#incorrect f1 quotes
f1incorrects 2 days ago
Lance: Stressed.
Max: Depressed.
Lewis: Blessed.
Charles: Possessed.
Daniel: Obsessed.
Kevin: Unimpressed.
Mick: Chicken breast.
Mick: I don't know I just wanted to be included.
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mika-loverjoy a day ago
Daniel: 鈽吼煣○煉煡梆煉烉煒嶐煉嬸煠煉曫煣氣嶁檧锔忦煂吼煂封殬馃
the crew: 馃憗馃憚馃憗
Tumblr media
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glysraya a day ago
Pierre: Can you please not Charles this into a worse situation than it already is?
Charles: Hang on, did you just use my name as a verb?
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neptunium134 a day ago
Lando: What did you guys get in your yearbook?
Nyck: Prettiest smile
Jenson: Nicest personality
Fernando: Most likely to start a bar fight
Stoffel: Least likely to start a bar fight, but most likely to win one
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1337wtfomgbbq 2 days ago
David: Please tell me you didn't drag Michael into this.
Mika: I did not drag Michael into this.
*knocking on the door*
David: Who is that?
Mika: I think you know...
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formulakimmich 2 months ago
Absolutely no one:
Tumblr media
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incorrectlestappen a month ago
Lando: Max, I need relationship advice.
Max: Just because I married Charles does not mean I know how I did it.
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formulamuppet 5 months ago
Carlos, to Lando: You're starting to forget your Spanish. You don't practice.
Lando: Lo siento. Estoy embarazada.
Carlos: You just told me you're pregnant.
Charles: Congratulations Lando, you're glowing!
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huhwhatthefuck a month ago
Max, walking into a room: hi daniel
Lando: do you just not see the other 6 people in the room or-
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onefabulousplatypus a month ago
Charles: Crushes are the worst!
Max: Tell me about it. Whenever I'm around mine, I just end up acting stupid
Charles: Ha! You always act stupid
Max: ...
Charles, 3 years later: OH WAIT-
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incorrect-merc 2 months ago
Lewis: What does Y/N mean?
George: Your name
Lewis, reading on his phone: Lewis looks into Lewis' beautiful eyes
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f1incorrects 2 days ago
Kevin: Ask me anything. Go ahead, I'll give you a straight answer.
Mick: Why are we so fucking awesome?
Kevin: That's the best fucking question anybody's ever asked.
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mika-loverjoy a month ago
Lando: I'm drowning oppositly
Daniel: *wheezing in the background*
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glysraya 2 days ago
*At the zoo*
Charles: What are they in for?
Sebastian: Charles, it's a zoo, not a prison
Charles: So they can leave?
Sebastian: Well, no, but-
Charles, pointing at a penguin: I bet this one killed someone
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neptunium134 a day ago
Stoffel: How does one turn their emotions off?
Jenson: Okay, so first go to settings
Jenson: Sorry, I misheard, I thought you said emojis at first
Stoffel: No, I'm still willing to try this. Go ahead, I'm at settings, what do I do next?
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adam-lallana 21 days ago
Charles, pointing: Can I sit there?
Max: 鈥hats my lap.
Charles: That doesn鈥檛 answer my question, Max.
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incorrectlestappen a month ago
Max: Okay, who else thought I was dating Charles?
Max: Put your hand down, Charles.
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formulamuppet 12 days ago
Carlos: so, who鈥檚 the clingiest?鈥
Max: [sitting on Charles鈥 lap with his arms wrapped around his neck and his face buried into his chest]鈥
Max: Charles, clearly. 鈥
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huhwhatthefuck 2 months ago
Seb: why is Daniel on the floor laughing and what happened to landos forehead
Mick: well lando was about to hit his head on the doorframe so I told him to duck and he quacked at me
Mick: ...and then he hit his head
Daniel: *laughs harder*
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onefabulousplatypus 2 months ago
Charles: We all have our demons
Charles: *points at Max* This is mine
Max: Oi wait a minute-
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