#incorrect f1 sayings
incorrect-f1 · 11 hours ago
Max: You’re alive.
Charles: There’s no reason to sound so disappointed.
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f1incorrectquotes · 9 hours ago
Lando: You can have the top bunk.
Max: I… What?
Lando: You can have the top bunk, I’ve always preferred the bottom.
Max: … It’s a single bed
Lando: *grabbing a pillow and crawling under the bed* I said what I said
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incorrectlestappen · 5 months ago
Charles: What are Alex and George arguing about this time?
Mick: They have a bet going about what Max is like in bed. Alex thinks he’s secretly really romantic, but George thinks he’s probably just kinky.
Charles: Yeah, he’s actually both.
Charles: I mean... How would I know? I don’t know what Max is like in bed.
Charles: But I would assume he’s both.
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abedsmessedupmeta · 6 months ago
Max: *phone rings*
Charles *looks over*: Oh wow, you’re still calling your father ‘daddy’? Aren’t you a bit old for that?
Max *answers the phone making eye contact with Charles*: Hey, Daniel!
Charles: 😳
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f1incorrects · a month ago
Lance: Can you hide me from Seb?
Mick: Sure but when he asks I'm going to say: He went down in an airplane, fried getting suntanned, fell in a cement mixer full of quicksand... Help me im not good at lies.
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formulamuppet · a month ago
Max: Hey, Lando? Can I get some dating advice? Lando: Just because I’m with Carlos doesn’t mean I know how I did it.
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jensons-buttons · 9 months ago
Val @ the GPDA office to file a complain : I want to speak to the manager.
George : I am the manager.
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lestappentwt · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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glysraya · 2 months ago
Mick: Nikita never does anything he's asked, it's like pulling a dead horse
Charles: I don't mind pulling, but I do mind a dead horse
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racingseries · 7 months ago
Lando: I never have second thoughts.
Carlos: That's the luxury of not having any thoughts.
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rysmatias · 16 days ago
Therapist: It seems that you use humour to deflect from your traumas
Lando: Thank you.
Therapist: That wasn't a compliment
Lando: all I heard was you calling me funny :D
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incorrect-f1 · a month ago
Sebastian: I relate to Belle because she loves to read books and loves people for their soul.
Charles: I relate to Tinkerbell because she needs attention or she dies.
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f1incorrectquotes · a month ago
Daniel: Hello Max, marry me?
Daniel: I mean, hello Max, Merry Christmas. Haha stupid autocorrect
Max: This is a verbal conversation
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soylago · 7 months ago
Lewis: What do you guys say when you answer the phone?
Lance: What up?
Daniel: Who this be?
Max: No he's dead. This is his son.
Lewis: O-okay
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1337wtfomgbbq · 7 months ago
Homeless man: Give me a dollar!
Niki to the kids: No worries, I'll handle this.
Niki turns to the homeless man.
Homeless man: *gives Niki a dollar *
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f1incorrects · a month ago
Lance: I accidentally indulged in too much „Me time“
Lance: Turns out I’ve been reported missing for six months and presumed dead by most local and national authorities.
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formulamuppet · 2 months ago
Max: *shatters a window and climbs through it* Max: *turns around and helps Lando through it* Breaking and entering is wrong Lando . Lando : Okay.
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redbullwin · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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abedsmessedupmeta · a year ago
Max: I need to have sex. Like, right now. Someone needs to have sex with me, like, today. Like, someone needs to sex me right now!
Daniel: [appears behind him] Alright, I'll do it.
Max: Whoa! What?
Daniel: Come over to my place at 9. Plan on staying the night. I like to cuddle.
Max: That is so sweet. Are you kidding?
Daniel: Yes, I'm kidding!
Max: You don't toy with a guys emotions like that, Daniel. It's not attractive, alright?
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onefabulousplatypus · 9 months ago
Haas: Whatcha got there?
M*zespin, next to a ruined car: A smoothie
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