulling, but I do mind a dead horse
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getrare · 3 months ago
Charles: So, what is Lando to you?
Carlos: The reason I wake up every morning
Charles: ...that's adorable
Lando, earlier that morning, jumping on Carlos′s bed, smacking pans together: WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP
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